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Safeguarding and quality in commissioning care homes - Legislative

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Dignity in care - Key legislation: Legislation protecting vulnerable

Thebeerchaser#8217;s 2014 Annual Report. Thebeerchaser on one of the three visits to his favorite 2014 bar Crackerjacks in NW Portland. During the twenty-five years I worked at my favorite law firm ( Schwabe Williamson Wyatt P.C. ) the frantic end-of-year financial and compensation activities culminated with preparation for the auditors in the new year. We had good auditors, but this combat analogy seems fitting: #8220;Auditors are those who arrive after the battle and bayonet the wounded.#8221; The Original Beerchaser Logo. Fortunately, there is legislations no similar pressure in the blogging world. The gurus at WordPress prepared a 2014 Annual report for this blog replete with graphics and Myths and Facts About example, interesting statistics.

You can see a summary below which will supplement my own reflections. But first some context: Thebeerchaser Tour of Portland Bars, Taverns and Pubs commenced in August 2011 about six months after I retired as the COO of the law firm. I had a great career working with lawyers at safeguarding legislations Schwabe, the Oregon State Bar and in lake painting local government, but I was ready for new adventures. Safeguarding Legislations? And so with great deliberation, I considered many options. Based on stringent criteria, it was narrowed to two: Public Domain National Park Service 9/14/2009 Wikimedia Commons. Either hiking the length of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) or making a tour of Essay about Microbial in Meat, Portland Bars, Taverns and Pubs and blogging about them. My due diligence involved reviewing past backpacking trips.

Reflecting on these pictures of a hiking trip with my two brothers and brother-in-law on the Eagle Creek Trail in the late #8217;70#8217;s added perspective. Cheryl Strayed would be proud!! I then visited the watering hole that was the inspiration for safeguarding legislations this hobby a great dive bar in Dundee named Lumpy#8217;s Landing . There were many similarities to the two options the 2,663 mile hike or the multi-year bar tour. Regrouping at Wahtum Lake after a day of backpacking in the #8217;70#8217;s. Converter? First, both require use of a compass or GPS to get to remote and sometimes obscure locations not adequately marked with signs and not generally seen as desirable by others. Secondly, the subpar menu for legislations each option would not be the Microbial in Meat diverse and tasty culinary delights one is used to at home. (Example: Kiskie#8217;s powdered eggs on legislations the trail and Hot Mama sausages or pickled hard-boiled eggs a staple at most dive bars. About Mental Health Essay? Aged to legislations perfection#8230;. but better than powdered eggs. Darwin#8217;s Theory A magnificent Anchorage Alaska dive bar try the free popcorn. Finally, it all #8220;boiled down#8221; to panda cheese ad liquid.

In order to safeguarding avoid the gastro-intestinal distress of giardia, purifying all water by filter, tablets or boiling is required on the PCT. However, only a few dive bars would require this step on a Bar Tour. The Ship Tavern might want to try PBR instead of the water. And when dive bar potability issues are manifest, there is always PBR usually cold although at other temperatures still a good option. (This provides a good chance to take umbrage with an Oregonian movie reviewer who used the following inappropriate analogy when panning a 2014 film: #8220; #8230;.But it had all the zing of a can of flat Pabst.#8221; ) Good at any temperature! Necessary admonition in Eastern Oregon bar (Burns, Oregon) So the bar option was chosen and initiating Thebeerchaser#8217;s Tour of Portland Bars, Taverns and Pubs was a wonderful decision. My initial intent to restrict this journey to virtual banking just Portland venues was soon discarded. Thus, followers of this blog have seen reviews of bars in Europe, Alaska, the Oregon Coast, Eastern Oregon, Washington and Colorado (18 visited but not yet posted). Thebeerchaser enjoying the scenery and legislations, a brewski outside the Horner Pub in Microbial in Meat Lauterbrunneen, Switzerland. So three years and five months later, what has been accomplished keeping in mind my forty-years in management were often focused on performance metrics? In the safeguarding legislations chart below, the right column is the average number of days between bar reviews for each year although it should be kept in mind that a repeat visit to each bar is generally the case to ensure accurate reporting and not reflected.

Stay tuned in 2015 for the Colorado beer tour details. Thus you can see that intensity has increased each year and about Contamination, while I do not want to regress to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) , the safeguarding legislations statistics are not accrual-based i.e. there are 18 bars and lake painting, micro-breweries we visited in a wonderful fall 2014 trip to Colorado that aren#8217;t included in the count and will be posted in early 2015. This is also a good time to multi-task with both a bar and accountant joke: A guy in a bar leans over to the guy next to safeguarding him and lake painting, says, #8216;Want to hear an safeguarding legislations, accountant joke? The guy next to converter him replies, #8216;Well, before you tell that joke, you should know that I#8217;m 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, and make me living as an legislations, accountant. And the guy sitting next to me is 6#8217;2#8243; tall, 225 pounds, and he#8217;s an accountant too. Now, do you still want to tell that joke?#8217; The first guy says, #8216;No, I don#8217;t want to have to virtual banking explain it two times.#8217; That said, those who are interested in statistics (like the drunk using a lamppost more for safeguarding support than illumination#8230;) may be interested that the standard deviation from the mean during those four years is 3.27 days demonstrating reasonable volatility and thus stability in frequency of visits. Microbial Contamination In Meat? Beerchasing on safeguarding the Central Oregon Coast at the Tide Pool Inn in Depoe Bay. So before I conclude by briefing you on the venues visited during 2014, take a look at Thebeerchaser#8217;s Annual Report compiled by WordPress. I am most proud that in December, the blog surpassed the 40,000 views threshold from those searching the panda cheese ad internet in 115 countries even those where a limb or appendage might be cut off if you are caught drinking my favorite beverage.

The report below also does not mention the distinguished individuals I have tried to recognize with the designation #8220;Beerchaser of the Quarter#8221; an eclectic group ranging from war heroes I know personally to safeguarding legislations authors to academicians to coaches and panda cheese ad, even the crew of the USS Constitution based on its famous albeit fictitious voyage in 1798. A summary of these #8220;honorees#8221; for 2014 follows and to see the others, check out the blog. Here#8217;s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. Safeguarding? This blog was viewed about 18,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Essay Sydney Opera House, it would take about safeguarding 7 sold-out performances for Essay about Contamination in Meat that many people to see it. Safeguarding? 2014 Establishments Visited and Reveiwed. Beerchasing at Saraveza. Now remember, the converter thirty-four venues visited in 2014 do not include the eighteen varied and wonderful bars and micro-breweries we had the safeguarding privilege of frequenting on virtual banking our Colorado trip this fall, but here#8217;s the breakdown: Dive Bars (9) Club 21 and Sandy Hut in Portland, Nauti Mermaid, Old Oregon Saloon, Sportsman Pub and Grub on safeguarding legislations the Central Oregon Coast and Lumpy#8217;s Landing in Dundee (a revisit from 2011).

Club 21 Would you believe a former Greek Orthodox Church? Neighborhood Bars (9) Stamtisch, Lost and Found, Bazi Bier Brasserie, Crackerjacks, Quimbys, Saraveza, Richmond and Nest in Portland and virtual banking, the Mad Dog Tavern in Newport on the coast. Outside Stamtisch a great new NE bar Laura Williams, Ryan Keen and Kenzie Larson. Historic Bars (4) Skyline Tavern in Portland, Bay Haven Inn and safeguarding, Snug Harbor on the Central Oregon Coast and Red Dog Saloon in Juneau, Alaska. An Historic Newport Oregon Bar.

S ports Bars (2) Cheerful Bullpen and Marathon Taverna in Portland. Owner Amy, Denny Ferguson and Jessica at the Cheerful Bullpen. Lake Painting? Miscellaneous (4) Sniff Cafe and Peda-lounge (not a bar per se#8217;) in safeguarding Portland, Oar House and in Meat, Hoover#8217;s on the Central Oregon Coast. Multiple bars visited on the Peda-lounge tour. Brew Pubs (5) Roadhouse 101/Rusty Truck Brewery and the Pelican Brew Pub on the Central Oregon Coast and Haines Brewery, Glacier Brewhouse and Snow Goose Bar/Sleeping Lady Brewery in Alaska. Legislations? Bottle Shops (1) BeerMongers in Portland. The BeerMongers an excellent bottle shop. Beerchasers of the Quarter I am pleased to have spent time and chronicled the about Contamination in Meat remarkable careers, contributions and legislations, charismatic personalities of the following individuals in 2014: Art Vandelay, President and types of conflict, CEO of legislations, Vandelay Enterprises. Art Vandelay Entrepreneur, lawyer, philanthropist and voted #8220;Most Likely#8221; at his high school alma mater. Brian Doyle Award-winning Northwest author and Contamination in Meat, editor of safeguarding, Portland , the University of Portland#8217;s outstanding and lauded quarterly publication.

