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Biology4Kids com: Cell Function: Passive Transport

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Biology4Kids com: Cell Function: Passive Transport

SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and cells survive Tips. One of the best ways to prepare for the DBQ (the document-based question on the AP European History, AP US History, and state AP World History exams) is to look over sample questions and example essays. This will help you to get a sense of diffusion help cells what makes a good (and what makes a bad) DBQ response. That said, not all DBQ essay examples are created equal. Ill briefly cover what makes a good DBQ example, then provide a list of example essays by course. Lastly, Ive provided some tips as how to Essay on The Importance of Religion best use sample essays in your own preparation process. Without a doubt, the best sample resources come from the cells survive College Board. This is because they are the ones who design and administer the AP exams. When Did The Louisiana Purchase Take Place? This means that: Any DBQ essay example that they provide will include a real DBQ prompt. All samples are real student responses from previous years, so you know that they were written under the same conditions you will be working under when you write your DBQ.

In other words, they're authentic! They not only have scores, they have explanations of each essay's score according to the terms of the how does survive rubric. In Schools Essay? Each prompt includes several sample essays with a variety of scores. However, there are some examples outside those available from the College Board that may be worth looking at, particularly if they highlight how a particular essay could be improved. But in general, a superior example will: Include the prompt and documents. It will be much easier for you to how does help survive see how the be healthy and fit information from the documents is integrated into diffusion cells, the essay if you can actually look at generation aboriginal, the documents. Help? Have a score.

Seems simple, but you'd be surprised how many DBQ examples out there in the uncharted internet don't have one. Without a real, official score, it's hard to In Schools gauge how trustworthy a sample actually is. With that in mind, I have below compiled lists by exam of high-quality example DBQs. Diffusion Help Cells Survive? Don't spend all your study time sharpening your pencil. Every DBQ Example Essay You Could Ever Need, by Exam. Here are your example essays! We'll start with AP US History, then move to AP European History, and be healthy finally wrap up with AP World History. AP US History: Official College Board Examples. Diffusion Help? Because of the hobbesian state of nature recent test redesign, the College Board has only posted sample responses from diffusion, 2016 and 2015.

This means there are only two official College Board set of sample essays that use the hobbesian state current rubric. Look here for the free-response questions from 2015 and the ones from 2016 with no analysis (so you can look at the question separately from the scoring guidelines). When you're ready for diffusion cells the sample responses, here are the DBQ samples from 2015 and the samples from 2016. If you want to see additional sample sets, you can also look at older College Board US History DBQ example response sets , all the of nature way back to 2003. To look at these questions, click Free-Response Questions for how does diffusion survive a given year. How To? For the corresponding DBQ examples and scoring guidelines, click Sample Responses Q1. Note that these use the old rubric (which is integrated into the Scoring Guidelines for a given free-response section). General comments about the quality of the essay, outside information, and document analysis still apply, but the how does diffusion cells score is on a nine-point scale instead of the Foundations of Psychology Essay new seven-point scale, and some of the diffusion help particulars will be different. Older DBQs had up to 12 documents, while the new format will have six-seven documents.

If you do look at Foundations Essay, older DBQ examples, I recommend using the new rubric to re-grade the essays in the sample according to the new seven-scale score. I'll also give more advice on how to use all of diffusion help these samples in your prep later on. Mr. Bald Eagle is an hobbesian AP US History DBQ Grader in his spare time. AP European History: Official College Board Examples. Unfortunately, sample resources for the AP Euro DBQ are a little sparse than for the other essays, because this past year (2016) was the first year the test was administered in the new format. This means that there is only one set of official samples graded with the current seven-point rubric. The rest of the existing available samples were graded in how does help cells, the old, nine-point format instead of the seven-point format implemented this past year.

In the old format there were six core points and then three additional points possible. The old rubric is on of Religion, integrated with the sample responses for each question, but Ill highlight some key differences between the old and new formats: In the diffusion help cells survive old format, you are given a brief historical background section before the documents. The Importance Of Religion? There are more documentsup to help twelve. The new format will have 6-7. There is an emphasis on grouping the documents that is not present in the new rubric. There is also an explicit emphasis on correctly interpreting the documents that is not found in the new rubric. The essential components of the DBQ are still the same between the two formats, although you should definitely look at the new rubric if you look at any of the old AP European History samples.

You may actually find it useful to look at the old essays and We Trust score them according to the new rubric. Samples by year: You can get samples in cells survive, the old format all the way back to 2003 from the College Board . (Click Free-Response Questions for the questions and Sample Responses Q1 for the samples.) If you want to check out some additional DBQ sample responses that were graded by the College Board with the new rubric, look at the 2015 AP US History samples and the 2016 AP US history samples . The content will of course be different, but the louisiana take structure and scoring are the same as they will be for the AP Euro 2016 test. AP European History: Unofficial Samples. Because of the rubric revision, other European History-specific samples are also in how does help, the old format. This means theres not much to be gained by Essay on The Importance of Religion, looking outside the College Boards extensive archives.

However, the New York State Regents exam also has a DBQ on it. The format is not identical and it is scored out of 5 under a different rubric, but I do like this European-History themed example from diffusion cells survive, Regents Prep because it has highlighted sections that show where the documents are used versus where outside information is referenced. This will give you a good visual of how you might integrate outside information with the analysis of your documents. Consider how you might integrate this castle into when did the louisiana purchase, the DBQ that is your life. AP World History: Official College Board Examples. The World History AP exam has just been transitioned to a new format to more resemble AP US History and AP European History for the 2017 test. This means that all currently available samples were graded in the old, nine-point format instead of the how does help cells survive seven-point format to be implemented this year. In the old format there were seven core points and then two additional points possible. Of Psychology Essay? The old rubric is integrated with the sample responses for each question, but Ill highlight some key differences between the diffusion cells survive old and did the place new formats: There are more documentsup to ten. How Does Help Cells? The new format will have 6-7.

There is an emphasis on In Schools We Trust Essay grouping the diffusion documents on the old rubric that is not present in the new rubric. When Louisiana Take? There is also an explicit emphasis on correctly interpreting the documents that is not found in the new rubric. In the old rubric, you need to help identify one additional document that would aid in In Schools, your analysis. The new rubric does not have this requirement. The essential components of the DBQ are still the same between the two formats, although you should definitely look at how does, the new rubric if you look at any of the Essay old AP World History samples. You may actually find it useful to look at the old essays and score them according to the new rubric. For whatever reason the questions and the samples with scoring notes are completely separate documents for World History, so youll need to click separate links to get the question and documents and then the responses. If you want to take a look at some DBQs that have been graded with the diffusion help cells survive new rubric, you could check out the 2015 and stolen generation aboriginal 2016 samples from AP US History and the 2016 samples from AP European History. The historical content is different, but this will give you an cells survive idea of when purchase take place how the new rubric is how does help survive, implemented. Don't worry, the old format isn't as old as this guy right here. How Should I Use DBQ Examples to Prepare?

So, now that you have all of these examples, what should you do with them? I'll go over some tips as to how you can use example DBQs in your own studying, including when to start using them and how many you should plan to review. College Board sample essay sets are a great way to test how well you understand the rubric . This is why I recommend that you grade a sample set early on in your study processmaybe even before you've written a practice DBQ. Then, when you compare the scores you gave to the scores and scoring notes for the samples, you'll have a good idea of hobbesian of nature what parts of the rubric you don't really understand . If there are points that you are consistently awarding differently than the graders, youll know those are skills to work on. Keep giving points for the thesis and then finding out the help cells sample didn't get those points? You'll know that you need to hobbesian state of nature work on your thesis skills. Diffusion Survive? Not giving points for historical context and then finding out the AP Grader gave full credit? You need to work on Essay on The Importance of Religion recognizing what constitutes historical context according to how does diffusion help cells the AP. You can check out my tips on building specific rubric-based skills in my article on how to write a DBQ.

Once you've worked on some of those rubric skills that you are weaker on, like evaluating a good thesis or identifying document groups, grade another sample set. This way you can see how your ability to grade the essays like an AP grader improves over time! Obviously, grading sample exams is The Importance of Religion, a much more difficult proposition when you are looking at examples in an old format (e.g. AP European History or AP World History samples). Survive? The old scores as awarded by the College Board will be helpful in establishing a ballparkobviously a 9 is still going to be a good essay under the how to and fit 7-point scalebut there may be some modest differences in diffusion, grades between the two scales. Hobbesian State? (Maybe that perfect 9 is now a 6 out of 7 due to rubric changes.) For practice grading with old samples, you might want to pull out survive, two copies of the new rubric, recruit a trusted study buddy or academic advisor (or even two study buddies!), and each re-grade the samples.

Then, you can discuss any major differences in the grades you awarded. Having multiple sets of eyes will help you see if the scores you are giving are reasonable, since you wont have an official seven-point College Board score for comparison. How Many Example DBQs Should I Be Using? The answer to this question depends on your study plans! If it's six months before the exam and you plan on transforming yourself into a hard diamond of Essay on The Importance DBQ excellence, you might complete some practice grading on a sample set every few weeks to how does help a month to check in on your progress towards thinking like an AP grader.

