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Best Resume Format for Nurses in 2016-2017. Re Mcardle! Most positions will see dozens of applicants so your 2016 application must be able to make you stand out from the crowd and to show the Gay Speak Essay, recruiter that you have everything that they are looking for. Not only that you have to be able to do it very quickly, indeed your resume 2016 will only be scanned for a few seconds by the recruiter. If the information they want to see is not immediately obvious, it is likely you find someone else is re mcardle invited for an interview. Therefore, your resume format for nurses 2016-2017 applications is very important, as how you present your information will have a huge effect on socially constructed, what will be seen. If you look at different resume examples for nurses, you will probably see a wide range of different formats and styles of writing. So which one is the re mcardle, right for you? In most cases the answer is going to be the simplest as you want to ensure that the show, recruiter quickly sees the information without ever having to re mcardle, search for it. In fact, the information that you want them to see should literally jump from the Gay Speak Essay, page. The following are some tips to help with your resume format for re mcardle, nurses: Your resume should be just 1 or 2 pages maximum Use a 12pt font in an easy to read style Use minimal formatting, only bold headings to is gender socially constructed, draw attention Do not use borders, dividers or other decoration Maximize clear space, place before the start of sections to draw attention there. How to Write the Perfect Resume for re mcardle, Nurses.

The best resumes are always those that are written specifically for show 2, a position rather than just put together as a one-size-fits-all generic resume that you will send to many jobs. By tailoring your resume to the position you can ensure that you provide the re mcardle, recruiter with the exact information they are looking for. The following are some helpful tips for is gender socially, writing your nursing resume: Stay relevant, include only the information that they are looking for rather than cluttering the re mcardle, resume with info that they are not interested in. Ensure that the most important skills, experience or qualifications are listed first in their relevant sections so that they are seen. E Rousseau! Provide clear examples of your accomplishments and quantify them rather than just listing out re mcardle, responsibilities. Proofread your resume very carefully as even a single spelling mistake could tell the recruiter that you did not spend as long as you should have on your application.

What’s more, some of the above mentioned tips can be used in your resume for show de truman, civil engineer, so feel free to re mcardle, follow them. Resume Checklist for Nursing Professionals. Before you start writing your resume for nurse, you need to ask yourself whether you are prepared for the work that will be relegated to you. Just to give you an idea on how a day in the life of nurse works, check the infographic below: Image credit: You can already imagine why there is a need for nurses as hospitals and clinics are trying their best to meet all the health care needs. If you are determined to pursue this course, you will need to show potential employers that you have what it takes to Essay, get the job done. This is why you need to re mcardle, put a lot of Gay Speak Essay, effort into creating your CV so that it will stand out from the crowd.

If you’re thinking that you don’t really need to work hard on your resume because nurses are in demand, think again. Re Mcardle! Medical institutions are looking for the best individuals to work for salvation army, them because quality is everything when it comes to re mcardle, the medical profession. According to “A winning resume will get you noticed for the best positions and can facilitate a promotion from salvation your current position. Re Mcardle! A strong resume can also help you command and negotiate a higher salary. Is Gender Constructed! Always put your best foot forward on your resume to attract the most desirable job offers.” With this being said, here are a few tips that can help you achieve a compelling resume for your readers. Re Mcardle! Create a qualifications summary. When writing your resume, make it a point to avoid wasting your reader’s time because they will only spare your resume a few seconds only unless you convince to pay attention to the finer details about Gay Speak Essay, your paper. Re Mcardle! So instead of Essay about, letting them figure out re mcardle, what your qualifications are, create a summary for them placed in a prominent position in your resume. List your areas of expertise. Another trick to creating a winning CV example 2017 is to highlight your areas of expertise. You can do this in list form so that it will be easier understood by your readers.

Keep in about Gun Control Laws mind that employers will be looking for re mcardle, the most qualified to hire. Essay! Write your experiences in re mcardle detail. Don’t hesitate to give details about your experiences because your readers would like to know what your qualifications are in show 2 detail and not just in list form. Re Mcardle! Show your readers what you are capable of by giving details. Keep it short. Although you have plenty of information to share with your readers, the best thing to do is to keep your CV short but informative as much as possible because you don’t want to bore your readers. By delivering a short but concise your resume, you are increasing your chances of getting interviewed for the job. Show off your performance. Another tip to creating the best resume is to provide your readers with evidence that you have done a good job in your previous work.

Add specifics such as numbers to convince potential employers that you are qualified. Choose appropriate format. You should look for a format that will be applicable to the job that you are applying for as a nurse. This way, it will make it easier for you to create a professional looking paper as well. Get rid of locke e rousseau, clutter.

Adding designs to your CV example 2017 is re mcardle all well and good especially when you’re trying to stand out but this can also backfire especially when you peppered your resume with useless designs. As much as possible, keep your application simple as this will be better received compared to army, before. Re Mcardle! Get straight to the point. Your resume shouldn’t contain any useless or irrelevant information in it because you are aiming to impress your readers. Gay Speak Essay! Get straight to the point instead to get your point across immediately. Customize your resume. Re Mcardle! If you are planning on Gay Speak Essay, sending several resumes to various medical institutions, make sure that you customize your resumes accordingly. Re Mcardle! This will help in increasing your chances of getting noticed among the crowd who most likely sent generic resumes.

Edit your CV. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your work because this will help you find any errors that you may have committed in Gay Speak Essay the first draft of your paper. Follow our advice for your resume format for nurses 2016-2017 applications and resume writing and you can be sure that you will submit a winning resume that is re mcardle going to get you noticed and invited for an interview! What Should a Resume Format 2018 Look Like. De Truman 2! Many people nowadays suffer to make their resumes look good. This happens because as many other important job factors, a. Resume Writing Rules 2017: Do You Need to Follow All of Them? Ways of Writing Job Objective for Resume 2017.

What to Write about Hobbies in Resume 2017. How Should a Resume Look in 2016-2017? How should a resume 2016 look like? For job seekers aiming at landing a new job or for entry level. What a Resume Should Look Like in 2017?

10 Tips On Writing Cover Letters 2016-2017. Best Resume 2016 Samples and Tips. Cookies are used on this website to improve your user experience.

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sample midterm essay Sample Essays for Midterm 1 (Take-Home) from re mcardle Spring 2014: Sample Essay for Midterm 1 on cereal companies, “Ideal Athens/Athenian ” Professor’s Comment: Your essay on the ideal Athens/Athenian is excellent in re mcardle several respects. It turns repeatedly to the primary sources for evidence, as suggested by the Guidelines. It repeatedly uses multiple primary sources clustered around one theme (ideal men, ideal women, ideal society). Direct quotations are used frequently, and each are properly cited with page number and Author. At the end of most paragraphs, there is de truman 2, a clear and efficient summary of the main ideas of that paragraph, before moving on to the re mcardle, next idea. The essay is not perfectit’s missing a title, for example, and there are some silly errors (“inhibited” instead of “exhibited”, or the needless repetition at the bottom of companies pg. 2 about “ability to re mcardle, use their brain”).

And I find the long paragraph on Gay Speak Essay, pg. Re Mcardle! 3, about the household/society, to be jumbled at is gender socially constructed the beginning, though it improves toward the end. Overall, however, the re mcardle, essay is clearly written and hobbes, with a minimum of errorsmore importantly, it addresses the re mcardle, question head-on, and answers it with an array of evidence from the primary sources. 95. Western civilization has morphed and developed with time, going through many radical transformations over the years. About Gun Control Laws! In the 5 th century BCE Classical Athens was at re mcardle a high point, also referred to about Laws, as the re mcardle, Golden Age. Philosophy was originated during this time and people such as Socrates and Plato started talking about basic questions dealing with human existence without using references to show de truman 2, religion or myths. Greeks had previously looked at the nature of the universe and re mcardle, Athenians expanded on this saying everything has a rational explanation for how it came to be. Plato was one of the first to write about what an ideal society should look like and what kinds of laws would be in place, he believed that recognizing these standards was an important component of philosophy. Aristotle, one of Plato's pupils, focused his writings on the world around him and believed that the ideal human behavior was rooted in the observations of Gay Speak Essay Athenian society.

Athens was seen as prosperous and re mcardle, well-designed during this period, some saying it was the ideal society. Many civilizations have tried to reconstruct the ideals and way of life of the show de truman, Athenians. Re Mcardle! Classical Athens is highly praised for what they had accomplished; their expectations of the ideal people and society are those of which they had closely accomplished. A careful examination of Ancient Athens literature will show a close relationship between the ideal Athens and Athenian and the reality of Athenian society. Writings from the time of Ancient Athens depict a certain image as to who the ideal Athenian was and what characteristics they inhibited. Pericles, the ruler of Athens and military leader at the time said, reward both of those who have fallen and their survivors. And where the rewards for army, merit are greatest, there are found the best citizens (Wiesner, 60). Pericles was referring to the soldiers who fought in battle for Athens and believed that fighting for re mcardle, Athens was an important quality among men.

Xenophon, author of The Economist , thought that a man's place is outdoors; he is to take care of the needs outside the household and to run a well-managed home showed ideal characteristics. Locke Hobbes E Rousseau! In The Republic Plato stated in an obvious nature that elders should rule over the younger generations, and he who at every age, as a boy and youth and in mature life, has come out of the trial victorious and pure, shall be appointed a ruler and guardian of the re mcardle, State(Wiesner, 68). Plato also believed that men should be the head of the household and have absolute authority. Those appointed to be guardians of the state should live simply and be men of temperance and courage(Wiesner, 68). There is a consensus among the cereal companies, authors that the ideal Athenian is male and his work is outside the home. Considering the points of these authors, the ideal Athenian would be an older male who was of high rank in re mcardle the military, ran a well-managed household, and had the traits of show de truman a strong mind.

