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Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems

White British Cultural Identity in Film an Essay. “The English are great lovers of themselves and of everything belonging to them. They think there are no other men like themselves and no other world but England and and Information whenever they see a handsome foreigner, they say he looks like an Englishman and it is a great pity he should not be an Englishman…” The Venetian Ambassador of 1497, quoted in ‘English Traits’ In Ralph Waldo Emerson: Essays 1856 London: Read Books (2006 edition p.85-6) “They’re rubbish the French. They’ve never forgiven us for the Armada.” Irate English holidaymaker, interviewed by the BBC during the 1995 French seamen’s blockade of English ferries. The film I have chosen to analyse as a representation of vancouver, my personal cultural identity is Essay on Analysis of Database Systems Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men (2006). My identity, at its broadest level, is ‘white English’. However, the white identity is one in crisis, and Essay Humor and Social has been since the mass immigrations of the 1960s and 1970s, which saw a totally unprepared Britain become a multi-racial society in the space of one generation. I personally find the racial definition ‘white English’ entirely unhelpful when considering contemporary cultural identity. Today, with the added threat of on Analysis and Information Retrieval, global Islamic terrorism, and the converse emphasis of rhyme scheme, Islamic rights and culture, a dangerous breed of white English anti-immigrant sentiment, the like of which hasn’t been seen since the 1960s and 70s, is threatening to rear its ugly head once again. Children of Essay of Database, Men does specifically address the white English fear of mass immigration, which is the root of its identity crisis, but it also addresses the general contemporary British issues of identity and stereotypes, class, rural romanticism, urban violence, nationalism, terrorism, torture, state power and militarism, the media and the state, disease-terror and rhyme infertility, religion, and a growing crisis of violence and anti-social behaviour amongst the Essay Management Systems youth of what is a rhyme, Britain. These issues are bombarding all Britons, of all classes, ethnicities and races, not just my own.

They are issues that we all hold in common, and Essay on Analysis Management and Information Systems which unite us as a country. To be British today is to be facing these problems, and that, to me, is our British cultural identifier, which means so much more to me than the Resource-Based Economy: or Curse Essay narrow racial definition ‘white English’. These are the issues and Essay on Analysis Management themes which I consider to be indicative of my British cultural identity, and I will extract and analyse them from within the film. Children of Men is set in 2027, in a world where the citations human race has become mysteriously infertile, where Britain is the last remaining civilisation, and where immigrants are being purged. The film couldn’t be more blatant in its warning about on Analysis of Database Retrieval, immigration fears, and its relevance today is stark. With the entering of Romania and Bulgaria into the European Union this year, Britain has put up quota blocks on study the number of immigrants it is allowing into this country, after public outcry over of Database Retrieval, uncontrolled immigration from Europe. In the 1960s Enoch Powell made his famous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech against mass immigration, and this film is an extreme image of what could happen if the vancouver government took his advice.

“As time goes on, the proportion of this total who are immigrant descendents, those born in England, who arrived here by Management and Information Retrieval Systems exactly the same route as the Economy: Blessing rest of us, will rapidly increase. Already by 1985 the native-born would constitute the majority… The natural and rational first question with a nation confronted by such a prospect is to Essay on Analysis Management Systems, ask: ‘How can its dimensions be reduced?’…The answers to the simple and why was garvey sent back rational question are equally simple and rational: by stopping or virtually stopping, further inflow, and by promoting the maximum outflow.” (Powell, 1968) In Children of Men this is exactly what is happening. On Analysis Of Database And Information Systems? Immigration has been stopped and emigration is being forced. Though Powell’s opinions might appear repulsive, it would be foolish to deny their relevance in today’s society as the race issue again comes to the foreground of the social and political scene. Islamic militants, born and bred in dementia case study Britain, have bombed London, violently spitting in the face of the country which their parents chose to come to, and are still desperate to come to, if the Essay Management images of desperate immigrants jumping on the backs of dementia case, lorries at Essay on Analysis Calais are to be believed. Immigration is a key issue in the crisis of white English national identity, along with British identity as a whole. But the concept of what defines the white English identity is scheme just as problematic. There are many different stereotypes of the typical English character, and they are as tenuous as they are popular. Though it is Management and Information not so much addressed within Children of Men as an issue, we are very aware that the central character is a white English male, and that the enemy in the film is what is a scheme a black English male. How different would the film be if it were a black English male who was the protagonist? I suspect very.

As it is though, we are following Theo, whom I would describe as a typical English gentleman hero. But in Essay of Database Management Systems making this assertion I must describe what a typical English gentleman is, and to do this I must utilise stereotypes, which are the only way we can possibly describe peoples of an entire nationality. The stereotypes of the Humor Competence English are varied but generally similar. In 1944 George Orwell praised us as being law-abiding, considerate, gentle, decent, insular, patriotic and anti-intellectual (1944:79), while Clive Aslet, who also quotes another English gent, Horatio Nelson, says, “Outsiders tend to view the English as arrogant, and it would be difficult to think otherwise if one were to look only at a turn-of-the-century imperialist…It would be true enough to say that the Essay of Database Management Retrieval Systems English are the reverse of arrogant; we are the on Humor and Social nation which eternally hovers at doorways, inviting the Essay Retrieval Systems other person through first. Perhaps the habit of self-effacement stemmed from a kind of arrogance: we believed we could afford it. Essay Humor? Traditionally we never felt the on Analysis need to trumpet our strengths because they seemed to us quite obvious. We are not triumphalist about triumphs. ‘It is the custom, and a very bad one,’ wrote Horatio Nelson, ‘for the English never to Essay on, tell their own story.’” (Aslet, 1997:5) The results of a questionnaire taken in 1985 amongst final year secondary and on Analysis and Information Retrieval first year university students from a variety of European and Asian countries, concluded that the English are reserved, practical, peaceful, calm, sceptical and self controlled (Peacock, 1985:95-108). Theo as an Englishman affirms many of these characteristics. Female Drama Leads: Leave Motherhood?? He is calm to of Database, the brink of why was garvey sent back in 1927, lethargic throughout the film, and certainly is of Database and Information Retrieval undeterred by the violence taking place around him. He is sceptical of all who attempt to interfere in his quest, and never once questions his duty to Kee, who he has sworn to protect. Dementia Case? In its portrayal of the violent city, the film is also confronting the British romanticism with the countryside, by contrasting the peaceful rural with the violent urban.

It is a typical trait of English culture to idealise the rural. As Aslet phrases it, “[t]he British countryside retains an emotional significance even for people who do not visit it very often. We almost take this for granted. No other nations are possessed of such a yearning for the rural idyll…Partly in reaction against the unattractive condition of the towns, well-to-do people developed a taste for living in the country, which became an art in itself.” (1997:168-9) This is a theme also explored by Peter Hutchings in his ‘Uncanny Landscapes’ article, where he identifies this futuristic landscape as being “[one] suffused with a sense of profound and Essay on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval Systems sometimes apocalyptic anxiety; it is also a landscape of a comprehensive dispossession and vacancy. It might best be thought of as the British antilandscape, the landscape that provocatively throws into question the very idea of the human/national subject as the owner of landscape, as a figure in that landscape, or as an marcus garvey sent to jamaica observer of it.” (2004). In Children of Essay on Analysis and Information Retrieval Systems, Men , Theo leaves the citations city after a bomb is detonated in a cafe he has vacated. He visits Jasper, who lives in a hidden cottage in Essay Retrieval the woods. Theo later goes to the FISH headquarters, which is situated in a large, cosy farmhouse in the countryside. He is escaping the violent urban for the peaceful rural.

However, conforming to what Hutchings calls the “savage-rural”, Theo finds himself threatened both by the inhabitants of the farmhouse, and also by Resource-Based Economy: or Curse a feral gang which are living in the woods like olden-day bandits. It is of Database Systems important to recognise that Theo is foremost a city dweller, looking at this rural landscape from an urban mindset. As Hutchings notes, “[t]he savage or beastly rural landscape is usually a negative landscape as viewed from the case study perspective of the modern city dweller.” (2004) It is traditionally the city dweller who is attacked within the rural landscape in British film and drama, whether by a monster or beast such as The Hound of the Baskervilles (1968/2002) or by a rural dweller, for example Straw Dogs (1971). This appearance of the wild gang in the woods complies with Hutchings’ “comprehensive dispossession and on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval Systems vacancy” and shows a landscape in which the human element is “either completely disappearing or becoming subject to uncontrollable impulses or compulsions, or regressing into something less than human.” Certainly the gangs are a sign of apocalyptic, atavistic regression into tribal brutality. But in what scheme Children of Men , these gangs are also to be found in the city itself. As Theo takes the train home from work, a mob of violent youths hurl stones at the train window and attack it with bars and bats, in much the of Database same way that the woodland gang attack the car with similar instruments. It is a deliberate mirror image used by the film to emphasis the idea of the dementia city regressing into primitive anarchy. Hutchings identifies this use of regression to a pre-modern condition in order to change cityscapes into uncanny landscapes, and describes them as “such menacing cityscapes and landscapes, which form part of what might be termed ‘dark heritage’” (2004). This idea of the cityscape transformed into a landscape is and Information explicit in the final sequence of the film, at Bexhill relocation camp. Why Was Garvey Sent To Jamaica In 1927? The city has been cordoned off into a ghetto for immigrants, and is now virtually a war zone of scavenging beggars and mob violence. It is on Analysis of Database Retrieval then stormed by the army and by members of FISH, whereupon it becomes literally a war zone, deliberately mirroring the storming of the Warsaw ghetto of the Nazi Reich.

When considering the reasons behind the creation of vancouver, this regressive, ‘dark heritage’ landscape, Hutchings claims that, “for all the importance of notions of history within this type of Essay on Analysis Retrieval, location, it is anxieties about why was marcus garvey sent back, modernity and of Database and Information Systems modern social change that arguably explain its appearance. In a curious way, prospects of the future lead inexorably to fantasies about the past and about annihilation of the national self.” (2004). This is precisely what the film is about. The contemporary British fear of modernisation and or Curse globalisation, personified on screen by a world collapsed by the ethnic strife within nations, and the resultant surge of anti-immigration sentiment and ignorant nationalism. This theme of unrestrained nationalism is also a key element in the film. As numerous television, newspaper and bus-side adverts tell us throughout the film, ‘The world has collapsed, only Britain soldiers on.’ It is a chilling exploitation of the on Analysis Management Retrieval Systems natural nationalist sentiment of Essay on Humor and Social, all peoples, in Essay Management Retrieval Systems order to encourage them to inform on immigrants. Nationalism is an issue gaining significance today with the rise of political parties such as the citations British Nationalist Party and Essay on Analysis and Information Retrieval Scottish Nationalist Party. As Anthony Smith posits, “Of all the collective identities which human beings share today, national identity is perhaps the most fundamental and inclusive…other types of collective identity – class, gender, race, religion – may overlap or combine with national identity but they rarely succeed in undermining its hold.” (1991:143) Erik Hobsbawm corroborates this in his claim that the very process of industrialisation and citations nationalisation throws any notions of territorial ethnic homogeny out of the proverbial window, relying as it does on mass immigration and on Analysis and Information Retrieval Systems urbanisation of diverse mixtures of peoples within a single identifiable territory (1993: 156-157). Essay On Competence? But what happens then, when an immigration of Essay on Analysis of Database, peoples is so huge that the infrastructure of the host nation is threatened? Will religious or ethnic loyalties prevail to support them? Beverly Milton-Edwards claims that ethnic solidarities only survive if they provide security and status, the case study reward of which is better than any alternatives (2004:24).

We can certainly see evidence of this in Essay of Database and Information Systems Britain today with the emergence of ethnic movements and or Curse the solidifying of the British, Scottish and Essay Management and Information Welsh nationalist movements. Ethnicities are segregating not assimilating. Hobsbawm and Smith were writing for their times. With the rise of global terrorism and the bombing of London, my time is sadly much less optimistic. The issue of terrorism is explicit in Resource-Based Economy: the film, and its examples are not just restricted to terrorist organisations like FISH, but also include state-sponsored terror. Essay On Analysis And Information Retrieval Systems? Jasper’s wife, an vancouver citations academic in on Analysis Retrieval the original book, here converted into a journalist too, has apparently been tortured so horrifically by the state, that she has been left in a permanently catatonic state. The themes of state power and Essay militarism are central to this film’s portrayal of a semi-fascist state, unapologetically Nazi in its overtones. Aslet identifies as the main cause for the contemporary mistrust of the Essay of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems state and its institutions, “[a] series of spectacular miscarriages of justice, dating from the 1970s,” and also “arising from their abandonment of their old homely persona in favour of a more macho, violent image derived from American television programmes.” (Aslet, 1997:206). Never was this a more relevant statement, as we hear that the garvey back Welsh police forces are planning to of Database Management and Information Retrieval, dispose of their traditional helmets in favour of American SWAT style baseball caps. The shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005 was also another dire warning of the scheme growing militarism of the police, and a reminder of its innate incompetence. In Children of Men , as we watch Theo enter the ghetto at Bexhill, in the background we are shown a truly horrible image.

A man covered in a dirty sheet, standing on a box, with a triangular black hood over his head, his arms outstretched. We have all seen this image in the newspapers of Essay of Database Management and Information, today, taken at the Abu Ghraib prison camp, where British officers were torturing inmates. In this film we see it taking place, apparently routinely, in the background. All of the news reports of the atrocities committed by British troops in Iraq are brought sharply home to us all. The use of Essay on Successful Crime Leads: Where Does that Motherhood?, these media images, so recognisable to use today, ties into another theme in Essay on Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval the film, that of government propaganda and media hijacking by the state. The use of the scheme media as a government tool is an issue I am personally becoming more and more suspicious of. The words “Britain” and “British” are being slipped into the media lexicon with increasing frequency. British beef, British Burberry, British history, British countryside, etcetera etcetera.

As if eating British foods and visiting the British countryside will somehow make you more British. On Analysis Of Database Management And Information Retrieval Systems? Jeffrey Richards recognises that “[c]ulture, in particular popular culture, is the battleground for identity. Cinema and latterly television have played a vital role in defining, mythifying and disseminating national identity.” (1997:xii). The state’s appropriation of religious, ethnic and linguistic history is part of the formation of what Seton Watson describes as “official nationalisms” which provided an efficient means of spreading appropriated notions of is a scheme, history, ethnicity and language, in on Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval order to promote the idea of case, ‘nation’ to the masses, (1977: 148) and creating what Benedict Anderson calls “imagined communities” which gave both meaning and legitimacy to the state (1991: 109). This is certainly the case in Children of Men, where we are bombarded with adverts and posters encouraging us to obey the state and inform on immigrants, that Britain is on Analysis of Database Retrieval great and that the state is protecting us. This kind of propaganda has been unheard of in Britain since rationing ended, and has always been attributed to wartime necessity. That it should be used today is a signal of regression to this wartime ignorance, where we were told what to do by the state ‘for our own good’. Also the news reports of Diego’s murder, and vancouver the subsequent images of public mourning remind us of the deaths of Princess Diana and Ken Bigley, and the displays of irrational public grief which the Management Systems media fed upon marcus sent back to jamaica in 1927 and encouraged during that time. Hutchings discusses the dangers of Essay on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval, public hysteria and mass pathology within anti-landscapes, saying that, “[t]he human presence in these landscapes is shown to be diminished through the loss of individuality within a homogenous instinctive crowd or through the absence of humans altogether.” (2004). Ian Pears even calls this kind of mass behaviour distinctly un-British. When considering the funerals of Wellington and Napoleon, he claims that, “[t]he English liked to see themselves as a nation pre-eminently able to produce heroes, but peculiarly resistant to the fawning displays of devotion to them that was so dangerous an element of the French character.” (1992:220) Again, it is a centuries old stereotype, but one that still holds today, of the British and English as emotionally stoic and self-controlled.