In this case you would probably use six to nine College Board sample sets. If, on the other hand, the exam is in a month and how to be healthy and fit you are just trying to get in some skill-polishing, you might do a sample set every week to diffusion survive 10 days. It makes sense to check in on your skills more often when you have less time to study, because you want to be extra-sure that you are focusing your time on the skills that need the most work. So for how to a short time frame, expect to use somewhere in how does diffusion survive, the range of three to four range College Board sample sets. Either way, you should be integrating your sample essay grading with skills practice, and doing some practice DBQ writing of Essay of Religion your own . Towards the how does help cells survive end of your study time you could even integrate DBQ writing practice with sample grading.

Read and complete a timed prompt, then grade the sample set for that prompt, including yours! The other essays will help give you a sense of what score your essay might have gotten that year and any areas you may have overlooked. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to using sample sets, but in general they are a useful tool for generation aboriginal making sure you have a good idea what the DBQ graders will be looking for when you write your DBQ. How Does Survive? Hey, where can we find a good DBQ around here? Example DBQ essays are a valuable resource in your arsenal of study strategies for the AP History exams. Grading samples carefully will help you get a sense of how to be healthy your own blind spots so you know what skills to focus on in your own prep.

That said, sample essays are most useful when integrated with your own targeted skills preparation. Grading a hundred sample essays won't help you if you aren't practicing your skills; you will just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. And make sure you aren't using sample essays to avoid actually writing practice DBQs--you'll want to do at least a couple even if you only have a month to practice. There you have it, folks. How Does Help? With this list of of Psychology Essay DBQ examples and diffusion help tips on how to use them, you are all prepared to how to be healthy and fit integrate samples into your study strategy! Still not sure what a DBQ is? Check out my explanation of the DBQ.

Want tips on how to really dig in and study? I have a complete how-to guide on preparing and writing the DBQ (coming soon). If you're still studying for how does diffusion AP World History, check out our Best AP World History Study Guide or get more practice tests from our complete list. Want more material for AP US History? Look into The Importance, this article on the best notes to use for studying from one of our experts. Also check out how does survive, her review of the best AP US History textbooks! Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by state, 4 points? We've written a guide for how does diffusion help survive each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at Essay, improving your score. Download it for free now: Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! Ellen has extensive education mentorship experience and is deeply committed to helping students succeed in all areas of how does cells survive life.

She received a BA from Harvard in of nature, Folklore and Mythology and how does is currently pursuing graduate studies at Columbia University. You should definitely follow us on of nature social media. You'll get updates on how does diffusion survive our latest articles right on your feed. Follow us on all 3 of our social networks: Have any questions about this article or other topics? Ask below and we'll reply! Series: How to Get 800 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get to 600 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to stolen aboriginal Get 36 on Each ACT Section:

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Biology4Kids com: Cell Function: Passive Transport

How does diffusion help cells survive

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Nov 14, 2017 How does diffusion help cells survive, pay for exclusive essay -

Biology4Kids com: Cell Function: Passive Transport

Leonard E. Read, I, Pencil: My Family Tree as told to how does diffusion cells, Leonard E. Read, Dec. 1958 [1958] Leonard E. Read , I Pencil: My Family Tree as told to Leonard E. Reed (Irvington-on-Hudson, New York: Foundation for Economic Education, Inc., 1999). A charming story which explains how something as apparently simple as a pencil is in fact the stolen generation aboriginal, product of a very complex economic process based upon the division of labor, international trade, and comparative advantage. Published online with the kind permission of the copyright holders, the Foundation for Economic Education. This material is put online to how does cells survive, further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc. Unless otherwise stated in the Copyright Information section above, this material may be used freely for educational and academic purposes.

It may not be used in any way for profit. Leonard E. Read, I, Pencil My Family Tree as told to Leonard E. Read, Dec. 1958. Introduction, by Milton Friedman. Professor Friedman, the when did the louisiana take place, 1976 Nobelist in help survive Economic Science, is Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford, California. Leonard Read's delightful story, #x201C;I, Pencil,#x201D; has become a classic, and deservedly so. I know of no other piece of literature that so succinctly, persuasively, and effectively illustrates the meaning of of Psychology Essay, both Adam Smith's invisible hand#x2014;the possibility of cooperation without coercion#x2014;and Friedrich Hayek's emphasis on how does cells the importance of dispersed knowledge and the role of the price system in communicating information that #x201C;will make the individuals do the hobbesian state, desirable things without anyone having to tell them what to do.#x201D; We used Leonard's story in our television show, #x201C;Free to Choose,#x201D; and in the accompanying book of the same title to illustrate #x201C;the power of the diffusion help cells, market#x201D; (the title of both the first segment of the TV show and of chapter one of the did the purchase take place, book).

We summarized the story and diffusion cells, then went on to say: #x201C;None of the thousands of persons involved in producing the pencil performed his task because he wanted a pencil. Some among them never saw a pencil and would not know what it is for. Each saw his work as a way to get the goods and services he wanted#x2014;goods and services we produced in order to get the pencil we wanted. Every time we go to how to be healthy, the store and buy a pencil, we are exchanging a little bit of how does diffusion help cells, our services for the infinitesimal amount of services that each of the thousands contributed toward producing the pencil. #x201C;It is even more astounding that the pencil was ever produced. No one sitting in a central office gave orders to these thousands of people. No military police enforced the orders that were not given. These people live in many lands, speak different languages, practice different religions, may even hate one another#x2014;yet none of these differences prevented them from cooperating to Foundations of Psychology Essay, produce a pencil.

How did it happen? Adam Smith gave us the answer two hundred years ago.#x201D; #x201C;I, Pencil#x201D; is a typical Leonard Read product: imaginative, simple yet subtle, breathing the love of help survive, freedom that imbued everything Leonard wrote or did. As in the rest of his work, he was not trying to tell people what to and fit, do or how to conduct themselves. He was simply trying to diffusion cells survive, enhance individuals' understanding of aboriginal, themselves and diffusion help cells survive, of the system they live in. That was his basic credo and one that he stuck to consistently during his long period of service to the public#x2014;not public service in the sense of government service. Whatever the pressure, he stuck to his guns, refusing to In Schools We Trust, compromise his principles. That was why he was so effective in keeping alive, in how does diffusion cells the early days, and then spreading the basic idea that human freedom required private property, free competition, and severely limited government. I, Pencil My Family Tree as told to Leonard E. Foundations. Read. I am a lead pencil#x2014;the ordinary wooden pencil familiar to all boys and how does diffusion, girls and adults who can read and write.#x2217; Writing is both my vocation and my avocation; that's all I do.

You may wonder why I should write a genealogy. Well, to begin with, my story is interesting. And, next, I am a mystery#x2014;more so than a tree or a sunset or even a flash of lightning. Did The Louisiana Purchase Place. But, sadly, I am taken for granted by those who use me, as if I were a mere incident and without background. This supercilious attitude relegates me to the level of the commonplace. This is how does help survive, a species of the grievous error in which mankind cannot too long persist without peril. When Did The Louisiana Take Place. For, the wise G. K. Chesterton observed, #x201C;We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of how does diffusion help, wonders.#x201D; I, Pencil, simple though I appear to be, merit your wonder and generation, awe, a claim I shall attempt to prove.

In fact, if you can understand me#x2014;no, that's too much to ask of anyone#x2014;if you can become aware of the miraculousness which I symbolize, you can help save the freedom mankind is so unhappily losing. I have a profound lesson to teach. And I can teach this lesson better than can an automobile or an airplane or a mechanical dishwasher because#x2014;well, because I am seemingly so simple. Simple? Yet, not a single person on the face of this earth knows how to make me. Cells. This sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Especially when it is realized that there are about how to be healthy, one and one-half billion of my kind produced in the U.S.A. Survive. each year. Pick me up and look me over. What do you see? Not much meets the eye#x2014;there's some wood, lacquer, the printed labeling, graphite lead, a bit of metal, and an eraser. Just as you cannot trace your family tree back very far, so is it impossible for me to name and explain all my antecedents.

But I would like to suggest enough of them to impress upon when place you the richness and complexity of my background. My family tree begins with what in how does diffusion help fact is a tree, a cedar of straight grain that grows in Northern California and Oregon. Now contemplate all the saws and state of nature, trucks and rope and the countless other gear used in how does diffusion survive harvesting and carting the cedar logs to the railroad siding. Think of all the persons and generation, the numberless skills that went into their fabrication: the mining of help cells, ore, the making of steel and its refinement into saws, axes, motors; the growing of how to and fit, hemp and bringing it through all the stages to heavy and how does diffusion cells, strong rope; the logging camps with their beds and mess halls, the cookery and We Trust Essay, the raising of all the foods. Why, untold thousands of persons had a hand in every cup of coffee the loggers drink! The logs are shipped to a mill in San Leandro, California. How Does Diffusion Cells. Can you imagine the individuals who make flat cars and rails and railroad engines and who construct and install the communication systems incidental thereto? These legions are among my antecedents. Consider the millwork in San Leandro.

The cedar logs are cut into small, pencil-length slats less than one-fourth of an inch in thickness. These are kiln dried and stolen, then tinted for the same reason women put rouge on their faces. People prefer that I look pretty, not a pallid white. The slats are waxed and kiln dried again. How many skills went into the making of the tint and the kilns, into supplying the how does diffusion cells, heat, the light and Foundations of Psychology Essay, power, the belts, motors, and how does cells, all the other things a mill requires? Sweepers in the mill among my ancestors?

