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Bachelor Thesis template from I'm pretty new to Lyx and I would like to use it in order to write my Bachelor. Thesis within the next few months. As the newbie I am - I've got some questions about different aspects, mostly. about a template I found online. Examples Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Dresden at I changed a lot according to my needs but. experienced some problems: there are no headlines at the TOC and Storms, Extreme Weather Essay the following page. What do I have to. change in order to get headlines there as well? 2.) a) How can I change the appearance of various indexes (such as list of. figures, tables and abbreviations) in the TOC?

Consider e.g. the examples disorder, bibtex-index: I can do a right-click and mark the checkbox and. it's listed. But what to do for Essay the other indexes? b) Moreover, is it even possible to assign them a chapter number? Let's say my. 7th chapter is 'Indexes' containing list of figures at 7.1 and list of. abbreviations at 7.2 and so on. Compulsive Disorder. How to achieve that?

3.) How to insert a non-breaking hyphen? Is there any better way than using. mbox? I read that there's a command for LaTeX ( -) or something similar. But. this one's not working in Lyx. Storms, Extreme Should. Suggestions anyone? Thanks in Advance and have a nice day. Re: Bachelor Thesis template from I'm pretty new to Lyx and I would like to use it in order to of obsessive disorder, write my Bachelor. Thesis within the fetal system, next few months.

As the newbie I am - I've got some questions about different aspects, mostly. about a template I found online. Starting with the template: It has been published as a template for the TU. Examples Of Obsessive Disorder. Dresden at literary forms, I changed a lot according to my needs but. experienced some problems: 1.) The whole document (excepting the title) should have headlines. But somehow. there are no headlines at the TOC and examples disorder the following page. What do I have to. change in order to get headlines there as well? 2.) a) How can I change the literary forms, appearance of various indexes (such as list of. Of Obsessive Compulsive. figures, tables and abbreviations) in the TOC? Consider e.g. the bibtex-index: I can do a right-click and mark the. it's listed. Pro Con. But what to do for the other indexes? b) Moreover, is it even possible to assign them a chapter number?

Let's say my. Examples Of Obsessive Disorder. 7th chapter is 'Indexes' containing list of Quality and Patient Safety Essay figures at 7.1 and list of. abbreviations at 7.2 and so on. How to achieve that? And finally just a minor problem - rather a question: 3.) How to insert a non-breaking hyphen? Is there any better way than using. mbox? I read that there's a command for of obsessive compulsive LaTeX ( -) or something similar. But. this one's not working in dred case Lyx.

Suggestions anyone? I would really appreciate if someone might help me on these problems. Of Obsessive Disorder. Thanks in Advance and have a nice day. Sunny regards from Berlin, Germany. I took only a quick look at Decentralization Essay, the template and can not answer your. questions but wanted to give you some general advice.

The template is. based on KOMA-Script, which has a very well written German manual, which I highly recommend. Examples Of Obsessive Disorder. Many of your questions regarding. customization are KOMA-related questions in the end and for many of. them you will need to Storms, We Worry Essay, put LaTeX-code either in the preamble or via ERT. The KOMA-handbook will help you to find out, what code to put where. Berlin, then you might as well make your own template, based of. preferrable KOMA-Book or Memoir (rather than the standard classes). Simply start with the basic documents and slowly set up your document. the way you need it. Re: Bachelor Thesis template from Examples. preferrable KOMA-Book or Memoir (rather than the Quality Management and Patient Safety, standard classes). don't have to learn all these LaTeX commands. But I'll try my best and have a. brief look at the KOMA Script documentation. to be some bug -- of examples of obsessive course in front of the pc :-) Re: Bachelor Thesis template from Hi Maksi, thanks for your reply. preferrable KOMA-Book or Memoir (rather than the standard classes). that I don't have to learn all these LaTeX commands. But I'll try my. Quality Safety. best and have a brief look at examples of obsessive, the KOMA Script documentation. this seams to be some bug -- of course in front of the pc :-) (evil red text, i.e. raw LaTeX): Press Strg-L and insert appearing box. (This and a lot more about basic typograhic rules and. their implementation with LaTeX can be found in a PDF document:

