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book review Discover Your Next Great Book! Posted by the editors of pharmaceuticals marketing strategies BookPage on October 05, 2017. Buddhism And Confucianism? The Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to English author Kazuo Ishiguro. Behind the pharmaceuticals strategies Book by Emanuel Bergmann. Debut novelist Emanuel Bergmann shares a look behind his sweet and dazzling first book, The Trick , a Holocaust tale with a touch of magic. We have a dozen different versions of ourselves Jamie Raintree talks about her debut novel Perfectly Undone , the importance of balance and which of her characters probably has a secret life as a yoga teacher. Sponsored by Graydon House. A woman history should never have forgotten. With her new novel, The Indigo Girl , bestselling author Natasha Boyd draws from the true story of about Youthfulness and Impulsiveness Romeo and Juliet Eliza Lucas Pinckney for a story of pharmaceuticals strategies ambition, betrayal and sacrificeand at its core, the secret process of making indigo dye. Boyd, the Globalization and its Effect on the United Essay author of contemporary romantic Southern fiction and other novels of historical fiction, shares the inspiration behind The Indigo Girl . The second chapter in pharmaceuticals strategies a Saigon saga. The Tyger William Blake Line By Line? Author-illustrator Marcelino Truong has penned a follow-up to his critically acclaimed graphic memoir, Such a Lovely Little War . Picking up in 1963, Truong again blends personal narrative with an incredibly well-researched account of the Vietnamese history of the Vietnam War that is little-known inside the U.S.

While the first book focused on Truong#39;s early years in Saigon, Saigon Calling finds his Vietnamese diplomat father, French mother and his siblings on the move to Swinging London in order to escape the escalating conflict in Vietnam. This poignant, honest account chonricles Truong#39;s early teen years, his search for pharmaceuticals, belonging and understanding, his experience caught between very different cultures and deadly unna?, their disparate views on the war. A personal and sweeping history of the pharmaceuticals strategies Lone Star State. We talk to Roger D. Hodge about analysis, his history of pharmaceuticals strategies Texas and his personal connections to the Lone Star State, Texas Blood . Ah, the American wild: teeming with animals roaming free, right? Two new books might change your thinking on and confucianism, that, as well as the strategies role of humans and government. No doubt about it, we’re living in an accelerated era, a time when technology expedites everything from buying groceries to getting the news. Pushing boundaries and mixing genres, the authors of deadly unna? five new collections of short fiction capture the nature of the here and now, and speculate about tomorrow. If you’re wondering what the world is coming to, these writers can give you a hint. When it comes to things that go bump in the night, are you a straight-shooting skeptic who wants the evidence behind the enigmas, or do you revel in tales of the supernatural? Whatever you fancy, we’ve got a grab bag of five new Halloween-appropriate reads.

Leave the lamp on! In Logical Family , Maupin, a longtime LGBTQ rights advocate and the author of the marketing groundbreaking series Tales of the City, lays bare his own struggles with self-acceptance and about Youthfulness Romeo, making peace with his past. “Listen, listen, listen to the city’s whisperings, to read and marketing strategies, wander, eavesdrop and absorb.” Cristina García’s Here in Berlin is a hypnotic work that, through the effective use of multiple oral histories, creates a portrait of the former East German city, the effect its past still has upon residents old and young, and the fallout from about Youthfulness and Impulsiveness in Shakespeare’s Romeo Cuba’s relationship with the Soviet Union. Marketing Strategies? We spoke with García about her haunting new novel. What could be better than mythical creatures, costume parties and kisses, just in social theory time for Halloween? The three novels we’ve chosen to share with you this month will take you to pharmaceuticals strategies, New York City, Seattle, Toronto and Europe with lots of thrills, chills and romance along the way. Prepare to be enthralled.

The mainstreaming of science fiction and fantasy has given writers the freedom to experiment, to change how these stories are told and who gets to buddhism and confucianism, stand at the forefront of them. Offering an pharmaceuticals marketing strategies, unabashed appreciation of James Wright’s poetry but also an evenhanded assessment of the poet’s tortured life, Blunk’s impressive study is as compelling as Wright’s own story. Salsa dancing, crime solving and Gilded Age intrigue are the backdrops for three fantastic love stories in this month's romance column. Our favorite audiobooks this month—two fantastically thrilling mysteries and and confucianism, a stunning memoir of strategies life, death and literature. Connect With BookPage. A personal and sweeping history of the Lone Star State. Bonds between human and animals, author and readers. An outsized life in buddhism a Russian hotel.

We have a dozen different versions of ourselves Come what may, life goes on. And on. And on. That’s the pharmaceuticals hauntingly real premise of Jon McGregor’s. Wiley Cash’s third novel is a sweeping, old-fashioned saga with an inspiring but ill-fated heroine at its. In 2016, Canadian novelist Madeleine Thien garnered international attention when Do Not Say We Have Nothing was. Deadly Unna?? In the wake of pharmaceuticals marketing her dazzling Pulitzer Prize winner, A Visit from the Goon Squad, Jennifer Egan’s deftly plotted. If the best speculative fiction offers up new ways to see our culture, then Naomi Alderman’s The Power (winner. In this accessible but impressively documented book, neuroscientist Matthew Walker describes both the buddhism and confucianism benefits of.

E.O. Wilson’s rich and provocative The Origins of Creativity singles out creativity—expressed in the. In his new memoir, Armistead Maupin, now in his 70s, recalls the tightly closeted Southern childhood that preceded. Move over, Hamilton! Might there be room for a Broadway musical about Ulysses S. Grant? There’s certainly a. Roger D. Hodge couldn’t get out of pharmaceuticals marketing Texas fast enough.

After a boyhood spent doing the things that a South Texas. With a glossary and guide to museums and further online reading, Jelly, Garbage + Toys is a rich visual. It’s not an deadly unna?, easy task to transport today’s technology-minded children back to 1888, when cars were. Mustaches and the magic of cards unexpectedly come in pharmaceuticals marketing handy when a brain tumor challenges a brave 12-year-old girl. Transforming a well-known poem into a picture book is analysis by line, precarious work—even more so when you’re dealing.

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street. Pharmaceuticals Strategies? The story of the Vanderbeekers begins with a ticking clock. Just before Christmas, the family’s cranky landlord. All material Copyright 1996-2017 BookPage and ProMotion, inc. BookPage® and the BookPage® logo are registered trademarks of ProMotion, inc.

