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apps dba resume blog I will try to keep this upto date with any new questions that I come accross. New apps questions will be added to the top of this post. Speech? Most of the Oracle apps interview questions listed here are technical in natue. These interview questions span various Oracle Apps modules plus FND OA Framework. For Oracle HRMS and Payroll interview questions visit HRMS Interview Questions. Question: How will you migrate Oracle General Ledger Currencies and Sets of persuasion 1818 Books Definitions fromone environment to another without reKeying? Will you use FNDLOAD? Answer: FNDLOAD can not be used in the scenario. You can use migrator available in Oracle iSetup Responsibility. Answer: Run Reports.

And why not, the speech examples, Form Function for this screen has a parameter to which we pass name of the Request Group, hence securing the define, list of Concurrent Programs that are visible in Run Request Form. Narrative Examples? Just so that you know, there are over Interest Groups, 600 form functions for Run Reports Question: Can you list any one single limitation of narrative speech examples Forms Personalization feature that was delivered with 11.5.10. Answer: You can not implement interactive messages, i.e. a message will give multiple options for Response. The best you can get from Forms Personalization to do is examples, popup up Message with OK option. b) Add these two concurrent programs to the request group XX_PO_PROGS c) Define a new Form Function that is attached to speech examples Form Run Reports d) In the parameter field of Form Function screen, enter. REQUEST_GROUP_CODE=XX_PO_PROGS REQUEST_GROUP_APPL_SHORT_NAME=XXPO TITLE=XXPO:XX_PO_PROGS e) Attach this form function to the desired menu. Question: Does Oracle 10g support rule based optimization? Answer: The official stance is persuasion 1818, that RBO is no longer supported by 10g. Question: Does oracle support partitioning of tables in Oracle Apps? Answer: Yes, Oracle does support partitioning of tables in Oracle Applications.

There are several implementations that partition on GL_BALANCES. However your client must buy licenses to if they desire to narrative examples partition tables. To avoid the cost of licensing you may suggest the clients may decide to permanently close their older GL Periods, such that historical records can be archived. Note: Before running the archival process the second time, you must clear down the archive table GL_ARCHIVE_BALANCES (don’t forget to export archive data to a tape). Question: What will be your partitioning strategy on test, GL_BALANCES?

Your views please? Answer: This really depends upon how many periods are regularly reported upon, how many periods are left open etc. You can then decide to partition on period_name, or period ranges, or on the status of the GL Period. Question: Does Oracle support running of examples gather stats on SYS schema in Oracle Apps? Answer: If your Oracle Applications instance is on 10g, then you can decide to run stats for SYS schema. This can be done by exec dbms_stats.gather_schema_stats(#39;SYS#39;); Alternately using command dbms_stats.gather_schema_stats(#39;SYS#39;,cascade=TRUE,degree=20); I will prefer the former with default values. If you wish to delete the stats for Essay, SYS use exec dbms_stats.delete_schema_stats(#39;SYS#39;); You can schedule a dbms_job for narrative, running stats for SYS schema. Define? Question: Can you use concurrent program Gather Schema Statistics to gather stats on sys schema in oracle apps? Answer: No, Gather Schema Statistics has no parameters for SYS schema. Please use dbms_job. Question: Which table is used to provide drill down from narrative speech examples, Oracle GL into sub-ledger?

Question: What is the significance of profile option “Node Trust Level” in Oracle Apps. Answer: If this profile option is set to a value of external against a server, then it signifies that the specific mid-tier is External i.e. it will be exposed to the www. Desperation? In other words this server is not within the firewall of your client. Narrative Examples? The idea behind this profile option is to flag such middle-tier so that special restrictions can be applied against its security, which means a very restricted set of responsibilities will be available from such Middle-Tier. Question: What is the significance of profile option “Responsibility Trust Level”. Answer: In order to make a responsibility accessible from an external web tier, you must set profile option “Responsibility Trust Level” at responsibility level to “External”. Only those responsibilities that have this profile option against them will be accessible from computer crimes, External Middle tiers.

Question: What else can you suggest to restrict the access to narrative speech screens from external web tiers? Answer: You may use URL filtering within Apache. Question: What is the desire tennessee, role of Document Manager in Oracle Purchasing? Answer: POXCON is an immediate concurrent program. It receives pipe signal from the application when a request is made for examples, approval/reservations/receipts. A Street Desire? Question: How to debug a document manager in Oracle Apps? Answer: Document manger runs within the narrative speech examples, concurrent manager in Oracle Applications. When an application uses a Document Manager, it sends a pipe signal which is picked up by the document manager. There are two mechanisms by which to trace the document manager. 1. Interest Groups Essay? Set the speech, debugging on by using profile option. STEP 1. Set profile option Concurrent:Debug Flags to TCTM1.

This profile should only generate debugs when set at Site level(I think, as I have only Essay, tried site), because Document Manager runs in a different session. Narrative Speech Examples? STEP 2. Bounce the Document Managers. STEP 3. Retry the Workflow to persuasion 1818 generate debugs. STEP 4. Reset profile option Concurrent:Debug Flags to narrative speech blank. Car Named Tennessee? STEP 5. have a look at debug information in table fnd_concurrent_debug_info.

This can be done by setting profile option “Initialization SQL Statement Custom” against your username before reproducing the issue. Examples? The value of this profile will be set so as to enable trace using event 10046, level 12. Question: You have written a Java Concurrent Program in Oracle Apps. You want to modify the CLASSPATH such that new class CLASSPATH is effective just for this program. Answer: In the options field of the concurrent program you can enter something similar to below. -cp your custom lib pathused by Java Conc Prog :/home/xxvisiondev/XXDEVDB/comn/java/ School Board On Make-up? Question: How will you open a bc4j package in jdeveloper? Answer: Oracle ships a file named server.xml with each bc4j package. You will need to ftp that file alongside other bc4j objects(VO’s, EO’s, AM, Classes etc).

Opening the server.xml will load the complete package starting from AM(application module). This is a mandatory step when building Extensions to framework. Question: In OA Framework Self-Service screen, you wish to disable a tab. How will you do it? Answer: Generally speaking, the tabs on a OA Framework page are nothing but the SubMenus.

By entering menu exclusion against the responsibility, you can remove the tab from narrative, self service page. Answer: You will need to define do the below steps. a.Go to examples Mid Tier, and open $OA_HTML/cabo/styles/custom.xss. bEnter below text( change colours as needed) c cd $OA_HTML/cabo/styles/cache. dTake a backup of persuasion 1818 all the css files. eDelete all the files of following pattern oracle-desktop*.css. The idea here is to delete the narrative, cache. Persuasion 1818? Next time when you logon to narrative examples Oracle Apps Self Service, the School Policy on Make-up, Framework will rebuild the css file if found missing for speech, your browser.

Question: Can you extend and substitue a root AM ( Application Module) in OA Framework using JDeveloper. Answer: You can extend the AM in jDeveloper, but it doesn’t work( at least it didn’t work in persuasion 1818, 11.5.9). I am hopeful that Oracle will deliver a solution to this in the future. Answer: You will need to attach a post notification function to the Workflow Notification. Narrative? The PL/SQL code will look similar to below:- The below code will display an error in the notification when user attempts to create a Duplicate Vendor Number. itemtype IN VARCHAR2. ,itemkey IN VARCHAR2. ,actid IN NUMBER. ,funcmode IN VARCHAR2. ,RESULT IN OUT VARCHAR2. Desperation? CURSOR c_get_response_for_new_vendor IS. FROM wf_notification_attributes wna. WHERE wna.notification_id = l_nid. AND wna.notification_id = wn.notification_id.

AND wn.message_name = wma.message_name. AND wn.message_type = wma.message_type. Examples? AND wna.NAME = wma.NAME. AND wma.SUBTYPE = #39;RESPOND#39; AND wma.format = wl.lookup_type. Tennessee Williams? AND wna.text_value = wl.lookup_code. AND wma.TYPE = #39;LOOKUP#39; IF (funcmode IN (#39;RESPOND#39;)) IF l_activity_result_code = #39;NEW_VENDOR#39; AND does_vendor_exist(p_vendor = v_newly_entered_vendor_num) RESULT := #39;ERROR: VendorNumber you entered already exists#39;; WHEN OTHERS THEN. Question: How to make concurrent program end with warning?

Answer: If the concurrent program is of type PL/SQL, you can assign a value of 1 to the “retcode” OUT Parameter. For a Java Concurrent program, use the narrative speech examples, code similar to below. //get handle on request completion object for reporting status. A Street Car Named Desire Williams? Answer: Assuming your executable script is LOADPO.prog, then use the commands below. ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr $XXPO_TOP/bin/LOADPO. Answer: Use table ad_bugs, in which column bug_number is the narrative, patch number. ,to_char(creation_date, #39;DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS#39;) dated.

WHERE bug_number = TRIM(#39;bug_number#39;) ; Answer: If cost of the persuasion 1818, workflow activity is greater than 50, then the workflow activity will be processed in speech examples, background mode only, and it won’t be processed in online mode. Car Named Tennessee? Answer: You can eiter use wf_engine.start_process or you can attach a runnable process such ghat it subscribes to a workflow event. --a)if initiating the process using start_process, do the below. Question: On 10g, how will you use awr? Answer: By running below scripts. These are both the same scripts, but with differing parameters.

Question : How will you configure Apache to run in Debug mode, specifically usefull when debugging iProcurement ( prior to narrative 11.5.10). Answer : After 11.5.10, FND Logging can be used for debugging Oracle iProcurement. Define Desperation? Answer : Yes, this can be done without customization, i.e. by using OA Framework Extension coupled with Personalization. Implement the following Steps :- a) Extend the VO ( View Object ), to implement the new SQL required to support the LOV. b) Substitute the base VO, by using jpximport [ similar to as explained in Link ] c) Personalize the LOV Region, by narrative speech clicking on Add New Item. While adding the new Item, you will cross reference the newly added column to VO. Question: Can you do fnd_request.submit_request from SQL Plus in Oracle? Answer: You will need to initialize the global variables first using fnd_global.initialize. v_session_id INTEGER := userenv(#39;sessionid#39;) ; ,USER_ID = your user id from sprint test, fnd_user.user_id ,RESP_ID = You may use Examine from the screen PROFILE/RESP_ID ,RESP_APPL_ID = You may use Examine from the screen PROFILE/RESP_APPL_ID ,LOGIN_ID = 3115003--Any number here.

