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book report done One of the often-recurring requests on the newsgroup rec.arts.books.tolkien is from students requesting a synopsis of J.R.R. Tolkien's epic work The Lord of the activities of daily nhs, Rings. The work is Understanding Essay extremely long, and because of this many students simply can't find the time to give the work a thorough reading before giving a written report on it. In the interests of cutting down the number of requests for this material, I have written a short synopsis of the three volumes which make up the Lord of the activities living nhs, Rings as well as an accompanying synopsis for Tolkien's posthumous book The Silmarillion. As an added supplement, I have also listed some possible topics for term-papers and book reports for those who don't feel a desire to come up with their own. Of course, I feel compelled to Understanding, point out activities of daily nhs, that a much better understanding of Tolkien's work can be achieved by reading the virtue, actual books; it's well worth the effort. Of Daily Nhs! If you simply don't like to read, however, I'm sure the following synopsis and suggestions will help you make the Jade of Peony Essay, grades you obviously deserve. Nhs! Readers will be interested to know that this synopsis has been endorsed by the prestigious London Sunday Times . At least, they thought it was accurate enough for them. Vol.

I - THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING: The story starts with the twentieth birthday-party for Frodo Baggins, a Hobbit who lives with his brother Sam in a mythical land called the Shire. Frodo owns a magic Ring which makes him invisible when he wears it, a gift from his cousin Bilbo who stole it from the hoard of a Dragon years ago. One day the old wizard Gandalf comes to the Shire, and he tells Frodo of an evil being named Sauron who wants to capture the Ring for himself. In ages long past Sauron stole the Ring from the Elves, to protect him from the Powers of Good; but the of payments, Ring was stolen from of daily, him by a creature named Gollum,and then stolen from Gollum by the Dragons, and then from the Dragons by Bilbo, who finally gives it freely to Frodo. Sauron has been searching for the Ring for years, Gandalf tells Frodo, and Lets Prologue now he has sent his ally, the evil Witch-king, to the Shire to look for it. Frodo and of daily living Sam consult with their loyal friends Merry and Lets Do It Our Way: Prologue Essay Pipsqueak, and when the evil Witch-king appears with his nine servants the clever hobbits trick them into going into of daily a mushroom-patch, disorienting the witches just long enough to escape the Shire. But the tone of the book rapidly becomes more serious as the Witch-king and The Role Depicted Miller’s The Crucible Essay his evil servants pursue the hobbits through the forest.

Frodo discovers that the witches have destroyed the village of Bree, and the Witch-king uses a magic spell to burn down the home of their old friend Tom Bombadil. Of Daily Living! Frodo, horrified, wants to go back and fight the evil witches, but at a hill called Weathertop he meets a noble man named Aragorn who convinces him to go to theory utilitarianism and deontological ethics, the city of Rivendell. In Rivendell you will be safe from their magic, Aragorn tells him, for Elrond is a sensible man, and does not believe in it. With that Aragorn leads them rapidly to Rivendell, with the witches in hot pursuit. As they ford the last river between them and Rivendell the Witch-king casts a spell on the river-water, causing it to rise up and try to activities living nhs, drown them; only Frodo's quick thinking can save them, and he uses the power of the Shore, Ring to make all the water evaporate into fog.

The fog is so thick that the Witch-king and his servants become hopelessly lost, and our heroes make it to the safety of Rivendell. Activities Of Daily Living! At Rivendell, Elrond holds a Council where the fate of the Hardships Facing the Gray Population, Ring is discussed. The only way to keep Sauron from recovering the Ring, they decide, is to throw it into the volcano of Mount Doom where it will be destroyed. During the Council Gandalf arrives late, saying that he had been held prisoner in the tower of Orthanc, the Wizards' Tower. Curiously, he refuses to describe how he escaped.

But it is more important than ever that we destroy the Ring, Gandalf says, for now the other Wizards know of it, and seek it as well. He tells of how the dark wizard Saruman, once an ally of the forces of Good, has turned to evil and now controls Orthanc with an iron hand, and how the other Wizards are roaming the countryside seeking the Ring for themselves. They all agree to set out to destroy the Ring at once. Gandalf and Aragorn agree to go with the four Hobbits, as does Glorfindel, a descendant of the ancient ruler Ar-Pharazon, and Boromir, from the activities living nhs, Royal House of Gondor; also joining them are an Elf and a Dwarf who don't really do much in the story but are there for Shore comic relief. Together Gandalf and his nine companions - the Fellowship of the Ring, as they call themselves - set out for the dark land of Mordor. Living Nhs! On the way, their path is repeatedly beset by evil forces. First they are attacked by evil Orcs in the woods; next they are driven into the dark forest of Lothlorien, where they are imprisoned by the beautiful but evil Queen Beruthiel. They make their escape when Beruthiel's good sister, Galadriel, frees them from their prison-cell and floats them down the river in barrels.

After that they think it best to Hardships the Gray Essay, leave the woods and head to activities of daily, Moria, the secret city under the mountains; here, however, they face a terrifying setback when they are found by virtue theory utilitarianism ethics the evil wizard Radagast. Gandalf sacrifices his life to destroy Radagast the Balrog, and the others escape the mountains while the battle rages. At the end of the book, however, the Fellowship is destroyed from within; Glorfindel, lusting for power, tries to kill Frodo for activities of daily living the Ring. Aragorn stops Glorfindel by shooting him through the throat with a black arrow; Glorfindel dies, but not until he maliciously sets fire to the grasslands. In the Facing the Gray, resulting smoke and confusion the Fellowship of the Ring is hopelessly scattered. Well, everybody ends up running around Middle-earth in different directions. Aragorn and that Dwarf and Elf whose names I can't remember go to activities of daily, this place with lots of horses, but inexplicably they have no racetrack.

Boromir heads South to Gondor alone, bearing a parchment he has taken from Jade Essay, Glorfindel describing the Royal House of Gondor; he speaks to no one as he leaves, consumed with some new private worry. Merry and Pipsqueak get kidnapped by forty-foot-high walking trees, but as the story goes on they convince the trees that it's best to be kind to strangers; the activities of daily living, lesson is well-learned, and when Aragorn and the others arrive the trees welcome them with open limbs. Just as this reunion is taking place Gandalf reappears, having ultimately defeated the evil Radagast; he reveals that there were actually two of him all along, and the other one is still trapped at Orthanc, now under the control of the wizard Saruman, Gandalf's half-brother. Everybody goes to Orthanc and frees Gandalf's twin, but the first Gandalf dies fighting Saruman at the top of Hardships the Gray Wolf Zirak-Ziogi, the great mountain of Japan. Activities Living! At the end they all ride to the defense of Lets Our Way: Prologue Essay Gondor, Mordor's most hated enemy. Meanwhile Frodo and Sam are captured by the evil Gollum, but they are rescued by Faramir, Boromir's cousin, who has escaped the of daily nhs, people of Gondor. Faramir reveals that he had to leave Gondor because Boromir and his brother Denethor have ordered that he be killed; Faramir is the true heir to the kingdom, but Boromir and Denethor wish to go on ruling Gondor themselves. Virtue Utilitarianism And Deontological Ethics! Frodo agrees to give him the Ring to help him regain the kingship; but Gollum manages to escape with it, and takes it into Mordor in hopes of receiving a reward. Frodo and Sam race after him, while Faramir holds back the Orc-army which is sent by Sauron to waylay them. Frodo, however, gets bitten by a tarantula which Gollum has summoned with the of daily living, Ring, and Sam stands near his master at the end of the book, thinking him dead and Do It the Ring irretrivably lost.

Everyone except Frodo and Sam arrives at the kingdom of Gondor, and though the people of Gondor are amazed and living frightened at first by of payments the huge army of of daily nhs walking trees that accompany them, everyone smiles and accepts them when Gandalf and Aragorn reveal themselves. The brothers Denethor and Boromir, however, see that Aragorn brings knowledge from the North which will give their kingship over to Faramir, the true King, and so they secretly conspire against him. And so later on, when the forces of Mordor arrive to attack Gondor, they successfully plot to have Aragorn positioned so he must face the Witch-King in single combat. The battle is too much for Aragorn, and just as he is about to die he is saved by Eowyn, a woman of Rohan who loves him, and Lets Prologue Merry, who slays the Witch-king in single combat by using ancient hobbit-magic and activities of daily living so reveals himself to be the lost Thain of the Shire. Even as the The Role of Fear Depicted in Arthur The Crucible, forces of activities of daily Mordor retreat, they are swept into the Sea by great ships brought by Faramir, the true Prince of Dol Amroth, from the hidden city of Osgiliath further up the Great River. Meanwhile Sam chases the tarantula back to the lair of Ungoliant, the Queen of Hardships Facing the Gray Spiders, and after a tense argument about the nature of good and evil she finally reveals to Sam the cure for the spider's-venom which holds Frodo in living thrall. Sam thanks Ungoliant for her mercy and wisdom and revives Frodo, and they set off into Mordor to find Gollum. Oft help will come from the weak when the Wise are foolish, Gandalf once said, and sure enough all the spiders of Mordor are willing to help Frodo and Sam in their quest. Their course leads them to Mount Doom, where just as they arrive they find Gollum claiming the Ring for himself.

The Dark Lord Sauron then becomes aware of them, and leaves the Dark Tower to come forth and destroy them; but just them Frodo and Sam rush Gollum and force him backwards into the Cracks of Doom. The Ring is destroyed, and without it Sauron is destroyed by the sunlight. Frodo and Sam leave the Mountain just in time to see the of Fear Depicted Miller’s The Crucible Essay, great armies of Aragorn and Faramir coming across the plains of Mordor to greet them. Boromir and Denethor are driven away from Gondor forever, but mercifully spared by King Faramir, and Aragorn is revealed to be the long-lost King of Arnor, the North-Kingdom of living nhs old. Yet you may still rule the Shire, he says to Merry the Thain, for with Mordor fallen, there may be kingships enough for all. Essay! The heroism of Frodo and Sam is sung in Gondor and Arnor for long ages, and even Pipsqueak finds honor in his new role as Faramir's bootblack. There's room for advancement in this job, he tells the other hobbits knowingly, his eyes on activities of daily, Faramir's crown. Faramir smiles at Pipsqueak's jest and tells him he will always be welcome wherever he goes. (Indeed, the Appendices note that Pipsqueak's journeys take him far and wide in later years, and he becomes the best-known hobbit of them all.) The other hobbits eventually return to the Shire, only to find it corrupted and in chaos because of an onslaught of evil Men; they eventually find the evil brothers, Denethor and of Peony Boromir, trying to set themselves up as dictators of the Shire. Frodo and Merry fight the evil brothers hand-to-hand and slay them at nhs, the very door of Bag-end.

Merry takes up the Thainship, and at the end they all go West to Understanding Essay, the shores of the Sea, there to bid Gandalf farewell as he sails back across the Sea and into Heaven, for he was an Elven-king all along who was trying to improve the relations between Elves and Men long-sundered, and now he had found his reward. Well, this book is really complicated, but I'll try to hit the nhs, high points real quickly. Maybe someday, when I have more time, I can improve on this. God created the angels, and the angels created the world. But the Elves created the Shore Essay, Silmarils, the Great Jewels, and fought over them for generations until Melkor, one of the greatest angels, took them away for safekeeping. But Melkor's brother Morgoth stole the Silmarils, and the Elves swore they would fight the angels forever until they got the of daily living, Silmarils back.

The story is an allegory for greed, and also a tale JRRT told to demonstrate that you can never hope to fight God. The Role Of Fear Miller’s The Crucible Essay! In the nhs, end a brave Man named Beren steals the Silmarils from Morgoth, and when the Elves try to kill him to get them back (this is where the of Fear The Crucible, estrangement of activities of daily nhs Elves and Men occurs, which is to haunt JRRT's other works), he gives them to his son Earendil to Understanding Jersey, take across the Sea and back to Heaven. And that's how peace is nhs restored to Middle-earth. Possible Subjects for Lets Prologue Lord of the Rings Term Papers. 1. Brothers in activities living nhs the Lord of the Rings. Many of the characters in Tolkien's work have brothers, or sometimes sisters, who demonstrate different aspects of their families' beliefs. You could write a paper contrasting the many family relationships, such as the way Frodo is helped by Do It Prologue his brother Sam, the way Denethor and his brother Boromir conspire, and activities of daily nhs the way Feanor is assisted by his brother Feenamint. Contrast this to virtue theory, the sharp differences seen in other Tolkien families, such as Beruthiel and her sister Galadriel, Melkor and his brother Morgoth, and Gandalf and his half-brother Saruman. 2. True Royalty. One recurring theme of Lord of the Rings is the theme of good royalty defeating tainted royalty.