Pharmaceutical drug marketing strategies and tactics: a comparative

Pharmaceuticals marketing strategies

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lpmove resume Manage your account and access personalized content. Access your cloud dashboard, manage orders, and more. Using IPP as the Preferred Network Printing Protocol. This article describes the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and how to use it as the pharmaceuticals marketing preferred network printing protocol in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).

Support for IPP is one of several changes recently made to the Solaris print system to promote easy interoperability with both CUPS and Microsoft Windows clients. Also covered are the FSG OpenPrinting Open Standard Print API (PAPI) implementation of the IPP, providing both server-side and client-side support, the re-architecture of existing Solaris client print commands, and tips for using this technology. Introduction Solaris Print System Architecture IPP at a Glance IPP Support in the Solaris OS - A Closer Look Disabling and Enabling the IPP Network Service Configuring IPP Server and Client Data Printing With IPP What's on the Horizon for Solaris Printing? If you thought all there was to printing in buddhism, the Solaris OS was the lp command, think again. Solaris printing is marketing strategies moving full steam ahead, and has set sail for Open waters. The printing story in Essay Youthfulness, the Solaris OS is nearing completion of an important and significant phase. Rounding out some of the changes that were started in the Solaris 10 OS are improvements to server-side support for IPP, the implementation of pharmaceuticals marketing strategies, client-side support for IPP, and the layering of applications on top of the Globalization and its States Open Standard Print API. The PAPI implementation in the Solaris OS makes it possible to layer print commands on pharmaceuticals marketing strategies, top of a print service-neutral, protocol-neutral interface. In addition, the Solaris print client command implementation has been rewritten on top of the PAPI.

With the PAPI support that is currently available, these command implementations can be used with RFC-1179 and IPP-based servers. Support of the social attributes, printer/server/job, from job submission and pharmaceuticals marketing, query to the printer, thereby enables the print client, which includes both applications and the print commands themselves, to query the print system about learning theory, characteristics of a printer and to request this information. Pharmaceuticals Marketing Strategies? All of these changes are geared towards making IPP the preferred network printing protocol in Solaris. Several of these recent changes were introduced in the Solaris Express 8/06 release. More information about new printing features and printing in the Solaris OS can be found in the System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration in the tyger william blake analysis line, the System Administration Collection at Solaris Print System Architecture. The following block diagram is a high-level representation of the Solaris print system architecture. IPP is a full-featured network printing protocol that is rapidly becoming the pharmaceuticals marketing strategies industry standard. IPP provides a common set of network printing services. The protocol was initiated to provide universal solutions for printing documents from the Internet. William Blake Analysis By Line? IPP is strategies employed by several system and printer vendors because the protocol has all the tools that are required to make a rich set of standard requests and receive standard responses from print client systems.

IPP provides versioning, extensibility, and security, as well as enhanced functionality that includes vast improvements in job and school canteens, printer status retrieval. IPP enables a print client to query a printer for pharmaceuticals, its supported capabilities, features, and parameters to allow the selection of an and confucianism appropriate printer for each print job. Strategies? With IPP, you can find out about a printer's capabilities, submit print jobs, determine the Globalization Effect United States status of a printer or a print job, or cancel a previously submitted print job. You can hold, release, restart, or modify print jobs, as well as move print jobs between queues, accept, reject, enable, and disable print queues. With IPP, you can also modify and delete printers, and much more. On the strategies front end, IPP is learning psychology layered on pharmaceuticals, top of HTTP/1.1. The server receives IPP operations through an HTTP POST request. The server then performs the requested operation and sends a response back to deadly unna? the client via HTTP. These operations include, but are not limited to, submitting and canceling a print job, and querying attributes of marketing strategies, a printer, a print job, or all the print jobs that have been queued to a printer. On the back end, the IPP listener performs operations by communicating with a print spooler.

In the Solaris OS, this spooler is buddhism currently the marketing lpsched daemon. IPP is a protocol that can be used locally for sending print jobs to a printer across the learning psychology room, or over the Internet for sending print jobs to printers across the country, or around the pharmaceuticals strategies globe. Besides this fact, IPP is unique, in that it also supports access control, authentication, and encryption, making it a much more capable and secure printing solution. The motivation to implement IPP in the Solaris OS is threefold: Although adequate, the and its United functionality that is pharmaceuticals available in the LPD wire protocol is lacking in features, extensibility, security, and interoperability at anything more than a basic level. IPP is more efficient and rich in its capabilities and deadly unna?, features, making it the preferred protocol over the LPD wire protocol. The majority of companies that provide printers and print services are beginning to utilize IPP as their primary printing protocol. This gives Sun the ability to compete and interact with other companies by providing the pharmaceuticals strategies same printing solutions to customers. Because IPP is a protocol that is fast becoming the universal standard in the industry, customers can print to and from Solaris servers to a variety of other platforms and operating systems. IPP Compared to the BSD Protocol (RFC-1179)

The BSD protocol has served as the de facto standard network printing protocol for school canteens, decades. It was originally designed to perform a very limited set of pharmaceuticals, operations. The BSD protocol lacks a common representation for status information, and anything more than very basic print job options. On the other hand, the design of IPP includes many of the deadly unna? features that are lacking in the BSD protocol. Pharmaceuticals Marketing? With IPP, a rich set of deadly unna?, operations can be performed. These operations make use of a core set of common attributes by using a common representation and encoding. Also, the protocol allows for encryption and marketing, authentication to be used between client and school canteens, server. Finally, IPP provides an avenue for extending operations and pharmaceuticals marketing strategies, attributes, while maintaining backward compatibility and interoperability. Breakdown of the Components. These are the basic components of the IPP support available in about Youthfulness and Impulsiveness in Shakespeare’s and Juliet, the Solaris OS.

Each component is described in detail later. IPP Support in the Solaris OS - A Closer Look. IPP support in Solaris is split into client-side and server-side support. Pharmaceuticals Strategies? Both the client-side support and the server-side support share some common elements, as well as elements that are unique to either the client or server operation. As a result, the IPP client and server components share a code base that implements these common elements.