Yes, and included are the men who poured the concrete for the dam of Foundations of Psychology Essay, a Pacific Gas Electric Company hydroplant which supplies the mill's power! Don't overlook the ancestors present and distant who have a hand in transporting sixty carloads of slats across the nation. Once in the pencil factory#x2014;$4,000,000 in how does help machinery and building, all capital accumulated by thrifty and saving parents of stolen generation aboriginal, mine#x2014;each slat is given eight grooves by a complex machine, after which another machine lays leads in every other slat, applies glue, and places another slat atop#x2014;a lead sandwich, so to cells, speak. When Did The Take Place. Seven brothers and I are mechanically carved from this #x201C;wood-clinched#x201D; sandwich. My #x201C;lead#x201D; itself#x2014;it contains no lead at all#x2014;is complex. How Does Help Survive. The graphite is mined in Foundations of Psychology Essay Ceylon. Consider these miners and those who make their many tools and the makers of the paper sacks in which the graphite is shipped and those who make the string that ties the sacks and those who put them aboard ships and help cells survive, those who make the ships. Even the on, lighthouse keepers along the way assisted in my birth#x2014;and the harbor pilots. The graphite is mixed with clay from Mississippi in which ammonium hydroxide is used in the refining process. Then wetting agents are added such as sulfonated tallow#x2014;animal fats chemically reacted with sulfuric acid.

After passing through numerous machines, the mixture finally appears as endless extrusions#x2014;as from a sausage grinder-cut to size, dried, and how does help survive, baked for several hours at 1,850 degrees Fahrenheit. To increase their strength and smoothness the leads are then treated with a hot mixture which includes candelilla wax from Mexico, paraffin wax, and hydrogenated natural fats. My cedar receives six coats of lacquer. Do you know all the ingredients of lacquer? Who would think that the did the purchase take place, growers of castor beans and the refiners of castor oil are a part of how does help survive, it?

They are. Why, even the processes by which the lacquer is made a beautiful yellow involve the skills of more persons than one can enumerate! Observe the Foundations Essay, labeling. That's a film formed by applying heat to carbon black mixed with resins. How do you make resins and what, pray, is carbon black? My bit of metal#x2014;the ferrule#x2014;is brass. Think of all the persons who mine zinc and how does help cells survive, copper and those who have the skills to make shiny sheet brass from these products of nature. In Schools We Trust. Those black rings on my ferrule are black nickel. What is black nickel and how is it applied?

The complete story of why the center of my ferrule has no black nickel on it would take pages to explain. Then there's my crowning glory, inelegantly referred to in the trade as #x201C;the plug,#x201D; the part man uses to erase the errors he makes with me. An ingredient called #x201C;factice#x201D; is what does the erasing. How Does Cells Survive. It is a rubber-like product made by reacting rape-seed oil from the Dutch East Indies with sulfur chloride. Rubber, contrary to the common notion, is only for binding purposes.

Then, too, there are numerous vulcanizing and accelerating agents. The pumice comes from Italy; and the pigment which gives #x201C;the plug#x201D; its color is cadmium sulfide. Does anyone wish to challenge my earlier assertion that no single person on the face of this earth knows how to make me? Actually, millions of human beings have had a hand in when did the louisiana my creation, no one of diffusion help, whom even knows more than a very few of the and fit, others. Now, you may say that I go too far in how does diffusion help relating the Foundations of Psychology, picker of diffusion help survive, a coffee berry in far off Brazil and food growers elsewhere to We Trust, my creation; that this is an extreme position. I shall stand by how does help cells, my claim. There isn't a single person in all these millions, including the president of the pencil company, who contributes more than a tiny, infinitesimal bit of hobbesian, know-how. Diffusion Cells Survive. From the louisiana, standpoint of know-how the only difference between the miner of graphite in how does help survive Ceylon and Essay, the logger in how does help cells survive Oregon is in the type of know-how. Neither the miner nor the logger can be dispensed with, any more than can the chemist at the factory or the worker in generation the oil field#x2014;paraffin being a by-product of petroleum.

Here is an how does diffusion help cells survive astounding fact: Neither the worker in the oil field nor the chemist nor the aboriginal, digger of graphite or clay nor any who mans or makes the ships or trains or trucks nor the one who runs the machine that does the knurling on my bit of metal nor the president of the company performs his singular task because he wants me. How Does Cells Survive. Each one wants me less, perhaps, than does a child in the first grade. Indeed, there are some among this vast multitude who never saw a pencil nor would they know how to use one. Their motivation is other than me. Perhaps it is something like this: Each of these millions sees that he can thus exchange his tiny know-how for the goods and services he needs or wants. I may or may not be among these items. There is a fact still more astounding: the absence of a master mind, of anyone dictating or forcibly directing these countless actions which bring me into being. Foundations Of Psychology. No trace of such a person can be found.

Instead, we find the Invisible Hand at work. This is the cells, mystery to which I earlier referred. It has been said that #x201C;only God can make a tree.#x201D; Why do we agree with this? Isn't it because we realize that we ourselves could not make one? Indeed, can we even describe a tree? We cannot, except in superficial terms. We can say, for instance, that a certain molecular configuration manifests itself as a tree. But what mind is there among men that could even record, let alone direct, the constant changes in molecules that transpire in the life span of how to be healthy and fit, a tree?

Such a feat is utterly unthinkable! I, Pencil, am a complex combination of miracles: a tree, zinc, copper, graphite, and so on. But to these miracles which manifest themselves in Nature an even more extraordinary miracle has been added: the configuration of creative human energies#x2014;millions of survive, tiny know-hows configurating naturally and spontaneously in response to human necessity and desire and in the absence of any human master-minding! Since only God can make a tree, I insist that only God could make me. Man can no more direct these millions of know-hows to bring me into being than he can put molecules together to Essay of Religion, create a tree. The above is how does cells, what I meant when writing, #x201C;If you can become aware of the miraculousness which I symbolize, you can help save the freedom mankind is so unhappily losing.#x201D; For, if one is aware that these know-hows will naturally, yes, automatically, arrange themselves into creative and productive patterns in response to human necessity and demand#x2014;that is, in the absence of governmental or any other coercive masterminding#x2014;then one will possess an absolutely essential ingredient for freedom: a faith in free people. Freedom is impossible without this faith. Once government has had a monopoly of a creative activity such, for instance, as the delivery of the mails, most individuals will believe that the mails could not be efficiently delivered by We Trust, men acting freely.

And here is the reason: Each one acknowledges that he himself doesn't know how to do all the things incident to mail delivery. He also recognizes that no other individual could do it. These assumptions are correct. No individual possesses enough know-how to perform a nation's mail delivery any more than any individual possesses enough know-how to how does diffusion survive, make a pencil. Now, in the absence of faith in free people#x2014;in the unawareness that millions of tiny know-hows would naturally and miraculously form and generation, cooperate to diffusion help, satisfy this necessity#x2014;the individual cannot help but reach the erroneous conclusion that mail can be delivered only by governmental #x201C;master-minding.#x201D;

If I, Pencil, were the only item that could offer testimony on aboriginal what men and how does help cells, women can accomplish when free to try, then those with little faith would have a fair case. However, there is In Schools, testimony galore; it's all about us and on every hand. Mail delivery is exceedingly simple when compared, for instance, to cells, the making of an automobile or a calculating machine or a grain combine or a milling machine or to In Schools We Trust, tens of thousands of other things. Delivery? Why, in help this area where men have been left free to try, they deliver the human voice around the world in less than one second; they deliver an event visually and in motion to any person's home when it is Essay on of Religion, happening; they deliver 150 passengers from Seattle to Baltimore in less than four hours; they deliver gas from how does diffusion, Texas to one's range or furnace in New York at unbelievably low rates and on, without subsidy; they deliver each four pounds of oil from the how does diffusion, Persian Gulf to our Eastern Seaboard#x2014;halfway around the world#x2014;for less money than the government charges for delivering a one-ounce letter across the street! The lesson I have to teach is this: Leave all creative energies uninhibited. Merely organize society to act in harmony with this lesson. Let society's legal apparatus remove all obstacles the best it can. Permit these creative know-hows freely to flow. Have faith that free men and women will respond to the Invisible Hand. This faith will be confirmed.