In Ancient Athens females were considered lesser than men, yet there were expectations of re mcardle them as well. Pericles believed that the ideal woman should be invisible, greatest will be hers who is least talked of among men whether for good or for bad(Wiesner, 60). Xenophon's opinion was that, it is more proper for a woman to stay in the house than out of doors(Wiesner, 66). The only sense of equality that men and show de truman 2, women shared was in the raising of their children, who were considered a common interest. In Aristotle's writing from The Politics he wrote that a person's virtue was important and related this concept to one's soul; the ability to use their brain. The soul is not present in re mcardle a slave, doesn't operate in a wife, and is not yet developed in a child.

The soul is referring to one's virtue; the is gender constructed, ability to use their brain and re mcardle, make decisions. The unanimity among these authors shows that women were seen as inferior to men. From this it is concluded that they had a traditional outlook on the life-style of a woman's place being in the home and to be considered ideal they must be seen and heard as little as possible and obey their husband. Households, though run by women, were considered to be governed by the husband's authority. Aristotle believed that the household was the smallest economic and political unit in about a society and that the re mcardle, basis of government should start with the is gender socially constructed, basis of a household. Athens is seen as the originators of democracy by later Europeans and re mcardle, Americans. The society was that of a meritocracy, Pericles indicated that everyone had the salvation army homeless, chance to improve their lives if they were productive and worked hard.

He also stated that Athens was a strong city and others modeled themselves after it, our constitution does not copy the re mcardle, laws of neighboring states; we are rather a pattern to others than imitators ourselves (Wiesner, 58). From The Republic Plato says that their officials should be appointed, there must be a selection. Let us note among the homeless, guardians those who in their whole life show the greatest eagerness to re mcardle, do what is for the good of their country(Wiesner, 68). Ancient Athens stood strong and though many of these authors praised the city for their hard work and democratic society others did not necessarily agree that things were as perfect as it may have seemed. From an unknown author's point of view of Athenian democracy it was implied that the common people did not retaliate against the wealthy, of the mainland cities in the Athenian Empire, the large one's are governed by fear, and the small one's by socially want(Wiesner, 65). Their society was based on re mcardle, import and Gay Speak Essay, export; if they disobeyed the re mcardle, government then they would no longer have the socially constructed, means to survive.

The information given from these authors' shows that the Athenian government was strong and powerful and though some questioned the re mcardle, virtuous nature of their democracy, most affirmed its efficiency and successfulness. Classical Athens had one of the most powerful militaries of their time; it was a military superpower. They saw war as the ultimate test of morals, values, and ideals. During Pericles Funeral Speech he said, Athenians advance unsupported into the territory of a neighbor, and fighting upon a foreign soil usually vanquish with ease men who are defending their homes (Wiesner, 58). Army Homeless! The Athenian military worked as a united force, giving no exceptions when they chose to re mcardle, overtake an area. From The Melian Debate it was said that if we do not molest them it is because we are afraid; so that besides extending our empire we should gain in security by your subjection(Wiesner, 61). Athenian's took a lot of pride in their military and were confident to the point of being egotistical; they did not want people to think they were inferior to anyone. War was a time to prove that they could conquer all and socially, were superior to those around them.

During everyday life it was said that the Athenian's excelled at balancing their work and play. In Pericles Funeral Speech he said, the freedom which we enjoy in our government extends also to our ordinary life (Wiesner, 58). They celebrated and sacrificed all year long and their entertainment was something that the re mcardle, Athenians enjoyed showing off. Laws! It is said that they are the originators of drama, history, and realistic art. Re Mcardle! Pericles alleged they lived efficiently, spending money on things they needed, wealth we employ for more use than for show(Wiesner 59).

He also accepted immigrants and foreigners to salvation, come and learn from the Athenian's, we throw open our city to the world, and re mcardle, never by alien acts exclude foreigners from any opportunity of learning or observing(Wiesner. 58). An unknown Athenian author had said that you couldn't tell slaves apart from the commoners due to their poor appearance. Their simplicity in material things and interest in entertainment and knowledge proved ideal from the workings of Pericles. An analysis of Ancient Athens literature exposes a close correlation between ideal Athenian society and its people and the reality of Classical Athens. The Athenian society was based on a balance of tradition, power, and knowledge: all of which was thought to be part of show 2 their ideal society. Re Mcardle! Tradition lay within the Gay Speak Essay, concept of the ideal Athenian. The ideal male would be considered of strong mind, a determined fighter, and head of the household whereas an ideal female would be considered and obedient house-wife.

Their ideal society reflects upon the reality of their own civilization: a democracy, a military superpower, simplicity, and a balance among work and entertainment. Ancient Athens has made a large political and re mcardle, cultural impact on the world and Essay about Laws, civilizations that stand today and we are still expanding on re mcardle, many of the aspects that Ancient Athens originated. Professor ’ s Comment: This is show de truman, excellent! I would like to use your essay anonymously, of course as a model for other students. The writing is clear. The primary sources constitute the basis of evidence used. You include page numbers and your last name on each page. The introduction frames the topic, and the thesis clearly states what you will prove in the essay to follow. The structure of the re mcardle, essay is logical, except on salvation homeless, pp.

2-3 where it seems to me that you jumble 3 different moments from Plutarch together, when they would be better narrated/analyzed separately. But the essential elements are all there, even if the order in which they are presented might be improved. The essay also includes some excellent analysis you repeatedly show why Alexander should be considered great, and link how we can see the proof of that in the primary sources. My only real criticism is re mcardle, that you could use a few more direct quotes you are fond of constructed paraphrasing, and that ’ s fine, but inclusion of occasional direct quotes both spices up the essay, and breaks the monotony of continual paraphrase by having something different. All in all, a fine essay! 97.

Alexander the re mcardle, Great: Living up to the name. Throughout history, many powerful rulers and great military minds have existed. Alexander the Great is considered one of socially these. Born to King Philip of Macedon around 356 BC, Alexander inherited the throne while still relatively young when his father died around the year 336 BC. He then went on re mcardle, to create one of the largest empires in the entire world. Alexander truly proved that he deserved the nickname “ Alexander the Great ” , whether it was shown from his actions in his youth or from his conquests towards his adulthood. Many sources support Alexander as well, showing different examples of his bravery and leadership. Plutarch describes Alexander ’ s courage in a section of his writing during Alexander ’ s youth. Alexander then describes his military strength in his letter to Aristotle, and reveals his leadership skills in about his speech to his troops.

In Plutarch ’ s writing “ Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans ” , Plutarch describes a moment from Alexander ’ s youth where he displayed a great deal of bravery along with skill and intelligence. Philonieus the Thessalian had approached Philip of Macedon to offer his horse Bucephalus up for sale to the king. Philip, along with Alex and other individuals, went out to a field nearby to get a look at the horse before they decided whether to purchase it. Bucephalus at first appeared unfriendly and frightened, and acted accordingly. Re Mcardle! Plutarch writes “ The horse appeared extremely vicious and unmanageable, and was so far from suffering himself to be mounted, that he would not bear to is gender socially, be spoken to, but turned fiercely on all the grooms. Re Mcardle! ” (Langhorne, John) This shows that the horse came off as very hostile, and would not even let anyone come close enough to speak to it, never mind ride it.

The sight of the Gay Speak Essay, horse ’ s hostility made Philip unhappy, and re mcardle, he asked for it to be taken away for he had lost interest in purchasing it. Alexander, however, thought differently. He claimed that getting rid of the horse would be a waste of its talent, and put a wager on his ability to is gender constructed, be able to not only mount the re mcardle, horse, but also ride it around. Alexander then proceeded to slowly approach the horse, and whispered to it while he stroked its mane. The horse eventually relaxed, and allowed Alexander to mount its back. Then Bucephalus began to de truman 2, run, and Alexander encouraged it using his spurs while yelling at it. Re Mcardle! Philip and his company began to worry once the about Gun Control, horse picked up pace, but were soon reassured when Alexander guided it back to them. Alexander was received with praise, and upon returning his father said “ ‘ Seek another kingdom, my son, that may be worthy of thy abilities; for Macedonia is too small for thee. ’” (Langhorne, John) This shows that Philip had extreme pride and faith in his son, for he believed that Alexander would go onto do bigger and better things than he (Philip) originally had. The story continues when Alexander had inherited the crown at re mcardle age 20, along with a broken kingdom.

While being threatened by barbarous nations from salvation army Macedonia ’ s borders, Alexander believed that the re mcardle, only way to Gay Speak Essay, keep the kingdom secure was by taking out anyone who threatened it. Alexander attacked the barbarians with his army and killed 20,000 foot soldiers along with 2,500 horses, while only losing 9 infantry men and 25 others. He then constructed a brass statue for each soldier to honor their memory, and spread the re mcardle, wealth from cereal his conquest to the Greeks. This passage from Plutarch describes why Alexander truly deserved the title “ Alexander the Great ” . Alexander displayed intelligence and maturity from a young age. Instead of re mcardle rushing up to the horse and Gay Speak Essay, trying to mount it quickly, he took his time and made sure to re mcardle, calm the horse down before attempting to mount it.

Also, Alexander displayed great skill in controlling the horse while riding it. After getting it to a full gallop, Alexander managed to get it to turn around and run back to where it started from. Gay Speak Essay! The later portion of the article also reveals that Alexander was a great military leader. Alexander realized that his kingdom was in danger from the surrounding barbarians and took action. He dismantled any threat to re mcardle, his kingdom from the de truman, bordering savages, killed 20,000 barbarians, and managed to only lose 9 infantry men in the process. Re Mcardle! Finally, Alexander was a great leader because of the salvation army, respect he showed not only his troops, but also his people. Alexander honored each soldier that died with a statue of them in brass, and then spread the re mcardle, wealth obtained to his kingdoms population. Constructed! Many rulers would have kept the treasure from the re mcardle, conquered people, but Alexander decided to spread the Laws, wealth among the people. This is a brilliant move, because in doing this he gained the respect from the population he ruled, and increased their happiness. By keeping the Macedonians happy, he ensured that (at least for the time being) they would not revolt and re mcardle, try to remove him from power.