Answer: First thing to do is to enable trace. Preferably, enable the trace with Bind Variables. This can be done by selecting menu Help/Diagnostics/Trace/”Trace With Binds and Wait” Internally Oracle Forms issues a statement similar to below:- alter session set events=#39;10046 trace name context forever, level 12#39; ; This will enable the trace with Bind Variable values being shown in the trace file. The screen in Oracle Apps will also provide the name of the trace file which is located in directly identified by. select value from v$parameter where name like #39;%us%r%dump%#39; Doing a tkprof with explain plan option, reviewing plans and stats in trace file can help identify the slow performing SQL. Answer: “Gather Stats” will simply gather the narrative speech, stats against existing tables, indexes etc. However Gather Stats does not create any new indexes.

But “Program Optimizer[RGOPTM]” can create indexes on car named desire williams, GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS, provided accounting segment has the indexed flag enabled, Question: You have written a piece of code in narrative speech, POR_CUSTOM_PKG for Interest Groups, Oracle iProcurement, but its not taking any effect? What may be the reason? Answer: Depending upon which procedure in POR_CUSTOM_PKG has been programmed, one or more of the below profile options must be set to Yes. POR: Enable Req Header Customization. POR: Enable Requisition Line Customization. POR: Enable Req Distribution Customization.

Question: What is the key benefit of punching out to narrative speech suppliers catalogs rather than loading their catalogs locally in Oracle iProcurement? Answer: Punchout has several advantages like, Catalogs don’t need to computer crimes be loaded locally saves space on your system. You can get up-to-date list of speech catalogs by punching out and also you get the benefit of up-to-date pricing information on vendor items. Question: Does oracle have a test environment on exchange? Question: Does Oracle Grants use its own schema or does it uses Oracle Project Accounting schema? Answer: Although Oracle Grants has its own schema i.e. GMS, it reuses many of the tables with in Oracle Projects Schema like PA_PROJECTS_ALL, PA_EXPENDITURE_ITEMS_ALL, PA_EXPENDITURE_TYPES etc. Question: How to make an Oracle Report Type concurrent program produce an excel friendly output? Answer: Comma can be concatenated between the column values, however a better option is to create tab delimited file, as it takes care of commas within the string. Groups Essay? For this, use SQL similar to below in the report.

Question: What are the settings needed for printing bitmap reports? Answer: Get your DBA to configure two files i.e. Narrative Examples? uiprint.txt default.ppd. For details, refer to Metalink Note 189708.1. Question: For a PL/SQL based concurrent program do you have to issue a commit at School Board Work the end? Answer: The concurrent program runs within its own new session. In APPS, the default database setting enforces a commit at the end of each session. Hence no explicit COMMIT is required.

Question: What is the best way to add debugging to the code in speech, apps? Answer: Use fnd_log.string , i.e. FND Logging. Behind the School Board Policy Work Essay, scenes Oracles FND Logging uses autonomous transaction to insert records in a table named fnd_log_messages. Speech? ,message = #39;your debug message here#39;); FND: Debug Log Mode. FND: Debug Log Enabled. FND: Debug Log Module. Question: If you wish to computer trigger of an speech, update or insert in bespoke table or take some action in response to a TCA record being created or modified, how would you do it? Will you write a database triggers on TCA Tables? Answer: There are various pre-defined Events that are invoked from the 30 meter, Oracle TCA API’s. TCA was Oracle’s first initiative towards a fully API based approach, which means the screen and the processes all use the same set of APIs for doing same task.

In order to take an narrative speech, action when these events occur, you can subscribe a custom PL/SQL procedure or a Custom Workflow to these events. Some of the important TCA events are listed below:- Question: In Oracle OA Framework, is the MDS page/document definition stored in database or in the file system? Answer: The MDS document details are loaded into database, in the following sets of tables. Groups? The Document is loaded via XMLImporter, as detailed in XMLImporter Article. Question: In a Oracle Report data group, you have a “data link” between two queries. How do you ensure that the data link is made Outer Joined?

Answer: The data link is an speech examples, Outer Join by default. Question: How does substitution work in 30 meter, OA Framework? What are the benefits of using Substitution in OA Framework? Answer: Based on the user that has logged into examples, OA Framework, MDS defines the context of the logged in user. Sprint? Based upon this logged in context, all applicable personalization are applied by MDS. Speech? Given that substitutions are loaded as site level personalizations, MDS applies the substituted BC4J objects along with the personalizations. The above listed steps occur as soon as Root Application module has been loaded. The benefit of using Substitution is to extend the OA Framework without customization of the underlying code.

This is crimes, of great help during Upgrades. Entity Objects and narrative speech examples Validation Objects can be substituted. I think Root AM’s can’t be substituted given that substitution kicks off after Root AM gets loaded. Question: In OA Framework, once your application has been extended by substitutions, is it possible to revert back to remove those substitutions? Answer: yes, by Board Work setting profile option “Disable Self-Service Personal%” to Yes, keeping in mind that all your personalizations will get disabled by this profile option. This profile is examples, also very useful when debugging your OA Framework based application in the event of some error. Persuasion 1818? By disabling the personalization via profile, you can isolate the error, i.e. is being caused by your extension/substitution code or by Oracle’s standard functionality. Narrative Examples? Question: How can you import invoices into Interest, Oracle Receivables? Answer: You can either use AutoInvoice by populating tables RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL, RA_INTERFACE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL RA_INTERFACE_SALESCREDITS_ALL.

Alternately you may decide to use API ar_invoice_api_pub.create_single_invoice for Receivables Invoice Import. Question: How do you setup a context sensitive flexfield. Answer: Note: I will publish a white paper to sho step by step approach. But for the purpose of your interview, a brief explanation isa)Create a reference field, b) Use that reference field in “Context Field” section of DFF Segment screen c) For each possible value of the context field, you will need to create one record in section “Context Field Value” ( beneath the global data elements). Question: Does Oracle iProcurement use same tables as Oracle Purchasing? Answer: Yes, iProcurement uses the same set of requisition tables as are used by Core Purchasing. Question: What is the name of the schema for tables in tca. Answer: AR (at least till 11.5.10, not sure about 11.5.10).

Question: Are suppliers a part of narrative speech TCA? Answer: Unfortunately not yet. However, Release 12 will be merging Suppliers into TCA. Question: What is the link between order management and 30 meter test purchasing. Answer: Internal Requisitions get translated into Internal Sales Orders. Speech Examples? Question: How would you know if the purchase order XML has been transmitted to vendor, looking at Groups the tables. Answer: The XML delivery status can be found from a table named ecx_oxta_logmsg. Use the query below. ,decode(eol.result_code, 1000, #39;Success#39;, #39;Failure#39;) AS status.

FROM ecx_oxta_logmsg eol. WHERE edoc.msgid = eol.sender_message_id. AND eog.out_msgid = edoc.msgid. ORDER BY edoc.document_number. Question: You have done forms personalization, now how will you move it from one environment to another? Question: What are the key benefits of forms personalization over speech, custom.pll? --Multiple users can develop forms personalization at any given point in time. --It is fairly easy to enable and disable forms personalizations. Persuasion 1818? --A programmer is not required to do simple things such as hide/disable fields or buttons. --Provides more visibility on customizations to the screen. Question: Tell me some limitations of forms personalization when compared to narrative speech examples CUSTOM.pll? --Can#39;t create record group queries, hence can’t implement LOV Query changes. A Street Tennessee Williams? --Can#39;t make things interactive, i.e. can’t have a message box that gives multiple choices for example Proceed or Stop etc. Question: Give me one example where apps uses partitioning?

Question: Give me one example of narrative speech securing attributes in iProcurement. Persuasion 1818? Answer: You can define Realm to bundle suppliers into narrative speech examples, a Category. Such realm can then be assigned to the User using Define User Screen. Security Attribute ICX_POR_REALM_ID can be used. By doing so, the School Policy, user will only be made visible those Punchout suppliers that belong to speech examples the realm against their securing attributes.

Question: Can you send blob attachments via workflow notifications? Answer: Yes, you can send BLOB Attachments. written by subbarao , October 19, 2006. Car Named Tennessee? written by Anil Passi , October 19, 2006. written by subbarao , October 19, 2006. Narrative Speech Examples? written by Anil Passi , October 19, 2006. written by SAYEED AHAMED , November 17, 2006. By this one can have a idea on. Oracle apps FAQ. Computer Crimes? written by SAYEED AHAMED , November 17, 2006. By this one can have a idea on. Oracle apps FAQ. written by Phani , December 11, 2006. written by Phani , December 11, 2006. written by amar , December 15, 2006. written by amar , December 15, 2006. written by busireddy , December 20, 2006.

Iam looking for job in Oracleapps technical consultant. Plz send any documents in Po which is use full in technical side. written by narrative speech examples busireddy , December 20, 2006. Iam looking for job in Oracleapps technical consultant. Plz send any documents in Po which is use full in technical side. written by artur bakhtriger , December 21, 2006. written by artur bakhtriger , December 21, 2006. written by ashwinkumar , January 10, 2007. written by ashwinkumar , January 10, 2007. written by Rajendra , January 22, 2007. Persuasion 1818? Plz send me the PO,AR Interface related Documents and the tables used in examples, these two interfaces.. written by Rajendra , January 22, 2007. Plz send me the tennessee williams, PO,AR Interface related Documents and the tables used in narrative, these two interfaces.. written by Manju , January 26, 2007. i have a doubt how to attach more than one table name in valueset of type TABLE? pls explain with example. Essay? written by venkata , February 06, 2007. Narrative Speech Examples? written by kumar , February 17, 2007. written by Muskan , February 23, 2007. written by Anil Passi , February 24, 2007. written by Anil Passi , March 12, 2007. written by mohan , May 04, 2007. with 4.5 year in IT industry , for the last 1.8 years i am. in Oracle Applications with basically. functional or technical ?? written by anil passi , May 04, 2007. Given that you already have techie experience, then its better to carry on with your skillsets and enhance them where possible. written by santhosh , May 16, 2007. I have a doubt in Oracle Alerts. Is that possible to submit a concurrent program through Alerts? If so how can we achieve it? written by basu_manasi , May 16, 2007.

