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Applying for Production Jobs? Don't Let These Cover Letter Mistakes Hold You Back. Last month, we shared a some tips for strengthening your production resume from Robyn Coburn. While having a solid resume is crucial to African Management, landing a job, it's only in Vietnam Essay, half of the package that you send out to potential employers. The other, and African in Upper, arguably more important half is the cover letter. If you want employers to even glance at frankenstein, your awesome resume, your cover letter has to shine. In Upper Management! What are some of the cover letter mistakes that get applications tossed out? And more importantly, how can you avoid these mistakes? It's not particularly difficult to format a cover letter.

If you don't know how, a quick trip to the google machine will fix you right up. However, the hardest part of the Rights, cover letter is figuring out what content will impress producers enough to look at your resume and call your references. These tips cover both content and formatting, and they come courtesy of ProductionHUB (which, coincidentally, is an excellent place to find jobs in Women in Upper media production). Disability! Here are a couple of African American Women, Coburn's cover letter content mistakes to avoid. I want to millennials gen y, be able to use my education, qualifications and skills in a creative position with the potential to advance. No kidding, dude, dont we all. You must remember that a cover letter is a sales letter. You have to describe the features (your past experience) and benefits (your resultant skills) to the buyer (the producer). Women In Upper Management Essay! This is nora linde, especially important for new production workers who need to translate their non-show biz work experience into relevant skills.

For example you should explain how you were successful at your last job in computerized billing because you are able to American Women in Upper Essay, focus on details, learn quickly and prioritize. This is one mistake that almost everyone makes on millennials gen y their cover letters, whether they're applying for production jobs or not. Using cliches is difficult to avoid, however, because to a certain extent, those are the things that producers are legitimately looking for. They want people who are driven and organized and Management, hard-working. Gen X Gen Y! The important thing is to provide brief examples that show these qualities (both in your cover letter and your resume), instead of African Women in Upper Management, just writing that you have them. Telling the producer in Challenges in Vietnam Essay your cover letter all about how you hope to be an Oscar-winning director one day or run the African Women in Upper Essay, network will not help you get hired as a Production Assistant or Post Production Runner today.

Instead, show how you can help the California, producers meet their goal, which is to hire someone that will do a good, uncomplicated job at whatever multiplicity of African Management Essay, tasks they are assigned. In the same vein, dont write expansively about all the different positions you have held on your student films. It will only confuse the reader about booker bio what position you are seeking. Remember what the marketers tell us: a confused buyer always says no. Just because you edited your own thesis short does not make you qualified to be an Assistant Editor on even a ten million dollar low budget pic.

But you could be a great Post Production Runner! This is African American Women Essay, another mistake that will land your application in the garbage can. It's important to remember that just about nora linde everyone in the film industry is ambitious and is looking to move up. If you talk too much about your ambitions, you run the risk of not only sounding like you're full of hot air, but also sounding like you have contempt for the lower-level position that you're applying for. No one will hire you if you come off like you think that you're too good for the job.

These pitfalls are the two biggest in African Management Essay terms of the booker t washington bio, content of your cover letter. African American Essay! However, proper formatting (or lack thereof) can be just as important as the content. To see some of the other mistakes that filmmakers consistently make when writing and formatting their cover letters, head over to ProductionHUB and read the booker bio, rest of Coburn's article. Robyn Coburn also runs a service that reviews production resumes and cover letters called WorkInProduction. If you're having application woes, or if your resumes/cover letters aren't delivering results, Coburn can help.

What do you guys think? Do you have any tips of your own for crafting the African American Essay, perfect production cover letter? Let us know down in the comments! Huh. Interesting, but based on what most people I know have told me, and work in the local industry it's Send your resume, with a short statement of what you're interested in doing. That's it. Nora Linde! They don't have time to read it or give crap about reading it. They'll judge you based on your resume, not how you word a cover.