However, some may see this in de truman a different way. Alexander can be seen as merciless and brutal, for he wiped out a large number of people in these battles. He also can be seen as irrational, for he killed 2,500 horses. Instead of slaughtering these animals, he could have captured more of them and used them in his own army, which would have allowed his troops to re mcardle, migrate from conquered areas to areas they planned to invade. In the letter to Aristotle, Alexander describes how he wanted to live like Peleus, an constructed, ancient greek mythology hero. He then continues to re mcardle, say that he now, when looking back on those conquests of nearby areas, sees a different political importance than before.

He explains that it was necessary to conquer Thrace so that Macedonia ’ s flank would be safe incase the 2, Greeks double crossed them. He claims that it was completely necessary to do, and that originally he didn ’ t realize this and foolishly focused on expanding the empire. Re Mcardle! When Alexander finished conquering Thrace, he then noticed a new weakness in his empire. Worried that the show 2, new shores of his empire could be threatened, or used by Egypt and Phonecia and a way to supply Persia, Alexander then decided to occupy the Tyrian coast and eventually Egypt. From here, Alexander then worried that Darius of Mesopotamia would attack Syria and try to remove Egypt from his empire. Alexander immediately decided to battle Darius, and defeated him at Gaugamela. Other colonies eventually were conquered, and Alexander controlled much of the Persian Gulf. In order to protect these new territories, Alexander expanded north until his empire stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea. He continued expanding east, taking a Princess as his wife so he may win over the newly conquered people. He also discusses how he had to have two of his old friends put to death so that no rebellion would take place, and that he began to focus on India as a “ military necessity ” . However, once there his troops became too tired and ill to continue and re mcardle, he was forced to return home.

Once he returned to Susa he realized that his troops were indeed exhausted, and he ended up adopting 30,000 Persians into his army. Is Gender Constructed! This apparently angered many of his soldiers, but he goes on to explain that he needed not only Oriental soldiers but also Oriental court members in order to maintain peace with these new territories. Re Mcardle! He concludes his letter by stating he views himself as a god, and cereal companies, asks Aristotle to help cement his image as a god to the people of the West by using philosophy. Although fake , this letter still serves to show Alexander ’ s military superiority compared to other nations of the world. He expanded the Macedonian empire from its original size until it eventually encompassed the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. Alexander increased the size of his fathers empire and re mcardle, spread the Essay about Laws, Macedonian and re mcardle, Greek ideas across much of the world. The letter also shows that Alexander kept a closer eye on his troops than most generals would have. Show De Truman 2! Seeing that much of his army was extremely tired from the conquest so far, Alexander recruited more troops.

By adding 30,000 new soldiers, Alexander could allow a portion of his troops to re mcardle, recover while the new ones could defend his empire. However, as mentioned earlier, the source for this letter is unreliable. One cannot properly form an Gun Control, opinion on Alexander based upon this letter, for re mcardle, obvious problems with the letter stand out immediately. Army! First off, the letter is written in modern day terminology. Many modern day terms are used throughout the letter that Alexander would not have used in his time. For example, Alexander says “ I could set out with a quiet heart to secure for re mcardle, my own land of Greece her natural frontiers on the coast of de truman 2 China. ” (The History Sourcebook) Realistically, Alexander would not have known that China existed, or more importantly that it was called China. Also, a student at the University of Prince Edward Island pointed out that the same letter can be found in a book of re mcardle short stories. The short stories included with it were written to cereal, show human foolishness, which is exactly what one would think of Alexander when reading about how he claimed himself to be a god.

Finally, Alexander ’ s speech to re mcardle, his troops shows how intelligent of constructed a leader he truly was. He speaks to his troops, saying that they do not follow him with the same intensity as they originally had. He then asks what they would like to do; continue with the conquest effort, or return home. Before allowing them to answer, however, he reminds them of their accomplishments so far. He lists off the territories they have conquered, such as Mesopotamia, Babylon, Lydia, and re mcardle, many other nations. He asks why they hesitate to extend Macedon ’ s power (their power, as he calls it) and says the natives of the territories he wishes to conquer will basically throw in salvation the towel instead of resisting being conquered. Alexander then tries to convince his troops to continue by saying that the savages from the areas unconquered could stir up a revolt against them. He continues with his speech, saying that even greek gods have faced tough tasks, but that the troops have done more than them. Concluding his speech, Alexander points out that he would support the troops decision to return home had he not come along on the trip and fought among them. Re Mcardle! He also puts the thought of wealth into Gun Control Laws, their heads, saying if they conquer Asia the “ utmost hopes of riches or power which each one of you cherishes will be far surpassed ” (Ancient History Sourcebook). He wraps the speech up by saying that whoever wishes to leave may, but whoever choses to stay will be happy they did.

This final source shows how Alexander was a strong leader and smart military commander. Alexander knows some of his troops, if not all, wish to return home because they are exhausted. Re Mcardle! He points out, however, that he too has battled along side them and wishes to continue into Asia. However, he never forces his troops to continue on. This is huge, mainly because forcing the soldiers to do something they do not want to do would decrease morale tremendously. It could have even angered them to the point of turning on Alexander, which would have easily brought down his whole empire considering he would not have an salvation army, army to defend it with.

His speech also reflects his leadership. Alexander praises the re mcardle, troops on what they have accomplished so far, and explains to them how they have come too far to turn back. Army! He makes sure to relate to the troops as well, which is re mcardle, hugely important because a soldier is more likely to stay loyal and fight for a leader he respects and cereal companies, can relate to than a leader he despises. Alexander reveals to us that he truly deserved the re mcardle, title “ Alexander the Great ” . Although one source claims that Alexander was extremely full of himself, and some view him as relentless and army homeless, unreasonable, Alexander proved he took the steps necessary to keep his empire secure. He showed that he was intelligent and brave from his youth, shown by Plutarch ’ s story of how he tamed and rode an unfriendly horse.

He also proved himself to be a great military leader by amassing one of the largest empires in history, and by relating to re mcardle, his troops and listening to salvation army homeless, their opinions.

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The Top 25 Underrated Creative Writing MFA Programs (2011-2012) The twenty-five programs listed below fully fund a sizable percentage of incoming students, yet still receive less attention from applicants than they deserve. They are not -- or not yet -- among the very best creative writing MFA programs in the United States, but applicants looking to balance out an application list dominated by highly-ranked, high-selectivity programs would do well to consider, too, some entrants to the following list: Florida State University . Tallahassee gets mixed reviews, and some worry the program has gotten too large for re mcardle, its own good, but it's three years of full funding at a university with not only is gender a creative writing MFA but a top-notch creative writing doctorate, too (currently ranked second nationally). Re Mcardle. It may not deserve to be a Top 20 program in the national MFA rankings, but its recent fall in this year's yet-to-be-released rankings (to #72) is entirely unwarranted. Right now there's better than even odds it makes a return to the Top 50 next year. Georgia College State University . The whole operation here gives off a warm vibe, and why not: it's a well-funded, intimate program that's been flying below the radar for years. Yet now it's within hailing distance (nine spots) of an Honorable Mention classification in the forthcoming national MFA rankings, and Gay Speak Essay it really does deserves to re mcardle make the jump to that next level.

A better rural Southern program you'd be hard-pressed to find. Iowa State University . What was said last year bears repeating, especially with the locke program making the re mcardle jump to cereal companies Honorable Mention status in the national rankings this year: the secret's almost out of the bag on re mcardle Iowa State, and what's not to Gay Speak Essay like? It's three fully funded years in one of AIER's Top Five college towns (PDF) at a program to re mcardle which few apply. ISU's unique focus on the environment (as well as interdisciplinary work and one-on-one mentoring) are stand-out features. Minnesota State University at Mankato . It's a program you keep hearing good things about, even if you're not entirely sure why. Maybe it's the fact that the English Department offers a total of 30 full-tuition-remission teaching assistantships, and they'll let you stay three years if you want. Homeless. Maybe it's the sense that this is a friendly, inviting program. Who knows. In any event, it makes the re mcardle list, and while it may not be this grouping's strongest entrant, by Essay about Gun Control Laws, all accounts it deserves to be here. New Mexico State University . The program at re mcardle NMSU has just launched a new website, and the hope is that this site will shortly feature more information on the high number of full funding packages (approximately 60% of incoming students) that current NMSU students insist the MFA offers.

For now, we'll take these students at their word. Certainly, the program gives all the signs of hosting a lively literary community, and that's reflected in its slow creep up the salvation national rankings (currently #82). As with Minnesota State, it's certainly not the re mcardle strongest program on this list, but it's nevertheless worth watching. North Carolina State University . Rumor has it that NCSU will soon become part of what's become a national trend among MFA programs: only admitting students who can be fully funded through grants, fellowships, or assistantships, and thereby becoming a fully funded program under the current national assessment scheme via the back door. Well, why not? If the rumor's true, you're looking at a possible Top 50 program in locke hobbes e rousseau the years ahead (it's already Top 30 in selectivity, and just outside the Honorable Mention category of the national rankings).

Poet Dorianne Laux is the re mcardle star of the faculty here. Northern Michigan University . A tiny program in the scenic UP that funds surprisingly well. It oughtn't be as obscure as it is, particularly as it has one of the best student-to-faculty ratios of any graduate creative writing program in the United States. As with so many -- in fact, far too many -- MFA programs, NMUs website reveals little significant information about the program and thereby does it (and its applicants) no favors. But the sense in the creative writing community is that something good is happening here. Ohio State University . Nobody can explain why this program isn't Top 25 -- perhaps even Top 20 -- every year. Sure, it's already popular, but it remains half as popular as it should be. Three years in locke e rousseau an AIER-rated Top 15 mid-size metro with a strong faculty, a reasonable teaching load, and re mcardle a vibrant university community deserves a close look from is gender any serious MFA applicant. Every year OSU is outside the Top 25 (especially in poetry), something is grievously wrong with the national MFA picture. Oklahoma State University . The prospect of living in re mcardle Stillwater won't set many eyes agog or causes many hearts to flutter, but the fact remains that the Okies don't currently crack the Top 100, and they certainly should. Lots of full funding packages are available, there's a creative writing doctoral program at the university along with the hobbes MFA -- meaning, by and large, a higher quality workshop experience than one might otherwise expect -- and yet almost no one applies.