The IPP client-side support in the Solaris OS is implemented underneath the PAPI. This support enables any applications that are using the PAPI to also use IPP, as well as other print services and protocols. These applications include: GNOME Desktop Environment - Applications using libgnomeprint BSD commands - BSD UNIX LPD print service commands lpr lpq lprm lpc LP commands - System V UNIX LP print service commands lp lpstat cancel lpmove accept reject enable disable. The IPP client-side support for applications is provided through a loadable module, . This module is about and Impulsiveness in Shakespeare’s Romeo loaded at runtime, based on the printer-uri for pharmaceuticals, the printer or job that is being manipulated. Because IPP is layered on top of an HTTP transport, both client-side and server-side support need the ability to read and write HTTP protocol. On the server-side, this support is provided by the Apache web server. On the client side, this support is provided by an HTTP library, . The IPP Listening Service provides an IPP network protocol service that enables print client systems a means of interacting with a print service on theory psychology, the system that is running the IPP listener. This listener implements server-side IPP protocol support, which includes a rich set of standard operations and attributes. The listener is implemented in Solaris as an Apache module and a series of shared libraries that contain IPP operation and wire support. The IPP software stack is installed when the Solaris OS is installed.

The listening service is an SMF service that depends on the print service to run. As a result, IPP is automatically enabled on a print server when the first print queue has been added. IPP is pharmaceuticals also disabled when the last print queue has been removed. The listening service implementation is about in Shakespeare’s Romeo embedded under the Apache web server. The web server receives IPP operations through HTTP POST requests. When an pharmaceuticals marketing HTTP POST request is received it is passed on to the Apache IPP module ( ). Based on configuration, the Apache web service may provide an authentication service and school canteens, it may also use encryption between client and server. The listening service runs as its own dedicated instance of Apache. Server-side support for IPP starts with the IPP module, mod_ipp . The listening service uses the Apache web server because the Solaris OS already ships with Apache software.

The Apache module uses the Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) interface to plug in under the web server. Using the DSO interface, the module includes configuration support for the listening service and an entry point for the web server to hand the listener the HTTP connection. This modular approach enables the IPP support to reuse Apache-delivered encryption and authentication mechanisms. Here's the basic process: An IPP request is sent from the client to marketing strategies the server. The Apache web server accepts the connection. School Canteens? The Apache web server then hands the connection to mod_ipp . mod_ipp passes the marketing strategies connection and configuration data to libipp-listener . libipp-listener reads the buddhism and confucianism request by using lipipp-core . libipp-listener dispatches the request to the operation handler located in libipp-listener . Pharmaceuticals? The operation handler converts the request to a PAPI call and then makes the call. The PAPI call is translated to a print service-specific request by using psm-lpsched . The print service responds to the request.

The psm-lpsched command converts the response to PAPI results. The libpapi operation returns to the libipp-listener operation handler. The libipp-listener operation handler passes the results to the dispatcher. About Youthfulness In Shakespeare’s Romeo? The libipp-listener dispatcher writes the results to the client using the libipp-core library. The dispatcher returns the mod_ipp entry point return. The IPP Listening Service library, libipp-listener , is where the pharmaceuticals strategies bulk of the protocol request processing occurs.

The library reads and social theory, validates requests using the core IPP library, . After the request has been validated, the request is translated to a series of marketing strategies, client API calls. The results of line, these calls are then translated into an appropriate IPP response using the strategies core IPP library. The response is returned to the client system by the web server. Note: The interface to the listening service library is buddhism and confucianism a project private interface that is specific to the IPP server-side implementation. The IPP Core Library is shared between client and server operations. The IPP core library, , contains routines that enable it to read and write protocol requests and marketing, responses. The library converts IPP request and and Impulsiveness and Juliet, response data between the standard binary representation and a set of common data structures.

Ultimately, this common data representation is used in translating requests to and from a print service-neutral representation and passed through a generic printing interface, . Since both client-side and pharmaceuticals strategies, server-side IPP support must perform this function, this component is shared by both clients and servers. The PAPI library provides applications a print service-independent means of interacting with a print service or a protocol. In this instance, the social theory library provides the Apache IPP listening service a means of interacting with the marketing local LP service. It determines which print service to interact with, based on the client-side queue configuration data that is stored in the printers.conf configuration database. The psm-lpsched command provides a translation between the print service-independent representation of the PAPI and the LP print spooler, lpsched . The command takes the PAPI attributes passed into various PAPI functions and converts these attributes into deadly unna? an internal lpsched representation of the data.

The psm-lpsched command then contacts the lpsched command to perform the requested operation. Once performed, psm-lpsched converts the results back into pharmaceuticals marketing strategies a print service-neutral PAPI representation and returns these results to the caller. The LP print spooler ( lpsched ) provides a spooling service, translations of job data to a printer-ready format, and Essay about Youthfulness and Impulsiveness in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, transmission of job data to the physical printer. Enabling and Disabling the IPP Network Service. The Solaris OS ships with a default Apache httpd configuration file that may be used to start an httpd instance dedicated to listening for marketing, IPP requests. Also included with the IPP listener is an SMF manifest that describes the application/print/ipp-listener service. William Analysis Line? Upon installation, this manifest is imported into the SMF repository and will start automatically when the LP service (application/print/server) is marketing started. Using the SMF svcadm command, you can enable, disable, and restart the IPP network service. After making a configuration change, you will want to restart the Effect States service to load the pharmaceuticals marketing new configuration. Note: You must be superuser or the william analysis by line equivalent to run these commands. Enabling the IPP Network Service.

To enable the IPP network service, type: To enable the rfc1179 network service, type: Disabling the IPP Network Service. If you do not want to pharmaceuticals strategies share a printer on the network, you can disable the IPP network service. To disable the social theory IPP network service, type:

To disable the rfc1179 network service, type: Restarting the IPP Network Service. To restart the IPP network service, type: To restart the rfc1179 network service, type: Configuring IPP Server and Client Data. The IPP Listening Service provides print client systems a means of interacting with a print service using the IPP protocol.

This protocol includes a rich set of standard operations and attributes. It is implemented on Solaris as an Apache module and a series of shared libraries containing IPP operation and wire support. Since the listening service consists of a dedicated instance of an Apache web server managed through SMF, you can enable and pharmaceuticals, disable the service through the use of the svcadm command. And Confucianism? The specific SMF service that is used is svc:/application/print/ipp-listener . The Apache configuration for marketing, this web server instance runs as the lp print service user, which provides enough privileges to about Romeo and Juliet support all of the existing IPP operations, but limits access to pharmaceuticals print service specific resources. It's also important to note that the listening service runs as its own web server instance, specifically configured to blake analysis line support IPP. This is intended to minimize potential security risks. Note that if you make any configuration changes, you need to restart the service to load the new configuration. Apache Configuration File. The IPP Listening Service configuration file, /etc/apache/httpd-standalone-ipp.conf , is like any normal Apache 1.3 configuration file. The configuration file takes any Apache 1.3 configuration directives that you want to use.

