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The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe - Famous poems, famous poets - All

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The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe - Famous poems, famous poets - All

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Its fantastic for showing a single product in two different ways, for potato, example a wide-angle view that shows the poem, whole image, and then a close up of a detail. Social Work Ethics? The slides appear within a cover and pages frame, that looks like an antique, leather-bound book. Hovering over the slider brings up two very ornate, golden navigational arrows, one on the bells poem each side. These arrows enable you to work and values click through the pages, or return to a previous page. There is a caption in the bottom left corner. This emerges directly from the page frame, and poem the background is the same color. This means the caption feels like part of the coram boy plot, book, and reinforces the realistic effect. The font used is poem, Lobster. This is a fantastic font, that uses multiple versions of letters and ligatures to create a joined-up, handwritten effect that is extremely natural and realistic. A subtle embossing effect finishes the The Epigenetic Principle, lettering, making it feel both handwritten and sophisticated, like the embossed letters on a hand-bound journal.

At the bottom right is poem, a series of circles, each one representing a slide. The same care and did nostradamus the 2016 election attention has been shown to these circles, and each one feels like an antique golden button, with a centre dot that has been stamped out, thanks to slightly irregular edges. When the current slide is the bells poem, highlighted, the button-hole contracts slightly. Hovering over the buttons brings up a preview of The Epigenetic and Success Essay each set of poem slides, contained within a gold frame, and with a slight drop-shadow behind. You can use the buttons to jump to different slides. The combination of realistic leather, embossing and drop-shadows makes this slider feel realistic and coram boy plot touchable. It would work well on the bells touch-screens, thanks to the way it invites you to touch the dictatorship in spanish, pages.

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Edgar Allen Poe: The Bells - Fordham University

The bells poem

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Nov 14, 2017 The bells poem, order essay from experienced writers with ease -

The Bells - A Dramatic Reading of a Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Ross Anson Esq(Articles Pictures from 1995) Exiled from Kenya for 22 years because of the bells poem, his highly political work(including the bestselling novel Petals of Blood), one of Africa's greatestwriters returns with his first novel in 20 years. Set in The Epigenetic Essay, a fictional modernAfrican state this is a magisterial, acerbic and humorous landmark inpost-colonial literature. His new book Wizard of the the bells, Crow will be launched on Thursday 10 August, 7.00pmat Congress Hall, Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3LS. Ngugi wa Thiongos proposed schedule is meant for him to meet many during his tour to promote his book. During his short visit it is proposed to visit BBC Kiswahili service, BBC Focus on dictatorship in spanish Africa, an Afternoon - Kenya High Commission for book signing, and an Evening - TV program - Africa Matters - Ben TV Channel 148 Live show on Friday 11th August 2006 8.00-9.00PM. Ngugi wa Thiong'o (1938-) - formerly known as James Ngugi Kenyan teacher, novelist, essayist, and the bells poem, playwright, whose works function as an important link between the pioneers of African writing and the younger generation of coram boy plot, postcolonial writers.

After imprisonment in 1978, Ngugi abandoned using English as the primary language of his work in favor of Gikuyu, his native tongue. The Bells! The transition from colonialism to dictatorship, postcoloniality and the crisis of modernity has been a central issues in a great deal of Ngugi's writings. Again the owl cried. Twice! 'A warning to her,' Njoroge thought. And again his whole soul rose in anger - anger against all those with a white skin, all those foreign elements that had displaced the the bells, true sons of the land from their God-given place. Had God not promised Gekoyo that he would give all the land to the father of the tribe - he and his posterity? Now all the land had been taken away. (from 'The Martyr' in in spanish, African Literature, ed. by the bells poem, Lennart Sorensen, 1971) Ngugi wa Thiong'o was born in potato chip, Kamiriithu, near Limuru, Kiambu District, as the fifth child of the third of his father's four wives. At that time Kenya was under British rule, which ended in 1963. Ngugi's family belonged to the Kenya's largest ethnic group, the Gikuyu.

His father, Thiong'o wa Nducu, was a peasant farmer, who was forced to become a squatter after the British Imperial Act of poem, 1915. Ngugi attended the predict the 2016, mission-run school at the bells poem Kamaandura in Limuru, Karinga school in Maanguu, and The Epigenetic Principle and Success Essay, Alliance High School in the bells poem, Kikuyu. During these years Ngugi became a devout Christian. Later he rejected Christianity, and changed his original name in 1976 from James Ngugi, which he saw as a sign of colonialism, to in spanish, Ngugi wa Thiong'o. After receiving a B.A. in English at Makerere University College in Kampala (Uganda) in 1963, Ngugi worked briefly as a journalist in Nairobi.

He married in 1961. Over the next seventeen years his wife, Nyambura, gave birth to six children. In 1962 Ngugi's play THE BLACK HERMIT was produced in Kampala. In 1964 he left for England to pursue graduate studies at the Leeds University in England.As a novelist Ngugi made his debut with WEEP NOT, CHILD (1964), which he started to write while he was at school in England. It was the first novel in the bells, English to did nostradamus, be published by an East African author. Ngugi used the Bildungsroman form to tell the story of the bells poem, a young man, Njoroge.

He loses his opportunity for further education when he is caught between idealistic dreams and the violent reality of the colonial exploitation. The most prominent theme in Ngugi's early work was the conflict between the work and values, individual and the community. THE RIVER BETWEEN (1965) had as its background the Mau Mau Rebellion (1952-1956). The story was set in the late 1920s and 1930s and the bells, depicted an unhappy love affair in did nostradamus, a rural community divided between Christian converts and non-Christians. A GRAIN OF WHEAT (1967) marked Ngugi's break with cultural nationalism and his embracing of the bells poem, Fanonist Marxism. Ngugi refers in coram boy plot, the title to the biblical theme of self-sacrifice, a part of the new birth: unless a grain of wheat die. The allegorical story of one man's mistaken heroism and a search for the betrayer of the bells, a Mau Mau leader is chip, set in a village, which has been destroyed in the bells, the war. The author's family was involved in the Mau Mau uprising - Ngugi's older brother had joined the movement, his stepbrother was killed and his mother was tortured.

Ngugi's village suffered in a campaign.In the 1960s Ngugi was a reporter for the Nairobi Daily Nation and editor of Zuka from 1965 to 1970. Dictatorship! He worked as a lecturer at several universities - at the University College in Nairobi (1967-69), at the Makerere University in Kampala (1969-70), and at poem the Northwestern University in Evanston in the United States (1970-71). Ngugi had resigned from his post at Nairobi University as a protest against government interference in the university, be he joined the faculty in did nostradamus predict, 1973, becoming an associate professor and a chairman of the department of literature. It had been formed in poem, response to coram boy plot, his and his colleagues' criticism of English - the British government had made in the 1950s instruction in English mandatory. Ngugi had asked in an article, written with Taban lo Liyong and Henry Owuor-Anyumba, If there is need for a 'study of the historic continuity of a single culture', why can't this be African? Why can't African literature be at the centre so that we can view other cultures in relationship to it? (from 'On the Abolition of the English Department', 1968) Acknowledging the influence of European literatures on African writing, Ngugi and his coauthors emphasized the importance of the oral tradition, Swahili literature, and the Caribbean novel and poetry. We have eyes, but we don't see. We have ears, but we don't hear. We can read, but we don't understand what we read.

In 1976 Ngugi chaired the cultural committee of the Kamiriithu Community Edcational and Cultural Centre, a collective that a ran a public theatre. The government denied its permission for performances in poem, 1982. On Life! At the end of December 1977 Daniel arap Moi, then vice-president, ordered Ngugi detained in Mamiti Maximum Security Prison. Ngugi was imprisoned under Public Security Act for a year without trial for his involvement with a communal theatre in his home village. Behind his arrest was the uncensored political message of his popular play NGAAHIKA NDEENDA (1977, I Will Marry When I Want), written with Ngugi wa Mirii. Also Ngugi's novel, PETALS OF BLOOD (1978), drew attention with its keen sense of the bells, contemporary political events. It reflected change in Ngugi's work from portraying the colonial era to reflecting the coram boy plot, exploit and corruption in present-day Kenya.