I underwent training in Board on Make-up Work Essay, Apps and presently on search for jobs in Apps. Speech Examples? How much opportunity do I hold to get into a street tennessee williams, job and what would u suggest. Thanx and regards. written by manasi , May 17, 2007. Thanx for the constant guidance to all apps professionals. Can u just tell me the narrative speech examples, validations carried for journal import in gl_interface. A real time example wud be helpful.

How do we know as to define what validations r to be carried for the open interfaces in AP AR. Do they depend on the data in flat file?. Bear with me I am a beginner. Thanx and regards. written by Santhosh , May 18, 2007. written by narrative examples Anil Passi , May 18, 2007. written by Sunny , May 22, 2007. written by Anil , May 29, 2007. written by Anil , June 06, 2007. Interest? written by Uma , June 06, 2007.

I want to find out the forms names in apps? how to narrative check the a street, form names? written by satish , June 16, 2007. Examples? I am having one doubt in API-HOOK.Actually I have created a Package ,using SIT.For that i have Hooked.The API-HOOK is working for the Oracle Forms. But if i going to the create the data in selservice the hook is not working..why ? i have used hr_sit_api. please help me on.. written by examples Anil Passi , July 31, 2007. written by Uttam , August 07, 2007. Narrative Speech? I am having an computer crimes, issue with my Oracle Workflow Manager. In the console, where u have options to narrative speech restart the notification mailer and all those stuff, When i try to click on the workflow items under Related links -- Throughput-- Work Items, it just hangs for persuasion 1818, eternity. Narrative Examples? I am not able to computer examples view any of the workflow items. I tried analysing all the narrative speech, Workflow tables and also the restart of some components, but it still hangs. Can you please let me know how to resolve this or what the persuasion 1818, reason for this would be.

Appreciate your help in this. written by Mark , August 12, 2007. written by narrative preethi_vasala , August 20, 2007. Groups Essay? Thanks for the guidance to narrative examples all apps professionals. i had 5 years experience as a oracle developer. Recently i finish course for oracle apps technical (finance). Please i need interview question for computer crimes, only technical (finance) . I can see all questions and narrative speech examples answers in this blog, but i confuse which one technical or functional. if possible can you provide for Interest Groups, me only narrative speech examples, technical (finance) questions and answers. and any other tips for getting job for technical consultant#8230; written by a street manasi , September 01, 2007. Pl explain about TCA.

Have gone thru SolutionBeacon's PDF but unable to narrative get a clear concept. Define Desperation? All I get is that it is a model to deal with the complex customer relationships. Also I wud like to narrative examples know the difference between AR and TCA and define desperation why actually this came into existence. written by narrative speech Ashish Bhatt , September 01, 2007. written by Anil Passi , September 01, 2007. written by Anil Passi , September 01, 2007. written by manasi , September 03, 2007. Sprint? Thanx Anil. Can u suggest me a link which wud help me understand the speech examples, Oracle service contracts and oracle core contracts apart from the pdf. written by shankar choudary , September 22, 2007. can u suggest me a good guide for reports and computer forms. written by Suresh1 , September 27, 2007.

written by narrative speech madhusudhan , October 01, 2007. Can you please share FAQ's about 30 meter sprint test Apps Manufacturing(Functional) written by Nakhla , October 14, 2007. written by examples sarithad , October 15, 2007. written by 30 meter krishnab , October 16, 2007. Narrative? written by crimes examples suguna , October 20, 2007. written by Anil Passi , October 20, 2007. Please can you elaborate your question. Speech Examples? written by krishnab , October 22, 2007. written by krishnab , October 22, 2007. written by krishnab , October 30, 2007. written by silpa , November 01, 2007. Groups Essay? Iam looking for job in Oracleapps technical consultant. can u send me a resume. written by silpa , November 01, 2007. moreover iam looking for job in Oracleapps technical consultant. Narrative Speech? so can u guide to prepare a oracle resume. written by Frida , November 13, 2007. written by define desperation RajeshD , November 16, 2007. written by SSaritha , November 16, 2007. Narrative Speech Examples? written by RajeshD , November 16, 2007. written by Liji , November 19, 2007.

written by ramesh katla , November 24, 2007. written by ramesh katla , November 24, 2007. written by Athahar Parvez , November 27, 2007. written by crimes Chandra 123 , November 27, 2007. Narrative Speech? How come Oracle is not giving option to see Record History from desire tennessee williams, self service modules. Narrative? What if we wanted to see table name and Groups who,when updated that particular data ?

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Header/Footer in LaTeX with Fancyhdr. Creating headers and footers in Latex can be done by using the package “fancyhdr”. This is examples a short introduction, showing the most important features of the package. If you know “fancyhdr” and School on Make-up Essay are looking for narrative speech examples, something particular, refer to the fancyhdr-documentation. First of persuasion 1818, all, you need to tell Latex to use the package: and change the style from “plain” to “fancy”: You will now the examples get the default fancy pagestyle which adds a line at the top of every page, except for some exceptions (title-page, abstract, new chapter in report).

Default fancyhdr page style: Above the line, Latex will print headings: Left-hand side: section. Right-hand side: chapter. Note: if you use the optional documentclass argument “twoside”, Latex will alter the position of the section and chapter. Test! (e.g. documentclass[twoside] , also introducing non-symmetric margins). For acticles, Latex will print the narrative examples section only (chapters cannot be used with articles). The footer only includes the persuasion 1818 page number which is centered by default. Custom fancyhdr page style: Even though fancyhdr has a default page style, you are free to narrative speech examples define headers/footers yourself , which is not too difficult after all.

First you need to clear the default layout: There are seven letters you need to know before you can define your own header/footer: Now it’s time to start defining your own layout. The definitions are added to the preamble: The decorative lines can be changed by increasing/decreasing their thickness (0pt means no line): Note: According to the fancyhdr-documentation, the default layout is produced by the following commands: Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for. If you have time could you leave a comment explaining how to desperation change the header font size and margins? I’d appreciate it. Good job, very helpful. Thanks.

I need to narrative speech add a foot text in computer each page of my paper. I have typed in the preamble: But it doesn’t work. Can you give me a little help please? Thanks in advance. The sample you pasted works perfectly in my environment, so I think there’s nothing wrong with it. What you could try is if you are using different packages, change their order. Sometimes they need to speech examples be included in the correct order for them to School Board Policy on Make-up Work Essay work in combination with others. If you post the error you get and maybe some more of your preamble, I might be able to reproduce it and help you. Dear tom, i have a difficulty of showing the header and footer in latex environment with copyright information on first page as shown below; please help me to sort out this problem.

I want to narrative speech run my header and define desperation footer information for all pages and examples want to display the “@copyright IEEE” content below the footer on extreme leftside at Interest Groups, first page only as depicted below:- 2011 International Conference on narrative speech, ICIIP. Proceedings of the Essay 2011ICIIP 2011. 978-1-61284-860-0/11/$26.00 ©2011 IEEE. Below is a minimal example.

You should be able to customize it for your needs. Basically, I define a new page style ( titlepage ) for the title page and change it back to narrative speech examples fancy for the following pages. Hope it helps. Cheers, Tom. Dear Tom, Thanks for the reply. I was trying my best to fix up the issue in persuasion 1818 my IEEE conf latex template But could not able to do it as you have suggested for article documents. I want to do the same excise (as in article documents) on speech, this code.. What would be the latex command for the above code. Please help me out. Please don’t copy-paste hundreds of lines of code into your comment. 30 Meter Sprint! It would have been sufficient to provide a link to where you got the code from.

Michael Shell, the author of the tex-file you use provides an FAQ on his website which has the perfect solution for your question (see “Q: I need to get rid of the speech page numbers. How do I disable or customize the headers and Interest Essay footers?”). Thanks for your guidance and kind support to fix up the problem. You are welcome. Speech Examples! I hope you were able to persuasion 1818 adapt the code for your needs. If you’re using the geometry package, I suggest (for testing purposes) increasing the top margin separately to examples a big measure (like 100pt, for instance). For me, it looked like fancyhdr wasn’t working, but actually the header was out of the page limits so I couldn’t see it. Setting a bigger top margin made the School Board Policy on Make-up Work header appear and then I could adjust the said margin to a suitable measure (55pt, in my case). To answer your question: First for the margins, you can access them through the narrative speech following commands:

E.g. to change the a street car named williams width of a two-sided document’s header to the outer maximum (you need the speech examples calc-package for School Board on Make-up Work Essay, the addition): The font size can be changed directly where you define the header/footer. E.g. to decrease the font size of the page numbering you would use: Check the fancyhdr documentation for more details on that topic: Thanks! Fantastic tutorial.

Great! Thank you. i actually saved this to thank you so much! I always wanted to speech examples know how to Groups format headers/footers. I am writing my thesis template and would like to include image(logo) in the header. I tried several options, but none of them worked. Narrative! Could anybody suggest me the way to insert image in a street car named desire tennessee the header section? I would be very grateful. Another problem is the line spacing in the footer. I want to narrative speech examples have different line spacing (less than the main text). Including an image in your header is possible using the fancyhdr package.

E.g. if you’d like to on Make-up have a logo in examples the top-right corner, you would use: Concerning the text spacing in the footer, the only solution I can propose, even though not very nice, is the following: You can find a documentation of the fancyhdr package here. I have been using fancyhdr package for a while but have knocked my head in to a problem which I can’t solve: In a large document, using “BOOK” style, no header/footer is displayed on the chapter page it self. I have tried to redefine the persuasion 1818 “Plain” setup (which is called when chapter is speech included): The problem is that I don’t know the Interest Groups Essay “BODY” formatingen of a normal CHAPTER page. I simply want the speech examples CHapter to look as a chapter but adding a centered header and footer on these pages as well. Any simple solutions ? Have read the fancyhd doc and define desperation I have not figured out any thing yet.

I find it unnecessary to add the narrative speech examples KOMA script package simply for this. Any help would be appreciated. Actually, what you did is correct, using. Now if you want to modify the forced fancy-plain-pagestyle, you can add your own definitions as follows: I do agree with you here but then I have to dig out the formating of the Chapter page, to make the Board Policy Work Essay correct heading sizes and make the page look like a Chapter start page. I did however fin something which might help others. It’s much easier, but not something I have found documenter. It goes like this : Then “normal formating of lhead,chead but with a twis:

E:”Text”-forced into “plain” pages aka first page of Chapter etc- Even pages. EE: Text”-for all the other pages – Even pagenumber. Note the narrative speech lhead[ ] combination of different brackets ! O: Text”-pforced into “plain” pages aka first page of Chapter etc- Odd pages. OO: ext”-for all the desperation other pages – Even pagenumber. If you read Piet van Oostrums document there is nothing mentioned about “fancyplain”. Nor do you find it documented in speech examples The Latex Companinon where both refers to the re-definition of the “Plain” style. I’m not sure if this is something which is elementary obvious for Policy Essay, either the examples Authors of the “Companion” book or Mr Oostrum, but I think it would be worth a sentence or two in 30 meter both documents.

Note that you need to document each of the lhead, chead. Speech! rfoot to eventually “blank” each part of the headerfooter positions. If not, LaTeX apply the normal fancy fields in each position, where for instance rightmark would give you ONLY the define desperation text from the expected fields in the document (No Subsection number etc) but also all the others. So use rfoot[fancyplain] to blank for instance right corner. Hope it helps for those who would like to add “something” on the first page of each Chapter,Tableofcontents,Listoftables etc. If it’s well known, OK, if not spread the word wherever you see people having these problems. I found this out by reading the old documentation of the examples now not supported fancyheader documentation – the older version of persuasion 1818, fancyhdr . I tried a lot to impletement your code but failed. I want to skip header only on narrative examples, the starting page of chapter. on examples, all other pages header should be displayed. i am using fancyhdr.

I have wasted hours together on this but badly stuck on this. can you please help. I would expect this to be the normal behavior. You should not get any header on the first page of narrative speech examples, every chapter by default. Please send a minimal example so I can have a look at it. Thanks for your explanations, I appreciate your feedback. Good luck with your work, Thanks for this very helpful information. I still have one technical problem and hope to Policy Essay share with you all: I am trying to set up a page with left margin 1.5?, and all other margins 1.0?.

I did this without problem using the geometry package like this: However, for the page number, the specification requires me to put it on top right of narrative speech, each page, 0.75? from the top and right margin. Using fancyhdr, I did manage to move it horizontally with fancyheadoffset[HR] . Persuasion 1818! However, I cannot find a way to snug it down to 0.75? from the top while still preserving the 1? top margin for the text. Any insight would be appreciated. Here is the whole format codes I used: Dear Penguin and respondents,

This was a very helpful question set of answers. I had a problem where the header didn’t seem to speech be centered in line with the body text which had an extra large margin on the outer side (ie large on the right, for a right facing page, and vice versa for a left hand page.) I had tried using fancyheadoffset with the R or L subcommand which didn’t seem to work. However fancyheadoffset[HR] worked very well and must have reset the offset (caused indirectly by some other command?) that was causing the lack of centering… A bit clunky but important to School Board Policy get the speech examples exam paper submitted in time. Does anyone have any insight on how this margin had been set to a non-zero quantity? (ie what commands can do this?) Thanks for your comment. Please provide a minimal working example and I will be very happy to take a look at what you have described above. You can control the persuasion 1818 vertical space for the header using the narrative commands below. Space between page border and header (1in + space). Desperation! You can also use someting negative if you like the space to be below 1 inch.

Height of the actual header. Separation between header and text. If you want to change other margins of the header or footer, please refer to the fancyhdr documentation on page 3. Thanks for a great introduction. I have been looking for simple instructions how to modify the headers and footers. That was exactly what I needed.

Thanks. thanks guy.. very usefull tutorial… thanks for your explanations! really helpful! cheers. Ah, you can do dates with today. Thank you very much for this very helpful guide. im quite a new user to latex, and would like to speech know how i would suppress headers, but not footers? Just clear the header using fancyhead . Groups Essay! By omitting the content, you actually suppress it. You can also set the headrulewidth to zero. very helpful, many thanks. good very good…….we got information from this which is belongs to latex………thank u………. Many thanks…really very useful tutorial….

Thank you for the great tutorial!! well done! thanks! Does anyone know how to narrative get fancyhdr to do some special magic only on the first and/or last header / footer of the document? I’d like to Board Policy Essay add some information only on the first header and (something different) on the last footer. Thanks for the tutorial #128512; I need to add a note at the end of my document that is not part of my document itself. Examples! It should be a page without header and footer… is it possible to do it?

Try to add the following command after your section command to omit page style for your notes page: i need to have just chapters in header , and none section. can anybody help me? please. I suggest you use fancyhdr, making it easily to test define what you need. Let me give you a code example that goes into the preamble: I got this strange looking problem. My tex files do not compile in one of my pc’s where i have installed all the narrative necessary packages. They are ok when i remove the bibliography part and compile them.

The strange thing is that they do compile with another pc which has just the same compiler, editor and the likes with the bibliography command included . Any help please? Hmmm, honestly, I don’t know. Hard to say without seeing the code. Have you tried deleting all the files except the source files and rerun latex. Also, if you are using bibitems within you Latex document, you may want to a street car named desire try using a bibtex file. It is a mysterious problem. I upgraded for Miktex 2.9 and it worked fine finally. Hi! very useful information, congratulations Tom.

I have a problem: I’m using “book ” and i wrote this custom: so, everytime a chapter ends on an odd page, a new even page (blank of course) is added. I dont want this to happens of course. What can i do? pf: by the way, if i put “oneside” in documentclass, the above commands dont work for narrative speech, Odd pages (the Odd pages act as if they were even) I suggest you use either of the following: in your preamble, or. Either should work, but it’s always good to have a backup :-). thank you tom!! it works perfectly. Do you why it happens? What if I dont want to car named desire williams use fancyhdr? I want to write a custom class. I want define the footer style there.

How can I do that without using any package? Hmmm, why would you not want to use any package? You can still use packages in your custom class (I found this custom class example with fancyhdr on Ankur’s blog). However, if you really don’t want to use packages, you can use the page counter, the chapter/section reference and commands like hrule in your custom class to define whatever header/footer you like to have. Let me know if you have more specific questions.

Your inputs are really helpful. I am using Fancy header. Is it possible to get chapter name and section name in even and odd pages using onesided page format. I have created a document in one side format. To create header, I changed the document format from onesided to twosided. Format of the document changed but with problems(i.e.

In onesided page it is good but in twosided page it was not good.) Raja, please provide a minimal example to illustrate the problem. Thanks, Tom. I moved to doublepage. I used raggedbottom to speech avoid extra spaces. Will any body tell me how to write chapter information on car named desire tennessee williams, right hand and section in formation on left hand on narrative speech examples, even page and reverse on the odd page.

That should be the default behavior using: If you need to desire tennessee define it yourself, use: I wanted to know if it was possible to frame the headers and the footers with the speech examples fancyhdr package. I have looked and 30 meter sprint test looked but I didn’t find. but it frames the different parts of the header separately… Should I use an other package ? Please help me I’m a bit desperate ! It’s not great, but it’s a start. Narrative Examples! Hope it helps. Cheers, Tom.

Thanks for your answer, however it seems there is a problem with this code because the car named tennessee williams header keeps growing in height, finally eating irrevocably the totality of the page… but I may have found a solution using the speech tikz package ! I find it’s not very elegant but in define desperation the end I get what I wanted which is already a good thing. I put it so that it may help someone else : The trick is to put the tikzpicture only in the left part of the header/footer. Really hope it may help someone ! Hi Benoit, thanks for posting this solution. I corrected the things you mentioned and narrative it works fine now. Thanks again, Tom. I want to put footer on persuasion 1818, title page of narrative speech, IEEE format in LaTeX and other different footer on other pages.

What is the LaTeX command for it? Have a look at Michael Shell’s site. It shows how to add footers to an IEEEtran document. I want to write my text in every page without line. A Street Car Named Desire Williams! Help me please… Just set the width of the line to zero:

I’ve used the fancyfoot command to put a footer on a poster but was wondering how to get rid if the narrative speech examples page number? For my document I have used pagestyle but when I use fancyfoot it puts the page number back. Any help would be great. I suppose you are using maketitle . It interferes and changes the pagestyle after you set it to empty . First I thought you could use: However, since you need a footer, you could redefine the plain page style, making it really plain and set the footer as needed: thanks for on Make-up Work, your help Tom. I want to add footer in narrative examples the first page. Policy Work! How can I do. Hi there! I found this relatively simple piece of code that may work for you. Hope it helps, Tom.

Thank you so much. On my special Pages (Table of contents, begin of chapter) the page number appears centered at narrative speech, the bottom of the page. I want it to appear at the top right of the page and therefore use this: This does not work. I also tried to use:

This also doesn’t work. The page number appears on the top left. Try the following code and Interest Groups Essay let me know if it doesn’t work: When I try this my page numbers still appear on the bottom center. Also, now my ‘normal page’ headers change from mentioning the Chapter to mentioning the section in my chapter. I have pagestyle written in my file. Thanks for your reply.

I have fixed this, but it is still a strange thing that the former codes did not work. I used: Thanks for the update. I didn’t see that you are actually redefining the pagestyle plain . So after that, you would have to set it ( pagestyle ), which I’m sure you do. Another possibility would be to narrative speech examples use fancy and change it according to a street car named desire tennessee williams your needs (see my previous answer).

I am writing master thesis and narrative speech examples have to place a logo in footer on all the persuasion 1818 pages except the speech examples title page. I tried with fancyhdr but it misses the logo on every chapter’s first page or content page etc. Persuasion 1818! How to force the footer logo on every page except the title page? Thanks in advance, Here is some code that should do what you need. Speech Examples! It redefines the pagestyle plain , which is what LaTeX uses for the first page of a chapter. Persuasion 1818! Give it a try. Another possibility would be to add the examples logo to the background, using the eso-pic package, for example. See here for computer, more details.

How to change the length of the decorating line in heading in LaTeX? I would like to have it as long as my text on the page? Kind wishes. I would expect the line to have the same length as the text. This post shows how to display page margins. Does the header and text box have the same width? You can change the margins using the geometry package. Narrative Speech! In case that doesn’t solve your problem, please provide a minimal working example. That was a neat article. However, when I use the following in my preamble, I’m just getting a plain straight line as my header and the page number displayed at the bottom center of my page.

I thought the default fanyhdr trait was to print the name of the chapter as the header. But in my case nothing is being printed. I wanted to computer crimes examples have the name of the speech examples corresponding chapters as the headers of each page in my book. How can I achieve that? Update: The titles of the chapters/sections were not coming in Groups the header because I had starred them (/section*). In order to speech examples achieve what I wanted, I removed all the stars and added the following to Groups Essay the preamble: Thanks for posting your solution, appreciate it. Best, Tom.

I am writing my masters thesis. I am using the fancyhdr package. Single sided report document class. I get the section name and number on the left header and the chapter number/name on the right header. I want to change the font size (and i dont want it in italics, its italics by default), because they over write each other. Examples! Please if you could help. Define! Its urgent. Waiting.

Thanks. Thanks for your question. Examples! The code below shows how to change the font size for your fancy header. Tennessee Williams! You can play with the numbers. I used 9 with a baseline-skip of 11 ( You may also find this post helpful. Speech Examples! By the way, the fancyhdr documentation is extensive and includes lots of examples. Thank you so much for your reply.

I have another problem. 30 Meter Test! I try to set the page counters but i am having problems with it. Narrative Speech! I have abstract, acknowledgements, list of figures, list of 30 meter, tables.. Speech Examples! i want them to Interest Essay be numbered in Romans (i,ii,iii. ).. i have succeeded in speech examples doing that with this pagenumbering. but there are two problems, I dont see the page numbers on. abstract, acknowledgements page.. and in the table of contents, it shows both abstract and acknowledgements on Interest Essay, teh same page i.e. page number i. Examples! I have also used newpage after abstract.. for acknowledgements i am using this.. please if you could help me with the problem. Thank you in advance.

The code below will produce the desired result. The abstract environment internally calls thispagestyle , which is why you have to set the page number manually. Alternatively, you can use: instead of diverting abstract from its intended use. I’m trying to put chapter name in define desperation the format: Chapter 1 – Introduction. or something similar in the top left corner. Examples! Writing: Just gives me the chapter number. How can i fix this? You could redefine chaptermark as follows: Thank you Tom.. you are a life saver #128578; keep up the Groups good work.

Cheers. I am writing up my chemistry thesis in Latex using. How can I define a fixed term for some of narrative, my sections and not all!! My exact problem is that the header is in capital letters, which is Interest Essay fine! but since in chemistry the formatting makes a huge impact on the meaning. I have to be consistent. many many thanks. Do you mean some chapter or section headings contain terms that need to be printed in small letters? Could you give me an narrative examples, example?

yes thats right! for eg., Synthesis of nEG Analouges, that appear in a capital letter! many thanks for taking the School Policy on Make-up Work Essay time and help in advance. Hey! There is indeed a relatively simple solution. lowercase forces the examples text to be in small letters in a capital letter environment.

See below! I have a similar problem but the examples other way round- the header is written in capital letters (which is good) but I have some abbreviations in the titles of my chapters and I would like that they stand out, i.e. that they are written in a larger case than the rest of the narrative examples text. Is that possible ? For e.g. “AR detection”. Thanks in advance, You can use uppercase to produce upper-case letters in a similar way as lowercase in the previous example. If this doesn’t solve your problem, please provide a minimal working example. Here is Interest Essay a minimal working example: As you can see, the title of the section is too long and I use sectionmark to examples make a shorter name.

However, the uppercase does not work. Thanks for your help #128578; Thanks for the example. To make “AR” stand out, you could increase the font size as you already suggested or alternatively write it in define desperation bold face: Thanks a lot for your help! It didn’t work with sectionmark detection but sectionmark s detection worked fine! Have a nice day #128578; It might be because of a missing backslash before large . It should read large . great job. worked like a magic!! thank you ever so much! You are very welcome. Examples! Tom.

I would like to have larger spacing between the header and the text. I have tried various solutions but cannot make any of Board Policy on Make-up Work, them work as I want. Narrative! #128577; The code I am using is: Also, do you know how I can get both the section nr and name printed in the header? I thought that I would get that with the persuasion 1818 command rightmark, but only the speech examples section name appears. Thanks in Policy on Make-up Essay advance. Best regards, Aida. Thanks for your comment. To increase the narrative speech examples space between header and text, use the variable headsep rather than headheight . See the figure on wikibooks site about examples, page layout for all variable names. rightmark is examples correct, but you are redefining sectionmark . Desperation! Just remove those lines and it works. See the minimal working example below.

Great! Thank you very, very much #128578; Best regards, Aida. Great, I’m glad I could help! Best, Tom.

Hiya, thanks for this! it’s fixed what I’ve been trying to do for ages, however I’m now getting a “Package fancyhdr warning” saying headheight (12.0pt) is examples too small; make it at least 34.97pt……what is persuasion 1818 it that I change for this as I’ve tried changing my font size, my textheight size, the narrative examples textsize in the header and I can’t get rid of the define error message? Thanks for any help. It’s ok, it was due to me trying to position my entire header in the centre of the allocated space. Thanks for following up. Cheers, Tom. I also need to display only chapters in the header, and I saw your advice for Sama. It works, but I have just one problem: the narrative speech examples header line doesn’t finish at the beginning of the left margin of the persuasion 1818 page.

How can I correct this? Maybe that’s because I changed the default margin size of LaTex… Thanks for speech, your comment. How do you change the default margin size? Do you use the geometry package? Please give a minimal working example.

Hi, I used the command for displaying only chapters in the header, but the header line stops before the persuasion 1818 right margin. How can I correct this? Hi! Please provide a minimal working example for me to see what you did. Thanks, Tom. I don’t understand why the vertical position of the footer changes from page 1 to speech examples page 2. Can you help me? I assume you are talking about the page number which is in the center on page one and then moves to the side.

The answers here to this question should give you a good idea on how to School change the page style on page 1. I am writting a thesis in latex, I have almost done all the setting except one problem that I wana to remove only header not footer from only first page of narrative speech examples, each chapter, for other pages setting must remain same, how this could be done. Take a look at the answers to a similar question here. If this doesn’t help, please send a minimal working example and I will be happy to examples propose a solution. Good luck with your thesis! I tried alot but in narrative vain, actually i want.

For other chapter pages: For 1st page of each chapter i have tried following codes: But it repeats for all pages. Thanks for the code examples. So what I suggest is to create a special chapter-page-style. I reused your code and persuasion 1818 modified the chapter command by adding thispagestyle after the examples chapter call. It’s somewhat complicated, because one has to take care of starred and non-starred version of the chapter command. Let me know if anything is Policy on Make-up Work Essay unclear. this works perfectly, Great, glad to hear! Cheers, Tom.

Hello im trying to use my fancyfoot in every page, but that just not happen, just appear in the first page, fancyhead appear in all pages working fine. Set the narrative examples page style first and make the changes after. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please post a minimal working example. Your example works for me. I am using Bookclass and created several book chapters (each has its own author). Each book chapter need to have a heading on the first page of the chapter with the persuasion 1818 name of the narrative speech book series and year. On the computer crimes examples remaining pages of narrative speech examples, each chapter: even pages have the running title of the chapter and odd pages have authors names. So that is all fine. Crimes Examples! Now when I try to combine these in one MasterDocument things gets very messy. So far I tried the following in the preamble of the masterdocument: I also tried to put the following lines after table of contents and before each chapter to reset the above three commands.

The above three renewed commands did not work. I am also struggiling on how to define the first page of each chapter? Help is most appreciated. Thanks for your question. Unless you reset the speech examples page number after every chapter, the condition on page will only work for the first page. I got a similar question, see here for how to have a different header/footer on the first page of a chapter. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to create a macro that redefines all the commands and Board Policy Work creates a chapter, e.g.: I am currently finishing my phd thesis for the publication process. Everything works out perfectly so far, but I would like to have the page numbering in narrative speech examples the header in computer examples Italic and not in normal . Can anyone please help me? Thank?s a lot in advance!

I removed your code, since it was rather long and you explained your issue well enough. Narrative Speech Examples! By adding the line which is highlighted, the page number will appear in examples italics throughout the document. Let me know if that’s not what you were looking for. thanks a lot for your response. Examples! Unfortunately your proposal does not work #128577; Do you know a second way of solving the problem? Please provide some more details on what exactly doesn’t work with the solution. Ideally, you’d provide a minimal working example illustrating the problem.

I have a few pages I have gathered several chapters (appendices) for a special purpose, suppressing their initialization of a new page by putting: letclearpagerelax . Now I have a problem of the runinng header — namely, since on almost every page there is at tennessee williams, least one new chapter (appendix) and all of them are treated as the first page of the chapter (appendix). So all the page numbers are put in the center of the bottom line. I would like to put a running header for all this squeezed chapters to be “Squeezed chapters”. Narrative! But when I interveene with fancyfoot — to sprint test clear the page number in the footer — I cannot reinstall it properly in the rest of narrative, my document (book.cls). That is, when I put: fancyfoot[C] — it does appear, but not only on the first page of chapter, but on all of them, meaning that the automatism of the plain vs. Define! fancy headings is narrative speech lost! It seems that anything I do with the commands that you suggest, I loose that automatism. I use the begingroup and endgroup to localize the settings, but it does not help. Any suggestions? Take a look at my post on how to Essay define multiple page styles with fancyhdr. If this doesn’t help to speech examples solve the problem, please create a minimal working example and Board on Make-up Work post it here. Is there a way to accomplish the following in Latex?

FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. I need this to only be on specific the pages that contain this type of information. I have not been able to get this to narrative work. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish. Please clarify and provide a minimal working example. Thanks, Tom.

How do I set footer foreground and background color using fancyhdr? Thanks for your question. I’m not sure what exactly you have in 30 meter mind. Examples! You can find a possible solution here. If this is not what you were looking for, please provide a minimal working example and/or a more concise description.

Thank you for the link and sorry for the delay in School on Make-up getting back to you. I adapted the StackExhange code to create a colored footer in a one-sided article. However, when the document is printed the location and dimensions of the narrative examples footer differ from the screen view. Here is the code: Note, I am running MikTeX 2.9 with TeXworks front end. Sounds like a hardware problem: Printers are usually not able to print at the very edge of the Board Policy on Make-up Work paper. If your printer can’t do “borderless” printing, perhaps a printing company can help you with that. Examples! Hope this helps, Tom.

Once again, sorry for not replying sooner. And thank you for computer crimes examples, your thoughts regarding my code. I can force my printer to print to the edge of the paper, but then the screen version of the PDF is narrative speech clipped. Btw, my goal is to replicate an MS Word template, which displays and prints correctly. It sounds like there is a difference if you print from a street tennessee williams Word or from your PDF viewer. However, as I can’t replicate the problem, I’m not sure how to help you.

Sorry for that. First of all – thank you for your wonderful tutorials, I know, it’s a lot of narrative speech examples, work behind. I have a small task, which seems a little bit too tricky to me, as I’m pretty new to TeX. The problem is following: to make a backgrounded footer, with page numbers at strict position. Let me show a couple of image in order to make myself clear: As you can see, there should be an image in test footer’s background and the page number should exactly match the narrative examples yellow “placeholder”. Thank you in a street advance for your help and I hope this would be interesting to other readers, too.

That’s a cool footer. Below is the code for one side. Examples! Please try to do the other side yourself. You can use an persuasion 1818, if. else conditional statement, which is explained here.

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Custom Maryland the Haven essay paper. According to Kennedy, Chen and Cohen, Maryland was a colony founded in America for Catholics. It was the narrative second colony in America, but rather the a street desire tennessee fourth English colony founded in 1634 by examples, a prominent member of the English family, Lord Baltimore (36; par. 4). The title “Maryland” was constituted by Lord Baltimore on June 30, 1632 in honor of Henrietta Maria, the Queen of Charles I. As these scholars point out, Lord Baltimore was the title given to a Roman Catholic nobleman, Sir George Calvert. Kennedy, Chen and Cohen note that Lord Baltimore was not comfortable with the laws against School Board on Make-up Work the Roman Catholics in England (36; par. 4). He even opted to immigrate to Virginia. They have asserted that Lord Biltmore’s intention to go to speech examples Virginia was to computer crimes enjoy the liberty of conscious, which had been limited in England at the time of King James’ I rein. But to his disappointment, they pointed out that Lord Baltimore had founded Virginians to have the same intolerance attitude as those he had left in England.

This prompted him again to seek another asylum in the territory, the speech examples Chesapeake Bay, which was inhabited by only natives. At the Board Essay Chesapeake Bay, Kennedy, Chen, and Cohen note that Lord Baltimore embarked on venturing on the site both for financial profits and the creation of refuge for his fellow Catholics (36; par. 5). At this period of time, Roman Catholics were heavily persecuted and narrative examples, discriminated by Protestants in examples, England. Even though, George Calvert was granted Maryland in 1632 and died before the charter had been prepared. His major aims were not only to make more money out of the land but also to establish it as a haven for Catholics and a site for freedom of worship even for other Christians (Kion 1). Maryland, thus, played an important role in the New World as being the perfect haven for New Settlers and Oppressed Catholic Christians. This was based on the fact that the setting of Maryland made it be the safest place in Europe and in the New World. Colony of Maryland. According to Mis, before the discovery of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, by Baltimore, the land had been already inhabited by Yaocomaco Native Americans (5; par.

1). She has pointed out that Maryland was firstly explored by narrative speech, an Italian, Giovanni da Verrazano, in 1524 during his journey to the Chincoteague Bay. But the first European to set foot on the land was an Englishman John Smith that in 1608 explored the Chesapeake Bay. It is from this point that English traders began making trips to Maryland in order to trade with the Native Americans. In 1631, the author noted that the first English settlement was established in Maryland by an Englishman William Clayborne. On November 1633, Mis pointed out two small ships, The Ark and The Dove carrying 150 people sailed from England to a strange land for a great adventure (4; par. 1). Computer. On the examples board, there was the Father Andrew White that was a Jesuit priest. Sailing through the Caribbean Sea, they passed Barbados Island and landed in the large body water of the Chesapeake Bay. However, as the author have noted they never anchored at the bay but rather sailed to St.

Cement’s island. Despite the island’s fertile soil, she has pointed out that the island was too small for the settlement. This prompted them to sail back and settle at St. Mary’s city located at the mouth of the Potomac River where Baltimore founded Maryland. According to Mis, even long before both The Ark and The Dove landed at the Chesapeake Bay, George Calvert imagined the a street tennessee williams colony along the Bay (7; par. 1). She has pointed out Calvert as being the most trusted adviser of the English King, James I, that due to his loyalty gave him more than 2,300 acres of Ireland. It is from narrative speech Calvert’s home that called the Manor of School Board Work Baltimore, and he first got the speech title of Lord Baltimore. This title was passed to the heirs of his fortunes. However, four years after this mansion, Calvert converted to Catholicism.

This was a choice which the author asserted that ended his job career in the government. This is due to the fact that during the reign of persuasion 1818 James I, England was an official Protestant nation with the Church of England also known as the Anglican Church being the national religion. When the Catholic Church refused King Henry VIII in divorce, he established the Church of England (Mis 7; par. 2). After withdrawing from the governmental position, Calvert began to venture on narrative examples, the new land especially to the north of Virginia in order not to encounter Catholic and Protestant factions struggling for the power supremacy in England. Interest Groups. Mis notes that Calvert’s attempt to settle in the island of Newfoundland, presently known as Canada, was not successful as the area was too cold for narrative speech, investing in the profitable colony (8; par. 2).

This prompted him to seek a grant from persuasion 1818 James’s successor, Charles I, to venture to the north of the Chesapeake Bay, in Maryland, which was at that time the part of the Virginian royal colony. However, his agitation for the settlement in Virginia was not taken happily by examples, some of island’s settlers that saw Calvert as he wanted to use Catholicism for stripping them off their land. But regardless of this, Calvert continued to lobby for his land grant, which the author has ascertained to be paid off in June 1632, two months after his departure. Setting of Maryland as the Haven for New Traders and Settlers. According to Mis, Charles I signed the charter in 1632 granting the holder of Baltimore the persuasion 1818 title of the colony of Chesapeake (9; par.

1). This was known as Maryland; the speech examples title was established in honor of the Queen Henrietta Maria of Charles I. However, the attempts by Lord Baltimore’s eldest son Cecilius to establish the colony as a haven for new traders were marked with ups and downs. Firstly, being a Catholic made it difficult for him to secure a financial support. Computer Crimes. Secondly, the investors of Virginia Company painted his image negatively by spreading rumors about him. Nevertheless, the author has pointed out that Cecilius founded seventeen catholic men funding the voyage and enabling him to establish Maryland as a privately owned colony. There is narrative speech, a number of persuasion 1818 factors that led to the rapid growth and prosperity of Maryland as a safe place for examples, new traders and settlers. Firstly, settlers of Maryland colony were exempted from the Board Policy hostility from the Indian population. According to narrative Kennedy, Chen and Cohen, Lord Baltimore even in sprint test, his absentee wished that the speech examples two hundred settlers coming by The Ark and The Dove ships founded Maryland at computer St.

Mary’s City in the Chesapeake Bay (36; par. 4). Narrative Examples. It could be graciously awarded with manor houses within the fertile land. When these planters arrived to Maryland in 1634, they found out that Cecil Calvert had appointed his brother Leonard Calvert as a governor of the province. This province had been purchased from Indians Yoamaco, for their settlement. Here they formed a settlement in St. Mary’s City where they lived peacefully with other American Indians. Secondly, Maryland emerged as a haven for new traders and settlers because of its fertile soil. Kennedy, Chen and Cohen note that Maryland had the rich fertile soil, which produced the marketable tobacco leaves easily within a year (36; par. 7).

But unlike Virginia, Maryland settlers did not depend on persuasion 1818, black slaves as the workers for their farms. The three authors have pointed out that in Virginia, during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, slaves were denied from their fundamental rights, thereby giving their masters a virtual and narrative speech examples, complete control over them. This was evident during the late seventeenth century where black slaves had been imported in Maryland, thereby leading to Policy Essay the notorious Barbados slave code (37). But as Kennedy, Chen, and Cohen point out, the charter which was signed by King Charles I conferred on Maryland settlers more privileges as compared to other American colonies (36; par. 7). A part from the charter was securing equal religious rights to immigrants and allowed Maryland the privileges to make laws without the royal revocation especially for their civil freedom. As these scholars have noted even taxes were not allowed to be imposed upon inhabitants without their approval. Speech. For instance, in Interest Groups Essay, 1639, a group of freemen assembled in narrative speech, person and enacted the necessary laws, thereby leading to the establishment of Maryland’s representative government. Within these laws, rights and dignities of test people were outlined. With this, Maryland was regarded as a harbor for settlers and speech examples, immigrants in the New World.

Kion has acknowledged Calvert as it has been granted by the charter to have the lawful power of not only making laws but also of enforcing them as long as they do not contradict with the Interest Groups Essay English laws (1). However, she has noted that they were cautious especially in extending their governance role towards the examples colony’s commerce such as rents and taxes’ collection. This ensured that their leadership style was not seen as the exploitation to ordinary people. Setting of Maryland as a Haven for British Catholics. Ross has described the colony of Maryland as it was founded by test, Lord Baltimore under the proprietorship of his eldest son, Cecil Calvert (1). She has noted that originally Maryland had the colonies of wealthy planters, tradesmen, slaves and American Indians. But being a Catholic, Lord Baltimore believed that the religious tolerance had to be realm at which the colony had been established. This, therefore, did not miss out.

As Ross has pointed out, the colony of Maryland eventually became a place of safety for the Catholic settling especially in narrative speech, the New World. Test. She has argued that unlike the narrative speech colonists in Jamestown located in Virginia, Maryland’s original settlers lived peacefully with the Native American Indian tribes. Contrary to Ross there is Kion that argues that the major aims for which Calvert had been agitating to establish Maryland in the New World to be not only for car named desire tennessee, making the narrative speech examples financial profits out of it, but rather for building it as a place of harbor for Groups, British Catholics. Narrative Speech. She has pointed out that having their father’s ideas in their mind; Calvert wanted to Board on Make-up Work Essay make Maryland a refuge for the British Catholics even though they did not expect the narrative speech area to be settled by Catholics alone. Doubtfully, it was never possible for people to believe that one day Maryland would be dominated by Catholics.

This was because only few but not many Catholics wished to migrate to the region. A Street Car Named Desire Williams. But while realizing that, this could be achieved, though with a struggle. Calvert engaged into speech the continuous activities with ensuring that they had succeeded in getting the Act of desperation Tolerance. Kennedy, Chen, and Cohen note that Lord Baltimore outset the unusual freedom of worship in this area (36; par. 5). To him, it was more than necessary to purchase the tolerance if possible in order to ensure that his fellow Catholics from England were free from restrictions.

The scholars have noted that during the period Catholics were severely restricted in examples, England and, therefore, they only left with options of supporting the framed Act of Tolerance for their freedoms of worship. As Holmes points out, the Groups Essay rebellion caused by an Englishman William Clayborne that had been licensed by speech examples, King Charles I to explore the region and traffic with the natives broke out in 1635 (21; par. Sprint. 1). Clayborne threatened of exempting the Kent Island from Maryland proprietor, since his grant was much older than that of Lord Baltimore. But by Lord Baltimore insisting that Clayborne should either depart from the island or take the oath of narrative examples allegiance to Governor Calvert, he refused both thereby using the forces of arms in maintaining his possession. This, in turn, led to his deprival of civil rights and property by Maryland legislature in 30 meter sprint test, 1638. Even though, Clayborne disappeared after his defeat, his active hostility had seriously impacted on the Indians’ minds regarding the settlement designed by narrative speech examples, English settlers towards them. Holmes notes that this dark suspiciousness alarmed the American Indians on a rapid settlement of Englishmen in their country (21).

Indians were falsified by Clayborne’s testimonies. The author has pointed out that they had taken a hostile position towards settlers which eventually led to Work Essay the first Civil War in the region in 1642. This saw Clayborne being assisted by Captain Richard Ingle; thereby overthrowing Maryland’s government and making the governor Calvert take his refuge in Virginia (3). However, by 1646, the speech rebellion had been crushed by the return of Governor Calvert. Holmes points out that the School Board on Make-up Essay displacement of Green, a Roman Catholic and later an acting-governor of Maryland after the death of narrative speech examples Leonard Calvert by Lord Baltimore, was the first step for the religious tolerance (22; par. 1). He has added that the commissioning of Interest Essay William Stone of Virginia, a Protestant, influenced on Virginian puritans to move to the bay of Chesapeake for exercising their liberty of consciousness.

According to him, an assembly of colony comprising of mostly Puritans, the Church of English men and some Roman Catholics, met in 1649 and adopted the Tolerance Act. This act, he has asserted, was pressured by the need to exercise a free religious opinion. According to Kennedy, Chen, and Cohen, the Tolerant Act published by the British and adopted by Maryland allowed every believer of Jesus Christ and examples, Trinity to School have the narrative speech freedom to exercise his or her religious opinions (38; par. 30 Meter Sprint. 1). Additionally, the Act did not allow any man to reproach another one on the basis of his peculiar religious standings. In so doing, the persecuted Christians from examples England, the Roman Empire and Virginia flocked into Maryland in order to enjoy this broadened freedom. Computer Crimes Examples. The three scholars have noted that a fundamental principle of Lord Baltimore was to support the legislation involving the act of religious tolerance not to suppress people basing on their pressing faith and beliefs in Jesus Christ. They have asserted that Maryland presented an asylum for narrative, the oppressed Puritans from the South and the church men from England that not only had experienced the good reception but also enjoyed their full liberty.

Kennedy, Chen, and Cohen point out that new Maryland religious statute offered the equal opportunity to a street desire tennessee williams all Christians in exercising their religious opinions (36; par. 9). However, it was harsh to other people that denied the divinity of Jesus Christ. According to these authors, the Act was less liberal as it had decreed death penalty to Jews and speech, atheists that denied the existence of Jesus Christ. This law was, therefore, seen less restricting the religious tolerance than serving the Groups purpose for which it had been previously enacted for such as protecting other religious groups. Kennedy, Chen, and Cohen have noted that the Tolerance Act only offered a temporary cloak of protection to other Catholic minorities but more significantly sheltered the British Catholics than any other English speaking colony in speech examples, the New World. But in 1651, after the triumph of crimes King Charles I by the English parliament, Holmes points out that commissioners including Clayborne were appointed to reduce and govern Maryland (23). These commissioners took the possession over Governor Stone’s records, thereby abolishing the authority of the proprietor over the province. But barred with the Civil War between the Catholic followers of proprietor and Protestants supporting the speech Parliament, Stone was removed from office but reinstated through the approval of the Parliament.

However, when the Parliament was dissolved in Interest, 1653, Crowmell bestowed Baltimore with the full power as a proprietor over Maryland (Holmes 24). Speech. But Baltimore acted without wisdom when it displaced all the officers that had been appointed by commissioners. This, in turn, made these incensed commissioners return to Policy Essay Maryland compelling the governor to surrender his authority. Additionally, the Protestants that formed the majority in the General Assembly wanted to pass laws that would see that Papists and Churchmen being not entitled to narrative examples protection by the Toleration Act of 1649. He has noted that under the influence of victorious Protestants, the assembly agreed that no person professing as belonging to the Catholic religion would be protected by Maryland laws. Crimes Examples. This led to the commencement of the Civil War in 1655, which, in turn, resulted into the imprisonment of Stone for narrative speech, using force to persuasion 1818 resist the Protestant party. But in 1660, Holmes points out speech examples that Lord Baltimore was once more restored to his full authority with Philip Calvert being appointed as a governor (23).

His appointment led to the restoration of former liberal principles of the proprietor that wished a tolerant colony. However, on the accession of William and Mary to be the English King and Queen respectively in 1689, there was another interruption of Maryland tranquility. According to a street Ross, while responding to the Puritans’ takeover in England, a group of Protestants opted to triumph over Calvert government, thereby making Maryland a royal colony (1). This was widely contributed by the false rumors that pointed out Catholics to be combining efforts with American Indians to overcome the Protestant colony. Ross has noted that the religious freedom being experienced in Maryland disappeared after the examples royal take off especially when King William appointed Sir Lionel Copley to be the governor of the region. Maryland then had remained the royal colony for 26 years. As Ross points out, during 26 years of the royal colony, the religious tolerance was not allowed. Sir Lionel Copley ensured that the English Church of worship was established and supported only by laws (1). However, in 1716, this great law on the religious expression was rectified. Persuasion 1818. At this time, Benedict Leonard Calvert, became the fourth heir of Lord Baltimore.

Before then, Benedict Calvert had renounced the Catholic Church, thereby joining the Church of England in order to win the proprietorship over Maryland from King George I. Just like his father, he fostered in toleration and humanity and aimed at speech making Maryland a haven for the British Catholics. Persuasion 1818. Due to speech this, Maryland was restored as a privately owned colony. School On Make-up Essay. This lasted for 60 years until the emergence of the Revolutionary War. Ross notes that the Revolutionary War swept away every vestige of the proprietary and royal government within the English-American colonies (1). Maryland, on its part, formed the Provincial Convention government in narrative, 1775 which saw the Governor Robert Eden coming back to England in 1776. He gave out the 30 meter test emancipating freedom to the nation (1).

According to this, Maryland people formed a Constitution for themselves. The Constitution did not bind their religious expression either jurisdictionally or being property wise. In conclusion, Maryland is, thus, a haven not only for settlers and traders, but also for oppressed religious groups. It has been considered as a region of protection for narrative examples, the British Catholics being discriminated against Protestants in England. Maryland’s existence as a haven for the religious toleration was contributed by a visionary approach and agitation procreated by Calvert and his successive heirs.

The case of Maryland is Board Policy, a clear indication that it is important for leaders not to enact laws infringing the people’s freedom and rights to participate in worship, politics, or even government duties.

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Career Advising Planning Services at speech UChicago. A forum for undergraduates, grad students, post-docs and alumni to post questions and advice about job, internship, graduate school and research plans. The End of the World As We Know It. So, here we are. Today is the sprint test, last day of exams, and tomorrow is Convocation. Though I did just channel Rebecca Black a little bit there (which seat can I take?), it’s actually a very deep and profound sentence—I’ve gone through the process of reading, writing and studying for finals like a maniac twice already this year, and here I am, finished with the third round.

However, this time around, it seems much more. worth it. Speech Examples. It’s incredible to believe that I’m done with my first year of college and a street even more incredible that so many students and speech examples faculty are moving on Interest to do great things-—whether that’s starting an narrative speech examples, internship across the country or actually entering the full-time workforce. As a first-year student, it’s enough just to think that I’ll be going back home in a couple days, but I’m sure that in three years, I’ll be somewhere completely different—-maybe at CAPS again writing my billionth blog post or maybe, well, who knows? I’m excited though. Speaking of the blog, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been reading and giving me feedback on my CAPS blogs. I hope my posts have been informative, thought-provoking and interesting. I’ve had tons of fun writing them, even LOL-ing here in front of the computer at times, especially as I’ve embraced my role as a 19-year-old college student who is, herself, discovering what she wants to do with her life. A Street Car Named Tennessee. And of course, CAPS is always here to help (seriously. They don't even tell me to write that anymore). So for one last time (before I come back in the fall), I’d like to narrative speech examples, wish you a happy weekend, and persuasion 1818 a great summer!

Thanks for reading! Sriracha Hot Sauce: Sure, Bartlett has its rough days, but allow me to examples, divulge my little secret for School Policy Essay, getting through them: Sriracha hot cause. Narrative. Also known as rooster sauce, this Asian chili hot sauce makes any dish googolplex* times more delicious. Exercise: I’m going to say this once and very slowly: waking up at williams 7:30 in examples the morning to swim at Ratner does the college student’s body good. I’m going to 30 meter, ignore that loud collective gasp you just let out and narrative speech examples insist that it really, really does.

As a prospie, I would have never thought to relate UChicago to exercise, but now I find that it helps me de-stress, get through the day, sleep better and burn off all that late night Sarpino’s pizza that I douse with Sriracha Hot Sauce.** The Core! Of course, all prospies are in “love” with the Core. But they’re so young! They don’t know what love is. Love is relating football players to Nietzsche. School Work. Love is seeing Freud everywhere—and I mean everywhere . And I hate to say it, but Love is knowing what interests you the most (Political Science and Spanish, in my case). Thanks for a great year, Core.

Chicago: Hot Dogs, Nuevo Leon, Garrett’s Popcorn, Chinatown, deep-dish pizza, the narrative speech, Art Institute, Al Capone and persuasion 1818 our president. Some may complain about the Hyde Park bubble, but quite honestly, one of the narrative examples, world’s best cities is Board Work Essay, a 15 minute Metra ride away. Examples. I highly recommend it. CAPS! Of course, right? No—but really, I’d like to give a shout-out to my favorite Career Advising Planning Services, especially my fantastic boss Laurel. [Ed. 30 Meter Test. note: No, I did not tell her to write that.] I’ve learned so much here, from speech how to crimes examples, tame our monster of speech examples, a Xerox machine to the importance of always being positive, as well as many design tips. Apparently, I’ve developed my “design aesthetic,” since I started working here, and 30 meter sprint I can’t wait to keep doing it! So, there you have it--my five favorite things about the University of Chicago. Did I miss something? Leave me a comment!

Location: Sunnydale, California. Perks: Free fruit Tuesdays, Free Bagel Friday and Free espresso daily. Verdict: Not impressed. The temperature peaked today at a toasty 68 degrees here in Chicago—who needs California? Just call us the Sunnydale of the speech, Midwest. Interest Groups. Plus, I get free fruit, bagels and coffee at peak event seasons here at examples CAPS, anyway.

Maybe we should be on that list. Location: Mountain View, California. Perks: Free food, free laundry and persuasion 1818 a climbing wall. Verdict: Impressed. We sure don’t have mountains in narrative speech examples Chicago. Plus, it’s GOOGLE—it’s a verb for Groups Essay, goodness sake.

And it’s been translated into various languages.* Location: Headquarters are in Rochester, New York. Perks: “This year, 11,000 employees took part in a challenge to eat five cups of examples, fruit and vegetables a day and walk up to 10,000 steps a day for eight weeks.” Verdict: Pretty cool, I guess. Five servings of fruit I could do…but vegetables too?

Plus, it might be kind of School Essay, tough since you’d be working at a food market—after all, donuts are food too. Perks: Generous Pay and commitment to social work. Verdict: Sending consultants to Haiti to narrative examples, provide on-the-ground support following the Policy Work, earthquake is examples, awesome. Verdict reached. Location: Cary, North Carolina. Perks: “on-site healthcare, high quality childcare at $410 per test month, summer camp for narrative, kids, car cleaning, a beauty salon, and more -- it’s all enough to make a state-of-the-art, 66,000-square-foot gym seem like nothing special by comparison” #192 University of Chicago Hospitals Express: This bus takes you from the Goldblatt Pavilion at the University of Chicago Hospitals to Union Station and desperation the Ogilvie Transportation Center. It runs south from Ogilvie from 6:30-9:00 AM southbound from then back toward the city from 3:45 to 7:00 PM To find out narrative speech examples more, download the schedule. #X28 CTA Stony Island Express: This bus takes you from the southside to downtown and back.

It runs from 63rd and 30 meter sprint Stony Island to Union Station from 5:52 am to 6:42 pm, Mondays to Fridays. Download the schedule here. Avoid the Chicago summer humidity and work out in the nicely air-conditioned Ratner Athletic Center! No excuses--you’re already on campus! Print out narrative speech one of Interest Essay, my blog posts and find me on campus. Narrative. I’ll be signing autographs. Groups Essay. (Kidding. Mostly.) Chicago’s 64th Annual 57th Street Art Fair: June 4-5, Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 10-5. We’re still in school at this point (unfortunately), but hopefully we’ll be well into summer by that time. Support our local businesses, and check it out!

Randolph Street Market Festival—-Okay, this isn't actually on campus, but it's still a great event. Vintage art and examples fashion, food, drinks and artsy things all around! What’s not to love? Click here for more information. And actually, since we're on computer examples the subject, going to any of the narrative examples, city’s open markets and festivals (Maxwell Street Market, Taste of Chicago, Pride Parade…to name a few) is a great idea. Summer Dance--Also not on campus, but SO much fun. Shake your groove thing to Groups, a variety of speech examples, dance styles all summer long. It's right downtown near Millennium Park, and even offers dance lessons! Check it out! by Sherry Cao, CAPS Marketing Assistant.

Good news! According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employer hiring has increased 19.3% for the class of 2011. As a member of the class of 2014, I take that as a great sign—things are finally looking up! In fact, this reminds me of a conversation that I had with a member of the CAPS staff yesterday, about how students have become much more practical about School Policy Work, their collegiate careers. Going to speech examples, college to get an Interest Groups Essay, “education” has now expanded to all include all senses of the word. So, in addition to, say, a liberal arts education, we also now mean securing “street smarts” and “soft skills” so that we have the narrative speech, abilities we need to succeed in crimes any economy. This shift is especially apparent at the University of narrative speech examples, Chicago. Though we're still known for being cerebral, academically rigorous and a little bit (okay, a lot) nerdy, we’ve made a couple of changes so that we can be all of those things and persuasion 1818 still be ready for the workforce. Narrative. Interest in CAPS, especially, attests to computer crimes examples, this—-there has been a 68% increase in the number of first-years making appointments with CAPS to narrative, get their resumes reviewed, ask questions about define desperation, summer internships and start getting another kind of education.

Personally, I think it’s a great movement. As long as we don’t forget the values of a quality liberal arts education, this new awareness of the importance of interpersonal skills and understanding the “real world” as something that's more than an MTV show should really take us to some great places—-and just in time for employers to start hiring again. If you feel like you'd like to speech, develop your skills, check out some of the resources we offer: The Chicago Careers In… Programs (Business, Arts, Higher Education, Law, Health Professions, Journalism, Public and Social Service, and Science and Technology), which are designed to persuasion 1818, give you a quality pre-professional focus. Speech. Learn more on define the CAPS website.

Interview Stream: Practice your interview skills anywhere, anytime. Click here to learn more. Going Global, a resource for students interested in working abroad. Click to learn more. And, as always, if you're looking for narrative speech, a specific resource or just want to talk about computer, everything that CAPS offers, feel free to make an appointment! by Sherry Cao, CAPS Marketing Assistant, and Laurel Mylonas-Orwig, Strategic Programming and Outreach Manager. Here at UChicago, we like to think of ourselves as outside-of-the-box thinkers. We fill out the Uncommon Application (supplement). We read the Uncommon Blog. And we spend the Uncommon Fund on things like a laser rave in Harper and speech examples puppies on the quads during finals (I'm pretty excited about that one).

So, there's no reason that our resumes shouldn't be uncommon as well! I’ve been doing some research about resume writing—as I continue to apply for summer jobs, I want my (and your!) resume to shine as brightly as possible. However, while we all know that a resume should be organized, easy to read and reflective of your past experience, you may not know about some of following tips (that just might help you get ahead): According to an AOL Jobs article, the number one resume mistake is car named tennessee, only writing about past job tasks and not elaborating on speech what was learned or achieved from that task. Define. The article suggests asking yourself questions such as:

What specific professional challenges did I face when I took this job? Do I have specific performance goals? How well did I do against these goals? What is my greatest achievement in speech examples this position? How did I do it? What were results and benefits to me and the organization? This Forbes article outlines nine pieces of advice about what to 30 meter, include/leave off your resume. I’ll just list my favorite ones: Don’t use heavy resume paper, elaborate designs and other embellishments. Don’t include an objective, or a paragraph summarizing your skills. Don’t share information about yourself as a person—such as hobbies and memberships.

The last segment of this US News article answered a question that I’ve always had about how long to leave experiences on my resume. They advise that you keep a “rolling four-year tableau—the resume should always reflect the accomplishments in the most recent four years.” Also the first comment, unfortunately, has applied to me; Eelynn Lee says that grammar and spelling errors are “quite common”. Asking others to proofread your resume before submitting it for a job is always a good idea, and remember that spell check is your best friend--but won't catch everything. (Editor's note: It's especially important to remember that spell check will not catch words where the misspelling is a real word, but in the wrong place/context. For example, I once saw a resume for someone who had experience as a Pubic Account Manager. She did not get a call for examples, an interview.) Finally, I recently came across this AOL Jobs article about one typo that you should make on your resume. As you may have noticed, we favor resume on define this blog over resume. This is an speech examples, accepted spelling, but, of course, not strictly correct. However, in the age of online resume submissions, it is generally a good idea to omit the Interest Essay, accent marks. Narrative Examples. The reason for this is that many database programs convert documents to plain text, which strips out text flourishes.

That turns resume into r?sum?, which looks very much like a typo. To be on the safe side, unless you're submitting a PDF or a hard copy, leave out the accents. Interest. The French will survive. I hope you all learned quite a bit about your resume writing—I know I did. Narrative Speech. If you’d like more, click on the article links or, better yet, make an appointment here at 30 meter test CAPS at (773) 702-7040! by Sherry Cao, CAPS Marketing Assistant. See what I did there? It’s just been one of those punny days, I suppose, being April Fools Day and narrative speech all. Well, first things first: welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a relaxing spring break filled with sleep, if not also sun-drenched and coastal. Desperation. I myself was in Southern Indiana hammering and carrying plywood with some members of the University of Chicago Habitat for Humanity chapter.

It was a great experience, especially seeing the finished house at the end, though I am glad to be back in the city. Anyway, we are now well into first week—the add/drop frenzy is slowing down, reading has been assigned and narrative it’s now time to get yourselves into CAPS! Here’s what we have going on persuasion 1818 in spring: CCIB information sessions (only for narrative speech examples, class of 2014): Come learn about Chicago Careers in Business and the application process. CCIB is a selective “Chicago Careers in…” program for 30 meter sprint test, students pursuing any major, as long as they are interested in business. Narrative. Since CCIB is a three-year program, so this info session is only open to current first-years. 30 Meter. Join us April 5, 12 pm in the East Lounge and April 14, 4 pm in the West Lounge at Ida Noyes Hall.

Exploring Business Careers: Careers in narrative Advertising/PR/Marketing: Explore advertising, PR and marketing with a panel discussion with representatives from an ad agency, a public relations firm and in-house marketing. Talk about getting started in these careers and different internship and full-time job opportunities on April 14th at 5 pm in the East Lounge at Ida Noyes Hall. Summer Opportunities Information Session: The fact that we have one of these on May 9 means that there are still summer opportunities out there for you! Don’t miss this chance to do something fun, productive and maybe even lucrative this summer. Stop by on May 9 at 30 meter sprint 4:30 pm in the West Lounge at Ida Noyes Hall.

Exploring Business Careers: Careers in Financial Services: Explore and narrative get an overview of what it’s like working in the vast field of financial services on May 10 at 5:30 pm in the East Lounge at Ida Noyes Hall. Those are just a few highlights of all the exciting things going on at CAPS this quarter. We are also part of the define, Hire Big 10+ Consortium, which is speech, hosting a Virtual Career Fair from April 5-7. This online opportunity gives you the chance to network with employers just like you would at a physical career fair, but you can do it from the comfort of your living/dorm room (you can even wear your pajamas, if you want to). To learn more and sign up (required to participate), click here.

And, of persuasion 1818, course, don't forget that you can see all of the CAPS programs happening this quarter on the CAPS calendar!