Starting with Solaris 9 10/04 and in the Solaris 10 OS, the default configuration includes the following features: Listening on port 631 Loading of a minimal set of Apache modules Enabling all supported IPP operations at the /printers/ path ( ipp://server/printers/ ) without requiring authentication. The default operations that are enabled for /printers/ are limited to a set of operations that poses less of a security risk. However, all operations are enabled at the /admin/ path ( ipp://server/admin/ ), with basic authentication required. The mod_ipp Apache configuration options to choose from are described in the following table. The following table shows the conformance checking types for the Apache Web Server Configuration. The syntax to pharmaceuticals marketing use is: The following table shows the IPP operation keywords for the Apache Web Server configuration. Here is an annotated example of an Apache configuration file: Configuring the /etc/printers.conf File. Under PAPI support, the and confucianism bsdaddr value ( server,q ) is converted to its equivalent printer-uri-supported value ( lpd://server/printers/q ), when the printer-uri-supported value is marketing missing from the printers database.

However, in some situations, such as when there is Globalization and its on the States a mix of client systems and the queue is on an IPP-capable server, you might need to add this piece of configuration data manually. To add configuration data, use a text editor to add the following information to the client system's /etc/printers.conf file: Restart the IPP listener for the changes to take effect. If you have a server running at least the Solaris 9 10/04 OS, or a CUPS server, lpstat will provide you with more information about remote print queues (and jobs), as well as their capabilities, when you use IPP to pharmaceuticals talk to those servers. You can accept, reject, enable, and disable remote print queues with proper authorization, when IPP is in use. See the section on Setting Authorizations That Enable You to Accept Print Queues When IPP Is in about and Impulsiveness in Shakespeare’s, Use. You can remotely move jobs between print queues on a print server when IPP is in use. You can modify your print jobs remotely when IPP is in use.

Here are some other examples: To submit your job held: To change the number of pharmaceuticals marketing, copies: To turn on duplexing and release it for printing: How Do I Share Printers Using IPP? These operations include: Can I Select IPP From Solaris Print Manager?

There is analysis line currently no means of pharmaceuticals marketing strategies, selecting IPP when adding access to remote print queues when using Solaris Print Manager. This feature should be available in Solaris Express soon, and at some point, will be back ported to Solaris 10. When this functionality becomes available in Solaris Print Manager, IPP will be automatically selected, if the Globalization on the States Essay print service is determined to strategies support IPP. Bug 6488443 describes the problem and the solution. IPP is layered on and confucianism, top of HTTP.

As a result, it uses the pharmaceuticals strategies authentication mechanisms built into HTTP (and Apache). The default configuration that is shipped in Solaris doesn't make use of these authentication mechanisms. Starting with the about Youthfulness and Impulsiveness in Shakespeare’s and Juliet Solaris 9 10/04 release, and in the Solaris 10 and Solaris Express releases, client authentication is required to access some uri-path and operation combinations. For example, the marketing more common form of Essay Youthfulness and Impulsiveness in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, printer-uri that is used by client systems is: For printing on Microsoft Windows systems, you need to marketing strategies specify the URI by using: Setting Authorizations That Enable You to Accept Print Queues When IPP Is in Use. To set authorizations for accepting print queues when IPP is in use, edit the /etc/apache/httpd-standalone-ipp.conf file. To set up authentication, add the following entries: For an example, see the /etc/apache/httpd-standalone-ipp.conf file. If you are running at the least the Solaris Express 10/06 release, the /printers path turns on about in Shakespeare’s, the following operations:

Turning On the Authentication Mechanism. The following command will fail under the pharmaceuticals marketing default configuration, because the operation is not enabled for school canteens, that uri path: To authenticate, type: You are prompted for authentication. Enter the proper authentication information to enable the processing of the operation for pharmaceuticals strategies, the uri path. Adding a User to about Youthfulness Romeo and Juliet the AuthUser File. To add a user to AuthUser file, type: To verify the user was added, check the pharmaceuticals marketing strategies /etc/ipp-users file. What's on the Horizon for Solaris Printing? Some additional work is currently underway to resolve more pressing issues with highly mobile systems that have local printers. The following are among the list of projects that are focused on this goal.

PPD Management: The current implementation's use of PPD files in school canteens, the printmgr relies on a cache to list and display the supported printer manufacturers, models and drivers. Marketing? The cache was created for performance, as reading through 2800+ zipped PPD files takes longer than any user's patience with a GUI. The cache is currently static and built against the PPD files, as shipped. Several people have expressed a desire to have tools to learning psychology locate and install additional PPD files into the cache. Pharmaceuticals Marketing? This project aims to do just that. Presto (Automatic Printing Configuration): A project aimed at school canteens, improving Solaris approachability, specifically the print service, by automatically (or as automatically as possible) discovering and configuring access to directly-attached, network-attached, and marketing strategies, remotely-served printers. You can find more information about OpenPrinting at http:/

To learn more about the deadly unna? OpenSolaris printing community and ongoing projects, go to Unless otherwise licensed, code in all technical manuals herein (including articles, FAQs, samples) is provided under this License.

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5 Must-Haves for an Effective Resume. When it comes right down to it—let’s be honest—the real purpose of your resume is to do what? Get you interviews. That’s the primary function of a resume—no more, no less. So how do you create a resume that’s effective at getting you interviews? Here are five tips that will get you started: The most effective resumes are the ones that are targeted to a specific position. Resumes that lack focus produce little in the way of results because the hiring manager fails to see the connection between your skills and marketing qualifications and school canteens the job in question. Customize your resume for the position you want, and you’ll see better results. In addition to relevance, branding is pharmaceuticals, equally important.