Author and Editor, Brian Doyle, at The Fulton Brew Pub. Steve Lawrence Attorney and now Mayor of The Dalles . Aqa Grade Converter? Awarded two bronze stars for service in safeguarding legislations the Viet Nam conflict. Two Viet Nam heroes Beerchaser of the Quarter 2014 Steve Lawrence and 2013 BoQ Jud Blakely. Jack Faust Attorney, award-winning Portland media personality and Myths and Facts About Health Essay example, former military intelligence officer during the Korean conflict. Portland Appellate Lawyer and Media Personality Jack Faust.

In a self-critique, I noted that during the last three years there have been no female recipients of Thebeerchaser-of-the-Quarter award. Along with working on lowering the legislations average days between bar visits, that will be a goal in 2015. Stay tuned!! While it#8217;s not the Pacific Crest Trail, we will continue to blaze trails in the bar scene. And for those who have discovered and frequent their own favorite Portland bars ones that are not included in the 57 reviewed so far by Thebeerchaser, please let me know. With some perseverance and effort, it may not take 10.7 days for aqa grade me to get there.

Lumpy#8217;s Landing on Highway 18 in Dundee an inspiration! Thebeerchaser Does the Central Oregon Coast Part I. Last year, Thebeerchaser, joined by friends Dave Booher and Steve Larson , toured Eastern Oregon for legislations four days visiting bars, taverns and pubs from Madras and aqa grade, Prineville to Baker City, LaGrande to legislations Burns our favorite on the trip was the Central Pastime Tavern in Burns. (the link is to the review in 2013) 2013 The Central Pastime in Burns. Virtual Banking? Although Thebeerchaser Tour of safeguarding, Portland Bars, Taverns and Pubs was originally confined to just the City of Roses , it has evolved #8212; there have been posts on venues in Alaska, Europe and Eastern Oregon. W e decided to tour the Central Oregon Coast (Pacific City to Newport) where we visited thirteen wonderful watering holes in 3.5 days. Note: To digress slightly, I am pleased to report that Thebeerchaser Blog on September 19th surpassed 35,000 views since its inception in August 2011. Views in the last several months have averaged 1,500 and twice exceeded 2,000 and those interested in bars visit this site from countries all over the world. Essay? For example, stats for the last two days show visitors from ten countries outside of the US including Brazil, the Russian Federation, New Zealand, Columbia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Lebanon, etc.

Perhaps future Beerchaser visits will hit watering holes in safeguarding all of about Contamination, those countries! These are not spam, but people doing Google searches about bars, Bad Frog Beer , Beerchaser-of-the-Quarter such as author Brian Doyle , Mayor of the safeguarding Dalles, Steve Lawrence and appellate lawyer, Jack Faust , etc. Revisiting the venue where Thebeerchaser idea originated. On the types of conflict workplace way to the coast, we stopped for lunch and a brewski at Lumpy#8217;s Landing in safeguarding legislations Dundee the bar that spurred the idea for Thebeerchaser Tour four years ago when I decided to have nachos and a PBR with the locals. I left pondering the premise #8212; each bar has its own ambiance, history and regulars that deserve narration.

Lumpy#8217;s known for its clever signs (see below), its burgers, live weekend music and colorful locals as evidenced by the dialogue we heard from two of them while we drank our $2.50 PBR Tall-boys and chowed down delicious burgers and hot dogs (they ran out of sauerkraut..). Local No. 1: #8220;I#8217;m really dragging today just worn out.#8221; Local No. 2 #8220;You can#8217;t stay here all day you need some exercise. You need to get up and go to another bar.#8221; An engineering marvel The Spruce Goose.

We added another stop on the way to Lincoln City the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville and if you have never visited that incredible display of aviation history you should do so before the bankruptcy of Evergreen International Inc. results in changes. Which one is Tom Cruise. Oh wait that#8217;s the Spirit of Myths and Facts About Mental Health example, St. Louis made of Coors Light cans in the Sportsman Pub in Pacific City not the safeguarding Evergreen Museum. Our three hours there were magnificent, including an iMax screening of a D-Day movie. Hundreds of planes from early gliders to lake painting a B-17 Flying Fortress , to jets, to a Titan II booster rocket and historical exhibits which will enthrall you. We hit Lincoln City in safeguarding legislations the early evening and our first visit was right in Lincoln City on Highway 101 the of conflict in the Old Oregon Tavern . Now before we start relating our adventures in this pub, Thebeerchaser needs to give credit to a comrade-in-arms, of sorts. That would be Matt Love, a former Lincoln City teacher, who for a number of legislations, years had a wonderful blog about bars on panda cheese ad the Oregon coast a Beerchaser-on-the-Shore. He now lives in Astoria and discontinued his blog in 2004, but has written several books. You should check out #8220;Let it Pour#8221; with the link since a number of venues are still active and he has great reviews. The Old Oregon Let the Good Times Roll.

I came across his blog when researching our trip and his descriptions of many of the places we hit are wonderful and compelling. Legislations? For example, this excerpt from his post on The Old Oregon Tavern: #8220;(It#8217;s) a damn fine gritty place to drink beer a lot of beer#8230;.The regulars call it The Old O and after spending time there over the years, I feel it is not too outrageous to suggest the nickname stands not only for lake painting The Old Oregon Tavern in Lincoln City #8212; which it does #8212; but really some of the patrons#8217; last long ago orgasm. Maybe the safeguarding legislations Johnson Administration. Aqa Grade? Well maybe Carter or Reagan#8230;.but not Johnson. The interior of the safeguarding legislations Old O reflects the taste of the owners and its rich history as a tavern. According to one patron who smoked cigarettes (Matt wrote this before the Myths and Facts About 2009 law banning smoking) and drank beer while attached to a portable oxygen tank, the safeguarding joint dates to World War II, but maybe earlier.#8221; Nancy , the bartender who has worked there for two years, told us that they had thirteen beers on tap. She also said the building was once Johnson#8217;s Ice Cream Parlor . It has regulars playing pool, all of the great signs and mementoes that make a great old bar including some old peace signs also from the Johnson era and if you visit, make it on Tye Dye Tuesday . Lake Painting? Not to be taken literally#8230;. And we noticed the planned wake for one of the regulars, Rod Dollar , who Nancy said had died suddenly of a heart attack. The sign beckoned his friends to #8220;Come in and have a drink on Ron,#8221; which we assumed was not to be taken literally since he had been buried the week before . We met our first regular when a burly old guy with a white beard limped in legislations and sat in lake painting the back.

Nancy told us he was #8220; Irish Mike McKenna ,#8221; and he was the #8220; Local Ambassador ,#8221; for safeguarding legislations the Old O. Irish Mike ordered a beer and just sat back and observed. Lake Painting? I was wandering around and legislations, taking a bunch of pictures after we ordered our Rusty Truck IPA (very good see below). I looked back and virtual banking, Irish Mike was motioning for me to come see him which made me very nervous since I thought he was going to either yell at legislations me or kick me out for taking pictures. As I headed back, he took a few bucks out of virtual banking, his wallet and legislations, handed me $2 when I got to him. Lake Painting? He smiled and legislations, said, #8220;It#8217;s your turn to pick the song on About example the juke-box #8212; Don#8217;t screw it up!#8221; Irish Mike and Thebeerchaser at the Old O. Now a number of the bars we would visit in the next few days would have music collections that made one cringe. Safeguarding Legislations? As one crime novelist wrote, #8220; You could chose between bad songs and panda cheese ad, terrible songs on the jukebox – a breathtaking array of pop hits, from the seventies, such as ‘Muskrat Love,’ that burrowed into you like a tick…” And selecting a Captain and safeguarding, Tenille song at the Old O might have caused a ruckus. But the Old O#8217;s music locker rocked#8230;..My first pick was Tom Petty#8217;s #8220; American Girl ,#8221; followed by the Eagles , #8220; Take it Easy. #8221; Irish Mike seemed to approve (which pleased me a lot) and we left The Old O and its appropriate motto #8220;Where friends and types of conflict in the, family meet,#8221; and headed south on 101.

Where Friends and Family Meet. Safeguarding Legislations? Tune in to Part II of the coastal journey as we hit Road House 101 also in Lincoln City and lake painting, home to the Rusty Truck Brewery which makes some good beers and a pub that has some great grub.

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Safeguarding legislations

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Safeguarding and quality in commissioning care homes - Legislative

How To Start An Adult Day Care Business. Let’s be very clear about something: an legislations, adult day care business is not something you should go into lightly. There are regulations and strict guidelines involved, and Essay about Contamination, people’s lives are in your hands. So, if you’re just looking to make a quick buck, stop reading right now. This is not the safeguarding, business for you. However, if you have a passion for helping people and want to do some good in the world (while earning some extra income), this may be exactly the kind of business you want to explore. The cost of a full-time care facility can be way too expensive for a lot of families even if Medicare kicks in for part of the bill. Other families just aren’t ready to commit their parents and grandparents into Myths and Facts Essay example an institutional living situation. Instead, they make the commitment to safeguarding legislations, care for them in their own homes for as long as possible.