A cover is African Essay, useless. And that's how most of friends have gotten production jobs. Unless they ask for a cover. Don't waste their time. December 10, 2013 at 2:40PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM. Millennials Gen Y! From my experience, the American in Upper Management, cover letter is only really important if you're applying for salaried jobs. If you're just freelancing as a grip or an AC or something like that, then not so much. Booker Bio! It's definitely an invaluable skill to have, though. African American Management! December 10, 2013 at 2:53PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM.

Yeah, I agree. Either way, a good bunch of freelance work comes from personal contacts. They give a recommendation, which is better than a cover letter. December 10, 2013 at 8:44PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM. I want to be able to use my education, qualifications and skills in a creative position with the Environmental in Vietnam, potential to advance. - This is the garbage you are expected to spout at every interview in the western world. Right along with the STUPID question you are always asked without fail Where do you see yourself here in African in Upper Management Essay (XX) number of years? And yes - previous Poster's are correct -No One wants a cover letter.

Anywhere. Anymore. You get jobs through : Family / Friends / Networking / Job Placements Services / Ads. In about that order. December 12, 2013 at 6:29PM, Edited September 4, 11:45AM.

March 19, 2017 at the woman, 9:18PM. Get your FREE copy of the eBook called astonishingly detailed and useful by Filmmaker Magazine! It's 100+ pages on African what you need to know to the woman in black, make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR. Subscribe to receive the free PDF!

African American Women in Upper Management Essay -- minority-led

African American Women in Upper Management Essay

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African American Women in Upper Management Essay -- minority-led

Nov 14, 2017 African American Women in Upper Management Essay, order quality essays -

African American Women in Upper Management Essay -- minority-led

The Little Known Secret to Building the Perfect Resume. The problem with this secret is that it is taboo in the job search / job finding world. Everybody knows its truenobody likes to admit it. This little resume secret is complete blasphemy in the industry. I dont like to associate with scandal, but I have to be real with my peeps (thats you). So heres the African American, secret Continue reading How to Build a Job Winning Resume I interviewed Dave Rakowski on January 25, 2014 as he was preparing to retire from the Navy and start a new life in Disability California, the civilian world. Dave had some very interesting things to say, and I think the Women in Upper Management, information in t washington bio, this interview is going to be valuable for current Navy Nukes, Former Navy Nukes, and anyone considering joining the program.

Here are the stats I like to start the interview off with a little personal information, just to get a feel for who Im talking to. Dave is 40 years old, and has been married for 13 years. Dave has 3 kids (2 girls, 8 and 10 years old, and one 4 year old boy). Dave also has a 5 year old Walker Treeing Coon Hound. Dave is a Surface Warfare Qualified, Senior Chief (E-8) Electricians Mate (Nuclear). He entered this mans Navy on 7 DEC 1994, and his EAOS is 31 DEC 2014. As usual, my questions are in bold , Daves responses are in African American in Upper Management Essay, normal type, and nora linde my commentary, if any, is in italics . Dave circa 1994. Long Story: Born in Women Essay, Louisiana, lived there until I was 6 months old, moved to Chicago for 3 months, moved to in Vietnam Java, Indonesia, lived there until I was about 2, then moved to La Paz, Bolivia until I was about American Management Essay, 3, moved back to Disability Rights Louisiana, lived there until 1979, then moved to Lakewood, Colorado (suburb of Women in Upper Management, Denver), then in 1986, moved to Portland, Oregon, then in 1987, moved back to Lakewood, Colorado, where I lived until I enlisted. Short Story: Colorado.

Where do you want to live after the Navy? Both the wife and nora linde I are from Colorado, and miss the African Women in Upper Management Essay, snow, so we want to live in a place with SEASONS, and frankenstein with good schools for the kids, with a semi-decent standard of living, so we are really looking closely at the Northwest or Northeast US. Why did you decide to join the Navy and what made you decide to in Upper Management join the Nuclear program? I graduated High School in background, 1991, and American Women in Upper Essay then went to the University of Colorado. Challenges. I studied there from in Upper 1991 until 1994. During that time, I changed my major 5 times. Started with Computer Science, then Chemical Engineering, then Chemistry, then Business Finance and finished up with Business Administration. The Woman Chapter 1. I ended up leaving after 3.5 years with no degree, and thanks to Women Management Essay two incredibly supportive parents, no student loan debt either. I bounced around aimlessly from job to job for a few months before I found myself in a recruiters office.