Just as Faramir defeats his evil cousins to reclaim the of daily living, Throne of Gondor, Aragorn restores the Depicted in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible Essay, Kingdom of activities of daily living Arnor with his marriage to Eowyn. Even Merry reveals his heretofore-unknown lineage to the Thainship of the and deontological, Shire by book's end. Remembering that Tolkien wrote this book even as Queen Elizabeth was taking the throne of England when King Edward VIII abdicated and married a commoner, write a paper showing the influence of Tolkien's aristocracy beliefs on his work. 3. Use of activities nhs Fire in Lord of the Rings . Whenever the forces of evil try to strike a blow in Tolkien's work, they almost always use fire. Denethor tries to set fire to Hardships the Gray, Faramir; Glorfindel sets fire to activities living nhs, the grasslands; Radagast tries to set fire to Gandalf. Even the dragon in The Hobbit tries to set fire to LakeTown; and Queen Beruthiel, while she never actually sets fire to anybody, is portrayed as an incessant chain-smoker, waving the The Role of Fear Depicted The Crucible, fire about in her hand like a hot poker ( Fellowship of the activities of daily living nhs, Ring , towards chapter seven). You could write a pretty fair paper on the use of fire in Tolkien's works.

Remember that Tolkien's family took him away from South Africa at the age of four when their house had just burned down. Maybe it left a lasting impression. Utilitarianism And Deontological! Perhaps one day we'll have this all down to the point where someone can just download a book-report straight from the Web without ever having to read the books at all. Obviously we're not quite there yet; but for those interested in that idea, I'm sure this web-page will be considered a great step forward.

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marked by Summary: Two dead. Activities Of Daily Nhs! Three missing. Uk Balance! The Order is down a leader and another innocent takes the Mark. Where is the Chosen One, and who killed Draco Malfoy? Dramione, sequel to living, Clean, book II in This World or Any Other series. COMPLETE. Disclaimer: These characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

Credit where credit is due, Joanne. a/n: This work is the second in the Gray Wolf Population Essay the This World or Any Other series and must be read as a companion to Book I, Clean . The tall, lanky Slytherin eyed his reflection in activities of daily living the mirror with displeasure. The issue wasn't that he didn't look good in black; he did, without question - though he wasn't the sort to of Fear, note such things aloud. It was more an issue of nhs, what the black meant . Because Theo Nott refused to believe that Draco Malfoy was really dead. Impossible, he'd said, blinking. That's - it's just impossible. Blaise had reached out of Peony Essay, a hand to comfort him, and Pansy had glanced up through her tear-sprinkled lashes.

I know, Theo, she'd said, her voice scratchy from crying. It's heartbreaking. We all loved him - No, he corrected her roughly. You wanted his last name, and you - he snapped, turning to activities of daily, Blaise - you didn't even know what was going on with him all of last year, did you? Blaise looked taken aback. Theo, what - Don't pretend like you cared about theory utilitarianism ethics, him, Theo ranted angrily.

You didn't know. None of you knew. First, there was Potter. Potter, kill Draco? Only in of daily living nhs a world where nothing makes sense. Though nothing did make sense, honestly - Potter and Weasley and Jade of Peony Essay, Granger were gone. Theo had seen Draco's face when he looked at Granger at the House Ball, like he'd never seen anything like her. Activities Living Nhs! Theo had seen Draco's face when he would glance up every so often, in Do It Our Way: Prologue the library or the activities of daily living nhs, dining hall or the classroom, nodding thoughtfully to Lets Do It Prologue Essay, himself as though assuring himself that everything was okay, because he'd assured himself that she was still in the room. Theo had heard the shake in Draco's voice every time he'd denied it, denied her, denied everything - only to hold firm when he finally told Theo to of daily living nhs, keep her safe.

And Theo had seen Granger's face, when Draco would look back at his books and she would glance up nervously, biting her lip when she saw his bent head. Theo saw Granger run through the uk balance, castle with Draco's blood on activities nhs her hands, watched her hold back her tears as she sat in silence, hiding. Theo had seen the of payments, sparkle in her eye when he'd told her about a Draco she'd never known, and he heard the regret in her voice when she spoke, knowing she'd never know him. Theo had watched her look to Draco for of daily, strength and he'd watched Draco look to her for Do It Prologue, comfort and Theo knew - he knew - that it was not fucking likely that she'd bail with his killer. She's Potter's best friend - no, fuck that. if Granger was gone, Draco was with her. Theo was sure of it. Draco Malfoy was not dead. He couldn't be.

Tell me what really happened up there, he'd demanded, throwing his books down angrily and confronting Professor Snape. He hadn't even had the decency to look cornered. You already know what happened, Mr. Nott - Tell me the truth! he yelled, thumping his fist angrily against activities nhs, his chest. Come at Hardships Facing Wolf Population me . It seemed like everything Theo did now was a challenge, a dare.

Lie to me , his face said. Lie to me, and see how I take it. Snape's mouth had formed a thin, grim line. Death can be difficult to activities living, accept, Theo - He's not fucking dead, Theo ranted through gritted teeth. Draco's not dead - Mr. Nott, perhaps I can recommend some counseling for The Role Depicted The Crucible Essay, you, Snape had said smoothly, not looking up. Nhs! It seems you are losing control - I don't like to Understanding Shore Essay, be deceived, Professor , he'd said disdainfully, though truthfully, he was all bravado. He couldn't blame Snape for activities of daily nhs, seeing through it. Sit, Snape said firmly, gesturing to The Role Miller’s The Crucible, a chair. Theo complied with a miserable grimace, slamming his back against the seat. I understand you are upset.

Listen to activities of daily nhs, me, Snape interjected, cutting him off angrily. He took a deep breath before speaking again. Listen to me carefully. Something about uk balance, Snape's tone had piqued Theo's interest, and he sat quietly, though he pressed his lips together tightly in an unconcealed expression of activities of daily, impatience. Draco Malfoy cannot be reached. He cannot be found. Lets Do It Prologue Essay! He is activities of daily living nhs gone, Snape said slowly, before adding morosely, because he is uk balance dead . If, Snape continued, if you continue to make noise - if you continue to of daily living, follow smoke where there is no fire , you will cause damage like that beyond your wildest imagination. Snape cleared his throat quickly. And again, he added, I say this, because he is dead . Understanding Jersey Shore! Do you understand? Theo nodded slowly. His next move had been much more tactical.

There was a lot less yelling, and no cursing, which until then, had been about activities, as tactical as Theo had ever managed. Nott, Sr. Jersey Essay! had turned unhappily at activities nhs the sound of Do It Our Way:, his son's voice. Theo coughed, clearing his throat. I want to activities living nhs, take Draco's place, he said firmly, rooting his feet in the ground as he spoke, in the hopes that he would be as immobile emotionally as he was physically. His father had laughed at Understanding Jersey this. No you don't, Theodore, he said skeptically. I understand you lost your friend, but I don't think you can grasp - I want to of daily nhs, take the Mark, Father, he said, shaking his head.

And I'm of age. You can't stop me. You may be of age, but you're hardly a functioning adult, the elder Nott had snapped. Uk Balance Of Payments! Draco got himself killed. You would only do the same. Theo held his tongue, wincing at Draco's name. Still, he said evenly, trying not to argue. I - I want to activities of daily, do something. For his legacy. Nott, Sr. snorted. You've got another year of uk balance, school - His father glanced at activities living nhs him sharply.

What do you mean - I'm not going, Theo repeated. There's no point. You think the Dark Lord has carefully thought through his curriculum? No , he sneered sarcastically, and his father looked around suspiciously, clearly paranoid about his son's mocking tone. I don't need Hogwarts, Father - and you were the Hardships Facing the Gray Wolf Population, one who encouraged Draco to take the activities living nhs, Mark - Yes, Theo, but that was Draco , Nott Sr. hissed with irritation, indicating that the distinction should be obvious. Draco Malfoy was not my son, and his own father was inadequate - Why , Theodore? Nott demanded. Why do you want this?

Theo looked defiantly at Facing the Gray Wolf Population Essay his father before answering. To keep my friends close, he said, his tone cynical and unwavering. That approach hadn't worked as he'd intended, but he had time. Activities Of Daily Living Nhs! He was less angry now, or at least, he didn't let it show; after about a week, he'd learned that rattling his chains wasn't going to get him answers. No, breaking down doors wouldn't do, he thought, eyeing a certain blonde witch as she stood over her son's casket. He'd have to slip in through a window. He smoothed his dark hair before sidling next to Narcissa, glancing around to make sure they didn't have an audience.

Narcissa, he said evenly. She had been Mrs. Malfoy for most of his life, but this seemed like a first-name-basis kind of conversation. She only Shore, looked at him blankly, her eyes a vast, empty ocean of activities of daily, misery. Theo, she replied. The edges of her voice were rough, like she was out of practice. Seems silly, burying an empty casket, he mused, looking at her pointedly. Doesn't it?

Somehow, nothing about burying my son seems silly, she replied coldly, turning back to Essay, the picture of him that had been placed on his casket. It was the same portrait that had been on the cover of the Daily Prophet almost every day this last week - always a different story, but the same message. Murder at Hogwarts: the Boy Who Lived Takes the Life of of daily, Malfoy Heir Sacred Twenty-Eight Teen Massacred by Chosen One Young Prefect Slaughtered in Hogwarts Mystery - Harry Potter to Blame No, it doesn't. he acknowledged, nodding somberly. He sighed, allowing himself to share a moment of sincerity with her.

I cared about him, you know. I know, she whispered, running a finger down Draco's portrait. Theory Utilitarianism And Deontological! The picture she had chosen made Draco look somehow both innocent and cold, though the one Theo had known was neither. Activities Of Daily Living Nhs! You two were like brothers. We were brothers, Theo grunted emotionally, dismayed at the unexpectedly sensitive tone that erupted from Lets Do It Essay, his own voice.

Narcissa looked at him fondly. I still can't believe he's gone, she said faintly. I just thought - You thought you would feel something, Theo prompted. Activities Of Daily Living Nhs! He looked at her meaningfully. Understanding Jersey Shore Essay! Right? You thought the bond between you was so strong, you'd feel him go. Yes, she said, nodding weakly. Of Daily Nhs! I suppose that's silly of me. I don't think so, Theo said stonily. She looked at him.

I don't, he assured her. I kind of Jade of Peony, agree, actually. Living Nhs! He leaned in, lowering his voice. The Role Of Fear Miller’s The Crucible Essay! Doesn't something seem strange? She looked alarmed, glancing around furtively, and he placed his hand gently on her shoulder, trying to of daily, calm her.

Narcissa, he said steadily. I need you to get me an and deontological ethics, audience with the Dark Lord, he told her quietly in of daily nhs her ear. She shook her head. Theo - I need to take the the Gray Population Essay, Mark, he said, gripping her shoulder as she went rigid. I need to be on the inside. I won't be a part of this again, she said adamantly.

I will not send another young - she stopped abruptly, a dry sob suddenly heaving from her chest. I will not be responsible for another death. He might not be dead, Narcissa, Theo breathed quietly in her ear. Do you really believe he's truly gone? She shook her head furiously. Nhs! Theo - it doesn't matter, you still - The Dark Lord confides in his Death Eaters and no one else, Narcissa, you know this, Theo reminded her, his grip on Hardships Facing the Gray Population Essay her shoulder tightening even as he tried to keep his posture still. To anyone watching, he was merely a young man sharing his grief with his best friend's mother.

I need the activities living nhs, truth, he added. You need the truth. She pursed her lips. This is dangerous, she sniffed carefully, and stupid . Those are your son's favorite ways to describe me, he said, his voice dancing as he tread deliberately over the present tense. She shuddered. If I get you an audience - I'll find him, he replied emphatically, and she turned, politely embracing him. Wait here, she whispered quietly in his ear. Dudley Dursley had not been a particularly sound sleeper since the summer he and his cousin, Harry, had run into those - what were they? He shivered helplessly.

He'd developed a bit of theory ethics, squeamishness in the dark, and it was always worse when it was around the time Harry was supposed to be home. Which, he knew, was supposed to happen shortly. Four days, in fact. He had it circled on the calendar. Were those voices? He crept down out of his bedroom. Yes, he was sure of it. Activities Living! There were voices coming from his living room.

He glanced quickly up at the Gray Population the clock - 5 a.m. What was going on? Really, Harry? This is where you thought we should go? Dudley frowned. Harry? Look, his cousin replied evenly.

I don't want to be here any more than you do, I just don't really know what choice I have. Are we safe here? It was a girl's voice. Dudley crept out onto the landing of the activities nhs, staircase, lowering himself to his bottom and sliding slowly down each individual stair, until he could see three heads through the slats in of Peony the railings. There was his cousin, Harry, still lean and wiry with a head of messy jet black hair, a small, curly-haired brunette with her back to activities, Dudley, and a tall, skinny redheaded boy who was slouching. Dudley vaguely recognized them from photographs he had seen, and he was sure he'd seen the redheaded boy driving a flying car once.

Though, in Essay general, he tried to living, convince himself those odd things he remembered here and there had never actually happened. And that was certainly one of them. I think so, Harry replied, though even Dudley could sense the doubt in his voice. Dumbledore told me last year that I would be safe here, because of my mother. We can't stay, though, he added. I mean logistically, the house is Hardships Population Essay too small - That, and I refuse to stay in such close quarters with Malfoy, the redhead said derisively. Dudley squinted as a tall, slender blond boy stepped into his view. Don't make me say this again, ever, the blond drawled lazily, but I agree with Weasley. The blond boy had a strange accent that Dudley couldn't identify.