Disease, medicine and infertility are some of the most significant elements of the film in reference to Britain today, where the Female Drama Leads: Does Motherhood? white population is steadily breeding less and less, whether waiting longer to have children, preferencing careers over family, or simply choosing not to have children at all. The immigrant population however, is showing no such reluctance to multiply, much to the disgruntlement of the white population. Children of Men offers us a vision of a world without children, at a time when our own youth seems to be spiralling into a web of violence, drug abuse, obesity, sex and alienation. The absence of religion, especially Protestantism as a British institution, has been blamed as a cause of this new pathology, but there are many other reasons for the descent. And Information Retrieval Systems? Aslet indicated the sexual liberation movement of the citations 60s as another root cause, saying that, “Since it was the parental generation which created the culture of anything-goes, they cannot be surprised if anything-goes for Essay Management and Information Retrieval Systems their children, too. But life was easier in the parents’ time, when the older generation had a firm set of values to rebel against.” (1997:63) In society today, children have no sense of the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, as the state treats them more and more as though they were made of glass.

One reason for this has been the many horrific child-abuse scandals which have rocked both Britain and its most prized institutions. Children have become untouchable, and case study are more and more instilled with a sense of invincibility, so much so that gangs of yobs are now able to ‘happy slap’ strangers on buses, or even kick adult men to death in parks with little fear of reprisal. Richards blames this new cult of violence on the Americanisation of Britain. “The Americanisation of the youth culture, underway since World War One, was completed – and the British young now go round in baseball caps, eating Macdonalds, using American slang, watching American films, idolising macho American stars, and supporting a culture that advocates the virtues of extreme individualism, violent self-assertion and total sexual freedom.” (1997:22) Children of Men does not give us an image of the future of our own violent British youth. It simply removes them, entirely, from the planet. It also seems to suggest that we are to blame for this catastrophe, through our own sin or industrial greed and negligence. Certainly society today has to take the Systems blame for on Successful Female Crime Leads: Does that Leave the state of our youth, which appears, even within a generation, to be wholly alien to the previous one.

In Britain we are trying to come to terms with so many issues all at once, it is little wonder our youth are in such a mess. But they are problems we cannot run away from, or blame on someone else. They are British issues, which effect the whole population of this island, whatever race or ethnicity, and this is why Children of Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval, Men speaks volumes to why was marcus to jamaica in 1927, me, like no other film. We are a changing society, and we are struggling with the process. The stereotypes simply do not fit anymore. I will end this essay with a quote from Jeffrey Richards which I believe sums up our national predicament perfectly. “When a third of young men under thirty have criminal records it is hard to see the gentleness and law abidingness that Orwell so praised. The culture is steeped in violence and images of violence, and Essay Management where violence rules, tolerance, fair play and what is a restraint go out of the window. Of Database Retrieval? As an ever nastier yob culture swirls around us, the national character inexorably changes. Britain is currently undergoing a crisis of vancouver citations, national identity as profound as that of the eighteenth century which produced the new sense of Britishness. Evidence of this can be found in a recent Gallup poll which revealed that 48 percent of the Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Systems British population would like to emigrate.” (1997:25) Anderson, Benedict. (1991) Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism. London: Verso.

Aslet, Clive. (1997) Anyone for England?: a Search for British Identity. London: Little, Brown and Company. On Successful Female Crime Does Leave? Behtzi by Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti. Accessed 3 rd jan 2007. Haseler, Stephen (1996) The English Tribe: Identity, Nation and Europe , London: Macmillan Press Ltd. Hobsbawm, E. J. (1993) Nations and Nationalisms since 1780: Progeny, Myth, Reality. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Hutchings, Peter. (2004) ‘Uncanny Landscapes in British Film and Essay of Database Management Retrieval Television’. In Visual Culture in Britain vol.5 Issue 2. Humor And Social Competence? p27. Essay On Analysis Management And Information? Manchester University Press. Milton-Edwards, Beverley. (2004) Contemporary Politics in the Middle East . Cambridge: Polity Press. Orwell, George 1944 The English People from why was garvey sent in 1927, Collected Essays, Journaism and Letters, volume 2. p.79 London: Harmondsworth 1973. Peabody, Dean (1985) National Characteristics . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pears, Ian. ‘The Gentleman and the Hero: Wellington and Napoleon in Essay on Analysis of Database and Information the Nineteenth Century’. In Myths of the English , edited by Porter, Roy (1992) Cambridge: Polity Press. Powell, Enoch (April 20 th 1968) ‘Rivers of on Successful Crime Drama Leads: that Leave Motherhood?, Blood’. And Information? Speech to and Social Competence, the Annual General Meeting of the West Midlands Area Conservative Political Centre. Birmingham.

Full text found at http://the Powell, Enoch (Jan 21 st 1977) ‘The Road to National Suicide: Immigration, the Public Interest and the ‘Uniform of Colour’.’ Speech to Management and Information Retrieval Systems, a meeting of the study Stretford Young Conservatives. Civic Theatre, Stretford, Manchester. Richards, Jeffrey. (1997) Films and and Information British National Identity: From Dickens to Dad’s Army . Manchester: Manchester University Press. Study? Studies in popular culture series.

Seton-Watson, H. (1977) Nations and States, an Enquiry into the Origins of on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval Systems, Nations and the Politics of Nationalism. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press. Smith, Anthony D. (1983) Theories of why was marcus garvey sent back in 1927, Nationalism . 2 nd edition, London: Duckworth. Smith, Anthony D. (1991) National Identity . Of Database Management And Information Retrieval? London: Routledge. Children of Men , dir. Alfonso Cuaron (United International Pictures, 2006) The Hound of the Baskervilles, (BBC television, 1968/2002)

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Analysis of database management and information retrieval systems

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Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems

Research in Brain Function and Learning. Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, PhD, LP, ABPdN, University of Minnesota Medical School. The brain begins to mature even before birth. Although it continues to Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval Systems, mature throughout most of life, the brain does not mature at the same rate in each individual. This should not be surprising.

After all, our bodies grow at different rates — we reach puberty at different ages and our emotional maturity at different times as well. Why should our brains be any different? Just because you have a classroom full of students who are about the same age doesn't mean they are equally ready to learn a particular topic, concept, skill, or idea. Why Was Garvey Sent Back! It is important for teachers and parents to understand that maturation of the brain influences learning readiness. For teachers, this is especially important when designing lessons and selecting which strategies to use. As a teacher, all children need to be challenged and nurtured in on Analysis Management and Information, order to Economy: or Curse Essay, profit from your instruction. Instruction that is above or below the maturity level of a child's brain is not only Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval Systems inappropriate; it can also lead to Essay on Successful Where Does Leave Motherhood?, behavior problems in your classroom. Inappropriate behaviors — such as avoidance, challenging authority and on Analysis and Information Systems aggression towards other students — can be explained by study, a failure to match instruction to the brain maturity of your students. You should also know that all brain functions do not mature at Management and Information Systems the same rate . A young child with highly advanced verbal skills may develop gross and Essay on Humor fine motor control more slowly and have trouble learning to write clearly. Another child may be advanced physically but not know how to manage his/her social skills.

Others may be cognitively advanced but show emotional immaturity. For all of these reasons, it is important to understand how our brains mature as well as the differences that may be present at each stage of normal development. The recommendations below are supported by evidence. Be aware of developmental differences among your students. These differences have implications for behaviors that students display in your classroom. Understand that normal development varies widely within the same age and the same grade. Our educational system is set up for Essay on Analysis and Information, the convenience of rhyme teaching large numbers of children in a grade-level classroom. Retrieval Systems! The age for entrance into garvey sent a particular grade is not necessarily linked to brain maturity for on Analysis Management Systems, all children. Although you do not determine which children are in your class, you should be sensitive to the variety of developmental levels presented in your classroom.

Be aware that children who are born prematurely may not be at the same developmental level as others of their chronological age. Children who are born more than 8 weeks early may not catch up to their peers until they are 3 or 4 years old. Female Crime Drama Where Does That! Although premature children over the age of 4 are often indistinguishable from children who were not premature, there may be prematurely born children who continue to show delays. Be aware of this possibility when discussing a child's progress with his/her parents. - Adjusting his/her pace of school work. - Receiving a more overt display of understanding and of Database and Information Systems encouragement by his/her teacher. Don't assume that a child has a disability just because his/her learning is delayed.

Be aware that the study development of cognitive and other skills is Essay on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval, often uneven. Don't assume that delays a child is showing today will get better over time. If a child does not improve his/her progress, it is important to gather more information and then refer the child for further evaluation if indicated. Don't adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. What Rhyme Scheme! Experienced teachers vary skills and activities for different students within a grade. Essay Of Database! Some of this variability works because of the different life experiences of children and why was sent to jamaica some works because of differences in Essay on Analysis of Database Management, brain maturity.

But, for either reason, variety is a good thing. Don't place children in Resource-Based Economy: or Curse Essay, groups based solely on age. Essay On Analysis Management Systems! For some children, learning to read is a struggle. Many are not ready to learn to read until they are seven years old, while others are ready at age four. And Social! (This may be particularly true for Essay on Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems, boys.) Social maturity does not correlate with other learning skills. Is A Rhyme! Both social and Essay of Database Management and Information Retrieval learning characteristics need to be addressed separately to determine appropriate placement. Don't judge ability based on physical appearance. It's very important not to judge children based on their physical appearance. Children who are taller and/or more physically mature may not be cognitively advanced. And children with cerebral palsy often have average to what is a scheme, above average ability despite significant problems with motor and speech production.

Children learn in different ways. And although the maturity of the brain is an important factor when it comes to learning differences, the real story is Management and Information Systems, more complicated than that. The way children learn depends on age, level of development and Essay on brain maturity. Learning differences are also related to genetics, temperament and environment, but in this module we will focus on how and Management Systems when the brain matures. Different brain structures mature at different rates and follow different paths, but maturation begins long before birth. As a fetus grows, nerve cells (neurons) travel to their eventual locations within the what is a brain. The survival of any one neuron is not guaranteed. There is competition among neurons for limited space and those that do not find a home — a place where they can live and thrive — are pruned back and destroyed.

It is not yet known why some neurons find a home and others do not, but after a neuron settles down it continues to Essay Management Retrieval, grow and Resource-Based Economy: or Curse Essay develop within its region of the brain. When pruning does not happen or is incomplete, disorders in on Analysis Management and Information, learning and/or behavior can be the result. Development of the brain from 25 days to 9 months: At birth, both motor and sensory systems of the brain are already up and Resource-Based Economy: Blessing running. A newborn infant has enough motor control to feed and to move away from painful or other unpleasant stimuli.

Although visual and auditory systems are present at birth, they continue to develop in the first few months of on Analysis and Information Retrieval life as the brain reacts to the environment (Carlson, 2014). In healthy children, motor and and Social Competence sensory systems continue to develop during toddlerhood and the preschool years. Auditory and visual skills improve during this time too. Since brain development after birth is influenced by Essay and Information Retrieval Systems, inputs from the environment, and because those inputs are unique to each child, every human brain is unique. Note: Inputs from the environment are not always a good thing. Children born prematurely are thought to associate the initial noise and clatter around them as painful. Research indicates that a quiet environment allows these children to catch up as their neurons make connections (Rothbart et al., 2003). Although the age at which a child is ready to learn a specific skill becomes hard-wired as the is a rhyme brain develops, learning itself is also environmentally determined. On Analysis Retrieval! For example, a child is ready to learn to read when his or her auditory system is developmentally ready to distinguish one sound from what is a rhyme scheme another. But if reading instruction is not provided, or if the child's parents do not enrich the environment by reading to him or her, learning to read will be delayed.

Conversely, a child whose auditory system is not ready when reading instruction is provided will also be delayed in learning to read. The ability to read is also enhanced by the development of the auditory cortex and the development of skills involved in on Analysis Systems, remembering what is taught and dementia applying that knowledge to real problems. Note: A key predictor of reading readiness is a child's ability to understand rhyming (Semrud-Clikeman, 2006). This ability translates into skills in understanding how sounds differ and in turn predicts a child's success with phonics instruction. At every stage of development, it is important to give children age-appropriate tasks. Management And Information Retrieval! But, be careful when you combine tasks. One age-appropriate task plus another age-appropriate task doesn't necessarily make for an age-appropriate experience.

For example: In the marcus sent back in 1927 early grades, children learn how to coordinate fine motor skills and visual skills. Essay Of Database And Information Systems! They are able to copy letters and figures they see. Although this simple task is automatic for marcus back, you, it takes a lot of Essay and Information concentration for them. Therefore, a child should not be asked to copy items from the blackboard and solve problems at the same time unless the act of copying has become automatic. During the early elementary years, fibers continue to grow between neurons and the white matter of the brain (also called myelin ). The growing neural networks of connected neurons and fibers are essential to the transmission of information throughout the brain. As the brain matures, more and more fibers grow and the brain becomes increasingly interconnected.

These interconnected networks of neurons are very important to the formation of memories and scheme the connection of on Analysis of Database Systems new learning to why was garvey sent back in 1927, previous learning. As neural networks form, the child learns both academically and socially. At first, this learning is mostly rote in Essay on Analysis, nature. As skills become more automatic, the child does not have to think as hard about what he or she is learning or doing, and brain resources are freed up to be used for complex tasks that require more and more attention and processing. Skills in reading, mathematics and writing become more specialized and developed.

The late elementary and middle school years. From late elementary school into dementia middle school, inferential thinking becomes more emphasized in schools, while rote learning is de-emphasized. This shift in focus is supported by Essay on Analysis Management, the increased connectivity in the brain and by Essay on Successful Female Leads: Where Leave Motherhood?, chemical changes in the neuronal pathways that support both short and long term memory. These chemical changes can continue for Management, hours, days and even weeks after the initial learning takes place (Gazzaniga, Magnun, 2014). Citations! Learning becomes more consolidated, as it is Essay on Analysis of Database Retrieval, stored in rhyme scheme, long-term memory. During the early elementary years, the Essay on Analysis and Information Retrieval Systems child develops motor skills, visual-motor coordination, reasoning, language, social understanding and marcus in 1927 memory.

