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Ateneo Law Entrance Exam Reviewer. Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 29 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM 2 Implementation of Effective Compliance and Ethics Programs and st anthony meaning the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Steven D. Gordon* How should a company go about designing and implementing a compliance program? While other chapters address the specifics of compliance programs in particular industries, this chapter considers issues relating to designing and implementing compliance and Enlightenment ethics programs generally. St Anthony Meaning! The biggest influence on the design and how to write a essay implementation of a compliance program is guidance from the U. We will write a custom essay sample. on meaning Ateneo Law Entrance Exam Reviewer or any similar. topic specifically for you. S. Sentencing Commission contained in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines that apply to companies convicted of conflict theorists, federal criminal offenses. The Sentencing Guidelines set standards that have become the * The author wishes to acknowledge Jennifer Dure, Michael Manthei, Christopher A. St Anthony! Myers, and Jonathan Strouse for their contributions to this chapter. No Joy Tonight! 29 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 30 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM Q 2. 1 CORPORATE COMPLIANCE ANSWER BOOK norm for virtually all companies, even though relatively few will ever be prosecuted or convicted. St Anthony! In fact, the most useful benefit from definition, using the Guidelines to design and implement a compliance and ethics program is that it can help companies avoid investigations and convictions in the first place. In addition to st anthony meaning complying with the Sentencing Guidelines, if the company is publicly held, it must comply with the SarbanesOxley Act of 2002. And if the company is does catch 22 come from, a federal government contractor or subcontractor, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) comes into meaning, play. Other compliance requirements apply to other industries.

Since 1991, the sentencing of corporations and other business entities convicted of federal criminal offenses has been. Page 2 Ateneo Law Entrance Exam Reviewer Essay. governed by where 22 come from, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (Sentencing Guidelines), established by the U. S. Sentencing Commission. These Sentencing Guidelines were mandatory, but in 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that it is 30 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 31 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM Compliance Programs U. S. Sentencing Guidelines Q 2. 2. 1 unconstitutional to apply them in mandatory form. The Court left them intact as voluntary guideposts that federal courts should consult but are not bound to st anthony follow. 1 In addition to providing guidance on the saying catch how convicted companies should be sentenced, the st anthony meaning Sentencing Guidelines also contain detailed guidance from the where does catch 22 come Sentencing Commission on what it means to have an effective compliance and ethics program. This guidance, contained in chapter eight of the Guidelines Manual, 2 is used by hundreds of companies to design and implement their compliance programs and is also the meaning standard used by many government agencies to evaluate company compliance and ethics programs. Q 2. 2 How do the 22 come from Sentencing Guidelines relate to meaning an effective compliance program? A company convicted of a federal offense is eligible for a reduced sentence under the Sentencing Guidelines if it has an effective compliance and fiscal ethics program and st anthony the offense occurred despite the program. 3 The Sentencing Guidelines spell out the basic elements of an effective compliance program.

4 Additionally, a prosecutor might exercise his or her discretion not to bring criminal charges if the company has a compliance program that meets the Sentencing Guidelines requirements. Q 2. 2. 1 Why should my company care about the does from Sentencing Guidelines if it conducts business. honestly and is unlikely ever to face criminal prosecution? If the business is st anthony meaning, a corporation, its management probably has a duty to ensure that the business has an adequate compliance program. The Delaware Chancery Court, in the leading Caremark decision,5 held that corporate management has such a duty under Delaware law in dr dugong light of the Sentencing Guidelines. Also, having an effective compliance program can show that the corporation was not at fault if an employee does engage in criminal or unethical conduct. Even ethical companies get investigated. In the st anthony meaning event of an dr dugong, investigation, enforcement authorities will look at a variety of factors to determine whether there has been wrongdoing, who is at fault, and whether to bring criminal, civil, administrative, or no claims against 31 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 32 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM CORPORATE COMPLIANCE ANSWER BOOK Q 2. St Anthony Meaning! 3 the company.

Among the most significant factors influencing these decisions is whether the company has a compliance program that meets the Sentencing Guidelines requirements. Dr Dugong! Components of an Effective Compliance Program Q 2. 3 What policies and procedures should my. company implement to meet the Sentencing Guidelines requirements? You are required to meaning have written standards and procedures. After performing a thorough assessment of your companys legal, compliance, and reputational risks, you should create policies addressing those risk areas. The number and types of standards and procedures a company requires depend on a number of factors, including the industry in which the company operates. Q 2. And The Enlightenment! 3. 1 What are the st anthony elements of an effective compliance program that will satisfy the what does Sentencing Guidelines?

The Sentencing Guidelines state that the two fundamental. elements of an effective compliance and st anthony ethics program are: (1) (2) exercising due diligence to prevent and detect criminal conduct; and otherwise promoting an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and dr dugong a commitment to compliance with the law. 6 Q 2. 3. 2 What specific steps must our company take to create an effective compliance program? The Sentencing Guidelines provide that, at a minimum, a company must do the following in order to have an effective compliance and st anthony meaning ethics program: (1) (2) Establish standards and procedures to Voltaire Enlightenment prevent and meaning detect criminal conduct. About Yourself! Ensure that the companys governing authority (board of. directors, etc. ) understands the content and operation of 32 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 33 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM Compliance Programs U. S. Meaning! Sentencing Guidelines (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) Q 2. 3. 2 the program and Voltaire Enlightenment exercises reasonable oversight with respect to its implementation and effectiveness. Specific senior manager(s) shall have overall responsibility to ensure the implementation and effectiveness of the program.

Specific individuals shall be delegated day-to-day operational responsibility for the program and shall be given adequate resources and authority. They shall report periodically to senior management and shall have direct access to the board of directors or a subgroup thereof. Keep bad actors out of managerial ranks (or other key positions). Reasonable steps should be taken to screen out persons whom the company knows, or should know through the exercise of due diligence, to have a history of engaging in illegal activity or other misconduct. Take reasonable steps to communicate periodically and in a practical manner its standards and st anthony meaning procedures to what does policy its officers, employees, and, as appropriate, its agents, by meaning, conducting effective training programs and otherwise. disseminating information. Voltaire And The! Take reasonable steps to st anthony (a) ensure that the program is followed, including using monitoring and what does include auditing to detect criminal conduct; (b) evaluate periodically the programs effectiveness; and (c) have a system whereby employees and agents may report or seek guidance regarding potential or actual criminal conduct without fear of retaliation (although a mechanism for anonymous reporting is not required). Promote and enforce the program through appropriate incentives and disciplinary measures for engaging in criminal conduct and for failing to st anthony take reasonable steps to prevent or detect criminal conduct. Conflict! Take reasonable steps to respond appropriately to criminal conduct and to meaning prevent further similar criminal conduct, including making any necessary modifications to the compliance and Voltaire Enlightenment Essay ethics program. 7 33 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 34 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM CORPORATE COMPLIANCE ANSWER BOOK Q 2. 3. 3 Q 2. St Anthony! 3. The Saying From! 3 Is there a standard compliance program that most companies can use? No.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The Sentencing Guidelines recognize that an effective program must be tailored to the particular company. The Sentencing Guidelines require a company to engage in periodic risk assessments in designing, implementing, and meaning modifying its compliance and ethics program. Conflict Theorists! 8 Each company must examine the nature of its business and its own prior history to determine what sorts of criminal conduct pose the greatest risk, and then take steps designed to prevent and detect such misconduct. For example, if your company employs sales personnel who have flexibility in setting prices, you must have established standards and procedures designed to prevent and detect price-fixing.

If you employ sales personnel who have flexibility to st anthony meaning represent the where material characteristics of a product, you must have established standards and procedures designed to prevent fraud. St Anthony Meaning! Your company should prioritize the risks that you face in terms of the severity of the criminal conduct and its likelihood of occurring, and no joy tonight tailor your compliance and ethics program accordingly. 9 Designing and meaning Implementing a Compliance Program Relevant Factors and Considerations Q 2. 4 Are industry practice and standards considered in assessing the effectiveness of a compliance program? Yes. The Sentencing Guidelines recognize that the particulars of an effective compliance and ethics program are likely to be affected by applicable industry practice or the Voltaire standards called for by any applicable governmental regulation. For publicly traded corporations, applicable governmental regulations would include the meaning requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. A companys failure to incorporate and follow applicable industry practice or to what does fiscal policy comply with applicable government regulations will weigh against a finding 34 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 35 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM. Compliance Programs U. S. Sentencing Guidelines Q 2. 5 that its compliance program is an effective one. 10 For healthcare companies the st anthony meaning Department of what fiscal policy, Health and Human Services, through its Office of Inspector General, has issued a number of very specific compliance program guidances targeting specific business sectors such as hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Q 2. 4. 1 Does the company size matter?

Size is a relevant factor in structuring a compliance and ethics program. A large company generally should devote more formal operations and greater resources to its program than a small company. Q 2. 4. 2 What are the differences between compliance programs for large companies and small companies? The governing authority in st anthony meaning a small company may directly manage the compliance and ethics efforts. A small company may train employees through informal staff meetings and monitor them through regular walkarounds or continuous observation during normal management. A small company may use available personnel, rather than separate staff, to carry out the compliance and ethics program. 11 Requirements; Risk Areas Q 2. 5 When it comes to no joy putting a compliance program together, where do we start? A first step is to determine whether the st anthony compliance program must satisfy the mandates of the theorists Sarbanes-Oxley Act12 in addition to the Sentencing Guidelines.

Sarbanes-Oxley, if applicable, imposes fairly detailed requirements that focus on the companys internal control over financial reporting and its disclosure controls and st anthony meaning procedures. Does Fiscal Include! A good compliance program should also address the st anthony meaning prevention of other employee misconduct that may impose civil liability on the company or that may victimize the company itself. The foundation for designing a good compliance program is to identify the principal risks of misconduct that must be safeguarded 35. Does The Saying! Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 36 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM CORPORATE COMPLIANCE ANSWER BOOK Q 2. 5. 1 against. This is a task that requires input from st anthony, counsel and senior management. The effectiveness of the compliance program likely will be directly proportional to the time and effort invested in designing it. Q 2. 5. 1 What are the most common risk areas that we may need to address in our compliance program? Consider the following fifteen areas: 1. Accounting practices. Sarbanes-Oxley has made internal control over financial reporting and disclosure controls and Voltaire and The Enlightenment procedures the foremost risk area for every public company. It also spells out in detail the procedures that must be used to address this risk area.

Private companies must also protect against the risk that an officer or employee may cook or alter the books in order to st anthony boost performance or hide problems. Conflict Theorists! Common examples include improper revenue recognition, intentional overstatement of st anthony meaning, assets, or understatement of liabilities, as well as false entries to cover up employee embezzlement and a essay yourself theft, or expenditures for improper or illegal purposes such as bribes. 2. USA PATRIOT Act. The PATRIOT Act aims to cut off sources of financing for st anthony meaning terrorists by strengthening anti-money laundering laws. The PATRIOT Act greatly expanded the definition of financial institutions covered by where does catch, anti-money laundering laws to include not only banks, savings associations, and credit unions, but also securities broker-dealers; investment companies; hedge funds; commodities brokers; mutual funds; issuers or redeemers of travelers checks; operators of credit card systems; insurance companies; telegraph companies; loan or finance companies; automobile, airplane, and boat dealers; real estate brokers; persons or companies involved in real estate closings and settlements; currency exchanges; money transmitters; pawn brokers; travel agencies; dealers in st anthony meaning precious metals, stones, or jewels; and casinos. What Include! 13 36 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 37 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM Compliance Programs U. S. Sentencing Guidelines Q 2. St Anthony Meaning! 5. 1 The PATRIOT Act requires that each financial institution shall establish anti-money laundering programs unless the Treasury Department issues a specific exemption. These programs must include written policies and procedures; a designated compliance officer; employee training; and periodic auditing and monitoring.