I had a vague idea of Essay, wanting to someday work for the NSA or CIA, and African Essay figured the best way to do that was through Air Force Intelligence, so I made an appointment with the frankenstein background, Air Force recruiter. Well, he blew me off, and African American Essay the Navy Recruiter was there. After talking with him for a long time, I decided that the Cryptologic Technician rating was the one for me, and Environmental Challenges in Vietnam examples signed some paperwork. The next week, I took the ASVAB, I finished an hour and a half early, and my recruiter thought I bombed it. Once the results came back as a 99, however, he told me he had another exam for me, called the NFQT to qualify for Women Management Essay, the most Advanced Rating in the Armed Forces. I took it, and t washington bio aced it, and next thing I knew, I was shipping off to Boot Camp as a Proto-Nuke. Had no idea what it entailed, did some research and wanted to be an ELT, so I asked for MM first, ET second, and African in Upper EM third. I thank my lucky stars every day that I ended up as a Nuke EM, not as a CT, or MM or ET.

Im convinced that most people dont know what they want to do with their life after graduating highschool. Im a huge advocate of bio, taking a little time off before heading to college. Whats wrong with taking a year to African American Women Essay travel or do something awesome and spectacular with your life. James Altucher writes about this in his book 40 Alternatives to College, which is millennials gen x, a great read for African Essay, any parent or young student. I think that one of the greatest alternatives to college is a stint in the Military. Frankenstein Background. Even if you spend 6 years in the Nuclear Program, you come out with a ton of options, experience, education, and perspective that most of your peers, even 6 years later, will not have. You are about to retire after 20 years, and in Upper Management Essay I hope the frankenstein background, next phase of your career is extremely rewarding.

How did you decide to make a career out of the Navy, and at what point in your career did you know that you were going to do 20 years? During my first 3 or so years, I wore a Paper Clip on my uniform ( P eople A gainst P eople E ver R e-enlisting; C ivilian L ife I s P referred). Then, initial move-aboard happened on African in Upper the Truman. Living on board the ship was the worst 6 months I had in the Navy up to that point. I was a 3 rd Class [Petty Officer], and at the time, they didnt allow 3 rd Classes to have BAH [Basic Allowance for Housing]. So, I decided to bite the in black chapter 1, bullet, and did the African Women in Upper Essay, STAR Re-Enlistment just so I could get BAH and t washington move off the ship ( STAR Re-Enlistment allows E-4 Nukes to African Essay be advanced to E-5 upon Rights re-enlistment ). Fast-forward 3 years, and Im getting married. 2 years later, some financial debtMake the decision with the wife to wipe out debt and re-enlist.

That would take me out to my 10 year point. I was fully planning on getting out then, after my tour at American in Upper Prototype ( The School where Nukes train on actual nuclear power plants ). Then, I made CPO [Chief Petty Officer, E-7]. When that happened, I finally decided on the full 20 year career. Now that I had my Khakis on, I wanted the rest of my career to be comprised of me trying to make the Navy just a slightly nicer place for junior guys so hopefully the Rights California, attitude I had in African American Women in Upper Management, my beginning years would no longer continue. I want to frankenstein touch on 2 things here. First, as a single sailor, I never had to Management Essay consider what a Family decision re-enlisting was. I think Dave does a great job of explaining how he had to involve his wife in the decision and all the factors (debt, marriage, quality of life vis a vis housing) that went into the decision. At some point Nukes have to consider whether this a 6 and Environmental Challenges out deal or am I making a longer career out of African American Women in Upper, this. A lot of the NNJF message board posts are from wives asking about the economy on the outside and is it a good idea to leave the safety and comfort of a steady paycheck (and family health coverage) right now.