As learning is consolidated into neural networks , concepts combine into meaningful units that are available for later use. An ability to generalize and abstract begins at this stage and continues into adulthood. Also during this time, the child learns about perspective-taking and social interaction. Retrieval Systems! The ability to understand one's social place is crucial for the development of appropriate relationships with other people. These skills are closely tied to Resource-Based or Curse, development of the tracts of the right hemisphere as well as in the areas of the brain that are tied to emotional processing (also called the limbic system ) (Semrud-Clikeman, 2007). (A tract is a pathway that connects one part of the brain with another, usually consisting of Essay on Analysis and Information Systems myelin-insulated axons. Tracts are known collectively as white matter.) During the later elementary years and early middle school years, the child's brain activity is mostly in the posterior regions where the areas for auditory, visual and tactile functioning intersect. This intersection is called the association area of the brain and generally contains information that has been learned and vancouver is now stored. This is the information that is commonly measured on achievement tests and verbally based ability tests.

The frontal lobes begin to mature more fully in Essay on Analysis Management Retrieval Systems, middle school. The maturation continues through high school and adulthood (Semrud-Clikeman Ellison, 2009). The frontal lobes are a more recent evolutionary development in brains and allow humans to evaluate and adapt their behavior based on past experience. The frontal lobes are also thought to be where social understanding and empathy reside (Damasio, 2008). The refined development of the frontal white matter tracts begins around age 12 and continues into the twenties. This region of the brain is crucial for higher cognitive functions , appropriate social behaviors and the development of formal operations . These tracts develop in an orderly fashion and experience appears to contribute to further development. If you are teaching adolescents, you should emphasize inferential thinking as well as metacognition . For some adolescents, brain development matches our educational expectations. For others, the why was marcus garvey sent to jamaica in 1927 two do not coincide and Essay on Analysis and Information Systems there is a mismatch between biology and education. Essay On Successful Crime Does Leave! In this case, the adolescent is unable to obtain the maximum benefit from instruction and is often unable to understand more advanced ideas.

Although learning problems may be due to immaturity, they may indicate more serious learning or attentional problems. As connecting tracts in the frontal lobes become more refined, adolescents are expected to think about their behaviors and to change these behaviors. Essay On Analysis Of Database And Information! Unfortunately, this is the time when adolescents are more risk-prone and impulsive than adults. Some of this tendency is linked to changes in hormonal development as well as in brain changes. The figure below shows the white matter tracts in a mature brain. Notice the colored areas that reveal the tracts from front to citations, back of the brain, allowing for good communication both from front to back as well as from right to left. Brain changes in the frontal lobe continue at a fast pace during adolescence and the healthy individual becomes better able to control more primitive methods of reacting (such as fighting or being verbally aggressive) in favor of behaviors that are adaptive.

Adolescents and young adults start to see the world through the Essay Management Retrieval eyes of others and they become better at relating to vancouver, other people. Their progress toward more independence can be an Retrieval exciting but also daunting task. When the transition to what, more adult behavior is problematic, the difficulty may be due to brain maturation. That's where a teacher can help. Some adolescents need more structure; others need more freedom. A teacher is in a unique place to Management and Information, help parents and adolescents to understand these boundaries and to tailor their guidance to each situation. Schools are also beginning to recognize that smaller groupings and more contact with adults helps, too. Dementia! These changes are very appropriate and in tune with the social and emotional needs of adolescents — as well as brain maturation — that are occurring at Essay on Analysis of Database Systems this crucial time.

In each stage of development, it is important for teachers to understand the relationship between neurological development and learning. This understanding is Essay Drama Where that Motherhood?, particularly important when there is a mismatch between development and educational expectations. The mismatch may be due to brain maturational differences or it can be due to a developmental disability. Research has found differences in brain structure, activation and development in children with learning disabilities (Aylward, E. H., et al., 2003; Maisog et al., 2008; Shaywitz, 2004), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Siedman et al., 2006; Swanson, et al., 2007) and in mood disorders (Konarski, et al., 2008; Pliszka, 2005). On Analysis Management Retrieval! Further research is needed in all of case these areas. Myth: You can train certain parts of the brain to improve their functioning. Fact: This has been an attractive and sometimes lucrative idea for many entrepreneurs. However, it is not possible to target a specific brain region and on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval Systems teach just to that part of the brain.

The brain is highly connected. What! Neurons in the brain learn remember and forget, but they do not do so in isolation. Skills need to be broken down into Essay of Database Management Systems their component parts and these parts can be taught. However, we do not totally understand how this learning takes place nor do we know exactly where in the brain that learning is stored. Evidence from victims of stroke and head injury show that injury to the brain of one individual may not result in the same loss in the brain of another person (Goeggel, 2012). Brains are like fingerprints — although there are commonalities, there are differences that make each brain unique. Myth: You are born with certain abilities and these do not change over time. Fact: At one time, people believed that the brain developed into Essay on Successful Drama Does Leave its full form by the age of three, and Essay Management and Information Systems that what developed afterwards was just a matter of Female Drama Leads: Does Leave Motherhood? refinement. In fact, we now know that the brain is plastic — it changes with experience and development. Of Database Management And Information! Evidence shows that rather than ending development at the age of 5, or even 12, brain development continues into one's twenties.

For some adolescents, the maturation of the frontal lobes may not end until age 25. For others, frontal-lobe maturity may be reached by the age of 18 or 19. For this reason, some adolescents may require additional time before they are ready for college, while others are ready at an earlier age. A child with a learning disability will always have the disability. While a child with a learning disability , or with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) , may show continuing problems in these areas, there are treatments that may help the vancouver child compensate for the problems. (These interventions are discussed in other parts of Essay and Information this module.) The brain changes with experience and Resource-Based Economy: the direct teaching of appropriate skills is the most important aspect of learning for children with special needs. On Analysis Management Retrieval Systems! Shaywitz (2004) reports success in teaching compensation skills to Humor and Social, children with severe dyslexia beginning at an early age and continuing throughout school. Gross-Glenn (1989) found that adults with an early history of dyslexia, who had learned to read, had developed different pathways compared to those without such a history. The evidence from Essay Management Retrieval Systems this research indicates that new pathways can be formed with intervention. Although these pathways are not as efficient as those generally utilized for these tasks, they can function adequately. Response To Intervention is dementia, a method that can help tailor an Essay on Analysis Management Retrieval intervention to why was marcus sent back, a child's needs (Fiorello, Hale, Snyder, 2006).

The environment can improve a child's ability. The environment can increase ability or it can lower it. A child with average ability in an enriched environment may well accomplish more than a bright child in an impoverished environment. Although it is heartening to believe that enrichment can be effective at any point, recent research indicates that early enrichment is more beneficial than later enrichment. The brain grows in Management and Information, spurts, particularly in the 24th to dementia case, 26th week of gestation, and between the ages of one and two, two and four, middle childhood (roughly ages 8 to 9) and adolescence (Semrud-Clikeman Ellison, 2009). These brain growth spurts are roughly commensurate with Piaget's stages of development. They coincide with periods of on Analysis Management and Information Retrieval Systems fast learning of language and motor skills in the one to four year old child; concrete operations in vancouver citations, middle childhood; and formal operations in Essay of Database Management and Information, adolescents. These areas need further study, particularly with regard to interventions. Skills such as working memory, planning, organization and attention develop over citations, time with brain maturation and with practice . Working memory is the ability to keep information in mind while solving a problem.

For young children, teachers need to give directions one at on Analysis of Database Management a time. On Successful Leads: Where Does That Leave Motherhood?! For late elementary school children, directions can be given in on Analysis, a limited series of steps. For children with difficulty in Essay Crime Drama Where Motherhood?, this area, it is helpful to have them repeat the directions to make sure they recall what is asked of them. Listing steps on the blackboard can also be helpful. Problems in working memory can be linked to difficulties with distractibility and/or attention. Executive functions are those skills that allow a person to evaluate what has happened, to review what was done, and to change course to an alternative or different response (Diamond, 2006). Executive function skills allow children to Essay of Database Retrieval, understand what has happened previously and to change their behavior to fit new situations. Teachers can help with executive function development by including exercises that ask what do you think may happen next in the story? or they can provide story maps. Planning and organization is the ability to plan and organize is a skill that develops along with the brain's ability to consolidate information. Rhyme! These skills develop slowly and with experience and Systems development. Humor Competence! Teachers can assist in developing these abilities by initially asking the child to think about the steps needed to Essay on Analysis of Database Systems, complete a project.

Teaching the child how to analyze a problem is also helpful — what do you need to do first? What do you need to do next? For older children, direct teaching of outlining can assist them with writing. The use of day planners and calendars can also help students plan for the completion of longer assignments. Do you ever go to citations, a telephone book to look up a number and remember it just long enough to dial it? That's an Essay on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems example of working memory.

If you get distracted between looking up the number and dialing the number, you will forget it. In order for something in working memory to be stored, it must be rehearsed and Resource-Based Economy: Blessing Essay practiced. For a young child, this is particularly difficult because attention and distractibility significantly impact working memory. In addition, working memory is generally a frontal lobe function and for and Information Retrieval Systems, younger children the frontal lobe is not as well developed as in older children. Therefore, asking a young child to do more than one, or at the most two things at a time will not be successful — their brains are simply not ready. For elementary school children, working memory improves as the Essay on Competence brain matures. Most children in elementary school are able to follow up to four directions at of Database and Information Systems one time. For those who are younger, it is possible to Resource-Based Essay, practice one direction at a time or to have the child repeat the directions — practicing these skills improves performance. For adolescents, working memory may fail due to distractions. To improve the functioning of on Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval working memory it is helpful to make sure the person is listening to you. Why Was Garvey Sent To Jamaica! In addition, even for a fully developed working memory, the memory buffer is sensitive to overload.

If a student is asked to do (or remember) too many things at once, he/she will not be able to process this information. Essay On Analysis Of Database Management! Similarly, in a lecture format, information needs to be provided both visually and orally in order for sufficient material to make it into the working memory buffer. Marcus Sent! The use of on Analysis of Database Management and Information lists, rehearsals and day planners have all been found to what is a rhyme scheme, be helpful in remembering information that would otherwise overload working memory (Diamond, Lee, 2011). Evidence suggests that these skills primarily reside in the frontal lobes and develop over time. Although young children have some ability to Management and Information Systems, improve their executive functioning skills based on feedback from teachers and citations parents, executive functions improve with age. Older children become more adept with these skills and use them more flexibly. It is Essay and Information, interesting to note that executive functions are negatively affected by lack of focus, and why was garvey in 1927 children with ADHD frequently have difficulty with executive functions. Recent research also indicates that when material is emotionally charged in a negative way (such as the pressure to learn something for a test, or the pressure of being called on by the teacher and made to answer a question), executive functioning decreases. This happens to Essay on Analysis of Database Management Systems, some degree in dementia, every child, but it is particularly true for children with ADHD (Castellanos, Songua-Barke, Milham, 2006).

When you are asking any child to perform a task that requires concentration and on Analysis Management Retrieval planning, it is Essay Competence, important to provide as much scaffolding as possible for the child in order for him/her to profit from instruction. With maturity, executive functioning is Essay of Database and Information Retrieval Systems, related to appropriate behavior in a variety of situations. In Posner's model of attention, both posterior and anterior regions of the brain form a complex network that includes subcortical structures such as the caudate nucleus for processing attention-related activities (Posner, Rothbart, 2007). Essay Female Drama Where That Leave! In this model, there are three networks believed to be involved: alerting, orienting and executive. The alerting network lets a person know that something different is Essay on Analysis Management and Information Retrieval, occurring. The orienting network orients the person to an event — where the event is, what the event is, etc. The executive network coordinates input of information and determines appropriate actions and reactions. Right frontal lobe dysfunctions are related to Economy: Blessing or Curse Essay, deficits in the alerting network, bilateral posterior dysfunctions are consistent with deficits in the orienting network, and left caudate nucleus dysfunctions correspond to on Analysis and Information Retrieval Systems, deficits in what is a rhyme scheme, the executive network. Similar to Essay of Database Management and Information Retrieval, Posner's theory, Corbetta and Shulman (2002) suggest that networks in various parts of the brain are involved in attentional functions.

They say that the anterior of the brain is involved in selecting or detecting items to be attended to Essay Female Crime Drama Leads: Motherhood?, and preparing goal-driven behavior. The second system is in the temporal-parietal region and the lower frontal regions of the Essay on Analysis Management right hemisphere. It is this system that is specialized for Humor and Social Competence, the selection of relevant stimuli particularly when an event is unexpected. Of Database Retrieval! This second network pays attention to environmental events that are important because they are either rare or surprising. Back! As such, this system would be a protective system to channel attention to particularly threatening or rewarding stimuli. For further recommendations for skills also see Lynn Meltzer's Executive Function in Education: From Theory to on Analysis and Information, Practice (Meltzer, 2011). Reward good behaviors quickly and as frequently as possible. Please refer to the module on giving praise.

Follow through with consequences. Essay Female Drama Where That Leave! When a child breaks the established rules, warn once. If the Essay on Analysis of Database and Information behavior continues, follow through with the promised consequence immediately. For excessive activity: Use activity as a reward. Alternate a seat-based activity with a more physical activity. For example, send the child to the office with a note for the secretary or give an activity that removes the citations child from the Management and Information Systems situation. Solicit active responses. Examples include talking, moving or organizing responses. Do not try to reduce physical activity. Garvey Sent In 1927! Encourage non-disruptive movement. Allow students to stand while doing seatwork.

Positively reinforce effort as well as success. Essay Management And Information Systems! For example, tell the child how well he/she is working. Give clear, concise instructions. Have a child repeat directions to you aloud. Humor Competence! Reinforce directions with a visual reminder when appropriate. Essay And Information Retrieval! For example, provide a list on the blackboard of what is expected and on Successful Female Drama Leads: Where Does that Motherhood? the approximate amount of time that each step should take. Allow limited choice of tasks, topics and activities. Use a child's interest whenever possible in designing activities or introducing material. Match a child's learning ability and preferred method of response.

Allow alternate response modes (computer, taped assignments) with every assignment. Provide a predictable routine in on Analysis of Database Management and Information Systems, your class. Essay Humor And Social! Encourage the use of color coded folders or other forms of Essay of Database Management Retrieval personal organizers. Make tasks as interesting as possible. Allow children to work with partners. Alternate high and low interest tasks. Give targeted children priority seating close to the teacher. Increase or provide novelty at later stages of the task to keep the child motivated. Decrease the length of the tasks you assign. Break up tasks into smaller parts.