The story focused on the bells an investigation of the murder of three representatives of the new society, who have profited from on Life for Medieval neocolonialism. The short story 'Minutes of Glory' examined the backside of economic progress - the life of women who were teared off from their villages and doomed to work as prostitutes in cities. Poem! The protagonist, Beatrice, is an exploited barmaid who steals from a fellow victim, a lorry driver, and has her few minutes of freedom and admiration, before she is arrested.Her life was here in the bar among this crowd of and values, lost strangers. The Bells Poem! Fallen from grace, fallen from grace. She was part of a generation which would never again be one with the soil, the crops, the wind and the moon. Not for them that whispering in dark hedges, not for potato chip, her that dance and love-making under the glare of the moon, with the hills of TumuTumu rising to touch the sky. (from 'Minutes of Glory' in Secret Lives, 1976) After being released, Ngugi was not reinstated in his university post, and his family were subjected to frequent harassment. In 1980 Ngugi published the first modern novel written in Gikuyu, CAITAANI MUTHARA-INI (Devil on the Cross). He argued that literature written by Africans in a colonial language is not African literature, but Afro-European literature.

Writers must use their native languages to give the African literature its own genealogy and poem, grammar. 'Gikuyu once said: the leopard did not know how to The Epigenetic Principle and Success Essay, scratch; it was taught. True, but it always had the claws and the power to the bells poem, scratch. Does it scratch to kill its children? Or does it scratch to kill its enemies?' 'One thing is social work, certain. What is done cannot be undone.

Our actions are the bricks that we use to construct either god or an evil heart.' (from Devil on the Cross, 1980) Ngugi's prison diary DETAINED, written in English, appeared in 1981. He left Kenya in the bells poem, 1982 to live in self-imposed exile in London. In his book DECOLONISING THE MIND: THE POLITICS OF LANGUAGE IN AFRICAN LITERATURE (1986) Ngugi wrote that African writers should express themselves in indigenous languages in Principle Essay, order to reach the African masses. Among Ngugi's most important works is MATIGARI (1987), in which the author builds his narrative on a famous Gikuyu folktale. In the satirical moral fable Martigari, a freedom fighter, emerges from the poem, forest in the political dawn of coram boy plot, post-independence Kenya.

Searching for his family and a new future, he finds little has changed and vows to use force of poem, arms to Essay, achieve his true liberation. The Bells! According to dictatorship in spanish, a rumor, Matigari was taken seriously by Kenyan authorities as a revolutionary agitator plotting to overthrow the government, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Ngugi became in 1992 professor of the bells, comparative literature and performance studies at New York University, where he held the Erich Maria Remarque Chair. He has taught at the University of Bayreuth and the University of Auckland, New Zealand; and Yale, Smith, and at work and values Amherst. For further reading: Ngugi wa Thiong'o by Clifford B. Robson (1979); An Introduction to the Writings of the bells, Ngugi wa Thiong'o by G.D.

Killam (1980); Ngugi wa Thiong'o: An Exploration of chip, His Writings by David Cook and Michael Okenimkpe (1983); Ngugi wa Thiong'o's A Grain of Wheat by Muchigu Kiiru (1985); Ngugi wa Thiong'o: The Making of a Rebel by the bells poem, Carol Sicherman (1990); Ngugi wa Thiong'o: L'homme et l'ouvre by Jacqueline Bardolph (1990) Ngugi Wa Thiong O: A Bibliography of burnt, Primary and the bells poem, Secondary Sources, 1957-1987 by Carol Sicherman (1991); The Words of Ngugi by C. Nwandwo (1992); The World of Ngugi wa Thiong'o, ed. by Charles Cantalupo (1993); The Novels of Achebe and Ngugi by K. Indrasena Reddy (1994); Ngugi was Thiong'o: Text and Context, ed. by Charles Cantalupo (1995); Ngugi wa Thiong'o: The Ideology of Form by coram boy plot, Simon Gikandi (1998); Critical Essays: Achebe, Baldwin, Cullen, Ngugi, and Tutuola by Sydney Onyeberechi (1999); Ngugi wa Thiong'o by Patrick Williams (1999); Ngugi wa Thiong'o by Oliver Lovesey (2000) - For further information: Ngugi wa Thiong'o: An Overwiev, The Global Education Project: Ngugi wa Thiong'o Selected works: The Black Hermit, 1963 (play) Weep Not, Child, 1964 The River Between, 1965 A Grain of Wheat, 1967 This Time Tomorrow (three plays, including the title play, The Reels, and the bells, The Wound in the Heart), c. 1970 Homecoming: Essays on dictatorship African and Caribbean Literature, Culture, and Politics, 1972 Secret Lives, and Other Stories, 1976 The Trial of Dedan Kimathi, 1976 (with Micere Githae Mugo) Ngaahika ndeenda (I Will Marry When I Want), 1977 (play; with Ngugi wa Mirii) Petals of Blood, 1977 Caitaani mutharaba-Ini (Devil on the Cross), 1980 Writers in poem, Politics: Essays, 1981 Education for a National Culture, 1981 Detained: A Writer's Prison Diary, 1981 Barrel of a Pen: Resistance to burnt chip, Repression in Neo-Colonial Kenya, 1983 Decolonising the Mind: The Politics of the bells, Language in African Literature, 1986 Mother, Sing For Me, 1986 Writing against Neo-Colonialism, 1986 Njamba Nene and the Flying Bus (Njamba Nene na Mbaathi i Malhagu),1986 (children's book) Matigari ma Njiruungi, 1986 Njamba Nene and the Cruel Chif (Njamba Nene na Chibu King'ang'i), 1988 (children's book) Matigari, 1989 (translated into Essay on Life for Medieval, English by Wangui wa Goro) Njamba Nene's Pistol (Bathitoora ya Njamba Nene), 1990 (children's book) Moving the Centre: The Struggle for poem, Cultural Freedom, 1993 Penpoints, Gunpoints and Dreams: The Performance on Literature and Power in Post-Colonial Africa, 1998. Africans working abroad gives more money to Africa than Foreign Direct investment. These figures are contained in a report Resource Flows to Africa: An Update on Statistical Trends just released by the United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Africa in New York.The report draws on official data from the World Bank, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD, OECD and IMF. It analyses resource flows to Africa from three main sources namely official development assistance, remittances, FDI, as well as provides data on Africa external debt. It notes that official development assistance remains the main source of in spanish, external financing, increasing from US$15.6 billion to about US$25 billion between 1999 and the bells, 2003- a net increase of 67 per cent.Official aid.

Official development assistance is still the main external resource flow for Africa. Reflecting the commitments made at the Monterrey Conference on Financing for Development in 2002, net official aid from coram boy plot all donors increased by US$10.2 billion, from poem US$15.6 billion to about US$25 billion between 1999 and 2003. This represents a net increase of 67 percent. There is burnt potato chip, consensus that Africa would need twice as much as the current levels of the bells poem, aid by 2010 to on Life, enable it meet the MDGs and implement NEPAD. This need to double aid to Africa has been restated in the reports of the Commission for Africa, United Nations Millennium Project and the UN Secretary-General's Advisory Panel on International Support for NEPAD. For a continent like Africa in great need of substantial capital, workers remittances boost disposable incomes, produce multiplier effects, and make education more affordable.Private transfers are large and stable sources of foreign exchange for poor countries and are more likely to reach poor households than other capital flows. The average per capita remittance by poem, migrants in developed countries is work ethics and values, around US$ 200 per month.In the light of poem, this it is becoming imperative that the Essay on Life Women, cost of transmitting remittances needs to be reduced to allow African countries receive larger private capital flows. Although FDI flows to Africa have increased in value terms during the last few years, total flows to the whole continent represent only the bells poem a small percentage of total flows to developing countries. While the the 2016, average annual FDI has increased from about US$ 2.2 billion in the 1980s to around US$15 billion during the period 2000-2003, Africa's share of total global flows has declined to 1.8 percent during 2000-2003 from an average of 2.3 percent in the 1980s.Furthermore, Africa's share of total FDI flows to poem, developing countries decreased from about 10 percent in burnt potato, the 1980s to 7 percent for the period 2000-2003.

With respect to FDI flows per capita, the gap between the continent and other developing countries also widened in recent years.Evidence seems to indicate that the composition of FDI flows to Africa is changing. Over the past few decades the largest recipients of FDI have been countries with large mineral and petroleum reserves and growing natural resources industries. However, the poem, last five years have witnessed a shift of investors' focus to industrial and service sectors, including telecommunications, banking and textiles. Eventually the new trend may lead to the emergence of work and values, new comparative advantages in Africa.External debt Despite the HIPC Initiative's objective to reduce Africa's total debt, total external debt and poem, the burden of debt service payments still remains high. In 2003 African countries owed a total of US$307 billion to creditor countries and coram boy plot, institutions, of which $218 billion was owed by the bells, the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Did Nostradamus Predict The 2016 Election! This debt more than doubled from US$120 billion in 1980 to US$307 billion in 2003. Almost 80 percent of poem, Africa's debt is owed to official institutions, of which approximately 33 percent is ethics, multilateral debt owed mainly to the IMF and the World Bank. At the same time, total debt service paid by the continent increased from US$3.3 billion in the 1970s to the bells poem, a peak of US$28 billion in 2003, of which Sub-Saharan Africa's share was US$15 billion. In this context, the decision by the G8 countries to grant a 100 percent multilateral cancellation of the debt owed to the IMF, the World Bank, and burnt chip, the African Development Bank by 14 African countries that have reached the HIPC Initiative completion point could reduce the heavy debt burden and boost pro-poor growth by freeing resources for social and productive sectors. Until July 7, 2005, suicide bombing was just the stuff of news in the UK; it was thought to be a region-specific phenomenon that would never happen here.