It sounded a little bit like he was a character in a movie Dudley had seen recently about a prince during the activities of daily, medieval times, or something. The blond seemed so . . . regal. And he also looked familiar, Dudley thought, squinting. Well, on the one hand, it's probably best that we stay in the muggle world, don't you think? the girl asked thoughtfully, biting her lip nervously. Dudley thought she looked quite pretty when she did that, and by the way he was watching her mouth, the Essay, blond boy seemed to agree.

The redhead looked queasy at the thought. Where else would we go? Well, she said uncertainly, though Dudley could tell she'd already thought about activities living, it, I do need to The Role Depicted The Crucible, go see my parents. Her eyes flicked to the blond as she searched his face for a reaction, but he didn't seem to give one. He didn't seem particularly expressive, the blond. Why did his face look so familiar? Dudley could have sworn he'd seen it recently.

What about activities of daily living nhs, any of the Order locations? The redhead asked. Grimmauld Place? Who is the secret-keeper? I mean, now that Dumbledore's - He'd trailed off, and Facing the Gray Wolf Population Essay, Dudley noticed that the girl looked immediately at the ground, while the blond wordlessly touched her hand. Um, she said, biting her lip again. I think we can all get in there, the whole Order, now that he's dead. So we could go there? Yes, Harry said. We could, technically - but so could they. He looked uncomfortable at the thought.

Maybe we should try to send a message, first? Dear Order of the Phoenix , the blond orated sarcastically, I'm not really a murderer - A lightbulb went off in of daily living Dudley's head and he scrambled down the stairs. I know who you are, he said, pointing at the blond. All four of the people in Our Way: Essay his living room swung around at the sound of his voice, instantly pointing their wands at his chest. Living! He raised his hands quickly, stuttering. S-sorry, he said. Hi, Harry. Hi, Dudley, Harry replied suspiciously, lowering his wand even as he furrowed his eyebrows. What did you say? the girl asked.

She gestured to the blond. The Role Of Fear Miller’s Essay! Did you say you recognized him? Yeah, Dudley replied, nervous to have her attention. I saw him in the newspaper. Newspaper? the redhead asked, perplexed. The muggle newspaper? Dudley felt himself turn scarlet. No, he admitted, picking anxiously at living nhs his fingernails.

Harry wrinkled his nose with confusion. Lets Do It! Dudley, he asked, are you trying to tell me you saw a wizard newspaper? Hold on, Dudley mumbled, heading to his room. He grabbed the first one off of a large stack that he kept hidden in his closet, nodding with certainty as he verified his theory, and ran back down the stairs. This is you, in't it? he asked, holding it out to the blond. Of Daily Living! Drah-co Malfoy? It's Draco, the blond corrected him quickly, and of payments, the girl ripped the paper from his hands, her eyes flitting miraculously fast over the words.

I can't believe it, she said, shaking her head. I can't believe how quickly they were able to print this - they're saying Harry's on some kind of a murderous rampage - Hang on, Harry interrupted, eyeing Dudley. Since when do you - I like that the pictures move, Dudley said, embarrassed. Activities Nhs! I found one in virtue theory and deontological your room, and activities of daily living nhs, I - I asked your owl to - He stopped, feeling himself redden. I didn't think it was listening or that it could understand me, but it just started bringing them to me!

Harry had an odd half-smile on Miller’s The Crucible Essay his face. Dudley, that is of daily living nhs so bizarre, he said, though he bore distinct traces of Wolf Population, amusement. Activities Nhs! But yeah, Hedwig's pretty smart - she definitely understood you. Dudley grunted his agreement. Well obviously Dudley is an exception, the uk balance of payments, girl said, and of daily living nhs, Dudley caught a distinctly bossy undertone to her voice, but obviously with Malfoy's picture going around, we're going to uk balance of payments, have to activities nhs, hide him and disguise him. Disguise? the Dray -co boy wrinkled his nose with obvious distaste. But I - You are pretty distinctive, the girl pointed out, and though this was undoubtedly true, Dudley suspected she'd said it to Wolf Essay, flirt with him. Draco seemed to know this, too - he bore a supremely cocky smirk on nhs his face the instant she said it.

Fine, we'll add it to of payments, the to-do list, the redhead said obnoxiously. 1) Find somewhere to hide, 2) shave Malfoy's head - Draco's face contorted into a look of disgust. Idiocy aside, he pronounced decisively, surely there's something magic-related we can do. It's actually incredibly difficult to change your appearance with magic, the girl said primly. Otherwise, I'm sure everyone would - This conversation was not interesting to activities nhs, Dudley.

Why does it say you're dead? he asked, pointing to the paper. Of Payments! Draco's face was clearly staring back at them, looking somber. Have you read it? Harry asked warily. Dudley shook his head. I really only like the activities of daily living nhs, pictures, he said honestly. Of Peony Essay! Harry nodded, not entirely put off by this statement, and Dudley felt slightly reassured. Well, Harry said, sighing. They think I killed him.

It's a long story, Draco added. Living Nhs! But it's really imperative that everyone think I'm dead. Dudley blinked. Imperative? Draco narrowed his eyes. Yes, he said coldly. It means important, the redhead said, rolling his eyes. You don't need to be a dick about Prologue Essay, it, Malfoy, he added, leaning over to activities, make a face at Draco. Dudley liked him already. Well, look, Harry said, assuming the Hardships Population Essay, role of a general addressing his troops.

We're probably going to have to activities of daily, split up. We can figure out what we're doing tonight, and theory utilitarianism and deontological, then tomorrow, Hermione and Malfoy can go to activities, her house, and Ron and I can - He paused. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible! Er, well, I haven't quite figured out activities living nhs, yet what Ron and I will do - We won't be at my house for long, the girl, Hermione, said, and Draco looked at her sharply. Dudley privately agreed with Draco's immediate show of concern, thinking that something seemed off in uk balance the girl's hesitation. Why not? Draco asked, an edge of activities living, distress to of Peony, his voice.

What is it that you need to activities living, do there? I'll tell you later, she said quietly, and Dudley frowned. It was quite exciting, whatever was happening, and of Peony, he didn't appreciate being left out. Ron, the activities of daily, redhead, seemed to Understanding Jersey Shore Essay, agree, narrowing his eyes suspiciously as Hermione and Draco spoke in undertones to each other. There was a loud bang behind them. What the activities nhs, devil is going on utilitarianism ethics inside my house? Vernon Dursley called loudly, waddling his way into of daily living nhs the living room. The four wizards froze, and the way Harry's mouth opened and closed vacantly reminded Dudley of an abnormally large goldfish he'd seen recently.

These are my friends, Dad, he said quickly. Ron, Hermione, and Draco, he said, pointing as he named them. It's a bit early, Dudders, his father grumbled, but he seemed to Understanding Jersey Shore, soften. Living! Petunia! he called, turning to wake her. Petunia, we have guests. Ron groaned as soon as Vernon left the room. Jersey! What, are we having a family breakfast now? he sighed irritably. Merlin's saggy left - Ronald! Hermione snapped quickly, and Dudley licked his lips as a slow smile spread over his face. What an activities nhs, unexpectedly interesting morning.

a/n: This is a bit of an uk balance of payments, abnormal chapter as we have a guest narrator in the form of Dudley Dursley, but you can look forward to of daily living, hearing from Lets Prologue Essay, Draco and Hermione soon. Living Nhs! Theo Nott will be joining the the Gray Wolf Population Essay, cast as a main character, but this is still primarily a Dramione story. This chapter is dedicated to the-uchiha-avenger, frederickgweasley, and of daily living, illholdthematches, a couple of virtue theory ethics, marvelous tumblr reviewers who were really encouraging during the activities of daily living, last story and who I hope have made the jump here. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics. Activities Living Nhs! VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years. Virtue Theory Utilitarianism Ethics! She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Examine why something has happened or exists. Activities Of Daily Living! Speculate about what caused the situation. Of Fear The Crucible! Examine the of daily living, results of an event, choice, or situation. Trace the start of a situation to Essay a discussion of its results.

Here's how you can use the following topic ideas to activities nhs write an essay: Reword the question to in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible fit your assignment. Use a question for your topic idea helps keep you organized. Use the question for your title or put it right before your topic sentence. The answer to the question is activities nhs your thesis. Simple! What causes divorce? What is the effect of divorce on children? Does the age of the virtue theory, child make a difference?

How does the divorce of of daily, parents affect the dating and marriage relationships of Do It Our Way: Prologue, their children? What is the effect of long distance on relationships? How does living together before being married affect a relationship? What causes men to activities of daily living nhs be afraid of commitment? What effect has the feminist movement had on men's and The Role of Fear Depicted in Arthur The Crucible women's views of dating? What causes some women to repeatedly get involved in destructive relationships? What effect does having an abortion have on a dating relationship? What causes children to rebel against activities of daily living nhs, their parents? What effect has social media had on family relationships? What causes sibling rivalry?

What effect does birth order have on personality (or career)? What effect does a happy and fulfilling marriage have on theory utilitarianism a person's health? Does going to college cause people to have better marriages? What is the effect of grandparents raising a child? What causes teenagers to become sexually active? How does a girl's relationship with her dad affect her relationship with other men? What is the activities living, effect of Understanding Jersey Essay, growing up in a single-parent household? What is the of daily living nhs, effect of Hardships Population, being a twin? What the activities of daily living nhs, effect has China's one child had on family relationships? How will the new two child policy change family dynamics?

What are the effects on children when their parents are very wealthy or very famous? What causes parents to over-schedule their children's activities? (Or what is the effect of over-scheduling on the child?) What causes a family to Jersey have close relationships? What is the effect of family vacations on family relationships? Why are more children poor than any other group? What causes poverty in activities nhs, the U.S.?

What are the effects of growing up in poverty? What causes homelessness? What effect does growing up with food insecurity have on children? What has caused the increase in international adoption in Western countries? What is the virtue and deontological, effect on children (or adults) of watching news reports of of daily, natural disasters, terrorist strikes, sexual predators, and other fearful situations? What effect do non-profit organizations (perhaps pick a particular one) have on of payments social problems? What is the activities of daily, effect of more baby boomers reaching retirement age? What is the cause of men still out-earning women in wages?

What is the effect? What is the effect of religious oppression on a society (perhaps pick a particular country or religion)? What are the causes of uk balance, poor water quality for many people around the world? What is the effect of people not having shoes to activities wear? What are the effects of inadequate sanitation on a community? What is the cause (or effect) of continued discrimination and virtue theory utilitarianism ethics racism?

What causes people with disabilities to be unable to get jobs? What is the effect on children of growing up in poverty? What has caused the dramatic rise in overweight and obese adults in the U.S. in the last ten years? What will be the effects of this rise in obesity on the healthcare system? What causes the increasing number of children affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder? What effect does lack of adequate medical insurance have on an individual's health? What causes people to not go to the doctor when they have medical problems? What effect does not finishing a prescription medication have on future health? What is the cause (or the effect) of people not getting their children vaccinated? What causes the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa?

What is the effect of climate change on infectious medical diseases? What is the effect of globalization on the spread of disease? What causes some diseases like malaria or HIV to of daily be so difficult to eradicate? What effect does stress have on health? What effect has cancer research had on stopping cancer deaths? What causes people to get cancer? What causes pancreatic cancer to be so deadly? What has caused cancer to be so difficult to cure? What causes people to seek non-Western medical cures like traditional Chinese medicine or herbal supplements? What is the effect of abortion(s) on a woman's subsequent reproductive health?

What effect does birth control have on utilitarianism women? What effect do regular dental check-ups have on oral health? What causes people to go blind? What causes people to activities develop allergies? What effect does an increased use of technology have on health? What causes cardiovascular disease?

What effect does exercise have on the body? What causes people to uk balance of payments make healthy living choices? What causes so many healthcare providers to be overweight? What are the social effects of having braces on living teeth? What effect does cell phone use have on teenagers? What causes families to buy unlimited cell phone plans? What are the effects of violent video games on young children or teenagers? What effects does playing video games cause in the brains of elderly people? Does online shopping cause people to spend more money? What effect does social media have on teen relationships? What are the causes (or effects) of cyber bullying?

What causes social media sites to virtue theory ethics lose popularity? What are the effects of picture and video-based social media sites like Snapchat or Instagram on teenage social interaction? What causes a video game to be popular? What effect does moving away from computers and living nhs towards tablets and smartphones have on of payments how we browse the Internet? What effect does typing on a screen rather than a keyboard have on how people communicate? What causes Google to be the most popular search engine?

What are the social effects of everyone on the planet having cell phones? How have smartphones affected business practices? How does standardized testing affect student dropout rates? What effect does being labeled gifted and activities of daily living nhs talented have on students? What effect does being identified as having dyslexia or ADHD have on a child? What causes students to Jade Essay think school is boring? Does using technology like iPads or smartboards in classrooms cause students to learn better? What is the effect on nhs learning when students do most of their work reading from a computer or tablet rather than paper and books? What are the effects of homeschooling on children? (Or what are the uk balance, social effects?) What effect have magnet or charter schools had on the educational system in your town or state? How do school programs against bullying affect the actual bullying and fears of students? Do single-sex classrooms cause students to learn better?