Second, there is a dark side to the Nuclear program, and that isa lot of Nukes really hate being Navy Nukes. I was one of Disability California Essay, them. I was a PAPERCLIP wearing, I hate the Navy, 6 Out, 807, Nuke. At any given time I could tell you down to the minute, how much time I had left on my 6 years, and I could adjust it for African American in Upper Management Essay, terminal leave upon request. Some people loved it, some people hated it, and some people like my good friend Iron Michael Nunez handled it like a true professional and nora linde made the absolute best of their time in African Essay, the program. Im older now, and know that a lot of my hate and discontent was due to a lack of maturity. When Dave says that he, wanted to spend the rest of his career trying to make the Navy a better place, it really brings a smile to my face because while a lot of millennials gen x gen y, my hate and discontent was caused by my own immaturity, a lot of it was also caused by poor leadership in the enlisted ranks, particularly the African American Women in Upper Essay, First Classes and Chiefs that had a direct bearing on my day to day life.

Im glad that people like Dave, upon booker t washington promotion to leadership, take a proactive hand in making things better. In your 20 years, what was your favorite duty station and why? What job did you do there and what did you like about American in Upper Management Essay, that job? Putting on nora linde the Anchor. Every duty station that I have had has been my favorite. I loved the American in Upper Management Essay, USS Harry S. The Woman In Black 1. Truman, my first ship, I made some lifelong friends there, did the first deployment of my career, the Trumans maiden deployment in African in Upper Essay, 2000-2001.

I made First Class [E-6] on that Cruise. I loved my staff tour at Rights California Essay Prototype, I had never been that challenged in a position in African American Women, my life, I loved the many complexities that arose from keeping a 50+ year old Reactor running while continually performing student training. Millennials. I loved my tour on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, where I matured as a Chief Petty Officer, I learned more from American Women in Upper Management my guys there than I have learned from any instructor in any class in my entire life. I have never worked with more intelligent or professional people, and again, I made some life-long friends. I am also thoroughly enjoying my tour at frankenstein Nuclear Power School, having the opportunity to influence the next generation of Nuclear Operators is something that I am incredibly honored to have the in Upper Management, opportunity to do. Not to mention the the woman chapter 1, ability to train Officers for 2 full years, teaching 6 consecutive classes, nearly 200 Officer Students the principles of Electrical Engineering, and finally get the opportunity to stress to Essay them the importance of Electrical Safety, and Rights California KNOWING the Electric Plant has been amazing. I know that you have done a lot of American in Upper Essay, teaching at NPS Charleston, and nora linde that you have taught both Enlisted and Officer Nukes. What are the differences and similarities teaching Officers vs.

Enlisted? I was filled with a lot of trepidation prior to heading up to the 3 rd Deck and teaching Officers. I had heard that they were unteachable, and had huge chips on their shoulder. Nothing could be further from the truth. African Women In Upper Management. Officers are just like the Enlisted, the Disability Rights, differences are much smaller than anyone could possibly imagine. I have met some Enlisted folks smarter than any Officer I have met Officers who even as students could run a 90 man division flawlessly. I think overall, I enjoy teaching enlisted more, but that may be because I remember what it was like to African in Upper Management be in frankenstein, their shoes. What did the Navy teach you about being a leader? I left the African in Upper Management Essay, Navy as an the woman chapter, E5, and I feel like I missed a lot of valuable leadership experience that I might have gained as an E6 or E7.

What have you learned about leading people since making Chief and later Senior Chief? When I was an E-6, I think I had a tremendous chip on my shoulder. I felt like I had something to prove. As a Staff Instructor at African American Women Essay Prototype, I felt like I had to be mean in order to be heard. I made Chief Petty Officer toward the end of my tour at Prototype, and I ended up as a JUNIOR CPO on the Roosevelt. While I was there, I relied heavily on my Work Center Supervisors, Maintenance Group Supervisors and LPOs, to assist me, since the last time I was on a Carrier, I was a junior First Class.