We had read about it and seen horrific, and at times graphic, TV footage about poem, it. Yet still, it felt so distant. It was something that went on in far-off lands like the Middle East in Israel and most recently, Iraq. Suddenly however, on a day marked by absolute horror, it was here in coram boy plot, our midst a new brand of terror. Although Londoners had in the past been subjected to a sustained terror campaign by the IRA, these bombings were such that they instilled a new kind of fear in everyone. Because this time the perpetrators were more than prepared to trade off their lives for the success of their cause no matter how warped it may have been. Long after the the bells poem, initial horror had passed, the after-effects are still felt by all of us who have made London our home. It was sickeningly tragic that the lives of many innocent people were wasted so violently. These were regular people who woke up that day and set about their daily lives; they all had plans for the evening and beyond.

I am sure the last thing they had in mind was to imagine falling victim to a murderous act at the hands of heartless killers. Despite Tony Blair and Jack Straws protestations, it is now becoming increasingly evident that the bombings were in fact linked to Britains involvement in the invasion of burnt chip, Iraq. Mohammad Sidique Khan, one of the bombers, posthumously declared in a video that the the bells, bombings were meant to avenge the killings and suffering of their brothers and sisters in coram boy plot, Iraq quite ironic, really, since none of the bombers were Iraqi. There is, of course, a danger in viewing the bombings as a logical conclusion of the invasion of Iraq as some people have done. Whatever reasons the suicide bombers may have had, their acts of the bells, terror can never be justified. However, asking questions is dictatorship in spanish, not an attempt to justify these acts of wanton violence. If relevant questions are asked in the spirit of the bells poem, understanding why people commit such acts, then that would mark the first stage in offering a solution to such problems. No doubt that Britains role in The Epigenetic Principle and Success Essay, Iraq, alongside the US, has given fundamentalists a sense of grievance which they have exploited effectively in recruiting human bombs. Especially considering the fact that the reasons for invading Iraq were shrouded in lies that have subsequently come to shame the British government.

And it is the bells poem, then understandable that people, including the British public, have been angered by the governments behaviour. But be that as it may, what of the burnt chip, terrorists? Terrorists do not care about who they kill so long as they kill. Whats more, their targets are mainly, if not wholly, innocent people. The purpose of poem, terrorism is to terrorise the Essay, defenceless. This is the solid fact. This is poem, why everyone should be united against dictatorship terrorists or those who preach it.

I remember, for instance, the attacks in Kenya and Tanzania in August 1998 in which 32 Kenyans and 8 Tanzanians were killed all innocent people. Bin Ladens Al Qaeida claimed responsibility for that act of pure barbarism as if it were something to be proud of. Many people had then called for a united front against those who live and die by terrorism but the US and British efforts in the fight against terrorism were half-hearted even then except when it came to defending their own interests. The London attacks have now made people in Britain understand that these terrorists are not restricted to the bells poem, certain geographical areas of the world anymore. They have brought their violence here and, in a way, this will make the British people realise that they are not immune to such mindless carnage. And may be now, hopefully, people will call for unity against terrorism beyond the rhetorical versions of the Essay on Life for Medieval, same call by politicians such as Tony Blair. There is a need for a universal unity against any terror campaign wherever it happens. The Bells Poem! The British government needs to burnt chip, work with countries that have declared war against the bells poem terrorism not just to protect British interests but humanity in general. We must also accept that aspects of and values, British foreign policy need to poem, be re-examined. The British government needs to recognise that its policies abroad do give some fundamentalist groups the necessary tools with which they justify their acts of violence against innocent people.

The July bombings have not just spread terror in the UK but they also threaten to divide the country. The Muslim community in the UK is said to be feeling under siege sandwiched between the terrorists and the suspicious looks from the mainstream population. Five days after the London bombings, a Pakistani man was killed by a gang of youth in Nottingham. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has also reported that there has been an increase in social, assaults against Muslims in the UK as a result of the bombings. A YouGov poll conducted on the bells poem July 9 found that 10% of the British public think that the majority of British Muslims condone terrorism. 60% also thought that British intelligence should concentrate on the Muslim community in the fight against terrorism. Overall, the ethics, survey makes a depressing reading in the bells poem, which 32% of Muslims, numbering a total of 16,000, indicated their willingness to commit violence in order to bring about an end to coram boy plot, Western society. Ultimately, thinking about the atrocities of July 7 and the attempted bombings two weeks later, all of us, irrespective of our religious convictions or otherwise, have to the bells, stay united in condemning what happened. We need to unite not in the fashion of a catchphrase like the one coined by the Evening Standard, London Stands United, but genuinely.

We need to re-examine our view of each other and the society we live in. It is up to The Epigenetic, all of us to ensure that Britain remains a tolerant society in the bells poem, which violence for any end is a non-option. I am listening to the Mooto music download streamed on the new gospel band official web site. Mooto Africas new gospel musical sensation is officially releasing its debut video on coram boy plot MTV (Africa) in March. I am hooked on their new Block Buster sound model which simply will work anywhere in a world where people have access to a greater diversity of music. This new African gospel sound is headed for a major market revival hopefully it will continue to inspire other up-coming African artists with good causes.

At the same time I learn Mooto is a non-profit project founded to poem, help less fortunate people through music. The band is made up of four lads Timothy Rukundo (aka) T-Mo who is Mootos leading singer explains to me that they have all lived their passions. Timothy is a trained sound technician, stage manager and performing artist. Stephen Sekitende, AM Michaels and Hosea Ntaborwa make up the dictatorship in spanish, Mooto Project for the bells, Africa. We have evolved and transitioned well with a lot of cultural changes, Timothy said, and that's great because that is what we do. We do cover culture, gospel and we are attuned to that so it keeps us going. It keeps us on the forward edge. On Saturday, October 21, over 300 Ugandans and friends of the social, Gulu walk initiative joined in a 10 mile walk from Aston University on GuluWalk Day, with over 30,000 people, in 82 cities and 15 different countries took to the streets to urge the the bells poem, world to support peace in northern Uganda. Northern Uganda has long been affected by violent conflicts and insecurity. The brutal and Principle, relentless war between Uganda government forces and the rebel group, the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), has lasted for 20 years. The results have been gross violations of human rights, especially on the bells poem women and children, destruction of infrastructure, paralysis in economic activities, and a general social and cultural breakdown.

As a result the Northern region remains the poorest area of Uganda with an estimated 66% of the population living below the poverty line for the last 19 years. This is much higher than the national average of 46%. 75% of the population is unemployed, even those who have completed their education with good qualifications have no job. With the continual failure to achieve peace, life in Northern Uganda remains bleak. Claire Short MP lent her name to the walk in the UK while Concy Aciro Woman MP for Essay on Life Women, Amuru District in Northern Uganda attended on behalf of the displaced children of Gulu. And Peter Quaranto of Uganda CAN a charity based in Boston attended on behalf of the organisers of the bells, Gulu walk international based in Toronto. Gulu Walk UK was Organised by chip, Rachel Toussaints and sponsored by Safari Bar Birmingham. Below are extracts of Concy Aciros MP speech. Within Northern Uganda, the situation is far worst in Acholiland, which comprises the districts of Gulu, Amuru, Kitgum and poem, Pader. During the 20 years of war in Essay on Life, Northern Uganda, Gulu District has 53 camps, Pader 23 and Kitgum 21.

The population of each of these camps range between 20,000 and 50,000. The camps are over-congested. A family of six to eight persons has to pack themselves into poem, a tiny hut of 4.5 square metres; the minimum standard for such emergencies is 3.5 square meters per person. And contrary to traditional culture, three generations of a family -- parents, children and grandparents -- are all forced to share the work and values, same living space, with loss of all privacy and the bells poem, dignity.In a society renowned for its deep-rooted and rich culture, traditional values and The Epigenetic Principle Essay, systematic family structureall have been destroyed under the conditions imposed in the camps. This loss is colossal and virtually irreparable; it signals the demise of the bells, a people and their civilization.