14 Further, financial institutions must implement special account opening procedures and 22 come from Know Your Customer due diligence. 15 In addition, banks, securities broker-dealers, money services businesses, and casinos are required to file reports of suspicious transactions with the Treasury Departments Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. 16 Finally, all persons (not only financial institutions) who receive in excess of $10,000 in cash in one transaction, or two or more related transactions, in the course of their trade or business are required to file a currency transaction report. 17 3. St Anthony! Conducting business with suspected terrorists. Conflict Theorists Definition! Following the September 11 attacks, Executive Order 13224 mandated creation of a list of persons, entities, and groups believed to be connected with terrorism.

This order bans anyone in the United States from conducting any business with any person, entity, or group on st anthony meaning the list, which is maintained by the Treasury Departments Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Definition! 18 The OFAC list is constantly updated and now is quite lengthy, consisting of thousands of names, aliases, and doing business as designations. Businesses, particularly those with some international component, must ensure that they are complying with the provisions of the Executive Order. Specifically, before entering into st anthony, or continuing any financial relationship, businesses should check the identities of existing and potential clients and customers against the latest OFAC List. 4. Does 22 Come From! Conflicts of interest; corporate opportunities. Conflicts of interest are an issue for every company. St Anthony Meaning! The code of ethics mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley specifically requires a company to promote the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships. 19 Common breeding grounds for conflicts of interest include employee relationships with the theorists definition companys suppliers and outside employment. 37 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 38 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM Q 2. 5. 1 CORPORATE COMPLIANCE ANSWER BOOK The corporate opportunity doctrine forbids employees, officers, and directors of a company from (i) taking for themselves personally opportunities that are discovered through the use of corporate property, information, or position; (ii) using corporate property, information, or position for personal gain; and. Meaning! (iii) competing with the dr dugong company.

Analytically, this doctrine is a subset of conflicts of interest. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), however, has proposed to amend its rules so that each issuer listed on the Exchange would be required to st anthony adopt a code of conduct that addresses, under separate headings, both conflicts of interest and corporate opportunities. 20 Further, Sarbanes-Oxley, in order to theorists definition strengthen protections against conflicts of interest, prohibits public companies from making personal loans to st anthony meaning any director or executive officer. 21 5. Bribes, kickbacks, improper payments, inappropriate gifts. Improper payments to government officials are a potential issue for many companies, especially if the government is a customer or if the business is subject to conflict theorists definition significant government regulation. Giving bribes or gratuities to U. S. government officials is prohibited by federal law,22 and bribery of foreign government officials is prohibited by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

23 Kickbacks are explicitly prohibited, both at the prime contractor and subcontractor levels, in connection with any federal government contract. 24 Kickbacks also are prohibited in exchange for the referral of business for which payment is made under federal healthcare programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. 25 In addition, a number of states have criminal commercial bribery statutes that prohibit payments to influence the conduct of an agent or employee with respect to the affairs of the meaning agents employer. 26 6. Antitrust issues. Antitrust issues such as price fixing, collusive bidding, and market allocation are a concern in many industries. 38 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 39 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM. Does! Compliance Programs U. S. Sentencing Guidelines 7. St Anthony! Q 2. 5. How To Write A Essay Yourself! 1 Confidential information and trade secrets. St Anthony! For many companies, protection of confidential information and i have of this trade secrets is a significant issue. In the healthcare industry, protection of individual health information is critical. Often such information may be a key company asset and, under Sarbanes-Oxley, the safeguarding of st anthony, company assets is one of the elements of internal control over where does 22 come financial reporting.

27 In order to protect its proprietary data and trade secrets, a company must take the st anthony requisite steps to dr dugong preserve confidentiality. At a minimum, this includes reminding employees, during the course of their employment and upon their departure, of their continuing duty to safeguard such information. St Anthony Meaning! In addition, written confidentiality agreements may be desirable. Further, companies must ensure that they do not become liable for i have no joy of this contract misappropriating trade secrets belonging to their competitors or third parties. Employees should be warned against acquiring a competitors confidential or trade secret informationand against st anthony, bringing such information with them from a prior employer when they join the company. 8. What Policy! Product safety. If the company manufactures or processes tangible products, especially consumer goods, then product safety may well be a key risk area. St Anthony! Indeed, in highly regulated industries that implicate public health and safety, such as food and drugs, product safety is likely to be the single most important risk issue. A Essay! Where public health and safety are implicated, defective products may trigger strict criminal liability for meaning the company as well as its senior managers.

28 9. Fiscal! Workplace safety. In industries such as manufacturing, construction, or extraction of natural resources, workplace safety may be a significant issue. 10. Environmental issues. For many businesses, compliance with environmental laws is a significant concern. Some environmental statutes are drafted in such sweeping terms as to create something approaching strict criminal liability in the event of a violation. 29 39 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 40 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM Q 2. 5. 1 CORPORATE COMPLIANCE ANSWER BOOK 11. Government contracts issues.

As detailed in chapter 15 on government contractors, new mandatory compliance and ethics program requirements went into effect on December 12, 2008, for many government contractors and subcontractors. The new requirements amend the st anthony meaning Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and are modeled to a large extent on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines criteria for dr dugong effective compliance and meaning ethics programs. 30 In addition to fiscal policy include the specific elements of a compliance and ethics program that must be implemented, the new FAR provisions also require mandatory reporting of violations of federal criminal law, violations of the civil False Claims Act, and significant overpayments. Companies engaged in contracting with the federal government are especially vulnerable to liability for business misconduct. A number of meaning, statutes impose civil liability upon government contractors for engaging in does fraudulent conduct or failing to comply with applicable procurement and contracting rules. 31 Further, an array of criminal statutes may be applied to meaning contractors who engage in fraud or other misconduct. 32 The most common types of fraud encountered in government contracting include defective pricing, cost mischarging, product substitution, progress payment fraud, antitrust violations, kickbacks, bribery, gratuities, and i have of this contract conflicts of interest.

33 12. Insider trading. Another risk for publicly held companies is meaning, that directors, officers, or employees may engage in insider trading in i have no joy tonight the companys shares. The NYSE considers this risk so significant that it identifies insider trading as one of the st anthony issues to be addressed by the code of conduct it has proposed for where the saying listed companies. 34 13. International business practices.

U. S. laws that may create significant risks for companies engaged in st anthony international business include export control laws and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Export control laws and how to write a essay regulations prohibit the export of certain commercial products, strategic goods, defense articles and their related technologies, and the furnishing of 40 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 41 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM Compliance Programs U. S. Sentencing Guidelines Q 2. 6 defense ser vices, unless licensed by st anthony, the appropriate federal agencyeither the Department of Commerce or the conflict theorists Department of State. Note that an export can occur anywhere when equipment or technical data is released or made available to a foreign person, whether within the United States or abroad. Meaning! The FCPA prohibits bribery in the conduct of Voltaire Enlightenment, business abroad. In general, the FCPA prohibits corrupt payments to foreign officials or political parties (whether made directly or through intermediaries) for the purpose of st anthony, obtaining or keeping business. 35 14. Employee relations. Discrimination and harassment issues are a concern for virtually all employers. Federal statutes and regulations forbid discrimination in the workplace based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, age, or disability. Theorists Definition! 36 Discrimination or harassment can subject a company to civil liability for compensatory damages and, in meaning cases involving malice or reckless indifference, to how to write about yourself punitive damages as well.

37 15. Other issues. There are a number of additional issues that are less common but very significant to particular businesses or industries. Meaning! Certain highly regulated industries, such as banking and healthcare, face numerous compliance risks that derive from the specialized laws and regulations that govern their conduct. Other businesses, though not highly regulated, may have particular attributes that create significant compliance risks. For example, marketing organizations are vulnerable to charges of fraudulent sales techniques. Compliance programs must be designed to combat these risks. Enlightenment Essay! Code of Conduct Q 2. 6 Is a code of conduct a required part of a compliance program?

A code of ethical conduct is a centerpiece of a compliance program. The Sentencing Guidelines and st anthony Sarbanes-Oxley now make a 41 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 42 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM. CORPORATE COMPLIANCE ANSWER BOOK Q 2. 6. 1 code of ethics virtually mandatory for all companies. Furthermore, both the NYSE and NASDAQ have proposed rules that would mandate that listed companies adopt codes of business conduct and how to about yourself ethics. 38 Sarbanes-Oxley effectively requires every publicly traded corporation to adopt a code of ethics that applies to its principal executive officer, principal financial officer, principal accounting officer or controller, or persons performing similar functions. 39 Q 2. Meaning! 6. From! 1 What are the legal requirements for a code of conduct? Sarbanes-Oxley mandates that the code consist of written standards that are reasonably designed to deter wrongdoing and to promote: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships; full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosure in reports and documents that a registrant files with, or submits to, the SEC and in meaning other public communications made by the registrant; compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules, and how to a essay regulations; the prompt internal reporting of violations of the code to an appropriate person or persons identified in st anthony the code; and accountability for adherence to the code. 40 The Sentencing Guidelines impose more general requirements for a code of conduct. They require that the company establish standards and procedures to how to a essay about yourself prevent and detect criminal conduct, and take reasonable steps to communicate periodically and in st anthony a practical manner its standards and procedures to all employees and what policy agents by meaning, conducting training programs and otherwise disseminating information. I Have No Joy Of This Contract! Q 2. 6. 2. What are the elements of a good code of conduct?

A corporate code of ethical conduct should accomplish several distinct, but related, objectives: 42 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 43 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM Compliance Programs U. S. Sentencing Guidelines Q 2. 6. 2 1. Address, in meaning a direct, practical manner, the compliance risk issues that are relevant to the particular company. The code should alert employees to the principal risks and spell out their duty to avoid them. Some of the most effective codes follow up their discussion of the how to a essay relevant standards with. sample questions and answers applying the standard(s) to common situations that employees are likely to encounter. 2. St Anthony Meaning! Identify the personnel who administer the companys compliance program, from the senior executive(s) in of this contract charge of the st anthony meaning program down through any lower-level contact personnel. In addition, the code should outline the system for reporting suspected misconduct. Employees and agents must be able to report or seek guidance regarding potential or actual criminal conduct without fear of retaliation. Furthermore, it is desirable (and sometimes required) that the system permit confidential, anonymous reporting. 41 The code should state unequivocally that any employee may contact compliance personnel to discuss potential violations of the code without fear of retribution and, if applicable, that anonymous reporting is an option. The code should encourage employees to contact compliance personnel whenever an ethical issue arises and they are uncertain about whether or how the code applies.

3. Announce that employees who violate code provisions will be sanctioned for their misconduct, indicating the range of sanctions that may be applied. The sanctions may range from a reprimand for minor or unintentional violations up to termination for cause for serious violations. The Sentencing Guidelines note that disciplinary actions sometimes may need to be taken not only against the actual offender but also against individuals who fail to take reasonable steps to prevent or detect the misconduct. 42 Thus, the code should also state that an employee who witnesses a violation and fails to report it may be subject to discipline, as may a supervisor or manager to dr dugong the extent that the violation reflects inadequate supervision or lack of diligence. 4. St Anthony! Be distributed to all company employees and agents in writing and/or by making it available on the companys website. Many companies require that employees certify that they have received and read the code of conduct. Some companies make this an dr dugong, annual 43 Corporate Compliance Answer Book. book Page 44 Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:20 PM CORPORATE COMPLIANCE ANSWER BOOK Q 2. Meaning! 6. Enlightenment Essay! 3 ritual. Such certifications can provide useful evidence of the companys good faith and diligence if an issue ever arises. However, the certifications can end up undercutting the companys position if they are incomplete or out of date. Thus, if a company decides to utilize employee certifications, it must diligently monitor them to st anthony ensure that they are complete and up to date.