Regardless, the families still need time to go to virtual banking, work, run errands, go to school and have an occasional day off to recharge from the constant demands of 24/7 care giving. How To Start An Adult Day Care Business. This is where an adult day care can really help. By committing to safeguarding legislations, take the lake painting, highest possible quality care for these loved ones, an adult day care gives families the time and safeguarding legislations, freedom they need to continue to live their lives and continue to earn an income. The truth is that so many of these facilities have waiting lists because there is such a strong demand for adult day care services. If you enjoy helping others, keep reading and Myths About Essay, we’ll cover everything you need to know to start an adult day care service of your own.

Step 1: Learn How an Adult Day Care Business Works. Before you even consider letting families entrust their loved ones to you, you must understand how this business works. And the best way to safeguarding, do that is to Essay Microbial Contamination in Meat, be trained and gain experience by working at an existing adult day care facility. Yes, you can learn all about legislations medical conditions and regulations through books and videos. But until you hold an and Facts Mental Health, elderly woman’s hand as she walks down the hall, or listen to the memories of a WWII veteran as he tells you about how he first met his wife, until you actually form a relationship with these people, then understand what it is to operate an adult day care service. And honestly, these facilities always need help. So even if it’s only as a volunteer, go and help out. Safeguarding Legislations? They’d be glad to take you in.

Talk to the day care attendees. Ask them what they like and dislike about being at an adult day care facility. Talk to about, the staff. Ask them what they like and dislike about working there. That’s called market research.

You’re learning how to improve your future service by getting real, practical answers from your target demographic for both future clients and future employees. Once you’ve seen how the day to day care of the business works, how the hiring, scheduling, and safeguarding legislations, ordering of supplies works, how the lake painting, storage and distribution of medicine works, how the maintenance and safeguarding legislations, upkeep of the facility works, then you’re ready to panda cheese ad, dig into the legal requirements of safeguarding legislations, how to start an of conflict, adult day care. You can also look for safeguarding legislations, training and workshops in your area by checking with the National Adult Day Services Association’s list of Essay Microbial in Meat, strategic partners. Why does an safeguarding legislations, adult day care business fail? Simply put, for virtual banking, the same reason as many other businesses it’s the lack of legislations, a plan.

An adult day care business are not a simple operation. By now, you should have completed all your research on legal requirements and on the day-to-day operations of an adult day care business. There is a lot of care, time, effort, and resources that go into this industry. The purpose of creating a business plan is so you have a roadmap to follow. When the time for action and virtual banking, decisions comes, you don’t have to pause to consider your choice. You already know it.

You thought it out well in advance and legislations, made your decision long ago. Panda Cheese Ad? Now, you simply follow your business plan and execute. Consider your costs, your audience, your marketing, your hiring, your location, an in-depth market needs analysis, and many other things when creating your business plan. Safeguarding Legislations? The goal here is to panda cheese ad, get your mind focused on your business so that you can answer any and all questions regarding what comes next. If you’re not sure where to start, Startup Jungle can help you create an expertly organized and legislations, professional business plan for your adult day care business.

Just email [emailprotected], and they’ll give you the help you need. Step 3: Discover Earning Potential. How much do adult caregivers make? Well, that depends on the position. Assistants range from $9.55 to $22.85 per hour depending on experience and tenure. That comes out to about $19,000 to $48,000 a year. A manager’s salary can run from $9.74 to $25.87 an hour, or $21,000 to $48,000 a year. And a healthcare administrator salary can range between $25,016 $70,973 a year. As for panda cheese ad, an adult day care facility, reports that the national average for legislations, adult day care charges is virtual banking, about $1500 per month.

This is legislations, a deal compared to Myths Essay, full-time care in a skilled nursing home, which averages $6700 a month, or an legislations, assisted living facility, which averages $3600 a month. For occasional care, state averages range from $36 to $122 a day depending on the level of care required. To really figure out your earnings potential, you must first examine all costs and then subtract them from converter, what your rates will be multiplied by how many clients you expect to safeguarding, provide care to. The National Adult Day Services Association reports that the number of adult day care services has risen by nearly 25 percent since 2010, continuing a previous growth trend in the industry. As of 2014, they counted 5,685 adult day care programs in the United States. The baby boomer population is one of the aqa grade converter, largest age groups in the country, and they’re reaching the safeguarding legislations, age where many of them are beginning to need adult day care services for needs such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other age-related conditions that necessitate full-time care to ensure their safety. There’s a growing need for adult day care services, meaning your earnings potential can only go up. How much does it cost to open an adult day care business? It’s really tough to nail down exact numbers for the startup of an adult day care, but it’s not cheap. A lot of it depends on the scope of your operation.

Do you plan to build or remodel an panda cheese ad, existing stand-alone facility for a lot of safeguarding, residents? Or does a small home setting sound more appealing to you? If you’re planning on a facility, at minimum, that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars to lake painting, start. Then you have to fit the structure with ramps, wheelchair- and senior-friendly bathing facilities, adjustable beds, security measures, and legislations, adequate kitchen and dining facilities. You have to pass a health inspection, as well as getting properly licensed both as a facility and a healthcare administrator, and types in the, hiring the safeguarding, medical and Essay, social service personnel to make sure your visitors receive excellent quality medical care while in your care. In addition, you need to purchase lift assist and toileting assist devices and safeguarding legislations, liability insurance, as well as providing refrigeration and types of conflict workplace, secure storage for legislations, medications and training for staff in med passing, first aid, CPR, lifting, transporting and hygiene. That doesn’t even include aesthetic measures to about Microbial Contamination, make your place comfortable and safeguarding, welcoming for residents and their families, and providing entertainment and stimulation during their stay. Depending on the needs of your clients and About example, the size of your operation, a startup could easily run up to half a million dollars or more. Again, that’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are tons of grants out there to start an adult day care center. Some grants you can explore: Because starting an legislations, adult day care business is expensive, it’s important to keep costs down to lake painting, save money where you can without cutting corners or sacrificing quality of legislations, care. Some tips to types of conflict, keep costs down include: Monitor utilities Staff accordingly (labor is always your #1 cost) Properly order supplies Budget food properly so you aren’t wasting food by safeguarding, tossing out panda cheese ad, leftovers Invest in re-washable and reusable rags instead of paper towels to clean messes. Examine every single cost, and be as detailed as possible in planning out your budget. Legislations? The more successful you are in creating a budget, the more efficiently your business will fun. Step 5: Decide Which Services to Offer. Adult day services are so important because they can delay or even prevent a family from having to institutionalize a loved one in a skilled nursing home.

However, different facilities can offer different specialties. For example, your facility may choose to specialize in clients with Alzheimer’s, or those with physical disabilities who may be wheelchair bound. Your specializations can influence your facility. If your day care focuses on those with wheelchairs, you may want to lower the lake painting, height of all the legislations, counters, shelves, and tables in your facility to make everything in the building more accessible and comfortable to your clients. And Facts Health Essay? If you go with Alzheimer’s patients, then you may want to install doors which require a code to open and safeguarding, automatically close and lock so that patients can not simply wander off. Perhaps, you can focus on a full daily calendar with entertainment for all your attendees. A high quality experience at your facility is Essay about Microbial Contamination in Meat, sure to earn referrals and new customers.

Or maybe yoga for seniors? One service that you may want to offer is patient pickup/drop off. This requires an additional expense of a modified van to allow wheelchair access, as well as the cost of safeguarding legislations, a driver and Myths About Essay example, additional insurance. But such a service would almost guarantee customer loyalty and referrals. By focusing on which services you offer or specialize in, you increase customer satisfaction in those areas and build a strong reputation for your service as an authority in the field. Figure out what you can do better than anyone else, and focus on that. Safeguarding Legislations? Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s your service, maybe it’s your experience.

Figure it out, write it down, and make it your facility’s centerpiece, literally and figuratively. Where should you open an virtual banking, adult day care business? That all depends on safeguarding, who your clients are. Because you’re dealing with the elderly, you want a location which will be gentle to aqa grade, their bodies, so you’ll want to avoid areas that require a lot of walking or stairs. All your decisions should cater to your clients. And because your clients’ bodies are not as strong as they once were, make it a point to locate your facility next to their homes.

That doesn’t mean set up shop next door to your grandmother, but it does mean do some research on where there are aging baby boomer populations, and set up your adult day care service within those areas. By making your location easy to safeguarding, get to from their homes, you are removing a major objection from your buyers (the children of the seniors), in that they may say “I don’t have time to get them there every day.” Things to consider for an adult day care service include: Local, state, and federal regulations especially the Americans with Disabilities Act Ability to evacuate everyone within easily State of repair of the facility Lighting Traffic Ease of about in Meat, finding the facility Ease of pickup/dropoff Cost renting or buying. Running an adult day care service is a lot of work, but by selecting a great location, you make your job a little bit easier.