Have tasks arranged so that children complete smaller parts after longer parts. For every task students tend not to prefer, engage in two preferred tasks. Case Study! Let students know that this will happen. Give fewer math or spelling problems. For example, have the child do only the odd or even problems. Or put fewer problems (words on one page). Use distributed (rather than mass) practice for problems beginning a task. Of Database And Information Systems! Increase structure and/or add emphasis to Economy: Blessing or Curse, relevant parts of a task or assignment. On Analysis Management! Ask a child to repeat directions. Use written directions.

Set realistic standards for vancouver citations, acceptable work. Point out Essay of Database and Information Retrieval Systems, topic sentences, headings, etc. to improve task completion. Use lists and assignment organizers. Substitute verbal or motor responses for Essay on Humor and Social, written responses. Essay Of Database And Information Systems! Have a child work on easier parts of a task before tackling the more difficult ones. Underline key words in directions. Blessing Essay! Allow quiet play. Encourage note taking for older children in high school. Reward short intervals of patient waiting.

Don't assume that impulsive behaviors are aggressive. Cue the child to upcoming difficult times when extra control is needed. Bring distracters or toys that are quiet and absorbing. Encourage after school activities. Develop the Essay of Database Retrieval child's sense of confidence and responsibility. Encourage targeted children to Essay Humor, play with children who can serve as positive role models. Management! Model good behavior. Reward good behavior.

There are few direct studies of differences in brain development between girls and boys, and few to none on ethnicity. However, there are a number of studies looking at differences in brain structure and functioning in children with learning disabilities (LDs), autistic spectrum disorder or ADHD. Findings shed light on the difficulties that can arise when brain development does not go according to plan. The next paragraphs briefly review the literature on gender differences, learning disabilities and vancouver citations ADHD. The review is not exhaustive, as research in this area is ongoing. It continues to contribute to our understanding of how the brain matures and Essay of Database and Information Systems give us ideas about interventions that can be used to alleviate problems. Although there are few studies looking at gender differences in young girls and boys, it has been found that adult women have a larger corpus callosum (a bundle of myelinated fibers connecting the two hemispheres) than men (Semrud-Clikeman, Fine, Bledsoe, 2009). This may mean that in women the two hemispheres communicate better with each other.

In addition, there are indications that women have their skills spread throughout the brain, while males tend to have their skills in citations, specific regions of the brain. It is Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval Systems, not clear whether these differences are universally present. As a result, much more research is needed. More and more we are learning that children with learning disabilities have brains that are different. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) , many studies have found that the brain area involved in matching sounds and letters is compromised in children with dyslexia (Maisog, Einbinder, Flowers, Turkeltaub, Eden, 2008). These smaller brain areas correlate with poorer performance on tests of reading achievement, word attack and rapid naming ability of letters, numbers and case study objects (Gabrieli, 2009). The corpus callosum has also been found to differ in of Database Management and Information Retrieval, children with dyslexia. The differences are found in regions connecting areas involved in language and reading (Fine, Semrud-Clikeman, Stapleton, Keith, Hynd, 2006).

These differences appear to be due to decreased rates of pruning during the fifth and dementia case seventh month of Essay of Database and Information Systems gestation (Paul, 2011). Functional MRI (fMRI) findings are beginning to suggest that children with LDs process information differently from those without LDs. Frontal brain regions are more efficient in Humor and Social, fluent adult readers compared to children who are beginning to read (Schlaggar, 2003). As a child develops, the left frontal region becomes more active. But, fluent reading appears to Essay of Database Management Retrieval, be related to why was marcus sent back in 1927, this region too. More fluent readers activate this area more than children with reading difficulties (Schlaggar et al., 2002). Moreover, children with learning problems show more activity in the wrong places. Management And Information Systems! For example, their parietal and why was marcus to jamaica in 1927 occipital areas are more active, and they show more activity in the right hemisphere than the left. On Analysis Management And Information Retrieval Systems! In contrast, children without learning problems activate the frontal regions and the left hemisphere with less activation in the right hemisphere. Activation of the brain is more diffuse when children are beginning to learn to read. The activation gradually becomes more specialized as reading improves.

Similarly, when asked to Essay, read single words, normal readers show left hemispheric activation, whereas those with dyslexia show more right hemispheric activation (Breier, et al., 2002; Papincolaou, 2003). Brain regions in the left hemisphere and temporal region have been found to be more active in good readers compared to those who had compensated for their dyslexia and were able to read adequately (Raizada, Tsao, Liu, Holloway, Ansari, Kuhl, 2010). In addition, Gabrieli (2003) found that improvements were found in activation following remediation of auditory processing ability. Of Database Management Retrieval Systems! It is not yet clear whether these changes continue over time; further study is needed to understand possible brain response to dementia case study, remediation. This finding is important because activation of the left hemisphere, a region specialized for language functions, plays an important role in Essay on Analysis and Information Systems, reading while the right hemisphere has generally been implicated for processing of novel stimuli . Since children with learning disabilities activate the right hemisphere when they read, this seems to indicate that they find reading to be a more novel task than a learned task. Early reading uses visual-perceptual processes generally located in the posterior portion of the brain. As the reading process becomes more automatized , the dementia case study frontal systems become more active. Thus, the progression from simple letter and word calling to actual reading comprehension requires a maturation of neural pathways linking the back of the Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval brain to the front (Shaywitz, 2004). Changes from right hemispheric processing to left hemispheric processing have also been found to occur with improvement in reading skills and improvement in dementia case study, language functioning.

Such changes are not found for children with dyslexia, and their reading skill does not become automatic and effortless. Additional research is Essay on Analysis of Database, progressing in learning disabilities in garvey sent back to jamaica in 1927, older students. There have been several studies of the on Analysis of Database and Information Systems possible structural differences between children with and is a scheme without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Bledsoe, Semrud-Clikeman, Pliszka, 2009; Castellanos, Sonuga-Barke, Milham, Tannock, 2006; Cherkasova, Hechtman, 2009; Shaw, Eckstrand, Sharp, Blumenthal, Lerch, Greenstein, . Rapoport, 2007). A study of total brain volume found a five percent smaller volume in the brains of the on Analysis Systems group with ADHD compared to a control group. This difference in volume was not related to age, height, weight, or IQ. Another structure of interest has been the caudate nucleus . Case! The caudate nucleus is located in the center of the brain and on Analysis Management and Information Retrieval is associated with the neurotransmitter dopamine . The caudate has been found to be smaller in children with ADHD, possibly indicating less availability of dopamine — the neurotransmitter that assists with focusing of attention and impulse control (Semrud-Clikeman et al., 2006). Volumetric studies have also found smaller frontal lobe volumes in children with ADHD particularly the white matter volume of the frontal lobe. Differences have also been noted in the white matter in the posterior regions of the brain particularly for those children who did not respond to what, stimulant medication such as Ritalin (Hale, Reddy, Semrud-Clikeman, Hain, Whitaker, Morley, . Jones, 2011). 3-D illustration of the on Analysis of Database Management and Information Caudate.

Coronal slice showing white matter. The finding of reduced white matter volume in the right frontal and posterior regions of the Economy: or Curse Essay brain, as well as caudate asymmetry differences, suggests that systems commonly associated with sustained attention are different for children with ADHD. Essay On Analysis Management And Information! This finding may help to explain the difficulty children with ADHD have in more advanced attentional functions, such as self-regulation and executive function . Reduced white-matter volume leads to less communication between the frontal and posterior areas. The posterior region of the brain is responsible for accessing information from previous situations while the frontal region of the brain applies this knowledge to the current situation at hand. When there is vancouver citations, not enough communication between these two centers, the child will have difficulty either accessing previously learned information or applying it correctly to on Analysis of Database Management and Information Systems, the new situation.

This corresponds to the finding that a child with ADHD has difficulty applying knowledge (or rules) even though he/she may be able to tell you the rule. A fairly new avenue of study investigation is the gene X environment interaction to help understand the etiology and course of ADHD. Nigg et al. (2010) reviewed the literature and Essay on Analysis and Information Systems found that psychosocial factors contribute to attentional difficulty. For example, a child may do adequately if family stresses are lower. However, if family disruptions (divorce, contentious parenting) occur, significant impairment may ensue. ADHD has a relatively high heritability meaning that it tends to run in families. In these families there may be genetic liability that in turn will interact with environmental triggers.

Thus, when working with families with a history of ADHD, it is important for Essay Humor, educators to provide information as appropriate and to be aware of these vulnerabilities. The development of Essay on Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems fewer connections between brain areas may well impact the efficiency of these connections — resulting in a poorer level of citations functioning but not a total loss of function (Fair, Nagel, Bathula, Dias, Mills, . Nigg, 2010; Makris, Buka, Biederman, Papadimitriou, Hodge, Valera, . Seidman, 2008; Nigg, 2006). On Analysis Management And Information Retrieval Systems! Functional neuroimaging , which allows one to view what the citations brain is doing when the person is completing a task, showed lowered activation in the regions of the frontal lobe and caudate nucleus when the Essay of Database Retrieval child is asked to Economy:, inhibit a response. (Not respond when he/she would like to respond) (Pliszka et al., 2006). Less activation may well indicate fewer connections being made between neural networks and poorer attention to of Database and Information Retrieval, detail. Additional study is vancouver, needed in this area to Essay Management and Information Retrieval, more fully understand differences that may be present in children with ADHD and those without. fMRI axial slice image.

Children with autism have been found to have larger heads than the general population (Verhoeven, De Cock, Lagae, Sunaert, 2010). It has been found that the brains of toddlers with autism are 10 percent larger than same-aged peers, with the largeness of the head decreasing with age. Vancouver Citations! They continue, however, to be larger than matched aged peers throughout life (Anagnostou, Taylor, 2011). Interestingly, there is no difference in head size at birth (Keller, Kana, Just, 2007) and the brain growth that later occurs may be due to early overgrowth of neurons, glial cells and Essay of Database Management Retrieval Systems a lack of synaptic pruning . Autopsy studies have found that children with autism had both greater total prefrontal neuron counts and brain weight for their age than control children (Courchesne, et al., 2011). Findings have suggested that the extra tissue that causes the increase in Resource-Based Blessing, size is not well utilized or organized — thus resulting in poorer skill development (Aylward et al., 2002). Specific additional findings indicate an increase in gray-matter volume particularly in the temporal lobes (Herbert et al., 2002; Rojas et al., 2002). Using structural MRI analyses, Courchesne et al. (2003) found smaller amounts of white matter compared to gray matter in toddlers and adolescents. Essay On Analysis Of Database Management And Information Systems! Other studies of adults with autism have found reduced size of the corpus callosum (Hardan, Minshew, Keshava, 2000), a structure that connects the Female Crime Drama Where Does that Leave two hemispheres, as well as difficulties with inter-regional integration (also a white matter function) (Hadjikhani, Joseph, Snyder, Tager-Flusberg, 2006). Some studies have suggested that the larger brain, higher white matter volume and disrupted gray matter cellular columns may contribute difficulty that a person with autism has in integrating information and generalizing this information to new situations (Schultz et al., 2000). These difficulties may interfere with the person's ability to put information together into an understandable whole.

fMRI autism vs. Essay On Analysis Management And Information Retrieval! healthy control activation pattern. MRI autism vs. Essay Competence! healthy control volume comparision. The amygdala, anterior cingulate and hippocampus are part of the limbic system — the Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval Systems emotional part of the brain. The amygdala is important in emotional arousal, as well as processing social information. The hippocampus allows for the short-term and eventual long-term storage of information while the anterior cingulate works as a type of central executive, directing attention where it is most required. Autopsies of autistic individuals have revealed abnormalities of vancouver both the hippocampus and the amygdala including fewer connections and smaller hippocampi. This finding could lead to on Analysis Retrieval Systems, difficulties in forming new memories or associating emotions with past memories (Carlson, 2014), and Essay on Successful Female Leads: Where Does Leave may contribute to Essay on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval, difficulties seen in people with autism with respect to and Social, social reciprocity and Management and Information Retrieval social awareness. Structural neuroimaging studies of children with autism show the vancouver volume of the Essay of Database and Information amygdala and hippocampus to be enlarged (Groen, Teluij, Buitelaar, Tendolkar, 2010), although further research is needed in these areas. Some have suggested that the amygdala may be important for why was garvey sent back, mediating physiological arousal and if it is not as active, the person may well not be as motivated for on Analysis and Information Retrieval Systems, participating in social activities (Murphy, Deeley, Daly, Ecker, O'Brien, Hallahan, Murphy, 2012). More recent studies have begun evaluating discrete areas of the brain that may be disrupted in Essay on Humor Competence, people with autism.

An area of the temporal lobe that has been found to be important for recognizing faces has been studied in children with autism. On Analysis Of Database And Information Retrieval Systems! This area has been found to be underactive in is a scheme, people with autism and the degree of under-activation is highly correlated with the degree of social impairment (Schultz et al., 2001). On Analysis Of Database And Information! Of additional interest is that this area of the temporal lobe has also been implicated in rhyme, successful solution of Theory of Mind tasks , skills that are also impaired in people with autism (Castelli et al., 2000; Martin Weisberg, 2003). Both the frontal lobes and the upper area of the temporal lobes are important for understanding and perception of Essay on Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems social interactions as well as interpretation of facial expressions. The frontal lobes have also been implicated in what is a rhyme, the ability to take another's perspective — or in and Information, social cognition. These areas are intimately connected to the limbic system as well as the temporal lobe areas discussed earlier in Essay on Successful Crime Drama, this section. Studies of Essay of Database and Information Retrieval Systems brain metabolism have found reduced activity in these regions of the brain in patients with autism particularly when asked to perform tasks that tap social cognition and perception (Harms, Martin, Wallace, 2010). Anagnostou, E., Taylor, M. J. (2011). Review of and Social neuroimaging in autism spectrum disorders: what have we learned and where we go from here.

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Abnormal activation of tempoparietal language areas during phonetic analysis in children with dyslexia. Neuropsychology, 17, 610-621. Carlson, N.R. (2014). Physiology of Behavior (11 th edition). Bloomington, MN: Pearson. Castellanos, F. X., Sonuga-Barke, E. J., Milham, M. P., Tannock, R. (2006). Characterizing cognition in ADHD: beyond executive dysfunction. Trends in vancouver citations, cognitive sciences , 10 , 117-123.

Castelli, F., Frith, C., Happe, F., Frith, U. Essay Of Database! (2002). Autism, Asperger's syndrome and brain mechanisms for what is a, the attribution of mental states to on Analysis Management and Information Retrieval, animated shapes. Brain, 125, 1839-1849. Cherkasova, M. V., Hechtman, L. (2009). Neuroimaging in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: beyond the frontostriatal circuitry. Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne de psychiatrie , 54 , 651-664. Corbetta, M., Shulman, G. L. (2002). Case! Control of Essay on Analysis Retrieval Systems goal-directed and stimulus-driven attention in the brain.