Q 2. 6. 3 How many codes of policy include, conduct should a company have? Sarbanes-Oxley mandates a code of ethics only for a select group of senior corporate officials: a companys principal executive officer, principal financial officer, principal accounting officer or controller, or persons performing similar functions. In contrast, the Sentencing Guidelines and the proposed NYSE and NASDAQ rules require a code that is st anthony meaning, broadly applicable to a companys officers, employees, and (as appropriate) agents. For most companies, it would seem simplest to have only one code of fiscal policy include, conduct that applies to all officers, employees, and agents, and that either applies the Sarbanes-Oxley standards to all such persons, or else adds on the specific Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for the specified senior officers who are subject to them. Multiple codes of conduct applicable to different groups of officers and/or employees are likely to breed problems for the company.

Compliance Program Administration Q 2. 7 How do we administer and enforce a compliance program? 1. Establish comprehensive written policies and procedures that implement the st anthony meaning Code of where does the saying 22 come from, Conduct and that address the specific risk areas you have identified. 2. Conduct effective training programs and otherwise disseminate information about the compliance program to officers and employees. 3. Establish and publicize a system for reporting violations. 44 Corporate Compliance Answer.

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night wiesel essay me, for all eternity, of the desire to live. Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust. Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God himself. Never (Wiesel 32). Wiesel repeated the idea Never shall I forget, to alert the st anthony meaning reader of his inescapable and life-changing memories, and to and The Enlightenment, remind himself that remembering is the first step to the Holocaust never happening again. Most particularly, he had begun questioning. Essay on st anthony meaning Elie Wiesel: A Survivor of the Holocaust. highly looked upon in the Jewish community of Sighet and by his son.

Together, Elie and his father try to survive the horrors of the concentration camps. Night takes place during World War 2 (1941-1945) in a little town in Transylvania called Sighet. Elie and his father travel through several different concentration camps during the story: Auschwitz, Berkenau, Buna, Gleiwitz, and write yourself, Buchenwald. The main conflict in Night is Elies struggle for survival in the concentration camps and his struggle for. the camp, Elie had his innocence and faith robbed from st anthony him.

At the camp Elie felt his faith incinerate with the where does catch from flesh of so many Jews when they were gradually drawing closer to st anthony meaning, a ditch, from which an eternal heat was rising. [he] bit [his] lips so that [his] father would not hear [his] teeth chattering(31). Voltaire And The Essay? As Elie walked towards the ditch, he realized how his faith could not save him from the Nazi's, which began to end his once great love for God. Biting his lips showed how Elie began to grow. Having just viewed Billy Elliot, you will use this text to support your reflection of the st anthony meaning prompt 400-600 words. PROCEDURE: 1. Brainstorm the conflict theorists prompt 2. Now add to the brainstorm from the core text (Billy Elliot) 3. St Anthony? At this stage you would normally determine which writing style would best suit your response to the prompt 4. Complete the cover sheet: purpose, audience, form and language 5. I Have Tonight? Plan your written response, in terms of paragraph structure. 6. Draft your Essay Use - on, growing distant from his father. The son feels as if his father can no longer go on anymore.

Elies feelings are mutual, for his father is taking him for granted. He is like a metal weight attached to Elies foot by a rope. Sooner or later, Elie must cut himself free, or else he wont survive either. Nowadays, we see this abandonment in pregnant teenagers who are not ready for a child just yet. A girl throws her baby in a dumpster because she knows she cant support a child. Resisting the st anthony Horrors Apparent in Elie Wiesels Night Essay.

For example, witnessing Ideks affairs, Wiesel gets punished by Idek severely while the what fiscal policy other Jews helplessly watched (Wiesel 58). This incident with Elie Wiesel let the other Jews know that if they got into other matters that does not concern them, they would face punishment. Survivors resisted the truth due to the insane activities in the concentration camps. Realizing the meaning misfortune of the Jews, people wondered if this could happen to them, which ultimately led to denial. When Moshe told the. Endurance in catch from, Night by st anthony meaning Eli Wiesel Essay example. keeps his son satisfied with a story of a tank game. With the story in mind, his son eagerly does what Guido asks of him. Ultimately, Guido dies but his spirit lives on conflict definition in his wife and son.

He had achieved his goal. Meaning? Akiba Drumer, from the Voltaire and The Enlightenment Essay book Night, does not endure because he loses his purpose. In the beginning, he is st anthony, motivated by his faith. a?Akiba Drumer said: a?God is Voltaire and The Enlightenment Essay, testing us He wants to find out whether we can dominate out base instincts and meaning, kill the Satan within us. Dr Dugong? We have no right. Elie Wiesel: Let Us Never Forget Essay.

not easy for st anthony meaning Wiesel to doubt in God, or he would not have held on to his faith with such tenacity. However, eventually his faith dwindled; he felt that God played a cruel game, and it destroyed the write yourself importance Wiesel had felt about the Jewish role in God's world. Elie had to re-evaluate his relationship with God and his role in st anthony, the Jewish religion, not only dr dugong during his time in the concentration camps, but as well as after his liberation. After the war, the teenaged Wiesel found asylum. Feelings Evoked: Voices in st anthony meaning, Elie Wiesel#x27;s #x27;Night#x27; Essay. his own father would become a burden for and The Enlightenment Essay him in the future.

He had seen him. And he had continued to run out in front, letting the distance between them grow greater. A terrible thought loomed up in my mind: he had wanted to get rid of his father (Wiesel, 1960, p.87)! Since when would a loving father become a burden for someone? Where does the protectiveness and st anthony meaning, respect towards a family member disappear? Where did all this cruelty and selfishness come from? All these questions arise while reading. The language Elie uses in his memoir. Our terror was about to burst the side of the train. There was so much fear and so much emotion that if anymore built up then there wouldnt be any more room for conflict definition anything else.

This shows the horror the Jews has to suffer through in order to survive another day. With this use of language he is able to effectively display the emotions of his hardship. Wiesel also employed foreshadowing; he employs it often. That suspense leads to the horror and fascination. The silence could be explained by this quote, Those who kept silent yesterday will remain silent tomorrow. You cannot turn away from what happened and once one silent one day, it is hard not stay silent forever. Elie Wiesel did well in using silence in many different aspects. Elie Wiesel wanted the readers to.

Essay on The Capabilities Of Man: Night Analysis. In addition, Wiesel, intentionally or unintentionally, paints a perfect allusion to his former German captors. In the st anthony meaning beginning, The Nazis had their aims, their extreme ideology; they believed that they were going to help people. However, towards the end of World War II, killing the dr dugong Jewish populace became all about survival for them. They needed to cover up the horrendous acts that they had committed. They were aggressive for their self-survival, something that caused them to become even more irrational. fast. Another of my reactions that I think I might have is sadness. I would be very sad to leave my home to go somewhere I did not know. St Anthony? I know a few people who have suffered a personal tragedy, me included. In some ways there are similarities to Night whereas some of it is not.

Some people say that the Holocaust should be seen as different in kind from the tragedies common to human life. I Have No Joy Tonight? A tragedy that I went through a few years ago is meaning, that my father passed away. I had a few different reactions. decided to stop running, they would be killed or trampled by the other oncoming Jews. This took a huge chunk of theorists definition hope out of st anthony Elie. At one point Elie debated stopping and just allowing himself to die.

The only definition thing keeping him going was his father, until he died. Death proved to be the most prominent thing in Elies new life in the Holocaust. The first big death that Elie experienced was arguably the st anthony meaning most poignant moment in the memoir. The little angel eyed boy was brutally killed by being hanged. Essay about Discuss the Significance of the Book Title, Night Elle mentioned in conflict, the book, The old man mumbled something, groaned and died. Nobody cared.

His son searched him, took the crust of bread and began to devour it. (Wiesel, P.101) while the Jews were transporting to another concentration camp. The boy killed his father during the train ride for a morsel of bread. It was as though darkness had eaten some of the st anthony Jews mind. They turned into crazy people and some of them could even murder their friends and relatives to get things they really desired. Essay on On the i have no joy Night of meaning Your Birth. Its because theyve been dancing all night just for you. Or drift off to sleep to the sound of the how to about yourself wind Listen closely; its whispering your name once again. St Anthony? For never in story in verse or in rhyme Never ever not even once upon time Has the world ever known one like you my dear friend. I Have? . . And it never, not ever will know one again. Yes, heaven blew trumpets and played every horn On the wonderful marvelous night you were born.

On the night I was born, on the night you were born, no matter what else. soul being in heaven. Take away the fool Feste is st anthony, clever well balanced and has a keen understanding of himself and others. This combination of intellect, humor and subtlety effectively conveys the themes of Twelfth Night, rather than a cruel, crude, unreservedly humorous character that would be not nearly as potent. Malvolio is a prime example of the need for where does catch 22 come a balanced, self-aware person. Malvolio's name suggests his character, Mal meaning. succeeds Marias strong character as well as her wit. Later on Toby appreciates Marias existence more and he purposes to meaning, marry Maria, she accepts. She goes from being a simple lady in waiting to definition, a leading lady of the master plan. By the end of Twelfth Night the reader knows that it was due to Marias strong character and st anthony meaning, her strategic planning that made the play come to life. Meanwhile, in The Imaginary Invalid Toinette is depicted as the witty maidservant who is theorists definition, completely selfless.

She is also the. Journey of Al-Isra Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him and his progeny began his historical night journey, along with the trusted protector of the revelation, the Angel Jibreel (pbuh) from the st anthony meaning house of Umm-e-Hani, with the aide of his steed al-Buraq. After some time, Angel Jibreel (pbuh) stopped Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and said to perform the Salat. Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) dismounted from al-Buraq and performed Salat. Jibreel (pbuh) said, 'Do you know where you just. and turns out to dr dugong, be fragile and fleeting.Even though it is a comedy , it harbors serious ideas. Draper, R.P. Meaning? Draper explains Shakespeare's obsession with love and romance.

Draper takes a view of the conflicts that happened in A Midsummer Nights Dream and explains that the what does fiscal include dreams and meaning, magic are only ways that Shakespeare incorporated comedy into the play. He shows how Shakespeare takes serious situations and turns them around by using comedy, as well as using Illusions and definition, clever fools. It looks chaotic, but it's really very orderly. The landscape is bright, but used to capture the night time. We can tell by the yellow lights in the windows--little splashes of light that bring a vast balance to the bright stars in the sky.

This painting is all about balance and harmony. The fact that Van Gogh had painted this from his mental image may have contributed to this piece having such a strong sense of mental dislocation and emotional intensity. St Anthony Meaning? One almost feels as if he was hardly able. drunken customers or attack by external factors such as thieves. Security also deal with over drunken patrons as well as ensuring the customers in the night club safety hence making them to enjoy the how to write a essay entertainment, drinks and food, and sports peacefully.

This builds the trust of the st anthony meaning customer on the nightclub and dr dugong, consequently their loyalty to a particular night. out in st anthony meaning, the woods up in Wisconsin. One day this dining room table will be passed on to myself to use when I have my own family. In the summertime, when the windows are open, the sounds of summer linger in the air. It never seems to cease, every night around five o'clock the how to write melodic drifting music of the meaning ice cream truck can be heard, as it is almost done intentionally, tempting the children with dessert. You can hear the dr dugong children playing, balls bouncing, and the lawnmowers running. The air smells. Acquainted with the Night by Robert Frost Essays. cry, which the speaker belief the cry is for him/her as somebody calling him/her back or telling him goodbye.

It seems as the speaker was specting the night to bring him/her something or somebody the speaker lost in the night. What the st anthony speaker is constantly searching in the night it maybe a reason why the speaker is well acquainted with the night. In the next three lines, lines 11 to13, the speaker's talks about an fiscal policy include encounter with a clock high in meaning, the sky which the time was neither wrong nor right. Essay on Phoenix Nights by Peter Kay. palace, while in dr dugong, contrast Phoenix Nights is st anthony meaning, a dilapidated, tacky working mens club. The club is then shown using a long shot, comedy is produced from the contrast between what the audiences hears of the conflict theorists Phoenix and what they see.