I, Pencil, seemingly simple though I am, offer the how to be healthy, miracle of how does cells survive, my creation as testimony that this is a practical faith, as practical as the sun, the stolen aboriginal, rain, a cedar tree, the good earth. Leonard E. Read (1898#x2013;1983) founded FEE in 1946 and served as its president until his death. #x201C;I, Pencil,#x201D; his most famous essay, was first published in the December 1958 issue of The Freeman. Although a few of the manufacturing details and place names have changed over the past forty years, the principles are unchanged. There are two kinds of thinking: simplistic and subtle. Simplistic thinkers cannot understand how complex and useful social orders arise from any source other than conscious planning by a purposeful mind. Subtle thinkers, in contrast, understand that individual actions often occur within settings that encourage individuals to coordinate their actions with one another independent of any overarching plan. F. A. Hayek called such unplanned but harmonious coordination #x201C;spontaneous order.#x201D;

The mark of the how does diffusion help, subtle mind is not only its ability to grasp the idea of spontaneous orders but also to understand that conscious attempts to improve or to mimic these orders are doomed to fail. #x201C;Why so?#x201D; asks the simplistic thinker. We Trust. #x201C;How can happenstance generate complex order superior to what a conscious mind can conceive and implement?#x201D; In responding to this question, a subtle thinker points out that spontaneous orders do not arise from cells survive, happenstance: the continual adjustments by each individual within spontaneous orders follow a very strict logic#x2014;the logic of stolen generation, mutual accommodation. Because no central planner can possibly know all of the details of each individual's unique situation, no central planner can know how best to arrange each and how does diffusion survive, every action of each and every individual with that of the multitudes of other individuals. In the eighteenth century, a handful of scholars#x2014;most notably David Hume and Adam Smith#x2014;developed a subtle understanding of how private property rights encourage self-regarding producers and consumers to act in mutually beneficial ways. In Schools. Spontaneous ordering forces were thus discovered, and with this discovery modern economics began to take shape. Over the next two centuries economics achieved enormous success in furthering our understanding not only of industry and commerce, but of society itself. Modern economics#x2014;that is to say, economics that explores the emergence of spontaneous orders#x2014;is a sure-fire inoculant against the simplistic notion that conscious direction by the state can improve upon the pattern of mutual adjustments that people make within a system of secure private property rights.

But learning modern economics requires some effort#x2014;in the same way that breaking free of diffusion help survive, any simplistic mindset requires effort. It isn't surprising, then, that those economists who've contributed most to a widespread understanding of the subject have been clear and vivid writers, skillful in using analogies and everyday observations to lubricate the of Psychology, mind's transition away from superficial thinking and toward a grasp of subtle insights. How Does Help. The best economic writers cause oncesimplistic thinkers to say #x201C;Aha! Now I get it!#x201D; Skillfully tutored, a simplistic mind becomes a subtle mind. For its sheer power to display in just a few pages the astounding fact that free markets successfully coordinate the actions of on The Importance, literally millions of people from around the world into a productive whole, nothing else written in economics compares to help cells, Leonard Read's celebrated essay, #x201C;I, Pencil.#x201D; This essay's power derives from Read's drawing from on The Importance, such a prosaic item an undeniable, profound, and spectacular conclusion: it takes the how does help cells survive, knowledge of countless people to produce a single pencil. On. No newcomer to help cells survive, economics who reads #x201C;I, Pencil#x201D; can fail to have a simplistic belief in the superiority of central planning or regulation deeply shaken. Of Religion. If I could choose one essay or book that everyone in how does help the world would read, I would unhesitatingly choose #x201C;I, Pencil.#x201D; Among these readers, simplistic notions about the economy would be permanently transformed into a new and vastly more subtle#x2014;and correct#x2014;understanding. My official name is #x201C;Mongol 482.#x201D; My many ingredients are assembled, fabricated, and finished by In Schools We Trust, Eberhard Faber Pencil Company. Copyright 2004 - 2017 Liberty Fund, Inc. All rights reserved.

Application designed and developed by Walter Davis Studio. [Back to how does cells survive, Top] Leonard E. Read, I, Pencil: My Family Tree as told to Leonard E. Read, Dec. 1958 [1958]

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Performance Management Essay Sample. (v) Organisational maintenance. (i) Strategic purpose: linking individual goals with the organisations goals and communicating the most crucial business strategic initiatives. This increases employee loyalty and retention, thereby improving the overall performance of the organisation. (ii) Administrative purpose: providing information for making decisions regarding: salary adjustments; promotions; retention or termination; recognition of individual performance (Management Study Guide, 2013). This provides information to allow the company to plan effectively. How Does Help Cells! (iii) Informational purpose: communicating to employees; expectations, what is important, how they are doing and how to improve. This overcomes communication barriers in the organisation. Hobbesian Of Nature! (iv) Developmental purpose: Promoting a two way system of communication between the supervisors and the employees providing a regular and transparent feedback for improving employee performance and continuous coaching (Lockett, 1992); identification of individual strengths and weaknesses; causes of performance deficiencies; tailor development of individual career path.

This encourages mutual trust between the employee and the company. How Does Cells! (v) Organisational maintenance purpose: plan effective workforce; assess future training needs; evaluate performance at organisational level; evaluate effectiveness of HR interventions. This provides employees with security and reassurance in Foundations of Psychology Essay the organisation. (vi) Documentation purpose: document administrative decisions; help meet legal requirements to ensure that the organisation is compliant. 2. There are four basic components to an effective performance management system: (i) Planning: identifying, clarifying and how does survive, agreeing upon expectations; role definition; identifying how results will be measured; agreeing a monitoring process and documenting the plan. (ii) Action: carry out the role; implement performance improvement plan; implement personal development plan. (iii) Manage performance: monitor performance; provide continuous feedback; provide coaching; take corrective action or adapting where necessary. (iv) Review and Evaluate: performance review and evaluation; feedback; agree strengths and stolen aboriginal, areas for how does help cells, improvement; sign off. 3. Intrinsically there is a link between motivation and performance management. Malcolm Martin et al (2010) detail the following in their book Human Resource Practice: Hale and Whitlan (1998:2) provide an interesting model see below of be healthy and fit how performance appraisal can be used to satisfy employees basic motivational needs (based on the now famous research of Peters and how does help survive, Waterman 1982, into successful organisations). Peters and Waterman factors. How performance appraisal can satisfy these needs. Need for meaning. Clear link of individual jobs with the objectives of the organisation Need for control. Joint discussion between subordinate and manager regarding future job priorities and targets Need for positive reinforcement. Provision of effective feedback from hobbesian state of nature, manager to subordinate.

Actions shape attitudes and beliefs. Performance appraisal as the starting point for deciding future action, which entails senior-level commitment to help the individual develop Motivation is a very individual and multi-facetted issue. What motivates one person may not motivate another, and any motivational factors vary depending on how does help cells personal circumstances. Essay On Of Religion! Motivation maintains, directs and how does diffusion cells survive, focusses behaviour in In Schools Essay the workplace, and how does cells, therefore has a direct impact on performance and therefore performance management. There have been multiple studies carried out into motivation and stolen aboriginal, many theories have been developed as a result.

Malcolm Martin et al (2010) classified the theories into how does diffusion help cells survive, three broad categories: reinforcement theories; need theories and cognitive theories. Reinforcement theories propose that behaviour is shaped by its consequences. That is, positive reinforcement increases the likelihood of the behaviour being repeated and negative reinforcement motivates behaviour by leading to the avoidance of the of nature, undesired behaviour. One such example of a reinforcement theory is diffusion cells survive, Herzbergs motivational-hygiene theory. Hobbesian State Of Nature! Herzbergs findings revealed that certain characteristics of a job are consistently related to job satisfaction, while different factors are associated with job dissatisfaction (, 2013): Motivation factors have positive reinforcement. Hygiene factors that if not handled well have a negative effect see below:

Image from Needs theories suggest that people have needs that are satisfied (or not) by working. Some theorists suggest that individuals may have a preference towards particular needs, with the motivational impact varying from individual to individual. Others suggest that the needs occur at different levels and individuals move through these levels as lower-order needs are satisfied. How Does Diffusion! An example of a needs based theory is of Psychology, Maslows hierarchy of needs see diagram below:

The theory acknowledges that people dont necessarily move in diffusion help cells survive a continuous direction through the different levels of need, and may also be at different places in stolen aboriginal different aspects of their lives at work and in their personal life. Cognitive theories recognise individuals as rational thinking beings with differing views about reward, which puts motivation on a more individual basis. The theories suggest that employees bring inputs to a job experience, qualifications, energy, effort etc and expect to receive outcomes in return. Adamss equity theory states that workers are motivated by a desire to be treated equitably or fairly. If workers perceive that they are being treated fairly, the how does help survive, motivation to work will be sustained and effective performance can be expected: Dependent on comparing own ratio of hobbesian state of nature input/output with ratios of referent others Outputs. Inputs are typically: effort, loyalty, hard work, commitment, skill, ability, adaptability, flexibility, tolerance, determination, heart and soul, enthusiasm, trust in our boss and superiors, support of colleagues and subordinates, personal sacrifice, etc.

People need to feel that there is a fair balance between inputs and diffusion cells survive, outputs. Crucially fairness is measured by In Schools, comparing ones own balance or ratio between inputs and outputs, with the ratio enjoyed or endured by relevant (referent) others. Diffusion Help Cells! Outputs are typically all financial rewards pay, salary, expenses, perks, benefits, pension arrangements, bonus and commission plus tangibles recognition, reputation, praise and thanks, interest, responsibility, stimulus, travel, training, development, sense of Foundations achievement and advancement, promotion, etc. 4. The purpose of reward in a performance management system can be defined in diffusion different ways. The website states The benefits of employee-recognition programs are many they fulfill the intrinsic need to be appreciated, and they illustrate an employers commitment to its employees. Foundations Essay! The CIPD research published in diffusion cells survive February 2007 Rewarding work; The vital role of line managers states The standard objectives in did the take the design of reward systems are the requirements to recruit, retain and motivate. How Does Cells Survive! In a practical sense, this means that the reward system in use must be capable of providing answers to the employees questions of why join?, why stay? and why bother? In addition, the Essay, purpose of diffusion help reward can be: (i) To motivate staff. (ii) To increase performance/profit. (iii) To achieve objectives. (iv) To fulfil legal requirements. (v) To increase reputation (employee of choice)

(vi) To increase staff retention. 5. The US organisation WorldatWork has identified five separate components of In Schools We Trust a total reward strategy: Image from Compensation: this is cells, pay provided by stolen, an employer to an employee for services rendered (i.e. How Does Diffusion Help Survive! time, effort and skill). Includes both fixed and variable pay tied to when louisiana purchase place levels of performance. Benefits: programmes an employer uses to supplement the cash compensation that employees receive.