What equipment do you need to open an adult day care business? Once again, the answer to that question depends on your business’s specialization. Other than a proper facility, there are many things you will need when starting an adult day care service. Some of these include: Medical equipment and safeguarding legislations, devices Lift-assist equipment Safety gear Entertainment options Therapeutic devices Lift chairs Tables and Microbial in Meat, chairs Commercial kitchen Commercial laundry Bio-hazardous waste disposal Beds Sheets and Blankets. These are the basic needs you’ll have when starting your facility. Make sure to do a thorough inventory of what you need by consulting your local state agency. Once you know what you need, you need to know where to get your supplies. A couple options to get you started are: Step 8: Promote Your Adult Day Care Business.

How do you promote an adult day care service? This is a tricky question. It’s not as simple as promoting many common everyday businesses. However, the principle is the same get in front of people who need your service. For marketing and safeguarding legislations, promotions, take advantage of lake painting, Google Adwords to be featured in searches. Facebook is another powerful tool. Create a subtle ad directed at men and women over age 45 within a certain distance of your business. But the most important marketing and promotion for your adult day care service is safeguarding, through networking. There is a strong and engaged support network for About Health, seniors.

They need to know you exist. Get involved with local groups such as: Veterans Administration Senior center providers Meals on Wheels programs Head trauma groups State and local provider and consumer agencies, such as AAHSA, NADSA, and NADSA affiliates, Local YMCAs and YWCAs Friends, family members, and other service providers Postal carriers and clergy are excellent networking people since they know so many others. Who works in an adult day care center? It’s impossible for you to do everything on your own in this business. So it’s important to legislations, have a proper staffing plan. You must understand how many employees you need, where you will find them, and what certifications they must possess in order to work in your facility. Different positions will have different specifications. For example, an arts and crafts teacher may have different requirements than whoever oversees medications. When in doubt, always contact your local state agency for requirements and Myths Health example, recommendations as to how many employees you need and what roles are required.

Once you’re clear on that, then you have to plan how and where to find them. Safeguarding Legislations? Reach out to local agencies for suggestions, but hospitals and volunteer centers are a great starting point. Also, look around at local colleges and universities with medical programs for in Meat, help. You can find young, eager medical students who can help at a discounted rate for safeguarding, school credit. This is a great way to find qualified help and save money all in Myths About example, one move. Your business can not survive without help, and to save time and money, you need to have a staffing plan for that help. Deciding on a style is so important in safeguarding, the adult day care business because that style can either make customers feel welcome or scare them away. Businesses which take seniors’ needs into account when designing their facilities are far better equipped to attract them as clients.. You want your facility to be warm and inviting, and make your guests feel at home. Some suggestions for designing a style that appeals to seniors are:

Positive language (remember to take your medicine instead of don’t forget to take your medicine) Big, clear font and text for any writing in the facility Use bright colors Give clear instructions where needed, using numbered lists Avoid slang or acronyms. The best tool at your disposal for figuring out your design is the senior community in your area. Go talk to them and figure out about in Meat, what they like and do not like. Safeguarding? After all, who knows what your clients will love better than your potential future clients? If you need help with designs, visit 99designs. For as little as $99 you will have a collection of in the, designers submitting their work and safeguarding, competing for you to select a winner who will receive your money as a prize. It’s an inexpensive way to get a large selection of high quality work. Struggling with what to About Essay example, name your adult day care business? Here are a few ideas:

Step 11: Create an Accounting Plan. An accounting pan is safeguarding legislations, critical for an adult day care business for several reasons. As a service for a vulnerable demographic, you’ll be eligible for several grants. But to renew those grants, you’ll have to submit documentation proving your facility is running efficiently. You have to track all expenses down to the penny.

In addition, an accounting plan ensures you know exactly how much money is available for payroll, supplies, marketing, and improving your facility. Plus, you’ll be able to panda cheese ad, make sure nothing is missing from your facility. And of course, when tax season rolls around, your business may come under a microscope because of your grants. Make sure you’re prepared for all of that by having an accounting plan to legislations, ensure you stick to your budget. Some options are: Step 12: Get Into the Adult Day Care Services Community. The adult day care services community is engaged and Essay about Contamination, active. Seniors are vulnerable, and as such need a big support network. Safeguarding? Your goal is to lake painting, be as supportive as possible and safeguarding, learn as much as you can regarding new policies and procedures which can benefit your business and lake painting, your clients.

And the best way to safeguarding legislations, do that is to be active in the adult day care service community. Focus on the same organizations mentioned within the marketing and promotions step, including: Veterans Administration Senior center providers Meals on Wheels programs Head trauma groups State and local provider and lake painting, consumer agencies, such as AAHSA, NADSA, and legislations, NADSA affiliates, Local YMCAs and YWCAs. Here’s a great infographic about virtual banking starting an legislations, adult day care business: Opening (and running) an adult day care service is a lot of work.

But if you do it right, it’s not only rewarding, it’s a lot of aqa grade converter, fun. You get to meet amazing people who’ve lived amazing lives and can teach you so much! On top of that, you are literally saving lives and helping countless people. Hopefully, you put this guide to use. If this was helpful for you and you want to learn more about opening an adult day care business, has a 21 point checklist for starting your new business. Make sure you download this if you’re serious about getting started. 3 Simple Steps to a Successful Side Business. Have you ever wondered how some people do …Continue Reading. How to safeguarding, Start Your Own Ice Cream Business.

Ice cream businesses are probably the virtual banking, most visited …Continue Reading. How to Open a Campground Business. Do you love camping? Ever thought of legislations, sharing your love …Continue Reading. How to Open an Interior Design Business.

So you want to virtual banking, start an interior design …Continue Reading. An online educational resource providing courses, industry information, events, and safeguarding, support for Essay in Meat, startup businesses and entrepreneurs who are determined to succeed.

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andy griffith resume The Andy Griffith Show - Wikipedia. The Andy Griffith Show is an safeguarding legislations, American situation comedy which aired on CBS from October 3, 1. April 1, 1. 96. 8, with a total of 2. The Danny Thomas Show. It stars Andy Griffith, who portrays the widowed sheriff of the fictional small community of Mayberry, North Carolina. His life is complicated by an inept but well- meaning deputy, Barney Fife (Don Knotts), Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier), a spinster aunt and housekeeper, and Opie (Ron Howard), a precocious young son. Eccentric townspeople and temperamental girlfriends complete the virtual banking cast. Safeguarding Legislations! Regarding the tone of the virtual banking show, Griffith said that despite a contemporary setting, the show evoked nostalgia, stating in a Today Show interview: . It was, when we were doing it, of a time gone by. On separate occasions, it has been ranked by TV Guide as the 9th- best and 1. American television history. The series spawned its own spinoff, Gomer Pyle, U. S. M. Safeguarding! C. Reruns of the show are often aired on panda cheese ad, TV Land, Me. Goober finds out Andy is taking Aunt Bee and Opie to the auto show in Raleigh and asks to go along, confident they'll get free samples when salesmen find out he's a. Warren Ferguson replaced Barney Fife as deputy on legislations, The Andy Griffith Show during the sixth season. His first episode, The Bazaar, originally aired on October 11, 1965.

This is a list of episodes from the of conflict in the CBS television comedy The Andy Griffith Show. The first episode aired on October 3, 1960 and the final episode aired on April 1, 1968. Buy The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Series on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. The Andy Griffith Show is an American situation comedy which aired on CBS from October 3, 1960 to April 1, 1968, with a total of 249 half-hour episodes spanning over. TV, and Sundance. Legislations! TV, while the complete series is panda cheese ad available on DVD. The show has also been made available on streaming video services such as Netflix.

An annual festival celebrating the legislations show, Mayberry Days, is held each year in panda cheese ad Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina. Future players in legislations The Andy Griffith Show, Frances Bavier and Ron Howard, appeared in the episode as townspeople Henrietta Perkins and Opie Taylor (the sheriff's son). Types Of Conflict In The! Bob Sweeney directed the first three seasons save the premiere. The show was filmed at Desilu Studios. Knotts auditioned for the show's creator and executive producer, Sheldon Leonard, and was offered a five- year contract playing Barney Fife.

Whistling in the opening sequence, as well as the closing credits sequence, was performed by Earle Hagen. Safeguarding Legislations! The style recalled that used in the delivery of his popular monologues such as . Virtual Banking! He gradually abandoned the 'rustic Taylor' and developed a serious and legislations thoughtful characterization. Producer Aaron Ruben recalled: He was being that marvelously funny character from No Time for Sergeants, Will Stockdale . Lake Painting! One day he said, 'My God, I just realized that I'm the straight man. I'm playing straight to all these kooks around me.' He didn't like himself . Safeguarding! Consequently, the characters around Taylor were employed to create the problems and types of conflict in the workplace troubles, with rock- solid Taylor stepping in as problem solver, mediator, advisor, disciplinarian and counselor. Sheriff Taylor's level- headed approach to law enforcement makes him the scourge of local moonshiners and out- of- town criminals, while his abilities to settle community problems with common- sense advice, mediation, and conciliation make him popular with his fellow citizens. His professional life, however, is complicated by the repeated gaffes of his inept deputy, Barney Fife (Don Knotts). Barney is safeguarding portrayed as Andy's cousin in the first, second, and sixth episodes, but is never again referred to as such. Andy socializes with male friends in panda cheese ad the Main Street barber shop and dates various ladies until a schoolteacher becomes his steady interest in season three. Legislations! At home, Andy enjoys fishing trips with his son, Opie (Ronny Howard), and in the workplace quiet evenings on the front porch with his maiden aunt and safeguarding legislations housekeeper, Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier).

Opie tests his father's parenting skills season after season, and panda cheese ad Aunt Bee's ill- considered romances and adventures cause her nephew concern. Andy's friends and neighbors include barber Floyd Lawson (Howard Mc. Legislations! Near . There were two mayors: Mayor Pike, who was more relaxed, and converter Mayor Stoner, who had a more assertive personality. On the distaff side, townswoman Clara Edwards (Hope Summers), Barney's sweetheart Thelma Lou (Betty Lynn) and Andy's schoolteacher sweetheart Helen Crump (Aneta Corsaut) become semi- regulars. Ellie Walker (Elinor Donahue) is legislations Andy's girlfriend in the first season, while Peggy Mc. Millan (Joanna Moore) is a nurse who becomes his girlfriend in season 3. Bass (Howard Morris) made his first appearance in Episode #9. In the color seasons, County Clerk Howard Sprague (Jack Dodson) and handyman Emmett Clark (Paul Hartman) appear regularly, while Barney's replacement deputy Warren Ferguson (Jack Burns) appears in season six.

Unseen characters such as telephone operator Sarah, and lake painting Barney's love interest, local diner waitress Juanita Beasley, as mentioned in legislations the first season, are often referenced. The Andy Griffith Show built North Carolina on the backlot You can go home again. In the series' last few episodes, farmer Sam Jones (Ken Berry) debuts, and later becomes the lead of the show's sequel, Mayberry R. Types Of Conflict In The Workplace! F. D.. Griffith appears in all 2. Howard coming in second at 2. Only Griffith, Howard, Bavier, Knotts, and Hope Summers appeared in all eight seasons. Knotts left the show at the end of season five to pursue a career in films (on the show it is told that he takes a job as a detective with the State Police in Raleigh) but returned to make five guest appearances as Barney in seasons six through eight. His last appearance in the final season in a story about a summit meeting with Russian dignitaries . Several performers reprised their original roles in the sequel, with Bavier becoming Sam's housekeeper. To create a smooth transition from the original series to RFD, Andy and Helen were married in the first episode, remained for a few additional episodes, and legislations then left the show, with a move to Raleigh, effectively ending their appearances. After RFD's cancellation in 1. George Lindsey played Goober for many years on the popular country- variety show Hee Haw. In 1. 98.

6, the lake painting reunion telemovie. Watch The Andy Griffith Show - Season 1, Episode 1 - The New Housekeeper: With Rose, Andy's long-time housekeeper and Opie's surrogate mother, getting married and. Safeguarding! Follow The Andy Griffith Show on ShareTV. Watch full-episodes, get show updates and converter episode/character guides (688 fans). Return to safeguarding legislations, Mayberry was broadcast with several cast members reprising their original roles. Absent, however, was Frances Bavier. She was living in Siler City, North Carolina, in ill health, and declined to participate. In the TV movie, Aunt Bee is portrayed as deceased (and in fact Bavier did die three years later), with Andy visiting her grave. Griffith and Howard reprised their roles a final time for a Funny or Die skit supporting the 2. Barack Obama. Among white collar workers, the lake painting show ranked number three following Saturday Movies and safeguarding legislations The Dean Martin Show.

In 1. 99. 8, more than five million people a day watched the show's reruns on 1. Lake Painting! In 2. Legislations! 00. 7, a line of canned foods inspired by the series was made available in grocery stores across America. Griffith's hometown of Myths and Facts Health Essay, Mount Airy, North Carolina annually hosts a week- long . TV Guide's 1. 00 Greatest Episodes of All Time. Safeguarding Legislations! Most tapes had either two or four episodes. Aqa Grade! In the early to mid- 1. Legislations! United American Video released VHS tapes of virtual banking, various episodes. They either had two or three episodes. These compilations were culled from episodes early in the show's run that had lapsed into the public domain; these episodes continue to be circulated on unofficial video releases.

Between 2. 00. 4 and 2. Paramount Home Entertainment and later in safeguarding legislations 2. CBS DVD released all eight seasons as single- season packages on and Facts About Mental Health Essay example, Region 1 DVD. Safeguarding Legislations! The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Series was first released as a 4. In addition to all 2. In 2. 01. 6, The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Series was repackaged and released again as a 3. Sixteen episodes from the season three (believed to be in public domain) are available on virtual banking, discount DVDs. The public domain status of these 1. CBS Operations Inc v. Reel Funds International Inc., which ruled that there was a valid copyright on those episodes and legislations prevented the defendant, a public domain distributor, from aqa grade distributing the episodes within the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. Retrieved September 1. Retrieved July 5, 2. The Surry Arts Council Presents Mayberry Days. The Andy Griffith Show.

Blair, 1. 98. 1.^Beck, Ken, and Jim Clark. Safeguarding Legislations! The Andy Griffith Show Book. Martin's Griffin, 1. Terrace, Vincent (2. Converter! Encyclopedia of Television Shows, 1. Through 2. 00. 7. Retrieved October 2, 2. The Christian Science Monitor. Archived from the original on legislations, May 2. Essay Microbial Contamination In Meat! Retrieved January 2. Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. House of Collectibles, Random House Information Group, May 2. TV Guide (June 2. July 4). Archived from the original on safeguarding, October 1. And Facts Example! Retrieved October 1. Retrieved August 6, 2. Retrieved September 7, 2. Legislations! Archived from the original on August 3. Reel Funds International Inc.

The Hollywood Reporter. The Andy Griffith Show Book (trade paperback). Beck, Ken, and Clark, Jim. Rutledge Hill Press, 2. Fann, Joey. The Way Back to Mayberry. Broadman and Holman, 2. ISBN 0- 8. 05. 4- 2. Converter! Kelly, Richard.

The Andy Griffith Show (John F. ISBN 0- 8. 95. Safeguarding! 87- 0. Mc. Elroy, Kathleen. A Cuban in Mayberry: Looking Back at aqa grade converter America. Austin: The University of Texas Press, 2. Vaughn, Don Rodney (November 1, 2. Journal of Popular Culture. Rest in Peace, Cast of The Andy Griffith Show. The passing of one of the greatest . Perhaps they are all now reunited in that great . Since that piece, we have lost two more members of The Andy Griffith Show cast, including the beloved actor Andy Griffith.

Here is a tribute to all the wonderful character actors who - - through the magic of television - - lived, and have now died in our arms. Andy Griffith (Andy Taylor), Don Knotts (Barney Fife), Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee), George Lindsey (Goober), Howard Mc. Near (Floyd the Barber), Aneta Corsaut (Helen Crump), Hal Smith (Town drunk, Otis Campbell), Jack Dodson (Howard Sprague), Paul Hartman (Emmett Clark), Howard Morris (Ernest T. Bass), Denver Pyle (Briscoe Darling), Hope Summers (Clara Edwards), Joyce Jameson Jean Carson (the . Based on safeguarding, a small- town sheriff he originally portrayed on The Danny Thomas show (also known as Make Room for Daddy), in the first season Griffith played the part as a . We loved Andy Taylor because we loved Andy Griffith. After leaving Mayberry in 1. Lake Painting! Playing country attorney extraordinaire Ben Matlock in the legal drama Matlock (1. Emmy Awards. Andy passed away at his home in Dare County, NC on the morning of July 3, 2. Don Knotts (Barney Fife)The five- time Emmy winner for legislations his role as the small- town, over- anxious deputy who carried an unloaded gun - - stashing one bullet in Health his pocket (just in case) - - got his big break on safeguarding, television in the soap opera Search for lake painting Tomorrow, (1.

In 1. 95. 6 he became famous on Steve Allen's variety show as the nervous . Barney Fife may have come off as being the safeguarding legislations funniest sitcom character of all time, but he couldn't have pulled it off without being handed the baton from teammate Andy Griffith. They were truly one of the best comedy duos in the history of television. Knotts left Mayberry in 1. Universal Studios. He went on to star in a series of virtual banking, film comedies such as The Incredible Mr. Limpet, The Ghost and Mr.

Chicken and The Shakiest Gun in legislations the West. Barney Fife returned to Mayberry several times in Myths and Facts Mental the late '6. Knotts was teamed with comedian Tim Conway in safeguarding legislations a series of about Microbial Contamination in Meat, slapstick movies, most notably The Apple Dumpling Gang in safeguarding 1. Knotts died in 2. Los Angeles, Calif. We loved Aunt Bee because she had a heart of gold.. A graduate of Columbia University and the American Academy of and Facts Essay, Dramatic Arts, Bavier appeared in more than a dozen films as well as roles on The Eve Arden Show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Perry Mason and Wagon Train. Bavier, who briefly returned to acting in the 1. Benji, retired to Siler City, N. C. She died at home on December 6, 1. Buried in safeguarding legislations Siler City, her headstone reads: Frances E. Virtual Banking! Helen Crump epitomized . Legislations! She always seemed to find the right dress to wear, whether it was for a dinner date with Andy, a visit to the county fair or a picnic on the lake. She was our choice as the perfect wife for Andy and stepmom for Opie so we always hoped for marital bliss for those two lovebirds. Besides her 6. 6 episode credits on TAGS, the versatile actress appeared on episodes of Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Death Valley Days. After leaving Mayberry following the 1. Columbo, Nanny and the Professor, Hart to Hart, Hotel and three episodes of Essay about in Meat, Matlock, reuniting with Andy Griffith. Corsaut sadly passed away on November 6, 1. Hope Summers (Clara Edwards)Hope springs eternal (no pun intended) as this late- blooming actress didn't roll into legislations Hollywood to begin her career as a character actress until the age of 5. She made guest appearances on dozens of television series including Wagon Train, My Three Sons, Hazel and Gunsmoke. She'll always be remembered for her role as Aunt Bee's gossipy best friend, Clara Edwards, during her tenure on TAGS.

Ms. Summers made a few appearances on the TAGS spinoff Mayberry R. F. D. Her television credits after life in Mayberry included Marcus Welby, M. Types Of Conflict In The Workplace! D, Hawaii Five- O, Chico and the Man and Welcome Back Kotter. Although her film work was usually small parts, she played the safeguarding legislations part of Mrs. Panda Cheese Ad! Gilmore in the 1. Rosemary's Baby. She was still acting until the year before her death from heart failure in 1. Howard Mc.

Near (Floyd . Appropriately enough, in the TV sitcom Leave It to Beaver, Mc. Legislations! Near played a barber named Andy in virtual banking one episode. Best known for his portrayal of TAGS's chatty barber whose shop often served as the social gathering place for the townsmen, he appeared in such films as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and legislations two Elvis films: Blue Hawaii and Follow That Dream (where he allowed Elvis top billing). It's been said that Howard Mc. Near was more like his character on the show than any of the other actors (although we're guessing Ronnie Howard was a close second). Due to a stroke he suffered during the third season that rendered him unable to walk (although his speech remained intact), he left the show for almost two seasons, returning after Griffith urged him to come back. The production crew was able to accommodate his disability by constructing a stand for him which allowed him to stand and panda cheese ad appear to be combing hair (with one hand). After the stroke, he was usually seen seated in his barber chair or on a bench outside the shop. He died in 1. Safeguarding! 96.

Hal Smith (Otis Campbell)Portraying the lovable town drunk was the polar opposite of Smith's real life persona, as he did not drink in real life. Otis frequently locked himself in the Mayberry jail at night after a visit to the local moonshiner. He never caused havoc or was a troublemaker while inebriated, so his character didn't cause a stir at lake painting the time. Campbell worked as a disc jockey and voice talent for safeguarding WIBX Radio in Utica, NY from 1. He was one of the lake painting most sought- after voice actors in safeguarding legislations Hollywood providing voices for many Disney and About Health Hanna- Barbera cartoons in the 1. His early television credits include I Married Joan, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and The Red Skelton Show. Otis Campbell stopped appearing on TAGS at the end of the run due to safeguarding, concerns over the portrayal of his character's excessive drinking. Smith returned to Essay about, the 1. TV movie Return to Mayberry as the town's ice cream truck driver, having licked his drinking problem.

He later used his Otis Campbell character in commercials for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and appeared in Alan Jackson's Don't Rock the safeguarding legislations Juke Box music video. The New York native worked in many television commercials including Toyota, Green Giant, Pizza Hut, Chicken of the Sea and hundreds of other companies. He died of Myths Essay, a heart attack on January 2. Legislations! Louise. George Lindsey (Goober Pyle)Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Mental example biology after graduating from Florence State College in 1. Safeguarding Legislations! Lindsey became a high school teacher in Madison County, Ala. After serving in the Air Force, he made his way to New York City hoping to become a movie star.

He got his big break in 1. Cary Grant impersonator Goober Pyle - - a man who always had a grease rag in his back pocket and a fashionable beanie on his head. We loved Goober because of his incredible comic book collection and his optimistic outlook in a square peg/round- hole world. After Griffith left his show, Lindsey continued to play Goober on Mayberry R. F. D. Later in the '7. Panda Cheese Ad! M*A*S*H and legislations Gunsmoke. From 1. 97. 2 to 1. Lindsey put on and Facts example, his . In 1. 99. 8, he established the George Lindsey/UNA Film Festival that takes place annually in safeguarding Florence, Ala., and virtual banking has raised over safeguarding legislations, $1,0.

Alabama Special Olympics through the George Lindsey Celebrity Weekend and Golf Tournament in Montgomery, Ala. Howard was always the voice of reason when things went awry in the sleepy little country town, and was most famous for catching Old Sam - - the biggest and most elusive fish in the lake (played by the fish who made his comedy debut in that episode, playing himself). After Dodson departed Mayberry, he landed a number of lake painting, other TV roles including Maude, Archie Bunker's Place, Newhart, Matlock and legislations Mama's Family. He also had a recurring role as Ralph Malph's eye doctor father on Happy Days. In 1. Of Conflict In The Workplace! 98.

5, Dodson returned to Broadway in the revival of safeguarding legislations, You Can't Take It With You. He reprised his role in the 1. TV movie, Return to Mayberry. He died in 1. 99. Howard Morris (Ernest T. George the TV repair man)Surprisingly Howard Morris was a classically trained Shakespearean actor but started his television career as a sketch comedy artist in panda cheese ad Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows. Safeguarding! He's best known for his wild . Bass, going off on never- ending temper- tantrum tangents trying to impress his . Lake Painting! He was the legislations original voice of Atom Ant, and panda cheese ad provided the original vocalizations for the Hamburglar in the 1. Mc.

Donald's ad campaign. In the safeguarding legislations 1. 98. 0s, he was the aqa grade converter voice of Wade Duck, a regular character on the cartoon series Garfield and Friends. Legislations! Mel Brooks cast him a few of his films including the 1. High Anxiety. Morris died of a heart ailment in About Mental Essay 2. Denver Pyle (Briscoe Darling)Briscoe Darling and his hillbilly clan made life interesting for Andy Taylor when they came down from the mountain, as Andy had to fend off romantic overtures from sweet little mountaineer daughter Charlene Darling (played by Maggie Peterson) on more than one occasion. Safeguarding! The sheriff had to figure out a way to keep Helen Crump from marrying one of the sons of those pioneers, get Opie out of a marital contract with Charlene's infant daughter Andilina and stop Briscoe from courting Aunt Bee (picture it).

We loved Briscoe because he was a loveable, civil hillbilly family man and because he knew how to virtual banking, play the musical instrument . Pyle jumped into another exceptional role when he was cast as Uncle Jesse Duke in the CBS series The Dukes of Hazard (1. Later in legislations life he played cameo television roles although his last cinematic role was alongside James Garner, Jodie foster and lake painting Mel Gibson in the 1. Maverick, playing a cheating card player who jumps off a riverboat. He reprised his role of Uncle Jesse in safeguarding the 1. The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! Pyle died of lung cancer on Christmas day in 1. Paul Hartman (Emmett Clark)Paul Hartman was a song and lake painting dance man before he . According to TV Land, . Safeguarding Legislations! They won the equivalent of the Tony in 1. Write something about virtual banking, yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

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Parent Guides to the Common Core Standards. Lewandowski, Daniel (TSA / BMHSPAWS) Park, Erin (Chemistry / AVID ) All other teachers will be using Schoology, please contact teacher for password. Please complete the survey for feedback regarding participation, communication, and culture. Please click on the link to Complete the Survey.Your feedback is important in guiding our improvements for the future. Safeguarding. Thank you for types in the workplace taking the time to complete it. Battle Mountain has a strong tradition in athletics with numerous league, conference and state titles. The CHSAA and coaches use for all official team scores, records, and standings. Legislations. For the most up-to-date and official schedules, please Click Here. Events are subject to change. Aqa Grade. Battle Mountain is a member of the Western Slope League and the Colorado High School Activities Association, which governs all competitive play. Christina Martinez : Athletic Assistant 970-328-2932.

Boys Lacrosse: State playoffs in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. Safeguarding Legislations. League Champions 2014, Division Champs 2015, 2016. Boys Soccer: 8 League titles in past ten years, 2012 State Champs. Cross Country: 4 State titles in past eleven years, 1 runner up, 15 top 10 State finishes. 14 Region/League titles. Culinary Teams: 4 Sate Champions.

Future Business Leaders: 3 State Champions. Girls Soccer: 3 League titles in the past five years. Speech and Debate: 10 State Champions, 9 National Qualifiers. Track and lake painting Field: 5 Region / League titles. Volleyball: League Champs in 2013, Regional Champions 2014/ State Qualifier. Boys Soccer: Coach Dave Cope. Cheerleading: Coach Kelsey Wright. Cross Country: Coach Rob Parish.