That should change. Oregon State University . With all the attention paid to re mcardle the University of Oregon's fully funded MFA program, the fully funded program at Oregon State somehow gets overlooked. Gay Speak Essay. Corvallis isn't Eugene, sure, but the fact remains that OSU ranks just outside the Top 50 in poetry, just outside the Top 25 in nonfiction, in the Top 40 for re mcardle, placement, and in locke e rousseau the Top 50 for selectivity. Re Mcardle. There's just no reason not to apply. Temple University . Attention poets: Temple has an cereal MFA program. Philadelphia has long been one of the great cities for American poets to live in, and re mcardle now that Temple has transformed from a non-terminal MA to a terminal MFA, it's suddenly worth a second look. Is it still a program in transition?

Sure. But it's also ranked 109th nationally, so the fact that it has a way to go is part and parcel of salvation it appearing on this list. The faculty here is amazing, even if the funding is not (or not yet) -- though it's said that it's much better for poets than for fiction-writers, in re mcardle keeping with the Gay Speak Essay program's strong ties to the Philadelphia poetry community. University of re mcardle Alaska at companies Fairbanks . More than 30% of incoming MFA students can expect to get a TAship in re mcardle this three-year program, in addition to having access to multi-genre courses and single-genre workshops in Gay Speak Essay not two but four genres: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and dramatic writing. Re Mcardle. There aren't many places better than scenic Alaska for aspiring poets and writers to get some serious reading and writing done. University of Arkansas . With Ohio State, University of Arkansas is salvation army homeless, one of two current Top 50 programs to make this list (and for the record, University of re mcardle Nevada at Las Vegas was quite nearly the third). This is a four-year, fully funded program in a nice college town, and it offers literary translation as well as poetry and fiction tracks. It's in the top tier in practically any measure you'd care to name, and Gay Speak Essay yet it cannot -- cannot -- seem to re mcardle crack the is gender socially national Top 30, which is re mcardle, especially odd given that a similarly long, similarly well-funded southern program (University of Alabama) has been impossible to dislodge from the Top 20 for years now. The difference between the two programs isn't great enough to explain the is gender constructed ranking difference. More poets and fiction-writers should apply here, it's that simple. University of re mcardle California at Gay Speak Essay Riverside . Trying to re mcardle get funding information on Gay Speak Essay California MFA programs requires more than a little detective work.

UCR is rumored to fund many of re mcardle its students well; only the program's webmaster knows for sure, however, and he's not telling. Whatever the truth of the matter, a few things are for certain: the program offers five genres of study; it (wisely) requires rather than merely encourages cross-genre work; the army faculty is excellent; and the fact that the university has an undergraduate creative writing major (the only one in California) tells you how committed the re mcardle entire university is to creative writing. The location is also a plus: a large city (300,000+) within a short distance of Los Angeles. University of hobbes e rousseau Central Florida . Recently named one of the re mcardle nation's biggest party schools, and why not? It's in Laws Orlando, so there's more than just the re mcardle weather to celebrate -- Disney World is only a short car-trip away. But locale aside, who knew that UCF fully funds nearly all its incoming students? The faculty roster may not boast many superstars, but neither do most other programs' faculties, and ultimately it's the locke hobbes e rousseau quality of teaching that matters, not public acclaim for professors' writing. If you want to attend a large, vibrant university in the midst of re mcardle a large, vibrant, warm-weather city -- and Gay Speak Essay be fully funded in the bargain -- UCF is for you. It's no coincidence that four programs on this list are located in Florida; MFA applicants consistently under-apply to Florida programs (even University of Florida, a Top 25 program overall and certainly the best MFA program in the state, receives only half the applications it should). University of Kansas . What was said last year still applies: this now-Honorable-Mention program offers three years of well-funded creative writing study, and KU is re mcardle, one of the few U.S. universities that cares enough about creative writing to host both a creative writing doctorate and an MFA. And did you know Lawrence, Kansas is deemed a Top 10 college town nationally by AIER?

The 2/2 teaching load is daunting, but there's still a lot of reasons to be excited about cereal KU. University of Miami . Knocking on re mcardle the door of the Top 50 in all categories of assessment, Miami will someday soon make the locke hobbes e rousseau leap to the Top 50 and stay there. Re Mcardle. It's a great university in a great city, and Gay Speak Essay it deserves -- and has -- a great, well-funded MFA program. If you're looking for a fully-funded-for-all MFA experience in a big city (and there are only around five such experiences available nationally), you've found your place. University of New Orleans . The Big Easy is coming back -- in a big way. The MFA at UNO offers both a full- and low-residency option, and frankly there's no reason not to leap at the former. Many students get full funding, you can take classes in screenwriting and playwriting as well as poetry and re mcardle fiction, and there are summer programs available in both Europe and Mexico. There's much to show de truman be excited about here. University of re mcardle Texas at Austin [Department of English] . This is the e rousseau other MFA program at the University of Texas. The program at the Michener Center is already one of the most well-known and highly-selective in America; what many don't realize, however, is that the MFA run by the university's English Department is also fully funded -- albeit less generously -- and its students get to workshop alongside Michener faculty and students.

Plus, it's in Austin, as happening a college city as one could hope for. You can expect this program to re mcardle crack the national Top 50 sometime in de truman 2 the next 24 to re mcardle 36 months, but for now it's still a hidden gem. Is Gender Socially Constructed. No other university in America (except the University of Iowa, which offers both the Writers' Workshop and re mcardle the Nonfiction Writing Program) has two separate and distinct MFA programs, though the difference between Iowa and Texas is that both of Iowa's programs are incredibly selective. De Truman 2. Applicants looking to slip into a Michener-grade experience through the back door should take the hint. University of Utah . Back in 1996, the creative writing program at Utah was ranked in the Top 20 nationally -- largely due to a creative writing doctoral program that still ranks among the Top 10.

It's a mystery why the MFA program at Utah (now ranked #115) isn't more popular, given that almost a third of incoming students are fully funded, everyone gets to workshop with some of the best creative writing doctoral students in the world, and Salt Lake City is by all accounts a surprisingly nice (and surprisingly progressive) place to live for a couple years. The literary arts community here deserves much more attention than it's getting from applicants. Virginia Commonwealth University . For years now VCU has been in and out of the national Top 50 -- it depends on the year -- but in a just world it would consistently be on the inside looking out. And it has nothing to re mcardle do with the spotlight recently shone on Richmond by Gay Speak Essay, the successes of two of its college basketball programs (VCU made the Final Four in 2011, and University of Richmond the Sweet 16). No, what's happening here is that a three-year, well-funded program in re mcardle a Top 15 mid-size metro (according to AIER) is salvation army, being overlooked. This should be a perennial Top 50 program, and someday soon it will be. Western Michigan University . Re Mcardle. Kalamazoo is a larger and more vibrant college town than many realize, and Gay Speak Essay now that -- as word has it -- the MFA program at re mcardle WMU is seeking only to admit students it can fully fund (much like North Carolina State, above), applying to be a Bronco just seems like good sense.

As with some other programs on this list (Florida State, Utah, and, to a lesser extent, Oklahoma State) students at Western Michigan get to workshop with some of the army homeless nation's most talented MFA graduates -- the creative writing doctoral program at the university is ranked among the top dozen nationally. Re Mcardle. Perhaps that's why student satisfaction here appears to be so high? WMU is knocking on locke hobbes e rousseau the door of an Honorable Mention classification in the national rankings, and if it goes public with its plan to become fully funded it will achieve that classification and perhaps even more -- a Top 50 designation, too. West Virginia University . They've been cagey about re mcardle their funding in Essay Laws the past, but reports are that the funding is actually excellent and re mcardle that the locke hobbes e rousseau program's annual applicant pool is re mcardle, swelling. It'd be hard to companies argue that the program should be ranked much higher than it is -- it makes the Top 60 nationally in the forthcoming national rankings -- but it still isn't spoken of as much as you'd expect. Wichita State University . Re Mcardle. The graduate creative writing program perhaps best known for being the place Albert Goldbarth teaches at about Gun Control Laws has enjoyed a sudden bump in the rankings, from just outside the Top 100 to just inside the Top 80. And the ride may well continue; there's still relatively little competition for admission to WSU, a real surprise given that this is a well-funded three-year program with a light teaching load. All of these programs (with the exception of re mcardle University of Gay Speak Essay Arkansas and Ohio State) will need to spend much more time on their online promotional materials in order to re mcardle make the jump from this list to Gay Speak Essay the bigger one: the re mcardle Top 50 national rankings, as published by Poets Writers . Applicants to these (and, really, all) programs need to know precisely what percentage of incoming students receive the equivalent of a full tuition waiver and a livable stipend, as well as see some hard data on how selective their target programs are. Gay Speak Essay. Until that happens, most of these programs will continue to be unjustly underrated rather than justly highly-ranked. And, not for nothing, nearly all of these programs (with a few notable exceptions: Florida State, Iowa State, Ohio State, Oregon State, University of Arkansas, University of Miami, and University of Texas at Austin, all fully funded programs) could do with even more full-funding packages for incoming students. For those keeping count, this is the second year this list has been compiled.

Last year's list can be found here. Feel free to discuss these and other programs in the comments section below. [NOTE: San Diego State University and Florida Atlantic University were also included on this list in an earlier version of the article. Funding data for re mcardle, these programs is still under review to determine whether they will be readmitted to the list in the future]. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Harvard Law School and the Iowa Writers' Workshop, Seth Abramson is the author of two collections of poetry, Northerners (Western Michigan University Press, 2011), winner of the 2010 Green Rose Prize, and 2 The Suburban Ecstasies (Ghost Road Press, 2009).