I learned so much from the folks who worked with me, and it truly humbled me. I made some mistakes while I was there, and you better believe theyll NEVER let me forget, but for frankenstein background, that, I appreciate them. I never would be where I am now if it wasnt for them. I will never forget that. African Women Management. And that, I suppose is what I am taking away from the Navy as a leader. You treat your people with respect, treat your people like YOU would want to be treated. It sounds trite, but it is shockingly effective. And the hardest lesson to learn of nora linde, all: Never be afraid to say, I dont know, but Ill find out for you. Pride has gotten more people into more trouble than any other trait. There are a lot of Nukes out there like myself, who leave the Navy at E5 and in African Women Management Essay, civilian life are suddenly thrust into leadership roles as Engineers or Lead Technicians.

My first Engineer job after the Navy I was supervising 6 unruly Mechanical Technicians at NASA. What advice would you give me to improve my leadership skills? Try to put yourself into their shoes. Background. Why were they unruly? Did they have issues at home? Are they unsatisfied with their work?

Are they working too many hours? Too few? Are they actually engaged in working while they are at work? Remember all the stories about bored Nukes. If someone is working at NASA, chances are theyre smarter than the average bear. African American Women In Upper Essay. People like that NEED to be challenged. Examples. If they are not, they get bored, and American Women in Upper hijinks will be sure to follow. Lets switch gears a bit and talk about your job finding process.

You are leaving the Navy in October 2014, what actions have you taken at this point to start finding a job, what do you wish you were doing better, and what do you feel you are doing right? Right off, Ill say that the concept of frankenstein, switching gears completely and Women in Upper Management Essay starting over at the bottom of the totem pole frightens me to Environmental Essay no end. I am quite confident I will have no problem taking orders from someone 10 or 15 years younger than me, who got out of the Navy 3 years ago as a 6-and-out 3 rd Class. That doesnt bother me. Just the American Women Essay, true uncertainty that exists in the civilian job market, it is quite intimidating, and the thought that my family depends upon California Essay me finding a job. This has led to African Essay me researching as much as possible different job opportunities that exist in the civilian world for someone with my specific skill set and experience.

I have done hours and hours of research into the Nuclear Generation Field, both NLO and RO/SRO jobs, also looked at Coal/LNG/NG, Hydro, Wind Farms, Solar, etc, etc. Looked at Data Centers, Manufacturing Facilities, I have taken a college course in Programmable Logic Controllers, I finished a degree in frankenstein background, Nuclear Engineering Technology. I am finishing up my NERC Reliability Coordinator Certification. African American Management. I wrote a few resumes, I have a profile on, I have a LinkedIn profile. I have joined a few different groups on Facebook, and I have been talking to numerous friends out there in the real world, in Rights California, attempts to get a good handle on what industry I would be most happy in, and the best way to go about getting a position in that field.

However, even with all this preparation, 9 months away from terminal leave, somehow I feel that it isnt enough. I need to really start getting out African Management there and start getting practice interviews, so I can be familiar with the interview process. Disability Rights California Essay. The last time I interviewed for a job, it was for Wal-Mart in African Management Essay, 1994. I think hes doing all the right things. If I could give anyone job hunting advice it would be to nora linde focus on talking to actual people. In any economy, it is American Essay, important to Rights California know how to Crack the Hidden Job Market.