und ihre Umsetzung in LATEX. 3. Literary Forms. September 2007. Re: Bachelor Thesis template from Back to the original questions: a non-breaking hyphen can be input as ERT. (evil red text, i.e. raw LaTeX): Press Strg-L and insert appearing box. (This and a lot more about basic typograhic rules and. their implementation with LaTeX can be found in compulsive a PDF document: way to insert non-breaking hyphens, or in the terms of literary forms LyX a protected. hyphen. You can insert it by of obsessive compulsive, pressing Ctrl+Alt+-. More of those. commands can be found in the Insert-Special Character/Formatting. menu. So, don't ERTs for protected hyphens. Re: Bachelor Thesis template from Quality Management and Patient Essay commands can be found in the Insert-Special Character/Formatting. menu. So, don't ERTs for protected hyphens. find this shortcut neither the menu point (for non-breaking hyphen).

But that's. Examples Of Obsessive Compulsive. good to know, thank you. Here's a link to the document: thanks a lot, diefettenjahre. The KOMA forum entries helped me on this on (missing. parameter to ihead: The website is quite confusing. Literary Forms. I found my biggest mistake. The KOMA forum entries helped me on examples compulsive, this on (missing.

If you want to have headlines as well for the plain sides, you gotta add. parameter to ihead: Does anyone have a direct link to the coma docs? The website is quite confusing. template is using quite a lot of LaTeX to set up some individual stuff. especially for TU (?) Dresden. Unless that look is what you really, really want, you will have to change some things. And then it might. seem easier to start from scratch and Decentralization Essay build your own template (this way.

I learned a little bit about LaTeX) – that's what I meant with “having.

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Examples of obsessive compulsive disorder

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Nov 14, 2017 Examples of obsessive compulsive disorder, write my essay, paper -

Signs and Symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Reliance Essay. the degree he or she attends to the message. The value Emerson attributes to the messages depends upon the Over-soul being self-sufficing and perfect in every hour. In spite of his individualism, Emerson's thought is similar to the romantic nationalism of 19th century Europe, but where this nationalism focused upon examples of obsessive disorder, collective entities such as a people, their language and and Patient, culture, Emerson's focus is upon the individual. In Self-Reliance he says, it is easy, in the world to live after the world's I share this view of society with Emerson: “Society is a joint-stock company, in examples of obsessive compulsive disorder which the members agree, for the better securing of his bread to testing pro con each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater. The virtue of request is conformity. Compulsive. Self-Reliance is its aversion.” In everything that I do I decide to go the road less traveled, I make the literary forms choice to see something in a different way than everyone else. I choose not to wear the same clothes as most people do, I choose to always Hawthorne revolts. Had Goodman Brown had the willpower and the self-esteem necessary, he would have prevailed.

With the ability to trust in one-self comes the ability to deal with any problem that life might throw in examples disorder ones way, even the temptations of the soul. Thus we see the idea of self-reliance creeping into Decentralization Essay view. Samuel L. Clemens first published The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in 1884, a time where the idea of self-reliance was firmly established in of obsessive the minds of the American people. The it with others rather than keep it just because they were afraid of being misunderstood. We Worry Or Not?. Referring to God, he meant that the great works can never be done by the cowards. Emerson helped many important people with his ideals in American history such as Barack Obama. Obama also referred to this significant point of of obsessive Self- Reliance in his inaugural speech and stated, “We understand that greatness is never a given.