Presently a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he is also the re mcardle co-author of the forthcoming third edition of The Creative Writing MFA Handbook (Continuum, 2012).

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A Job-Seeker#8217;s Guide to Successfully Completing Job Applications. by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. Re Mcardle? New to job-hunting? This article is designed to provide you with the critical information you need to successfully complete a job application. Should filling out an application be a stressful event? No. If you have a resume, you should have just about all the information you need. If you don#8217;t have a resume, now might be the time to create one.When are job applications used by army, employers? For many part-time, entry-level, and blue collar jobs, employers use applications to screen potential employees; they use the information from the applications to determine who they are going to re mcardle call for a job interview.

For other types of jobs, applications are simply the paperwork the Human Resources department requires of all job applicants; employers often ask you to complete an companies application after they have invited you for an interview.Why do employers use job applications? Many employers use applications as a way of standardizing the information they obtain from all job-seekers, including some things that you would not normally put on your resume. Your goal is to complete the application as completely and re mcardle, honestly as you can #8212; all the time remembering that the application is Essay Gun Control Laws, a key marketing tool for you in re mcardle, the job-hunting process. Remember that some employers will use your application as a basis for deciding whether to call you for an interview. So, armed with this knowledge, here are the ins and outs for job-seekers of cereal companies successfully completing job applications. Re Mcardle? Arrive prepared with the information you need.

Be sure to bring your resume, social security card, driver#8217;s license, etc. You probably will also need addresses and phone numbers of previous employers, as well as starting and ending salaries for each previous job. It#8217;s always better if have too much information than not enough. Read and follow instructions carefully. Always take a few minutes to socially review the entire application. Some applications ask for re mcardle, information differently #8212; and all have specific spaces in which you are expected to answer questions.

Think of the application as your first test in 2, following instructions. Complete the application as neatly as possible. Remember how important handwriting was in school? Neatness and legibility count; the application is a reflection of re mcardle you. Consider typing it if you have access to a typewriter. If completing it by hand, be sure to use only a blue or black pen #8212; and consider using an erasable pen or taking some #8220;white-out#8221; to fix minor mistakes. Don#8217;t fold, bend, or otherwise mar the application. Tailor your answers to locke hobbes the job you are seeking.

Just as with your resume and cover letter, you want to focus your education and experience to the job at hand. Give details of skills and re mcardle, accomplishments, and avoid framing your experiences in terms of mere duties and responsibilities. Show why you are more qualified than other applicants for the position. Include experience from is gender socially constructed, all sources, including previous jobs, school, clubs and re mcardle, organizations, and volunteer work. If you#8217;re having trouble identifying some of your skills, read our article about transferable skills. Don#8217;t leave any blanks. One of the reasons employers have you complete an application is because they want the Gay Speak Essay same information from all job applicants. However, if there are questions that do not apply to you, simply respond with #8220;not applicable,#8221; or #8220;n/a.#8221; Do not write #8220;see resume#8221; when completing the application (but you can certainly attach your resume to the application). Re Mcardle? Don#8217;t provide any negative information.

As with any job search correspondence, never offer negative information. Your goal with the application is to get an interview. Providing negative information (such as being fired from a job) just gives the employer a reason not to interview you. Always answer questions truthfully. The fastest way for an application to hit the is gender trash can is to have a lie on re mcardle it, but that doesn#8217;t mean you need to give complete answers either. For example, many applications ask your reason for leaving your last job. Gun Control? If you were fired or downsized, you should try to be as positive as possible and leave longer explanations for the interview; some experts recommend writing #8220;job ended#8221; as the reason you left your last job. Do not put specific salary requirements. It is way too early in the job-seeking process to allow yourself to be identified by a specific salary request. Re Mcardle? You don#8217;t want to give employers too much information too soon.

In addition, employers often use this question as a screening device #8212; and you don#8217;t want to be eliminated from consideration based on your answer. It#8217;s best to salvation homeless say #8220;open#8221; or #8220;negotiable.#8221; You can find lots more information about re mcardle, all aspects of salary and show de truman, benefits by going to our Salary Negotiation Tutorial. Provide references. Employers want to see that there are people who will provide objective information about you to them. Pick your references carefully #8212; and re mcardle, make sure you ask if they are willing to cereal be a reference for you before you list them. Where do you get references? From past employers, to teachers, to family friends. Most young job-seekers have a mix of professional and character references, while more experienced job-seekers focus on professional references who can speak of your skills and accomplishments. Keep your application consistent with your resume. Make sure all dates, names, titles, etc., on your application coincide with the information on re mcardle your resume.

Don#8217;t worry if the application is based on chronological employment while you have a functional resume. Is Gender? Don#8217;t know the difference between the re mcardle two types of show de truman resumes? You might want to visit one of our Resume Tutorials. Proofread your application before submitting it. Once you#8217;ve completed the re mcardle application, sit back and take a moment to thoroughly proofread the document, checking for all errors #8212; especially typos and misspellings.One final word. Locke Hobbes E Rousseau? Be prepared for all kinds of re mcardle job applications, from companies, simple one-page applications to re mcardle multi-page applications; and some will be clean and crisp copies while others will appear to be photocopied a few too many times. Regardless, take your time and do the best you can, always keeping in the back of your mind the goal of the application #8212; getting you an interview.If you have not heard from the employer within a week of submitting your application, you should follow-up with the employer. There#8217;s truth to the #8220;squeaky wheel#8221; cliche. Ask for an interview #8212; and ask to have your application kept on file.Other parts of Quintessential Careers that might help you: Questions about some of the terminology used in this article? Get more information (definitions and links) on homeless key college, career, and job-search terms by going to our Job-Seeker#8217;s Glossary of re mcardle Job-Hunting Terms.

Dr. Randall S. Hansen is army homeless, founder of re mcardle Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of He is is gender, also founder of and He is re mcardle, publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the salvation Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of articles. He#8217;s often quoted in re mcardle, the media and conducts empowering workshops around the cereal companies country. Re Mcardle? Finally, Dr. Hansen is hobbes e rousseau, also an educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by re mcardle, email at randall(at) Check out Dr.

Hansen on GooglePlus. Maximize your career and job-search knowledge and skills! Take advantage of The Quintessential Careers Content Index, which enables site visitors to locate articles, tutorials, quizzes, and worksheets in 35 career, college, job-search topic areas. Locke Hobbes? Stay up to date with the latest salary information form LiveCareer#8217;s Salary Calculator! Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and re mcardle, develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and is gender, our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the job you want. Dr.

Randall S. Hansen. Re Mcardle? Dr. Randall S. Hansen is founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of Salvation? He is also founder of and He is publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr.

Hansen is also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of articles. He’s often quoted in re mcardle, the media and conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr. Hansen is also an educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at

Check out Dr. Hansen on about Laws GooglePlus. I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. You#8217;ll find some great free career-change tools and resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for re mcardle, a long time, but you do not have to go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an archive of our previous blog posts. Please check out the new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Job-Seekers and Careerists. Interview Advice Job [] The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers.

The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer#8217;s Website.Because more and salvation, more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to re mcardle go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. The Quintessential Directory of salvation Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer#8217;s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on re mcardle their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST. Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in touch with us.

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Free Essays on re mcardle, Short Essays For Kids. ESSAY WRITING - SPEECH TOPICS - SHORT STORY - ESSAY TOPICS- ESSAY WRITING TOPICS – SHORT STORIES – BEST QUOTES – ENGLISH PROVERBS – PROVERB EXPANSION –WISE SAYINGS – FAMOUS QUOTES - POEMS FOR KIDS – STORYTELLING -INSPIRATIONAL STORIES - PARAGRAPH WRITING - DEBATE TOPICS - MOTIVATIONAL STORIES - KIDS. Short essay on companies, my aim in life to become a doctor Short essay on my aim in life to become a doctor . Re Mcardle? Short essay on my aim in life to Essay Gun Control, become a doctor All PDF An essay on my aim in life , Essay W riting Service W ebsites Free essay writing in re mcardle, english my aim in life composition. Short Essay on My Aim. TOS CONTACT US 151 Words short Essay on the City I Live In RAGHUDEV ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ? Google ??? ? ?? ? ??? Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you. Here you can publish your research papers, essays , letters, stories, poetries. important element in distinguishing a good writer. Another important element teachers and the reader look for in a good essay is a clear thought process and a certain flow through the essay . Socially Constructed? No one likes reading a paper that jumps back and forth from a point.

It gets tiring to try to keep up with what is. Essay Writing Topics on an Ideal Student. ESSAY WRITING - SPEECH TOPICS - SHORT STORY - ESSAY TOPICS- ESSAY WRITING TOPICS – SHORT STORIES – BEST QUOTES – ENGLISH PROVERBS – PROVERB EXPANSION –WISE SAYINGS – FAMOUS QUOTES - POEMS FOR KIDS – STORYTELLING -INSPIRATIONAL STORIES - PARAGRAPH WRITING - DEBATE TOPICS - MOTIVATIONAL STORIES - KIDS STORIES. write Essay in SBI PO Exam? Dear readers, as you know that SBI PO 2014 Paper will also contain a Descriptive Test of 50 marks (1 hour duration), which will consist of re mcardle English Language Comprehension, Short Precis, Letter Writing Essay ). So, here we are presenting you How to write Essay ? and socially few. PL 201 Week 4 Assignment Short Paper on Aristotle. PL 201 Week 4 Assignment Short Paper on Aristotle To Buy this Class Copy paste below link in your Brower short -paper-on-aristotle/ Or Visit Our Website Visit : Email Us : . Essay #1 Throughout most of my adult life I had always been intrigued and interested in re mcardle, Real Estate. I found myself at work playing on the internet on sites like looking searching for homes for no reason at all. My family had always encouraged me to get my Real Estate license and become. English essay on the article by Amy Chu. ?English essay on the article by Amy Chua Parenting is a topic, which is constantly discussed in not only America, but in many parts of the salvation army world.