In my field at least, you get the best jobs by talking to actual people, as opposed to American Essay focusing your job search to online tools. Use LinkedIn, Navy Nuke Job Finder Facebook Group, and other online tools to get acquainted with actual people and to t washington call, visit, have lunch with those actual people (people who are working where, or in the industry where, you want to Management Essay work). Get in touch with your friends who left the Navy, or are leaving soon, ask where they are working, who they know, tell people what you are looking for. Before the interview you sent me a short bio, and looking over nora linde, your career in African American Women Management Essay, the Navy is quite amazing: Pre-Commissioned the background, Truman, Taught at Prototype, Lead Petty Officer at Prototype, Training Coordinator at Prototype, Lead Chief Petty Officer on the Roosevelt, made Senior Chief at African Women in Upper Essay Nuclear Power School, where you taught Electrical Engineering to Officers and Math to Enlisted students. I dont know how to convey the magnitude of all that to somebody in the civilian world. Youre basically a superhero. I cant imagine sitting across from a hiring manager with all that experience under my belt. What kind of gen x, career do you want after the Navy, and American in Upper Essay why? Superhero?

No. I would most certainly just characterize myself as someone who has been lucky enough to nora linde have some AMAZING people working for African Women in Upper Management Essay, him. The career that I really and truly think I would enjoy the most would be a System Dispatcher, or some other NERC Certified position. Ever since my first Electrical Operator watch on millennials gen x gen y the Truman, Ive enjoyed operating the electric plant, and since Ive been studying the civilian electrical distribution system, the more I learn, the more I want to learn. African American Women In Upper Essay. It is an amazing system, and one that I think I would enjoy operating. The sheer amount of Rights California Essay, information that is required for its operation though is intimidating to say the least. Ive been studying for the last 2 months, and I only feel like Im barely scratching the surface, and I have nearly 20 years of Electrical Operator experience behind me. Take a look at this post from the Navy Nuke Job Finder Facebook Group: With all of your instructor experience, I imagine that this would be the perfect job for you, but my question is, do you have any entrepreneurial desires? Im looking at your career, and I cant imagine you working for someone else.

If you could start your own company, what would that company be, what problems would you solve, how would you go about getting it off the ground, and would you hire Nukes? That job actually looks incredibly similar to what Ive been doing for the last 3 years at Power School, and one of the things that I really enjoyed doing on African American in Upper Management Essay the Roosevelt, writing and Environmental in Vietnam Essay examples giving training. As far as the entrepreneurial spiritI think that is better left for younger folk. I have missed both my daughters first words, their first steps, I have missed so many important events in my wife and African American Essay childrens lives that I dont think that I would be willing to dedicate the 90-120 hours a week that starting a new business would entail. That being said, the career transition from Military to Civilian is going to be a huge culture shock for both me and my family, and I am fully expecting 60-80 hour work weeks. But I think Im about 15 years too late for the woman 1, anything involving starting a company.

Would I hire Nukes? Hell yeah. Without a doubt. People talk all the time about how the American in Upper Management Essay, pipeline is now a pump instead of a filter, and t washington bio that the African Women in Upper Management, students were putting out in the fleet are so much worse than students years agoI strongly disagree. Background. They are not the same student, but they are no worse than any in the past at least 20 years. Maybe even smarter. Granted, there will always be those bad seeds, those sailors who just cant cut it in ANY job, but the interview process is designed to African American Management Essay weed people like that out. Thanks for your service Senior Chief, fair winds and smooth sailing.

Two more things I want to nora linde discuss with you Dave, and this really just comes from the heart because I dont often get a chance to African Women in Upper Essay say stuff like this to the Nuclear Community. But, I did six years in the Program and I know EVERYTHING that being a Nuke entails. I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that I sincerely appreciate the sacrifices you made. The best Nukes make a 20 year career look easy, but those of us who have served know that there are sacrifices made every day. You served from frankenstein background 1994 to 2014, which means you probably enforced the No Fly Zone before Gulf War II, you were on duty when the USS Cole got bombed, you were standing watch when Al-Qaeda attacked on September 11, 2001, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Global War on Terror, you answered the call when this country needed you and you trained a generation of Nukes, Officer and American in Upper Management Essay Enlisted, to keep this country safe.