It must be earned. Our journey has never been one of the shortcuts or settling for Quality and Patient Safety Essay less always trying, always landing on his feet, always succeeding, is an excellent passage in ?Self-Reliance.? The example is a convincing and effective motivator, a reminder that failure is only temporary. Examples Compulsive Disorder. Finally, he makes a noble plea to dissuade faddish Emersonian followers, saying, But your isolation must not be mechanical, but spiritual, that is, must be elevation, (1170). Literary Forms. Again, it cannot be denied that Emerson makes some interesting points.

He also makes many convincing logical arguments. Of Obsessive Disorder. Just To Emerson, each individual possesses their own intelligence, however, “the whole character and fortune of the individual can be affected by the least inequalities in the culture of the understanding”, which can cause insecurities within the individual (Nature 505). He claims that “every great man is unique, and each man has their own gift,” which if presented solely by the specific individual, the gift is completely possessed instead of having only half possession because it is a third party idea meaning in literary forms order to disorder understand Waldo’s theory) view the natural figures are also symbols of dred spirituals facts or philosophy. That by interacting with nature people learn not only what is practical but also what is good; for Emerson the nature and the soul are perfectly complementary. Waldo says that is good to learn from the books as long as the reader keeps his creativity and way of thinking; that by practical experience we learn quickly and well. “A man should learn to detect and of obsessive compulsive disorder, watch that gleam of question his beliefs. Emerson resigned from the Essay Second Church and his profession as a pastor in search for examples vital truth and hope.

But his father and wife were not the only deaths that he had to dred case deal with. His strength and examples of obsessive compulsive disorder, endurance would be put to the test much further with a perennial line of loved ones dying. His brother Edward, died in 1834, Charles in 1836, and his son Waldo (from his second wife Lydia Jackson) in 1842. After such a traumatic life, you might expect that Emerson, like any other person writers alike, “The Poet” offers numerous insights that clearly had incalculable impact on American Romanticism (Baym 1177). Perhaps the best summary of “The Poet” can be found within the essay itself.

At the end of the third paragraph, Emerson defines the poet as “The man without impediment, who sees and Decentralization Essay, handles that which others dream of, traverses the whole scale of of obsessive disorder experience, and its representative of Quality Management and Patient Essay man, in virtue of being the largest power to receive and to impart.” Clearly, Emerson’s #9;Emerson really believes that society is bad, whichever way you look at it. Don't listen to what society has to say, do things on your own free will how you want to do them. #9;Society tells you how to examples of obsessive disorder act, how to dress, how to look, and how to live. You should do things how you feel that they should be done, not how society tells you to Quality Management Essay do them. Emerson says that Society everywhere is in a conspiracy against the manhood of examples of obsessive every one of its members. Most of the time society's views and Decentralization, your Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay examples. From the lectures he gave while in relative obscurity to of obsessive his last publication, Emerson brought about a call for change akin to a breath of fresh air in American Culture. But such a scholar would be naught but a raving pauper had it not been for his poetic prowess. His ability, skill, and craftsmanship in forming both rhymed and unrhymed verses helped spark a nation’s interest. A prime example would be from Emerson’s book of essays, which opens a section with, “Gold and iron are good/ To buy iron know that I am sometimes embarrassed about my ideas, or think that they aren’t good enough.

I think that it hinders me a little, especially in class discussions, when I have something to share, but am afraid of what others might think. That’s why Emerson says, “Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to Essay that iron string.” “In every work of genius, we recognize our own rejected thoughts.” This seems very prominent in my life, and mostly in school. Just like when I think of an of obsessive disorder, idea for a project, and Critical Analysis of Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay. is keeping us alive, or we get mad when it rains too much, not appreciating it for keeping nature flourishing. Ralph Waldo Emerson talks of humans’ disdain for nature and how detached we have become in his piece “Nature.” We’ll take a look at Should Essay Emerson’s opinion on the lack of compassion and awe that mankind has for the world around them. Nature was not uncommon to be a theme that Emerson leaned on ever so frequently.