This scene is furthermore ironic as they are worshipping the Phoenix, unknowledgeable to the fact the phoenix is about to be burnt down, although were aware its about to be burnt down. Irony in st anthony, Phoenix Nights is quite successful, its used to. Essay on Romeo and Juliet: Night - Rejoice or Rebel? Night can bring on great fear, whether on what policy a lesser scale during Halloween or on a greater scale the horror of the Holocaust. The fear starts early in the book, when the Fascists are slowly taking control of Elie's town. Elie's family and their fellow townsfolk did not dare go out on the streets after six o'clock for st anthony meaning fear of death. Later in the book there is a lot of of this fear leading up to the selection, determining who would keep on strenuously working and who would be sent to the crematories. It. He might not have had a real love story for himself. He may have wrote these love stories pretending that he was the character who was in love because he loved everything about love. In A Midsummers Night Dream there are fairies that cast spells over st anthony meaning, the humans.

There is one fairy that messes with the humans, his name is Puck. He casts the what does love potion over all the lovers and they all fall in love with the wrong person. He could be considered a mischievous Cupid who controls who is in love with. Essay on st anthony meaning The Importance of catch Carnivalesque in Twelfth Night. describes it as sudden glory arising from some sudden conception of some eminency in ourselves suggesting that we laugh at those above us when they are in an unfortunate situation because it makes us feel superior to st anthony meaning, them. Does 22 Come? This is presented in Twelfth Night when Maria plants the letter for meaning Malvolio to read, when discussing the idea to the others she presents an arrogant characteristic, when she says I know my physic will work with him she is adamant that this joke will go to plan, in this scene she. Essay about does catch 22 come from A Night to Remember in Mexico. be staying for the next few days. Bags were unpacked, water and st anthony meaning, electricity were turned on, and bedrooms had been chosen. Does Fiscal Policy? It was time to make our way to st anthony, the clubs. The next morning everyone rose from the place where their bodies had fallen the night before and dr dugong, we headed to the beach.

Although I was having a wonderful time that day, every word exchanged with Mike and Matt gave me, more and more, a feeling of meaning unease. I could not put my finger on why these two would hold a grudge towards me, as. Analysis of the Poem Acquainted with The Night Essay examples. This is conflict theorists, another thing that may disturb the narrator and not only express depression, but also loneliness. Acquainted with the Night by st anthony Robert Frost shows the lonely path the narrator takes. I Have Of This Tonight? I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet (Acquainted) proves that he is by himself during his walk. The narrator is saying that when he stops moving, he cannot hear anyone else because he is alone. This is another thing that shows us his seclusion. St Anthony Meaning? While others stay home, snug in their beds, the.

The Arabian Nights; Its Influence on Western Society Essay. occurrences where Jane mentioned about the Nights. She uses the Nights as her escape place which means stories from the dr dugong Nights gave her incredible amount of imagination on magical, unrealistic but tremendously overwhelming thoughts. It was her only way to st anthony meaning, imagine the world outside of the wall she lives in. her only way to connect through peoples adventure and dr dugong, making it as her own. One of the similarities that can be found from Jane Eyre and The Arabian Nights is both Jane and Sheherazade used narrative. Essay on st anthony The Humor in William Shakespeare#x27;s Twelfth Night. much more than a bumbling foolish drunk. It is Toby's malice and conniving disposition that causes much of the darker humour in Twelfth Night, such as his extended persecution of Malvolio in locking him in dr dugong, a dark, damp cell. Meaning? Source one, courtesy of The Shakespeare Revolutionary Front, disagrees, and insists firmly that Twelfth Night is no longer funny, if at all. The source, written for dr dugong a national newspaper, is st anthony meaning, written with typical tabloid techniques, using bizarre hyperbole.

Essay about Sexuality in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. LGBT youth love this play, quote it, remake it(In the research for this paper I found an dr dugong advertisement for a play entitled Gender Comedy: A Less Stupid Twelfth Night Gay Fantasia which the description promised is full of robots, drunkards, and men in st anthony, tights making out), and where the saying 22 come, use it to st anthony, help them come out and realise who they are. Twelfth Night is does the saying catch, Shakespeares best play in terms of LGBT support. Meanwhile, in the 21st century, great things have happened for equality. St Anthony Meaning? Laverne Cox has become the first. Essay on dr dugong Film Review: Good Night, and Good Luck.

extreme misrepresentation with the realization that a slight bias in favor of Murrow is inevitable. The context in st anthony meaning, which something is set, its setting, especially in definition, cinematography is st anthony, very important and can change a film all together. Good Night and Good Luck, because it takes place in the 1950s yet is made in 2005, creates an extra importance on the setting. When it comes to clothing and hair, especially evident with the women, there is no delusion of which era. mistaken identities and misunderstanding within twelfth night. resembled me, foreshadowing the trouble this similarity will cause within the conflict definition next scene. Plautus play Menaechmi, the date of its first showing unknown, is of the st anthony meaning comic misadventures of Voltaire and The Enlightenment Essay Manaechmus and Sosicles, and links in parallel to Twelfth Night due to the mistaken identity of these twins.

In particular, the concept of love and confusing situations have been influences for Shakespeare and the mistaken identity plots of each, offer the st anthony main element of the theme. Olivia adds to the dramatic. Compare and Contrast of Mosquito Coast and Twelfth Night Essay. Malvolio at the end of Twelfth Night finds the no joy of this truth rather unpleasant and st anthony, is not happy when he becomes aware of the saying catch 22 come from Feste's actions. This is st anthony, specifically when Feste admits to dr dugong, actually disguising himself as Sir Topas and embarrassing him through that mischievous deception.

In Mosquito Coast the Fox family is also led to an unfortunate understanding of reality. They find out that Allie's lies led them on a crazy trip up the st anthony meaning Patuca to the wilderness of Brewer's Lagoon for no reason at all. There they struggled. Comparing Dharker#x27;s Blessing versus Ezelkiel#x27;s Night of the Scorpion. The writer uses repetition to increase the dr dugong tempo of the poem and to st anthony meaning, increase the tension.

The words, they said are used numerous times to give the effect of the theorists definition people chanting. You can imagine the noise swelling as the night goes on. Meaning? There is a lot in the poem about reincarnation and rebirth. The peasants are all firm believers in a higher power of where the saying catch some sort as they talk of this universe as an unreal world, meaning that they believe in the next life. They believe that the more that you suffer. Friday Night Lights Rhetorical Analysis Essays. of those other fantastic college casinos, Boobie as the winner of the Heisman (Bissinger 1). As a result, Boobie was never well rounded, at best his education can be characterized as weak and he had no other plans other than football. In Friday Night Lights Bissinger also reviews the extreme racism.

This display of segregation shocked him. Nigger. The word poured out in Odessa as easily as the torrents of rain that ran sown the streets after an occasional storm, as common part of the vernacular. Comparing Different Versions Of Twelfth Night by st anthony meaning William Shakespeare. does things make him funny on his own. For example, when he comes down to stop a little party Sir Toby Belch, Olivia's Uncle, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, a suitor to Olivia, and Maria, Olivia's gentlewomen are having, he comes down dressed in a night-gown with a sleeping cap on i have no joy and looking rather foolish and fragile. But when he comes to stop the party in the. The Perplexity of Love Demonstrated in Twelfth Night Essay. gender bending that occurs is meaning, important because it proves the absurdity of love and shows how love is most genuine when people are most vulnerable, which is a state that Olivia and Orsino were incapable of achieving.

The great love story of Twelfth Night begins with Orsino and Olivia. Orsino is what he believes to be deeply in love with Olivia; however, she persistently refuses his offerings of love due to the recent death of her brother. The love story is complicated when a shipwreck leaves a brother. Analysis of the Song Some Nights by Fun Essay. security for both himself and his friends and family. But some nights he wishes he did not have to deal with the i have no joy stress that comes with wealth and fame.

In the next stanza he states, What do I stand for? / What do I stand for? / Most nights I dont know anymore (7-9). The singer is conflicted with himself over being famous and selling out, versus staying true to st anthony, his music. He continues to ask himself what he truly believes in and most nights he does not even know who he is. The next stanza talks about. Hidden Themes of Tender Is the theorists Night Essay examples. decreased and positions between them ironically switched. Nicole ended up being the one problem-free and Dick ended up living a terrible and lonesome life.

All of Fitzgerald' novels represent struggles throughout his complex life. In Tender is the Night, Nicole Warren's character is st anthony meaning, based on the author's wife, Zelda Fitzgerald. Zelda, similar to Nicole, was schizophrenic. In addition, Nicole symbolizes the American dream. Nicole is young, attractive, wealthy, and of this contract, powerful. Meaning? Although she isn't famous. An Explication of Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night Essay. reflected glory: they had the ability to write a essay yourself, emulate the st anthony sun and to conflict theorists definition, bask in its reflected glory but that is not enough.

They have to achieve something by themselves if they want to be remembered. Once again there is a contrast between the sun and night. St Anthony Meaning? Stanza 5 In this stanza the emphasis is on dr dugong grave men: serious people. Note the pun; grave meaning serious in context but also referring to the grave that men must go when dead. Their blind eyes could refer to the fact that despite. Analysis of Malvolio in the Twelfth Night by Shakespeare Essay. A recurring theme within Shakespeares plays is revelry and st anthony meaning, revenge and Twelfth Night is definitely no exception. Shakespeares depicts the character of Mavolios as pretentious, conveying his disregarding of social order and to the annoyance of his peers, his self-righteous temperament. 22 Come? He is also Puritan, this makes him an st anthony meaning increasingly despised figure in Elizabethan times and to an Elizabethan audience. His arrival in the play marks the initial ridiculing of Feste.

He is degradingly harsh and. How Language Treats Gender in Nights at the Circus Essay. emphasised by her business minded attitude towards how Fevvers is perceived, rather than allowing herself to be solely objectified and exploited Fevvers turns her status and public perception into financial gains Youd never think she dreamed at nights, of bank accounts, or that, to her, the how to write about music of the spheres was the jingling of cash registers. Begging the question of whether it is manipulation if the st anthony meaning individual in question gains some form of success? However the idea of Fevvers surpassing. One Night @ the Call Center, by Chetan Bhagat Essay. Shyam tells the story to the readers by stitching together some flashbacks he has of his past dates with Priyanka and the present night at does catch 22 come from, the call center together. Chetan also injects his own points of view that success in life will only be achieved when people follow their dreams.

Chetans second point of view is st anthony, that god will always be with people. In the book, God tells the a essay about six agents that each person will have an inner call, a voice that is God himself. God says to always listen to the inner. Essay on More Night Than Day: an Analysis of Virginia Woolf. continually revisited is the night sky. As we begin to see more of Katherine Hillberrys development as a frustrated woman, she looks to the stars for st anthony solace from her life. As they reoccur, they represent different parts of her life and the unreachable and limitless occupation for an unfulfilled woman. At one point Henry tells her that he understands [she] lives her life by the stars(123), which is true because, she surfaces in and out of terrestrial circumvention, much like the night sky. Of This Tonight? She is supposed. Romantic Love in William Shakespeare#x27;s As You Like it and Twelfth Night. Even so quickly may one catch the plague?

Methinks I feel this youths perfections With an invisible and subtle stealth To creep in at mine eyes. Well, let it be. (Twelfth Night, I.v.285-288) An analogous incident occurs in st anthony, As You Like It, when the character of Phoebe becomes infatuated with the female Rosalind, who is also disguised as a man. After Phoebes first meeting with Rosalind (whom she believes to be the. Comparison of Fellini#x27;s Nights of Cabiria and La Dolce Vita Essay example. The first shot of La Dolce Vita tells us so much about the state of Roman society, about Enlightenment Marcello's life and pursuits. It tells us of the loose religious and st anthony, moral values that the film follows.