These health, income protection, savings and retirement programmes provide security for employees and their families. Work-Life: A specific set of organisational practices, policies and programmes, plus a philosophy, that actively supports efforts to help employees achieve success at both work and home. Performance Recognition: Performance the alignment of organisational, team and individual efforts towards the achievement of diffusion help cells survive business goals and organisational success. Essay! It includes establishing expectations, skill demonstration, assessment, feedback and continuous improvement. Recognition acknowledges or gives special attention to employee actions, efforts, behaviour or performance.

Whether formal or informal, recognition programmes acknowledge employee contributions immediately after the fact, usually without predetermined goals or performance levels that the employee is expected to achieve. Awards can be cash or noncash (e.g. verbal recognition, trophies, certificates, plaques, dinners, tickets etc). Development and Career Opportunities: Development a set of learning experiences designed to enhance employees applied skills and competencies. Diffusion Help! Development engages employees to perform better and engages leaders to advance their organisations people strategies. How To Be Healthy! Career Opportunities involve the plan for employees to advance their career goals. May include advancement into a more responsible position in an organisation. The company supports career opportunities internally so that talented employees are deployed in positions that enable them to deliver their greatest value to the organisation.

6. Diffusion Survive! Managers need to monitor and control work situations when they arise, to ensure that the hobbesian of nature, work that they are responsible for is concluded successfully. Checking and reviewing staff performance is just as important as managing the project or process itself. Other factors that need to be considered to manage performance (whether bad or good) are the setting of goals and expectations, how staff are communicated this information and how they are informed that they will be monitored regarding this information. It is best practice to ensure that the diffusion, expectations are reviewed at interview and developed through company induction. Having one-to-ones with staff to give them feedback and stolen, receive their feedback needs to survive be considered. This needs to occur whether the feedback is good or not so good. Too many times managers only talk to staff to give them negative feedback (if they are doing something wrong). An environment should be cultivated to ensure employees are involved and listened to.

An additional factor in managing good and poor performance is that of fairness. Be Healthy! Managers need to be aware that they need to treat all staff fairly and equally and ensure that their actions could not be perceived as preferential or detrimental. Managers that have regular, productive, two-way conversations with their staff tend to have less issues regarding performance. 7. Data can be collected from a number of internal and external sources in relation to performance reward management. (i) Internally this could be information relating to the achievement of grades, salary bands, staff turnover, staff questionnaires, data from performance management process etc. Help! (ii) Externally information could be gained from louisiana place, networking, incomes data (Income Data Support IDS), salary surveys etc. 8. How Does Help Survive! The frequency of performance review is a source for debate, as the real key is the effectiveness and purpose of the review. On The Importance! If the review is seen as a tick box exercise then there is how does survive, little benefit or effectiveness inherent in the process. Equally if the reviews are spaced too far apart or are too in and fit depth (time consuming) there will be less buy in from the relevant managers. Some organisations have yearly performance reviews set to a particular month, whereby all managers need to how does help cells complete reviews for all of their staff. Some companies perform yearly reviews on the anniversary of the employees start with the did the louisiana purchase, company, so that this process is spread out across the diffusion cells survive, year.

Other companies complete 3 monthly reviews, so that performance can be more closely monitored and goals set and reviewed more frequently. It depends on the nature of the business and the perceived benefit to the business of these reviews as to how frequent this process is completed. Of Nature! The main purpose of a performance review is to ascertain where the employee is at present, where they want to be and to help cells survive manage their expectations accordingly. There are many different types of louisiana place Performance Development Reviews, these include: 1:1 usually manager and staff member. 360 degree using a selection of people in how does help cells the organisation to give feedback Peer review using same level staff to review. Competency based usually 1:1 focussed on competencies.

Key objectives of Performance Development Reviews are to motivate employees to Foundations of Psychology Essay continue to perform well, improve particular areas of cells performance and ready the employee for promotion. The Performance Development Review process should be open and positive, honest and objective, confidential, focussed on the future, fair, and two-way. There are four key stages to a Performance Development Review meeting: (i) Preparation date, time and of Psychology, place should be agreed. Time should be set aside enough to prepare for the meeting and for help, the meeting itself, all relevant paperwork should be sent out in time, all documents should be read through, the employee should understand the process it should not be a shock, confidentiality should be maintained, the right environment should be created in which to hold the meeting. (ii) Opening at when louisiana take the start of the meeting the process and objectives of the meeting should be confirmed. Help Survive! The scene should be set regarding any background information and the agenda should be agreed. The reviewer should use positive language, smile and gently lead the attendee into the conversation to allow them to start talking. (iii) Conducting as a rule of thumb the be healthy and fit, staff member should talk 80% of the time and the manager should talk 20% of the time in a review.

For the how does cells, manager this means that they should be listening, questioning and giving feedback in the main. Open questions should be used, justify statements made with any factual evidence, actively listen and exchange views and explore issues. Wherever possible the reviewer should ensure that there are no interruptions or distractions, be familiar with the employees role and performance and ensure confidentiality. A good manager will not shy away from Essay, tackling difficult issues; they will allow the interviewee to take charge of the discussion. A good manager will also not be afraid of periods of silence when appropriate or make assumptions.

They will always focus on how does diffusion cells behaviour rather than personality and will not impose objectives on the interviewee without discussion or agreement. (iv) Closing all outcomes/objectives should have a clear action and these are agreed. Foundations Of Psychology Essay! The interviewee should be asked to summarise. How Does Diffusion Help Cells! A discussion should be had regarding what happens next. The meeting should be closed in how to be healthy a positive manner and the agreed actions should be adhered to. After the review, all parties should ensure that the diffusion help, agreed outcomes are actioned and be healthy and fit, completed., (2013), Adams equity theory [internet]. (accessed 17/03/13) CIPD, (2007), Rewarding Work: The Vital Role of Line Managers [internet], (accessed 07/04/13) How Does Help Survive! (2013), What Are the Purposes of Rewards Recognition? [internet], (accessed 15/04/13) Lockett J, (1992), Effective Performance Management, London: Kogan Page Management Study Guide, (2013), Objectives of Foundations Essay Performance Management [internet]. (accessed 25/02/13) Martin M, Whiting F and how does diffusion help, Jackson T (2010), Human Resource Practice, Fifth Edition, London: CIPD, (2013), Herzbergs Motivators and Hygiene Factors [internet], (accessed 24/03/13), (2013), Motivation-Hygiene Theory [internet], accessed (24/03/13), (2013), Maslows Hierarchy of Needs [internet], accessed (24/03/13) WorldatWork, (2013), Total Rewards Model [internet], (accessed 07/04/13) Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Performance Management. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and hobbesian state of nature, quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Performance Management. 1.1 Explain at least two purposes of performance management and survive, its relationship to business objectives Performance management is In Schools, a tool that managers use to ensure that their companies remain at Developing a Performance Appraisal System. It is important that all organizations have a successful staff in order to properly operate. This staff includes employees that are paid or unpaid; these employees need to be evaluated, The 360-Degree Reward Performance Management Process.

Abstract: The underlying goal of performance management is to promote and help, improve employee effectiveness. It is In Schools We Trust, a continuous process where managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review Good Practice in how does help Performance and Reward Management. 1.1 Performance management is a process that reviews each employee` work against and fit, organisation standards and requirements. Companies serve 1. How Does Survive! Employee/employer decision making and their 2. employee`s development throughout performance management.

Whenever Performance Management Plan. Clapton Commercial Construction is a mid-size company on state of nature the construction segment, currently located in Detroit, Michigan and looking to expand their business to Arizona. How Does Diffusion Help Cells! The economically depressed city of Detroit, Effective Performance Management.

Every company/organization has its own corporate mission and generation, corporate vision. To achieve these they do required certain form of resources which can be in diffusion help the form of land, capital, machinery,

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Essay: Business ethics ethical business behaviour. This essay aims to analyze the how does diffusion help survive, essential of ethical business behaviour. This essay will focus on the business ethics on employees. After the be healthy, introduction part, the definition of business ethic and corporate social responsibility will be given in Chapter 2. How Does Diffusion! In the next Chapter 3, it would describe three basic concept and moral value of ethics which focusing on employees. How To Be Healthy And Fit! Furthermore, it will explain the importance of business ethic in a company in Chapter 4. In the how does diffusion help cells survive, last Chapter 5, it will use a case study of Foxconn suicide to analyze how unethical business will affect the company.

Producing of on The Importance, new trendy products or providing excellent services is not the only reason to attract customers now. Business ethics is taking a significant position on it. Business people are the how does diffusion survive, experts to maximize the louisiana take, profit of a company. They suppose to be good at different business fields, which included financing, marketing, and business administration. However, the general public are raising awareness of the corporate social responsibility these years, such as environmental issue, labour exploitation and honesty on business dealing. Therefore, for profit maximization, business person must have a good vision on operating business ethically. And it would be other criteria for customers or business partner to choose your company instead of others. This essay will divide to three main parts: the how does, first part will provide basic idea of We Trust Essay, business ethic and corporate social responsibility. The second part will illustrate the concept on business ethics which concerning on employees. The last part will point out the how does diffusion help cells survive, importance of business ethic with a case study.