Every single person has his or her own opinion on how to be the best parent. And there is no wrong or right in re mcardle, parenting. Gay Speak Essay? It is a well-known fact that different. be writing this essay right now. I know what you are probably thinking right now, reader. You are thinking somthing along the lines of, Another essay about re mcardle how a horny teacher and how said teachers inability to Gay Speak Essay, keep it in his pants turned you on to writing (see what I did there, kids ?) Boring! Before. Robert Frost explains that life is too short and we should all live it to re mcardle, the very fullest because we never know when our life will come to an end.

Eventually one day we will die but our generation will continue, our kids will have kids , and cereal their kids will have kids . Same as in nature, for example when. psychology. Freire does not look at it from re mcardle this point of view he just degrades the banking concept, while uplifting the problem posing method. In Freires essay “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education” he persuades the reader that this system of education is show de truman a poor way of teaching. He connects with anyone who has. English Essay – A Journey Esperg?rde Gymnasium Aksel Magnus Skoven A famous author once said, “to travel is to live”. That author was H.C. Re Mcardle? Andersen, and I believe he was referring to de truman 2, his travels around the world, which gave him the inspiration he needed to re mcardle, create his famous fairy tales, when he. October 12, 2013 Essay 2, Draft 1 Persuasive Essay While there are many debatable topics in cereal companies, the arena of public education, one of the re mcardle longest held and most ferociously argued topics revolves around the implementation of Gay Speak Essay sex education to our children.

Though there are many controversies surrounding. Why do I have to re mcardle, write an essay ? I just need help with my homework. It would be great if you could help me please. It's due tomorrow and this is taking to long. I hope you enjoy your pizza. Show 2? Thank you. Pakhtuns Knowledge I downstairs Disown owns Die opened Isospin Keith Judo then Hallam . english essay girls are better than boys. Girls are hard workers, mature individuals, and re mcardle more aware than any boy has . from essays /Girls-Are-Better-Than-Boys-873542.html. Girls Are Better Than Boys Free Essays 1 - 20 At key stage 1 to socially constructed, 3 girls. [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] Mall Essay It is re mcardle Saturday morning at cereal, the mall. When you walk in the door the aroma at the food court greets you.

The mall isn’t open yet but there are many people already there. Many are there waiting for the stores to open so they can beat the crowd. Essay 1: Inferences and Assumptions. Corbin Zeltins Professor Bocharova English 103 4 February 2014 Essay 1: Inferences and Assumptions The short story, “Sunday in re mcardle, the Park” by Bel Kaufman takes place in a suburban quiet park on a pleasant sunny afternoon. Two families are enjoying the park; the Gay Speak Essay mom, her husband Morton, and son. AN ESSAY IN LINGUISTIC THEORIES OF HUMOUR By: Marta Georgieva, 4rd grade, BL+EL, ¹ 41678 Veliko Turnovo Introduction Jokes are part of our everyday life. We tell them/ listen to them/ or read them in re mcardle, our desire for achieving laughter. Graeme Richie states. September 25, 2013 English 101 Essay #1 - Part Two In my creative piece, I used Lassel’s technique of depicting photographic moments to convey what home means to me.

Just the topic of the locke southern lifestyles comes as a sensitive yet powerful subject for me. In my essay I decided to thoroughly develop. argumantative essay about social media. easily suck up hours of an individual's day. kids and teens are getting to these site while they are at re mcardle, school, and when they return home from is gender constructed school. Grown-ups are getting to these websites while they are at work and the individuals who are married or have kids are regularly deciding to spend time checking. The Age of the Essay September 2004 Remember the essays you had to write in re mcardle, high school? Topic sentence, introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, conclusion. Cereal Companies? The conclusion being, say, that Ahab in Moby Dick was a Christ-like figure. Oy. So I'm going to try to give the re mcardle other side of de truman 2 the. The Governments Right to Decide: the re mcardle Issues Surrounding Gay Marriage.

for the Essay Laws purpose of re mcardle procreation. De Truman? However in her essay “Desecration ? Dedication?” Anna Quindlen argues that a recent census showed that twenty-eight percent of gay couples already had kids and that there are plenty of heterosexual couples who don’t have kids and do not have to answer to anyone about why. Concept of re mcardle Story in Life of Pi and the Thunderbolt Kid. Abstract This essay compares the use of fiction versus non-fiction, and the concept of Story, in Life of Pi by Yann Martel and Gay Speak Essay The Life and Times of the re mcardle Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson. Salvation Army Homeless? It also dicussed the re mcardle relationship of the texts the Gay Speak Essay the author's background, and how their intentions to re mcardle, connect to. Narrative Essay - My Parents Divorce. Taylor 01-31-11 Narrative Essay My Parents Divorce My mother is a single mom raising two kids : my sister and I. Usually, people think of a deadbeat mom and low-life, rebellious kids . However, in locke e rousseau, my mother’s case, I see an independent woman who is re mcardle confident in her kids and in her job. My mother is.

Analysis: Short Story and Robin Black. In this essay will I analyse and interpret Robin Black’s short story “… Divorced, Beheaded, Survived”. I will focus on the structure and the use of symbols in the short story in a part of show 2 my essay . Re Mcardle? The short story “… Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” is written by Robin Black in 2010. The short story is. question: Are gender expectations still prevalent in this present day? In the short story, Who you callin’ a lady? The author Kathleen Deveny discusses how women are supposed to act according to society. In this short story, the reader can see how a soccer player serves as an example of e rousseau what is considered to. Evaulation Children Needs to re mcardle, Playnot Compete.

not creditable in her essay because, she is one side, does not show self experience, and do not give an point of view from children. Statsky essay is one-sided because all of the example used in Essay Laws, the essay agrees with her, children need to play, not compete. In the essay she states that New York. ASH EDU 639 Week 5 DQ 1 Non Heterosexual Parents and Kids. EDU 639 Week 5 DQ 1 Non Heterosexual Parents and Kids Check this A+ tutorial guideline at kids View the short documentary Homecoming. Is there anything teachers can do to help students like Ron feel safer. ark Paper : Persuasive Benchm Name Persuasive Essay Score 3 Think of the best place to visit on a class trip. Write a persuasive essay for your teacher, telling which place you should visit.

Give reasons for re mcardle your choice, and write about your reasons in detail. Copyright © Houghton Mifflin. In Dave Barry's essay , “Lost in the Kitchen”, we are shown both an entertaining and eye opening tale about Gay Speak Essay two men's incompetence with helping to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for their friends and families. Barry tries to put the point across to the reader to re mcardle, the that men are “basically scum” when. of Contents Mixed Strategies Essay #1 Page 1 Definition Essay Narration Essay Description Essay Comparison Essay Cause and Effect Analysis Essay Process Analysis Essay Mixed Strategies Essay #2 Course Outcomes Essay My mixed strategies essay follows a quiet guy who just wants. Great Writing 4: Great Essays , 4ed Answer Key UNIT 1 Activity 1, pages 5–8 Preview Answers will vary. Salvation? Post-Reading 1. The story of Cinderella, her cleaning tasks, and how she felt about them 2. Re Mcardle? Answers will vary.

3. Hobbes E Rousseau? Ironing clothes, washing dishes, and cleaning the bathroom . Wilson 1st period Cheating is a Problem. Children everywhere are cheating every day. Sending pictures of homework, tests, and giving away old essays or projects. According to Donald C. Mc.Cadle 33% of students learn from others what is on their test. Re Mcardle? A lot of people are cheating their way through. Essays are generally scholarly pieces of writing giving the author's own argument, but the de truman 2 definition is vague, overlapping with those of an article, a pamphlet or a short story.

The concept of an essay has been extended to other mediums beyond writing. A film essay is a movie that often incorporates. Veronica Ruiz-Gutierrez English 1301 September Final Essay My Granny As we both walked in to greet my granny, a short , stature, five foot mid seventies lady that didn‘t have a single wrinkle. Her long, black hair with a few gray hairs lined up in the front pulled to the back into a tight. is drugs. I will never do drugs because, I want to stay healthy, I want to stay out of trouble with the law, and I want to re mcardle, be a good example for locke hobbes my kids . I want to stay healthy because I want to be a professional baseball player when I grow up.

I also want to play football and baseball through high. Case for short word 1. Short , old words—like sun and grass and home, these words are present abstraction for re mcardle some deeper meaning. They are also very simple and e rousseau familiar for everyone. They are easy to understand and re mcardle straight to show de truman 2, the point. 2. In this essay , written to encourage the re mcardle use of short words. PL 201 Wk 4 Assignment Short Paper on Aristotle.

PL 201 Wk 4 Assignment Short Paper on Aristotle BUY NOW FROM BELOW LINK short -paper-on-aristotle Aristotle maintains that the highest good is ‘happiness’ (‘eudaimonia’ in Greek). Please write an essay about Aristotle’s concept of is gender eduaimonia that. ?ASH EDU 639 Week 5 DQ 1 Non Heterosexual Parents and Kids. ?ASH EDU 639 Week 5 DQ 1 Non Heterosexual Parents and re mcardle Kids Check this A+ tutorial guideline at kids View the short documentary Homecoming. Is there anything teachers can do to help students like Ron. April 26, 2013 Role Model Essay Good or Bad? Role models, role models are people that have the ability to hobbes, impact a life, whether negative or positive. Role models also help shape the way an individual may present themselves in the future.

The short story My Brother the Superhero, along with the movie. These memories have driven me in all my studies that I have taken and re mcardle will ever take. Me watching my Mom working hard and pushing through with to Gay Speak Essay, kids and a third on the way. My Mom has always been my inspiration so you can know that no matter what happens to me I will push through and re mcardle make me a better. Essay – German Should Be the Only Language Spoken at School. German parents catch their kids from school they are often very amazed when they hear Turkish kids talking Turkish and in the other corner Italian kids talking Italy. But such a possibility to be able to speak more than one language is Laws a very good advantage. In the following essay , I want to show the pros. And Men Essay Of mice and re mcardle men essay State of is gender socially constructed California. essay writers salt lake city research paper writing chattanooga buy college ruled paper.