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Science , 333 (6045), 959-964. Fair, D. A., Posner, J., Nagel, B. J., Bathula, D., Dias, T. Essay On Analysis Of Database And Information Retrieval Systems! G. C., Mills, K. L., . Nigg, J. T. (2010). Atypical default network connectivity in youth with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Biological psychiatry , 68 , 1084-1091. Fine, J. G., Semrud-Clikeman, M., Keith, T. Z., Stapleton, L. M., Hynd, G. W. Resource-Based Or Curse! (2007). Reading and the corpus callosum: An MRI family study of volume and area.

Neuropsychology, 21, 235-241. Fiorello, C. A., Hale, J. B., Snyder, L. E. (2006). Cognitive hypothesis testing and Essay and Information response to intervention for children with reading problems. Psychology in the Schools , 43 , 835-853. Gabrieli, J. D. (2009). Dyslexia: a new synergy between education and cognitive neuroscience. Science , 325 , 280-283. Gabrieli, J. Essay On Successful Female Crime! (2003). Neuroimaging evidence about the brain basis of dyslexia. Paper presented at the International Dyslexia Association conference in San Diego.

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Positron emission tomographic studies during serial word-reading by of Database Management Systems, normal and Essay dyslexic adults. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 13, 531-544. Hadjikhani, N., Joseph, R. M., Snyder, J., Tager-Flusberg, H. (2006). Anatomical differences in the mirror neuron system and social cognition network in autism. Cerebral cortex , 16 , 1276-1282. Hale, J. Management Retrieval! B., Reddy, L. A., Semrud-Clikeman, M., Hain, L. A., Whitaker, J., Morley, J., . Jones, N. (2011). Executive impairment determines ADHD medication response: implications for dementia, academic achievement. Journal of Essay on Analysis Management and Information Retrieval Systems learning disabilities , 44 , 196-212. Hardan, A. Y., Mishew, N. J., Keshavan, M. Essay On Competence! S. (2000).

Corpus callosum size in Essay Management Retrieval, autism. Neurology, 55, 1033-1036. Harms, M. B., Martin, A., Wallace, G. L. (2010). Facial emotion recognition in autism spectrum disorders: a review of behavioral and neuroimaging studies. Neuropsychology review , 20 , 290-322. Herbert, M. R., Ziegler, D. A., Deutsch, C. K., O'Brien, L. M., Lange, N., Bakardjiev, A., et al. (2003).

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NeuroImage , 51 , 462-471. Rojas, D. C., Bawn, S. D., Benkers, T. L., Reite, M. L., Rogers, S. J. (2002). Smaller left hemisphere planum temporale in on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval, adults with autistic disorder. Neuroscience Letters, 328, 237-240. Rothbart, M. K., Ellis, L. K., Rosario Rueda, M., Posner, M. I. (2003). Developing mechanisms of temperamental effortful control. Journal of personality , 71 , 1113-1144.

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In A. Klin, F.R. Blessing Or Curse! Volkmar, S.S. Sparrow (Eds.), Asperger's syndrome (pp. 19-209). New York: Plenum Press. Semrud-Clikeman, M. (2007). Social competence in children and adolescents. Essay Management And Information! New York: Springer. Semrud-Clikeman, M. (2006). Neuropsychological aspects for evaluating LD. Why Was Marcus Garvey Sent Back To Jamaica In 1927! Journal of Learning Disabilities, 38, 563-568.

Semrud-Clikeman, M. Ellsion, P.A.T. (2009). Child Neuropsychology. New York: Springer. Semrud-Clikeman, M., Fine, J.G., Bledsoe, J. (2009). Neuroimaging in women . In E. Fletcher-Janzen (Ed.), Neuropsychology of Women (pp. 1-37). Essay On Analysis Of Database Management And Information Systems! Boston, Springer. Semrud-Clikeman, M., Plizska, S., Liotti, M., Higgins, K., Lancaster, J. L. Vancouver! (2006). Neuroimaging in on Analysis and Information Systems, children with ADHD, treated and study treatment naive.

Neurology, 67, 1023-1027. Shaw, P., Eckstrand, K., Sharp, W., Blumenthal, J., Lerch, J. P., Greenstein, D., . Rapoport, J. L. (2007). Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is characterized by a delay in cortical maturation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 104 , 19649-19654. Shaywitz, S. (2004). Overcoming dyslexia. New York: Alfred A. Essay And Information Systems! Knopf. Seidman, L. J., Valera, E. M., Makris, N. (2005). Structural brain imaging of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Biological psychiatry , 57 (11), 1263-1272.

Swanson, J. M., Kinsbourne, M., Nigg, J., Lanphear, B., Stefanatos, G. A., Volkow, N., . Wadhwa, P. D. (2007). Etiologic subtypes of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: brain imaging, molecular genetic and is a rhyme environmental factors and the dopamine hypothesis. Neuropsychology review , 17 , 39-59. van Zomeren, A. H., Brouwer, W. H. (1994). Clinical neuropsychology of attention. New York: Oxford University Press. Verhoeven, J. S., De Cock, P., Lagae, L., Sunaert, S. (2010). Neuroimaging of Essay on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems autism. Neuroradiology , 52 , 3-14. Abstract: Higher-level reasoning or understanding. Amygdala: An almond-shaped cluster of neurons in the limbic system thought to Essay on Successful Drama Leads: Where Leave Motherhood?, be involved in processing emotions and Essay on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems memory.

Anterior cingulate: Anterior section of the cingulate cortex. Asymmetry: favoring one side or the other. Also called laterality. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Mental disorder that consists of behaviors such as impulsivity, hyperactivity and difficulties with inhibition and self-regulation. Automatized: To make a skill so automatic that one does not need to think about it while performing it. Caudate nucleus: Part of the Basal-Ganglia, the Caudate nucleus is thought to be involved in regulation of movement, learning and memory. Corpus Callosum: A white matter structure that connects the right and left hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. Thought to contain approximately 250 million axons that allow right and left hemisphere communication.

Dopamine (DA): Part of the catecholamine family of neurotransmitters (epinephrine and norepinephrine), Dopamine is naturally produced in Essay on Successful Drama Leads: that Motherhood?, the brain and is thought to be involved in reward-based cognitive functions. Dyslexia: A learning disability that causes difficulties in reading and writing. Empathy: The ability to recognize and vicariously experience another person's emotional state. Executive function: Higher-order cognitive processes that allow one to control organization of thought, and apply context specific rules in on Analysis Systems, order to execute a task successfully. Formal operations: The skill to case study, think systematically about all of the parts of a problem and to arrive at a reasonable solution. Frontal lobes: Area of the brain made up by of Database Management and Information, the front portions of right and left hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. Citations! These areas are involved in memory, planning, organization, language and impulse control. These areas also have been linked to personality. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI): A technique in which neural activity is measured by changes in blood flow.

Brighter areas on an fMRI images indicate higher amounts of Essay and Information Retrieval Systems blood flow and greater activity. Generalize: To apply a conclusion beyond a specific example. Glial cells: Cells of the nervous system that provide physical support and nutrition for neurons. Higher cognitive functions: See executive functions. Hippocampus: Part of the limbic system involved in what rhyme, storing new knowledge.

Impulsive: Behaviors that are not thought out. Inferential thinking: Reading between the lines, often involves meaning that is implied rather than explicit. Inhibition: The ability to regulate behavior or impulses. Inter-regional integration: Neural connections that are similar in location. On Analysis Of Database Management! Language: A system/group of symbols used in verbal and Essay Humor and Social visual communication.

Learning disability: Difficulties in the development of language, reading, mathematical reasoning or other academic undertakings compared to expectations of one's ability. Believed to be neurological in nature. Left hemisphere: The left side of the cerebral cortex, thought to mediate language and verbal communication. Limbic system: A multistructural system involved in emotions, memory and physical regulation. Structures such as the amygdala, cingulate gyrus, hippocampus, hypothalamus, ammillary body, nucleus accumbens, orbitofrontal cortex, and thalamus are all structures of the limbic system.

Memory: Ability to Essay of Database Management and Information Retrieval, store and recall conceptual, social, emotional and physical information. Metacognition : Thinking about what is a, one's own learning, thinking or perception. Myelinate: The white matter in the brain. On Analysis Management And Information Retrieval! It is made up of Resource-Based Economy: Blessing or Curse Essay lipids (fat) that help impulses move more quickly along the nerve. Myelination: Process during development by which Myelin is formed over Essay on Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval, the neurons. Neuronal pathways: These are pathways through which nerve messages travel as they move among the various parts of the on brain. Neurons: Cells that make up the nervous system, they process and transmit signals electrically. Neurotransmitter: Nervous system chemicals that relay, amplify and modulate electrical signals from one neuron to another neuron. Perspective-taking: The ability to understand another person's point of Essay on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval view or beliefs.

Processing of novel stimuli: Analyzing new information that the brain has not seen before. Pruning: Process by which brain cells die off in order to make room for more efficient connections between neurons. Reasoning: Mental process that deals with one's ability to perceive and respond to feelings, thoughts and emotions. Right hemisphere: The right side of the marcus garvey sent to jamaica in 1927 cerebral cortex, thought to mediate spatial, social and emotional understanding. Risk-prone: Susceptible to taking chances and making mistakes.

Rote: Learning by memorization. Self-regulation: Ability to control one's behavior and cognitive processes. Social understanding: Ability to manage and function in social settings such as peer relationships. Sustained attention: The ability to maintain one's focus on an activity or stimulus of choice. Synaptic pruning: When weaker neural connections are thinned and replaced by stronger connections. Temporal region: The side region of the cerebrum thought to be involved in auditory processing. Theory of Mind tasks: Tasks that evaluate whether one has the ability to consider another's personal beliefs, needs, desires and intentions.

Transmission fibers: Axonal connections involved in neural communication. Visual-motor: Coordination of visual and motor processes, like tracing letters. Visual-perceptual processes: Ability to correctly interpret visual stimuli, like reading words. White matter fibers: Myelinated axons. White matter volume: Quantified amount of myelinated axons. 750 First St. NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242 | Contact Support. 750 First St.

NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242 | Contact Support.

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15 Quick Tips for a Winning Resume. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. As part of the celebration of Quintessential Careers#8217;s 15th anniversary, we#8217;re presenting lists of 15 tips on some of the most essential topics in on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems college, job search, and career. Yikes! You find yourself in a position to craft a resume or update an garvey, existing resume. So much resume advice floats around out there, making you wonder about the best approach. Of Database! The tips we offer here capture the most important aspects of an effective resume. You can scarcely go wrong if you incorporate these nuggets into your next resume. Here#8217;s our list of the 15 best tips for vancouver, job-seekers in crafting a winning resume. Your resume must be sharply focused and on Analysis Systems target your desired career goal with precision.

Job-seekers tend to forget that employers review resumes extremely quickly #8212; often in vancouver just a few seconds. On Analysis And Information Retrieval Systems! An employer taking such a quick glance should be able to Resource-Based or Curse Essay immediately grasp what you want to on Analysis of Database Management and Information do and marcus sent in 1927 gain a sense of the value you can contribute to Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval the organization. The resume must focus on key strengths that position the candidate to meet a specific need and case study target specific jobs/employers. In other words, employers don#8217;t consider resumes that aren#8217;t focused on a job#8217;s specific requirements to be competitive. Essay On Analysis Of Database Retrieval Systems! Employers and recruiters expect your resume to be precisely tailored to the position you#8217;re applying for. The reader should be able to tell at a glance exactly what job you#8217;re targeting and what need you will fill.

The reader should never have to guess or wade through copious text to dementia case study determine what job you want and what you#8217;d be good at. An unfocused resume is Management Retrieval Systems a time-waster for the employer. Ways you can sharpen your focus include a headline atop your resume stating the type of job you seek, a branding statement that positions you for a specific job or type of job (headlines and branding statements are often used in combination), a Qualifications Summary or Professional Profile section, a section listing your Core Competencies/Proficiencies/Areas of Expertise, strategic organization of your resume to position you for the job you seek, and bullet points describing your experience in a way that is specifically tailored to vancouver citations the position you seek. To ensure a sharp focus, you will likely need to create multiple versions of Essay on Analysis and Information Systems your resume, building a boilerplate version that you then customize to each specific positions. Today#8217;s resume must be keyword-rich. The majority of resumes submitted to employers today are handled by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which Wikipedia defines as software applications #8220;that enable the case electronic handling of corporate recruitment needs.#8221; The systems store #8220;candidate data inside a database to allow effective searching, filtering, and routing of on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval applications.#8221; Because applicant tracking software and keyword-searchable databases dominate today#8217;s hiring process, successful resumes must feature cutting-edge industry jargon in the form of keywords. On Successful Leads: Where! To read more about using keywords in resumes, see our article Tapping the Power of Keywords to Enhance Your Resume#8217;s Effectiveness. When your resume is Essay on Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems seen by the human eye, it needs to catch attention and be simultaneously reader-friendly. The print version of an effective resume must be sleek, distinctive, and clean yet eye-catching. Your resume should feature conservative, easy-to-read fonts, plenty of white space, a layout/design that goes beyond ordinary yet is not so far out Essay on Successful Female Leads: Where that Leave Motherhood? as to turn employers off, and graphic elements that add interest, such as rule lines, boxes, shaded areas, and tables (for print version only, as these graphic elements will likely not hold up when entered into employers#8217; Applicant Tracking Systems.) Avoid instantly recognizable Microsoft Word resume templates.

Employers have seen a million of them, so they don#8217;t stand out. Resumes, especially for career changers, need to portray skills as applicable and transferable to the position the job-seeker is targeting. You need to show the Essay on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems employer that the dementia skills you#8217;ve polished will contribute to the bottom line, even if you seek a job different from what you#8217;ve done in the past. For more about transferable skills, read our article, Strategic Portrayal of Transferable Job Skills is Essay on Analysis of Database Management a Vital Job-Search Technique. Vancouver! Focus on accomplishments #8212; not duties and responsibilities #8212; that set you apart from other job candidates. In each job, what special things did you do to set yourself apart? How did you do the of Database Retrieval job better than anyone else or than anyone else could have done? What did you do to make it your own? What special things did you do to impress your boss so that you might be promoted? What were the problems or challenges that you or the organization faced?

What did you do to overcome the problems? What were the results of your efforts? How did the organization benefit from your performance? How did you leave your employers better off than before you worked for them? For more about how to identify your accomplishments, see our article For Job-Hunting Success: Track and Leverage Your Accomplishments and our Accomplishments Worksheet to help you brainstorm your accomplishments. Spotlight your best selling points up front. #8220;The Resume Ingredients Rule,#8221; set forth by Donald Asher, author of numerous resume books (see our QA with him), notes that information on a resume should be listed in order of importance to the reader. Therefore, in listing your jobs, what#8217;s generally most important is your title/position. So list in Essay on Successful Leads: Where Motherhood? this preferred order: Title/position, name of Essay and Information Retrieval employer, city/state of employer, dates of employment. Also consider whether your education or your experience is your best selling point and which should therefore be listed first.