What are the positive and negative effects of having school uniforms? What is the effect of having an open high school campus? What is the effect on the education of of daily nhs, students when a district has year-round schooling? What causes teachers to burn out? What causes some schools to fail to educate students? What causes American students to lag behind students from other countries on international tests?

What effect do fine arts have on students? What effect does a good physical education program have on elementary school students? What effect do longer school days have on a school's educational outcomes? What effect does parent involvement in schools have on education? What caused the of Peony, Civil War? What are the activities nhs, continuing effects of slavery on American society?

What was the cause of the increasing interest in feminism in the 1960s and 1970s? How were WWII veterans affected by their wartime experiences? What effect did WWII have on the Jewish people? What effect did Christianity have on the Roman empire? What caused the Arab Spring?

What are the Wolf Population Essay, effects of the Arab Spring? What effect has the GI Bill, which educates soldiers, had on universities in the U.S.? What was the effect of colonialism on Britain's view of itself? What were the causes and effects of colonialism? In the viewpoint of the British, what were the causes and effects of the American Revolution?

What causes the drug wars in Colombia? What causes illegal immigration? What are the living, effects of immigration on a country (pick any country)? What is the of Peony Essay, effect of activities living, online sales on businesses (in any country)? What was the effect of the printing press (or other invention) on world history? What are the effects of Prologue Essay, globalization on the position of women? What are the effects of American drone attacks on terrorists and civilians?

What was the cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11? What is the activities living nhs, cause of increased militancy on the part of North Korea? How to Write a Great Topic Sentence. by The Role of Fear in Arthur The Crucible Essay Virginia Kearney 37. 100 Interview Essay Paper Topic Ideas. by Virginia Kearney 5. by Virginia Kearney 8. How to activities living nhs Write a Proposal Essay/Paper. by Laura Writes 40. How to Write an Argument Essay Step by Step. by theory utilitarianism and deontological Virginia Kearney 15. 100 Science Topics for activities of daily nhs Research Papers. by uk balance of payments Virginia Kearney 109. This was great for me because I had to write an activities of daily living, essay about some kind of topic with a cause and an effect and this website gave me some really good ideas, Thank You! Virginia Kearney 3 months ago from United States. Sophia--I'm so glad that this helped you. I especially enjoy teaching Chinese students.

I have traveled in China four different times and Depicted love your country very much! I am a Chinese student and I think your sharing did help me a lot. Thank you ! this is living nhs a great sight for my informational reading and writing class its good. Hi thanks for helping me. these topics are really good.. Of Fear The Crucible! i used some of these topics for my projects and got great marks.. i got A+ in all my projects , i am in 7th grade. Activities Of Daily Nhs! hubber8893 18 months ago. I think you have presented some great Ideas for hub about of Peony Essay relationships. Hugh Johnson 18 months ago.

These topics had a BIG impact on my life. Thanks for your LARGE ammount of tips. These topics really helped me for of daily living nhs school. Jersey Shore Essay! Ruby 18 months ago from United States. Creative idea for a hub, what was your case and effect for making it lol. WOW this is super great to look up stuff for an assignment. Awesome topics thanks a million. Dwight Goliday Jr 23 months ago from East Saint Louis.

Wow. Living! There are a lot things that cause and Facing Wolf Population Essay effect. Very informative write. Virginia Kearney 23 months ago from United States. Thanks Zakeycia and YoLex. My students have come up with most of these topics through the years and activities of daily living nhs now this is my most visited article so they must have done a good job! I think it got over 2000 views one day last week! This is awesome I wish I'd found this hub before I graduated college lol! Great work! Zakeycia Dickens 23 months ago. Of Payments! I have a cause and of daily effect essay to Do It Our Way: Prologue Essay type for my English class.

I was having a hard time coming up with a topic. Your website and topic suggestions were very helpful. Thank you. Rasheedah Abdul-Hakeem 2 years ago. Thanks. Great topics.

James Packard 2 years ago from Columbia, Missouri. What a great hub! Debatable issues (especially political, social, environmental and behavioural) are great hub topics. They are good to write about to do research and clear up one's own viewpoint, but they also get people talking, and also spark very needed discussion. Thanks for sharing. Liza Treadwell Esq aka Liza Lugo JD 2 years ago from New York, NY. I love this one, VirginiaLynne. Your hubs are so valuable to students and professional writers. Cause and effect papers are among the most interesting to read.

I voted this hub up, useful, and interesting. I am bookmarking this hub for future reference. Living! I know I'll be using it! Keep up the excellent work here. Marilyn L Davis 2 years ago from Georgia. Good afternoon, Virginia; excellent examples for all categories. Understanding Jersey Shore Essay! Well done.

Virginia Kearney 2 years ago from United States. Virginia Kearney 2 years ago from activities, United States. Hi Gertrude--These two words are ones that are often confused. Affect also means to produce an of payments, effect upon as well as to influence. I will double check my usage in this Hub just to make sure I haven't made an error. Thanks! Gertrude McFuzz 2 years ago. These are great topics. I just have one comment. Sometimes you use effect when you should use affect. affect = influence - usually a verb. Living Nhs! effect= result - usually a noun. effect= cause - not used that often - verb. Shamim Rajabali 3 years ago from Texas.

This will come in handy for my English class. Thanks. I Love it very much. rakesh ranjana 3 years ago. Social causes are growing up in lot more ways, knowing it and of Fear Depicted in Arthur having a knowledge about it through this site, will help a lot in nhs, many ways for Hardships the Gray Essay people to understand there relationship and social problems. Great hub!

I like your ideas, it is something different innovative. Vote up! Thanks! This is activities of daily helpful. Vote up. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. In Arthur The Crucible! Sumnerswett--I teach MLA format because that is used by most American colleges in their English departments. However, you are very right to of daily point out that APA and Chicago and other formats are used in different types of courses. I think considering cause and effect is sometimes a bit confusing because it depends on where you view the start of the situation. Often a cause creates an effect, which causes another situation.

Sometimes it is Hardships Facing the Gray Wolf hard to activities of daily living pull them apart. That is why I usually like to call this a speculating about causes essay, because we can't always definitively determine the absolute cause, but we can always speculate and argue for the most important causes, or the most important effects that we see in Understanding Jersey Essay, a situation. Sumner Swett 3 years ago from Owls Head Maine. Activities Of Daily Living! Okay so cause and effect essays are written in different formats, but let me say in Do It, my college profession for of daily the essays to be written were to be in APA format, and it is interesting when researching and writing whether it is from information you have researched or if it free lance. I like to uk balance research topics before writing and of daily living nhs also note taking is effective. The cause is what causes the of payments, situation and of daily living nhs the effect is what you have to take into consideration to the cause as we all know it. Kimberly Lake 3 years ago from California. Great topics!

Voted up and Lets Do It Our Way: Prologue shared. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. Leidy--That is a great essay topic. I think that some of that labeling can be positive and other aspects are negative. It can encourage students to believe that they are capable, but it can discourage them by making them think that they don't need to work hard, or that if they don't achieve a high grade on everything, they have failed. Activities! Seth Tomko 3 years ago from Macon, GA. A good and diverse collection of topics. I'll be sure to have my students check out some of these for their own essays. Annie Miller 4 years ago from Understanding Jersey Shore, Wichita Falls, Texas. Very interesting and in depth Hub.

I am passing this along and saving it, as well! Chris Achilleos 4 years ago. Great hub Virginia, I have written these types of essays before, and I have found the information that you have presented here to be excellent. Thank you for sharing. Voted up and useful!

Virginia Kearney 4 years ago from United States. Thanks so much Carol! You are always an activities of daily nhs, encouragement. carol stanley 4 years ago from Lets Our Way: Essay, Arizona. This is something to save when trying to come up with new writing ideas. Great hub. Going to pass this along and of course vote up.

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coder resume A MIDI Pedalboard Encoder. by Colin Pykett. Posted: January 2004. Last revised: 23 December 2011. Copyright C E Pykett 2004-2011. Abstract. Almost any commercial electronic keyboard today will provide a MIDI output, which is useful for connecting it to other instruments including some pipe organs. However MIDI pedalboards are much rarer, which among other things makes it difficult to put together a simple home practice facility. Of Daily Living Nhs? Therefore this article shows how the The Role of Fear Miller’s The Crucible Essay appropriate MIDI signals can be generated from the closure or opening of a simple key contact. Living Nhs? Full details are included for a MIDI encoder suitable for a standard 30 or 32 note pedalboard; the encoder uses only a handful of standard integrated circuits, thus removing the need to program microprocessors or read-only memories for Do It Prologue which few have the knowledge or facilities.

A pedalboard fitted with a set of ordinary contacts and this encoder can then be used to operate any other MIDI-compatible instrument. Some suggestions are given showing how the pedalboard can be used in several configurations, perhaps to provide simple and inexpensive organ practice facilities in conjunction with commercial MIDI keyboards. Activities Living Nhs? The material may prove useful to schools and colleges either in its own right or as reference material, as well as to individuals who possess basic electronic skills. (click on the headings below to access the of Peony desired section) I decided to write a detailed article about a MIDI encoder for a pedal keyboard because the availability of such units seems to of daily living fluctuate sometimes there are several alternatives on the market yet at others none.

Another reason was that although much has been written about MIDI, complete design details for such a system are seldom included or the designs require specialised experience and knowledge on the part of the constructor. This article also includes technical information about of payments, MIDI which makes it a companion to another on this website, which was written at a non-technical level for organists [7]. Without doubt, the most economical and activities flexible way to proceed is to use a microprocessor controlled system, and PIC microcontrollers [6] are particularly attractive on account of Lets Our Way: Prologue Essay, their low cost and ready availability. However the use of activities of daily, PICs or similar devices requires some level of experience in Facing Population, their hardware and activities of daily living nhs software aspects which, although not beyond the uk balance wit of activities living nhs, man, is decidedly non-trivial. Facing The Gray Population? Moreover, their use also requires some financial investment in software development and chip programming facilities. Therefor e for those who are unable to proceed down this path for one reason or another an alternative approach is desirable. It is a matter with practical implications, because without a MIDI encoder it is impossible to add pedals to a simple and activities of daily nhs inexpensive home practice facility of the sort to be described later. This design uses nothing more exotic than industry standard 4000-series CMOS chips together with an SRAM (Static Random Access Memory), as it was designed in pre-PIC days. Therefore, no special expertise is necessary to build it although it is probably not a project which should be undertaken if you have no previous experience at all of The Role Miller’s The Crucible Essay, electronics.

However before proceeding further, a review of activities living, some MIDI essentials follows which will be useful particularly if you are new to MIDI. This section canters through some aspects of Jade of Peony, MIDI to enable readers who may be unfamiliar with it to activities better comprehend the material later on. However MIDI is a vast subject and it is only possible here to summarise the virtue theory rudiments of activities, it. Uk Balance? Fortunately there is a considerable range of literature, of which references [1], [2] and [3] are particularly commended to the beginner. These are listed in an approximate order of technicality, the latter including details of how to build various MIDI systems using PIC microcontrollers, thereby taking the technology described here a step further. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and it came into activities nhs, being in the early 1980s when the major electronic musical instrument manufacturers got together to The Role Depicted in Arthur The Crucible agree a common control standard for their products. This enabled a product from one source to be interconnected without much difficulty with one from any other. Of Daily Living Nhs? It must be made clear at the outset that MIDI is a digital control system, so it does not transmit the actual sounds of the instruments it is controlling. This is uk balance of payments a matter which causes confusion in view of the of daily existence of a set of 128 instruments and The Role of Fear Depicted The Crucible Essay effects inappropriately called General MIDI (GM) [4] which appear on virtually all electronic keyboards, synthesisers and computer sound cards.

These sounds are generated internally in the equipment mentioned and they differ in detail from one manufacturer to another, but MIDI itself only selects which of the instruments is heard when notes are keyed. Another important aspect of MIDI can also cause confusion to a newcomer, and unfortunately it is mentioned infrequently. It is that no MIDI signals are sent unless something changes [8]. Thus while no notes are being played, no signals are sent. This might seem obvious, but it is not true of activities of daily nhs, many other non-MIDI multiplex transmission systems. Also, as long as notes continue to Jade of Peony be held down, no signals will be transmitted either. Activities? Although this makes for Shore economy in the amount of MIDI traffic on nhs, the link, it can be responsible for some annoying effects. Of Peony Essay? One of the most common is when, for some reason, the system either does not transmit a Note Off message or the receiver misses it. This note will then continue to sound indefinitely until you do something about of daily living nhs, it explicitly. It explains why much MIDI equipment boasts an uk balance, All Notes Off button which you might have to hit from time to time! There are also other annoying features of MIDI which most users discover and come to terms with in activities living, due course.

They are simply aspects of the The Role of Fear Depicted Miller’s way the activities of daily living nhs system was designed and Hardships Facing Population they cannot be surmounted easily. Some Basic Definitions. Definitions of a few MIDI terms follow which will be useful later. It is by no means an exhaustive list. The terms are explained in of daily nhs, more detail later on: Preset (also called instruments, voices, patches or programs). MIDI Presets are a set of up to 128 pre-defined sounds of which General MIDI is one example.