Effective branding leaves a distinguishable and memorable impression with the about Youthfulness employer about the pharmaceuticals marketing value and school canteens benefit you offer them as an employee. You’re essentially marketing your talents, skills, and marketing abilities to the employer so they’ll value you over another candidate. These are short words or phrases that communicate BIG information. A simple keyword can tell an and Impulsiveness Romeo, employer whether you possess the skills, abilities, and qualifications they consider necessary for you to adequately perform the job in question. It’s important to include the keywords specific to the position you want or you’ll be passed over for any interviews. Keywords are critical when you apply online because applicant tracking software (ATS) will use them to weed out pharmaceuticals marketing strategies your resume from the other candidates who are applying and will rank your resume in order of relevance. But they are also important to the human eye.

When the on the States ATS search deems your resume worthy and spits it out for review, the pharmaceuticals strategies entry-level HR representative reading it will want to see those keywords—and he or she is not going to want to go looking for them. Long gone are the school canteens days of passive terms, phrases, and information on resumes. The job search game has become increasingly more competitive, and if you want to stay in the game you’re going to have to step up to pharmaceuticals marketing strategies the plate. Ditch the ‘responsible for …’, ‘duties included …’, ‘familiar with …’, ‘knowledgeable in …’, ‘worked with …’ junk. It’s a waste of space. Instead, replace them with action-driven phrases that communicate those things you’re capable of and have previously done. Deadly Unna?! Let me give you some GREAT examples of aggressive, action verbs you can use right now on marketing strategies, your own resume: Accelerated Achieved Captured Conceived Designed Created Imagined Reengineered Revitalized Spearheaded Structured Negotiated Implemented Automated And the list goes on and on … The last “must-have” for an effective resume is results. Never forget to United States Essay talk about pharmaceuticals marketing, your results. Employers will always want to know about your accomplishments and deadly unna? successes. I guess another way to say it is: you’re showcasing your past successes to secure a future opportunity.

I can tell you—as a former recruiter and hiring manager—HR is looking at your resume and making this assumption: past performance predicts future performance. They assume if you’ve done it successfully for one employer, then you’re capable of repeating that success for them. There are two great ways I’m going to share with you how you can use your resume to pharmaceuticals communicate your results that, hopefully, will make it easier for you. The first is social learning theory, C.A.R. statements—and the second is S.A.R. statements. C.A.R. statements share a challenge you faced, the action you took to pharmaceuticals marketing strategies overcome the challenge, and the results produced by Globalization Effect on the taking that action. Pharmaceuticals Marketing! S.A.R. statements are very similar in that they outline a situation you faced, the action you took to address the situation, and the results produced by taking that action. These are two simple ways to deadly unna? help you articulate your experience and communicate your results to an employer. You can even invert the statements and strategies start with the result first, and then explain the action and challenge. Buddhism And Confucianism! This is an even more high-impact way to grab the pharmaceuticals hiring manager’s attention. Remember to use numbers whenever possible.

Numbers have a powerful impact. Incorporate these five elements into your resume and you’ll be sure to have a document that is much more effective at securing interviews. Rather not tackle these five steps alone? Partner with one of my certified professional resume writers. School Canteens! My CPRWs know exactly what a resume MUST HAVE in order to be effective—and they are experts at creating resumes that win interviews. You can find more information here, or feel free to e-mail me or call me at 1.800.991.5187 with any questions about our resume writing service! My name is Jessica Hernandez, and I’m the President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast.

My passion is pharmaceuticals, giving job seekers who don’t have the experience, expertise, or time the tools and resources they need to find their next great career! My specialty is Essay about Youthfulness and Impulsiveness Romeo and Juliet, resume writing, and I use my 12+ years’ experience as a recruiter and HR manager to create interview-worthy resumes for my clients. Latest posts by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez (see all) How to Draw Attention to Key Information on strategies, Your Resume - September 29, 2017 How to Optimize Your Resume for the Recruiter - September 27, 2017 3 Tips to buddhism Help You Update Your Resume Quickly - September 19, 2017. this is a great article. I read so many with poor advice. This is on pharmaceuticals marketing strategies, target and I know because I make my living via placement and recruiting. Good advice!

Hi thanks 4 yo tips on and confucianism, effective resumes coz i hav had about 3 and none has landed me interviews, am sure i#8217;l hav the best resume now but am worried with the job cover letters i#8217;v had, kindly help me with cover letters. Jessica Hernandez, President of Great Resumes Fast is an expert panelist quoted numerous times throughout the newest release in this NY Times Bestselling Series:

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Essay on Modernisation Meaning, Theory and Characteristics of Modernisation. Read this comprehensive essay on Modernisation, it’s meaning theory and characteristics. Modernisation and the aspirations to modernity are probably the most overwhelming theme which has engaged the attention of sociologists, political scientists, economists and many others. Marketing! In recent years the the tyger analysis term ‘Modernisation’ has come to be used with starting frequency to characterise the urge for change. Image Courtesy : A massive body of strategies, literature has cropped up on modernization to and confucianism, comprehend the process of modernisation a large number of pharmaceuticals marketing, theoretical approaches have emerged. These approaches have distinct philosophical presuppositions, divergent prescription for modernising underdeveloped societies. Modernisation theories are not merely academic exercise only. These approaches provided the matrix for policies adopted by line by line, advanced capitalist countries for modernising underdeveloped now called developing societies. All the modernisation theories aim at the explanation of the global process by which traditional societies are modernising or have modernised. Modernisation theories were originally formulated in pharmaceuticals marketing strategies response to the new world leadership role that the United States took on after World War II.

As such they had important policy implications.First, as says D.C Tipps, modernisation theories help to Effect States Essay, provide an implicit justification for the symmetrical power relationship between ‘traditional’ and ‘mode.’ societies. Since the United States is modern and advanced and the Third World is traditional and backward, the latter should look to the former for guidance. Second, modernisation theories identify the marketing strategies threat of communism in the Third World as a modernisation problem. If Third World countries are to modernise, they should move along the path that the United States has travelled, and thus should move away from communism. To help accomplish this goal, modernisation theories suggest economic development, the replacement of traditional values, and the institutionalisation of democratic procedures. Third, Third World countries need to attain a Western style of economic development According to modernisation researches, Western countries represent the future of the Third World countries, and they assume that the Third World countries will move towards the Western model of development.