Generally, brand-new graduates list education first, while job-seekers with a few years of experience list experience first. Resource-Based Or Curse! Don#8217;t bury relevant skills, such as technical and foreign-language skills, at the bottom of your resume. If computer skills are relevant to your field, list them in a Summary or Profile section atop your resume. That way, they#8217;ll catch the reader#8217;s eye in the first third of the document. Similarly if language and international-business skills are important in the type of job you seek, list them prominently, not at the end of your resume.

Communicate your personal brand in your resume. The branding expressed in your resume captures your career identity, authenticity, passion, essence, and Essay on Analysis Management and Information Retrieval Systems image, as well as the promise of the value you bring to the employer. Citations! For a branded resume, integrate a distinctive appearance, a consistent branding message woven throughout the on Analysis of Database Retrieval document supporting the on branded message you intend to convey, as well as a branding statement that defines who you are, your promise of on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval value, and why you should be sought out. Learn more with our Personal Branding Career Self-Marketing Tools for why was marcus to jamaica in 1927, Job-Seekers and Career Activists. Make your resume a sales pitch that conveys your distinctiveness, passion, and unique understanding of the business environment. It must answer the employer#8217;s question: Why you over any other candidate? Clearly, uniqueness is closely related to both branding and focus.

If your resume conveys a sharp focus, the reader can instantly visualize you in the position you seek. If your resume is branded, it immediately communicates your promise of value. The uniqueness factor takes your resume to the next level by portraying you as not only in the position but the best person for Essay on Analysis and Information Retrieval, the position, even the only logical choice for the position. When you imbue your resume with your uniqueness, you show the employer that you completely comprehend the challenges the Essay organization faces and that you are overwhelmingly qualified to meet those challenges. On Analysis And Information Systems! If you have adequately sold your uniqueness, the reader reviewing your resume should say, #8220;This person gets it.#8221; Eliminate clutter from on Successful Female Leads: Where Motherhood?, your resume. Essay On Analysis And Information Systems! Among the elements can clutter up your resume and impede readability are unnecessary dates (such as dates of involvement in professional or civic organizations); parentheses (no need to set off dates of Essay on Humor and Social Competence employment with parentheses; just use commas), articles #8212; those little words, #8220;a,#8221; #8220;an,#8221; and #8220;the,#8221; most of which aren#8217;t needed; and the line #8220;References available upon Essay Management and Information Systems request#8221; (unnecessary because it is a given that you will provide references upon study request.)

Structure your accomplishments as stories #8212; but tell them in on Analysis of Database and Information reverse order. You#8217;ve probably heard of a story structure commonly suggested for case study, job-interview responses: Situation Action Result, sometimes expressed as Challenge Action Result or Problem Action Result. Systems! Since a hiring decision-maker reads your resume so quickly, you need to tell the story backwards. Grab the what reader#8217;s attention by giving away the ending first. So, instead of Situation Action Result, resume bullet points should be told as Result Action Situation. Quantify wherever possible. Essay Of Database And Information Retrieval! Employers love to Essay Humor and Social see numbers #8212; metrics that provide tangible evidence of results you#8217;ve achieved. Use metrics such as percentage by which you#8217;ve increased sales or cut costs. Take steps to Essay of Database and Information Systems ensure your resume is free of misspellings, grammar flaws, and typos. Proofread it. Drama Where Motherhood?! Set it aside overnight, and then proof it again.

Then have a friend, family member, or colleague who is well-versed in proper language use proof it for you. Errors can kill your chances with many employers, so keep your resume error free. On Analysis Systems! Keep your resume fresh and updated. Your resume should not be a static, stagnant document; change it as needed. If it#8217;s not working for you, have it critiqued by a professional to see what you can improve. Update it the Essay Humor minute you start a new job. Of Database Management And Information Retrieval! Track your accomplishments so you can add those to dementia case the document. Final Thoughts on Creating a Successful Job-Search Resume. Resume-writing isn#8217;t easy, but it#8217;s not as overwhelming as it may seem. Get a feel for an effective resume by looking at samples, and consult the copious resume resources here on Quint Careers.

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Free International Relations essays. “Examine the Essay Management and Information, challenges faced by Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres and the volunteer doctors involved in the Syrian refugee crisis” Doctors Without Borders is an “international humanitarian-aid non-governmental organisation” (1). The organisation was founded in 1971 by a group of doctors and Resource-Based Essay, journalists in reference to the Nigerian Civil War of 6 July 1967 – 15 January 1970 as the French doctors that founded the organisation felt as though “the needs of these people outweigh respect for national borders” (1). And Information Retrieval Systems! 80% of the funding for Doctors Without Borders is through private donors and the annual budget of the organisation is approximately US$610 million (1). All of the doctors and nurses that are involved with Doctors Without Borders need to meet a certain criteria in order to be able to work for the organisation and are paid ?8,988 per annum (this increases after the persons first 12 months). Just in 2015 30,000 medical professionals (mainly doctors and nurses) helped provide “medical aid in over 70 countries” (1). Since 1st October 2013 the president of Doctors Without Borders is Dr Joanne Liu and there are currently 34,146 volunteers (1). What makes Doctors Without Borders/MSF different from any other medical aid organisation is that it does not represent any religious, political or economic group and this is done in order to be able to speak and why was back to jamaica, act freely and provide immediate medical aid to those that need it the most and do not restrict any particular group from this(2).

The official page of Doctors Without Borders for Syria states that there are 70 hospitals and clinics related to MSF in northwestern, western and central Syria. Figures also show that just in on Analysis of Database Systems, 2015 there were 154,647 people who were wounded and 7,009 people died as a result of the war. Resource-Based Blessing Or Curse! 30-40% of these were victims were women and children(2). Although MSF has been trying to run some of of Database Management Retrieval Systems their biggest operations in history for Syria, one of the important issues they’ve faced throughout the Crime Drama Where that, 6 years of this conflict but particularly in Essay on Analysis Management Systems, 2015 is the fact that the severity of the violence is Resource-Based increasing rapidly and Essay of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems, after the abduction and release of 5 MSF staff in May 2014 the organisation has had to shut some of their hospitals and limit their work and change the aid they provide to a non direct approach which is Essay Female Crime Drama Leads: Does that Leave something they are not used to doing. Because organisations like MSF do not take sides in any conflict, and thus are not supported by any government, they often speak and on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems, negotiate terms and come to agreement with both sides of any war and in Syria, they have spoken to Essay on Humor Competence, the Islamic State in order to ensure that the Essay of Database and Information Systems, MSF staff and the patients in Essay on Humor and Social Competence, hospitals will not be attacked and because the response they received was not assuring the organisation had to stop work in on Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems, areas controlled by what is a rhyme scheme the Islamic State. MSF have stated that they have been unable to “receive permission from the government of Syria to work in areas it controls” which has resulted in “millions of people (being) out of reach of hands-on assistance from any external aid provider”(2). A report published by Doctor’s Without Borders on the 18th February 2016 provides an overview of the “war?wounded and war?dead in MSF?supported medical facilities in Syria” in 2015.

The report summarises the role of MSF since the Essay on Analysis of Database and Information, start of the conflict in 2011 as paying for rhyme scheme, the reconstruction of facilities that were damaged or destroyed, “providing medical supplies; paying a basic salary to hospital staff to enable them to focus on of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems their medical work; providing fuel to enable the hospital generators to function”(3). Figure 1 is able to and Social, show the amount of casualties that occurred on medical facilities and and Information Retrieval Systems, the double tap attacks that occurred just in 2015. For all of the attacks that have been carried out in 2015 there are many children, some aged under 6 and women that have been injured or killed. Moreover it has also been mentioned that when serious explosions or attacks occur many of the people that die at the site of the attacks aren’t taken to medical facilities to Economy: Essay, be registered as dead because the main focus is to get survivors the on Analysis Management and Information, immediate medical care that they require and vancouver citations, so therefore because of this many deaths are not reported and so the Essay Systems, real figures of the death toll may be much higher than what is reported (3). The facilities present in the Damascus region of Syria varied throughout 2015 as they were regularly attacked and so will have had to relocate or close as a result. Figure 2 shows the changing number of medical facilities every month for 2015, showing September 2015 to have the lowest number of MSF facilities indicating how the severity of the conflict heightened in is a rhyme scheme, late 2015. A recent news report with the heading “A Second MSF Hospital Has Been Bombed in Syria in on Analysis Management, the Last 10 Days” clearly demonstrates the garvey sent back to jamaica in 1927, severity of the current circumstances for civilians in Essay on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval, Syria but also the doctors. The hospital in Essay Humor, Idlib, Northern Syria that had 54 staff is said to have been destroyed on Essay on Analysis Management Retrieval Systems the 15th February 2016 after being targeted by citations “four missiles following two attacks within an interval of a few minutes”. On Analysis Retrieval Systems! Massimiliano Rebaudengo, MSF’s Head of Mission has said. Figure 3: Picture showing the aftermath of the attacks at the hospital in Idlib, northern Syria. that the attacks against the hospital seem deliberate as it has now deprived 40,000 people of healthcare in the area and MSF has announced that 8 people are currently missing (4). This attack has resulted in the deaths of 9 staff and 16 patients (one of whom was a child) and this death toll is expected to rise once the rubble around the hospital has been cleared (5).There were 25 staff present in what rhyme, the hospital at Essay, the time of the attack and 5 died immediately after the attack, 3 were recovered injured from the rubbles and 2 are still missing with the remaining 15 staff whom survived (6).

It is Essay on still not known who carried out the attacks as the states that are involved in the conflict have blamed each other; Russia denied involvement, Turkey blamed the Syrian government and Syria blamed the on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems, US-led coalition (5). This hospital’s running and medical costs had been supported by MSF since September 2015 and even its reconstruction had been done in why was marcus back, December 2015 as it had been forced to move from its previous location due to the several attacks (6). Figure 4 demonstrates how the airstrikes destroy the hospitals into crumbles and this therefore is able to highlight just how difficult it is to reconstruct these facilities after they have been destroyed. Michiel Hofman, the Essay Retrieval, MSF Senior Humanitarian Specialist has stated in his article for the MSF that usually in other countries like “Afghanistan and Yemen there is only one military coalition in the air” and because of this the what is a rhyme, GPS details of where the MSF supported hospitals and Essay of Database Retrieval, clinics are can be shared regularly with the military to prevent an Essay Female Crime Drama Leads: Where Does Leave Motherhood?, attack. However for Syria this is not possible because there are two coalitions in the air that compete and on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval Systems, both of these claim that they do not and Resource-Based Essay, will not target civilians and Essay of Database Systems, that their main targets are terrorists, but it is evident that it is the civilians that are heavily affected despite these claims. Moreover, another reason why the protection of hospitals in Syria is difficult is due to the fact that the Government passed an anti-terrorist law in 2012 that made any sort of Essay on Competence humanitarian aid and medical care to the opposition illegal and so therefore these aids are often done secretly without registering with the government. And because of this very reason any hospital that has been bombed or attacked by Essay on Analysis of Database Management those involved in airstrikes can be justified through the means that they were not aware that they had targeted a hospital in the first place as they were not aware of its presence. Currently there are food drops to vancouver, help civilians but Michiel Hofman states that the main reason these people are dying is due to the lack of medical care available and the severity of their war injuries, not due to food shortages.

Also another point made by the senior humanitarian specialist is that when the Essay of Database Management and Information Retrieval, jets drop food packages, the civilians cannot be certain that the noise they have heard is aid or a bomb and thus this method of action to citations, aid has been shown to be highly ineffective (7). Figure 5 is a tweet from the MSF International’s twitter page and shows pictures of Essay of Database Management and Information Systems aid that has been sent to Blessing or Curse Essay, Syria, stating that just in January and Retrieval, February 2016, “550 tons of drugs, medical material shelters” have been sent to support the facilities in Aleppo, the largest city in vancouver, Syria. This therefore shows the of Database Management and Information, substantial amount of garvey sent back in 1927 work and aid sent by organisations like Doctors Without Borders/ Medecins Sans Frontieres just in Syria. Data released by Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval MSF shows that in 2015 there were 94 strikes on 63 MSF supported medical facilities and that 53 of the medics were wounded whilst 23 had died, demonstrating how much the Essay on Successful Female Drama Leads:, attacks have escalated in the past year compared to the initial years since 2011. MSF has been said to attempt to gain official access with the approval of the Syrian government since 2011 to on Analysis and Information Systems, work but this has still not been approved and thus meaning that the and Social Competence, current medical and humanitarian work being carried out in Syria puts both the Doctors Without Borders at risk as an organisation but also the doctors, nurses that work with them too (8). An article written by Dr Joanne Liu the International president of Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) for the Huffington Post states that MSF estimates that there are currently “1.5 million people trapped in sieges imposed by the Syrian government-led coalition, as well as by opposition groups”.

As mentioned above medical supplies are blocked and those whom are critically unwell cannot be evacuated under siege. For example in Madaya there have been 49 deaths due to starvation despite the support and medical aid given by MSF. It is due to these difficult circumstances that has caused 6.5 million people, half of which are children to escape the conflict and travel to neighbouring countries and then Europe. Just in on Analysis of Database Management and Information, September 120,000 people had to marcus sent back in 1927, migrate from their homes in Aleppo, Hama and Idlib due to the heavy bombings taking place in these areas(9). There have been numerous cases of people risking their lives to travel to Europe by small inflatable boats that are filled with migrants protected by nothing but life jackets and have often died as a result of the boats sinking. Figure 7 clearly shows that as many migrants as possible are fitted onto one boat with the hope that they can all travel to Greece safely and then travel onto Europe.

The tweet by Essay on Analysis of Database Systems MSF International states that just in 2016 (January, February) 56% of the arrivals in Greece are Syrian, which again indicates how the Resource-Based Economy:, Syrian refugee crisis is possibly one of the Essay of Database Management Systems, major problems in the world currently as the vast majority of Economy: or Curse Essay those who feel hopeless and can find no better alternative than to flee their homes are Syrians. Dr Joanne Liu goes on to say that the conflict has escalated so much in the recent years that even escaping bombs inside of Syria is and Information Retrieval Systems nearly impossible let alone be able to escape to neighbouring countries. The borders of Lebanon and Jordan are described as being shut for newcomers, Iraq is not an option due to the conflict that is Blessing going on their own country. The solution of the Essay of Database and Information Systems, European Union for this crisis has been to hand over garvey sent back to jamaica 3 billion euros o Turkey so they do not close off their borders but instead accept those refugees that hope to reach Europe (9). Both in this article and also on the MSF twitter page for Management and Information, Syria, the claim from both the organisation and also its International president is that the four out of five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council -France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States (10)- are involved in military operations and have ‘failed’ the Syrian people and have even “actively increased their suffering” (9).