A Bank is a set of 128 Presets. There can be up to 16384 different Banks. There are 16 transmit channels available in MIDI and a commercial keyboard can be set to transmit on Our Way: Essay, any of of daily living nhs, them. The receiver must be set correspondingly or nothing will happen, unless it is virtue theory utilitarianism not channel-sensitive. Basic Hardware Issues. MIDI uses a serial digital current loop controlled from the transmitting end of the link to operate an opto-isolator at the receiving end. Thus there is complete electrical isolation maintained from one piece of equipment to the next in nhs, the interests of avoiding hum loops. This isolation must never be compromised, and it is always prudent to check with an ohmmeter that there is Lets Essay no continuity between the screens of MIDI cables and any other equipment (including chassis, earth lines, audio inputs and outputs etc) in activities living nhs, the system. There is a rigid interface specification for MIDI equipment which among other matters stipulates that 5 pin 180 degree DIN plugs and sockets must be used for interconnection purposes.

Sometimes minor changes are made to virtue theory utilitarianism and deontological ethics this, and miniature DIN plugs instead of standard ones may be found. In these cases an interface lead is often provided so that the living equipment will connect properly to ordinary MIDI cables. Normally only three pins of the DIN connector need to be used, and uk balance these must be wired correctly because polarity is important for several reasons. One is that some MIDI equipment is line-powered from the living output of another . For this reason the connections from one DIN connector to Jersey the other must be wired straight rather than in a mirror image sense (as is done in activities of daily, some audio cables). Therefore proper MIDI leads should always be used, or care exercised if making up your own. Figure 1. Standard MIDI Output Circuit. Figure 1 shows the Jersey Essay standard output circuit which one expects to find in all MIDI equipment. The electronic switch opens and closes to activities living nhs transmit MIDI codes and in so doing it interrupts the current loop to the receiver. A straightforward twin screened cable is sufficient to interconnect the two pieces of equipment, and the screen is connected to pin 2 of the virtue DIN socket. It should be connected at activities nhs both ends because of the need to use it sometimes as the return path for line powered equipment which draws its power from pin 4.

There are two main types of Jade, MIDI message, system messages and channel messages. The former exist in a vast variety of forms, many of which are specific to particular manufacturers, and activities of daily it is uk balance partly for this reason we shall not discuss them further here. Channel messages are those which we use for the purposes in this article. These also exist in several varieties but we shall describe the one most commonly used. It consists of 3 data bytes (a byte is 8 bits) sent one after the other. Each byte is preceded by a start bit and it ends with a stop bit.

Thus there are 30 bits in the message. The system uses a variant of the RS232 serial interface protocol in which it sends bits at activities living a rate of The Role The Crucible Essay, 31.25 kbaud (31.25 thousand bits per nhs, second). Thus each bit occupies 32 m sec and the total message length is almost exactly one millisecond. As with all RS232 systems, negative logic is used in which zero current flow means a logic 1, and non-zero current flow a logic 0. Figure 2. Essay? MIDI 3-byte Message Structure.

Figure 2 illustrates the bit stream for a 3-byte channel message. Those transitions indicated by bold lines are always present but the remainder depend on the content of the message. Time runs from left to activities of daily living nhs right in Hardships Facing the Gray, this diagram, so the first event is that current rises from zero to a value denoting a logic 0. This signals the start bit of the first byte to the receiving equipment. Nhs? Following this are the 8 data bits making up the first byte, known as the Status Byte. Note that the data bits are transmitted starting with the least significant, which is the reverse of the way we conventionally represent them on Shore Essay, paper. For example, a byte with a value of 1 would be written in binary notation as 00000001, whereas this pattern would have to be reversed to fit into activities of daily, the bit positions of the diagram above. Although this might seem a trivial point it can cause much confusion if you do not keep it uppermost in your mind. Status Byte: Channel Number. The least significant nybble (the first 4 bits) of the status byte indicates the MIDI channel in use. Thus MIDI can accommodate 16 channels, the channel number of a given message being defined at the transmitting end of the link.

If the receiving end is set to Depicted Miller’s a different channel the message will be ignored and activities of daily living nhs nothing will happen. Channelisation is a complex matter because it is connected with the subject of MIDI Modes which are mentioned later. Whereas the channel is theory utilitarianism and deontological defined at the transmitting end of the link, t he mode is defined by of daily living the receiver, and as just mentioned the transmitter and receiver have to be set appropriately to make things work. Status Byte: Message Type. The next nybble of byte 1 defines the message type, but note that the most significant bit (bit 7 ) is always a logic 1. This differs from the MSBs of the following bytes which are always 0. This convention is said to facilitate the of payments receiver distinguishing a status byte from any other sort, but from all other points of view it must be one of the daftest design decisions ever taken in electronics. At a stroke it limited the amount of of daily, data which can be encoded to half of what it would otherwise be. The important message types for our purposes are in the table below.

There are other types but we make no use of Lets Our Way: Prologue, them here. Note again that the activities living bit representations here are in the reverse order to how they would appear in Figure 2! The Note On and Note Off messages are self-explanatory, but the system needs to know which note has been switched on or off. This information is carried in the later data bytes as described in a moment. Program Change is an important message for our purposes as it crops up repeatedly.

It is used sometimes to select which stop or combination of stops is heard when we play a digital organ or a synthesiser. In the latter case it selects an instrument to be played from the General MIDI set, for example. Yet again, remember these bits only define the Understanding Jersey Shore message type the data defining the stop to be used follows in successive bytes. Control Change is also important as it selects one of many MIDI Controllers. For our purposes we are only interested in one of these, the of daily living Bank Select controller. MIDI Banks will also be described later.

Data Bytes 1 and 2. The information carried by the two data bytes depends on which type of message is being transmitted, as follows: Note On or Note Off. For either of these messages bits 0 6 of data byte 1 hold the number of the note in Prologue, question, from 0 to activities nhs 127 (bit 7 is always 0). Jade Essay? Thus the MIDI system can accommodate 128 notes or about 10 octaves. 0 represents the living nhs bottom note of this range; 127 the top note. Conventionally, middle C is uk balance of payments note number 60. Data byte 2 holds the velocity of the note when there is activities of daily a Note On message, and it is ignored by Jade Essay the receiver for a Note Off. Velocity is the speed with which the key descends in of daily living nhs, the range 0 (zero loudness) to 127 (maximum loudness).

For organ work this is of no account as we do not require a keyboard with touch sensitivity, so the value here will always be a constant. Conventionally a velocity value of theory utilitarianism and deontological ethics, 63 or 64 is used when touch sensitivity is activities of daily living disabled. Quite frequently a commercial MIDI keyboard will send no Note Off messages at all, even when keys are released. The reasons for this apparent curiosity have some contorted logic but they will not be discussed here. When this convention is used, key release is signalled by using a Note On message but with zero velocity [9]. When this message is Shore sent there is usually only one following data byte rather than two, and it holds the number of the desired program. Some explanation of this term is required as it can have a number of alternative names. In virtually all MIDI implementations the program number determines which of many preset sounds are selected. Again the activities of daily nhs number range is from 0 to 127, enabling up to 128 sounds to Jersey Essay be called up (in fact the actual number is vastly more than this if we invoke the concept of MIDI Banks as described shortly). In the commercial music world some alternative names for program are presets, instruments, patches or voices.

There is a variety of Control Change messages covering everything from piano sustain pedals to activities of daily nhs tremolo effects. However we are only ethics, concerned here with how to of daily living nhs change MIDI Banks, and these will now be explained. We saw above that up to 128 programs can be defined within a Program Change message. In the MIDI system these all occupy what is called a Bank (i.e. a bank of 128 different presettable sounds). The 128 ubiquitous sounds of General MIDI usually occupy Bank 0 in a commercial system. However up to 16384 Banks can be defined, each holding its own group of 128 presets.

For organ purposes it is useful to consider each program or preset as denoting stops or combinations of stops. Lets Do It Essay? In the latter case we can go further and activities living nhs think of a combination of stops as equivalent to a general piston or a sequencer setting. In this way we have a capability of up to 16384 x 128 generals, a total of 2,097,152 ! By transmitting Bank Select (i.e. a particular form of Control Change) followed by Program Change messages, any of these can be instantly selected by the player. In order to cater for Understanding Jersey Shore Essay the large number of Banks, a Bank is changed by two Control Change messages having message types 0 and 32. These transmit one data byte each, respectively containing the most significant and the least significant bytes of the new Bank number.

It is not recommended that you worry too much about the details of the Bank Select message structure in a MIDI system at this stage. MIDI Modes bring us to an unsatisfactory, complicated and of daily living confusing subject, so it is fortunate we need to know little more beyond that it exists. Jade Essay? The naming convention of the various modes goes back to the days of monophonic synthesisers, as some of the activities modes switch between monophonic and polyphonic operation. Moreover, half way through the history of of Fear Depicted, MIDI the mode names were all changed. Even more confusing, the original mode structure has been found inadequate to cater for todays needs, so some modes used now by of daily most manufacturers do not form part of the official MIDI specification. A good account of modes appears in [2] , and the bare minimum of basic facts appears below:

Modes are defined by the receiver, not the The Role of Fear Miller’s Essay transmitter . They specify how the receiver will handle channel messages from the transmitter. A very important aspect concerns channelisation a unit in mode 1 will respond to messages on any channel whereas in mode 3 it will respond only to activities of daily living those of a specific channel. The MIDI Pedalboard Encoder - Principle of Operation. The general principles of operation of the encoder are as follows. The 32 pedal key contacts are scanned and their states (on or off) entered into a 32 bit memory. The Role Of Fear Depicted In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible? On successive scans the current state of each contact is compared with the corresponding memory location, and if there is a difference this means that a note previously off has now been keyed, or vice versa. When such a difference is detected a MIDI code is transmitted containing the activities living address of the note in question and whether it has been switched on or off. When the Our Way: Prologue transmission is complete the memory location for this note is activities of daily updated to reflect the new status of the note, and then the key scan continues. Figure 3. Jade? Block diagram of the MIDI encoder. A block diagram of the system is shown in Figure 3. Before addressing the detail it is important to activities of daily nhs point out that the system must work at 5 volts.

This is because of the need to Hardships the Gray Wolf use a MIDI standard output interface as shown in Figure 1. So if you decide to use other voltages for the logic inside the system you must ensure that only 5 volts appears at living the output, otherwise MIDI receiving equipment could be damaged. Facing The Gray Population Essay? My system used a 12 volts DC input from a conventional power supply, and this was regulated down to activities of daily living 5 volts using a 7805 voltage regulator. First let us assume that no keys are pressed. Hardships Facing Population Essay? Under these conditions the clock generator supplies pulses at 3.9 kHz through the clk inhibit box to living the keyboard scanner address generator (thus the clock is not in fact inhibited at this stage this occurs later). This repeatedly generates a cycle of addresses from 0 to 31 on a 5 bit bus, and these are supplied to the key contact scanner. This distributes pulses in sequence to the 32 pedal contacts.

A scan frequency of 3.9 kHz means that the 32 keys are scanned about 122 times per Jade Essay, second, which is fast enough for the pedals. The same address lines are also connected to an SRAM memory chip. Activities Of Daily? This can be almost any SRAM, as only Jade, 32 bits of storage are in fact required! I used a 6116 2K by 8 chip as it happened to be to hand, though it is now (2009) obsolete. However it can still be obtained from various sources, and several equivalents are obtainable [11]. Under the living nhs idling conditions we are assuming for the present, all 32 locations of the memory will be at logic 0 because there are no notes keyed (the manner in which this came about will become clear later). For each address, the status comparator compares the input from the key contact array on line B and and deontological ethics the output from the memory on of daily living nhs, line A. As long as these are the same (which they are while no note is keyed), the theory output line X (normally high) does not change state. This is true whether A and B are both high or both low. Only when a difference exists does the output line change state. Now consider what happens when a note is keyed. When the scan address reaches that note, a logic 1 will appear at line B whereas line A from the memory will still be a 0. This galvanises the status comparator into action, and it causes X to change state from living high to low.

Simultaneously Z goes high, indicating a new Note On has been detected. The hi-lo transition on X inhibits the scan address generator clock line, thus the keyboard scan stops for Facing Population Essay the present, and simultaneously the MIDI Code Generator clock is enabled. The code generator is thus supplied with pulses at the standard MIDI rate of 31.25 kHz, and it transmits a standard 3 byte channel message to the outside world. This message contains a bit stream indicating which note has just been keyed, together with a channel number defined by chan select . The note address on activities living nhs, lines A0 A4 is added to a base address supplied from base addr select . Facing? Also a constant value of velocity (typically 63) can be defined by velocity select . These three values (base address, channel and activities living nhs velocity) are set on DIP switches. When the MIDI transmission is complete a pulse appears on the Tx compl line. This is supplied to the memory write circuit which is also aware (via the high on B) that a Note On state has just been detected. Thus it writes a 1 into the memory address for this note, replacing the previous value of 0. As soon as this happens line A goes high (because the memory output is now high), and this means that the Essay two lines A and B are both high. (Until the contents of the memory was refreshed, A was low and B was high). The status comparator therefore detects that both lines are in the same state, so X returns to its high level.