Effects of war on burnt Women. Among the population in the camps, 85% suffer from the bells poem severe trauma and social, depression. In the face of the bells poem, relentless cultural and personal humiliations and abuse, suicide incidents have risen to unprecedented levels. Suicide is highest among mothers who feel utter despair at their inability to provide for their children or save them from starvation and social work and values, death from preventable diseases.As several reports have documented, rape and generalized sexual exploitation of women in the camps are rampant. Women in a number of camps have told Human Rights Watch how they had been raped and/or molested, as they have nowhere to turn. Education and sports. The conflict in Northern Uganda has been a blow to the education system. The Bells Poem! There are not enough secondary schools in existence to absorb all the did nostradamus predict, children who want to continue after primary school. Unlike primary education, secondary education is not free.

The Government of Uganda has launched a program to provide 47,000 Ugandan Shillings per term to each of the children living in camps who want to join secondary school. This is the bells poem, a positive step, but in Essay on Life for Medieval, reality the amount given is only about 7,700 Shillings and the bells, is not even given to all children. Table 1: Primary Education Statistics, 2003. Rates of failure in examinations at leaving primary school, % Dropouts as a percent of The Epigenetic Principle and Success, total enrolment, % The rate of HIV infection among the rural communities living in camps has galloped to staggering levels; a recent survey found 30% infection in Kitgum district compared with a national level of 5%. In June 2006, the the bells poem, medical superintendent of Women, Gulu Hospital reported that 27% of children who were tested there were found to the bells, be HIV-positive; 40% of pregnant women attending Lacor Hospital for routine prenatal visits tested HIV-positive. It is instructive to note that, although they are in the greatest need, the facilities. and programs under the Global Fund for coram boy plot, distribution of anti-retroviral drugs (ARV) have not been made available to the populations in the camps. MalariaThis is the number one killer, especially of children in the region.

A recent survey by international agencies reported that 1,000 people are dying in the camps in Acholi every week, that is, about 50,000 each year. The survey also estimated that, in the first half of this year, around 30,000 died in the camps in Acholi, of poem, which over 11,000 were children under five. Today, these camps have the worst infant mortality rates as compared to anywhere else in the world. The infant mortality rate in Northern Uganda is 172 per 1000 live births; the situation is worse for children under five years old where 276 per 1000 die in the region. The maternal mortality ratio is about 700 per 100,000 live births in the north; the national figure is ethics and values, 506 per 100,000. For example, assessments carried out in the IDP camps of the bells poem, Gulu and Kitgum indicate that malnutrition rates of children under-five are 32.6% and 13.5%, respectively. In October 2006, 2438 people in Anaka camp in The Epigenetic Principle, Amuru district suffered from malnutrition because of lack of food. The result from Anaka hospital shows that every month 473 pregnant women, 571 lactation mothers and 1394 children suffer from malnutrition despite the fact that the poem, World Food Programme is distributing food to people in these camps. About 2500 to 3000 persons share a water source. On average it takes four to social ethics and values, six hours (with a peak of the bells poem, 12 hours) of waiting in a queue to collect water; the standard waiting time in such emergencies should be 15 minutes. Access to the 2016, latrines is abominable.

A recent survey found that 85% of camp population in the bells, Gulu district did not have access to latrines. The minimum requirements for such emergency situations are one toilet for coram boy plot, 20 adults and the bells poem, one toilet for 10 children. In Otuboi camp, there is coram boy plot, one latrine for 1,566 persons -- this translates on average into access of 30 seconds per the bells poem person per day. In camps such as Orom and Lugoro, the situation is worse: over 4,000 persons share one latrine. (Source: Ministry of Health, 2005). There is also the possibility of pollution of water sources from the pit latrines that have not been suitably located.

There are many reasons why the creation of camps in Northern Uganda has affected the environment. Congestion Because of security barriers, people have to operate within a defined restricted radius. Need for fuel People have been cutting down trees to provide themselves with firewood for coram boy plot, cooking. Shelter People have been destroying vegetation to build shelter. Rivers and streams have been drying up as a result of environmental degradation. Timber Rogue traders have been destroying forests to obtain timber and the bells, sell. We urge that international community to on Life for Medieval Women, do all it can to support the peace talks currently taking place between the LRA and government of poem, Uganda in Essay for Medieval, Juba, Southern Sudan.

This is the the bells, only way and opportunity through which peace can return to Northern Uganda to social, allow people to go back to their respective homes to begin living normal lives. Removal of culture of violence through promoting and developing a system of education that combines traditional values and modernity, sports and recreational centres. Supporting educational programmes in Northern Uganda should be a priority to all Ugandans and the international community involved in helping Northern Uganda. Direct appeal goes to poem, all Acholi in the Diaspora to give more support even beyond their family boundaries to support education at home. We urge the international community to direct resources aimed at coram boy plot improving the situation in the bells poem, Northern Uganda directly to community based projects rather than through the government to avoid mismanagement of resources. Coram Boy Plot! The recent mismanagement of Global Fund meant for fighting malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis by officials of Ministry of health in Uganda clearly demonstrates such a problem. Women should be involved in programmes that can salvage, restore and protect the environment. This may include a forestation programmes.

We appeal to the international community to provide Anti-retroviral drugs (ARV) directly to the population in the bells, the camps. Instead of ethics, creating more camps under the government decongestion strategy, camps should be dismantled to allow people to go back to their respective homes. We appeal to the international community to influence Ugandan authority to recognise the the bells, plight of the people of Northern Uganda. Since 2002, under the VARRP (Voluntary Assisted Return and Reintegration Programme) IOM offered anyone who had been in coram boy plot, the asylum system - applied, appealing, refused - who wished to return to their home country, reintegration assistance. This is in addition to help with obtaining travel documentation, purchasing flight tickets and domestic transportation in this country and the country of return. The reintegration assistance package is worth about ?1000 to poem, assist with business set-ups, vocational training and education. IOM will pay the bills for equipment and ethics and values, services agreed upon with the returnee as a part of his reintegration strategy, but will not give cash directly to the beneficiary.

The programme is co-funded by the European Refugee Fund and the UK Home Office. According to the bells poem, a review of existing literature on migrant decision-making processes and coram boy plot, concepts of sustainability conducted by the home office. And also fieldwork conducted in the UK included seven focus groups and forty-three individual interviews with asylum seekers and refugees. Most respondents had secure status in the UK and had lived here for three or more years. The Bells Poem! The individual interviews were qualitative and in-depth. A total of seven national and ethnic groups were chosen for the focus groups and Essay Women, individual interviews so that the enquiry could be focussed and the issues explored in more depth within specific communities. Individual interviews were carried out with stakeholders who have experience in and/or a vision of voluntary assisted return. A total of the bells poem, sixty-four interviews were carried out with individuals who had already returned to The Epigenetic and Success Essay, Bosnia or Kosovo. The study found that the three key factors that affect the decision of asylum seekers and refugees to return to their country of origin; structural conditions in the bells poem, home and host countries [which in turn could be divided in to political, social and economic factors]; the individual and family characteristics of refugees and coram boy plot, asylum seekers themselves; and incentives that exist in public policy that would persuade [or dissuade] people from returning. There was evidence that conditions in the country of origin, rather than the host country [especially political factors] were of primary importance.

Certain categories of people appear to the bells poem, have distinct issues determining whether or not they return. Examples of these categories include those people who are settled in coram boy plot, the UK and have children here or those who have a specific goal that they want to the bells, achieve before returning [usually related to income or education]. Targeted policies to promote return appear to be relatively ineffective because many potential returnees do not know about return assistance and do not necessarily trust the UK government to Principle, support voluntary return in a meaningful way and not to the bells poem, force people to go back to their home countries. Many respondents conceptualised potential return using a 'staged' response and would only consider some factors when other criteria, such as security, had already been satisfied. Two definitions of sustainability are suggested.

The first relates to individual sustainability; 'return migration is sustainable for individuals if returnees' socio-economic status and on Life Women, fear of violence or persecution is no worse, relative to the population in the place of origin, one year after their return.' The second relates to 'aggregate sustainability'; 'return migration is sustainable for the home country or region if socio-economic conditions and levels of violence and persecution are not significantly worsened by return, as measured one year after the return process is complete.' It is also suggested that for the bells, both these cases the desire to re-emigrate may represent a proxy indicator for whether a return process has been sustainable. potential returnees should be allowed to make their own decisions rather than being encouraged towards one or other option; excluding people from employment does not necessarily encourage them to return home; granting permanent status does not necessarily preclude people from returning home; return assistance does not encourage return but is predict the 2016 election, seen as useful once a decision to return has been made; and. more could be done to disseminate information about return programmes. a system measuring the the bells, sustainability of return could be put in place as part of any future voluntary assisted return programme; ideally sustainability would be measured against a control population of those who never left the The Epigenetic Principle Essay, country; and in-depth interviews with key informants in country of return is likely to the bells poem, be the most sophisticated and yet practical model for measuring 'aggregate sustainability'. The following points on encouraging sustainable return are made: voluntary return appears more sustainable than involuntary return; education, training and employment in country of asylum would appear to predict election, encourage sustainable return; and. return and reintegration assistance may encourage sustainable return. It is suggested that more research needs to poem, be carried out on the negotiation process between individuals, families and communities. Other suggestions are also made for how the research in this area can be developed.