The first shot of Nights Of Cabiria shows us a woman that is taken advantage of and pushed in the river, symbols of baptism and redemption, which constantly reappear in conflict theorists definition, Fellini's films. St Anthony? She is then rescued and instantly becomes aware of what had happened. Both sequences reflect almost the entire story. Cabiria. Husain Haddawys The Arabian Nights and Zora Neale Hurstons Mules and Men. and Men was essentially a rite of passage, instrumental in both Hurstons personal growth as well as her career as an ambassador between traditional southern African-American culture and the rest of the world.

Haddawy translates The Arabian Nights for many reasons, but similar to Hurston, by translating them he also attempts to reconcile the Arabic culture of his childhood with the English culture in what does fiscal include, which he comes to live. In Haddawys introduction, he recounts to the audience how as a child.

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An Essay On Criticism - Poem by Alexander Pope. 'Tis hard to say if greater want of st anthony meaning skill. Appear in writing or in judging ill; But of the two less dangerous is does fiscal include th'offence. St Anthony! To tire our patience than mislead our sense: Some few in that, but numbers err in this; Ten censure wrong for one who writes amiss; A fool might once himself alone expose; Now one in verse makes many more in prose. Go just alike, yet each believes his own. In Poets as true Genius is but rare, True Taste as seldom is the Critic's share; Both must alike from conflict definition Heav'n derive their light, These born to st anthony, judge, as well as those to write. Let such teach others who themselves excel, And censure freely who have written well; Authors are partial to their wit, 'tis true, But are not Critics to what does fiscal include, their judgment too?

Most have the seeds of judgment in their mind: Nature affords at least a glimm'ring light; The lines, tho' touch'd but faintly, are drawn right: But as the slightest sketch, if justly traced, Is by ill col'ring but the more disgraced, So by meaning false learning is good sense defaced: Some are bewilder'd in the maze of schools, And some made coxcombs Nature meant but fools: In search of wit these lose their common sense, And then turn Critics in their own defence: Each burns alike, who can or cannot write, Or with a rival's or an no joy of this eunuch's spite. All fools have still an itching to deride, And fain would be upon st anthony the laughing side. If M?vius scribble in Apollo's spite, There are who judge still worse than he can write. Definition! Turn'd Critics next, and prov'd plain Fools at last.

Some neither can for Wits nor Critics pass, As heavy mules are neither horse nor ass. Those half-learn'd witlings, numerous in our isle, As half-form'd insects on the banks of Nile; Unfinish'd things, one knows not what to call, Their generation's so equivocal; To tell them would a hundred tongues required, Or one vain Wit's, that might a hundred tire. And justly bear a Critic's noble name, Be sure yourself and your own reach to know, How far your Genius, Taste, and Learning go, Launch not beyond your depth, but be discreet, And mark that point where Sense and Dulness meet. And wisely curb'd proud man's pretending wit. As on the land while here the ocean gains, In other parts it leaves wide sandy plains; Thus in meaning the soul while Memory prevails, The solid power of Understanding fails; Where beams of fiscal include warm Imagination play, The Memory's soft figures melt away. One Science only meaning, will one genius fit; So vast is Art, so narrow human wit: Now only bounded to conflict, peculiar arts, But oft in those confin'd to single parts. St Anthony! Like Kings we lose the Voltaire Essay, conquests gain'd before, By vain ambition still to make them more: Each might his sev'ral province well command, Would all but stoop to what they understand.

By her just standard, which is still the meaning, same; Unerring Nature, still divinely bright, One clear, unchanged, and universal light, Life, force, and beauty must to all impart, At once the source, and end, and test of Art. Art from that fund each just supply provides, Works without show, and without pomp presides. In some fair body thus th'informing soul. Write About! With spirits feeds, with vigour fills the st anthony meaning, whole; Each motion guides, and no joy tonight, every nerve sustains, Itself unseen, but in th' effects remains. Some, to st anthony, whom Heav'n in what does fiscal policy wit has been profuse, Want as much more to turn it to its use; For Wit and Judgment often are at strife. Meaning! Tho' meant each other's aid, like man and wife. 'Tis more to guide than spur the Muse's steed, Restrain his fury than provoke his speed: The winged courser, like a gen'rous horse, Shows most true mettel when you check his course. Are Nature still, but Nature methodized; Nature, like Liberty, is Essay but restrain'd. By the same laws which first herself ordain'd. St Anthony Meaning! When to repress and Essay, when indulge our flights:

High on Parnassus' top her sons she show'd, And pointed out those arduous paths they trod; Held from meaning afar, aloft, th'immortal prize, And urged the rest by no joy of this contract tonight equal steps to rise. Just precepts thus from great examples giv'n, She drew from st anthony them what they derived from tonight Heav'n. The gen'rous Critic fann'd the st anthony, poet's fire, And taught the world with reason to admire. Then Criticism the Muse's handmaid prov'd, To dress her charms, and what does fiscal, make her more belov'd: But following Wits from that intention stray'd: Who could not win the mistress woo'd the maid; Against the Poets their own arms they turn'd, Sure to hate most the men from st anthony meaning whom they learn'd. So modern 'pothecaries taught the conflict definition, art. Meaning! By doctors' bills to play the doctor's part, Bold in the practice of mistaken rules, Prescribe, apply, and call their masters fools. Some on the leaves of ancient authors prey; Nor time nor moths e'er spoil'd so much as they; Some drily plain, without invention's aid, Write dull receipts how poems may be made; These leave the sense their learning to display, And those explain the meaning quite away. Know well each ancient's proper character; His fable, subject, scope in every page;

Religion, country, genius of Essay his age: Without all these at once before your eyes, Cavil you may, but never criticise. Be Homer's works your study and meaning, delight, Read them by what fiscal include day, and meditate by night; Thence form your judgment, thence your maxims bring, And trace the Muses upward to their spring. Still with itself compared, his text peruse; And let your comment be the Mantuan Muse. Meaning! A work t'outlast immortal Rome design'd, Perhaps he seem'd above the critic's law, And but from Nature's fountains scorn'd to dr dugong, draw; But when t'examine ev'ry part he came, Nature and Homer were, he found, the same. St Anthony Meaning! Convinced, amazed, he checks the bold design, And rules as strict his labour'd work confine. What Include! As if the Stagyrite o'erlook'd each line. Learn hence for ancient rules a just esteem; To copy Nature is to st anthony meaning, copy them. Dr Dugong! For there's a happiness as well as care. Music resembles poetry; in each. Are nameless graces which no methods teach, And which a master-hand alone can reach.

If, where the rules not far enough extend, (Since rules were made but to st anthony, promote their end) Some lucky license answer to the full. Th'intent proposed, that license is a rule. Thus Pegasus, a nearer way to and The, take, May boldly deviate from the common track. Great Wits sometimes may gloriously offend, And rise to faults true Critics dare not mend; From vulgar bounds with brave disorder part, And snatch a grace beyond the reach of st anthony Art, Which, without passing thro' the judgment, gains. The heart, and about, all its end at once attains. In prospects thus some objects please our eyes, Which out of Nature's common order rise, The shapeless rock, or hanging precipice.

But tho' the ancients thus their rules invade, (As Kings dispense with laws themselves have made) Moderns, beware! or if you must offend. St Anthony Meaning! Against the precept, ne'er transgress its end; Let it be seldom, and compell'd by need; And have at least their precedent to plead; The Critic else proceeds without remorse, Seizes your fame, and Voltaire Essay, puts his laws in st anthony force. Those freer beauties, ev'n in them, seem faults. Some figures monstrous and misshaped appear, Consider'd singly, or beheld too near, Which, but proportion'd to their light or place,

Due distance reconciles to form and grace. A prudent chief not always must display. The Saying Catch 22 Come! His powers in equal ranks and fair array, But with th'occasion and the place comply, Conceal his force, nay, seem sometimes to fly. Those oft are stratagems which errors seem, Nor is it Homer nods, but we that dream. St Anthony Meaning! Above the reach of sacrilegious hands, Secure from flames, from Envy's fiercer rage, Destructive war, and all-involving Age. See from Voltaire each clime the learn'd their incense bring!

Hear in all tongues consenting Paeans ring! In praise so just let ev'ry voice be join'd, And fill the gen'ral chorus of st anthony mankind. Hail, Bards triumphant! born in happier days, Immortal heirs of no joy of this universal praise! Whose honours with increase of ages grow, As streams roll down, enlarging as they flow; Nations unborn your mighty names shall sound, And worlds applaud that must not yet be found! O may some spark of your celestial fire. The last, the st anthony meaning, meanest of your sons inspire, (That on weak wings, from a essay about yourself far, pursues your flights, Glows while he reads, but trembles as he writes) To teach vain Wits a science little known, T'admire superior sense, and doubt their own.

Of all the causes which conspire to blind. Man's erring judgment, and st anthony, misguide the mind, What the weak head with strongest bias rules, Is Pride, the never failing vice of write a essay fools. Whatever Nature has in st anthony meaning worth denied. She gives in large recruits of needful Pride: For as in bodies, thus in souls, we find. What wants in theorists blood and st anthony meaning, spirits swell'd with wind: Pride, where Wit fails, steps in to our deference, And fills up all the mighty void of Sense: If once right Reason drives that cloud away, Truth breaks upon us with resistless day. What Include! Trust not yourself; but your defects to know, Make use of meaning ev'ry friend--and ev'ry foe. Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, And drinking largely sobers us again. Fired at first sight with what the Muse imparts, In fearless youth we tempt the heights of dr dugong arts, While from the st anthony, bounded level of our mind. Short views we take, nor see the lengths behind: Bur more advanc'd, behold with strange surprise.

New distant scenes of endliess science rise! So pleas'd at Voltaire and The Enlightenment first the tow'ring Alps we try, Mount o'er the vales, and seem to tread the sky; Th'eternal snows appear already past, And the first clouds and mountains seem the last: But those attain'd, we tremble to survey. The growing labours of the st anthony, lengthen'd way; Th'increasing prospect tires our wand'ring eyes, Hills peep o'er hills, and Alps on what does, Alps arise! With the same spirit that its author writ; Survey the whole, not seek slight faults to find. Where Nature moves, and st anthony meaning, Rapture warms the mind: Nor lose, for Voltaire that malignant dull delight, The gen'rous pleasure to be charm'd with wit. But in such lays as neither ebb nor flow, Correctly cold, and st anthony meaning, regularly low, That shunning faults one quiet tenor keep, We cannot blame indeed--but we may sleep. In Wit, as Nature, what affects our hearts. Is not th'exactness of peculiar parts; 'Tis not a lip or eye we beauty call, But the dr dugong, joint force and full result of all.

Thus when we view some well proportion'd dome, (The world's just wonder, and ev'n thine, O Rome!) No single parts unequally surprise, All comes united to th'admiring eyes; No monstrous height, or breadth, or length, appear; The whole at st anthony once is bold and regular. Thinks what n'er was, nor is, nor e'er shall be. In every work regard the writer's end, Since none can compass more than they intend; And if the means be just, the conduct true, Applause, in where from spite of st anthony trivial faults, is due. As men of breeding, sometimes men of wit, T'avoid great errors must the less commit; Neglect the how to write about, rules each verbal critic lays, For not to know some trifles is a praise. Most critics, fond of some subservient art, Still make the whole depend upon a part: They talk of Principles, but Notions prize, And all to meaning, one lov'd folly sacrifice. A certain bard encount'ring on the way, Discours'd in terms as just, with looks as sage, As e'er could Dennis, of the Grecian State; Concluding all were desperate sots and and The Enlightenment Essay, fools.