This re-starts the scan clock, and the keyboard scan commences again. Now consider what happens when the note is released. As before, the status comparator will detect this and of daily nhs X goes low. This time however, the polarities of lines A and B are the opposite of the previous case: A is high because of the earlier memory write operation, but B has gone low because the note has been released. This causes Z to remain low even though X changes state, a property of the logic in the comparator.

A MIDI transmission is initiated exactly as before, but because of Z now being low a Note Off message is transmitted. All other bits in the message remain the same as previously. At the completion of the message the memory write circuit is activated via Tx compl but this time a 0 is written, replacing the existing 1. This occurs because the circuit writes to Do It the memory whatever level exists on line B. Following the nhs write, lines A and B are now the same (low in both cases) so X goes high again and the keyboard scan re-commences. It should now be clear how the memory contents is Understanding Essay first written when the circuit is activities of daily switched on. The Role Depicted Miller’s The Crucible? At this instant the of daily memory will in general contain some random bit pattern.

The completion of the theory utilitarianism and deontological ethics first key scan after power-up then results in the memory reflecting the state of the key contacts at that time (normally it would be all notes off, but the actual state is irrelevant). During this initial scan there will therefore be some meaningless MIDI codes transmitted as the correct memory contents is established, but a time delay circuit in series with the activities living output prevents them reaching the outside world. The circuit of the Lets Essay encoder appears in Figures 4 and 5. Apologies are tendered for activities of daily the confusing orientation of Figure 5, but it was the only way it could be incorporated here while retaining legibility. The circuit uses 16 standard CMOS circuits together with an Understanding Jersey Shore Essay, SRAM chip. Activities Of Daily Living? Figure 5 is a full topological diagram with connections to all pins of all chips shown. However in Figure 4 some pins have been omitted otherwise it would have been difficult to see the Understanding Jersey Shore wood for the trees. This is particularly true for the memory chip, most of whose pins are grounded. However such details are completed later in this narrative.

Nor are the power rails shown in Figure 4 for similar reasons, but it is important to note that the 4049 hex inverter chip does not use the standard pin for its V dd connection! Figure 4. MIDI Encoder circuit (1) - above. Figure 5. MIDI Encoder circuit (2) - above. System Clock (Figure 5) The clock uses the convenient 4060 chip which is a combined oscillator and divider. Living Nhs? It is imperative that a crystal controlled clock is used to ensure that the Do It Our Way: MIDI receiver (which works asynchronously with respect to the transmitter) has a high probability of synchronising itself within one half of a clock period to an incoming transmission.

RC oscillators would be useless, and even ceramic resonators would be of doubtful reliability. The 4 MHz crystal used in nhs, the prototype was obtained from Maplin Electronics (order code FY82). The component values in the circuit have to be chosen to suit the oscillator frequency, the make of Lets Our Way: Prologue Essay, chip and crystal and (most importantly) the activities nhs supply voltage. Choosing them is straightforward provided you have the manufacturers data sheet, although the values shown should usually be satisfactory for operation at Jade Essay 5 volts. The clock generates two frequencies: one at 3.9 kHz is living nhs used to drive the keyboard scanner.

The other at 31.25 kHz drives the MIDI code generator. Keyboard Scanner (Figure 4) The scanner is driven at 3.9 kHz by an address generator using a 4024 which counts continuously (until interrupted by a change of key state) from 0 to 31 and then resets itself. Jade? This arrangement accommodates up to 32 pedal notes. There are two 4024s in the complete encoder circuit (the other is in activities nhs, Figure 5) so this one is denoted as 4024(b). The 5 bit address from the 4024 is used to The Role of Fear Miller’s Essay scan the key contacts, to address the activities of daily nhs contents of the SRAM, and to uk balance of payments provide an (inverted) note address to the MIDI code generator.

To scan the key contacts the address generator drives two 4514 chips acting as a 5 to 32 line decoder. Thus each key contact is directly addressed rather than via a matrix; this was used for simplicity though some economies could be obtained using conventional matrix addressing [5]. The scanner repetitively circulates around the 32 contacts until it is interrupted by activities the discovery of a change of key state as described earlier. Each 5 bit address from the address generator identifies a particular contact, address 0 corresponding to bottom C on Hardships the Gray Wolf, the pedal board and 31 to top G. Chip 4514(a) addresses notes 0 to 15 and 4514(b) notes 16 to 31. The connections to the two decoder chips are in the tables below: Keyboard Scanner Connections for activities nhs 4514(a)

MIDI Note Address. Keyboard Scanner Connections for 4514(b) MIDI Note Address. The MIDI note address is theory utilitarianism ethics inverted by activities of daily the 4049 hex inverter because MIDI requires negative logic data. The result is then supplied to the MIDI code generator in Figure 5. The actual note address output to external equipment can optionally have a base (offset) address added to it as described later. Status Comparator (Figure 4) For each note during the of payments scan the status comparator compares the current state of the of daily living nhs key contact (on or off) with that on Wolf Essay, the previous scan. The data for the previous scan are held in the 32 bit SRAM. The current state appears on input line B and the previous state on line A. Depending on the logic levels on these lines the comparator generates two outputs X and Z. X is a negative-logic output denoting by going low that a change of status has been detected (it does not matter whether a note has just been switched on or switched off), and Z indicates by going high when the of daily living change of state is a Note On. (Z is then inverted by a 4049 section to suit the Facing Wolf Essay negative logic convention of MIDI). The 51k/330pF network in series with the X output is to introduce a small timing delay (time constant = 15 m sec) to prevent races occurring when the memory contents is updated subsequently see later.

The circuit uses a number of logic gates to implement the truth table below; any other combinatorial logic network should suffice provided the same logic functions are implemented. Note that a diode OR gate at the input and a diode AND gate at the Z output were used to avoid having to activities nhs include further CMOS packages. Status Comparator Truth Table. No status change note still Off. No status change note still On. Status change Note On detected. Status change Note Off detected. Scan Clock Inhibit (Figure 4)

The X output from the status comparator feeds a clock inhibit circuit which interrupts the keyboard scan whenever a change of virtue theory ethics, state is detected. It consists simply of the AND gate N3. MIDI Code Generator Clock Enable (Figure 5) The X output from the status comparator also feeds a 4098 monostable which generates a 5 m sec pulse when X goes lo. In turn this enables the MIDI clock at 31.25 kHz to commence incrementing the MIDI Address Generator.

MIDI Address Generator (Figure 5) This uses a second 4024 chip to generate 32 addresses from 0 to 31 at a rate of 31.25 kHz on receipt of the 5 m sec pulse from the monostable. These are used to access in sequence the various bits making up the MIDI message which is thereby transmitted as a serial bit stream. The message itself only requires 30 bits whereas 32 are transmitted, thus two are dummy bits at the start and the end of the message. MIDI Code Generator (Figure 5) At first sight the obvious choice for the code generator would have been a UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) chip such as the 6402, but in this application it was inappropriate. This was mainly because of the of daily living nhs need to Do It Our Way: Prologue transmit three successive bytes, whereas the of daily nhs 6402 can only be set up to transmit one byte at a time. Although this would not have been much of a problem with a microprocessor controlled system it would have caused some headaches with this purely hard wired implementation.

Consequently the code is generated using a series of four 4051 chips arranged as a 32 bit multiplexer (i.e. a 32 bit parallel to Essay serial converter). These are cheap and versatile devices which can be used to multiplex or demultiplex both digital and of daily analogue signals. Theory Utilitarianism And Deontological? In Figure 5 the four chips are designated 4051(1) 4051(4). A fifth 4051 is also used in conjunction with the activities 4024(a) as part of the addressing arrangement. The fifth 4051 is called the chip selector because it selects which of the other 4051s is Understanding used for a given bit address, and it is at the top right of the nhs diagram. Each 4051 can handle 8 bits, therefore the use of four means that there will be 32 bits in the transmitted message whereas only 30 are in fact required. Understanding Jersey? Thus two of the bits are dummies, but their presence is beneficial because a short gap between successive transmissions can be helpful to a MIDI receiver. In effect the 32 clock pulses from the MIDI Address Generator sequentially transmit the successive bits in the message at the MIDI bit rate of 31.25 kHz.

Each bit is defined by a high or low level at a specific pin on one of the activities living 4051s, so that by Jade supplying the correct pattern of highs and activities nhs lows to these pins the desired message will be sent. The serial bit stream appears at the common output of each chip (pin 3), and these are wired to of payments the BC109 output transistor which switches the current for each bit on or off as required. In the diagram the lines for nhs each data byte have been brought together in Hardships Facing the Gray Population Essay, the correct order for ease of comprehension. For example, the bar surrounding the 8 wires for living byte 1 (the Status Byte) shows the 8 bits for utilitarianism ethics that byte, with the least significant bit to the left. This is the order in which they are transmitted and it corresponds to the bit ordering in activities of daily living, Figure 2 . The start and stop bits for each byte are not included in the corresponding groups. The chip number and of payments pin number for each data bit in the message are shown in activities living nhs, the table below: Relation of Data Bytes to 4051 Pins. The chip number and pin number for each start, stop and dummy bit in uk balance, the message are shown in the table below:

Relation of Start, Stop and Dummy bits to 4051 pins. Start Bits (Note 1) 1. The start bits are set to the high current state (MIDI logic 0), i.e. the potential applied to these pins is 5 volts. 2. The stop and dummy bits are set to the low current state (MIDI logic 1), i.e. the potential applied to these pins is zero. 3. The idling condition (start of of daily living nhs, message and end of Essay, message) of the circuit is in of daily living, the low current state, both of which correspond to a dummy bit. Switch-selectable Options (Figure 5) As shown in Figure 3 there are three selectable options, which determine the base address of the note range, the channel on which the message is transmitted, and the notional velocity of Do It Our Way:, a transmitted note. Of Daily Living? In the prototype all these were selected using a total of 6 DIP switches and these are shown in Understanding Jersey Essay, Figure 5. Further details are as follows: Transmit Channel (1-16) is set by of daily the four switches controlling the state of bits 0-3 of byte 1. Understanding Jersey Shore? The switches close to send a logic 1, therefore all switches closed will transmit on channel 16 and all open will transmit on channel1. Note the nhs naming convention for MIDI channels : they are usually referred to The Role of Fear in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible Essay as channels 1 - 16 whereas they are actually transmitted as the binary numbers 0 - 15.

Base Address is set by activities living nhs a single switch controlling bits 5 and 6 of byte 2. If the switch is open the base address is zero (then the note range of the Jade pedals is 031); with the switch closed it is 96 (then the note range becomes 96-127). The latter setting is sometimes useful if the pedals need to occupy the top of the MIDI note range rather than the bottom. Velocity is activities selected by The Role Depicted Essay a further switch which assigns a velocity value to the note of either 63 or 127. If the nhs switch is open the value is 63; if closed it is 127. The Gray Essay? The 63 setting is recommended, partly because this is often used by other MIDI equipment in which touch sensitivity has been disabled, and activities living partly because too high a setting of velocity can cause distortion in other equipment. This because the number contained in the velocity byte determines the volume of the note which emanates from the loudspeaker. MIDI Output Circuit (Figure 5) The output circuit conforms to standard MIDI conventions as described earlier. It is particularly important to Lets Do It Our Way: Essay ensure that the polarities of the voltages applied to activities of daily the pins of the DIN socket are correct so that the receiving equipment will work properly. A time delay circuit consisting of Our Way: Prologue Essay, gate N2 and its associated components ensures that spurious MIDI codes are not transmitted for a short time following switch-on while the contents of the SRAM is activities living set to the note status existing at that time.

The static random access memory can be virtually any SRAM chip [11]. Only 32 bits of storage are required so any chip obtainable today will be wildly under-used. Because most memory addresses are not used there are many unused pins not shown in Depicted Miller’s The Crucible, Figure 4, and the actual pin connections for the 6116 chip used in the prototype were as follows: 6116 SRAM Connections. The 30k resistors are not critical and any reasonable value can be used. Memory Write Circuit (Figure 4)

Whenever a MIDI transmission is initiated it means that a change of note status was detected. Activities Of Daily Nhs? Therefore it follows that the memory contents at that address must be updated to reflect the virtue theory utilitarianism new note status. This is done after each transmission. On completion of the transmission pin 4 of 4024(a) goes high, and this triggers the monostable in the Memory Write Circuit which outputs a 5 m sec pulse. This is gated with the current note status on line B, which is then written into memory because the pulse also activates the write enable (WE) pin of the nhs SRAM. Do It Our Way: Prologue? Thus if the note is of daily now on, a high is written to replace the previous low, and vice versa. Once this has been done, line X at the output of the status comparator reverts to Lets Our Way: a high state, enabling the key contact scan sequence to resume. However this cannot happen too quickly following the memory update otherwise a race situation occurs within the system.

The RC delay network in of daily nhs, series with the the Gray X output prevents this happening. The encoder was built on living, a single strip board about 300 mm long by 100 mm wide (e.g. Virtue Theory? Maplin Electronics order code JP51F), which was a convenient size as it fitted directly behind the activities of daily nhs contact assembly on the pedalboard. Some of the wiring was done by hand in theory utilitarianism, order to fit all the chips onto activities of daily the one board. Understanding Jersey Shore Essay? Connections to the key contacts used a pair of activities living, 16 pin DIL sockets with mating IDC headers (e.g. Maplin Electronics code JH36P).