The appeal is for the UNSC permanent members to respect their own resolutions and also pressure their allies to or Curse, implement them too. The resolutions mentioned here are in reference to the meeting the United Nations Security Council had in early December 2015 where they set a target of Retrieval Systems beginning peace talks in early January and hoped to achieve a nationwide ceasefire once the “parties concerned had taken initial steps towards a political transition” (11). Their ongoing resolution of protecting civilians, healthcare and providing humanitarian assistance has clearly failed so far and already within the first two months of 2016 there have been bombings against 16 facilities in Syria and 6 of these facilities were supported by MSF. A statement delivered by Dr Joanne Liu in Palais des Nations, Geneva, on the 18th February 2016 explained the severity of the situation in Humor Competence, Syria, stating that the routine attacks done on civilian infrastructure like hospitals prevent organisations like MSF from Essay of Database and Information Retrieval Systems providing “lifesaving assistance” (12). Dr Joanne Liu states that these attacks have to stop in order to save the lives of innocent civilians and that these attacks cannot be “normalised”. As the international resident of Doctors Without Borders she has made it clear in several circumstances that their approach is that “the doctor of your enemy is not your enemy”, thus clarifying their neutral and totally humanitarian approach to any sort of war. In reference to the attack to the hospital in Idbil, Northern Syria on the 15th February, Dr Joanne Liu explains that 4 missiles struck the case study, hospital and Essay Management and Information Retrieval Systems, the attack lasted 2 minutes however there was a second attack 40 minutes later when the rescuers arrived and study, this was done deliberately to target those that were trying to help the Management, wounded. Moreover, some of the injured were taken to sent to jamaica, a hospital nearby and this hospital was also struck by missiles which creates the implication that it is the civilians in hospitals that are being targeted rather than the groups involved in the war.

This can then be evidenced by the fact that just over the last 13 months 101 aerial attacks have been made on purely MSF supported facilities. Again there were cases of a second attack once the on Analysis, rescuers and medical experts had arrived at the site and unsurprisingly people now claim to why was sent back to jamaica, be scared to Essay on Analysis Management and Information Retrieval Systems, go to hospitals even if they were injured because the and Social Competence, likelihood of Essay of Database and Information them losing their life by another bomb at the hospital is not small. Rhyme! She indicates that it is because of this very fear that people have had to flee for their lives and escape the ground combat and on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems, air strikes. However many of the people trying to escape the country are being prevented from doing so as there are currently 100,000 people in on Humor, Azaz, Northern Syria that cannot leave and are “trapped between the Turkish border and the frontline”. The international president of on Analysis of Database and Information MSF states that people have “a fundamental right to flee from on Successful Crime that Motherhood? active war” and that “bombings must stop in areas under siege” with “increased and unhindered deliveries of on Analysis aid and the immediate evacuation of the wounded and sick” (12). A 26 year old Doctor working with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Syria named Ahmad Almohammad has experienced several bombing attacks whilst on duty in the hospitals supported by MSF. Citations! In the news report he explains how in Fafeen, just north of Aleppo two years ago he was working in a hospital when him and his colleagues heard a helicopter approaching and Management Systems, this indicated that they would be bombed very shortly. He states that “We all had to why was garvey sent to jamaica, guess where the barrels from the helicopter would drop, all the staff and patients started to run, but we had no idea where to go. We could hear the noise above, we all thought the helicopter was directly over our head. It was all down to chance on Essay Management whether we’d be hit.

In those few seconds, it felt like my last moments.” Having spent some time working as a doctor in Syria Ahmad Almohammad was experienced enough with bombings to know that the helicopter would drop 5 barrels and thus during the attack he and his colleagues merely waited for all five barrels to fall before looking around to see the severity of the attack and to see how many people could still be saved. Ahmad admits that he was fully aware before he joined MSF that they would be targets. Scheme! He states that “The hospitals and the health workers are the first line of targets because we are trying to keep people alive.” As with many previous examples, little was left of the Essay of Database and Information Retrieval, hospital after the attack. The doctors in Syria working with Ahmad believe that they’re a “very cheap target”. Ahmad states that “In the media, we are just a mention, just another hospital targeted, and that’s it. Resource-Based Economy: Blessing Essay! Nothing else.

No one is moving to protect us – we have nobody to Essay, protect the vancouver citations, health workers. If we ever leave Syria, we are escaping from our duties to help these people, and my duties towards my people”. He lives in Kilis, Turkey with his mother and siblings and usually travels to Syria 5 days a week with MSF. His team are responsible for both providing donations that consists of drugs and medical supplies to more than 15 hospitals and clinics and they even help to and Information Systems, provide the 100,000 people stuck behind the border with Turkey with essentials. Ahmad risks his life by crossing the border from Turkey to Syria every day and still feels like this isn’t enough due to having “three times the normal volume of patients”. “What I can provide is out of my control,” he said. “I know of an entire family killed by a rocket, and another family trapped under a damaged house for more than 20 hours. I’m used to seeing children with no arms or legs. It’s normal to to jamaica, lose family members here.

The children are used to seeing blood, beheaded men, bodies in the street. Essay Of Database Systems! Women have told me that they sleep fully clothed so that if they were bombed during the night, they won’t be unclothed. He states that; “When I stand in front of citations them, without any power to help them, I know there’s only on Analysis Retrieval so much I can do.” Like the international president of the MSF Ahmad is also worried that there has been a recent escalation recently in citations, the amount of bombings targeting civilians and hospitals compared to the past 5 years of this conflict. Ahmad’s mother is worried about him risking his life continually in order to provide aid to Management and Information Systems, others and because of this he often has to lie to her and say he is vancouver citations safe even if thats not the case and Essay Management Retrieval Systems, also calls her at least twice a day so she knows he is okay. As someone who has been on the frontline for sometime now Ahmad says that after the immediate airstrikes the next more important long term issue is the fact the people in Syria are regularly surrounded by death and because of this their mental wellbeing is significantly harmed.What people don’t realise is that the Syrian people – especially those I work with, the people in hospitals, the nurses and doctors – they’re not well, psychologically,” he said. “They do not see the danger as being danger now, because they’ve seen so many awful things, so many wounded people, so many dead people. They don’t know that they’re not well mentally. “When they see dead people, they don’t see anything any more, because this is all they’ve known for case, years. Yesterday somebody came into the hospital and said 13 people died in and Information Systems, the village next to ours, and he said it without being sad. They are numb to sent back, people dying.” Ahmad Almohammad is sick of on Analysis and Information Retrieval one party blaming another party for Essay Humor Competence, the attacks carried out and thinks that “Whoever wants to help the Syrian government, they can do it without any permission”(13). Dr David Nott has been working as a surgeon in major war zones since the Bosnia conflict in 1993.

He has a normal day job in three different hospitals in London where he performs three different kinds of Management and Information surgery and every year he takes around three months off work to go and Essay Female Drama that Motherhood?, provide medical care to those affected in conflict or war zones. Essay On Analysis! He often has to work in very difficult conditions but he is regarded as being one of the country leading surgeons and has operated in countries like Iraq, Sudan, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr Nott has received the Robert burns Humanitarian Award and has even successfully. Figure 10: Dr David Nott, most experienced war surgeon amputated the arm of a Congolese man with an infected shoulder over Essay on a text message from a colleague even though he had never carried out the procedure before. Despite being used to loss due to his experience over the years in many different countries Dr Nott states that nothing quite compares to Essay of Database Management Retrieval Systems, what he has witnessed in Syria as “Nearly nobody is reporting this” and on Successful Female Crime that, “the direct attacks on healthcare and healthcare workers,” because the of Database Systems, logic of Where Does that Leave Motherhood? those that attack hospitals and other healthcare is that “You take out one doctor, you take out 10,000 people he or she can no longer care for.” He describes how in his last trip to Aleppo, Syria, in Essay on Analysis Management Retrieval Systems, October 2014 where two doctors he knew were killed in an air to ground missile and what is a rhyme scheme, explains how doctors are attacked because healthcare on its own is seen as a weapon and thus hospitals and ambulances are targeted on purpose in his view rather than by Essay on Analysis Retrieval chance. The pattern Dr Nott has noticed is that the “Russian jets fly very high up. Why Was Marcus Garvey Sent Back To Jamaica! Syrian jets fly lower, firing rockets and on Analysis and Information, missiles. The Russian planes tend to case, be 10,000ft up and Essay of Database Management and Information Retrieval, you don’t see it, you just see the weapon hitting the hospital.” Due to case study, the increased amount of attacks in the last couple of months Dr Nott says the medics are determined to set up clinics in caves outside cities and have wards underground in order to be able to escape the bombings. Even when he isn’t able to go to Syria directly, Dr Nott has regularly given surgical advice to his colleagues in Essay on Analysis Management and Information, Syria however he states how there is no longer any internet in Aleppo.

He has even gone to Gaziantep, Turkey in April in order to be able to “train Syrian colleagues in specialist trauma surgery”. What frustrates Dr Nott about the general approach to dementia, the conflict in Syria is that people seem to just be fixated on fighting the threat of ISIS and have completely forgotten or ignored the humanitarian disaster that is going on because of Essay on Analysis of Database Management and Information ISIS. “The healthcare workers I work with are not fighters, they don’t carry weapons, they’re just there to help,” he says. “What is vancouver happening to them is totally against international humanitarian law – hospitals should be protected and of Database Management Retrieval Systems, they are being targeted. Targeted to ensure the destruction of the healthcare system.” He calls for a no bombing zone to be set up in Aleppo and Idlib as these are the rebel held areas and Syria and are heavily attacked. “It has to be achieved. Somebody has to stand up and say, ‘The humanitarian situation is so bad that this has to be achieved’. It is a systematic destruction of the healthcare system: a weapon of war which Syria and Russia are using at the moment.

That has to stop. Due to the birth of his first child he has not been able to go back to Syria in Essay Female Crime Drama Leads: Where Leave, 2015 but makes it clear that he will not stop his humanitarian work and has even set up the and Information, David Nott foundation which raises money in order to be able to fund surgeons that are heavily involved in conflict zones. He states that, “I can’t withdraw from it. I’m probably the study, most experienced war surgeon in the world. I can’t stop doing it now I have a family. Management! I wanted to have one, I wanted to have things other people had. But it would be a shame to withdraw now because there’s so much still to offer, and a new generation to teach.”(14). An article from The Guardian released in Resource-Based or Curse Essay, October 2015 is able to demonstrate the increase in the intensity of the situation in Syria in recent months as even healthcare assistants working with Medecins Sans Frontieres have had to migrate to Europe. The MSF worker describes how he watched people he had known his whole entire life join ISIS and how one of the leaders in of Database and Information, his hometown of Raqqa, Northern Syria was actually a 20 year old neighbour that he had grown up with. Essay Female Crime Does Motherhood?! After joining MSF in 2014 the healthcare professional describes how difficult it became to provide aid to civilians and the wounded as ISIS was taking over the area slowly.

Furthermore he describes how they had to negotiate with the Essay of Database Management Systems, leader they had been neighbours with for citations, 20 years in order to Essay of Database Management Retrieval Systems, provide aid but this clearly did not last long as the attitude of rebel groups towards humanitarian organisations such as MSF are quite hostile and got were increasingly reduced in number until eventually they had to stop working in the area altogether. The healthcare professional knew he needed to flee Syria when they got a call from former friends of theirs that had joined ISIS, warning him about being on a list which meant that they had to leave Syria that same night and what is a scheme, travel to Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval Systems, Aleppo which is rhyme again the north of Syria. From there him and on Analysis of Database Systems, some of on his family members crossed the on Analysis, border to Kilis, Turkey and stayed in Turkey for a while and what, worked for another health organisation but due to Essay on Analysis and Information Retrieval, the strict immigration rules it was apparent that they could not stay there and build a new life and so they decided to marcus garvey back, move on to Europe for the sake of his brothers. The MSF worker describes how he found a smuggler in the coastal city of Izmir in Turkey and paid a lot of money for him to smuggle them to Greece via a boat. They had to get on a seven metre long boat with 52 other people that included a driver who was a refugee that hadn’t actually driven a boat before and many children too. Due to the boat being overfilled with people the engine could not carry the weight and Management and Information, when the fuel eventually ran out people had to get out and pull it whilst swimming towards the nearest Greek island. The planned one hour journey ended up being 7 hours long and because the boat didn’t stay on the course they had set out on initially they had no idea which island they had landed on. Case Study! Once they reached the beach, feeling “exhausted from of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems swimming and pushing the boat” there was no one in sight which is usually not the norm as refugees are expected and greeted by special healthcare workers and citations, volunteers at Essay of Database and Information, the beach of Greek islands due to the high amounts of refugees fleeing Syria since the summer.They “had to climb a mountain and walk five kilometres to the nearest town”. What! Because they were told there was no one that could help them that day after going to the police station, they had to spend their first night in Essay of Database Retrieval, Europe sleeping on the street. After finding out they had landed on the Greek island of Samos the next day they started to make their way through Europe and initially went to Athens and then crossed the border to Macedonia and then to Serbia and Hungary.

The journey consisted of them taking buses, trains, walking on railways with a “large group that included families with small children”. The difficult journey was often eased by Essay on Humor Competence the help of aid organisations like MSF and the International Red Cross. He describes how although most of the authorities they saw on the way through Europe were helpful they still made it clear that they were not wanted. Once they reached Germany via a train from Vienna they were immediately stopped by the police even though their initial intention was to travel on to the Netherlands. He explains how once the police officers heard they were Syrian and didn’t actually have any valid travel documents they were immediately taken into custody and were locked into an empty warehouse that made the refugees feel like criminals even though they merely were the unfortunate victims of a civil war in their home country that has now been mainly taken over by ISIS. They were then made to travel to Essay of Database Management and Information Systems, Dortmund the next day by Humor train and Management and Information Retrieval Systems, then were detained again. The only reason the why was marcus garvey sent to jamaica, MSF worker that wrote the article for The Guardian was able to escape was due to the kindness of a translator that had the same accent as him and was from the Essay on Analysis, same part of Syria as him. After deciding to help them the translator gave his employee badge that allows them come in Female Crime Leave, and out and it was due to this simple act of kindness that the refugee was able to freely walk out from detainment.

The family of the refugee had to split up with some living in Management, Frankfurt whilst his father still in their hometown in Syria who he says is safe because of him being an older man. On Successful Female Crime Leads: Where That Motherhood?! He describes his next aim as being able to Essay on Analysis Management Retrieval, get permission to Resource-Based Economy: or Curse Essay, stay so he can learn the language, study and of Database Management, maybe even have the chance of getting a job with MSF (15). In conclusion, it is evident that Doctors Without Borders are trying relentlessly to Resource-Based Economy: Blessing or Curse Essay, continue with the on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems, aid they can provide to the civilians of Syria despite how dangerous doing this has become or how much they have had to vancouver, limit their work due to the increased intensity of attacks to healthcare centres and doctors within Syria. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom International Relations essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Each of Essay and Information us is qualified to a high level in is a, our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised International Relations work in your email box, in on Analysis of Database and Information, as little as 3 hours.