The enhanced package will be available under the following conditions: 1) To be eligible, an asylum seeker must apply to return by coram boy plot, 31 st October 2006. 2) They must travel by 31 st December 2006. 3) They must have applied for asylum before 31 st December 2005. [NB. The Bells Poem! These conditions mean that no new applicants for asylum (post 31/12/05) will be eligible for the enhanced package. Those who apply for asylum this year (2006) and choose to return will receive the standard ?1,000 worth of assistance.

Although the cut-off date for applications to return is 31 st October 2006, to benefit from the enhanced package applicants must travel by did nostradamus predict the 2016 election, 31 st December 2006. For some countries travel documentation may be hard to obtain swiftly. Poem! It is therefore vital that returnees apply as early as possible and do not wait until 31 st October 2006.] Recipients of the social work and values, enhanced package will receive ?500 in poem, cash at the airport as a relocation grant. The 2016 Election! The remainder will be disbursed, as is normal practice, following discussions between individual returnees and 10M field officers, to ensure that the money is targeted in a way which best contributes to a sustainable return. If it is thought appropriate in this context to poem, make further cash payments they will be phased over a six-month period. Under no circumstances will a cash lump sum be given.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) Tel: 0800783 2332 This programme is co-financed by the European Refugee Fund.

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10 Free Online Tools To Create Professional Resumes. The first thing connecting you with a recruiter is your resume. The way it is usually done is you work on a template you get from a friend or from an the bells, online source, then produce a black and white dull rendition of just another face in the crowd which you then print out and mail to potential employers. It’s time for a change: wow your recruiters with a fresh new look to on Life for Medieval, your resumes while still presenting yourself in a modern and professional manner with the the bells help of online tools. These tools will guide you through every aspect of The Epigenetic Principle and Success Essay, creating your resume or CV, perfect for fresh graduates who are unsure of where to begin. Most of them give you the option to the bells, download a PDF, ready-for-print version, and dictatorship in spanish, all you have to do is fill in your details. You probably created a CV in soft copy for yourself anyways, or have signed up for an account on an online job portal. The transfer would be done in the blink of an eye. LinkedIn is the site for professionals and if you haven’t already have a complete LinkedIn profile, it’s a good place to start building your portfolio. Better yet, most of the poem online resume tools featured in this article can import the information you have put into the LinkedIn profile to create a resume. LinkedIn also lets you export your information into a professional-looking resume in PDF form.

All you have to do is view your Profile and click on the down arrow next to coram boy plot, ‘edit’ then select Export to PDF . Want to add a little color into your resumes? With DoYouBuzz you can design your resume to the bells, the color scheme you desire or choose from the templates that they have to create your resume. Registering an account with DoYouBuzz lets you import your LinkedIn information. Alternatively, you can enter your details from scratch. Principle Essay. The complete resume can then be downloaded in the bells, PDF, Word or OpenOffice format. Dictatorship In Spanish. Not enough? Share your resume with the world via a link to your account e.g. “”. Store your resume online here and the bells poem, redirect anyone to coram boy plot, it just by giving them your URL, which looks something like username . Add sections to your resume and follow the examples and poem, tips offered on how and what to write. After you’ve completed each section, you can publish your resume and direct people to it via the URL or download a DOC or PDF copy . Here’s another resume maker but with support for 17 languages. CV Maker features a very simple ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ format to fill up, as well as a customizable editor which lets you rearrange sections (Work Experiences, Qualifications, Education). You can also add your own sections with rich text formatting.

Register to save and edit your resume from time to time or else just fill in your information and download the resume in PDF, HTML or TXT formats. This is another online resume tool that doesn’t require you to chip, register but there’s no way to import data from the bells poem, other websites, so you have to fill everything in manually. It does however try to make it easier for you in its form-filling format. The generator takes you through the basics like your personal identification, education, past jobs and dictatorship in spanish, skills . The Bells. After filling in for Medieval, all of your details, you can simply save your CV in a PDF format. LiveCareer has a resume builder that comes complete with almost every feature you can imagine. Poem. Register to save and edit your resume later on and choose from many templates to The Epigenetic and Success, work on.

You can also import a previous resume (in multiple file formats) and work on it with the help of a spellchecker. The Bells Poem. The tool also lets you edit the formatting, spacing and margins of the templates to suit your needs and did nostradamus the 2016 election, once done, you can print, email or download your resume in 5 different file format : DOC, PDF, HTML, RTF and TXT. You’ll have to create an account in order to use Resunate. There are paid accounts that give you more options but the free account gets the the bells poem job done. After registering, you can choose to import an old resume by uploading a file, importing your LinkedIn profile or buildng a resume from did nostradamus predict the 2016 election, scratch. There are many templates of the bells, different formats and fonts to choose from. You can then choose to save your resume to be edited later, or download it in did nostradamus, PDF. JobSpice is another resume builder which lets you import your LinkedIn profile for the data, and also allows you to design your resume with templates, fonts and colors . Note that some of these templates are free while others require a small fee. Download your complete resume in DOC or PDF form. Resumesimo is slightly more creative than the other options available here as their templates are colorful with designs that add some life to your resume. After picking a template, enter in details one step at a time or import your information from LinkedIn or Facebook . Download your resume in a PDF format or refer people to the bells poem, your online resume via the The Epigenetic and Success link given.

To begin using the resume builder on this website, you must register for a free account . The Bells. The account allows you to save your resume to be edited later. It uses a ‘form filling’ style and goes through each section of the resume and you can choose from a few templates . Coram Boy Plot. Once you’ve finished filling in all the the bells poem details, you can print or download the resume in a HTML or TXT file format. (HKDC). All Rights Reserved. Dictatorship In Spanish. 2017.

Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is poem, prohibited. Publishing policy ‐ Privacy Policy.

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Cellular and molecular pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus: lessons from animal models. BioMed Central Ltd 2011. Published: 30 September 2011. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a complex disease characterized by the appearance of autoantibodies against nuclear antigens and the involvement of multiple organ systems, including the the bells, kidneys. The precise immunological events that trigger the onset of clinical manifestations of SLE are not yet well understood. However, research using various mouse strains of spontaneous and inducible lupus in the last two decades has provided insights into the role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of this disease. The 2016 Election? According to our present understanding, the immunological defects resulting in the development of SLE can be categorized into two phases: (a) systemic autoimmunity resulting in the bells poem increased serum antinuclear and antiglomerular autoantibodies and (b) immunological events that occur within the target organ and result in end organ damage. Aberrations in the innate as well as adaptive arms of the burnt, immune system both play an important role in poem the genesis and progression of lupus. Chip? Here, we will review the present understanding - as garnered from studying mouse models - about the roles of various immune cells in lupus pathogenesis. Pathogenic mechanisms of systemic lupus . Different subpopulations of immune cells interplay to poem directly or indirectly regulate other subpopulations by releasing different cytokines and other mediators of social inflammation, thereby contributing to the progression of the systemic disease. The hyperactivated leukocytes as well as the pathogenic autoantibodies and immune complexes resulting from the systemic disease ultimately play an important role in local autoimmunity and end organ disease within target organs like the kidneys.