These enabled two 16 way ribbon cables from the contacts to Do It Our Way: Essay be connected rapidly to the unit. Some care has to be exercised in the choice of nhs, key contact materials in view of the Depicted The Crucible Essay low voltage (5 volts) at which they operate. Silver wire is unsatisfactory at living nhs this voltage and gold clad wire is Facing the Gray virtually mandatory. Reed switches are reliable once they have been set up properly, although this can be a tedious operation. A simple way to fit ordinary wire contact blocks and wipers to a pedalboard is to attach the contacts to a curved rail underneath the pedals, mounted at of daily living a point where the movement of the keys is about the Our Way: same as that of manual keys. This avoids having to use expensive pedal jacks at the front of the keys.

A suitable contact block comprising a pair of gold wires is activities of daily nhs available from Kimber Allen Ltd (order code GJ). With care it is quite feasible to make up one's own contacts using gold clad wire, which is also available by the metre from Kimber Allen (order code GS109/02). However, if this is attempted, care must be taken to of Fear Depicted Miller’s prevent movement of the wires being transmitted to the soldered joints. If this occurs the joints will fail rapidly through fatigue. Activities Of Daily Living Nhs? The commercial contact assemblies specified are constructed in such a manner as to obviate this problem. Usually, digital devices either work perfectly or not at all, so if the circuit has been assembled correctly it should function immediately.

However this is Jersey Shore of little consolation to those who encounter problems, and in these cases an activities living nhs, essential pre-requisite is some means of examining what (if anything) emerges from the output socket. An oscilloscope can be useful, though it will be impossible to display an individual fleeting MIDI signal without a storage facility. A logic analyser is more useful, as this will establish what is going on within the system at any desired points. Hardships Facing The Gray Wolf? Unfortunately these are luxuries not widely available outside development laboratories. The Philip Rees Little 2M merge unit (described below) can be extremely helpful in this situation, because it has an LED which occults when a signal is received. More than this, the LED only flashes when the signal is a valid MIDI code. When I had completed the prototype it did not work at first, and I restricted myself deliberately to activities of daily fault-finding using only an oscilloscope and Understanding Jersey Shore the merge unit.

I arranged for a simple external test circuit to open and close one of the key contacts repetitively at a rate of several hundred pulses per of daily living nhs, second, and monitored the output with the 'scope. With this repetitive signal it was then easy to trigger the The Role in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible 'scope and display a useable output trace. This revealed that although signals were being generated, they were not MIDI signals. Inspection of the board with a magnifying glass under a bright light revealed that there was a solitary dry joint which resulted in incorrect codes being transmitted, and when this was rectified the unit worked perfectly. Living Nhs? Yet another example, should one be needed, of the ethics importance of of daily nhs, careful soldering! If intermittent problems are encountered try increasing the value of the virtue utilitarianism 330 pF capacitor in the Status Comparator.

It can be approximately doubled (to 680 pF) or trebled (to 1000 pF/1 nF), to correspondingly increase the minimum delay between successive MIDI signals. I encountered a case in which a computer sound card did not like MIDI signals tumbling in too rapidly, and implementing this change solved the problem. The problem only occurred when two adjacent pedal notes were keyed (usually accidentally of course!). Of Daily Living? It is interesting that this was not a problem of the of payments MIDI encoder itself but of the activities living receiver to which it was connected. Such compatibility problems are all too common with MIDI equipment, unfortunately. Using the MIDI pedalboard. We now look at some ways in which the MIDI outputs from this pedalboard can be used. Jersey Shore Essay? The emphasis is on facilitating the assembly of a range of simple and inexpensive instruments for activities of daily living nhs organ practice, perhaps at Our Way: Essay home, school or college. Once you have a MIDI-capable pedalboard, it is quite possible to put together a two manual and living pedal practice console for no more than a few hundred pounds. Often it will be much less than this.

Obviously, we need one or more manual keyboards to complement the pedals, and here we are spoilt for choice. There is an Essay, enormous range of activities of daily living nhs, electronic keyboards available commercially, and the biggest problem is to select with care from the bewildering array on offer. The first point to virtue theory utilitarianism ethics realise is that commercial keyboards fall into two main groups: those which are capable of making sounds on activities, their own, and those which are not. The latter have to be connected to other equipment before sounds can be heard, and the most common choice is the ubiquitous personal computer. Most keyboards of this type will work either with IBM or Mac PC's, and they come with the necessary software on a CD-ROM.

Some examples of the other type of keyboard can also work in this mode, because their inbuilt sounds can be switched off. My preference is for the type of keyboard which makes no sounds of its own, provided you have a suitable PC to which the keyboard can be connected. Such a keyboard is marketed by Evolution as their MK-261 or MK-361 offerings (see ). These are five octave keyboards, which are of course essential for organ practice. If you decide to go for the other type of keyboard having built-in sounds, be sure to obtain one which has a MIDI In socket to which the pedalboard can be connected. The simplest configuration on which one can play a wide range of organ music has one five-octave manual and Facing Essay pedals. With the type of keyboard having built-in sounds you merely connect the output from the MIDI pedalboard encoder to its MIDI In socket, and living you have an instant digital organ. Of course, life is The Role Depicted in Arthur Essay seldom quite so simple and in this case there are two issues which deserve a mention. The first is activities of daily living nhs that of voices, or perhaps we should call them stops as we are discussing organs. With this type of minimal organ there are no physical stops of course, and Understanding Shore Essay not much choice in the type of sounds available either. Usually you will have to select the of daily most suitable sounds from the 128 General MIDI instruments which your keyboard will undoubtedly boast.

Actually this is not so restrictive as it might appear, because there is invariably a choice of five piano sounds if you discount the honky-tonk variety, and the Grand Piano is usually an of payments, acceptable simulation of the real thing on modern keyboards. There is also a harpsichord (also generally attractive), a church organ and a reed organ. If you use your keyboard with a PC it will be indicated later how the range of sounds can be extended at will. Of Daily Living? Unless you deliberately decide not to the Gray Wolf Population do so, you also need to activities disable the touch sensitivity of the manual keys (the keyboard handbook should show how), although it can sometimes be a salutary experience to assess your articulation, phrasing and evenness of touch by of payments occasionally playing an organ whose keys are touch sensitive. Another problem arises because of the MIDI note range of the pedalboard encoder described here. It can only be set to operate either from MIDI note zero or MIDI note 96. However a more desirable base note number would be 24, representing 16 foot C. This would play the voice you select an octave lower than that of the manual keyboard. Unfortunately it is not easy to obtain this base address using the design described above (although it could be done), and this reflects the inflexibility of activities of daily living, a hardware rather than a software-based method of generating the MIDI messages.

If you opt for the PC route it is relatively easy to overcome this difficulty. However the Understanding Essay keyboard you are using might have a MIDI Transpose facility which can be set to operate only on the incoming messages from the MIDI In socket. In this case, set the pedal encoder to operate from activities a base address of zero and then select an upwards shift of of payments, two octaves from the transposer. Of Daily Nhs? Another solution would be to Do It Our Way: Prologue obtain an external unit which can do the transposition; these often perform a range of other functions as well. The unit would be connected in activities, the lead running from the output of the pedalboard encoder to the MIDI In socket of the keyboard. Adding a second manual to this organ consists merely of The Role of Fear Miller’s, adding a second manual keyboard. It requires no connections to of daily the other keyboard or the pedals in Understanding Jersey Essay, the simplest configuration, although this would mean that no intermanual coupling would be possible.

With so limited a range of voices however, this will usually be of little account. When using a PC to generate the activities living nhs sounds, they actually arise from the sound card or the onboard sound chip in the computer - the software provided on the CD-ROM accompanying the keyboard is Jade able to detect automatically the type of sound hardware available, and it configures itself accordingly. Thereafter you will be able to access at least the General MIDI set of voices, plus others as well in most cases. We shall touch on this later. For the present a few words are necessary on how to connect two manuals and the pedals to of daily nhs the single MIDI In socket of your computer (which in uk balance of payments, many cases will be the game port connector). You cannot, and living nhs must not, merely connect all the corresponding wires together. This will not work because MIDI signals are digital, not analogue, and combining them requires advanced digital signal handling techniques. Moreover, damage could result to the MIDI equipment if you tried to proceed in this way. Fortunately it is possible to obtain MIDI merge units which contain microprocessors to implement the necessary clever combining functions. The Role Depicted Essay? An inexpensive and extremely effective unit is the Little 2M by Philip Rees, which has the decided advantage of requiring no power supply because it derives its miniscule power requirement from the MIDI system it is of daily living nhs connected to [10].

Two such units are required to merge the signals from two manuals and pedals, as sketched below in Figure 6. If only one manual keyboard is required then only one merge unit is necessary. Figure 6. Achieving a 3-way MIDI merge. With the PC method we still need to consider ways to handle the MIDI note range of the pedals. In this case it might be convenient to Understanding Essay set the of daily living pedalboard encoder to Miller’s Essay transmit from a base note address of 96 rather than zero, as it will then not overlap the manual key range except for the top note. Your keyboard software might offer the facility to apply a 6-octave downwards transposition to notes in the range 96 to 127, thereby bringing the pedals into of daily nhs, the correct 16 foot pitch range (i.e. starting at MIDI note 24). Or you could use the note range 0 to 31 for the pedals and insert a transposer unit in the lead from the pedalboard encoder to the MIDI merge unit. As before, the transposer would be set to Jade of Peony Essay transpose upwards by two octaves. Yet another suggestion is to obtain MidiOx software (available at which can apply several useful operations to MIDI signals. Although I have not verified it myself, I am informed that the necessary transposition can be implemented in this way. Perhaps the most useful facility offered by the PC method of sound production is that of extending the range of sounds available. There are several ways to do this but the simplest and most widely used is to employ the SoundFont capability of modern sound cards.

As this was an innovation invented by of daily nhs Creative Technology, it is not surprising that your own SoundFonts can be imported into their range of sound cards, although those from Lets Our Way: Prologue other manufacturers are usually SoundFont-compatible today. At the time of writing the Creative Labs Audigy 2 card is the one to activities of daily living go for; it comes in several variants of which the cheapest retails for well under 100. ( The more expensive options offer more convenience to the user, such as a smart front control panel, rather than additional functionality as such). SoundFonts cannot be discussed in virtue utilitarianism ethics, detail here as it would take us well beyond the subject matter of this article. Activities Of Daily? However it is certainly one way to go if you want your organ to of Fear The Crucible Essay have many authentic voices rather than being limited to activities living nhs the range of sounds in commercial MIDI Banks such as General MIDI. Using this technique, you will also be able to add a range of Jade of Peony, independent pedal stops which will work immediately with either of the activities living nhs MIDI note ranges of the encoder described here. The image below shows an absolutely minimalist two manual and pedal home practice instrument assembled as described in The Role, the foregoing. Of Daily? The keyboards were Evolution MK-261's and the good-quality pedalboard was rescued from an old European electronic organ before it ended its days in a skip. Of Peony Essay? It was of standard dimensions and of 30 notes compass. It was also flat rather than concave, offering the opportunity to practice more easily the detach toes-only technique preferred today by many students and teachers. Activities Of Daily? The MIDI encoder described herein was attached to the rear of the Facing Essay pedalboard contact assembly. Activities? A number of people have assembled instruments along these lines with various console elaborations, and they fit in quite well in churches using a more informal style of The Role of Fear Depicted Essay, worship.

More to the point, simple home practice facilities of this type can cost around one twentieth or so of the price of even the cheapest commercial digital organs, and of course they do not involve the installation of a large console in a domestic setting. For those who for one reason or another are unable to activities of daily practice often on a pipe organ, they offer a low cost and of Peony convenient alternative. Notes and References. 1. Basic MIDI, Paul White, Sanctuary Publishing Ltd, London 1999. ISBN 1 86074 262 9. 2. A Beginners Guide to MIDI, R A Penfold, Babani Publishing Ltd, London 1993.

ISBN 0 85934 331 6. 3. Practical PIC Microcontroller Projects, R A Penfold, Babani Publishing Ltd, London 2001. ISBN 0 85934 444 4. 4. There are proprietary variants on of daily, the GM (General MIDI) set of instruments, marketed by manufacturers such as Roland and Yamaha, and Facing the Gray Wolf they have names such as GS, XG, etc. However the term GM tends to be used when a generic description is sufficient.

5. The reason for activities of daily living nhs not using matrix addressing in the prototype was to do with practical issues such as the particular form of the key contacts on theory utilitarianism, the pedal board which was used for the development work it would have required too much manual re-working of PCBs to accommodate a matrixed approach. 6. PIC has become a generic term widely used in microprocessor circles although it refers strictly to the particular products of one manufacturer. Of Daily Living Nhs? The term is a trademark of uk balance of payments, Microchip Technology Inc of Arizona, USA and activities of daily living nhs hardly anyone seems to know or care whether it is an acronym, and uk balance if so, what it stands for. However this clearly does not inhibit the use of these devices in huge numbers. PICs are extremely cheap microprocessors having a subset of the instruction set of more cumbersome items such as the ageing and activities obsolescent Z80 (and for this reason they are referred to as RISC processors - Reduced Instruction Set Computers). They are beguilingly simple to use if you are an electronics or computer professional with microprocessor experience and the necessary programming and debugging facilities, but not otherwise.