The process of modernization is viewed as a onetime historical process which was started by the tyger william analysis line, the Industrial Revolution in England and marketing, the Political Revolution in France. It created a gap between these new societies and Essay, the other back ward societies. Pharmaceuticals Strategies! Modernisation is a historical inescapable process of and confucianism, social change. Modernisation first occurred in the West through the twin processes of commercialization and industrialisation. The social consequences of these processes were the application of marketing, technologies in competitive market situation, the growth of lending and fiscal devices and the need to the tyger blake analysis line, support the modern armies etc. The modernity in West attacked religion, superstitions, family and church. Early in the twentieth century, Japan was the first Asian Country that joined the race for pharmaceuticals marketing, industrialization. Later the U.S.S.R. as well as some other countries, achieved different levels of modernisation. The process of modernisation as it has obtained, is social learning theory psychology, global in pharmaceuticals marketing character. But the response to this process has been different in different countries of the world depending upon their historical, socio-cultural patterns and political systems. The heterogeneous meanings which have been attached to the concept of modernisation have been due to a wide range of buddhism and confucianism, interests, level of abstraction and degrees of attentiveness to definitional problems.

Careful examination of the concept reveals that the pharmaceuticals strategies attributes and indicators of and confucianism, modernisation as have been conceived are the products of diverse influence and are interdisciplinary in nature. Economists, psychologists, political scientists and sociologists (C.E. Black, W.C. Smith, Mc Clelland, David After, Alex Inkles, Parsons, Lerner) have reacted to the challenges of the pharmaceuticals marketing contemporary times in their own way, depending on their academic persuasion and and confucianism, training. Inspite of heterogeneity in conceptualisations of modernisation, the modernisation theorists have credibility in bringing similarities which are readily apparent among various conceptualisations. There is general agreement that, modernisation is a type of social change which is both transformational in its impact and progressive in its effects.

It is also as extensive in its scope. As a multifaceted process, it touches virtually every institution of society. Further, attempt has been made by the modernisation theorists for strategies, definitional inclusiveness. According to Huntington, modernisation is a multifaceted process involving changes in all areas of human thought and activity. Accordingly, the concept tends to be ‘Summarising’ and deadly unna?, aims more at telling as to what modernisation is (or might be) and what it is marketing, not.

After, Black, Smelser are the notable theorists who carefully distinguish the task of definition from the tyger blake, that of pharmaceuticals, description. Wilbert E. Moore defines modernisation as “the ‘total’ transformation of blake analysis line by line, a traditional or pre-modern society into the types of technology and associated social organisation that characterise the marketing strategies ‘advanced’, economically prosperous, and relatively politically stable nations of the Western World”. According to Neil J. Smelser, the term modernisation “refers to the fact that technical, economic and ecological change ramify through the whole social and cultural fabric”. ‘Modernising’ means simply giving, up old ways and deadly unna?, traditions to recent or most recent ones. The general features of a developed society are abstracted as an ideal type and so a society is called ‘Modern’ to marketing strategies, the extent it exhibits modern attributes. The general configuration to highly modernised societies may be judged from the high column of indicators of economic development and social mobilisation. School Canteens! In some respects, these advanced societies may appear to have completed the process of change.

In other words, these advanced societies are characterised by various indicators of modernisation such as nationalist ideology, democratic associations, increasing literacy, high level to industrialisation, urbanisation and spread of mass media of communication. In the process of the strategies conceptualisation, different scholars have adopted different approaches to comprehend the nature and dimension of it. Learning Theory Psychology! These formulations can be broadly classified into four categories, according to Prof- Singh They are(1) Psychological (Daniel Lerner: 1958, E.C. Banfield: 1958 and David McClelland: 1961), (2) the Normative (G.A. Almond and S. Verba: 1965, Lucian Pye and S. Verba: 1965, E. Marketing! Shills: 1961, R.N. Blake Analysis By Line! Bellah: 1964, C. Greetz: 1963), (3) the strategies Structural (T. Parsons: 1964, K.W. Deutsch: 1961, D. Apter: 1965 R. Bendix. 1964 S N Eisenstadt: 1966, F.W.

Riggs: 1964, M. Weiner: 1962) and (4) the Technological (M.J. Levy: 1966, E.F. Hagen: 1962, W.W. Rustow: I960). The psychological formulations link this process with a set of motivational attributes or orientations of individuals which are said to the mobile, activist and innovational in nature Daniel Lerner calls it “Psychic mobility”, McClelland characterises it as achievement orientation, whereas Banfield calls it “commitment to and confucianism, consensual ethos. The normative formulation of modernisation consists of such values as rationalism, individualism, humanism and commitment to liberal tradition, civic culture and strategies, secular values it differs from the psychological, specially in the extent to which primacy is laid down on a set of norms or values which form a pattern and enjoy relative autonomy over individual motivations and consciousness. The structural formulation of the tyger william analysis by line, modernisation links this process with ingredients such as rational administration, democratic power systems, more integrating and consensual basis of economic and cultural organisation, attachment to universalistic norms in social roles and democratic associations. These, according to Talcott Parsons, are the structural prerequisites of a modern society. Deutsch uses an inclusive phrase -social mobilisation to connote some important structural adaptations in society which form parts of the process of pharmaceuticals, modernisation.

“Modernisation as a complex process of “systematic transformation manifests itself in certain socio-demographic’ features termed as social mobilisation’ and structural changes”, says Eisenstadt. Scholars like M.J. Levy, E.E. Hagen and W.W. Deadly Unna?! Rostow have emphasised on the technological concept of modernisation where it is described in marketing strategies terms of economic resources and the use of inanimate power. In such formulations modernisation is associated material inputs and learning theory psychology, developmental infrastructures, which bring about pharmaceuticals, and progressive mobilisation in school canteens the total resources of the society. Relativity of Modernisation and Tradition : There are social scientists who have classified modernisation theories as ‘Critical Variable’ theories, (Levy, Schwartz, Moore in the sense that they equate modernisation with single type of social change and the ‘dichotomous’ theories (Lerner, Black, Smelser, Huntington in pharmaceuticals marketing strategies the sense that modernisation is Globalization and its Effect on the United, defined in strategies such manner that, it will serve to Globalization and its Effect on the United States, conceptualise the process whereby traditional societies acquire the attributes of modernity. The approaches of Schwartz and Levy can be cited to represent two instances of critical variable theories.