Ab, antibody; BAFF, B-cell activation factor; DC, dendritic cell; IC, immune complex; IFN-I, interferon-I; IL-10, interleukin-10; M?, macrophage; MHC, major histocompatibility complex; self-Ag, self-antigen; TCR, T-cell receptor; TGF-?, transforming growth factor-beta. Systemic autoimmunity in systemic lupus erythematosus: handling of self-antigens. The presence of high titers of autoantibodies against the bells poem, nuclear antigens is the hallmark of SLE. Whereas there is little evidence to indicate whether self-antigens in SLE are aberrant in sequence or structure, there is evidence that the aberrant handling of self-antigens could facilitate lupus pathogenesis. The 2016? Although apoptotic bodies are normally rapidly cleared with the help of the complement and poem other systems, defects in this clearance system could lead to the accumulation of apoptotic bodies and their prevalence in serum [ 1 ]. Principle Essay? There have been limited reports that NZB/W F1 and MRL/lpr mice, which spontaneously develop a lupus-like disease, have high serum levels of nucleosomes [ 2 , 3 ]. The Bells? Non-autoimmune C3H, BALB/c, and C57BL/6 mouse strains, when injected with apoptotic bodies, developed serum autoantibodies similar to those seen in SLE [ 4 ]. Although these studies warrant independent confirmation, they support the social ethics, notion that apoptotic cells could harbor the immunogens responsible for antinuclear antibody formation. Moreover, mice with defects in genes that play an the bells important role in the clearance of apoptotic bodies, like DNase I, serum amyloid protein P (SAP), sIgM, or tyrosine kinase c-mer, all develop SLE-like disease with elevated levels of antinuclear antibodies [ 5 8 ]. These data support the hypothesis that the burnt chip, inefficient clearance of apoptotic bodies could be one factor leading to the development of poem SLE. The important role of the complement system and FcR in the process of clearing apoptotic materials has also been recently documented. Thus, C1q-deficient mice exhibit impaired internalization of apoptotic cells by peritoneal macrophages and develop proliferative glomerulonephritis characterized by in spanish, high levels of apoptotic cell bodies [ 9 ]. Cells of the adaptive immune system as mediators of systemic autoimmunity in systemic lupus erythematosus. B lymphocytes in systemic lupus erythematosus. Autoantibodies are major contributors to end organ damage as illustrated by the glomerulonephritis associated with antinuclear and anti-glomerular antibodies, congenital heart block associated with anti-Ro antibody, and thrombosis associated with anti-cardiolipin antibodies [ 10 ]. However, B cells can contribute to the bells poem SLE pathogenesis through additional pathways.

For example, lupus-prone MRL/lpr mice that are made B cell-deficient exhibit a markedly attenuated disease. And Success? These mice have an absence of the bells poem autoantibodies, as expected, but also display a dramatic lack in coram boy plot T-cell activation. This study, by Shlomchik and poem colleagues [ 11 ], implied an essential role for coram boy plot, B cells, but not necessarily autoantibodies, in the bells the pathogenesis of lupus [ 11 ]. In another study, Shlomchik and burnt chip colleagues [ 12 ] used MRL/lpr mice expressing a mutant immunoglobulin (Ig) that cannot be secreted, thus essentially prohibiting autoantibody generation, and the bells poem showed that those mice still developed nephritis and coram boy plot vasculitis with associated T-cell activation. The Bells Poem? That study convincingly showed that B cells may contribute to and Success the development of lupus in ways that are independent of autoantibodies. The additional role of the bells B cells as antigen-presenting cells that mediate T-cell activation in lupus comes from MRL/lpr mice studies showing that B-cell deficiency leads to Principle reduced CD4 + and CD8 + T-cell activation [ 13 ].

Besides secreting proinflammatory cytokines like interleukin-6 (IL-6) and interferon-gamma (IFN-?), B cells may secrete IL-10, which has an anti-inflammatory function. Therefore, B cells that secrete IL-10 (or B10 cells) have been called regulatory B cells and the bells poem were first reported in B10.PL mice in which IL-10-producing B cells were found to regulate the severity of coram boy plot experimental auto-immune encephalitis [ 14 ]. In murine lupus, IL-10 deficiency was found to contribute to more severe disease with an increase in Th1 cytokine levels [ 15 ]. A recent study using CD19 -/- NZB/W mice reported that B10 cells could induce expansion of regulatory T cells, a subset of T cells with immunosuppressive function [ 16 ]. However, data from human lupus reveal a different facet of poem IL-10. In the case of human SLE, studies suggest that IL-10 promotes rather than inhibits lupus [ 17 ]. Coram Boy Plot? A better understanding of the the bells, role of the 2016 IL-10-producing B cells and the mechanism of action of IL-10 is poem required to explain the potato, differences between the the bells poem, murine and election human data. Mouse models have helped delineate the molecular mechanisms through which self- reactive B cells might arise. Poem? Sle1 is a lupus susceptibility locus derived from the NZM2410 mouse strain. Using Sle1 congenic C57Bl6 mice, Kumar and coram boy plot colleagues [ 18 ] reported that the poem, auto-immune-associated variant of the Ly108 gene, a member of the SLAM family of immune cell receptors which lies within the Sle1 locus, leads to loss of in spanish B-cell tolerance because of impaired negative selection of autoreactive B cells at the bells the immature B-cell stage. On the other hand, increased B-cell signaling, especially in the case of mature peripheral B cells, has been implicated in the pathogenesis of humoral autoimmunity.

Mice that are deficient in various inhibitory molecules that dampen B-cell receptor (BCR) signaling, such as SHP-1 [ 19 ], Lyn [ 20 ], or Fc?RIIb [ 21 ], develop systemic autoimmunity. Mice over-expressing molecules that strengthen BCR signaling, such as CD19, also develop autoimmunity [ 22 ]. Recent studies have implicated a class of immune system receptors called Toll-like receptors (TLRs) in Essay the synergistic activation of B cells by BCR and TLR signaling. The Bells Poem? Simultaneous engagement of BCRs that are specific for dictatorship, DNA by nuclear antigens that are abundant in apoptotic material and TLR9 on B cells causes activation of both BCR and TLR signaling pathways [ 23 ]. In the NZB/W and MRL/lpr mouse models of the bells lupus, activation of TLR9 with a synthetic DNA ligand causes accelerated nephritis with increased anti-DNA antibody levels [ 24 ]. On the other hand, TLR9-deficient autoimmune mouse models exhibit lower levels of anti-double-stranded DNA (anti-dsDNA) and did nostradamus the 2016 election anti-chromatin antibody [ 25 ]. Similarly, B cells possessing BCRs specific for RNA could be synergistically activated by BCR and TLR7 signaling [ 26 ]. The Bells? These findings were supported by research in did nostradamus the 2016 election the BXSB mouse model of lupus. Duplication of the the bells poem, TLR7 gene in on Life for Medieval Women the Yaa lupus susceptibility locus leads to increased gene dosage effects that contribute to poem the lupus-like phenotype seen in burnt chip this model [ 27 ]. Defects that may lead to increased survival of autoreactive B cells have also been found to contribute to the development of autoimmunity.

B-cell activation factor (BAFF) is the bells poem a major B-cell survival factor that functions particularly at the transitional B-cell stage. Potato Chip? BAFF transgenic mice develop a lupus-like disease with expansion of the poem, peripheral B-cell pool and the 2016 heightened production of autoantibodies [ 28 ]. The Bells Poem? Increased BAFF levels are thought to Principle and Success Essay infringe the negative selection checkpoint at the T1 transitional stage, thereby allowing the the bells poem, survival and maturation of autoreactive B cells in the periphery and their participation in the germinal center reaction. These findings are supported by dictatorship in spanish, the observations that lupus-prone mice exhibit elevated serum BAFF levels and that administration of the bells poem TACI-Ig, which acts as a soluble receptor for Principle and Success Essay, BAFF, is effective in treating murine lupus [ 29 ]. T lymphocytes in systemic lupus erythematosus. The obligatory role of the bells T cells in lupus pathogenesis has been demonstrated by using several genetically engineered mouse models [ 30 ]. Lupus T cells are likely to contribute to coram boy plot disease through contact-dependent mechanisms (mediated by CD40L:CD40, OX40L:OX40, and so on) as well as released cytokines [ 30 ]. One important cytokine secreted by the Th1 cells is IFN-?, which plays a pivotal role in the production of pathogenic isotypes of antinuclear autoantibodies in the bells murine lupus models. Expression of Essay IFN-? in the skin of transgenic mice leads to the production of the bells poem anti-DNA and anti-Sm auto-antibodies [ 31 ]. A deficiency of IFN-? in MRL/lpr and NZB/W lupus-prone mice leads to reduced anti-DNA antibody levels [ 32 , 33 ]. In support of these findings, blocking the IFN-? receptor with monoclonal antibodies or soluble IFN-? receptor reduces disease activity in lupus-prone mice [ 34 , 35 ]. CD4 + T h17 cells are a recently described CD4 + T-cell subset that appears to mediate pathogenesis in some lupus mouse models [ 36 ]. However, it has become clear that the contribution of Th17 cells to autoimmunity is far more complex, depending on Essay Women, the disease and the bells mouse model [ 37 ]. Studies in patients with SLE or related diseases have demonstrated that Th17 cells may have a role in disease development in some, but not all, patients [ 38 ]. Given the heterogeneity of the disease, it may be possible that Th17 cells play a role in burnt potato chip lupus pathogenesis in a genetically defined subset of subjects or in particular end organ manifestations and that anti-IL -17 therapy may be helpful specifically in those patients. In addition, the regulatory T cell subset appears to modulate the breakdown of T-cell tolerance in lupus [ 39 ]. The Bells Poem? Clearly, we need to gain a better understanding of how pathogenic T cells (Th17 cells) and regulatory T cells, perhaps in yinyang fashion, dictate disease activity in lupus. Innate immune cells as mediators of systemic autoimmunity in The Epigenetic and Success Essay systemic lupus erythematosus. The important role of the innate immune system in SLE pathogenesis has only recently been appreciated.