Of mice and re mcardle men essay Metis-sur-Mer of is gender mice and men essay Columbus, Leicestershire, Palmdale, Bakersfield of mice and re mcardle men essay san antonio write essay for me. what da hell let me sign up man I just want essays . Salvation? Rainy day This year the summer season was unduly long and extremely hot. It was July, the re mcardle schools had reopened. The scorching sun and the extreme heat had made life unbearable. Going to the school, studying in the class or playing on the ground all. David Rizo Gateway Essay Sophia Cho June 16, 2010 Gateway Essay I am ready for Gay Speak Essay the 11th grade because I feel that I have the potential to move on maybe I know I have in re mcardle, me.

My teachers might not seen my potential because in this school I can’t show my potential because the work. Narrative Essay Vs. Descriptive Essay. Narrative Essays Are a Great Read Name ENG121 Professor June 16, 2014 Narrative Essays Are a Great Read Narrative essays and Descriptive essays can be similar but they are different in nature. The narrative essay “I Want a Wife” is de truman more compelling than the re mcardle descriptive essay “Homeless”. pros and cons of the government are provided in this essay . Such as why it is necessary to Gay Speak Essay, have a national defense system and re mcardle financial aid; and about Gun Control Laws why welfare, and the PPACA (Obamacare), affects citizens of the United States so harshly. Re Mcardle? This essay discusses what having a federal system means and what. amount of homework to do in a very short time frame.

And there are many add on such as a broken computer or bad internet connection, which naturally increase the levels of stress. From personal experience I had a ten page Sociology essay , and a two to three English essay due on cereal companies, the same day when all of. An essay is generally a short piece of writing written from an re mcardle, author's personal point of view, but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of an article, a pamphlet and a short story. E Rousseau? Essays can consist of a number of elements, including: literary criticism, political manifestos, learned. During the day parents would drop off there children at Tangier Smith summer camp and it was my responsibility to take care of the kid . Re Mcardle? It was my duty to make sure the kids were safe when they played and were fed and entertained during the day while their parents were out working or running errands during.

Essay On My School Picnic For Class 1. Essay on my school picnic for class 1 Contributed By: Rose Johnson, class 7, Carmel School Kuwait. Rose. My father always likes to speak about his childhood, especially when he scolds me. Posted: September 2, 2014 in Laws, childrens writing ideas, Essays for Class 1- Class4, Kids essays , Less than 15 sentence. ?Chapter 7: Summary-Response Essay Copyright © 2011 The Summary-Response Essay has two parts: the Summary and the Response. Re Mcardle? The two parts should not be mixed as they have very different goals. About Gun Control Laws? They are based on re mcardle, summarizing, and then responding to, an essay , a story, an article, or a book you.

How to Write an Gay Speak Essay, Argumentative Essay. ?Writing Your Argument Essay Now that you are familiar with techniques for analyzing an re mcardle, argument, it is time to discuss techniques that will help you write effective critique. Cereal? Again, you will have 30minutes to complete this portion of the test and, luckily, there are only 5 steps you need to take. As. A Critique of “a You Kids Little Addicts? by Kim Painter. A Critique of “Are You Kids Little Addicts?” by Kim Painter The taking of re mcardle drugs has reached a high level in show de truman 2, the USA. As a result, the re mcardle whole society is bringing into light this subject and especially the taking of sleeping pills by children and salvation army adolescents. Kim Painter, a freelance journalist of the. O…La Essay …O Jessica November 29/09 8c ••Calgary Flames H1N1 Story•• There are so many people that are worrying about the re mcardle swine flu pandemic. They usually stand in long line ups waiting to get the H1N1 shot, but then the about Gun Control Calgary Flames get there and think that they need the shot more than anyone.

This particular paper is based on the essay “Prop 8 Hurt My Family”. After finishing reading this essay , you may ask yourself a question – in regard to peoples' happiness, is the traditional marital idea really more important? Proposition 8 provides that “only marriage between a man and re mcardle a woman is 2 valid. ?Kaelah Reyes Williams English 12 11 Jan 2016 Argumentative Essay Over the course of re mcardle many years, it can be evident that students have been exposed to is gender socially constructed, an array of re mcardle tests. Right off the bat in elementary school kids are introduced to STAR testing, and are also put in GATE programs that highlight. Write an Essay in Which You Describe How the Gay Speak Essay Roles of Men and re mcardle Women in the Work Force Have Changed in Recent Years. the Reading Selections by Gay Speak Essay, Smith, Meier, and re mcardle Hennessy-Fiske Should Be Helpful to You. Cereal? (Moseley Harris P. Re Mcardle? 248 # 4) Even though we have laws protecting discrimination in the work force, it still occurs on socially, a lower level. Sarah, in the essay Girl in re mcardle, an Oven and Daniel, in the essay One Man's Kids are perfect examples of is gender socially constructed how small acts of discrimination from fellow employees and re mcardle bosses still occur.

The world has. ?Cursive Essay By: I do think that we should learn cursive in school. Salvation Army Homeless? The Reasons for this are that it’s a good skill, it’s professional, and it’s fun. Some people might say that we shouldn’t teach cursive in school but I disagree. Cursive is an amazing skill!

If you never learn cursive you.

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Hiv and re mcardle Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using appropriate examples, discuss the implications of HIV and AIDS on development in Sub – Saharan Africa. HIV and AIDS is a critical issue for development in Sub – Saharan Africa because of the scale of HIV infection and the numbers of deaths that occur in is gender constructed the main productive and reproductive age group 15-49 year olds (Jackson, 2002). The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (2004) donates that the epidemic has caused and re mcardle is continuing to cause untold suffering among those infected with the de truman virus and among those otherwise affected by the epidemic. The epidemic also has pervasive impact on society and economy.

AIDS affects all socio-economic groups and all sectors, ranging from impoverished subsistence farmers, informal sector workers, domestic workers and unskilled factory workers to top managers, professionals, civil servants and (Jackson, 2002). The essay seeks to re mcardle, discuss the implications of HIV and AIDS on development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The paper attempts to discuss how HIV and AIDS have influenced negatively on health, agriculture and food security, education, economy and about Laws just to mention a few. Need essay sample on Hiv and Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. In Sub-Saharan Africa, it appears that HIV and AIDS have profound social and economic effects which impact on development. Re Mcardle? Evidence from around the world seems to suggest that HIV and AIDS is one of the most pressing challenges facing rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The most affected households are heavily dependent on agriculture.

As a result the homeless pandemic has ended the ability of rural African households to produce food and other agricultural products, to generate income, and to care and feed family members. Parker, Jacobsen and re mcardle Komwa (2009) assert that while prevalence rates have declined over time in companies some regions, and re mcardle while availability of antiretrival drugs (ARVs) has reduced the effects of infection in communities where ARVs are widely available, recent studies have shown that the pandemic continues to exert significant negative economic and Gay Speak Essay social effects in re mcardle affected areas. Parker, Jacobsen and Essay Gun Control Laws Komwa further assert that HIV and AIDS affects not only the health of infected individuals, but the socio-economic status of the individuals, their families, and their broader community. In addition to the direct costs of paying for medical care, HIV affected households experience a loss of labour productivity both from re mcardle household members who are ill and salvation army homeless from their caregivers. Furthermore Parker, Jacobsen and Komwa argues that in rural areas where farming is the primary source of income and re mcardle food, decreases in household labor supply can lead directly to reductions in Gay Speak Essay the nutritional status of all household members.

Aim deaths from AIDS related illness have drastically affected household economies, reducing human capital, agricultural productivity, and re mcardle lobour supply, and in turn reversing progress towards meeting other development challenges. Continuous sickness and death in these families reduces the ability of affected households to cereal, participate in community and national development. Shocks to households and re mcardle communities from disease events such as AIDS can reverse development progress, threatening the social and economic sustainability of these systems (Parker, Jacobsen and Konwa, 2009) HIV and cereal companies AIDS epidemic adds to reduction in agricultural production and food insecurity, as agricultural work is neglected or abandoned due to household illness. According to Avert (2013) in other countries such as Mocambique, Botswana, Nambia and Zimbabwe, the reduction is likely to be over 20%. As in other Sub-Saharan Africa countries, it was generally found that the death of a male reduced to production of cash crops (such as coffee, tea and re mcardle sugar) while the death of a feme reduced the production of grain and other crops necessary for household survival. The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (2004) points out that , the chronic illness that accompany deteroration of the immune system deplete household assets, reduce labour, and lead to reduced crop production. The Ministry further states that, in Zimbabwe, one survey found that agricultural output declined by nearly 50percent among households affected by AIDS illness and deaths. Frequent funeral attendance also affects land use and agricultural productivity. In addition the Ministry states that, woman headed households are particularly vulnerable. This vulnerability is especially important because women in locke rural areas are 1:35 more times likely to be infected than men, and re mcardle they constitute the majority of infections.

This situation negatively affects agricultural production because women provide the bulk of agricultural labour. When a family member becomes ill with AIDS related opportumistic infections, it is usually the woman who cares for the sick person. They then face competing demands to maintain crop production, care for family members suffering from `Aids, and protect their own health. Furthermore the Ministry of cereal, Health and Child Welfare argue that admit deaths from AIDS often lead to a loss of re mcardle, traditional knowledge of agricultural practices. Skills may not be transferred to either children or relatives, which has negative implication for food production.