Who durst depart from meaning Aristotle's rules. Our author, happy in a judge so nice, Produced his play, and no joy of this contract, begged the knight's advice; Made him observe the Subject and the Plot, The Manners, Passions, Unities; what not? All which exact to st anthony, rule were brought about, Were but a combat in the lists left out. ``What! leave the combat out?'' exclaims the where catch, knight. ``Yes, or we must renounce the st anthony, Stagyrite.'' ``Not so, by Heaven!, (he answers in a rage) Knights, squires, and steeds must enter on the stage.'' ``So vast a throng the stage can n'er contain.'' ``Then build a new, or act it in a plain.'' Curious, not knowing, not exact, but nice, Form short ideas, and offend the Arts. (As most in Manners), by i have a love to parts. And glitt'ring thoughts struck out at every line; Pleas'd with a work where nothing's just or fit, One glaring chaos and wild heap of wit. Poets, like painters, thus unskill'd to trace. The naked nature and the living grace, With gold and meaning, jewels cover every part, And hide with ornaments their want of Art. True Wit is Nature to advantage dress'd, What oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd; Something whose truth convinced at conflict theorists sight we find, That give us back the meaning, image of our mind. As shades more sweetly recommend the light, So modest plainness sets of sprightly wit: For works may have more wit than does them good, As bodies perish thro' excess of blood. And value books, as women men, for dress: Their praise is still--the Style is dr dugong excellent; The Sense they humbly take upon content.

Words are like leaves; and where they most abound, Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found. False eloquence, like the meaning, prismatic glass, Its gaudy colours spreads on every place; The face of Nature we no more survey, All glares alike, without distinction gay; But true expression, like th'unchanging sun, Clears and improves whate'er it shines upon; It gilds all objects, but it alters none. Conflict! Expression is the dress of thought, and still. Appears more decent as more suitable. A vile Conceit in pompous words express'd. Meaning! Is like a clown in regal purple dress'd: For diff'rent styles with diff'rent subjects sort, As sev'ral garbs with country, town, and conflict theorists definition, court. Some by st anthony meaning old words to how to about yourself, fame have made pretence, Ancients in phrase, mere moderns in st anthony their sense; Such labour'd nothings, in theorists definition so strange a style, Amaze th'unlearned, and make the learned smile; Unlucky as Fungoso in the play, These sparks with awkward vanity display. What the fine gentleman wore yesterday; And but so mimic ancient wits at st anthony best, As apes our grandsires in their doublets drest. In words as fashions the same rule will hold,

Alike fantastic if too new or old: Be not the does catch 22 come, first by st anthony meaning whom the new are tried, Nor yet the Voltaire and The, last to st anthony, lay the old aside. And smooth or rough with them is right or wrong. The Saying 22 Come! In the bright Muse tho' thousand charms conspire, Her voice is st anthony all these tuneful fools admire; Who haunt Parnassus but to dr dugong, please their ear, Not mend their minds; as some to church repair, Not for the doctrine, but the music there. These equal syllables alone require, Tho' oft the ear the open vowels tire, While expletives their feeble aid to join, And ten low words oft creep in one dull line: While they ring round the same unvaried chimes, With sure returns of still expected rhymes; Where'er you find ``the cooling western breeze,'' In the next line, it ``whispers thro' the trees;'' If crystal streams ``with pleasing murmurs creep,'' The reader's threaten'd (not in vain) with ``sleep;'' Then, at st anthony the last and only couplet, fraught. With some unmeaning thing they call a thought, A needless Alexandrine ends the song, That, like a wounded snake, drags its slow length along. Leave such to tune their own dull rhymes, and tonight, know. What's roundly smooth, or languishingly slow; And praise the easy vigour of meaning a line.

Where Denham's strength and Waller's sweetness join. Does Catch From! True ease in writing comes from Art, not Chance, As those move easiest who have learn'd to dance. 'Tis not enough no harshness gives offence; The sound must seem an st anthony meaning echo to the sense. Dr Dugong! Soft is the st anthony, strain when Zephyr gently blows, And the and The Enlightenment, smooth stream in smoother numbers flows; But when loud surges lash the sounding shore, The hoarse rough verse should like the torrent roar. St Anthony Meaning! When Ajax strives some rock's vast weight to throw, The line, too, labours, and the words move slow: Not so when swift Camilla scours the plain, Flies o'er th' unbending corn, and skims along the main. Hear how Timotheus' varied lays surprise, And bid alternate passions fall and i have no joy of this tonight, rise! While at st anthony each change the write, son of meaning Libyan Jove. Now burns with glory, and then melts with love; Now his fierce eyes with sparkling fury glow, Now sighs steal out, and tears begin to flow: Persians and Greeks like turns of nature found, And the world's Victor stood subdued by sound! The power of music all our hearts allow, And what Timotheus was is Dryden now. Who still are pleas'd too little or too much.

At ev'ry trifle scorn to a essay about, take offence; That always shows great pride or little sense: Those heads, as stomachs, are not sure the best. St Anthony Meaning! Which nauseate all, and nothing can digest. Yet let not each gay turn thy rapture move; For fools admire, but men of sense approve: As things seem large which we thro' mist descry, Dulness is ever apt to magnify. And The! The ancients only, or the st anthony meaning, moderns prize. Where Does 22 Come From! Thus Wit, like Faith, by each man is applied. To one small sect, and all are damn'd beside. St Anthony Meaning! Meanly they seek the blessing to confine, And force that sun but on a part to shine, Which not alone the southern wit sublimes, But ripens spirits in cold northern climes; Which from the does, first has shone on ages past,

Enligths the present, and shall warm the last; Tho' each may feel increases and decays, And see now clearer and st anthony, now darker days, Regard not then if wit be old or new, But blame the Voltaire Enlightenment Essay, False and value still the True. St Anthony Meaning! But catch the spreading notion of the where the saying, town; They reason and conclude by st anthony precedent, And own stale nonsense which they ne'er invent. Some judge of authors' names, not works, and then. Nor praise nor blame the Enlightenment Essay, writings, but the st anthony, men. Of all this servile herd, the worst is he. That in proud dulness joins with quality; A constant critic at the great man's board, To fetch and does the saying catch 22 come from, carry nonsense for my lord. What woful stuff this madrigal would be. In some starv'd hackney sonneteer or me! But let a lord once own the st anthony meaning, happy lines, How the Wit brightens! how the dr dugong, Style refines!

Before his sacred name flies every fault, And each exalted stanza teems with thought! As oft the learn'd by being singular; So much they scorn the meaning, crowd, that if the throng. By chance go right, they purposely go wrong. So schismatics the plain believers quit, And are but damn'd for having too much wit. Where From! Some praise at morning what they blame at night, But always think the last opinion right. A Muse by these is like a mistress used, This hour she's idolized, the st anthony meaning, next abused; While their weak heads, like towns unfortified, 'Twixt sense and nonsense daily change their side. Ask them the cause; they're wiser still they say; And still to-morrow's wiser than to-day. We think our fathers fools, so wise we grow; Our wiser sons no doubt will think us so.

Once shool-divines this zealous isle o'erspread; Who knew most sentences was deepest read. And The Enlightenment! Faith, Gospel, all seem'd made to be disputed, And none has sense enough to be confuted. Scotists and Thomists now in meaning peace remain. Amidst their kindred cobwebs in dr dugong Ducklane. If Faith itself has diff'rent dresses worn, What wonder modes in Wit should take their turn? Oft, leaving what is natural and fit, The current Folly proves the ready Wit; And authors think their reputation safe, Which lives as long as fools are pleas'd to st anthony meaning, laugh. Still make themselves the measure of mankind:

Fondly we think we honour merit then, When we but praise ourselves in other men. Does Fiscal Policy! Parties in wit attend on those of state, And public faction doubles private hate. Pride, Malice, Folly, against Dryden rose, In various shapes of meaning parsons, critics, beaux: But sense survived when merry jests were past; For rising merit will bouy up at does fiscal policy include last. Might he return and bless once more our eyes, New Blackmores and new Milbournes must arise. Nay, should great Homer lift his awful head, Zoilus again would start up from the meaning, dead. Envy will Merit as its shade pursue, But like a shadow proves the substance true; For envied Wit, like Sol eclips'd, makes known.

Th'opposing body's grossness, not its own. When first that sun too powerful beams displays, It draws up vapours which obscure its rays; But ev'n those clouds at last adorn its way, Reflect new glories, and augment the day. His praise is lost who stays till all commend. Short is the date, alas! of theorists definition modern rhymes, And 'tis but just to let them live betimes. No longer now that Golden Age appears, When partiarch wits survived a thousand years: Now length of st anthony fame (our second life) is lost, And bare threescore is all ev'n that can boast: Our sons their fathers' failing language see, And such as Chaucer is shall Dryden be.

So when the faithful pencil has design'd. Does Policy Include! Some bright idea of the master's mind, Where a new world leaps out at his command, And ready Nature waits upon his hand; When the ripe colours soften and unite, And sweetly melt into st anthony just shade and light; When mellowing years their full perfection give, And each bold figure just begins to theorists definition, live, The treach'rous colours the fair art betray, And all the bright creations fades away! Atones not for st anthony that envy which it brings: In youth alone its empty praise we boast, But soon the sort-lived vanity is lost; Like some fair flower the early Spring supplies, That gaily blooms, but ev'n in blooming dies. What is of this contract tonight this Wit, which must our cares employ? The owner's wife that other men enjoy; Then most our trouble still when most admired, And still the more we give, the meaning, more required; Whose fame with pains we guard, but lose with ease, Sure some to vex, but never all to please, 'Tis what the vicious fear, the virtuous shun; By fools 'tis hated, and by knaves undone! Ah, let not Learning too commence its foe!

Of old those met rewards who could excel, And such were prais'd who but endevour'd well; Tho' triumphs were to gen'rals only due, Crowns were reserv'd to grace the conflict definition, soldiers too. St Anthony Meaning! Now they who reach Parnassus' lofty crown. Employ their pains to spurn some others down; And while self-love each jealous writer rules, Contending wits become the sport of fools; But still the worst with most regret commend, For each ill author is as bad a friend. No Joy Of This! To what base ends, and by what abject ways, Are mortals urged thro' sacred lust of st anthony meaning praise! Ah, ne'er so dire a thirst of dr dugong glory boast, Nor in the critic let the man be lost! Good nature and good sense must ever join; To err is meaning human, to forgive divine.

Not yet purged off, of spleen and conflict definition, sour disdain, Discharge that rage on more provoking crimes, Nor fear a dearth on st anthony meaning, these flagitious times. No pardon vile obscenity should find, Tho' Wit and Art conspire to how to write yourself, move your mind; But dulness with obscenity must prove. As shameful sure as impotence in love. In the fat age of meaning pleasure, wealth, and ease.

Sprung the rank weed, and thrived with large increase: When love was all in easy monarch's care, Seldom at council, never in what policy include a war; Jilts ruled the st anthony, state, and statesmen farces writ; Nay wits had pensions, and young lords had wit; The Fair sat panting at a courtier's play, And not a mask went unimprov'd away; The modest fan was lifted up no more, And virgins smil'd at what they blush'd before. The following license of a foreign reign. Conflict Definition! Did all the dregs of bold Socinus drain; Then unbelieving priests reform'd the st anthony, nation, And taught more pleasant methods of i have no joy of this contract tonight salvation; Where Heav'n's free subjects might their rights dispute, Lest God himself should seem too absolute; Pulpits their sacred satire learn'd to spare, And vice admired to find a flatt'rer there! Encouraged thus, Wit's Titans braved the st anthony, skies, And the press groan'd with licens'd blasphemies. These monsters, Critics! with your darts engage, Here point your thunder, and exhaust your rage!

Yet shun their fault, who, scandalously nice, Will needs mistake an author into vice: All seems infected that th'infected spy, As all looks yellow to dr dugong, the jaundic'd eye. Learn then what morals Critics ought to show, For 'tis but half a judge's task to know. T'is not enough Taste, Judgment, Learning join; In all you speak let Truth and Candour shine; That not alone what to your Sense is due. All may allow, but seek your friendship too. And speak, tho' sure, with seeming diffidence.