Described below are the poem, possible roles played by three key cell types in the innate immune system. Monocytes/macrophages from patients with lupus have been found to predict have a reduced capacity to phagocytose apoptotic materials [ 40 ], and their numbers were reduced in the inflammatory exudates from poem, patients with SLE [ 41 ]. In Spanish? It was postulated, on the basis of the bells poem those studies, that the defective phagocytosis of potato monocytes/macrophages contributed to inefficient clearing of apoptotic materials, leading to autoimmunity [ 42 ], a notion that is supported by the bells poem, mice lacking the myeloid cell receptors, Tyro3, Axl, and Mer receptor tyrosine kinases [ 43 , 44 ]. Whereas c-mer knockout mice exhibited increased anti-dsDNA autoantibody levels without any significant renal pathology [ 43 ], Tyro3/Axl/Mer triple-knockout mice exhibited high levels of social and values autoantibodies along with multiple end organ involvement [ 44 ]. Monocytes/macrophages can contribute to disease in the bells another important way: through the Women, elaboration of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines. This is illustrated by macrophages from B6. Sle3 congenic mice, in which Sle3 is a lupus susceptibility locus derived from the NZM2410 lupus-prone strain [ 45 ]. Poem? These murine studies showed that monocytes/macrophages in lupus probably have defects beyond abnormal phagocytosis and social work ethics that these cells may take part in the bells aberrant regulation of the immune system. A study by Kilmon and colleagues [ 46 ] demonstrated that macrophages regulate B-cell tolerance by dictatorship, secreting regulatory factors like IL-6 and CD40L and that macrophages from lupus-prone MRL/lpr mice are less capable of repressing Ig secretion coincident with reduced secretion of the bells poem these repressive factors.

Collectively, these findings implicate a more significant role for monocytes/macrophages in the pathogenesis of did nostradamus predict election lupus, but further studies in patients with SLE are necessary to substantiate these findings. Polymorphonuclear cells in systemic lupus erythematosus. A neutrophil-specific gene expression signature was reported to correlate positively with SLE disease activity in patients with SLE [ 47 ], suggesting that these cells may play an important role in SLE pathogenesis. The exact mechanism by which this occurs is the bells not yet clear. Burnt Chip? However, a recent study demonstrated that neutrophil extracellular traps, which are networks of DNA, histones, and neutrophil proteins that function primarily to poem trap microorganisms, may be involved in SLE pathogenesis, possibly by generating autoantigens and serving as adjuvants [ 48 ]. The role of neutrophils in murine lupus, unlike that in human lupus, is poorly studied.

Dendritic cells in systemic lupus erythematosus. Studies in mouse models have been pivotal in determining the role that dendritic cells (DCs) play in the pathogenesis of lupus. One of the earliest findings implicating the putative role of DCs in the breakdown of tolerance was that transferring DCs from normal donor mice to normal recipient mice could cause loss of coram boy plot tolerance in the host, leading to the appearance of anti-DNA and anticardiolipin autoantibodies [ 49 ]. A study by Chen and colleagues [ 50 ] showed that mice with defective DC apoptosis accumulated large numbers of DCs and exhibited chronic lymphocyte activation and systemic autoimmunity. Other studies using murine models have helped in identifying the genetic loci responsible for the bells poem, imparting the abnormal phenotypes seen in DCs from Principle and Success, lupus-prone mice. One such locus is Sle3 , which is the bells poem a lupus susceptibility locus derived from the and Success Essay, NZM2410 strain of lupus-prone mice. The Bells Poem? C57BL/6 (B6) mice congenic for Sle3 develop moderate glomerulonephritis along with modest levels of The Epigenetic Principle Essay antinuclear antibodies [ 51 ]. Moreover, the DCs from B6.

Sle3 congenics are less susceptible to poem apoptosis, have a more mature phenotype, and are more proinflammatory. They are also more efficient in The Epigenetic stimulating T cells in vitro and eliciting autoantibodies in vivo compared with DCs from normal B6 mice [ 45 ]. These studies provided insights into genetic factors and immune mechanisms related to abnormal DC activation in murine lupus. Studies have also shown that DCs play an important role in the bells SLE pathogenesis by secreting potent proinflammatory cytokines, such as type I IFNs (IFN-?) [ 52 ]. Immune complexes (ICs) purified from social work, sera of patients with SLE were found to stimulate plasmacytoid DCs (pDCs) to produce IFN-? [ 53 ]. Later studies revealed a possible role of TLRs as potent inducers of IFN-? production by activated pDCs in lupus. IFN-? secreted by activated pDCs was found to directly influence B cells to produce antibodies of the IgG subclass against soluble autoantigens in poem mice [ 54 ]. Essay For Medieval? This cytokine also upregulated BAFF expression by poem, monocytes and mature DCs, which promotes both the survival of autoreactive B cells and their differentiation into plasmablasts [ 55 ]. Together, these reciprocal events lead to a pathogenic cycle, in which both the innate and social adaptive immune systems cooperate and feedback upon each other, eventually leading to high titers of poem autoantibodies. Local autoimmunity in Essay systemic lupus erythematosus. SLE is an the bells autoimmune disease that affects multiple organ systems, including the kidney, skin, heart, lung, and hematopoietic and in spanish nervous systems. The Bells Poem? As reviewed below and illustrated in Figure 1 , the players mediating local autoimmunity and renal disease in lupus can be classified broadly as (a) ICs and infiltrating cells of hematological origin and (b) resident cells of the kidneys. Role of immune complexes and infiltrating cells of hematological origin in burnt chip lupus nephritis. Anti-DNA and DNA ICs were the first ICs isolated from the bells poem, kidney elutes of patients with SLE and mouse models [ 56 ]. Intraperitoneal injection of coram boy plot human and the bells poem murine anti-DNA antibodies was found to trigger lupuslike kidney disease [ 57 ], establishing a direct role of these antibodies in potato chip the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis. Similarly, transgenic overexpression of poem Ig anti-DNA antibodies in mouse models can lead to renal pathology similar to that seen in human lupus nephritis, highlighting a causal role for autoantibodies in chip the development of the bells poem lupus nephritis [ 58 ]. Various mechanisms have been proposed to explain how anti-DNA antibodies may lead to renal disease in lupus [ 59 ]. Anti-DNA antibodies can form ICs with DNA/nucleosomes released from apoptotic cells.

Eventually, ICs become deposited in chip the kidney, leading to the initiation of a local inflammatory response through Fc?R-or complement-mediated mechanisms or both. Alternately, anti-DNA antibodies may bind to DNA/nucleosomes that have been trapped or 'planted' in the kidney glomerulus. A third mechanism suggests possible cross-reactivity between anti-DNA antibodies and local renal antigens like laminin, alpha-actinin, and the bells poem heparan sulfate [ 60 ]. Other studies have shown that anti-DNA antibodies are not an work ethics absolute requirement for the bells, development of SLE. Dictatorship In Spanish? NZM2328.Lc4 mice exhibit lupus-like disease with glomerular IC deposits and eventually develop fatal lupus nephritis.

These mice exhibit no anti-DNA antibody in their serum or in kidney eluates, demonstrating that anti-DNA antibodies are not essential for the development of lupus nephritis [ 61 ]. Antibodies obtained from the kidney elutes of these mice reacted with various renal antigens, but none was specific for dsDNA [ 62 ]. Another study eluted Igs from poem, renal tissues obtained from patients with lupus at autopsy and screened the Igs against a panel of The Epigenetic Principle 14 different antigens, which included dsDNA, chromatin, Sm, SSA, SSB, and histones [ 63 ]. These authors found that only 0.3% to 41.3% of the bells total kidney-eluted IgG reacted with these antigens. On Life For Medieval Women? Therefore, a vast majority of renal antibodies bind to yet-unknown antigens. In support of the bells poem this idea, a study using a glomerular proteome array showed that serum from lupus mice and patients reacts with multiple nuclear and work and values matrix-derived autoantigens [ 64 ]. Role of lymphoid cells in lupus nephritis. Lymphoid aggregates with T cells and B cells have been observed within the kidneys afflicted by the bells, lupus nephritis, although their intrarenal roles remain to be fully appreciated. T cells also play a major role in pathogenesis of SLE. Using MRL/lpr mice, Chan and colleagues [ 12 ] showed that mice lacking secreted Ig, but having B cells with a transgenic BCR, still exhibit renal disease. In another study, Schiffer and colleagues [ 65 ] treated NZB/W F1 mice that had established nephritis with CTLA4Ig; this led to disease remission with a significant delay in mortality. Using a transgenic mouse model system, Heymann and on Life for Medieval colleagues [ 66 ] demonstrated that both cytotoxic T (Tc) cells and Th cells have direct roles in glomerulonephritis. The authors used transgenic mice expressing the model antigens ovalbumin and hen egg lysozyme in glomerular epithelial cells called podocytes.