Levy distinguishes between ‘relatively modernised’ and ‘relatively non-modernised’ societies on the basis of the extent, to which tools and inanimate sources of power are utilised. Banjamin Schwartz draws upon Max Weber to define modernisation in terms of the expansion of man’s rational control over strategies, his physical and social environment. Another example of a ‘critical variable’ approach of the concept of modernisation comes from Wilbert Moore who argues that for most purposes modernisation may be equated with industrialisation. According to school canteens, this approach, modernity does not necessarily weaken the tradition. Pharmaceuticals! The relations between the traditional and the modern do not necessarily involve displacement, conflict or exclusiveness. According to Rudolph and Rudolph – the assumption that modernisation and tradition are radically contradictory rests on a misdiagnosis of deadly unna?, tradition as it is found in traditional societies, a misunderstanding of modernity as it is found in pharmaceuticals strategies modern societies, and a misapprehension of the relationship between them. However, the critical variable approach which is opposed to tradition-modernity contrast, suffers from deficiencies of its own. It is simple because the term modernisation may be substituted for any other single term. When defined in relation to a single variable which is already identified by its own unique term, the term ‘modernisation” functions not as a theoretical term but simply as a synonym says Tipps. Therefore this approach has not been widely adopted by modernisation theorists. On the other hand, most modernisation theorists have opted for the ‘dichotomous’ approach, through the buddhism device of marketing strategies, ideal, typical contrasts between the attributes of tradition and modernity.

Modernisation theorists have done little more than to summaries with the assistance of Parsons’ pattern variables and some ethnographic updating. Earlier efforts by men such as Maine, Tonnies, Durkheim and others in the evolutionary tradition to conceptualize the transformation of societies in terms of a transition between polar types of the status-contract, Gemeinschaft – Gesellschaft variety have found expression in school canteens sociological literature (Nisbet). Modernisation then, becomes a transition, or rather a series of transitions from primitive, subsistence economies to technology, intensive, industrialised economies, from subject to participant political cultures, from closed ascriptive status systems to open achievement oriented systems and marketing, so on (Lerner, Black, Eisenstadt, Smelser and social learning psychology, Huntington). Modernisation is generally viewed as extensive in scope, as a ‘multifaceted process’ which not only touches at one time or another virtually every institution of society, but does so in a manner such that transformations of one institutional sphere tend to produce complementary transformations in the other. Clifford Geertz comments in his essay on the ‘integrative revolution’ that a simple, coherent, broadly defined ethnic structure, such as is found in most industrial societies, is not an undissolved residue of traditionalism but an earmark of modernity. Modernity and tradition are mutually exclusive.

They are essentially asymmetrical concepts. The modern ideal is set forth and then everything which is not modern is labelled traditional (Rustow). The critics of the assertion that the attributes of modernity and tradition are mutually exclusive have pointed to the persistence of many traditional values and institutions in supposedly modern industrial societies. Pharmaceuticals Strategies! Two implications derived from the asserting of the systematic character of modernisation are closely related and they are (1) the attributes of modernity from a ‘package’ thus tending to appear as a cluster rather than in isolation and consequently, that (2) modernisation in one sphere will necessarily produce compatible changes in other spheres. Critics have argued that, on the contrary, the attributes of modernity do not necessarily appear as a package rather the Globalization Effect on the Essay attributes may be bundled and absorbed selectively. Moreover, as Bendix has observed, such piecemeal modernisation need not lead to modernity. Thus, such selective modernisation may only strengthen traditional institutions and-values and rapid social change in one sphere may serve only to inhibit changes in others. The contemporary versions of the contrast have been influenced less by a nostalgic view of tradition than by the self-confident optimism of modernisation theorists to whom “modernity represented the very embodiment of virtue and progress and tradition merely a barrier to its realisation, writes Tipps.

Characteristics/Attributes of Modernisation : The scholars of modernisation have given new labelling and added new terminologies. Therefore, it becomes necessary to examine the general characteristics of modernisation for better understanding. The modern society is characterised by ‘differentiation’ and ‘social mobilisation’. These are called pre-requisites of modernisation, according to Eisenstadt. Pharmaceuticals! As social systems modernise, new social structures emerge to fulfill the functions of those that are no longer performing adequately. Differentiation refers to deadly unna?, the development of functionally specialised societal structures.

According to Smelser, modernisation generally involves structural differentiation because, through the modernisation process, a complicated structure that performed multiple functions is divided into many specialised structures that perform just one function each. ‘Social mobilisation implies the pharmaceuticals marketing strategies process in which major clusters of old social, economic and buddhism and confucianism, psychological commitments are eroded and broken and people become available for new patterns of socialisation and behaviour, says Eisenstadt. It is a process by which the old social, economic and psychological elements are transformed and new social values of strategies, human conduct are set up. At a minimum, components of modernisation include: industrialisation, urbanisation, secularisation, media expansion, increasing literacy and school canteens, education. Thus modern society is characterised by mass communications, literacy and marketing strategies, education. In contrast to traditional society, modern society also evolves much better health, longer life expectancy and buddhism and confucianism, higher rate of occupational and geographical mobility. Socially, the family and other primary groups having diffused roles are supplanted or supplemented in strategies modern society by consciously organized secondary associations having more specific functions. Modernisation also involves a shift from the use of human and animal power to inanimate power, from tool to machine as the basis of production in terms of growth of wealth, technical diversification, differentiation and specialization leading to a novel type of division of labour, industrialisation and urbanisation. There are also general characteristics of deadly unna?, modernisation in different spheres like economic, political, educational and socio-cultural. In economic sphere some scholars have analysed characteristics of modernisation. Robert Ward highlights ten characteristics of economic modernisation.

These characteristics include the intense application of scientific technology and inanimate sources of energy high specialization of labour and interdependence of impersonal market, large- scale financing and concentration of economic decision-making and rising levels of material well-being etc. Self-sustaining economic growth and an endeavour to institutionalise the control of economic growth through planning have been emphasized by Cornell. To a sociologist such as Marion Levy for instance, a society is ‘more or less’ modernized to the extent that its members use inanimate sources of power and/or use tools to multiply the effects to their efforts. Eisenstadt talks about some of the key characteristics of economic modernisation such as substitution of inanimate power like steam, electricity or atomic for pharmaceuticals strategies, human and animal power as the basis of production, distribution; transport and communication, separation of economic activities from the traditional settings, increasing replacement of it by machine and technology as a corollary to this high level of technology growth of an Globalization and its extensive sector of secondary(industrial, commercial) and tertiary (service) occupations “growing specialization of economic roles and pharmaceuticals marketing strategies, units of economic activity, production. ‘Consumption and marketing”, “a degree of deadly unna?, self-sustaining growth in the economy” – at least growth sufficient to increase both production and consumption regularly, and finally growing industrialisation. Political scientists have attempted to provide certain characteristics of pharmaceuticals strategies, political modernisation (R.E. Learning Theory Psychology! Ward and Rustow). A modern polity, they argue, has the following characteristics which a traditional polity presumably lacks: A highly differentiated and functionally specific system of Government organization; a high degree of integration within this Government structure; the prevalence of rational and secular procedures for the making of political decision; the large volume, wide range and high efficiency of its political and administrative decision; widespread and effective sense of marketing, popular identification with history, territory, and national identity of the State; widespread popular-interest and involvement in the political system, the school canteens allocation of political roles by pharmaceuticals, achievement rather than ascription, and judicial and regulatory techniques based upon a predominantly secular and impersonal system of law.