Some positive persisting fops we know, Who if once wrong will needs be always so; But you with pleasure own your errors past, And make each day a critique on st anthony meaning, the last. Conflict Theorists Definition! Blunt truths more mischief than nice falsehoods do. Men must be taught as if you taught them not, And things unknown proposed as things forgot. Without good breeding truth is disapprov'd; That only st anthony, makes superior Sense belov'd. For the worst avarice is that of Sense. The Saying 22 Come! With mean complacence ne'er betray your trust, Nor be so civil as to prove unjust. Fear not the anger of the wise to raise; Those best can bear reproof who merit praise. But Appius reddens at each word you speak, And stares tremendous, with a threat'ning eye, Like some fierce tyrant in old tapestry.

Fear most to meaning, tax an no joy honourable fool, Whose right it is, uncensured to be dull: Such without Wit, are poets when they please, As without Learning they can take degrees. Leave dangerous truths to st anthony, unsuccessful satires, And flattery to fulsome dedicators; Whom when the praise, the world believes no more. Than when they promise to give scribbling o'er. 'Tis best sometimes your censure to where does the saying 22 come, restrain, And charitably let the dull be vain; Your silence there is better than your spite, For who can rail so long as they can write? Still humming on meaning, their drowsy course they keep, And lash'd so long, like tops, are lash'd asleep. False steps but help them to of this tonight, renew the race, As, after stumbling, jades will mend their pace. St Anthony! What crowds of these, impenitently bold, In sounds and jingling syllables grown old, Still run on dr dugong, poets, in a raging vein, Ev'n to st anthony meaning, the the dregs and squeezings of the brain, Strain out the last dull droppings of their sense, And rhyme with all the rage of impotence!

There are as mad abandon'd critics too. The bookful blockhead ignorantly read, With loads of learned lumber in his head, With his own tongue still edifies his ears, And always list'ning to himself appears. All books he reads, and all he reads assails, From Dryden's Fables down to Durfey's Tales. Contract Tonight! With him most authors steal their works, or buy; Garth did not write his own Dispensary. Name a new play, and he's the poet's friend; Nay, show'd his faults--but when would poets mend? No place so sacred from such fops is barr'd,

Nor is Paul's church more safe than Paul's churchyard: Nay, fly to st anthony meaning, altars; there they'll talk you dead; For fools rush in where angels fear t tread. Distrustful sense with modest caution speaks, It still looks home, and short excursions makes; But rattling nonsense in and The full volleys breaks. And never shock'd, and st anthony, never turn'd aside, Bursts out, resistless, with a thund'ring tide. Still pleas'd to teach, and yet not proud to know? Unbiass'd or by favour or by spite; Not dully prepossess'd nor blindly right; Tho' learn'd, well bred, and tho' well bred sincere;

Modestly bold, and how to write a essay about yourself, humanly severe; Who to a friend his faults can freely show, And gladly praise the merit of a foe; Bless'd with a taste exact, yet unconfin'd, A knowledge both of books and humankind; Gen'rous converse; a soul exempt from pride; And love to st anthony, praise, with reason on his side? Such once were critics; such the and The Enlightenment Essay, happy few. Meaning! Athens and Rome in dr dugong better ages knew. The mighty Stagyrite first left the shore, Spread all his sails, and durst the deeps explore; He steer'd securely, and discover'd far, Led by the light of the Maeonian star. St Anthony! Poets, a race long unconfin'd and free, Still fond and proud of savage liberty, Receiv'd his laws, and stood convinc'd 'twas fit. Who conquer'd Nature should preside o'er Wit.

And without method talks us into i have contract tonight sense; Will, like a friend, familiarly convey. The truest notions in the easiest way. St Anthony! He who, supreme in judgment as in wit, Might boldly censure as he boldly writ, Yet judg'd with coolness, though he sung with fire; His precepts teach but what his works inspire. Our critics take a contrary extreme, They judge with fury, but they write with phlegm; Nor suffers Horace more in wrong translations. By Wits, than Critics in i have tonight as wrong quotations.

See Dionysius Homer's thoughts refine, And call new beauties forth from ev'ry line! Fancy and art in st anthony meaning gay Petronius please, The Scholar's learning with the courtier's ease. The Saying 22 Come! The justest rules and st anthony meaning, clearest method join'd. Thus useful arms in magazines we place, All ranged in what does fiscal policy include order, and disposed with grace; But less to please the eye than arm the hand, Still fit for use, and meaning, ready at command. And bless their critic with a poet's fire: An ardent judge, who, zealous in his trust, With warmth gives sentence, yet is always just; Whose own example strengthens all his laws, And is himself that great sublime he draws. License repress'd, and useful laws ordain'd: Learning and Rome alike in empire grew, And arts still follow'd where her eagles flew; From the same foes at write a essay last both felt their doom, And the same age saw learning fall and Rome.

With tyranny then superstition join'd, As that the body, this enslaved the mind; Much was believ'd, but little understood, And to be dull was construed to meaning, be good; A second deluge learning thus o'errun, And the monks finish'd what the Goths begun. And The Enlightenment Essay! (The glory of the priesthood and the shame!) Stemm'd the wild torrent of a barb'rous age, And drove those holy Vandals off the stage. Starts from her trance, and st anthony, trims her wither'd bays. Rome's ancient genius, o'er its ruins spread, Shakes off the dust, and rears his rev'rend head. Then sculpture and her sister arts revive; Stones leap'd to form, and rocks began to live; With sweeter notes each rising temple rung; A Raphael painted and a Vida sung; Immortal Vida! on whose honour'd brow. The poet's bays and critics ivy grow:

Cremona now shall ever boast they name, As next in place to Mantua, next in fame! Their ancient bounds the banish'd Muses pass'd; Thence arts o'er all the does the saying 22 come, northern world advance, But critic learning flourish'd most in st anthony meaning France; The rules a nation born to serve obeys, And Boileau still in right of Horace sways. But we, brave Britons, foreign laws despised, And kept unconquer'd and uncivilized; Fierce for where the saying 22 come the liberties of st anthony meaning wit, and bold, We still defied the Romans, as of old. Yet some there were, among the sounder few. Of those who less presumed and better knew, Who durst assert the juster ancient cause, And here restor'd WIt's fundamental laws. Such was the Muse whose rules and Voltaire and The Enlightenment Essay, practice tell. ``Nature's chief masterpiece is writing well.'' Such was Roscommon, not more learn'd than good, With manners gen'rous as his noble blood; To him the wit of Greece and st anthony meaning, Rome was known, And every author's merit but his own. Conflict! Such late was Walsh--the Muse's judge and friend, Who justly knew to st anthony meaning, blame or to commend; To failings mild but zealous for desert, The clearest head, and the sincerest heart.

This humble praise, lamented Shade! receive; This praise at least a grateful Muse may give: The Muse whose early voice you taught to sing, Prescribed her heights, and a essay yourself, pruned her tender wing, (Her guide now lost), no more attempts to rise, But in low numbers short excursions tries; Content if hence th'unlearn'd their wants may view, The learn'd reflect on what before they knew; Careless of censure, nor too fond of st anthony meaning fame; Still pleas'd to praise, yet not afraid to blame; Averse alike to flatter or offend; Not free from faults, nor yet too vain to mend. Comments about An Essay On Criticism by Alexander Pope. Voltaire Essay! Dear Poem hunter, Pope was far ahead of his peers. Meaning! He rightly summarised the role of fiscal policy include literary critics. It is st anthony sad to reckon that many self professed ''experts'' pretend to be experts, as a result, budding poets find themselves at no joy contract odd. Literary criticism is not a play thing! In a nutshell, they must be made to read Alaxander pope and meaning, his remarkable work, before they can sermonise on poetic expressions! Read this poem in how to a essay other languages.

This poem has not been translated into any other language yet.

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Rapid Development of International Micro-finance. One of the concepts of Finance that has continued to excel over the last two decades and to which numerous groups and institutions attribute their financial success in the various development projects is International Micro-finance. Though not so active, microfinance has been prevalent for centuries with savings and credit groups and numerous savings clubs all over the world offering financial services to the poor population that was often neglected by meaning commercial banks. Voltaire And The Enlightenment. With the little profit that they made from these services, the st anthony various savings and credit developed further to form cooperatives and other development financial institutions such as micro credit organizations which provided small loans mainly to the poor people in the rural areas who could not meet the high collateral requirements of the existing commercial banks. A similar trend was evident in Europe whereby various types of large and more formal credit institutions came were formed. How To Write A Essay. The micro-finance institutions established then primarily majored with rural and the urban poor population and st anthony meaning were referred to what policy as Peoples Banks, Credit Unions as well as savings and meaning Credit Co-operatives. This research paper will go further to discuss the development of dr dugong, micro-finance on the international level. The paper will address various aspects and trends of the International Micro-finance as well as the st anthony general state of the industry on a global base. How To Yourself. This paper is divided into four subtopics which include: the Causes of the Rapid development of international Micro-finance; Constraints to the development of st anthony meaning, a fully-fledged micro-finance in developed Countries; the Impact of i have of this contract tonight, development of International Micro-finance in developing economies and st anthony meaning the Role of Public Policy in the Development of what fiscal, International Micro-finance. Causes of st anthony, The rapid development of International Micro-finance. Over the last two decades, the micro-finance industry has been on an expansive mission, taking over the financial and credit role over the various commercial banks and other related institutions.

One of the main reasons behind the rapid growth of the micro-finance industry is the how to write fact that there has been a high demand for capital among the poorest. The main goal of micro-finance is to generate and hold savings for meaning, future financial needs. These savings play such a significant role in that they protect against policy the seasonality of cash flows especially among the poor people in the rural areas and the urban poor (Robert, 2002). St Anthony. By so doing, they help to how to write a essay yourself fulfil an insurance role in covering the financial needs of the clients. More so, the various Micro-finance institutions across the globe facilitate the building up of deposits which enable the yielding of significant collateral levels which enable them to serve as a source funding for their customers. The Micro-finance industry across the globe has been on st anthony meaning, endless mission to where does 22 come counter poverty especially in less developed countries. Moreover, the microfinance institutions help to speed up economic development in the developing countries by offering a viable source of finance to the masses of people who wish to in invest and st anthony meaning build up their financial basis. Micro-finance institutions have also played a significant role by no joy of this contract tonight ensuring that their members are protected against financial shock that has seen their children remain in st anthony, school despite the bad financial times such as inflation.

There are two major factors why Microfinance compares favourably to other financial institutions and interventions. These include the does fiscal cost-effectiveness and the prospects for sustainability. According to Colin (2007), microfinance is advantageous by the fact reason that their donor investments are usually reused or recycled over time which facilitates the principle of sustainability in the financial flow and credit provision. According to meaning statistics and data collected from the comparisons made between microfinance and other lending institutions such as commercial banks, microfinance stands out as a more cost effective developmental tool compared to the available alternatives such as formal rural financial intermediation and the rural infrastructure development projects (Andrew, 2006). In addition to these benefits, costs incurred in the application of microfinance services tend to diminish with the range of the Enlightenment outreach of their services unlike other related interventions which add on their costs and chargers as they cover more people (Colin, 2007). The second significant factor that has added to st anthony meaning the rapid development of International microfinance across the globe is the sustainability that comes along with microfinance services. Normally, most of dr dugong, other related developmental tools do not have the potential to meaning remain sustainable after offering the write a essay yourself first or the initial start-up grants . St Anthony Meaning. In most cases, after offering the initial start-up capital, these institutions find themselves in need of new inputs for each and every client who joins the how to write a essay about yourself organization or the union in future (Colin, 2007). Unlike these institutions, microfinance remains stable so that they dont require their future clients to meet such barriers such as initial inputs and new inputs for st anthony meaning, the sustenance of their financial services and their lending endeavours. This is despite the fact that they there are no rigorous econometric models to conflict theorists definition substantiate its operations and capital requirements given the fact that their main target is usually the on clients who are not so well up financially. St Anthony. However, statistics and research have proven that Microfinance institutions that target poor customers are at dr dugong, a better place to meaning achieve fairly considerable repayments rates compared to those institutions that major with richer clients (IAMFI, 2008).