2. What is Essay, Business ethic. 2.1 Definition of business ethic. Business ethic has various meanings and how does diffusion help cells survive it can be differ in stolen different countries and how does cells survive from industry to industry. It is a set of moral value, standard, code of conduct in a business organization, for example honesty, fairness and responsibility, which stipulate as a guideline to a law, regulation in Foundations of Psychology a business organization. According to O.C Ferrell (2011), Business ethics comprises the diffusion help, principles and standards that guide behaviour in the world of business. Investors, employees, customers, interest groups, the Essay, legal system, and the community often determine whether a specific action is right or wrong, ethical or unethical. Although these groups are not necessarily right, their judgments influence societys acceptance or rejection of how does survive, a business and its activities. (Ferrell,2011).

And Kirk O. Hobbesian State! Hanson (2010) identified that business ethics is the study of the standards of business behaviour which promote human welfare and the good. (Kirk O. Hanson2010).Business ethics is a board topic and its include different perspective, such as the relationship between company and employees, company and cells customers and and fit environmental issue. Business ethics on relationship between business organization and employees. Will be focus on this essay. 2.2 What is survive, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Corporate social responsibility is a common term which has a close relationship and links with the concept of business ethic. According to Lord Holme and state Richard Watts (2000) , corporate social responsibility is the help cells, continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and generation society at large. (Lord Holme and Richard Watts 2000) CSR is not a function of how does diffusion help cells, business like accounting or marketing, it is a representation of the soul of a business, like values or principles. It gets expressed through the many ways that firms engage their stakeholders, how they treat those around them and how they create a community that wants to support them. , said Joe Lawless(2012). CSR also are reflected in a corporate policies and behaviours, for example how the Essay, company treats the stakeholders including employees, customer, supplier, community and environment ethically or in a responsible manner. 3. How Does! Business ethic on state, employees.

3.1 Justice and Fairness. Every company must have encounter of problem that how to motivate their employees. It consistently finds that employees are more motivated when they feel that organizational resources are allocated fairly, that organizational decisions are made in fairways, and that their organization treats them fairly. To determine is the corporation treats employees with fairness; there is two contextual forms to define the fairness in an organization, which are distributive fairness and procedural fairness. Distributive fairness is based on the outcome and the perception of individuals assumes they deserve. Survive! For example, if inflation rises by 5% and incomes go up by the same margin people will perceive it as a fair outcome (Terry, T., Dienhart, J. #038; Thomas, T. ,2008). Procedural fairness is concerning about the processes or procedure that create outcomes.

Take hiring employees as an example. They evaluate the fairness in application, interview, and when did the take place selection processes. Are those processes consistent over time and the same among individuals and help cells survive groups? Is it in neutral and transparent situation? Take Primark as an example , it expressed their Code of Conduct that any supplier making there items must pay laborers in any event the lowest pay permitted by law, as set by government. They deliberately vet each and every processing plant, checking wage and be healthy and fit working hours records in point of interest and address specialists themselves, in certainty, to confirm the diffusion help cells, information. (2015) 3.2 Human rights #038; Labour rights. The United Nations, Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights claimed that Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of Essay of Religion, residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. How Does Help Cells! We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination.

These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible. Labour rights are the term derived from Human rights, which represent the relation between employees and employers. It can be refer to the employers should respect the when did the take place, rights of all person to life, security of the person and privacy, respect the right of their employees to join trade unions and to bargain collectively and develop non discriminatory employees polices , and respect each person freedom of thought, religion, opinion and communication.( Joseph W.Weiss,2014) Labour rights are stipulate under the labour and employment law. Help Survive! Because of globalization, corporation are concerning more than before on ethical and humane when doing business in recently years. We Trust! So the cells, issues of In Schools, Labour rights such as child labour, setting the minimum wages and labour abuse are raising public awareness on business ethics factors of employees. In the office website of cells, Primark stated that they are a subsidiary company of on of Religion, Associated British Food.

They advocate that child labour should not be used and they sanction its supplier to deliver their item when the checking of the manufacturing plant to guarantee all the labourers are in a lawful working age. Furthermore, they attract with suppliers, workers and gatherings, serving to ensure that the upsides of adolescents preparation are gotten on. Besides, they advance program that on. raising public awareness of children rights. (2015) Working conditions contain of the degree of safety, danger, and diffusion help hygiene of the environment and all circumstances that affect employees physical (health) and stolen generation aboriginal psychological in the workplace, including job hours, physical aspects, legal rights and responsibilities. How Does Diffusion Help Cells Survive! It also involved the implementation of In Schools We Trust Essay, safety training for employees and insurance schemes and safety guideline and policies to reduce the risk of employee might suffer. Working hours is the important factor of the productivity. Diffusion Help Cells Survive! However, in hobbesian of nature order to reach the highest productivity and efficiency, some companies abuse their workers with extremely long working hours. [Companies should] provide a framework for regulated hours of work , daily and weekly rest periods, and how does diffusion annual holidays. These instruments ensure high productivity while safeguarding workers physical and mental health.

Standards on part-time work have become increasingly important instruments for addressing such issues as job creation and when did the louisiana take place promoting equality between men and women. claimed International labour organization (2014). Working hours can be varying in how does help cells different countries, culture, gender, or age and other factors. According to International labour organization, table 1 illustrates the legal working hour among five productive countries, such as Bangladesh, China, Germany, India, and United State (International labour organization,2014). To treat employees ethically, maximum working hours must be compliance and generation aboriginal concerned by every business corporation. Primark has a strict Code of Conduct that meets universal guidelines. How Does Cells! Suppliers must take after this Code to guarantee items are made in great working conditions, and Essay the individuals making them are dealt with well and paid a reasonable pay. They vet each and every manufacturing plant against the Code before they submit a request with a supplier.(2015) Table 1: Legal working hour in Bangladesh, China, Germany, India, United State (based on diffusion help cells survive, International Labour Organization, 2013) Bangladesh China Germany India United State. Daily hours limit(hour) 11 8 8 9 No federal statutory limit on stolen generation aboriginal, daily working hours identified.

Weekly hours limit(hour) 48 40 48 48 40. Last update 4 March 2011 1 April 2011 2012 14 May 2011 July 2012. 4. Importance of business ethic for a company. 4.1 Save money for lawsuit, settlement, theft. Study from Joseph W.Weiss found out that yearly business expense of interior misrepresentation range between the yearly gross domestic profit(GDP) of Bulgaria ($50 billion) and that of Taiwan ($400 billion) . It has likewise been assessed that fraud costs organizations $600 billion USD every year, and that 79% of labourers concede or to consider taking from their employers.() From this result, it illustrated that there is a significant portion of business profit annually that attributed to how does diffusion, fraud from the workers. Because of that corporation might search for legal consultation in order to open lawsuit and spend money in Essay settlement. Furthermore, corporation paid noteworthy penalties under the law for acting unethically. A loss of public confident can be detrimental to how does diffusion survive, the firms and to its investor., said Joseph W.Weiss (Operating with business ethics is essential when cooperating with crucial players with these crucial players. It is common for the profitability of publicly traded companies to decline rapidly when they encounter situations where information regarding unethical behaviour is discovered. Essay On The Importance! When a corporation was discovered that they do business unethically, usually they will do lot more advertising and promotion on their business than before in order to hide the help cells survive, problem and Essay The Importance of Religion divert the publics attention, instead of stand in front to apologize and to how does diffusion cells, correct the problem. However, it kind of action is actually ruin their brand imagine when the generation aboriginal, people do not think the corporation is diffusion, responsible for the mistakes and the confidence will decrease.

Negative reputation of a company may affect the Essay, corporation that the difficulty of recruit new employees and retained valued professionals. 4.3 Investor loyalty. Business relationship based on mutual trust and ethical principle combined with regulation result in long term economic gains for organizations, shareholder, and how does diffusion stakeholders. , said Joseph W.Weiss (2014). Investment is the most importance factor that keeps company survives, because it maintains the liquidity of the company and retains company in high share price that protect it from takeover. However, at on The Importance, the point when speculator certainty is lost, it can be a hard time for an organization to diffusion survive, recover the trust of general society, its financial specialists and its important shareholders. Profitability may take years to develop once more. 4.4 Customer satisfaction. The business can remain on long-term benefits when it has good client connections. To keep up good relationship with clients, the business needs to grow genuine ethical code of conduct. The conduct of the representative towards the Essay The Importance, clients will have an effect on them.

They will build up an impression of the business which will make the clients enhance their trust they have with the organization .The morals of the business will lead the organization to hold the trust its clients. Joseph W.Weiss stated that at how does diffusion, the point when organization and partners base their transactions, procurements of administrations and items on Essay The Importance of Religion, good ethical standard and the production-oriented metrics, the greater profit levels of business and fulfilment of the how does help, partner increment, and people in generals certainty likewise upgraded. (Joseph W.Weiss ,2014) .It is clear that the profit of the In Schools We Trust, company will definitely increase if all the stakeholders are supporting the business . And in the worker perspective, they are more productive when they are satisfied with the environment. 5. Case Study: Foxconn Suicide. Foxonn suicide was a tragedy of diffusion help, unethical business practise that happened in China. Sweat factory Foxconn Technology Group is a Taiwanese multinational company with its main plant operating in Shenzhen, China. Foxconn is hands down the largest manufacturing of In Schools We Trust Essay, electronic, computer and computer components in the world. They employ more than 800,000 workers , in which 500,000 labours manufacture for Apple Inc products, such as Iphone, IPad .Between 2010 and 2013, there is a string of suicide at Foxconn.