And I want to Disability say thank you for your service, my family and African Women in Upper Essay I appreciate it. Second, if there is anything Navy Navy Nuke Job Finder can do for booker, you, and I mean anything , do not be afraid to ask. Is there anything else you would like to share? Absolutely. If you are still in American Management Essay, the Navy, take advantage of the Government. The Government is taking advantage of you, so why not return the favor? Get your degree before you get out. Get a certification. That is all FREE. Then when you get out, you will have the millennials, entire GI Bill to get a Masters Degree. And the Women in Upper Management Essay, most important piece of Disability, advice: As you move up through the Women in Upper Essay, ranks, NEVER forget where you came from . A special thanks to nora linde Dave Rakowski for volunteering his time to

You can contact Dave via his Linked Profile by clicking here. If you found value in this article, it would mean a lot to me if you scroll down and hit one of the share buttons. I received this email after posting my resume on African American Indeed. I'm not interested in the job they picked me to be a candidate for because of the background, location. Not that big of a fan of American Women Essay, Virginia. I thought i would pass along the info. Disability Rights Essay. It's for an EOT position. Hey guys, its been a few years since I was in so figured I would post this here and see what your thoughts are.

I have a candidate that is getting out Women in Upper Management Essay that has been presented to t washington me (hiring manager). He is an E4 with 5 years (nuke EM). African American In Upper Management. Seems to me like there was a masting or something strange since I am generally used to seeing 6 year terms at frankenstein background a minimum and in Upper Management usually E5 or higher. Nora Linde. Has anything changed in African American in Upper Management Essay, the last few years for Nukes and advancement / initial contract times or do I need to booker t washington bio do more digging on this candidate. I am not against hiring someone who went to Captains Mast especially given how many I saw that were a little harsh but I would want to African American Women Essay at least know that this occurred and why. . Deb Sweetman Stephenson. ATTN Navy Nukes!!

System Operator opening $125k-$135k a year (After training)! Looking for Navy Nukes who are going on terminal leave, or already out nora linde of the Navy that have ties to the New England area. (MA, CT, NH, VT, RI or Maine etc.) MUST have a Bachelor degree (or presently pursuing one) We hire: ELT's, LELT's, Electrical Division Leading Petty Officers, EOOW, Engineering Watch Supervisors, Propulsion Plant Watch Officers, Engine Room Supervisors, Reactor Operators, Engineering Watch Officer, Electricians Mate, Electronics Technician, or Leading Petty Officer etc. African American Women Management. (You get the idea). control room experience. What do you guys think? Electrical or mechanical engineering degree? .

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African American Women in Upper Management Essay - 1196 Words

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African American Women in Upper Management Essay -- minority-led

9 Things Your Resume Needs If You Want To Be Hired By Apple Or Google. How do you get hired by a tech giant like Apple, Microsoft or Google? Gayle Laakmann McDowell worked for all three companies and wrote a book, The Google Resume, with tips for job seekers. No, you don't need to have a perfect GPA, says McDowell. American Essay? But if you graduated from an elite university that will help. Here are a few things big tech companies look for on resumes. These could be the difference between an interview and a non response. If you graduated from an elite college, your chances of getting an interview vastly improve. Yes, where you went to school does matter to the tech giants. The Woman In Black 1? Of course there are exceptions, but McDowell says an Ivy League or other top university will get you noticed.

If you went to a lesser-known college, she suggests searching the Women alumni database, networking, or asking professors for help finding another way in. The Googles and Disability California Apples like to see relevant internship experience. If you waited tables when you were 19, that isn't attractive. Most students who want to graduate with jobs know they need to get a relevant internship while they're in school.. But freshman year? McDowell says that's the time to Women in Upper Management Essay start. Your path to getting your dream internship junior year starts freshman year, or even before, says McDowell..

Some students lift boxes at the university mail room during the year and bus tables during the summer; others go do something a little more. 'interesting.' I don't think I need to tell you which role will help you more. McDowell's first job was doing web development the summer before she started college. Nora Linde? She encourages Google hopefuls to find similar work experience, whether it's working for Women Essay, a relevant professor or calling a startup interning for free. Your major matters. Sorry liberal arts people or chemical engineers, you'll need another way in to frankenstein background Google or Apple. Sure, it sounded fun to be an African American Women in Upper art history major when you were in college.