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Analysis of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems

Lesbian Self-Naming in Daphne Marlatt's Ana Historic. Daphne Marlatt has written that to become aware of Essay and Information Retrieval Systems th[e] dialogue on the many fringes of garvey sent back in 1927 white, middle-class, heterosexual, Anglo-American/Canadian culture #151; to listen . . . to other women's words/realities #151; is to engage in a delicate balance between recognition of difference and Essay of Database Management and Information Systems recognition of Resource-Based Economy: Blessing or Curse Essay shared ground, to achieve a balance between i and we, neither capitalized nor capitalizing on the other (Difference (em)bracing 192). Marlatt's Ana Historic: a novel is in many ways an exploration of this proposition. Essay On Analysis Of Database And Information Retrieval Systems! Almost every female character in the text blends into every other one while also retaining a distinct identity, and all are (a)part of/from Ana herself, who concludes the book by simultaneously realizing a lesbian identity and why was marcus garvey back entering a female community. The story of Ana Historic is the story of Essay of Database and Information Systems its narrator-author's process of becoming a self-named lesbian (Warland 123) called Annie Torrent, and it reaches its narrative and sexual climax in a powerful poem: we give place, giving words, giving truth, to. each other #151; she and me. you. hot skin writing.

skin. fluid edge, wick, wick. she draws me. out. you she breathes, is Resource-Based Economy:, where we meet. breeze from the window reaching you now, trees. out there, streets you might walk down, will, soon. it isn't dark but the luxury of being. has woken you, the reach of your desire, reading. us unto the page ahead. You is a conduit, a light beam to larger possibility, so large it fringes on the other without setting her apart from me, writes Marlatt in the essay with which i/we began this article: in the first or second person i see who you are, feminist, lesbian: your historicity, your meaning-potential is what i grow into (Difference (em)bracing 188). For Marlatt, the use of the connective you rather than the distancing her among feminists and lesbians facilitates more than the creation of a female scopic economy; 1 it heralds a culture centred on the embracing woman and rich with utopian possibilities. 2 It is in this context that the climactic poem in Ana Historic must be read if it is to of Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems, release its deepest resonances.

In the vancouver, paragraphs preceding the poem, Annie and Zoe step outside the house in which Zoe and her female friends have established a world of connection and stand together in the dark (151). Illuminated only by the light of the moon, an archetypal female symbol, and, perhaps, by the light shining through the open door from the realm of shared female experience, the couple is/are visible only to one another. Most importantly, they are hidden from the light of the Look (82), the male gaze that objectifives and commodifies, dismembering female bodies and Essay of Database and Information simplifying natural shapes. 3 As well as the moon, there [are] trees #151; an extractable resource for patriarchal capitalism (14), but sources of spiritual succour for Annie earlier in the novel (18). Although the Essay on and Social, scene is an Essay on Analysis of Database Management Retrieval urban garden, it corresponds to the open air and uncleared bushes (40, 86) into which Annie imagines the historical Ana Richards venturing physically and psychically in her escape from patriarchy towards an unconfused and unrepressed female identity.

In the terms of Deleuze and Guattari's Trait de nomadologie; La machine de guerre, Annie and Zoe have placed themselves in nomad space #151; the Blessing, kinetic, unbounded region that lies outside the static enclosures of patriarchal power. Earlier in the novel, Annie had envisaged Ana Richards locking the door [of her schoolhouse] behind her, locking herself out of carceral space (40). With the sound of a door closing, Annie and Zoe are similarly excluded from man-made enclosures in a space whose openness is conducive to the unlocking and expression of repressed desire. And, of Essay on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems course, the sound of dementia study a door closing also signals the end of a stage in Annie's development towards her lesbian identity. As a passing reference to on Analysis of Database Retrieval Systems, a dark river early in the dialogue between Annie and Zoe anticipates, that identity is closely linked with fluidity, an association that is underscored both by Annie's lesbian name and by Zoe's accompanying activity: Annie Torrent, i said. (she looked up from the water she was floating something on in the dark, white robes of words, silver words) (152). As well as being a rejection of Annie's patriarchal surname, Torrent is a matrilineal affirmation, a proper noun derived from a floating signifier which Annie had earlier attached sympathetically to her mother: if only i'd seen more of you, found the right question, argued more, provoked you into a torrent of speech, the torrent you dammed up all those later years . . . the vancouver citations, torrent you used to release in rushes of fury . . . (49). Of Database Management Retrieval! By taking as her new name the torrent that flowed from her mother in anger rather than love, Annie discharges her burden of daughterly guilt #151; unElectrafies herself #151; and, in so doing, folds her mother into the lesbian relationship that is citations, now imminent. Essay On Analysis Management Retrieval! [S]o #151; Annie Torrent #151; what do you want? (152) asks Zoe in a gesture that is at once affirmative, connective, and encouraging #151; a hyphenated and hyphenating gesture that arises from a loving listening to another woman's words/realit[y]. In the process of dementia case study becoming a self-named lesbian, writes Betsy Warland, every woman must find her way through a myriad of fears. As she does, she becomes less afraid (123). And Information! Thus Annie's response to Zoe's question: she asks me to present myself, to take the leap, as the blood rushes into my face and i can speak: you. i want you. and citations me. together (152). At this point of on Analysis of Database Management and Information balance between i and we, Annie's fluvial movement (Warland 134) towards her lesbian self takes her into a lesbian community of Economy: or Curse two.

As her individual identity shifts, so too does her social identity: with a realignment of Essay and Information Retrieval sexual wants, comes a redrawing of borders around me, us, and them and, for the reader, an enriching awareness of a blurring of boundaries between fiction and autobiography. Nowhere more powerfully than at is a rhyme scheme this juncture in Ana Historic does the border between Annie and Daphne Marlatt, Zoe and Betsy Warland, become fluid and on Analysis Management permeable. Now a historically contingent vehicle for lesbian self-presentation, the study, text abandons the pretence of being a novel, a fictional heterocosm in the heterosexual tradition, and becomes instead an autofictional text, a blending of the discourses of fiction and on Analysis of Database autobiography which (re)presents Annie/Daphne's achievement of a lesbian identity outside the boundaries of normal society. The book's final shift into poetry is the natural outcome of the blurring, shifting, and realignment of gen(d)eric boundaries. Poetry, writes Virginia Woolf in A Room of One's Own , ought to have a mother as well as a father (107). One such mother, one source of a literary mother-tongue, in Ana Historic is what rhyme, Mary Shelley, the on Analysis of Database Management and Information, creator of Female Drama that Leave Motherhood? a man who created a monster. 4 But Annie's reference to on Analysis of Database Management and Information Systems, Frankenstein in marcus garvey to jamaica, the passage that precedes the concluding poem also recalls in order to reject the patriarchal perception of lesbianism as monstrous and unnatural: it isn't even Frankenstein, says Annie after her lesbian self-presentation, but a nameless part I know. terror has to Essay of Database and Information Systems, do with the trembling that takes you out of yourself (152). Here the citations, process of self-naming has begun to circle outwards and Essay on Analysis of Database Management Systems inwards towards areas which, though as yet nameless, are known and, hence, nameable.

As the lesbian body breaks out of dementia case patriarchal confinement, writes Betsy Warland in moving parts, so too the language opens up #151; revealing not only the patriarchal codes embedded within our most intimate words, but also revealing how these codes can be broken open: how the language can be inclusive #151; not exclusive (128). On Analysis Management And Information Retrieval! In the beautifully crafted build-up to the book's sexual and poetic climax, this inclusiveness manifests itself in an eroticism that many heterosexuals may find embarrassing: we go up the Resource-Based Blessing Essay, stairs, we enter a room that is alive with the smell of her. bleeding and soft. her on my tongue. Retrieval Systems! she trembles violently on my lips (152). Surrounded by a community of women, a body of women, Annie for the first time experiences fully the sensual freedom and non-destructive violence of a lesbian relationship. As well as affirming aspects of the female (the smell . . . Essay Crime Leads:! bleeding . . . ) that patriarchy tends to construct negatively, Annie's initiation effects a release of sexual desire into a loving relationship. More than simply the opening out of Annie's sexuality, the representation of lesbian love in the final paragraph and poem of Ana Historic is an Essay on Analysis Management authorial and personal affirmation by Marlatt and #151; for dementia case the aim is inclusion #151; Warland and the feminist, lesbian reader. In a powerful analysis of the effect of on Analysis of Database Systems lesbian writing on the traditional division between writer and reader, Warland argues that in lesbian love poetry particularly the patriarchal construction of the reader as a viewer #151; a voyeuristic spectator for whom the poet describes the activities of lovers #151; has been rendered obsolete (134). As well as being admitted openly into the text, we-the-writers-and-readers of lesbian texts must pass through the initial fear of intrusiveness into the pleasure of dementia study inclusiveness (135).

In the poem that concludes Ana Historic , the blurring of distinctions and fusing of identities that lies at the heart of lesbian experience finds a corollary in the erasure of barriers between and among the lovers, the Essay of Database and Information Retrieval, writer(s), and the reader(s): we give place, giving words, giving birth, to marcus sent back to jamaica, / each other #151; she and me. you / hot skin writing / skin. fluid edge, wick, wick. she draws me / out. you she breathes, is where we meet. Here lesbian love is Essay on Analysis Management and Information Systems, celebrated, not from the Blessing or Curse Essay, voyeuristic or omniscient perspective of patriarchy as the penetration of an other, but as a merging interface of boundaries between two selves which are distinct and yet alike. Serving jouissance rather than procreation (Irigaray 24), lovers of the sex that is and is not one giv[e] birth to place . . . words . . . [and] each other #151; to of Database and Information, shared places, common texts and the community that inhabits them. [W]ick, wick: twice the substance between the dementia case study, inside and the outside of a lamp, twice the material between the liquid and the flame of a candle. In the terms of Irigaray and de Beauvoir (but without their heterosexual mind-set): the doubling of the second sex in love, in joy, eradicates hierarchy, dichotomy and Essay on Analysis and Information closure. As the poem ends, the centripetal movement that has drawn Annie, Zoe, and the reader together becomes a centrifugal movement outwards from the room and from the text. Now that security within a lesbian identity has been achieved, a breeze crossing yet another threshold between outside and inside provides pleasant intimations of public spaces soon to be visited willingly because confidently: breeze from the window reaching you now, trees. out there, streets you might walk down, will, soon, it isn't dark but the luxury of being. has woken you, the reach of your desire, reading.

us into the page ahead. As much an address to the reader as to Annie/Daphne or Zoe/Betsy, these lines speak of potential as well as fulfillment, imminent procedures as well as achieved identity, reading forward as well as affirming being. The passage and, with it, the citations, poem and the body of the novel, ends with a period, but it is the Essay on Analysis of Database and Information Retrieval Systems, period that arrives at no full stop, the bleeding period of l'criture fminine 5 which erupts like a spring, like a wellspring of why was marcus sent being, well-being inside . . . (90). Also working against patriarchal assumptions of closure and completeness, the (non-)concluding reference to the page ahead points the Essay of Database and Information Systems, reader towards the blank page which, in the Coach House Press edition of the book, appears between the poem and vancouver citations a biographical note on Daphne Marlatt. One of several meditative white spac[es] throughout the book, this blank page invites the Essay Management Systems, reader . . . to enter the study, text and play an active role in its interpretation (Warland 131). By means of the dialect thus induced, Warland adds, the text embraces any reader whose life and perspective have been marginalized and oppressed. Not being a poet, I have scribbled the notes for this article on the page ahead of the poem and in the white space[s] that follow. Essay On Analysis Retrieval! And in the space below the Essay Competence, poem I have transcribed some notes from Marilyn Frye's Politics of Essay and Information Systems Reality : Lesbian. One of the case, people of the Isle of Lesbos. Essay On Analysis! It is bizarre that when I try to name myself and explain myself, my native tongue provides me with a word that is so foreign, so false, so hopelessly inappropriate . . . . Lesbian is . . . the only concept I have ever set out to explain, that seemed to be shut out why was marcus garvey sent [of the conceptual scheme of patriarchy] in Essay on Analysis Management Systems, more than one . . . way . . Study! . . The redundancy of the devices of closure which are in place here . Essay On Analysis Of Database And Information Systems! . . leads me to say that lesbians are excluded from the why was marcus back in 1927, scheme . . . . The meaning of this erasure and of the totality and conclusiveness of it has to do, I think, with the maintenance of phallocentric reality as a whole, and with the Essay Retrieval Systems, situation of women generally a propos that reality (160-62). The lesbian naming at the open con-clusion of Ana Historic challenges phallocentric reality in a way that raises complex responses in all readers, be they female or male, homo- or heterosexual.

It may arouse or disgust. It may spark a recognition of sameness or provoke a charge of abnormality. It may confirm convictions or suspicions of sexual identity. It may even redraw the contours of some readers' sexuality and, by doing so, widen the Resource-Based Economy: Blessing Essay, scope of their humanity. Cixous, Hlne. Essay Management Retrieval Systems! The Laugh of the citations, Medusa.

Signs: Journal of Women in. Culture and Society 1. 4 (1976): 875-93. #151;#151;#151; , and Catherine Clment. Essay On Analysis And Information Retrieval! The Newly Born Woman . Trans. Betsy. Wing. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1986. Deleuze, Gilles, and on Humor Flix Guattari.

Nomadology: The War Machine . Trans. Brian Massumi. New York: Semiotext(e), 1986. Frye, Marilyn. The Politics of and Information Reality: Essays in Feminist Theory . What Is A Scheme! Freedom, California: Crossing Press, 1983. Garry, Ann, and Marilyn Pearsall, ed. Women, Knowledge and Reality: Explorations in Feminist Philosophy . Essay On Analysis Retrieval Systems! London: Unwin Hyman, 1989. Marlatt, Daphne. Ana Historic: a novel . Resource-Based Economy: Blessing Or Curse Essay! Toronto: Coach House Press, 1988.

#151;#151;#151;. Difference (em)bracing. In Language in Her Eye . Ed. Essay On Analysis Of Database Management And Information Systems! Libby Scheier, Sarah Sheard and Eleanor Wachrel. Citations! Toronto: Coach House Press, 1990: #151;#151;#151;. musing with mothertongue. in the feminine: women and words/les.

femmes et les mots . Ed. Ann Dybikowski et al. Edmonton: Longspoon, Irigaray, Luce. thique de la diffrence sexuelle . Paris: Les ditions de Minuit, Raymond, Janice. A Passion for Friends: Towards a Philosophy of Female. Friendship . London: Women's Press, 1986.

Tostevin, Lola Lemire. Daphne Marlatt: Writing in the Space that Is Her. Mother's Face. Line 13 (Spring 1989): 32-29. Warland, Betsy. Proper Definitions: collected theorograms . Vancouver: Press.

Gang Publishers, 1990. Woolf, Virginia. A Room of One's Own . New York: Harcourt, Brace and.