When mothers die, children are usually forced to take the place of adults in the subsistance economy, this increasing child labour and lowering productivity. Overtime, HIV and Aids can contribute to declines in locke land use, crop yields, and crop variety. Re Mcardle? FAO (2001) argues that agriculture, particularly food production, is affected in several ways by HIV and AIDS. First, there is a toll on the agricultural labour force. Show De Truman 2? FAO estimated that in the 27 most affected countries in Africa, 7 million agricultural workers have died from AIDS since 1985, and 16 million more deaths are likely in the next two decades. In the most effected countries which include Nambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and just to mention a few, labour force diseases ranging from re mcardle 10 – 26 percent are anticipated. Secondly, FAO states that AIDS affects food production, through sickness and death.

Remote fields tend to be lift follow and the total output of the agricultural unit declines. Switching from labour intensive crops to less demanding ones has been observed, animal husbandry and livestock production may decline, post – production, food storage and processing are in period, a breakdown in support services occurs as staff fall ill, and credit for agricultural production may be diverted for Essay about the medical care of sick relatives, funeral expenses and food. Thirdly, FAO states that HIV and AIDS can have a detrimental effect an commercial production. On small farms, cash crops may be abandoned because there is not enough labour for both cash subsistence crops. The reported reduced cultivation of cash crops and labour intensive crops by small farmers also affects food availability at national level. Furthermore, FAO states that the impact of re mcardle, HIV and AIDS on agricultural production and food availability well be felt in is gender constructed terms of quantity and quality of food. Re Mcardle? For example in Zimbabwe, communal argue cultural output has decreased 50 percent in a five year period, largely due to HIV and salvation homeless AIDS.

The production of maize, cotton, sunflowers and groundnuts has been particularly affected. According to the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (2004), the health sector is hit particularly herd by re mcardle the epidemic. The treatment of opportumstic infections resulting from AIDS is is gender socially constructed, expensive and is straining the delivery of all health services in the country. HIV and AIDS patients command a disproportionate share of re mcardle, bed at health centres and hospitals. Increasing expenditures on AIDS diverts spending from other health care needs. The Ministry estimated that the cost of conventional care for HIV and AIDS related illnesses the hobbes budget by re mcardle about 60 percent. Health providers are also affected. Some become infected themselves and large numbers suffer from the companies intense physical and re mcardle emotional strain of dealing with AIDS patients.

The quality of health services has also been greatly affected due to high AIDS related mortality and sickness among health workers. In addition, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare argues that the epidemic also affects the sector in other ways. For example, the cereal spread of HIV in Southern Africa has caused a surge in tuberculosis (TB) cases. This is re mcardle, caused by the immune system which has been weakened by army HIV, such that it can no longer control the latest infection and full blown tuberculosis can develop. Many other diseases are also on the increase due to HIV and AIDS, such as different cancers and re mcardle meningitis. FAO (2001) i. e. of the new that providing drugs for HIV infected individuals has exorbilant costs; these expenditures are beyond the reach of many governments and most individuals. Treatment costs of HIV and AIDS patients are very high and cereal companies the increase d burden on government will divert funds from productive investments. Re Mcardle? Moreover, Avert (2013) argues that taking care of a person sick with Aids is not only an emotional strain for household members, but also a major strain on Gay Speak Essay, household resources. Loss of income, additional care related expenses, the reduced ability of caregivers to work, and mounting medical fees push affected households deep into poverty. HIV and AIDS impacts education in several ways Jacksen (2002) argues that it reduces the pool of personnel as teachers, managers and re mcardle support staff become ill and die, and it increases the costs of Gay Speak Essay, maintain educational services and the need for education (to replace staff in all sectors who are dying in rising numbers ). Re Mcardle? The actual demand for education, however, typically declines.

Jacksen further argues that AIDS impoverishes many families who can no longer afford school fees and Gay Speak Essay uniforms. When their parents die, many girls are withdrawn from school to care for the sick or for younger siblings. In Zimbabwe for re mcardle example, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare points out show that HIV and AIDS are causing considerable turbulence in the education sector as the epidemic affects the supply of educational services, the demand for education, and the overall management of the system. According to the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture study in 2002, four out of five school heads say that the epidemic is seriously undermining the re mcardle provision of quality education. The study revealed that teachers are at a high risk of HIV infection.

AIDS among teachers is is gender socially, resulting in increased absenteeism and poor quality of instruction by infected and or affected staff. Training costs for teachers and other education officers are rising to replace those lost to the epidemic. Experienced teachers who die as result of AIDS are often replaced by re mcardle untrained teachers in additional to socially, that the re mcardle Ministry of Health and Child Welfare further argues that because on AIDS death to companies, an adult results in re mcardle the loss of household labour and income, children are often required to leave school and remain at home or go to work to compensate for loss and to avoid school costs. Orphans often lose the necessary financial, material and emotional support that they need for successful schooling. Constructed? Wagt and Connolly (2002) point out that, when a parent becomes ill, the education of a child is disrupted. There is a decline in school attendance, decline in school performance because children stay home to re mcardle, care for sick parents, they have increased household responsibilities and need to care for young children. E Rousseau? They suffer from emotional distress that interferes with school and they have less money for school expenses.

Although HIV and AIDS epidemic may affect overall economic growth, its economic consequences are more often considered in terms of their impact on household poverty, on re mcardle, the economic success of firms and on government revenue and expenditures (Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, 2004). According to the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, economic impacts are most severe for households, this include loss of employment, loss of household productivity and Gay Speak Essay income, increased health expenditures, erosion of savings and re mcardle funeral and show de truman mourning costs. FAO (2001) asserts that at household level a downward spiral of the family or household’s welfare begins when the first admit in a household falls ill. There is an increased spending for health care decreased productivity and higher demands for care. Food production and re mcardle income drop dramatically as more adults are affected. Once savings are gone, the family seeks support from relatives, borrows money, sells its productive assets.

Children are forced to discontinue schooling, as the family needs help and cannot pay school expense. When AIDS patient dies, expenditures are incurred for the funeral and the productive capacity of the household in reduced. In addition, the toll of HIV and AIDS on households can be very severe. Although no part of the population is unaffected by HIV, it is often the de truman poorest sectors of society that are most vulnerable to the epidemic and for whom the consequences are most severe. In many cases, the presence of Aids causes the household to dissolve, parents die and children are sent to relatives for care and up bringing (May, 2008). Victoria (2009) states that child bearing is another major driver of family formation and building in Southern Africa. Instead, Victoria states that HIV and AIDS has been shown to exert a downward pressure on fertility in re mcardle HIV infected people, and to a lesser extent on fertility in the general population in high prevalence countries.

In HIV infected people, many factors have been shown to contribute to reduced fertility including biological effects on hobbes e rousseau, the fecuadity of HIV infected women and the indirect effects of reductions in sexual activity and new partners, a desire to avoid subsequent pregnancies, the use of condoms to prevent HIV transmission and the negative impact of HIV and AIDS on re mcardle, the quality and stability of relationships. Avert (2013) points out that, HIV and AIDS affect labour, setting back economic and social progress. AIDS damages businesses by salvation army squeezing productivity, adding costs, diverting productive resources, and depleting skills. Company costs for health care, funeral benefits and pension fund commitments are likely to rise as the number of people taking early retirement or dying increases. Avert further asserts that as the impact of the epidemic on households grows more severe, market diamond for re mcardle products and services can fall. The epidemic hits productivity through increased obseltceism In addition Avert argues that HIV and AIDS has played an important role in the reversal of human development in Africa. One way in which HIV and AIDS affects the economy is by reducing the labour supply through increased mortality and illness. Amongst those who are able to work, productivity is likely to decline as a result of HIV related illness.

Government income also declines, as tax revenues fall and governments are pressured to increase their spending to deal with the expanding HIV epidemic. Cereal Companies? Revenues drop because of the declining productivity in the economy. Re Mcardle? At the same time, expenditure demands increase to deal with the multi-sectoral impacts of the epidemic. In addition HIV and AIDS economically eats government budget, forces companies to employ more people company productivity brought down, government revenue is reduced as taxation goes down and it also affects the investment climate. The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (2004) also asserts that, one of the most serious consequences of the HIV and Aids epidemic is the rapid increase in Essay about the number of orphans has risen dramatically in the country, largely as a consequence of the HIV and re mcardle AIDS epidemic. In addition, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare assert that the need to provide care and support for the large number of orphans is placing considerable strain on social systems.

At the family level, the extended family, which has the traditional responsibility to care for orphans, is under ever increasing pressures. Many grandparents are being left to care for locke hobbes young children. In other cases, children and adolescents are heading families themselves. At the community and national levels, there is an increased demand to provide health, education, and care for these children. Many (2003) argues that, in many countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, Aids is erasing decades of progress in extending life expectancy. In the worst affected countries, average life expectancy has fallen by twenty years because of the epidemic. For example, life expectancy at birth in re mcardle Swaziland, which has the highest HIV prevalence in the world, is just 48. 7 years. The impact that Aids has on average life expectancy is partly attributed to army homeless, child mortality as increasing numbers of babies are born with HIV infections acquired from their mothers. However, even though HIV and AIDS have negative impacts on the socio-economic development, it also have some positive impacts, especially on the socio-economic development. The prolife ration of re mcardle, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Africa, which include the Sub-Saharan Africa created employment for many people.

Creation of employment has led to is gender socially constructed, the reduction of re mcardle, poverty as those infected by HIV and AIDS epidemic are employed in these organizations. The infected and affected are also given food and this has reduced poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Some organizations also provide funds to assist the army orphans through payment of school fees. To conclude, HIV and re mcardle AIDS have drastically affected household economies, reducing human capital, agricultural productivity, and labour supply, and in turn reversing progress towards meeting the Millenium Development Goals agreed upon by army leaders from around the world in 2000. It in turn reverses progress towards meeting other development challenges. HIV and AIDS affects not only the health of infected individual, but the socio-economic status of the individuals, their families and their broader community. The social and economic impacts of HIV and Aids include health, agriculture and food security, education, economy and orphans.

To a lesser extent, HIV and AIDS has contributed to the creation of employment through the proliferation of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).