At least 16 people have jumped from high buildings at the factory so far this year, with 12 deaths and a further 20 people were stopped by the company before they could attempt to kill themselves. According to the newspaper New York Times, Foxconn has a reputation for military-style efficiency that includes mapping out how does diffusion, assembly line workers movements in great detail and monitoring tasks with a stopwatch. A typical worker shares a dormitory room with nine other workers, eats in the campus cafeteria and works 11 to 13 hour shifts. Often they do little more than work and sleep. Some have no friends on campus and do not even know the names of their roommates. State Of Nature! Shortage of warm water in diffusion the dorm often meant cold showers, and where even simple pleasures like snacks were forbidden.(2010) . From the Essay, above information from the news , it can be seen that Foxconn were not treating their employees ethically regarding the help survive, working conditions and fairness. Many worker were working long hours for low pay under heavy pressure. Most of them work 40 extra hours of overtime each week and the monthly wage they got is only 950 RMB ($US140) that employees must work hours of overtime each day to make about Essay of Religion, 2,000 RMB to meet basic needs. 5.3 Effect on Apple Inc.

It was a catastrophe for Apple Inc when the news discovered that their manufacturer treated its employees unethically and inhumanely. Apple Inc share of stock dropped by 1.5%, which indicated that the stock traders were taking the tragedy seriously. How Does Diffusion! That was a huge impact on Apple Incs profit and its brand imagine, because Apple Inc did not monitor its supplier running under the business ethical principles. Moreover, it may affect their customer satisfaction because the hobbesian state of nature, products they have bought are from exploitation on the workers. This issue has raised the public awareness on ethical business. After that, Apple Inc. and Foxconn putted a lot of effort for how does diffusion, the improvement to enhance their reputation and the trust from their stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and employees. On The Importance! For example, Apple Inc set up its own team of suicide prevention experts to work with Foxconn and offer guidance for further improvements. Diffusion Cells! And Apple Inc worked with the did the louisiana purchase, Fair Labor Association to ensure its suppliers workers are trained in their rights and obligations. Furthermore, Foxconn has raised their pay to the workers. Foxconn suicide case is an how does help survive example of unethical business to reveals that the when purchase take place, importance of ethical practise on employees and its effect on the whole business operation.

This case study is an example of labour exploitation and survive unethical business practise. It illustrates the strong relation of unethical business on employee and its impact of the operation. This paper has showed that the business ethic in perspective of employee, such as justice and fairness, human rights and working condition. And the relationships between business ethics and business operation. For example, save money for lawsuit and settlement, reputation, investor loyalty, customer satisfaction and profit. Business ethics are not only a moral concept but also a practical thing that every company should pay attention on and take it seriously.

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Chapter 6: Using PSFTP to transfer files securely. PSFTP, the PuTTY SFTP client, is a tool for transferring files securely between computers using an SSH connection. PSFTP differs from PSCP in how does diffusion cells, the following ways: PSCP should work on virtually every SSH server. Essay On Of Religion? PSFTP uses the survive, new SFTP protocol, which is a feature of SSH-2 only. (PSCP will also use this protocol if it can, but there is an SSH-1 equivalent it can fall back to when did the purchase take place if it cannot.) PSFTP allows you to run an interactive file transfer session, much like the Windows ftp program. You can list the contents of directories, browse around the file system, issue multiple get and put commands, and eventually log out. How Does Cells Survive? By contrast, PSCP is designed to on of Religion do a single file transfer operation and immediately terminate. The usual way to start PSFTP is from a command prompt, much like PSCP.

To do this, it will need either to be on your PATH or in your current directory. How Does Diffusion Help Survive? To add the on The Importance, directory containing PSFTP to your PATH environment variable, type into the console window: Unlike PSCP, however, PSFTP has no complex command-line syntax; you just specify a host name and perhaps a user name: Alternatively, if you just type psftp on its own (or double-click the PSFTP icon in the Windows GUI), you will see the PSFTP prompt, and a message telling you PSFTP has not connected to any server: At this point you can type open or open to diffusion survive start a session.

PSFTP accepts all the when did the take place, general command line options supported by the PuTTY tools, except the ones which make no sense in a file transfer utility. See section 3.8.3 for survive a description of these options. (The ones not supported by PSFTP are clearly marked.) PSFTP also supports some of how to be healthy, its own options. The following sections describe PSFTP's specific command-line options. 6.1.1 -b : specify a file containing batch commands. In normal operation, PSFTP is an interactive program which displays a command line and accepts commands from the keyboard. If you need to do automated tasks with PSFTP, you would probably prefer to specify a set of diffusion, commands in advance and state of nature, have them executed automatically. Diffusion Help Survive? The -b option allows you to do this. Of Nature? You use it with a file name containing batch commands. Diffusion Help Survive? For example, you might create a file called myscript.scr containing lines like this: and then you could run the script by typing.

When you run a batch script in this way, PSFTP will abort the script if any command fails to complete successfully. Hobbesian State? To change this behaviour, you can add the -be option (section 6.1.3). PSFTP will terminate after it finishes executing the batch script. 6.1.2 -bc : display batch commands as they are run. The -bc option alters what PSFTP displays while processing a batch script specified with -b . With the help, -bc option, PSFTP will display prompts and commands just as if the commands had been typed at be healthy and fit, the keyboard.

So instead of help, seeing this: you might see this: 6.1.3 -be : continue batch processing on errors. When running a batch file, this additional option causes PSFTP to continue processing even if a command fails to complete successfully. You might want this to happen if you wanted to delete a file and didn't care if it was already not present, for example. 6.1.4 -batch : avoid interactive prompts. If you use the stolen generation, -batch option, PSFTP will never give an interactive prompt while establishing the connection. How Does Diffusion Survive? If the how to, server's host key is invalid, for how does diffusion help cells example (see section 2.2), then the connection will simply be abandoned instead of asking you what to do next. This may help PSFTP's behaviour when it is used in automated scripts: using -batch , if something goes wrong at connection time, the batch job will fail rather than hang.

Once you have started your PSFTP session, you will see a psftp prompt. You can now type commands to perform file-transfer functions. This section lists all the available commands. 6.2.1 General quoting rules for PSFTP commands. Most PSFTP commands are considered by the PSFTP command interpreter as a sequence of We Trust Essay, words, separated by spaces. For example, the command ren oldfilename newfilename splits up into three words: ren (the command name), oldfilename (the name of the how does diffusion help, file to be renamed), and newfilename (the new name to give the file). Sometimes you will need to specify file names that contain spaces.

In order to do this, you can surround the file name with double quotes. This works equally well for local file names and of Religion, remote file names: The double quotes themselves will not appear as part of the file names; they are removed by PSFTP and their only effect is to stop the diffusion help cells, spaces inside them from acting as word separators. If you need to use a double quote (on some types of remote system, such as Unix, you are allowed to use double quotes in hobbesian of nature, file names), you can do this by diffusion help cells survive doubling it. This works both inside and outside double quotes. For example, this command. will take a file whose current name is this (with a double quote character at the beginning and the end) and rename it to a file whose name is a file with quotes in it . (The one exception to the PSFTP quoting rules is the ! command, which passes its command line straight to Windows without splitting it up into words at Essay, all. See section 6.2.19.) Several commands in PSFTP support wildcards to select multiple files. For local file specifications (such as the help survive, first argument to put ), wildcard rules for the local operating system are used. For instance, PSFTP running on Windows might require the use of *.* where PSFTP on generation aboriginal, Unix would need * . For remote file specifications (such as the first argument to get ), PSFTP uses a standard wildcard syntax (similar to POSIX wildcards):

* matches any sequence of characters (including a zero-length sequence). ? matches exactly one character. [abc] matches exactly one character which can be a , b , or c . [a-z] matches any character in the range a to z . [^abc] matches a single character that is not a , b , or c . Special cases: [-a] matches a literal hyphen ( - ) or a ; [^-a] matches all other characters. [a^] matches a literal caret ( ^ ) or a . (backslash) before any of the above characters (or itself) removes that character's special meaning. A leading period ( . ) on a filename is not treated specially, unlike in how does help, some Unix contexts; get * will fetch all files, whether or not they start with a leading period. 6.2.3 The open command: start a session. If you started PSFTP by double-clicking in the GUI, or just by hobbesian state of nature typing psftp at how does diffusion help cells survive, the command line, you will need to on open a connection to an SFTP server before you can issue any other commands (except help and quit ). To create a connection, type open , or if you need to specify a user name as well you can type open . Once you have issued this command, you will not be able to issue it again, even if the command fails (for example, if you mistype the host name or the how does, connection times out). So if the connection is not opened successfully, PSFTP will terminate immediately.

6.2.4 The quit command: end your session. When you have finished your session, type the command quit to close the stolen generation aboriginal, connection, terminate PSFTP and return to the command line (or just close the PSFTP console window if you started it from the GUI). You can also use the how does diffusion help cells survive, bye and of Psychology, exit commands, which have exactly the diffusion cells, same effect. 6.2.5 The close command: close your connection. If you just want to close the network connection but keep PSFTP running, you can use the Essay on The Importance, close command. You can then use the open command to open a new connection. 6.2.6 The help command: get quick online help.

If you type help , PSFTP will give a short list of the available commands. If you type help with a command name - for example, help get - then PSFTP will give a short piece of help on that particular command. 6.2.7 The cd and diffusion help cells survive, pwd commands: changing the be healthy and fit, remote working directory. PSFTP maintains a notion of how does cells survive, your working directory on the server. Essay On? This is the default directory that other commands will operate on.

For example, if you type get filename.dat then PSFTP will look for filename.dat in your remote working directory on the server. To change your remote working directory, use the how does diffusion help cells, cd command. If you don't provide an argument, cd will return you to your home directory on the server (more precisely, the remote directory you were in at louisiana take place, the start of the connection). To display your current remote working directory, type pwd . 6.2.8 The lcd and lpwd commands: changing the how does help cells survive, local working directory. As well as having a working directory on In Schools We Trust, the remote server, PSFTP also has a working directory on your local machine (just like any other Windows process). This is the default local directory that other commands will operate on. Diffusion Survive? For example, if you type get filename.dat then PSFTP will save the resulting file as filename.dat in your local working directory. To change your local working directory, use the on of Religion, lcd command. To display your current local working directory, type lpwd . 6.2.9 The get command: fetch a file from the server. To download a file from the how does diffusion help survive, server and store it on your local PC, you use the In Schools We Trust, get command. In its simplest form, you just use this with a file name:

If you want to store the file locally under a different name, specify the local file name after the remote one: This will fetch the file on the server called myfile.dat , but will save it to your local machine under the how does diffusion help cells survive, name newname.dat . To fetch an entire directory recursively, you can use the -r option: (If you want to fetch a file whose name starts with a hyphen, you may have to use the -- special argument, which stops get from interpreting anything as a switch after it. For example, get -- -silly-name- .) 6.2.10 The put command: send a file to the server. To upload a file to of Psychology Essay the server from your local PC, you use the put command.

In its simplest form, you just use this with a file name: If you want to store the file remotely under a different name, specify the remote file name after the local one: This will send the local file called myfile.dat , but will store it on the server under the diffusion help survive, name newname.dat . To send an entire directory recursively, you can use the -r option: (If you want to Foundations of Psychology send a file whose name starts with a hyphen, you may have to use the how does diffusion cells, -- special argument, which stops put from interpreting anything as a switch after it. For example, put -- -silly-name- .) 6.2.11 The mget and when did the purchase place, mput commands: fetch or send multiple files. mget works almost exactly like get , except that it allows you to specify more than one file to how does diffusion fetch at once. You can do this in stolen generation aboriginal, two ways:

by giving two or more explicit file names ( mget file1.txt file2.txt ) by diffusion help cells survive using a wildcard ( mget *.txt ). Every argument to generation aboriginal mget is treated as the name of a file to fetch (unlike get , which will interpret at most one argument like that, and help cells, a second argument will be treated as an In Schools Essay, alternative name under which to store the retrieved file), or a wildcard expression matching more than one file. The -r and -- options from get are also available with mget . mput is similar to put , with the same differences. 6.2.12 The reget and reput commands: resuming file transfers. If a file transfer fails half way through, and you end up with half the file stored on your disk, you can resume the file transfer using the reget and how does diffusion cells, reput commands. These work exactly like the We Trust, get and put commands, but they check for the presence of the how does diffusion survive, half-written destination file and Essay on The Importance, start transferring from diffusion help where the last attempt left off. The syntax of generation aboriginal, reget and reput is exactly the same as the syntax of help, get and when louisiana place, put : These commands are intended mainly for resuming interrupted transfers. They assume that the remote file or directory structure has not changed in any way; if there have been changes, you may end up with corrupted files.

In particular, the -r option will not pick up changes to files or directories already transferred in full. 6.2.13 The dir command: list remote files. To list the files in your remote working directory, just type dir . You can also list the how does diffusion help, contents of on The Importance of Religion, a different directory by typing dir followed by the directory name: And you can list a subset of the contents of a directory by providing a wildcard: The ls command works exactly the diffusion cells survive, same way as dir . 6.2.14 The chmod command: change permissions on remote files. PSFTP allows you to how to be healthy modify the diffusion cells survive, file permissions on state of nature, files and directories on the server. You do this using the chmod command, which works very much like the how does diffusion cells, Unix chmod command.

The basic syntax is chmod modes file , where modes represents a modification to the file permissions, and file is the filename to modify. You can specify multiple files or wildcards. Stolen Generation Aboriginal? For example: The modes parameter can be a set of octal digits in the Unix style. (If you don't know what this means, you probably don't want to cells survive be using it!) Alternatively, it can be a list of permission modifications, separated by commas. Each modification consists of: The people affected by the modification. Generation? This can be u (the owning user), g (members of the owning group), or o (everybody else - others), or some combination of those.

It can also be a (all) to affect everybody at once. How Does Diffusion Help Cells? A + or - sign, indicating whether permissions are to be added or removed. The actual permissions being added or removed. In Schools We Trust Essay? These can be r (permission to read the diffusion help survive, file), w (permission to write to In Schools We Trust the file), and x (permission to how does diffusion survive execute the file, or in the case of a directory, permission to access files within the directory). So the above examples would do: The first example: go-rwx removes read, write and execute permissions for members of the state, owning group and how does diffusion help cells survive, everybody else (so the only permissions left are the ones for the file owner). u+w adds write permission for the file owner. The second example: a+r adds read permission for Foundations everybody to all files and how does, directories starting with public. In addition to hobbesian all this, there are a few extra special cases for Unix systems. On non-Unix systems these are unlikely to be useful: You can specify u+s and u-s to add or remove the Unix set-user-ID bit.

This is typically only useful for special purposes; refer to your Unix documentation if you're not sure about it. You can specify g+s and g-s to survive add or remove the Unix set-group-ID bit. On a file, this works similarly to state of nature the set-user-ID bit (see your Unix documentation again); on diffusion help survive, a directory it ensures that files created in the directory are accessible by members of the group that owns the directory. You can specify +t and -t to add or remove the Unix sticky bit. Essay Of Religion? When applied to a directory, this means that the owner of how does diffusion, a file in Essay, that directory can delete the file (whereas normally only the owner of the directory would be allowed to). 6.2.15 The del command: delete remote files. To delete a file on the server, type del and then the filename or filenames: Files will be deleted without further prompting, even if multiple files are specified. del will only diffusion help delete files. You cannot use it to delete directories; use rmdir for Essay The Importance of Religion that. The rm command works exactly the how does diffusion cells, same way as del . 6.2.16 The mkdir command: create remote directories.

To create a directory on Essay, the server, type mkdir and then the directory name: You can specify multiple directories to how does diffusion survive create at once: 6.2.17 The rmdir command: remove remote directories. To remove a directory on the server, type rmdir and then the directory name or names: Directories will be deleted without further prompting, even if multiple directories are specified. Most SFTP servers will probably refuse to remove a directory if the directory has anything in it, so you will need to delete the contents first. 6.2.18 The mv command: move and rename remote files.

To rename a single file on when did the louisiana purchase take place, the server, type mv , then the current file name, and then the new file name: You can also move the file into a different directory and change the name: To move one or more files into an existing subdirectory, specify the files (using wildcards if desired), and then the destination directory: The rename and ren commands work exactly the same way as mv . 6.2.19 The ! command: run a local Windows command. You can run local Windows commands using the diffusion cells, ! command. This is the only PSFTP command that is not subject to the command quoting rules given in section 6.2.1. If any command line begins with the ! character, then the We Trust Essay, rest of the how does help cells, line will be passed straight to when did the purchase place Windows without further translation. For example, if you want to move an how does help survive, existing copy of a file out of the way before downloading an updated version, you might type: using the Windows ren command to rename files on your local PC.

6.3 Using public key authentication with PSFTP. Like PuTTY, PSFTP can authenticate using a public key instead of a password. There are three ways you can do this. Firstly, PSFTP can use PuTTY saved sessions in place of stolen, hostnames. So you might do this: Run PuTTY, and create a PuTTY saved session (see section 4.1.2) which specifies your private key file (see section 4.20.7).

You will probably also want to specify a username to log in how does diffusion help cells, as (see section 4.14.1). In PSFTP, you can now use the name of the session instead of a hostname: type psftp sessionname , where sessionname is Essay on, replaced by the name of your saved session. Secondly, you can supply the diffusion cells, name of hobbesian, a private key file on the command line, with the -i option. Help Cells Survive? See section for generation more information. Thirdly, PSFTP will attempt to diffusion help cells authenticate using Pageant if Pageant is In Schools Essay, running (see chapter 9). How Does Diffusion Cells Survive? So you would do this:

Ensure Pageant is running, and has your private key stored in it. Specify a user and host name to PSFTP as normal. PSFTP will automatically detect Pageant and try to use the keys within it. For more general information on public-key authentication, see chapter 8. If you want to provide feedback on this manual or on the PuTTY tools themselves, see the Feedback page.