The other factor that has facilitated the rapid development of International Microfinance is the formation of microfinance networks in and The Enlightenment, the regions across the st anthony meaning globe. These microfinance networks act as umbrella organizations for the functioning and the welfare of multiple microfinance institutions, thus providing a viable avenue their cooperation which guarantees support for each other and a centre for sharing ideas, experiences as well as articulating solutions to the common challenges that face them in their daily functions. According to Colin (2007), microfinance networks have been instrumental in the development of the microfinance institutions, and I quote, Country and regional microfinance networks have an additional focus on advocating local microfinance policies and help members transform into regulated deposit-taking financial intermediaries . An ideal example of how to a essay, such one of the st anthony meaning largest microfinance networks in policy, the world that has facilitated the rapid development of international microfinance is Accion. This is an NGO which is based in the United States and offers technical and st anthony meaning consultancy services to the various microfinance institutions under it leadership. The major services offered by the network is concerning the management of the institutions, investment as well as governance support and guidance all aimed at building the dr dugong institutions capacity and meaning financial strength so as to fully meet the needs of the low-income households across the globe (IAMFI, 2008). Constraints to the Development of a Fully-Fledged Micro Finance in Developing Countries. In as much as there have been numerous expansion and growth of i have no joy tonight, international microfinance, we must acknowledge the fact that the mission to achieve the excellence and development records has not been without some impediments.

There are various constraints that the international microfinance industry faces in their bid to meet the financial needs of meaning, their clients. This is i have no joy of this contract tonight more evident in developing countries where most people turn to the services offered by the microfinance institutions due to their numerous financial needs occasioned by low capital endowment. The constraints or barriers that face the development of international microfinance can be analyzed in terms of their efficiency, their profitability as well as their levels of the overall outreach. One of the major constraints of the rapid development a fully fledged microfinance industry in developing countries is the establishment of inappropriate government regulations which affect the welfare and the functioning of the microfinance institutions in the various economies across the globe. The major issue with governments is the fact that the policy makers exhibit difficulties in formulating effective legal frameworks around facilitate the smooth operation of meaning, microfinance institutions operations (Robert, 2002). Countries which have taken the initiative to draft specialized microfinance laws in their economies have helped to does 22 come enhance growth and innovation in the international microfinance industry. However, most economies around the globe formulate lenient policies on the microfinance frameworks thus creating environments that only lead to weak institutions which are undercapitalized. As such, they encounter numerous challenges and impediments in the development of their operations and st anthony meaning scope of coverage. Voltaire And The Enlightenment. One of the most prevalent regulations which is more evident in various economies in Sub-Saharan Africa which undermine the global growth and development of the microfinance industry is the creation of interest rate ceilings; commonly referred to as usury laws, which limit the level of at which microfinance institutions can invest (Robert, 2002). The other major impediment of the development of fully-fledged international microfinance is the poor utilization of st anthony, modern technologies in developing countries.

This is more common with economies in regions such as Asia and and The Enlightenment Essay Sub-Saharan Africa whereby there is underinvestment in the technology among the prevailing microfinance institutions in the regions. This effect can be attributed to the constrained resources of the meaning Microfinance institutions as well as the failure of the responsible management team to how to about yourself recognize the meaning significance of integrating technological advancements in the microfinance industry (Robert, 2002). More so, the system of management information systems forces is either absent and in the few economies which have adopted the system is not well managed. This in turn leads to poor loan-processing and what fiscal poor record keeping by methods such as paper work and spreadsheets-based solutions which incapacitates the efficiency of the institutions to manage numerous numbers of clients across the globe thereby limiting the profitability and the growth potential of the microfinance institutions. In addition to the above impediments, the lack of transparency and consistency in lending activities among the various developing countries across the globe has amputated the rapid development of international microfinance. According to research findings on the consistency of lending activities of microfinance institutions in developing countries by Andrew (2007), and I quote, Most microfinance institutions in developing countries display poor asset quality, with higher portfolio at risk metrics than other microfinance institutions in developed economies of the world. This has mainly been caused by the lack of viable credit scoring methodologies among the institutions in the developing countries which have resulted in the inefficiency and the poor transparency in the management and their lending procedures. St Anthony Meaning. This in turn leads to increased costs incurred in funding for the microfinance institutions occasioned by the high risk involved in the investment due to inefficient management of the Voltaire and The Essay lending. Last but not the least of the constraints that limit the meaning development of a fully-fledged International microfinance is the lack of early-stage funding among numerous institutions. One of the major problems that still face most microfinance institutions especially in the developing countries is the fact that the funding which should facilitate the how to a essay about growth of meaning, early-stage companies in developing economies remains limited (Colin, 2007). This has been the case despite the does fiscal include increasing recognition of the commercial viability that is attached to microfinance institutions. It has been a major challenge for the small institutions that are emerging to develop and to meaning expand their scope due to the lack of access to affordable finance sources.

This has been the case due to the fact that most investment in the microfinance activities in the developing economies is has been concentrated in only a few leading institutions which are fully developed (Andrew, 2007). Impact of Development of International Micro Finance in Developing Economies. The impact and the significance of the rapid development of international Microfinance in developing countries cannot be over what does include, stated. St Anthony. The financial support offered by the microfinance institutions to the various development groups and individuals has brought positive change in the lifestyle of what does fiscal, people across the globe in various ways. One of the st anthony meaning most clear and evident impact of the development of international microfinance is the reduction of poverty and vulnerability especially among the low income earners in the developing economies and conflict theorists among the upcoming investors. According to findings by Robert (2002), and I quote, Microfinance has also facilitated the trend of saving among numerous households. Consequently, this has made it possible to invest and plan their life such that their livelihood is st anthony meaning not affected by some unexpected financial setbacks that they may face in life. Through such investments, people across the globe have been able to increase their levels of income. More so, people have benefited from the jobs created by the various microfinance institutions that have been established across various regions in the world. As such, households are able to what does fiscal include cover their expenses and improve on their lifestyle in areas such as nutrition, housing and improved health care standards (Robert, 2002). More so, there has been a significant reduction in the rate at which harmful child labour take place especially in less developed countries.

On a general note, reports indicate that there has been a significant improvement among the participants or members who have consistently invested their loans on long term basis in st anthony, terms of their incomes, assets and what does policy include their livelihood security. For instance report indicates that participants or members of the meaning microfinance institutions in Vietnam recorded 50% increases in their income levels since 1996 when they joined the microfinance institutions in their country (Colin, 2007). More so, as Robert (2002) carefully notes, and I quote, poverty reduction estimates based on consumption impacts of credit show about 5 percent of program participants can lift their families out of poverty each year by participating and borrowing from microfinance programs. The other impact of the international microfinance has been experienced on the per capita expenditure especially among the women members of the institutions whereby women have been empowered and does the saying catch from can manage their own development activities as well as their expenditure needs without having to rely on external support. Meaning. More so, the net worth of the active members of the microfinance institutions has been significantly increased, with more changes being evident among women. In addition, the development of international microfinance has led to the creation of favourable economic environment in the various regions which have adopted the microcredit programs.

These programs have been significant to help the members who are not only faced with financial problems but also with issues to do with worries of catch from, possible economic crisis, political instability as well as the meaning occurrence of natural disasters. The savings invested in where the saying catch from, the institutions are normally given back to the members in the form of credit loans which they use to meaning recover and correct their affected projects and to support their daily needs in case such problems take place. Last but not the least among the impact of the rapid development of international microfinance programs especially among the developing and the developed economies is the no joy of this contract tonight smoothening of consumption as well facilitating the reduction of the seasonality of labour supply. Meaning. This is due the numerous employment opportunities that have been created by the numerous microfinance institutions across the globe and the fact that members have substantial amounts of capital to invest and create self employment through business ventures (Andrew, 2007). This way, the long-term members of the institutions are assured of regular in flow of contract, income from the diversified investment projects that they have already initiated to facilitate alternative source of income. Role of Public Policy in the Development of International Micro Finance.

The implementation of some public policies in the various nations across the globe has also affected the rate of development of international microfinance across the globe in a number of ways. St Anthony Meaning. Some policies have had a positive impact on the rate of growth whereas others slow the rate of development of the international microfinance institutions by limiting their scope and interest rate levels thereby limiting their potential to grow into marginal financial institutions. One of the public policies that affect the conflict theorists definition development of microfinance institutions and operations is the monetary and the taxation policy . Some taxation and monetary policies formulated and implemented by the respective governments may channel substantial amounts of capital or resources away from credit so that they are used in other investment instruments (Robert, 2002). This problem is more common in developing countries whereby the exchange rates as well as the interest rates are usually politicized so as to satisfy the selfish objectives of the politicians. More importantly, the st anthony formulation of poor monetary policies by the responsible financial bodies and the various governments such as inflation and economic instability usually reduce the level of savings for the low income earnings who happen to be the majority of the members of the various microfinance institutions across the globe. This consequently affects the group-based microcredit programs so that they are financially unstable to meet bigger projects of the various development groups and the financial requirements of their clients. Another policy that significantly affects the rate of development of the how to a essay about international microfinance institutions across the globe is the government regulation which reduces the capital available for the small businesses to lend their clients. This is due to the fact that the government values the stability of the banking system over the idea of st anthony meaning, widespread access as is the how to a essay about yourself case with microfinance institutions. In other occasions, banks have shown their willingness to lend the microenterprises.

Unfortunately, the policy regulators in these countries counter their efforts by initiating policies that inhibit such procedures. The other issue that affect the efficiency and the development of international microfinance operations is the numerous political interferences in the credit markets, which is meaning more rampant in developing countries. In most cases, politicians have been known to divert development funds to moribund state-owned firms and political or worse off to a few wealthy and influential personalities (Robert, 2002). Rarely do these funds reach the hands of the poor people who seek credit to finance their developmental projects. This leaves the poor with a challenge to form their own credit system which is quite a hurdle given their low resource basis. The topic of the rapid development of where does catch, international microfinance is such a significant topic especially with the current need and challenge of the small scale entrepreneurs to engage in more viable financial development projects. This has been necessitated by the need to counter the high cost of living occasioned by the inflation and other economic challenges. Meaning. It is important to acknowledge the role that the microfinance institutions play in the international economics welfare such as employment creation and the reduction of poverty among the catch 22 come from poor people especially in the less developed and the developing countries. More so, the st anthony meaning services rendered by these institutions such as microcredit lending and the mobilization of what does fiscal, members savings has enhanced the income of the members especially those who have remained loyal to save on a long term basis. It is also important to acknowledge the fact that there are some constraints that hinder the full development and growth of the meaning microfinance across the various economies in the world.

Such constraints as lack of transparency in the lending of credit to the clients among others must be fully addressed in order to achieve the full growth and expansion of the scope of the microfinance institutions I across the globe. The active NGOs and Voltaire Essay the various policy making bodies across the various economies must take upon themselves the responsibility of ensuring the st anthony formulation of favourable policies and viable procedures that enable the free operation and the rapid development of international microfinance across the globe . Andrew M. (2006). Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation. Wiley. Print. Robert F. Where From. (2002). Analysis of the Effects of Microfinance on Poverty Reduction. New York University, Paper no.

1014. Print. Colin S. St Anthony. (2007). Supporting Growth and Sustainability of the contract Microfinance Industry in meaning, Sub- Saharan Africa. Lehigh University-College of Business #038; Economics. Print.