“Perhaps the best starting point for the analysis of the school canteens characteristics in the educational institutions in modern societies is the pattern of strategies, demands for and the supply of educational services that tended to develop with modernisation. In the field of demand, we can distinguish between the demand for the ‘the products’ and ‘rewards’ of education. Among the most important products of education are first, various skills, be they general skill, such as occupations or more specific professional and vocational skills, the number of which has continually increased and Globalization on the United States, become diversified with growing economic, technical and scientific development”. A second major product of education is identification with various cultural, socio­political symbols and values and pharmaceuticals marketing, relatively active commitment to various cultural, social and political groups and organisations. The supply side of the tyger line by line, educational services also becomes greatly diversified and differentiated. According to Eisenstadt, it includes the supply of the manpower to be educated at different levels of educational system and adequate motivation and preparation for education and it also includes the supply of various schooling facilities – schools at different levels, ranging from kindergarten to Universities, of teaching personnel (greatly dependent on fluctuation in the labour market) and of various facilities for the maintenance of such institutions and organizations. The important characteristics of educational institutions or systems in modern society are growing specialization of educational roles and organization, growing unification, interrelation of different educational activities within the strategies framework of deadly unna?, one common system. There are two crucial aspects of modernisation: One, the institutional or organizational aspect and the other, cultural aspect. Whereas the first aspect of approach stresses ways of organizing and marketing strategies, doing, the second assigns primacy to ways of thinking and feeling.

The one approach is deadly unna?, narrowly sociological and political, the second more sociological and psychological. Marketing Strategies! We will now consider the cultural aspects of modernisation. Societies could be classified in terms of the rigidity or looseness of social structure and culture. Buddhism And Confucianism! This was recognised by Ralph Linton, who said: There are some cultures which are seen to be built like finely adjusted clock movements. Pharmaceuticals! At the other end of the school canteens scale, there are cultures which are so loosely organized that one wonders how they are able to function at all…. In integrated cultures the introduction of any new culture element immediately starts in train of series of obvious dislocations. In contrast to this, loosely integrated societies usually show little resistance to new ideas. For articulating change in society, the theories of strategies, Ferdinand Tonnies, and Robert Red Field suggest themselves as possible frame works.

The changes in a modernising society can be viewed in terms of the transition from Gemeinschaft to Gesellschaft – following Tonnies’ conception. Redfield’s Folk-Urban continuum is also pertinent. The folk society has a certain cycle of life; it maintains distinctive values. As the people adopt the analysis line by line ways of civilization, their society and culture are transformed to emphasise literacy, urban living, more advanced technology and other factors. Manning Nash presents the definition in the following way: Modernity is the social psychological framework, which facilitates the application of strategies, science to the process of production and modernisation is the process of making societies, cultures, and individuals receptive to the growth of tested knowledge and its employment in the ordering business of daily living.

The socio-psychological approach considers modernisation mainly as a process of and its Effect, change in ways of perceiving, expressing and valuing. The contract between modern man and the traditional man is the source of the contract between modern and traditional society. The psychological formulations of modernisation link this process with a set of motivational attributes or orientation of individuals which are said to be mobile, activistic and pharmaceuticals marketing, innovational in nature. Daniel Lerner calls it “psychic mobility”, an adaptive characteristic in man to and its Effect on the, respond to marketing strategies, his environment with a sense of empathy, rationality and constricted participant style. Traditional man is passive and Essay about Youthfulness Romeo, acquiescent; he expects continuity in nature and society and does not believe in the capacity of marketing strategies, man to deadly unna?, change or control either”. Modern man in contrast, believes in both the marketing strategies responsibility and desirability of change and has confidence in the ability of social, man to control change so as to accomplish his purpose”. James O’ Connell talks of willingness to accept continuous change as the characteristic of modern man. Increasing capacity to pharmaceuticals strategies, understand the secrets of nature and to william blake analysis line, apply the new knowledge to human affairs (Black), self-reliance/achievement orientation (McClelland), spirit of creativity (Shills), intellectual commitment (Smith) are some of the marketing attributes of modernity mentioned by certain known scholars. Inkeles has presented the characteristics of a modern man in social an elaborated way. To him readiness for new experience and openness to innovation and change, the growth of opinion, awareness of the diversity of attitude and opinion of the individual which means that his orientation to the opinion realm should be more democratic.

Efficacy, planning, calculability, distributive justice, awareness of and respect for the dignity of others, and interest in present and future are the elements in his definition of modern man. Modernisation involves not only changes in the institutional level but also fundamental changes at the personal level, a change in modes of thinking, beliefs. Pharmaceuticals Strategies! Several interacting transformations are thus called for; the personality must open up, values and motivations must change and institutional arrangements must be reworked. An integrated combination of these attributes leads to modernisation. The changes occur both at the individual (micro) and social systems (macro) levels and these two levels are not mutually exclusive. In accordance with the above said features of modernisation in any particular society, the and confucianism degree will be the degree of pharmaceuticals marketing strategies, modernisation achieved by that particular society. The presence of all indices of modernisation to a maximum degree in any society represents the ideal typical situation. As mentioned earlier we may say that modernisation has two major aspects, first, there is a system of thought and values and secondly, a system of institutions through which an individual carries out his activities.

The two systems together influence the behaviour of an individual with respect to his self-system and his social system. In consonance with the buddhism structural changes towards modernisation of societies, changes in the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of the people also come about. From the above discussion it is evident that modernisation involves structural changes and that bring changes in the attitudes and belief of the people. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: