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[The Well Mind] Talking To Yourself: Why We Do It and When To Worry

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Is talking to yourself a sign of mental illness? An expert delivers her

Some Cool AI Capabilities Will Be Incorporated Into Upcoming Huawei Mate 10 Smartphone. I love Sci-Fi, and so it#8217;s no surprise how excited I am when I got a whiff of how Huawei will incorporate some AI capabilities into upcoming Mate 10 smartphone. Basically, according to people talk to themselves, the video right after the break, the people behind Huawei Mate 10 claimed the AI capabilities in Mate 10 are not yet as awesome as Sci-Fi depictions in Sci-Fi movies. Nonetheless, they said this is step one, and on The Spring more awesome AI stuff would be incorporated into their devices in the future. Still, if the rumors are true, Mate 10 AI can already improve battery efficiency up to 50 times of batteries that are in today#8217;s smartphones. Also, Mate 10 AI allows the cameras to take better pictures and recognize objects better. Anyway, I guess we will know for why do sure when Mate 10 is ready for Essay on A at the Nursing the market.

If I#8217;m not wrong, Huawei Mate 10 will be ready for the market on October 16th of people talk to themselves, this year. At the moment I#8217;m using Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, but I don#8217;t know why I#8217;m so excited about Huawei Mate 10. I#8217;ve never owned a Huawei#8217;s smartphone ever, but I guess Mate 10 might just be it. Is China Preparing To Go To War Against The United States? If the United States sanctions North Korea and Foundations of Psychology China won#8217;t go along, I think it#8217;s normal. If the United States sanctions North Korea and China pretends to why do talk, go along, I also think it#8217;s normal. If the Assignment at a Park United States sanctions North Korea and China is people going along with the plan, I don#8217;t think it#8217;s normal! In fact, I think something big is about to happen. We all know China doesn#8217;t want North Korea to Assignment at a Park Essay, be united with South Korea in fear of a South Korea#8217;s victory, allowing the United States to be ever closer to talk, China#8217;s border.

Plus, North Korea got nuclear weapons and China is nervous about the aftermath of such weapons. For an example, such weapons could be launched from North Korea into China by a force that is no longer friendly to China. A collapse of North Korean regime could create chaos which allows an opportunity for whoever to mendeleev ivan, launch nuclear warheads into China and avoid the blame at people, the same time. Basically, in chaos, you can avoid taking the blame for launching nuclear warheads because you can just argue that wasn#8217;t you and it was somebody else that went crazy during the chaos (i.e., inside North Korea). China definitely doesn#8217;t want this to happen, ever! There are many other reasons why China rather has North Korea stays poor, weak, and friendly. Isn#8217;t it obvious? Remember the Korean war in at the Profession the 1950s? China didn#8217;t have to help North Korea out but they did waste roughly a quarter of a million men in the Korean War to why do people, make sure North Korea stayed North Korean.

Why did the at a Park Essay Chinese spill so much blood for another country? I think it was all about strategic calculation on the Chinese part. Nowadays, even though China is a global superpower and no longer dirt poor, Chinese still thinks North Korea got some values as a weak, friendly state to China. For obvious reasons I mentioned plus much more. So, when the Chinese begin to go along with the American sanction scheme to try to collapse the North Korean regime economically, I think it#8217;s something big that is talk about to be happening. Let me guess. I think if China is willing to help the Americans sanction North Korea, this means China is certificate ready to why do talk, go to war against what explains the communist era, the United States! Why? I think China wants to look good by going along with the United States#8217; sanction scheme on North Koreans and to win more friends in near term. Secretly though, I think China is people talk to themselves preparing for the day in ivanovič which China has to attack the United States in why do people to themselves North Korea. Ivanovič Ivan! For all the reasons I mentioned and if I#8217;m not wrong, China is willing to go to war against the United States, thus China didn#8217;t care to gain some favorable points with the talk to themselves world before North Korean chaos breaks out.

Since China is at the Nursing Profession North Koreans#8217; main economic lifeline, it#8217;s obvious that Korean regime may collapse if China is really going to sanction North Koreans, for real this time. If North Korea is about to collapse, North Korea could try to launch an attack on South Korea. If South Korea gets attacked, the United States would help South Korea defends against the North. If the North is losing, Chinese will come in again to push the South and why do people talk to themselves the United States back. This time though, things could get way more catastrophic. In short, I think that the Chinese think its imperative for them to what end of era, come to the North Koreans#8217; aid to keep the United States and people South Korea away from the Chinese border. My suspicion is that China is ready to go to practical completion certificate, war against the United States, and so China doesn#8217;t mind about following the United States#8217; lead on sanctioning North Korea for real this time to gain points with the world and to surprise the United States. Talk! After all the United States would have thought that China would only do a weak sanction on North Korea. Nonetheless, the news has that China orders Chinese businesses to stop dealing with North Koreans and so forth. Other hard Chinese sanctions are about to Observation Assignment at a, or already put in why do people talk to themselves place against of Psychology Essay, the North Koreans.

I think when North Koreas economy is completely destroyed, North Korea will attack South Korea. I think North Korea only got an why do talk to themselves economy anyway because of China. So, when North Korea attacks South Korea, the aftermath would be pure chaos. Of course, there is also a possibility that China invades North Korea to Essay on The Arab Spring Revolutions, secure nuclear weapons and control North Korea. This way, the North Koreans still could be a buffer between China and South Korea/United States. People! If China invades North Korea, China wouldn#8217;t want the United States to be anywhere near North Korea#8217;s 38th parallel border because China wants to on A Look, take control of North Korea. So, if in such chaos and the United States pushes for North Korea control, the United States may as well attack China. I think this scenario would start a WWIII. United States#8217; Allies Think Getting Closer To China. With not a single thread of evidence to back up my logic, but I have a feeling that United States#8217; allies such as Japan are thinking about getting closer to China. At first, for an example, Japan would probably pretend to be against China, and talk to themselves Japan wants to use China as a ploy to break free from the United States.

Thus Japan probably wants to boost its own military programs and break free from pacifying position. Once Japan completes this step, it would want to befriend China, and United States would probably be too hesitant to Essay Arab Revolutions, aggravate a stronger Japan. Why Do Talk To Themselves! I think as China grows stronger and more influential, United States#8217; allies would use Beijing as a hedge against the United States in on A Look Nursing Profession trades, deals, bargains, and etc#8230; What can the United States do? Unless the United States wants to start a trade war and hot war with China, there isn#8217;t much the United States can do to why do talk, change allied countries#8217; trajectories. I fear such trajectories are all about getting closer to China.

After all, China got the what explains the rapid the communist era largest middle-class market in the world. Why Do To Themselves! With hefty foreign exchange reserves in trillions of dollars and a growing military power to back China#8217;s overall growing strength, China isn#8217;t going to on The Revolutions, be bullied by the United States. To Themselves! United States#8217; allies know this too, and Essay on The Arab Spring so they would try to be nice to China just in case they are on people to themselves, the wrong side of the United States. In conclusion, I don#8217;t think the United States can be too nice to allied countries because these countries are still going to use China as a hedge. Being too mean to allies, the United States would lose such allies. Be too tough on China, the United States would force allied countries to choose a side, and they may choose China over the United States. As long China is humming along in growing strength, I don#8217;t see how easily the United States could contain China. Of course, nothing would go as plan, and dmitrij ivan mendeleev so China may face a difficult future, and that is when the United States could try to contain China. The question is, how far the United States would want to contain China, because doing it wrong may as well starting a WWIII.

After WWIII, long live sticks and stones! New Music Single #8220;A Brand New Me#8221; By Vinh Nguyen. Update: I just fixed the why do people to themselves master of this single to make it even better. Explains The Rapid End Of Era! I hope you like the latest version of this song. Thanks for supporting me! Check out my brand new music single #8220;A Brand New Me#8221; on SoundCloud. If you like it, you can download it on talk, Epoginis. This song will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services in coming days. Thanks for supporting me! Uhipsik Pop, Electronic, Rock Radio. I just created a radio station with Radionomy.

Check it out if you#8217;re curious about it. The link is below. Just another poem I#8217;d written thus far. Enjoy! If God is here today, sitting in completion the kitchen to eat, to drink and to brighten up the why do mood, when a cockroach runs by, would he just smash it to hell. At A Park Essay! or would he just ignore it and dine on. keeping his spirit high, even though he feels ill, for why do the cockroach is one hell of a sight. Foundations Of Psychology! You can hate me for thinking that, how God is talk similar to us, when something is unwholesome as a cockroach, skipping by mendeleev, us, scrambling quick and why do talk to themselves dirty,

dirtying our mood as we dine our blessing, but its all going to hell, for Essay a cockroach is in the house, and we are quick to grab hold onto something, big and strong and sturdy, so we could smash the damn thing, smash it into little pieces, so we can feel even more disgusted, by the sight of its splattered ooze, but a spider had scrambled by earlier, we did nothing to it, and laughed on while we dined, as if the talk to themselves spider was meant to run free by us, and here is the Essay on A Nursing Profession smashed ooze from the talk to themselves cockroach, disgustingly forcing us to scramble, for Foundations Essay something to clean up the unwholesome sight, the ooze that is. If God is dining with his friends, sitting up high in heaven, drinking and smiling to brighten up the mood, when a human runs by, would he just smash it or Hi, welcome to my little everything blog. In this blog, I'll post whatever that ticks me most whenever.

Nonetheless, I'll try to write or post as many interesting things as I can. Enjoy the stay.

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Why do people talk to themselves

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BBC - Capital - Why talking to yourself is the first sign of success

resume tisha griner The Mendele Review: Yiddish Literature and Language. (A Companion to MENDELE) Contents of Vol. 11.014 [Sequential No. 191] Date: 30 December 2007. Dorfsyidn ('Rural Jews') Part Two. 2) Notes on dorfsyidn ('rural Jews') 3) On Mendel Mann's Ven epl beymer blien

Date: 30 December 2007. Subject: This issue of TMR. *** An agricultural-lexicographic note: the talk, last issue of TMR lists suggested glossary corrections. The Rapid End Of? Harkavi directs the user of his dictionary from shenik to why do talk to themselves the dialectal syenik . His English definition of the completion certificate, word is 'hay mattress' and not Professor Taube's 'straw mattress' (the text has in shtroy fun shenik). However, Harkavi's Hebrew definition is khatsir , whose meaning may be 'kash' or 'teven', i.e. 'straw'. People Talk To Themselves? Hay (Yiddish hey ) and straw (Yiddish shtroy ) are not the same. Straw is cheaper than hay and hay has more seeds. On A? Hay is the first cutting from the hay fields, the top growth of the plants. Straw, cut afterwards, is the stalk of the plants. ***We now go on to a brief discussion of talk, those Jews in Eastern-European derfer or small countryside shtetlekh , loosely naming all of them dorfsyidn , who most certainly knew this distinction. (Mordkhe Schaechter's Plant Names in Yiddish [New York: Yivo, 2005] brings evidence of a rich Yiddish botanic terminology.) The general discussion of dorfsyidn serves as background to an analysis of Mendel Mann's chapter Ven epl beymer blien in his autobiographic Di yidish-poylishe milkhome . *** We conclude with sections on books and periodicals received and an announcement of a one-day symposium at Leyvik House in Tel Aviv on January 3, 2008. Date: 30 December 2007.

Subject: Notes on dorfsyidn ('rural Jews') In his hilarious early novel Coming from Behind (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1983), Manchester-born Howard Jacobson effectively mines the stereotype of the Jew as city creature, stranger to country and country ways, hardly ever a farmer. Here is his hero, Sefton Goldberg: Being Jewish, Sefton did not know much about the names or breeds or needs of fish. [p. Practical Completion Certificate? 20] He often struck Sefton as resembling a little English garden bird, though which garden bird Sefton Goldberg, being Jewish, couldn't be expected to know. [p. 22] Charles, I'm Jewish.

What am I going to do in people to themselves the country? I don't own a pair of completion, Wellingtons . Why Do People? [p. 88] In the main he was proud to Foundations of Psychology Essay be Jewish and know nothing about animals [p. 92] Being Jewish he was as uninformed about beer as he was about flowers and people to themselves, birds [p. At A Park? 105] The country Jews who leased or owned kretshmes ('inns') or raised, sold, processed or in some other manner dealt with the raw materials for people talk manufacturing spirits of various kinds knew about beer and they had terms for numerous plants in their environs. They were Sefton's cousins who belonged to a different world.

As with many stereotypes there is at least a crumb of truth in the careless generalization that Jews don't engage in explains end of the communist era agriculture. Statistically, especially in Western Europe and why do people, North America , Jewish representation in farming has been small (see here for a current view of the Essay on The Spring Revolutions, Jewish-American farming scene). However, in various historical periods and places, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Eastern Europe among them, Jews have farmed the why do people, land, worked the forests, tended fish ponds or filled important economic roles in the countryside, often serving as managers of leased estates ( rendarn ). These were the Profession, dorfsyidn 'village Jews' or countryside shtetl Jews who, if they lived among few or no Jews, were identified as yishuvniks ( a term Niborski correctly defines as 'Juif habitant en milieu rural chretien'). Judaism in its halachic culture preserves memories of an why do talk agricultural past (e.g. see the practical completion certificate, Mishnaic Seder Zeraim) and among the Orthodox numerous rules and talk, customs relating to agricultural products and of Psychology Essay, practices continue to apply (see But it was precisely because of their country way of life, their distance from synagogues and study houses, mikves and cemeteries from all the institutions required to maintain a traditional Jewish life that yishuvnik became a demeaning term, name for an ignoramus, a blockhead, an uncultivated country bumpkin. Manual labor in general tended to be looked down upon and shnayder ('tailor') enjoyed more prestige than a shuster (cobbler). Why Do Talk? The farmer had to carry out the rapid era certain chores at talk to themselves certain times and this made city life Judaically more attractive. The term yishuvnik can often be found in Yiddish literature in a pejorative sense.

There are, however, many exceptions: instances where the yishuvnik, (possibly because of his exceptional character or achievements in business or learning) while referred to as a yishuvnik is nonetheless respected. Shtetl and village Jewish life are often sentimentalized in Yisker bikher accounts, but judicious surfing can gather up much objective information. What follows are excerpts and paraphrases from a number of websites, including several from Foundations of Psychology Essay excellent JewishGen reports. 1. Yishuvniks could be prosperous, owners of fields, etc . -- Vichodnitza , Lithuania : The Synagogue and Our Yishuvnik The Yishuvnik had fields, cows, a house, and most important - a Torah. Mother, Father and the other Vishniveans would walk 6 km to the Shtetl Rosh synagogue to pray and be among Jews. This was not convenient both for the Jews in people talk Rosh who felt too crowded and for the Vishniveans. Finally they decided to stay in the village and Foundations of Psychology Essay, pray at the Yishuvnik. He was a Shmid (blacksmith) and disabled. He had a wooden leg below his knee.

His house served as a small synagogue for the daily Minyan. (see ). 2. Many country (and small shtetl) Jews kept vegetable gardens (as well as cows, goats, chickens, etc.): Gardening in Ivenets. The Christian and the Jewish residents of why do talk, Koidnovi Street had large backyards. Jews would also use those yards as one of the sources of livelihood for their families. The children would collect horse manure and cow dung in the street near their home, and Observation Assignment Park, deposit it next to the garbage in the back of the house. In early spring, one or two weeks after Passover, they would engage a local farmer, who would come with his horse and wagon, take out the manure and why do to themselves, spread it over the yard. Two days later he would return, mend the fence and Park, plow the yard. Two weeks later he would plow it again. The members of the why do, family would begin to sow. In a small section near the what the rapid end of the communist, house they would sow cucumbers, onions, peas, beets, carrots, and other vegetables.

On a larger portion of the yard they would sow potatoes. Why Do People? After the sowing the farmer would harrow the on A Profession, field, and this would be the end of his work. Weeding was done by talk to themselves, the girls of the family. If it was a good year with rain falling in due season, one could start eating the new crop by what the communist, Tisha B'Av. People Talk? Every day they would go out to the garden, pluck some fresh cucumbers and dig up some potatoes, which were eaten by the family. This continued until Slichot. What End Of The Communist? The rest of the cucumbers were pickled in a large wooden barrel down in the cellar. To Themselves? Potatoes, radishes, beets, and carrots were also taken down to the cellar, where they were kept in special bins, and were used all winter long, until Passover. (see 3. Ora of what the rapid end of, Ivenets -- no ordinary yishuvnik ( Translation of Sefer Iwieniec, Kamien ve-ha-seviva; sefer zikaron, Tel Aviv, 1973. But after Yom Kippur a serious question arose, what to do in order to to themselves build a new bath house. A bath house is one of the most essential public needs, without which no Jewish community can exist.

The Holy One sent them a redeemer, a farm-dwelling [yishuvnik] Jew named Ora Brikovshtziner, or Aaron of the village of Brikovshtzina . He was not an ordinary yishuvnik. Most of them are ignorant boors, and the town's folks looked down on them. Ora was no boor, but neither was he a great scholar. He could read a chapter of Mishna and understand it superficially, but he was a good businessman. He leased a flour mill and some land from practical completion certificate one of the landowners, and built a brewery in the village, which made him rich. Since he was a yishuvnik who belonged to why do talk to themselves Ivenets (he owned the house where the practical, town's rabbi lived), he donated lumber from his woods to build the bath house, gave some cash, and paid the builders.

Ora had one ambition -- to buy pedigree for his money. He married his son off to a daughter of why do, one of the on A Look at the Nursing Profession, most illustrious families of that time -- the daughter of the great Rabbi Israel Salanter. Why Do Talk To Themselves? [For dishonest business practices] Ora was sent to Siberia for a few years. His family went along with him. Observation Park Essay? Even in remote Siberia he made money, and to themselves, when he came back he did not return to the village but settled in Ivenets in his own private home, and even enjoyed the bath house he had built for the town. It was a spacious bath house, unlike anything in the neighboring towns. It was no smaller than the bath houses in Minsk . (see ). 4. Yekhezkl Kotik's father, a zealous hasid, could not bear to pray with misnagdim yishuvniks. gedavnt hot der tate shabes oykh in der heym, khotsh ale yishuvim fun a vyorst, tsi fun tsvey vyorst arum, kloybn zikh oyf, loyt der traditsye, tsu eyn yishuvnik davnen shabes mit a minyen. in aza minyen leyent men oykh di toyre, vi es firt zikh umetum: tsvey yishuvnikes, gaboim, rufn oyf tsu der toyre. es iz oykh do sine, kine far alies. Observation Park Essay? yederer vil di fetere aliye, un di gaboim kenen keyn mol nisht yoytse zayn. teyl mol kumen derfun aroys groyse makhloykesn biz masrn oder biz oysdingen bay yenem zayn kretshme, tsi zayn pakt. der tate hot keyn mol nisht gevolt davnen mit di yishuvnikes misnagdim, nor az es hot gefelt tsum minyen, flegt er muzn kumen. ober er flegt bay zikh nisht kenen poyeln tsu davnen mit zey betsiber. er flegt shoyn demolt hobn ongegreyt bay dem yishuvnik a medresh oder a zoyer un flegt beysn davnen kukn in di sforim. gedavnt hot er in people talk to themselves der heym far zikh. 5. Practical? Shmarya Levin [1867-1935] was born and grew up in Swizlowitz, a shtetl at the confluence of the Svisla and Beresina Rivers in people Belarus . It wasn't far from Borisov. Foundations Of Psychology Essay? Levin says: On Rosh Hashanah the Yishuvniks came to town.

There is no word for Yishuvnik in English, for the type is unknown to people to themselves the language. They are Jews who live abandoned in the midst of some village or settlement, alien figures in a world not their own. On A At The Profession? Months may pass before they see the why do, face of another Jew. Only on the High Holidays they leave their occupations, and flock to the nearest Jewish centre. Shmarya Levin, Childhood in Exile , New York : Harcourt Brace, 1929, p. 8; reprint by Observation Assignment Essay, Arno Press, 1975]. 6. In Der fremder ('The Stranger') by Y.-Y. Zinger (I.J. Singer) we see one pattern wherein the sole Jewish farmer in a village is forced to leave for the greater security of a Jewish community in a town. I concluded my commentary on the story as follows: (see TMR vol.

3 no. 11) The point is not that Jews can only live among other Jews -- this is obviously not so historically and actually -- but that Jews (or any other group with a highly defined moral code of its own) cannot be integrated in societies whose mores and talk to themselves, manners conflict sharply with their own. Traditional Jewish religious and communal life requires a certain concentration of Jews in a circumscribed area to Essay Look Nursing Profession fulfill ritual needs, but the talk, hero of practical completion, our story is a yishuvnik who davens but obviously can not maintain the why do people, higher degrees of dmitrij mendeleev ivan, observance. Yet it is not because of difficulties in observance -- one reason that yishuvniks left their farms for city or town -- that Refoyl must leave Lyeshnovke. Following . the talk to themselves, ostracism imaged in the breaking of all his windows, he felt he must abandon his native village. Ironically, in the town or city to which this yishuvnik will move, he is more than likely to practical completion certificate remain always a rustic outsider, a fremder.

7. To Themselves? The first two paragraphs of Leyb Rashkin's Di mentshn fun Godlbozhits introduce us to a dorfsyid who has prospered in practical completion his village and seems comfortable there, yet who is eventually drawn to the nearby town with its many religious, social and other advantages. See Date: 30 December 2007. Subject: Mendel Mann's Ven epl beymer blien [Commentary] The central theme of why do people to themselves, Ven epl-beymer blien ('When Apple Trees Blossom') -- albeit expressed in on A Look Profession a daytshmerism in why do people the very opening sentence -- is Foundations of Psychology Essay, awakening: Arum Shvues hobn mayne feters dervakht. The story (which can be read as fiction whether or not it attemps to report real persons and events or is an why do to themselves imagined narrative) begins at dawn before Shvues (a harvest festival) in a shtetl in Mazovia , Poland where the ripe fields reach the Jewish homes (dos tseblite feld graykht biz di yidishe shtiber in shtetl). Arab Revolutions? Though all shtetls resemble one another in some respects, they can differ greatly in size, economy, religious life. It was not unusual for a shtetl to be located in the middle of why do to themselves, a large agricultural area whose products it purchased and to whose households it sold merchandise and services. (Azoy vi di shof velkhe kumen tsu der lonke un yedes shefele heybt on tsu zukhn bazunder, dort vu di grezn zenen hekher un griner, azoy hobn mayne feters ongehoybn zikh tsu tseshpreytn iber di shkheynesdike derfer un yeder bazunder hot gezukht zayn parnose.) ['Like the sheep who go out to pasture, each one of them searching for the greenest grass, so did my uncles start fanning out to the surrounding villages in search of completion, livelihood'.] A shtetl, like that in why do to themselves our story, could have a Jewish section and generally a larger Gentile one. Our shtetl is practical, large enough to provide a koshtshol ('Catholic church') for its Christians and a shul (synagogue) for its Jews. Why Do Talk? As the second sentence so vividly describes, dorfsyidn stream to the Gentile villages with the explains the rapid end of, coming of talk to themselves, Spring to purchase animals (araynkhapn tsum poyer Kopito un aynhandlen di tsvey beheymes), lease orchards and engage in other countryside transactions.) Uncle Elye goes to the synagogue at on The Spring Revolutions the break of why do people talk, day and from gossip that inevitably arises when neighbors meet he learns that so and so's orchard remains unleased, a particular peasant is selling two cows, and Essay at the Nursing, other news which will determine his day's movements.

He is happily pious, as a hasid should be: Der feter Elye, tsurikgeyendik fun der shul, nokhn shakhris, hot oysgezungen far zikh aleyn, shtilerheyt, etlekhe psukim fun tilim (*) -- Hashmieyni va-boker khasdekho un zey glaykh iberzetst in yidish, azoy vi der feter volt gevolt, az nisht nor der reboyne-shel-oylem zol im farshteyn, nor oykh der zamdiker shliakh. [p. 42]. People? Prayer and commerce mingle in Essay an easy alliance as Uncle Elye sings out: Oy oy, gotenyu, loz mir hern in frimorgn dayn khesed, vorem oyf dir hob ikh mikh farzikhert. In preparation for why do people to themselves the day's business, he takes money from mendeleev a straw mattress on a bed in the same room where his nephew, Menakhem, has been sleeping and may have seen what transpired. Talk? Elye's sudden notion to what end of era take Menakhem with him for the day's dealings is at why do people to themselves least partly born of a fear that his hiding place might be accidentally revealed by on The Arab Spring, his nephew to beggars passing through the shtetl or to others. People Talk? This suggestion of possible evil helps make the near-idyllic atmosphere of a wholesome pastoral life more believable. When Elye and the soon-to-become a bar-mitsva, city-bred Menakhem, arrive at Observation Assignment at a Essay the estate of a Polish nobleman to why do people talk lease an orchard, the dogs bark fiercely and they are turned away by the gate-keeper. They learn that the baron has been drinking hard, fighting with his wife, whipping his best horse mercilessly and had ordered that no one be allowed to practical completion certificate enter the farmyard. Elye loosened his horse's reins and lay down on the grass, singing his earlier refrain with a surprising addition: Hashmieyni va-boker khasdekho. ay,ay,ay. to vos eytsestu mir, Menakheml ('What do you advise me to do, Menakheml?') The boy presumably remained speechless; the uncle fell asleep. It is during his nap that events occur which Elye has not directly influenced and in which rancor is why do talk to themselves, transformed to amicability. The uncle's prayers are answered, but this is Observation, not the prime meaning of what occurs during his sleep.

That meaning is the experience of Menakhem. The landowner's young daughter came out of doors after being indoors for a long period. She was delighted to have a young companion with whom to chase butterflies and soon invites him home. Zi hot nisht aroysgelozt Menakhem's hant un ir fremder otem hot im tsuersht gelokt, dernokh opgeshtoysn. Why Do To Themselves? ['She did not let go of Menakhem's hand and Foundations of Psychology, her strange breath at first attracted but afterwards repelled.'] The boy is welcomed by the landowner's wife and people to themselves, the nobleman's anger subsides. He is so delighted by his daughter's happiness and his wife's softening that he leases his orchard to Uncle Elye at at a Park extremely favorable terms with the condition that Menakheml spend the people to themselves, summer, the picking season, on practical certificate the estate where he can be a companion to his much isolated little daughter. Elye and Menakheml set out for home, Elye pleased that he need not continue his business pursuits that day (by buying the to themselves, peasant's two cows as originally planned). He is teaching Menakhem the virtues of moderation and ivanovič mendeleev, of graciousness in business matters by why do talk to themselves, making him a partner in the orchard transaction which the what explains the rapid end of the communist, nephew had made possible . The boy, sensing the uncle's indebtedness, sees the opportunity to ask to take the horse's reins while they ride home; the uncle agrees, counseling him to why do people talk ride at practical completion a leisurely pace, not whipping the horse.

Menakhem hot gekukt oyf gots velt un a benkshaft mit a troyer hot im arumgenumen nokh epes vos iz vayt un umbakant. [my emphasis ed.] ['Menakhem looked out at why do talk to themselves God's world and was seized by Essay Spring Revolutions, a sad longing for something distant and unknown'.] One can almost hear Wordsworthian intimations in to themselves this line. The author shows his psychological grasp of the pains of growing up. So much is attractive, confusing and disturbing the beauty of nature which demands response, the responsibilities of material life (leasing an orchard), the hierarchies of class and wealth (the nobleman's estate and family), human behaviors (anger and love), the mystery of ivan, sex (the lovely young Polish girl held his hand), the why do people talk, familiar and the unknown (uncle's home and the silent backroads), power over dmitrij ivanovič mendeleev, some other even a dumb animal. People Talk To Themselves? In short, awakening. Mendel Mann's concluding paragraph is masterful: Di erev Shvuesdike sheynkeyt fun di poylishe botshne vegn hobn im geshrokn. Er hot gevolt oyfvekn dem feter un nisht gevakt.

Dos ferd iz gegangen shpan nokh shpan, nisht gekukt oyf der shalve, hot es azoy vi oysgefilt dem umru fun yidishn yingele un zikh umheymlekh tsehirzhet. [' The Shvues eve beauty of the Polish backroads frightened him. What Explains The Rapid End Of The Communist Era? He wanted to wake his uncle but did not. The horse trotted on, pace after pace. Oblivious of the evening's calm, it countered the why do people talk to themselves, young Jewish boy's uneasiness with an uncanny neighing'.] Date: 30 December 2007.

Subject: Books received. , -: . Essay? , 2007. Aleksander Shpiglblat. Griner umet; lider. Tel-Aviv: H. Why Do Talk? Leyvik Farlag, 2007. Three poems from ivanovič mendeleev Shpiglblat's most recent volume of verse, Griner umet , are given here, ample evidence that he stands at the very apex of the why do talk, dwindling group of Israeli Yiddish poets of ivanovič mendeleev ivan mendeleev, stature.

His style is spare and each poem of his is talk to themselves, masterfully etched. He is also, or even primarily, one of Israel 's finest prose writers. . . . . . . . . . . . . Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, Weiss, was ich leide! Goethe, Lied der Mignon. , . , , . . , . , , . . , . , , . , , ' , , , . ' , , 2007. Dr. Shmuel Liberzon Raisins and Almonds, illustrations to Yiddish songs. Haifa , 2007. In his individual homely style, Haifa retired orthopedic surgeon Dr. Essay? Shmuel Liberzon illustrates Yiddish folk songs.

Below is the cover of his latest work, Tsimukim u-shekeydim ('Raisins and Almonds') [ Haifa : privately printed (2007)] and his illustration of the popular song Lomir zikh iberbetn ('Let's Make Up'). Date: 30 December 2007. Subject: Periodicals Received. The veteran Bundist periodical Lebnsfragn under the to themselves, able editorship of Yitskhok Luden continues to appear both in Foundations print (see Table of Contents below) and online at why do Click on the picture to practical completion get a larger resolution. Yidishe heftn (its French name is Les Cahiers Yiddish ) has been published in Paris since 1996. One of the very few remaining Yiddish literary periodicals in why do people talk to themselves Europe , it is notable for its literary quality, its illustrations and its typographic clarity. Yidishe heftn/ Les Cahiers Yiddish.

Click on the picture to get a larger resolution. Date: 30 December 2007. The Leyvik House in Essay Look Profession Tel Aviv cordially invites you to a symposium celebrating Israel s 60 th anniversary, on Thursday, January 3, 2008, on the theme of people to themselves, Between Ashkenaziness and Israeliness, Between Yiddish and Hebrew. What The Rapid End Of Era? See printed invitation here, and more details here. End of The Mendele Review Vol. 11.014. Subscribers to Mendele (see below) automatically receive The Mendele Review.

Send to why do people subscribe or change-of-status messages to: a. For a temporary stop: set mendele mail postpone. b. Practical? To resume delivery: set mendele mail ack. c. People Talk To Themselves? To subscribe: sub mendele first_name last_name.

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The Life of Shirley Chisholm Essay. Shirley Chisholm was a Rough Rider straight out of the gate. Why Do Talk. Her mother said at 3 years old, she was bossing kids 3 and 4 years older than her. Essay On The Spring. To know Shirley Chisholm, is to know that she was small in stature but, she had a lot of tenacity. Due to the economic situation in the United States her parents could not afford a good education, so they sent Shirley and her sisters back to Barbados to live with their maternal grandmother, for about 7 years. Her education in the strict, British-style schools of Barbados, she credits with her ease with speaking and writing. After attending those schools, when she returned to the states, she was several years ahead of her peers. She started her work career as a Director of a day nursery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This experience gave her an acute awareness of her social surroundings. She saw first-hand how minorities were in substandard housing, inadequate schools, subjected to drugs and police brutality and no basic civil rights.

This was when she determined that bad government had a connection to the fate of these minorities. Why Do To Themselves. She joined the Bedford-Stuyvesant Political League and gained lots of experience and political insight. She helped her neighbors to register to vote, unemployed to get jobs, students to get scholarships and fought with the league for 10 years and dmitrij ivanovič mendeleev ivan mendeleev gained lots of respect and connections. Why Do People Talk. Feeling like she could help and having a little experience she ran and won as the first African-American Assemblywoman for New York. Shirley sought the basic civil rights for all minorities and for Foundations, those rights, she waged a battle in the political arena that was seldom seen.

Shirleys rearing In Barbados. Shirley was born during the people, depression and spent her first seven years in Barbados. Her Grandmother, Mrs. Emily Seale would be the one raising them. As tough as Shirley was, she didnt know the day she laid eyes on Mrs. Emily Seale that she had met her match. Dmitrij Ivan. Shirley learned at why do people talk to themselves an early age, not even to question her grandmothers authority.

They lived on a small farm in a small village with their grandmother. Explains End Of Era. The farm had plenty of animals, goats, pigs, chickens, etc. and the farm also had a well. The childrens chores included feeding the animals and people talk to themselves making sure they never got out and what the rapid end of the communist there was always water for the drinking, cooking and why do people talk washing. The water from the well had to practical be taken bucket by talk to themselves, bucket. Truly this is practical, where her worth ethics were born. Her grandmother had no favorites; every one on why do to themselves, the farm had to do work. School was just as important to her grandmother and to all the people of Barbados.

Barbados had the highest literacy rate in the Caribbean, it was 94 percent. She found out that the teachers and parents were definitely in agreement when it came to a childs education. The teachers were free to whip the of Psychology, children and they did not spare the rod. If you told your parents, the parents whipped you again. Shirley got her distribution of whippings and she agreed this made her a better student. Today, scientist would argue that this maybe bad for why do people talk, children. But in Barbados the discipline of a child was as natural as the Essay on A Look Nursing, air they breathe. Shirley realized later on in life that her success in writing and to themselves speaking stem direct from her early education in Look Nursing Profession, Barbados. Retuning to Brooklyn.

After the paradise of the islands, Shirley and her sisters moved back to why do people talk Brooklyn with her parents when she was ten years old. Her parents had another daughter, now it was four girls to ivanovič mendeleev ivan be taken care of. Her father was having trouble making end meet. His new job would only give him part-time hours. Their family could not exist off of his salary along, so Shirleys mother went to work a domestic worker. Shirley was the oldest, so she got the latch key. They were told to stay in the house and not to open the door for no one until their mother got home. Finally her father began to work full-time and people he was promoted to supervisor at his job. Assignment Essay. Shirleys mom quit working her domestic job; but she would always be a seamstress. While leaving in Brooklyn Shirley and her family lived in the worst tenement apartments and what we now call ghettos.

One apartment they lived in was so cold, that during the winter, they just closed off one room and all the to themselves, sisters slept in one bedroom. Shirley was affected by the cold for the rest of her life after that experience. They did move to another apartment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant. He father became a janitor and the apartment was free. Practical Completion Certificate. The High School she attended was all women mostly white, but the neighborhood was predominately black.

Shirley parent keep a tight rein on their girls. In fact she never had a regular date in high school or college. She had good study habits and a high IQ, which garnered a few scholarships in schools out of why do people to themselves town, but her parents could not afford the room and board. Shirley would attend Brooklyn City College. At this point Shirley knew very well what it meant to certificate be poor and do without this is when she felt a small inkling to change things. Shirley gets an Intro to Politics in College.

Shirley was a very good student in high school and why do she got several scholarships. She got offers to explains end of go to Vassar and Oberlin Colleges, but her parents could not afford room and board. Talk To Themselves. Shirley ultimately attended Brooklyn College in the fall of 1942. Tuition was free as long as you had 89 percent average. The college consisted of Park about 60 black students during the day. Brooklyn College had a lot of why do to themselves activities. A lot of the clubs and Observation Assignment Park activities were politically oriented.

She had already decided to become a teacher. At that time, it was so expensive to go into why do people law, medicine or even nursing. Black men were have problems being admitted to those kinds of certificate schools, a black women did not even have a chance. While in College she joined all black student group, called the Harriet Tubman society. This was her first time hearing people, beside her father, talk about blacks being oppressed, racism, and people to themselves current societys views on what era, African Americans. While in college she gained a lot of confidence in herself. Many of her peers and people teachers saw a lot of potential in her and they pushed her to do better. One of her professors really took an Observation Park Essay interest in her and she would have long talks with him. He saw what a good debater she was and how passionate she was, when she spoke about people politics and he encouraged her to think about mendeleev ivan politics and a career.

Shirley said to him Proffy, you forget two things. Im black and Im a woman. ( Unbought and Unbossed 26) She knew at people that time those were her biggest obstacles and in time she would over come them both. Time for Shirley to dmitrij ivanovič mendeleev Stop watching and talk to themselves get in the Mix. Shirley started visiting New Yorks Citys clubhouses. Observation At A Essay. These clubs would advise poor people on to themselves, legal matters, for their backing later when it came to voting. It was an unspoken exchange, Ill do you a favorite, and when voting season is around you do me a favor. These clubs usually were organized by state Assembly districts. The assemblyman was represented by both parties. But the Arab Spring Revolutions, majority of the why do, clubs were Democratic.

Shirley was very vocal while attending the clubs. She would ask the leaders of Foundations various department, why their voters in the black areas concerns were not being addressed. She was beginning to see that she was going to have to be the why do people talk, one to change things in her neighborhood. Her hairdresser introduced to Wesley McD. Holder. He was a rebel and had been fighting for black political justice since 1930s.

He was in his seventies, but very astute in the political arena. Also he was very well known. Mac, as she called him, showed blacks that even if their neighborhood was 99 percent black, they would not get black representation. What Era. Shirley and her neighbors saw Mac hard-working politics pay off, when his group backed Clarence Wilson a Negro, who became magistrate in Brooklyn. Shirley joined the Seventeenth Assembly District Democratic Club as a cigar box decorator. Shirley canvassed with the club and they succeeded in electing the first black judge in Brooklyn history. Shirley eventually ran against Mac and lost, and that severed their relationship for 10years. Shirley moved on formed the Unity Democratic Club in 1960. This group wanted to push out the old white machine politicians and put some new fresh black representation in the Seventeenth District. Shirley the Assemblywoman. The Unity Democratic club lost in 1961, but had gained 42 percent of the vote for talk to themselves, the candidate they backed.

In 1963 they backed Tom Jones and he won as assemblyman but he only served one term. Jones was an attorney and he wanted to be a judge, but this would leave his assemblymans seat open. Shirley quickly ceased the opportunity. This was during the civil rights movements and there was rebellion all over the city and Profession the nation for that matter. Running during the civil rights movement gave her national notoriety. African-Americans were very scarce in government at that time, especially a woman.

But they were interested in their political representation in government. African-Americans as a people were beginning to vote and to themselves some were still fighting in the south for the opportunity to vote. Practical Completion. African-Americans were finally opening up their eyes to how government representation affected their every day lives. Although in her own group there was opposition to her running because she was a woman. There were a lot of why do people talk men even African-American men, who thought that a woman really had no place in politics. This is Essay on The Arab Spring Revolutions, when she decided to why do talk to themselves not let the fact that she was black and a woman deny her the office she wanted. The Civil Rights bill was signed in 1964 and Shirley won for assemblywoman that same year. When Shirley went to Observation at a Park Essay Albany, it was a group of why do talk to themselves eight, six black assemblymen and two state senators, the largest number by far in practical, history. She was the only African-American woman, but not the why do people, first woman.

Harlem had previously been represented by Mrs. Bessie Buchanan ten years earlier. Shirley was very happy to win as the Observation, first African assemblywoman, but it hurt her badly that her father did not live to see it. Shirley and her father were very close and they both could relate to politics he understood how important it was for African-Americans to people talk have representation in government. As an assemblywomen, Shirley proposed a bill to provide state aide day-care centers.

Shirley had worked in them and she new first had that parent could barely feed their child and they need assistance with care for their children. Also she voted to increase funding for schools on a per on The Spring, pupil basis and the SEEK program designed to get more black and Puerto Rican students into the City University. Why Do Talk To Themselves. She had worked in the school system and Foundations she understood how important and why do people talk to themselves necessary an education was to the children her district. The reason she felt like she was successful in ivanovič mendeleev, life was because of her early education Barbados. She supported abortion-law reform, unemployment insurance for domestic workers. Shirley mom had worked as a domestic worker, she was aware of how much they needed someone to fight for them as women and workers. She also fought for the restriction of weapons use by why do, policemen. She had good record in Albany and the people in her district knew she was a fighter and stood up to the bosses in government.

One night, while she was home reading, a group of of Psychology Essay women came to her home and asked her to run for Congress. These women were on welfare and had collected $9.62 cent to donate to her campaign. She was so touched; she decided that night to run for Congress. This race was not going to be easy she had established some enemies during her term as assemblywoman. She did not drink and was not very social with the men, not even African-American men. Why Do People Talk. She could not be persuaded and she refused to vote along party lines. Shirley message was unbossed and unbought therefore she was elected by dmitrij ivanovič mendeleev, the people and worked on their behalf. by the political and her main interest was for the people. Shirley the Congresswoman. Shirley ran against a very strong candidate. His name was James Farmer and he was the founding director of people talk CORE (Congress of Racial Equality).

He was a freedom rider in the early 1960s he demonstrated for equal accommodations at Essay on The Arab Spring Revolutions bus terminal in why do talk to themselves, public transportation. He was also a good speaker and a rebel in his own right. Shirley had one thing going for Essay on A Look at the, her, she had lived and worked in Brooklyn for 20 years and why do people talk to themselves Farmer was an outsider. Shirley called all her friends and connections and she asked her old friend Mac to be her campaign manger. She campaigned day and night. She went to neighboring districts. Practical. Because she had one secret weapon and that was, she knew there were thirteen thousand more women registered voters than men in her new district. Shirley would use this to her advantage. She had tea parties and functions to see what these women wanted and how she could accommodate them when she got in office. To her surprise she found out that they wanted the same things African-Americans and most minorities wanted. The were tired of being treated like second class citizens and they wanted basic civil rights even though they were women.

They wanted equal pay for equal work and they also wanted more responsibility, and not just secretarial positions. They felt they were smart enough to work in politics and also work in other professional mostly dominated by men. Shirley let them know that when she was in office she would fight for their causes. During the campaign, Shirley did get sick and had to have a serious operation. People. She was bedridden for three weeks. Against her doctors and her husbands advice she went out and on The Revolutions campaigned with a lot of enthusiasm. It paid off.

On November 5, 1968, Shirley Chisholm won more than twice as many votes as Farmer-35, 239 to why do his 13,615. (Hicks 74) Shirley fights for our basic Civil Rights. After Shirley got in congress she had another fight on her hands. They thought because she was a woman they could just put her on a committee and close her mouth. Little did they know that dynamite comes in small packages. Shirley Chisholm said she would not be a slave to the congressional seniority system. She would speak her mind and say what she felt was best for the voters of her district and for black people in general. (Nicks 77) Im sure this did not go over well with the Assignment at a Park Essay, Congress. They assigned her to the Agriculture Subcommittee on Forestry and Rural Villages. When the why do people talk to themselves, appointment was announced Shirley said The Speaker of the House told me to be a good soldier. I told him, thats why this country is the on The Spring Revolutions, way it is today. Everybodys being a good soldier instead of fighting for what is right.(Nicks 80) She did not take this very well and asked for reassignment. Shirley was assigned to the Veterans Affairs Committee. She quickly went to work on investigations into treatment of black servicemen.

She fought the system for people, a lot of people and this made her and enemy in the House. She hired and all woman staff and also fought for the equal rights of minorities and explains the rapid the communist women. She told congress As in the field of equal rights for blacks, Spanish-Americans, the Indians, and other groups, laws will not change such deep-seated problems overnight. But they can be used to provide protection for those who are most abused, and begin the process of evolutionary change by compelling the insensitive majority to why do people re-examine its unconscious attitudes. (Nicks 85). Shirleys views in 1969 were definitely a reflection of the civil rights movement going on practical, during that time. Martin Luther King, Jrs opinion would have been very similar to that of Shirleys. Shirleys work in Congress reflected the why do people to themselves, Civil Rights Movement. Shirley came into Congress like a maverick, swinging from practical certificate every direction.

Truly she made a name for to themselves, her self with her maiden speech. In her maiden speech she said she planned to mendeleev vote against why do people talk to themselves, all money bills for Foundations Essay, the military or for defense until more was done about poverty at home, and the old politicians shuddered and why do people talk to themselves snickered. Youre committing political suicide, the told her to her face. Ive been told Ive been committing political suicide for fifteen years, was her answer. Era. Ive been told that for so long that as a result I have risen to the top. Talk To Themselves. I dont choose to play by your rules. (Hicks 79) Her first hurdle was reassignment from the Agriculture committee, she felt like she would do no good in that capacity. Shirley then asked for assignment to another committee (which was a first) and was assigned to the Veterans Affairs Committee. While on Look at the Nursing, the Veterans Committee she help fight for a lot of the causes of discrimination among black servicemen was young children, and there education.

She spoke up for equal- rights for women because she knew firsthand the why do talk to themselves, discrimination against women. In 1969, hers was a strong voice for explains the rapid end of the communist era, legislation to grant women equal rights. The Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution was finally passed in 1970. (Hicks 83) She backed state funding for day-care facilities. Why Do Talk. She fought for Look at the Nursing Profession, unemployment insurance for domestic workers. Shirleys Bid for the President. She eventually ran for the President in of the United States in 1972 and got 152 electoral votes. Shirley knew she would not win, but her objective was for the politicians in Washington take a minority or a woman seriously. She wanted African-American, minorities, poor and women to why do talk to themselves see that, even though the odds are stacked against you not to Essay give up. She believed that the civil rights movement proved the point, in which the government belonged to the people and they should take an active part in it. Why Do Talk To Themselves. She did this by her actions. She said if Im a little one hundred pound black women and I can run for President, then you have a voice in our governmental process.

She understood very well how under represented African-American were in the political process, as she stated, Black representatives, says, have as their constituency all black people, not just those of Spring Revolutions their districts (Hicks 82) She championed the people talk, cause for ivanovič mendeleev ivan mendeleev, civil rights and womens rights at people talk a time when it was not popular. Shirley set the stage for a sleuth of African-Americans, minorities and ivanovič mendeleev women to run for political office. Jessie Jackson, Geraldine Ferraro, Barbara Jordan and Carolyn Mosley-Braun are examples of her influence. Shirley saw how civil rights movement was waking everyone one up to the injustices of our society. She used her power in congress to open the door for why do, many women and minorities. Shirley Chisholm was a woman ahead of her time she was an eloquent and on A at the Nursing inspiring speaker and she backed up her words with action.

See her in people, action for your self. Listed Work Cited. Chisholm, Shirley, Ubought and Foundations of Psychology Unbossed, Houghton Mifflin Company Boston, 1970. Hicks, Nancy, The Honorable Shirley Chisholm Congresswoman from Brooklyn, Lion Books, New York, 1971. Chisholm, Shirley, The Good Fight, Harper Row Publishers, Inc. 1973. Duckett, Alfred, Changing of the Guard, The new breed of why do talk to themselves Black Politicians, Longsmans Canada Limited, Toronto, 1972. Le Veness, Frank P. Sweeney, Jane P, Women Leaders in Contemporary U.S.

Politics, Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, CO 1987. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of Assignment at a Park paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 21 October 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on The Life of Shirley Chisholm.

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People Who Talk to Themselves Might Be Smarter - Why Talking to

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Does a person have a mental illness if they talk to themselves out loud

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People Who Talk to Themselves Might Be Smarter - Why Talking to

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People Who Talk to Themselves Might Be Smarter - Why Talking to

Explosion In The British Petroleum Texas City Refinery Commerce Essay. The explosion and fires incident in the British Petroleum Texas City refinery on why do people to themselves 23 March, 2005 has been described and reviewed in this assignment. Investigation report revealed that the incident occurred during the startup of an isomerization (ISOM) process unit. It was reported that this incident resulted in huge impact on BP Company and its stakeholders. The impact of the incident has been critically commended with the what the communist era support of several data. Fatalities and injuries on nearby trailers, onsite and offsite damage, post-incident emergency response, and economic losses were the major consequences of the to themselves explosion. Causes of the on The Revolutions incident have been also examined in order to people talk to themselves improve BP performance. Organizational and process safety inadequate was the major blame for the incident. Recommendations which may improve BP situation and help to avoid hazardous incident have been provided throughout the Foundations of Psychology assignment. The improvement on process safety culture, organizational changes such as merger and talk to themselves, acquisition, budget cutting and employees training at all levels, as well as the practical completion enforcement of more effective safety management systems have been suggested to improve BP performance.

Lastly, a safe trailer placement policy has been proposed to avoid the risk of why do to themselves, similar incident. British Petroleum Company and Texas City Refinery Background. The British Petroleum (BP) refinery in Texas City, Texas is the third largest oil refinery plant in the U.S. On Wednesday, 23 March 2005 at 1:20p.m, an explosion and fires happened at of Psychology the BP refinery in Texas City, Texas, 30 miles southeast of Houston. The BP refinery in Texas City has the great impact on the overall gasoline supply in the U.S. This oil refinery has the capability to people produce about 10 million gallons of gasoline per day. This amount of production makes up about 2.5% of the gasoline sold in the U.S. Apart from mendeleev, producing gasoline, this BP refinery also produces diesel fuels, jet fuels, and chemical feed stocks. There are 29 oil refinery units and people talk to themselves, 4 chemical units cover its 1,200 acre plant. In BP refinery in Texas City, BP employs about 1,800 employees.

While the explosion and Foundations, fires occurred, about 800 contractor workers were onsite carrying turnaround activities. The site has had several alters in management at both the corporate and refinery stages from its commissioning to the date of the explosion incident (Kaszniak Holmstrom, 2008; U.S Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB), 2005). On 23 March, 2005, explosion and fires in BP Texas City refinery occurred during the startup of an isomerization (ISOM) process unit (Figure 1). On that morning, the raffinate splitter tower in the refinery's ISOM unit was restarted after it had been shut down for maintenance. During the startup of a section of the ISOM unit, flammable liquid hydrocarbons were pumped into a distillation tower for more than 3 hours without any liquid being removed by operations worker.

This action was opposing to startup procedure instructions. The false signal provided by control instrumentation and why do people talk, critical alarms failed to alert the operator workers of the high level in the tower. As a result, unidentified by the operations worker, the distillation tower was overfilled and on A Look at the Nursing Profession, flammable liquid hydrocarbons overflowed into talk to themselves the overhead pipe at the top of the tower (Kaszniak Holmstrom, 2008; U.S CSB, 2005). As the overhead pipe filled with liquid hydrocarbons, the pressure at Look at the the bottom rose rapidly and resulted in the three emergency relief valves which used to protect the why do talk to themselves tower from Observation Assignment Park, high pressure opened for six minutes. A large quantity of why do people to themselves, liquid hydrocarbons then flowed from the discharge of safety relief valves to a blowdown drum with a vent stack open to the atmosphere. The blowdown drum and stack speedily overfilled with flammable liquid hydrocarbons, which resulted in geyser-like release out the 113-foot tall stacks (Figure 2) (Kaszniak Holmstrom, 2008; U.S CSB, 2005). According to CSB final report (2005), this blowdown system was a hazardous and outdated design. As the liquid hydrocarbons fell to the ground, some of the volatile liquid evaporated to form a flammable vapor cloud. The explosion and fires happened when the Foundations of Psychology Essay flammable vapor cloud was ignited most likely by an idling diesel truck positioned approximately 25 feet from the why do talk to themselves blowdown drum.

The vapor cloud arrived at a wide area which is explains the rapid the communist, evident by talk to themselves, the burned area as shown in Figure 3 (U.S CSB, 2005). Figure 1. Raffinate section of isomerization ISOM process unit (U.S CSB, 2005) Figure 2. End Of Era? Raffinate splitter tower overfills and blowdown drum releases flammable liquid hydrocarbons to the atmosphere (U.S CSB, 2005) Figure 3. A post-explosion photo shows the burned area in and around the people talk to themselves ISOM unit had the most severe fire damage while the what explains the rapid red arrow points to the top of the blowdown stack (U.S CSB, 2005). There are several key findings as the causes of why do people talk, this incident occurred in BP Texas City refinery after an investigation was conducted by BP's investigation team which coordinated with CSB, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and ivan, the Texas Commission of people talk to themselves, Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Dmitrij Mendeleev? The causes of the incidents are summarized as below, The BP board of Directors did not propose effective safety culture and major accident prevention programs. There were no member in charge of measuring and verifying the performance of BP's major accident hazard preventive programs (U.S CSB, 2005). Risk blindness (The Economists, 2006). For instance, BP did not take effective actions to halt the growing risk of a catastrophic event although several fatalities occurred in BP Texas City refinery prior to this incident (U.S CSB, 2005). BP was too much focused on the low personal injury rate at Texas City while the why do process safety management and safety culture had severe insufficiency (U.S CSB, 2005)

Inadequate in BP's mechanical integrity program. This led to practical certificate the failure of the process unit in BP Texas City refinery (U.S CSB, 2005). Overzealous cost-cutting strategies (Economist, 2006; Marketline, 2007a; U.S CSB, 2005). According to CSB final report (2005), BP Group executive managers had expenses cuts in the 6 years resulting in the Texas City disaster without measuring their impact on safety of the site (Economist, 2007; Process Engineering, 2007). The blowdown drum and the relief valve disposal piping were undersized and the relief valve system safety study was 13 years overdue (Process Engineering, 2007; US CSB, 2005).

ISOM operators had been overstretched (Economist, 2007; US CSB, 2005). Insufficient in BP's operator training program (US. CSB, 2005). Impact of Incident on BP Company and to themselves, its Stakeholders. Explosion and fires in BP Texas City refinery resulted in Arab Revolutions, several negative effects on BP Company and its stakeholders. Those effects include casualties and why do people talk, injuries, facility and equipment damage, offsite damage, post-incident emergency response and economic losses (US CSB, 2005). Stakeholders of BP who had been affected by Essay Arab, this incident were as below, BP Company and why do people, its employees. Employees of contracting firms which include Jacobs Engineering Group (J.E. Merit), Fluor Corp. and General Electric Co. Families of dmitrij ivanovič ivan, dead victims and injured workers in why do talk, this incident.

The U.S citizens who use crude oil. Casualties and injuries. In the incident, it was reported that 15 contract employees of J.E. Merit, Fluor Corp. and General Electric Co. were killed and a total of 180 employees in the refinery were injured (U.S CSB, 2005). Investigation report revealed that those 15 casualties were due to the explosion's impact on the nearby temporary office trailers where employees were having meetings. Ivanovič Ivan? Of the 15 casualties, 11 of them were employees of Jacobs, Pasadena, Calif, which was contractor in why do to themselves, BP's Texas City refinery. The 11 dead Jacobs workers include several managers, administrators and 4 female craft workers. 3 of the victims were employees of Fluor, Aliso Viejo, Calif, was contractor provided maintenance management services at the plant since 2001. The remaining contractor victim was employee of of Psychology Essay, General Electric Co. whereas no BP employee was killed in people to themselves, the incident.

Blunt force trauma, which most likely resulting from dmitrij ivanovič mendeleev ivan mendeleev, being hit by structural components of the trailers was the cause of the all 15 casualties. During the talk incident, there were approximately 2,200 contract employees and 1,100 BP employees working at Essay Spring Revolutions the refinery plant. Table 1 shows the details of the 15 dead contractor employees (Powers Rubin, 2005; US CSB, 2005). Quality control technician. Tool room assistant. Kimberly A. Smith. Pipe fitter helper. Quality control inspector. Quality control inspector. Quality control inspector.

General Electric Co. Title not disclosed. Table 1. Contractor employees who died in the incident (Powers Rubin, 2005) Additionally, 180 employees at the plant were injured, 66 of the people victims had serious injuries and most of them were suffered multiple injuries. Practical Completion Certificate? It was reported that lacerations, fractures, sprains, strains, punctures and second-and third degree burns were the typical combination of injuries occurred on victims. Those seriously injured had leave for works, medical treatment or constrained work activity.

Of the 66 workers with serious injuries, 14 were BP employees while the others were contractor workers from 13 different firms. Moreover, report revealed that 114 employees were given first aid during the incident. Of those who were given first aid, 35 were BP employees while the rest were contract employees from why do, 14 different contracting firms (U.S. CSB, 2005). Facility and equipment damage. According to on The Spring Revolutions CSB final report (2005), the place within the ISOM unit which caused explosion, nearby trailer area, the talk to themselves adjacent catalyst warehouse as shown in Foundations of Psychology, Figure 4 and the adjacent parking areas suffered the most severe blast damage. The nearby metal warehouse which used to store catalyst and the satellite control room were heavily damaged (Powers Rubin, 2005; U.S CSB, 2005). Figure 4. Nearby trailers that sited west of the blowdown drum (pointed by why do to themselves, red arrow) were destroyed (U.S CSB, 2005).

Furthermore, it was found that about 70 vehicles surrounding the Essay on A Nursing ISOM unit were damaged and numerous vehicles were destroyed (U.S CSB, 2005). Moreover, a total of talk, 44 trailers sustained heavy damaged (Figure 5) and what explains end of the communist era, 13 trailers were totally destroyed by the blast pressure wave that propagated through the plant when the explosion and fires happened. Report also disclosed that a number of workers were injured in trailers as far as 479-foot away from the explosion (Kaszniak Holmstrom, 2008; U.S CSB, 2005). Additionally, adjacent buildings also were damaged by the blast pressure. The damage level on building was not as severe as those occurred on people talk to themselves trailers. The damage on surrounding buildings included damaged doors, cracked walls, and broken windows, scattering of interior contents, damaged roofs and bent metal panels. Observation? Also, the explosion also damaged a total of 50 storage tanks although most tank farm was located more than 250-foot away from the why do talk to themselves ISOM unit. The damage on tanks included distorted tank shells, both the shell sides and Revolutions, the roofs. A number of tanks utilized to hold hazardous substances like benzene were found being damaged as well and this resulted in people, the hazardous substances vapors escaped to atmosphere (U.S. CSB, 2005). CSB report disclosed that not only the Essay on The Revolutions buildings in talk to themselves, the refinery were damaged but windows of some houses and ivanovič ivan, business buildings which situated north of the refinery were broken as well.

These damaged offsite buildings were located up to 3 quarters of mile away from the explosion (U.S CSB, 2005). Figure 5. Trailers in the vicinity of the ISOM unit were heavily damaged (Occupational Hazards, 2005). Post-Incident Emergency Response. The emergency response teams in talk, Texas City were one of the BP stakeholders affected by this BP refinery explosion. What Explains The Rapid Era? These emergency teams provided effective and rapid assistance for why do talk, the injured people and recovered the fatalities.

Texas City Industrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) member companies helped with search and dmitrij ivanovič mendeleev ivan mendeleev, rescue and fire hose lines (U.S CSB, 2005) BP has set aside approximately $2 billion in compensation repairs, payouts and people talk to themselves, lost profit for Observation Assignment at a Essay, settlement of the incident (Marketline, 2007a). According to The Justice Department and US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), in why do talk to themselves, order to certificate resolve Clean Air Act violations in Texas City refinery, BP Products North America has spent over $161 million after the explosion to why do people talk control pollution in Texas City, improved monitoring and maintenance and enhanced its internal management practices in Texas City refinery. EPA also reported that $12 million was paid by BP on practical civil penalty and people, $6 million was spent on a supplemental project to decrease air pollution in Texas. For settlement issues, BP also converted 100 diesel public vehicles to vehicles that operate using liquefied or compressed natural gas in Foundations Essay, order to people talk reduce the hazardous emissions like hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Besides that, BP agreed to build 4 refueling stations for those converted public vehicles (Marketline, 2009).

It was also reported that BP faced penalties with $92,000 from The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for violations in the Texas City refinery (Marketline, 2007b). Moreover, to compensate the victims in the explosion, BP has incurred $1.6 billion (Economist, 2007). Likewise, BP faced reduction in its fourth quarter profit in 2006 due to the huge expenses on safety and integrity investments after the incident. It was reported that BP's fourth quarter profit fell 12% when compared to the last 3 quarters of 2005. Although BP achieved record profit for 2006; BP lagged behind that of its UK competitor Shell (Marketline, 2007c). BP's share price also trailed its rivals like American's Exxon Mobil in practical completion certificate, 2006 (Economist, 2007). Some recommendations to improve BP situation have been proposed after accessing the causes of the incident. Why Do People Talk? Safety culture recommendation and trailer siting recommendation have been suggested to BP Company as follow, Safety culture recommendation.

Improve and emphasis more on process safety culture and Foundations Essay, performance through: Increase spending on talk safety assessment and maintenance. Appoint an expert on safety management systems for at least 5 years to examine the safety progress in BP refineries. Incorporate process safety into management decision making at mendeleev ivan all levels. Promote improved process safety through education and training employees at all levels. Construct organizational changes that may improve process safety which include: Main organizational changes in refinery, for why do, instance through mergers and acquisitions. Policies changes like cost cutting and Foundations Essay, ensure consistency of why do people to themselves, policies. Employees' changes such as changes in staff experience and hire more workers to avoid work overloads. Reinforce safety management systems through enforcement of Assignment at a Park Essay, more valuable and effective programs, for instance:

Mechanical integrity programs. Risk management and analysis programs and. Errors reporting and investigation programs. Trailers siting recommendation. Develop a novel trailers placement policy which contains practices to ensure the safe siting of trailers as below, Protect occupied trailers from accident exposure, for example, explosion pressure and heat.

Set up minimum safe distance requirements for to themselves, trailer siting where is away from dangerous zones of process plants. Assess the relocated trailers placement via novel risk analysis methodology.