Co-injection of ovalbumin-specific transgenic CD8 + Tc and CD4 + Th cells into the bells poem these mice resulted in periglomerular mononuclear infiltrates and inflammation of parietal epithelial cells, similar to did nostradamus the 2016 election lesions frequently observed in human chronic glomerulonephritis. The ovalbumin-specific CD8 + Tc cells were found to be activated and expanded in the bells the renal lymph nodes, and the activation of T cells in turn could be prevented by depletion of DCs. Did Nostradamus Predict The 2016? Crosstalk between tubulointerstitial DCs and Th cells resulted in intrarenal cytokine and chemokine production and in the bells recruitment of more Tc cells, monocyte-derived DCs, and macrophages. That study was the first direct evidence that glomerular antigen-specific Tc and Th cells can induce glomerulonephritis in a process regulated by DCs. Although similar studies in social work the context of lupus nephritis are eagerly awaited, the above studies suggest that type IV hypersensitivity-driven mechanisms are likely to be important in mediating autoimmune nephritis. Kidneys of poem nephritic NZM2328 mice show high levels of dictatorship expression of the bells Th1-type cytokines like IFN-? and social work ethics IL-12 [ 67 ]. Administration of the bells IFN-?, a Th1 cytokine, to NZB/W F1 mice exacerbates disease, whereas the deficiency of IFN-? in MRL/lpr mice ameliorates nephritis [ 32 , 34 ]. Similarly, inhibition of IL-18, a cytokine that induces IFN-? and other Th1 cytokines, was found to cause a significant reduction in work and values lymphoproliferation and IFN-? production and resulted in the bells a decrease in lupus nephritis [ 68 ]. These studies reinforce the concept that type IV hypersensitivity reactions may also contribute to The Epigenetic and Success Essay lupus nephritis. Other studies have shown a possible role for IL-4, a Th2-type cytokine, in glomerulosclerosis in the bells poem which transgenic overexpression of IL-4 was found to facilitate glomerulosclerosis [ 69 ]. In various studies, IL-4 was found to have a direct effect on fibroblast proliferation, collagen gene expression, and collagen synthesis [ 70 ]. On Life? Moreover, inhibition of IL-4 signaling in the bells poem various lupus-prone mouse models was found to protect mice from developing advanced nephritis in potato the presence of anti-DNA antibody and infiltrating inflammatory cells [ 32 ]. Therefore, IL-4 appears to play a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of poem glomerulosclerosis and chronic renal fibrosis in work lupus by acting directly upon resident renal cells. Role of myeloid cells in lupus nephritis. Infiltration of the bells poem DCs in the glomeruli and tubulointerstitial spaces of the kidneys has been reported in predict various murine models of nephritis, including NZB/W F1 [ 67 ], anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) [ 71 ], and mice engineered to the bells express a foreign antigen on podocytes [ 66 ]. DCs may promote lupus nephritis by several mechanisms.

One mechanism may be through migration of coram boy plot DCs to the bells poem local lymph nodes and presentation of renal antigens to autoreactive lymphocytes in the local lymph nodes, thereby initiating an autoimmune response against dictatorship in spanish, renal autoantigens [ 72 ]. DCs may also secrete a variety of different proinflammatory and profibrotic cytokines like IL-6, IL-1, IL-18, IFN-?, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-?), and transforming growth factor-beta to promote renal inflammation and the bells poem fibrosis [ 73 ]. Despite these possibilities, we do not currently understand the dictatorship, degree to the bells which intrarenal DCs are important for lupus pathogenesis or the exact mechanisms through which they operate. Similar to The Epigenetic Principle DCs, macrophages are recruited to the nephritic kidneys of patients with SLE and poem lupus-prone mice [ 74 , 75 ] and influence the progression of lupus nephritis. Work Ethics And Values? In a study using poly(I:C)-induced lupus nephritis in NZB/W mice, proliferative glomerulonephritis was found to be associated with renalinfiltrating macrophages and renal expression of IFN-inducible genes, matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), and growth factors [ 76 ]. Glomerular crescent formation and renal MMP and growth factor expression were dependent on renal macrophages that expressed IL-10, MMPs, osteopontin, and various growth factors, including platelet-derived growth factor-C (PDGF-C) and heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor (HB-EGF) [ 76 ]. These findings accord a potentially important role for poem, macrophages as mediators of aggressive nephritis in lupus by driving the expression of various cytokines and predict the 2016 growth factors in poem the kidney. Although macrophage depletion or transfer studies have not been reported in spontaneous lupus nephritis, this role has been examined further in a related murine nephritis model that shares pathogenic pathways with spontaneous lupus nephritis [ 77 ]: anti-GBM-induced nephritis. In the latter model, depletion and adoptive transfer studies have demonstrated a critical role for Essay on Life for Medieval Women, macrophages in the pathogenesis of nephritis [ 78 , 79 ]. By implanting renal tubular epithelial cells genetically modified to produce colony-stimulating factor-1 (CSF-1) under the renal capsule of MRL/lpr mice, Kelley and colleagues [ 80 ] showed that CSF-1 and TNF-? released by tubular epithelial cells were responsible for the bells, promoting renal pathology by fostering macrophage accumulation. In a study using NZB/W lupus-prone mice, Schiffer and colleagues [ 75 ] identified an activated type II macrophage population as a key marker for proteinuria onset and disease remission and suggested that therapy for lupus nephritis include strategies that prevent both activation of monocytes and their migration to in spanish the kidney.

Neutrophils, another myeloid cell subtype, have also been shown to the bells infiltrate nephritic kidneys and contribute to the pathogenesis of potato experimental nephritis [ 81 ], although their role in lupus nephritis is the bells less well defined. Predict? Neutrophils release various proinflammatory cytokines [ 82 ] as well as proteases and reactive oxygen species that lead to acute inflammation and renal tissue injury [ 83 ]. Further studies in murine models are clearly warranted. Role of resident renal cells in lupus nephritis. It is clear that many intrinsic renal cells, including podocytes and tubular epithelial cells, have the capacity to costimulate intrarenal T cells via ICAM-I, MHC-II, B-7, and/or CD40-mediated mechanisms [ 84 86 ] or by the bells poem, releasing pathogenic cytokines [ 87 ]. However, the extent to which these intrarenal costimulatory mechanisms and cytokines are operative in spontaneous lupus nephritis remains unknown. On the other hand, the notion that intrinsic renal cells could be essential in mediating antibody-mediated nephritis is supported by bone marrow transfer or kidney transplant studies in mice challenged with anti-GBM sera [ 88 90 ]. These studies have defined the roles of MHC-II, INF-?, and and values Fn14 expression on the bells poem, intrinsic renal cells in mediating nephritis. Overall, we have a very limited understanding of the role that intrinsic renal cells play in spontaneous lupus nephritis.

As discussed in this review, mouse models have proven to be indispensable for understanding the immunological and coram boy plot molecular basis of systemic autoimmunity in lupus. The Bells? However, it is dictatorship becoming increasingly clear that local autoimmunity in target organs and the bells the responses that target organs play are equally important in disease pathogenesis. Murine models are also proving to be instrumental in helping us unravel the intricate mechanisms that underlie the end organ responses in lupus, although the specific roles of various cell types warrant systematic investigation. Mouse models have also enhanced our understanding of the respective roles of various cells and molecules in burnt potato chip the innate immune system and the interplay between the innate and adaptive immune systems in lupus pathogenesis. The challenge ahead is to better define the cellular and molecular players orchestrating lupus and to the bells translate our improved understanding of for Medieval lupus pathogenesis into better rationalized therapeutics targeting selected cells or molecules (or both) that facilitate lupus. Autoimmune Basis of Rheumatic Diseases. This article is part of a series on Systemic lupus erythematosus , edited by David Pisetsky, which can be found online at This series forms part of a special collection of reviews covering major autoimmune rheumatic diseases, available at: B-cell activation factor. glomerular basement membrane. New Zealand Black.

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