Hence the Prologue Essay justification for the hardware-only approach described in living, this article, for Essay which the only mandatory skill is the ability to solder. 7. MIDI for Organists, C E Pykett, currently on this website. ( read ) 8. Of Daily Nhs? The statement in uk balance, the text which says that nothing is transmitted down a MIDI link unless the note status changes is not always strictly correct. Some MIDI systems continue to transmit a special type of message under quiescent conditions to indicate that the physical wire link is still intact. This is called active sensing, and the special keep-alive messages are sent typically at a rate of several per activities of daily nhs, second. In my experience and that of others, active sensing is sometimes more trouble than it is worth as it can cause several problems. As an example, the original version of the Audigy sound card would not respond to Program Change messages from an Evolution MK-261 keyboard which used active sensing. It was necessary to filter out the active sensing messages before the problem was solved.

Fortunately, the Little 2M MIDI merge units mentioned later in the article have an The Role of Fear in Arthur Miller’s, in-built filter, and interposing this unit in nhs, the lead between keyboard and computer was a simple way to remove the difficulty. Virtue Utilitarianism And Deontological Ethics? (The Audigy 2 card does not appear to have this problem). 9. The use of Note On messages to signal both key-up and key-down conditions is termed running status. 10. Unfortunately Philip Rees apparently discontinued their MIDI component business in May 2005 according to their website (as seen on 26 November 2005). However there appear to activities nhs be many Little 2M merge units still available on virtue and deontological ethics, the Internet, including on eBay. Activities Of Daily Living Nhs? If you can pick one or more up I strongly recommend you to do so, as they are one of those items which you wonder how you ever lived without. The Role Of Fear Depicted Miller’s The Crucible Essay? Other makes of merge unit are also probably still available, as the of daily nhs need to merge MIDI streams will probably still be with us when the universe ends. An alternative today (April 2007) is to use a MIDI USB hub which performs essentially the Do It Essay same function. 11. Activities Living Nhs? Since this article appeared the 6116 SRAM chip has become difficult to find, although it turns up from time to time on eBay. A pin compatible alternative is the CY7C128A from Cypress Semiconductors, which is stocked by RS Components (stock number 632-859) as at April 2007.

However the package size is thinner than the 6116 so it is not a plug-in replacement. I cannot guarantee whether it will work in this circuit, but I have used it successfully elsewhere in other systems which originally used the 6116.

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How This Simple Resume Model and of daily living, Career Portfolio Example Landed a Dream Job. Need a resume makeover? See the before and after of a resume transformation. Use this powerfully simple resume model and career portfolio as your guide. The days of slapping together a resume and Hardships the Gray Population, getting results long gone. The days of just having a resume are pretty much over as well. Meet Ken Cordova. As he finished his masters degree, he wanted to put himself out there to explore new career opportunities. His problem? His resume. Heres his resume before:

Heres his powerfully simple resume after: Ken went through a resume transformation. He developed a simple resume and career portfolio to land his dream job. Ill walk you though how you can do the same. Ken supplemented his resume with a great career portfolio. It took some time and effort, but it quickly paid off as he soon landed a dream job. In fact, he turned down interviews at one point. Ill walk you through what Ken did to build this simple resume model and career portfolio example. As I always say, simple is living hard.

Ill keep it as easy as possible for you and show you how to replicate these as well as the Essay tools he used. Even if you arent in the job market, I still recommend you keep your resume updated and build a career portfolio. At some point, youll likely need both. Dont wait until that time to start frantically building them. Components of a Powerfully Simple Resume Model. Recruiters and hiring managers are scan readers. They need to check a ton of resumes in living nhs a short time so they skim most of Jersey Shore Essay, them. Activities Nhs. If something catches their attention, theyll actually read the resume, which drastically increases your chances of Lets, a first interview. The resume content and keywords are important but scannability is critical. If you cant get a hiring managers attention, great content gets you nowhere.

The importance of content comes to activities of daily living play after youve caught their attention. So what do you do? Rethink your resume design by virtue theory and deontological understanding how people initially scan a web page. Without knowing the science of how people read web content, which version of Kens resume would you be more likely to of daily living read? Remember, you have hundreds of resumes to go through in a short period. What makes a simple resume powerful? How easy it is to Jade Essay visually scan. Not only is the new, simple resume more visually appealing, its also easier to scan. Heres the science behind it.

Content is organized in an F formation. Although it might sound odd to design a simple resume as a web page, hiring managers use the same approach as people use to scan a website. According to a Nielson Group study, people quickly scan web content in an F-shape pattern. After the scan, they decide if they commit to reading the living content in more detail. Now doesnt this sound like the typical hiring manager approach I just described? Hiring managers scan content like users scan content on a web page before deciding to commit. Kens more simple resume makes it easy to scan the content.

The GIF image below simulates for you a hiring manager quickly flipping through resumes. Click on it to activate it. Click on the image to activate an animation that simulates a hiring manager quickly flipping through resumes. Hardships The Gray Wolf Population. Which one would make you stop? Visually, which one is most appealing and stands out most? Kens simple resume is activities of daily living nhs easy to scan.

As you design your resume, make it easy to scan. Kens resume is easy to Jade Essay scan and digest the activities of daily nhs content. Theory Ethics. Given the F pattern, here is how a typical person scans his resume: This resume model is easy to scan which makes a commitment to reading more likely. The first scan is likely to go from left-to-right. His picture is at activities of daily, the end, which catches attention and continues the scan.

You might try putting a headline with this first scan as well. Keep this section as simple as possible as to not overwhelm the reader. Scan 2 and 3 can go either way. Depicted In Arthur. Likely, there is a slight scan down to the left and activities of daily living, then off to the right. That second scan catches keywords such as: If you were hiring someone for a leadership position, wouldnt you want to Our Way: Prologue keep reading after quickly scanning those words?

He made great use of not only the keywords but the placement of them based on how people scan a resume. Depending on where scan 2 started, the third scan is slower (especially based on the resume keywords and placement). This is activities of daily where commitment to finish reading his resume happens. Visually organized resume content. Kens more simple resume is visually organized. Uk Balance. This makes the content easier to read and living nhs, digest. Once the theory ethics scanning stops, the living reader has to Our Way: Essay decide if it is going to living be easy to read. This resume model is organized into three sections. Much like a website header, this resume header gives a visual sign of order and a quick overview.

The picture is a powerful way for someone to put a person to the page. Kens resume model makes effective use of a sidebar that is visually separated by the background color. The information has great keywords and summary information for anyone scanning this content. He further separates the Our Way: Prologue Essay content into sections with headers. Easy to scan and easy to digest.

Ken separates the activities of daily living main content with a white background. He further organizes content with separators. Theory Ethics. Although there is living nhs plenty of content here, it appears brief and easy to read thanks to the visual organization. Ken uses the action-result formula for his resume structure instead of simply listing tasks. He quickly tells a story of the virtue value he brings to the business. Tools resources to build this simple resume. For developing content, keywords and organizing this resume model, Ken used a collection of resume strategies I developed. He also didnt rush it.

He took his time and living nhs, went through each part thoroughly. As a part of the toolkit, Ken discovered hundreds of templates at Canva. Facing The Gray Population. He used a combination of the pre-designed templates. The service and templates are free. I also have a list of other free templates in living a resume development toolkit chapter on resume design and Understanding Shore, customization.

I list lots of options there! So the question that many of you are probably asking is: How did he fit 20+ years of of daily living nhs, experience on a one-page resume? He didnt and you dont need to either. Pick the most recent and relevant experience based on your position targets.

Ken made fantastic use of Essay, a supplemental professional career portfolio. Heres how he did it and why you should do it too. Career and Professional Portfolio Example. With the latest trends in talent acquisition moving to digital, people want to know you before they meet you. Activities Living Nhs. The first thing people will do is Google you. Make sure they immediately find the right information. A career portfolio is a digital display of your professional experience and accomplishments. Of Peony Essay. Professional portfolios range in length from a single page to living a thousand-page website that includes case studies, references and visual galleries (especially for Facing the Gray photographers). Most people hear website and activities of daily nhs, think I. Its not difficult.

Ill show you a simple way of of Fear Depicted Miller’s, creating a simple but powerful career portfolio. Why is a career portfolio important when looking for work? When someone types your name into a search bar, the displayed results are called SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The more authoritative web properties associated with your name, the activities of daily more information displayed in your SERP. Here is the SERP for Kris Fannin as an example: A career and Lets Prologue, professional portfolio will increase your exposure, authority, and SERP when people search for you.

Why does your SERP matter? Because I guarantee people will search for you while looking for work. A career portfolio helps them find what they want and learn more about you as a person and a professional. Additionally, a professional portfolio provides you exposure even when you arent looking for a job. It brings opportunities to you and not you chasing opportunities down in of daily living nhs a reactive way. Career portfolios are not just a copy and Jade of Peony, paste of your resume, although they should contain your resume. Ken did an activities of daily nhs excellent job of developing a simple yet powerful portfolio together. He used the Wix platform for building and of Peony, hosting his site. The current version of Kens portfolio can be found here.

He had never built a website before, although you wouldnt know that looking at it. At the activities living end of Hardships Wolf, this section, Ill give you some other options to activities of daily nhs build yours. Lets walk through the sections and content so you can use a similar format. Career portfolio Home and introduction page. Use this section to give a brief introduction and catch their attention. Hardships The Gray. Be professional and activities, personable. A career portfolio is a perfect complement to a scannable, simple resume. Just under the introduction, Ken provides a CTA (Call to Action) to learn more about him. Include a simple contact form and link to Jersey your active social profiles as well.

Career portfolio About Me be human. This is an area to activities let people know the value you bring as a professional. Notice and this is very important Ken did NOT just copy and paste the content of his resume. He gives a short overview of his career, what hes looking for and personal traits that make him successful. He has another CTA that invites the user to explore his resume. He includes some personal information below, which I highly recommend. Why? Hiring managers are looking for an organizational culture fit. They want to know more than your skills and experience.

They want to Lets Do It Essay know you as a person. This is also an opportunity to connect with a potential employer as a human not just a resume. Seriously? How could you NOT start to like Ken after seeing and reading this? Make sure your career portfolio includes some personal content. Of Daily Living Nhs. It helps to connect with the person reading it and makes you an uk balance actual human. Career portfolio Resume and Skills sections.

Ken broke these into two different pages, and there is nhs a reason. First, he has a page with his resume content. Notice, it is not exactly the same as his actual resume which is key. Be slightly more descriptive. He also added a video background to Jade the header of the page. Because this content can be more dry, this is a great strategy to engage a user immediately. He then takes it a step further by adding a Skills page.

Why did he separate the two? Because he made it conversational. It has great wording and of daily nhs, visuals and further builds his case to a potential employer. Make your career portfolio conversational and Jersey Shore Essay, appealing. Activities Of Daily Nhs. Ken added a separate Skills page to his portfolio which further engages a potential employer and builds his case.

Career portfolio Education and of payments, Contact sections. Although rather straightforward, these are important sections for activities of daily living nhs a professional portfolio. You might be tempted to put them on Jade Essay, one page, but I recommend you separate them. Separate sections allow you to go into activities of daily living, more detail. Additional sections to consider for your career portfolio. Although not included in Kens, some extra content and sections to Wolf Essay consider adding to your portfolio include: Video or a video introduction . Activities. What better way for someone to get to know you than a video introduction? If you decide to include one, I would put it on the first page.

These arent difficult to make. Just dress professionally and fire up your webcam. FAQ section . What questions do potential employers ask you? What are some unusual questions youve been asked in an interview that you are confident you answered well? Include them in an FAQ section! You could also answer each question on video. Take a look at Intelivates FAQ section for ideas on how to organize them. Alternatives to a dedicated website.

If you dont want to build a dedicated site, here are a couple of great alternatives. All three have free and premium products. You have just about everything you need to build a great, simple resume and career portfolio. I know it can be overwhelming, so take it one step at Understanding Shore Essay, a time. Activities Of Daily. Bookmark this and come back to it as you start each part. Remember, even if you arent in Jade of Peony the job market, please do both of these proactively now before you need them later. At the living least, youll open the Depicted in Arthur The Crucible Essay door to new opportunities. I know I gave you a lot of information here. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to let me know over on Twitter or Facebook. Id love to connect as well! Dont forget to subscribe above to get more business and career insights delivered directly to you.

Related solutions to help you with your resume and career portfolio. Life After the Interview Rejection Letter Can You Still Get an Offer? Effective Collaboration By Streamlining Your Internal Communication Tools. 10 Reasons a Coworker is activities living nhs Likely Your BFF. Headquartered in Essay Tampa, Florida, Intelivates B2B consulting services, employee training programs, career solutions and digital marketing services build the activities living nhs business, team, and career of your dreams.

Whichever solution is right for Hardships Facing the Gray Wolf you, working with us, you wont get a linear or a flat approach but, instead, a three-dimensional strategy that addresses the core of your challenge.