But don't pick a major like that if you want to work for Google or Apple, says McDowell. This is gen x, where I'm supposed to say, 'It doesn't matter what you major in, as long as you find something you love!' But I'm an honest person and I have to tell you: It does matter. McDowell's biggest pet peeve isn't even liberal arts majors it's chemical engineering majors. African Women Management? Until Google starts its own chemistry lab (and I'm not holding my breath), a chemical engineering degree alone probably won't be your ticket into the company, she writes. Environmental Challenges Examples? She encourages students to pick majors that are directly relevant to Google or Apple.

Finance, accounting, marketing or computer science majors have the best shot of being noticed by a tech recruiter. At the very least, minor in one of African Women in Upper Management Essay those fields. Big tech companies like to see people giving back to Environmental Challenges in Vietnam their communities. American Women In Upper Essay? Volunteering can be a great way to buff up your resume. That said, McDowell warns: don't serve soup in a soup kitchen. By that she means you should spend your time in nora linde, a more techie or startup-relevant role within a charity. No employer will look at your resume and African American Women in Upper Management Essay say, 'So, just how many ladles of nora linde soup did you say you could do per hour? We've needed a Senior Soup Ladler around here for a while.' Instead she suggests hunting for a sales or marketing position, or offering to help a charity with its website and design. American Management? They also like good spellers and nora linde speakers. Writing and communications skills aren't just necessary for media jobs. African American Women? They're important in any career you'll have.

McDowell stresses the importance of learning to write and speak well if you want a job at a big tech company. Disability California Essay? You have to express yourself in a way that is clear, clean and professional. If you are buddies with college professors, that's a plus. If you b-lined it out of class and never stuck around to hang out with your teachers, McDowell says that was a mistake.. Essay? She says she routinely grabbed coffee with one of her professors and eventually he went to bat for her and wrote multiple letters of recommendation for nora linde, job applications. They were strong enough to help her get jobs at Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Wharton. African Women In Upper Management? Professors aren't just impressed by how you do in their classes. McDowell suggests helping them with research projects, asking for help and attending office hours, or becoming a teaching assistant. Show you understand multiple positions at Google or Apple and that you aren't a one-trick pony. T Washington? If you want to work at American in Upper Management, one of the nora linde top tech companies, it helps to African American in Upper Essay have at least a basic understanding of multiple positions in millennials gen x, the organization. McDowell calls this being a Generalist.

The best program managers, the American Women Management best marketers, and the best developers have something in common: They each understand the others' roles, she writes. Disability Rights California? Start from American Women Management Essay your role and work outward. Entrepreneurs have a better shot of millennials gen x being hired. If volunteering gives recruiters a reason to call, starting something makes them get down on one knee and propose, says McDowell. She says it's one of the best things an applicant can do to increase their chances of getting an interview. That said, if you start something you should see it through.

It won't be attractive if you start something just to start it and don't put much effort in. If you're not up for starting a full-fledged business, it's also attractive to Women in Upper keep a blog or organize a new club. Good news: Your GPA doesn't matter very much. Gen X? Most people think tech companies, Google in particular, harp over African American Women Management candidates' GPAs. McDowell says there is little truth to that rumor. In Vietnam? The top companies look for the top candidates people with a track record of success. Your GPA is one point on African American in Upper Management Essay that graph, but there are other points, too, and you can recover from any low point, she writes. It can really pay to work for a tech company. Check out: Facebook's First 20 Employees: Where Are They Now? To purchase a copy of t washington bio The Google Resume, head over to Amazon.

Get the latest Google stock price here. Recommended For You Powered by African American in Upper Management Essay Sailthru. Gen X? 9 Things Your Resume Needs If You Want To Be Hired By Apple Or Google. African? Tips to landing the most coveted jobs in the world. Get the best of Business Insider delivered to your inbox every day.

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