Dance: Coach Rachel VanGordon. Football: Coach Jim Schuppler. Volleyball: Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Boys Basketball: Coach Phil Tronsrue. Girls Basketball: Coach Kindi Backstrom. Cheerleading: Coach Kelsey Wright. Dance: Coach Rachel VanGordon. Ice Hockey: Coach Dennis Hextall. Nordic Skiing: Coach Emalea Landgraf. Wrestling: Coach Angelo Vasquez. Girls Golf: Coach Cassie Desmone.

Boys Lacrosse: Coach Jerry Nichols. Girls Lacrosse: Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Girls Soccer: Coach Dave Cope. Track and legislations Field: Coach Rob Parish. Mrs. Rosangela Ruiz. (970) 569-5380 Se habla espanol. Mrs. Rose Ruiz has lived in Colorado for panda cheese ad more than 20 years!

She graduated from legislations, BMHS and attended Colorado Mountain College and this is her 3rd year at our school. She is married with 2 children and a dog, and lives in aqa grade the Gypsum area. Ms. Mary Harp has lived in the valley for more than 20 years, and has been with the legislations, district for 11 years, she attended Colorado College, and about Microbial Contamination in Meat also Tacoma Comunity College and earned her Associate Degree in safeguarding legislations Radiology Technology. She has 3 children, 2 of them are Battle Mountain graduates and virtual banking live in California and Colorado. She lives in Edwards with a cat and her dog!

Mr. Mark Fitzwater. Ms. Legislations. Kathy Cummings. Ms. Kristan Carey. To be completed by the parent or legal guardian of a student who has never attended any school within Eagle County Schools. Any time of the Contamination in Meat, year, even during the summer.

Want to earn a cool million? Many high school students don't know what they want to do for a career. That's ok. College Freshman and legislations Sophomore years balance foundational classes with electives to help you explore options. This site includes links to the best career sites online: The Occupational Outlook Handbook describes what workers do on the job, the virtual banking, training and education needed for the jobs, projected earnings, and expected demand for the jobs. Considering in-state colleges and universities? Use this site to create an account, find a major/career, search schools, and apply for safeguarding legislations financial aid. Of Conflict In The. Be sure to register for the College. Want to see how you stack up?

Download this Colorado index to see if you qualify for the schools that you are interested in. Make sure you have taken all the right courses to be prepared for Colorado college. Princeton Review does it all! Search schools and careers, improve your scores and locate scholarship money. Try the Counselor-A-Matic to search schools and save them to your profile. Site provide direct links to school sites and safeguarding includes real student reviews on campus life, academics, and the student body. Great site for information on SAT I, SAT IIs, and AP exams. BATTLE MOUNTAIN HIGH SCHOOL CEEB Code: 061010. The PLAN is a comprehensive assessment designed to help tenth graders make academic and college plans, as well as practice for in Meat the ACT.

All English-competent sophomores are required to take the PLAN test in October and can pay at legislations, the beginning of the year. The PLAN consists of (1) a battery of four tests of educational development, (2) an interest inventory, (3) a study skills assessment, and Myths Mental example (4) a questionnaire about students' educational and career plans, background, and special educational needs. You will meet with your counselor to go over the results in December. The PSAT measures critical reading, quantitative (math), and writing ability, and offers practice for the SAT. All college bound juniors SHOULD take this exam in October and the fee can be paid for at the beginning of the school year. If you wish to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship and recognition, you must take the PSAT during your junior year. It is a practice test that is not seen by the colleges. You will meet with your counselor to go over safeguarding your results and aqa grade begin the college admissions planning in January. The ACT is an safeguarding achievement-oriented college admissions test, measuring acquired skills and knowledge in English, math, reading, and science reasoning. The ACT is becoming more popular across the country. It is currently administered free of charge to all juniors at Eagle Valley High School in late April as part of Colorado state assessments, and is administered nationally from October to June.

Like the SAT, it is required of Essay, applicants by safeguarding many colleges and sponsors of scholarship programs. Most colleges accept either the SAT or the ACT. All colleges in panda cheese ad the US and safeguarding NCAA now accept state testing results. If your college requires the ACT Writing test, we recommend you take the test on a national test date. We recommend that you retake the ACT in the fall of your senior year especially if your scores are below the college level (Reading below 17, Math below 18 and English below 17), or you would be more competitive for a school with a higher score. We currently offer an ACT Prep course as an elective during the school day. The Accuplacer test is a test taken on a computer that is panda cheese ad, often used by colleges for safeguarding legislations placement testing.

It can be given at Colorado Mountain College, or at types in the workplace, Eagle Valley by a Colorado Mountain College representative. The results are immediate and can be used to determine if you are reading or doing math at legislations, the college level. Colorado Mountain College uses the Accuplacer test to qualify students to take college level courses. The SAT measures critical reading, quantitative (math), and writing ability. It is administered periodically during the year at Eagle Valley, Colorado Mountain College, Vail Mountain School, and other test centers throughout the United States. The SAT is not likely required if you took the ACT, however if you feel you might do better on the SAT, take it in the spring of your junior year or the in the fall of your senior year. Only TCAPs and ACT tests given by the state are part of a student's official record and Essay in Meat appear on the high school transcript. Safeguarding Legislations. They can be released to colleges or other institutions. Students must maintain full-time status for the entire school year.

Students who decide to ski full-time during the second trimester must un-enroll and spaces in classes will not be held for them. Absences for competition less than six days in a trimester need to be pre-arranged at least five days in advance with the about, correct form and principal approval. If more than six absences in one trimester are anticipated, then the student and family must petition the school for safeguarding legislations credit, with the following guidelines: maintain a 2.5 GPA, no suspensions. These students and families should meet with the principal prior to enrollment. National Honor Society has peer tutors to help students during homeroom. Let your counselor know if you are interested in a peer tutor. GPA stands for Grade Point Average. There are different kinds of GPAs. PowerSchool computes a GPA based on current grades within a trimester.

Powerschool computes a GPA for each trimester or each year. And Facts About Health. The cumulative GPA is a GPA that is the average of all the final grades throughout the student's school career. The Cumulative GPA is what is safeguarding legislations, used to virtual banking computes class rank and is reviewed by colleges. Students chose their courses for the next year in the spring on safeguarding legislations PowerSchool. Microbial. Parents can view the courses that students have chosen online. In the fall the students receive a copy of their schedule with the courses they have received in the order they will be taken. If there are any issues or conflicts they would need to meet with their counselor. Each High School has a Health Assistant on legislations staff daily and the support of a district level Registered Nurse. The school's health office is often your first line of contact for types any medical issue, surgery, condition, medication, or emergency that affects your child attending school. Not on site, available by appointment only. Any medication on legislations school grounds requires a completed medication permission form, including all over-the-counter medications such as Advil, Tylenol, and cough drops.

This form is required whether medication is to be kept in the Health Office or carried by student. If student carries medication, a self-carry form must also be completed. Inhalers and epi-pens need to have prescription labels on the medication. Send in box w/prescription label or ask your pharmacist to print a second label for the actual medication. If your child has a self-carry contract for any emergency medication, then the Health Office request a duplicate medication kept in the Health Office with all the correct paperwork. If a medication is to be given at school and at home ask the pharmacist to lake painting place the medication into safeguarding two separate bottles, each appropriately label. Asthma, Allergies, Concussions, Diabetes, Migraines, Seizures etc. Immunizations are reviewed on a weekly/monthly basis. If your child is Essay about Microbial Contamination, due you will receive a notification, and you will have 2 weeks to receive the vaccines needed or provide an safeguarding legislations appointment date and place. If there’s exemption to any vaccine for a non-medical/personal reason a form must be filled out yearly prior to the new school year.

Medical exemptions need to lake painting be signed by safeguarding legislations a physician and don’t need to be repeated yearly. Minor injuries including, cuts, scrapes, bumps will be treated at school. You will be notified of any injuries requiring more attention. Head injuries/suspected concussion. You will be notified and recommend to take to doctor. Written documentation from doctor is required, including follow up visits and a clearance letter. These are important so that we can provide proper accommodations at school and keep your student safe. Students will not be allowed to return to converter PE/physical activities without a physician’s clearance (or in legislations the case of student athletes, clearance from our athletic trainer) Please submit any medical related information to the health office; we will distribute to the pertinent personal at the school.

Do not ask your student to present notes/letters to Myths Mental Health Essay example teachers. All Medication not picked-up by the last day of school is discarded. One DE course could save a family $3000-5000 ($1000 per safeguarding, credit) at a private college. This allows students to move on to more advanced classes, skip large introduction classes, double major, or graduate in three years. Dual Enrollment is a course that is a Colorado Mountain College course being taught at high school. The opportunity for high school students to take college level courses is provided by state law and is referred to as PSEO: Post Secondary Enrollment Options.

Battle Mountain professors that teach DE courses are highly qualified CMC faculty and in the workplace are paid for teaching those courses through the safeguarding, college. Students in these courses enroll as CMC students and earn college credit through CMC as well as credit at lake painting, Battle Mountain. Dual enrollment courses are Colorado Mountain College courses and subject to its policies and procedures. DE courses paid for by the school district are limited to 11th and 12th graders. In order to safeguarding take any academic college course, students MUST demonstrate college level reading and/or math as measured by the ACT/SAT or Accuplacer. The Accuplacer test is given at Battle Mountain and Colorado Mountain College throughout the of conflict in the, year. A student can take an Accuplacer test only safeguarding twice in and Facts Essay a semester. Counselors encourage students to safeguarding legislations take the Accuplacer in the Spring and test into aqa grade DE courses. Once eligible, students need to legislations register as CMC students to take these courses.

CMC has a DE Coordinator (Carol Carlson, 569-2934) that serves as a liaison between the ECSD and CMC. There is an agreement between Colorado Mountain College and the four-year public colleges in Colorado that guarantees CMC credits will be accepted by CO colleges (School of Myths and Facts Essay, Mines might be different for those going into engineering). Battle Mountain is finding that many colleges, both private and public, accept these transfer credits, including: University of legislations, California, California State Universities, Denver University, USD, Montana State, Arizona State University, Loyola Maramount University, and many more. At senior check out, seniors request a CMC transcript to be sent to panda cheese ad their college. Each college applies its own policy to its review and acceptance of dual enrollment CMC Two of our courses, Biology and U.S. Legislations. History, have been approved by both Advanced Placement and Colorado Mountain College.

Biology is a three-trimester course, and virtual banking the AP exam is required. U.S. Safeguarding. History is a two-trimester course. Students can choose to take the aqa grade, course as a DE course or opt to legislations continue with a third trimester focused on the AP exam. This gives students two ways to earn college credit. They will not receive the credit for panda cheese ad one class twice.

The cost of a DE course is $43 per credit hour; however the school district pays for students to take up to six DE courses a year. If a student receives an safeguarding legislations F or a D in a DE course, then he/she is obligated to lake painting repay Battle Mountain for the cost of the course. Safeguarding. Books for DE courses are the responsibility of the students, but the PTSA provides funds to cover expenses for those students with hardship. Both programs offer challenge. A student's strong performance on an AP exam demonstrates a level of competency universally recognized by most every college in the nation. However, a student can do well in the class, but not on the exam and consequently not receive college credit.

DE courses can be seen as a bird-in-hand for students who know they are going to a college that will accept the DE credit. At times the number of sections of a DE course is virtual banking, limited by the teacher‚Aos schedule or the interest in safeguarding the course. DE offerings are dependent on the availability of highly qualified CMC faculty. DE English Composition and College Algebra are capped at 25 students per virtual banking, class by state law. Seniors and legislations students with the best potential for converter success are prioritized. DE and AP courses are offered as challenging options for students. Research has demonstrated that students benefit from taking college courses even if they do not pass. The experience with the rigor and safeguarding challenge that college courses require has inherent benefits. Colleges like to see challenging coursework on about Contamination in Meat high school transcripts.

Taking challenging offerings demonstrates a level of commitment to academics. DE courses are weighted. If a student earns an A he/she is safeguarding, given 5 points, B=4 points, C=3 points and virtual banking Ds are not weighted. This allows students with high grades in safeguarding challenging classes to earn a Grade Point Average over 4.0. One AP course could save a family $3000-5000 ($1000 per credit) at a private college.

This allows students to panda cheese ad move on to more advanced classes, skip large introduction classes, double major, and graduate early! Both programs offer challenge. Safeguarding. A student's strong performance on an AP exam demonstrates a level of competency universally recognized by most every college in the nation. Myths And Facts About Mental Health. However, a student can do well in the class, but not on the exam and legislations consequently not receive college credit. DE courses can be seen as a bird-in-hand for students who know they are going to a college that will accept the DE credit. Advanced Placement courses are challenging, college-level courses that students across the country can take in high school. In order for a high school course to be recognized as AP the teacher has to virtual banking submit a syllabus to the College Board for audit and approval.

Colleges like to see that students are challenging themselves with AP courses and being successful in class and on the exams. All Battle Mountain AP courses have been approved, and all AP teachers have had professional training. AP exams are given nationally on specific dates (usually in May), and usually take three hours. Exams are graded on a scale from 1-5 with 5 being the safeguarding legislations, highest grade. Each college has a policy on earning college credit or advanced standing based on AP scores. Lake Painting. Usually scores of 4 or 5 (sometimes 3) earn college credit for the course. Safeguarding Legislations. Scores are mailed home, to types workplace Battle Mountain, and to safeguarding colleges in June or July. You don't have to take an AP course to panda cheese ad take an AP exam. Legislations. To view the AP policies of converter, particular colleges go to: Visit for more information on AP.

We encourage students to challenge themselves with AP coursework. Safeguarding. There is an application process that requires current teacher endorsement, TCAP scores, and a signed parent and student contract indicating their commitment to the level of instruction and requirements of the course. Research has shown that students who take AP courses are better prepared and more successful in college than those that take regular courses. Yes. School district policy requires the AP exam as a component of an virtual banking AP course (with the exception of US History). Legislations. This allows all students to assess their knowledge of the material and provides feedback to the teachers on their success in teaching the program. In a recent review, sixty percent of 11th and 12th graders take AP courses. And, 347 AP exams were given. There were 17 scores of 5, 44 scores of 4, and 112 scores of 3. Virtual Banking. There were 16 AP scholars, 7 AP Scholars with Honors and 3 AP Scholars with Distinction.

One AP course could save a family $3000-5000 ($1000 per credit) at a private college. This allows students to move on to more advanced classes, skip large introduction classes, double major, and graduate early! Two of our courses, Biology and U.S. Legislations. History, have been approved by both Advanced Placement and Colorado Mountain College. Biology is a three-trimester course, and panda cheese ad the AP exam is required. U.S. Safeguarding. History is a two-trimester course. Students can choose to take the course as a DE course or opt to continue with a third trimester focused on the AP exam. This gives students two ways to earn college credit. They will not receive the virtual banking, credit for one class twice. Both programs offer challenge.

A student's strong performance on safeguarding legislations an AP exam demonstrates a level of competency universally recognized by Essay Contamination most every college in the nation. However, a student can do well in the class, but not on safeguarding the exam and lake painting consequently not receive college credit. DE courses can be seen as a bird-in-hand for students who know they are going to a college that will accept the DE credit. (One semester/trimester equals .5 credit) English as a Second Language. Physical Education/ Health. Drama: Alexandra Trosper.

Future Business Leaders of America: Nancy Lindbloom, Dawn Sticht. Speech and Debate: Diane Wagener, Samantha Neale. Hispanic Mentors: Daniel Spottheim. Link Crew: David Frankel. National Honor Society: Carol Wellbaum.

ProStart Culinary Arts: Sharon Wible. Science Club: Marc Vonstralendorff. Student Council: Sage Nelson. Technology Student Association: Daniel Lewandowski. Yearbook: Sophie O'Carroll. Homecoming is legislations, this week Saturday October 7th @ the Lodge at vail from 8-11pm. Theme is Footlose and it is $10dollars. Guest forms are in the main office and are due Friday 10/6.

Macho-man will be on Monday Oct 2nd. It’s @ 6pm and there is a sign up sheet outside of room 220, so boys go sign up! It is $10 to participate. Rock climbing club has returned! Meet at the Field House after school on Mondays. Bring $1 toward your entry fee and a signed WECMRD waiver. If you have questions, ask Ms. Moore or Mr.

Farrell. There is a Girl Powher meeting this Wednesday during Flex Time. Meet in conference room E at 9:10. It is time to choose your social impact project. Breakfast is About Health, provided. PowerHours in Mr. Salinas's room 106 from 3:30 until 4:30. Safeguarding. Please come to meet new people, learn English, practice your Spanish with native speakers, get caught up on your work and have fun! Also, students interested in volunteer hours are welcome to join.

Do you need a place to study? Do you need help with schoolwork? If so, come to homework club! Homework Club starts this week, and it's held in panda cheese ad the library on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from safeguarding legislations, 3:30 to 5:30. About Microbial. Tutors will be available. Bryant University, University of San Francisco and University of Vermont are visiting our school tMonday 10/2 during A B Lunch by safeguarding legislations the Cafeteria!!

University of Northern Colorado is visiting this Wed 10/4 during lunches!! Interested in the military . The ASVAB test will be offered October 18th at panda cheese ad, 8am here at school. Sign up in the Counseling Office. SAT Prep Class sign-up is legislations, available on the BMHS Website. Go there to converter sign-up and take advantage of legislations, this free opportunity! *SuperBoosters support all CHSAA activities at BMHS, every four years each team/groups is scheduled to Mental Health example receive new uniforms purchased from safeguarding legislations, SB funds. • Buy a family athletic pass. • Participate/Volunteer at our Fundraising Color Run in October.

• Come to a SuperBooster meeting. • Be the parent rep for Essay about Microbial Contamination your child's CHSAA activity.