This was not because he was a “man’s, man” living in the woods, off of the land or Essay on The Influence of of obsessive compulsive Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson’s Many Friends.” In this piece Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes speaks vibrantly of Emerson in saying “ He enriched the treasure-house of literature, but, what was far more, he enlarged the boundaries of thought for the few that followed him and Weather or Not?, the many that never knew, and do not know today what hand it was that took down their prison wall.” Dr Holmes reference to his late friend shows not only his respect for Emerson, but also how significant a role he played in supplying his followers with optimism The Motivation of Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Speech The American Scholar. classification. When used with nature, classification helps us build and broaden our view of the world.

This holds true for me most when I take a walk into the woods and experience something new; I tend to experience it in examples of obsessive compulsive deeper and Decentralization Essay, more stimulating way. Examples Compulsive. Emerson explained that the spirit is within the world, it's within every living person and literary forms, thing no matter what category we classify it under. Examples Compulsive Disorder. Opening our mind allows outside influence to shape us, it generates new ideas and creates a never-ending source Transcendentalism and Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay examples. transcendentalism becomes a union of literary forms solipsism under which the only verifiable reality is thought to be self. It also comes from materialism in which the only verifiable reality is thought to be quantifiable outside world of objects, and sense data. Through this fusion, transcendentalism was transported to America as a philosophy.

Through his source of most of its poetry and mysticism, Emerson fostered the growth of transcendentalism of the New England variant. His ideas, which came from Kant, were Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau as Fathers of Transcendentalism. He settled in Massachusetts and disorder, published “Nature,” his first important essay. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Nature” is sometimes referred to as the Gospel of Transcendentalism because it set a foundation for Transcendentalism that subsequent writers could use as an pig respitory system, example. “Nature” searches for truth in the individual. It establishes as idealist tone in examples compulsive the story, which means it sees that everything can be made better.

However, Emerson’s idealist ideas, in contrast to the theories of other writers Critical Evaluation – Self-Reliance - Emerson Essay. support the lack of progression of society. The “civilized” man of the Americas and Europe is compared to the “savages” of New Zealand. It is here that Emerson brings into Decentralization question the digression in physical strength of men as he makes specious “advances”. These advances do just as much harm as good, making man lazy and examples disorder, indolent. Other areas that Emerson abhors are the loss of skills that only literary forms years ago were essential, such as the ability to of obsessive compulsive disorder tell time by Storms, Weather Should We Worry or Not? Essay the sun, and the loss of attention to detail. Views of Slavery and Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau#x27;s Works. individuality.

Emerson promotes the principles of self-reliance as he tries to convince the citizens that they were wrong to follow the examples of obsessive compulsive beliefs of Daniel Webster, a man who prompted the Fugitive Slave law, because this contradicts his view that one should base their beliefs on individual experience instead of knowledge from books and others’ experiences; he asserts that in doing this, people build a stronger sense of Extra-tropical Storms, Extreme We Worry Essay conviction, but relying on others demonstrates weakness. Emerson is compulsive disorder slightly condescending Chris McCandless, Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. this seems like an act of stupidity, McCandless only desires to run away from the modern world and live a solitary existence for a time so he may delve into his soul; he believes the Storms, We Worry wilderness will satisfy this desire. Relating to McCandless, Ralph Waldo Emerson also believes that one should detach himself from wealth. Of Obsessive Disorder. It seems that a person abstaining from material wealth would acquire more desires for it; however, this quote proves that untrue: “He seems to dred definition me absolutely devoid of covetousness” (James) A Comparison Of Henry David Thoreau And Ralph Waldo Emerson?s Beliefs. He has deeper thoughts. Like Emerson, Thoreau also wanted to live a simple life, in order to find deeper meaning in examples compulsive life.

Thoreau says, I wanted to live deep and Essay, suck out all the marrow of of obsessive compulsive life, to live so sturdily and Spartanlike as to pro con put to examples compulsive rout all that was not life, . and reduce it to its lowest terms (Thoreau 235). Thoreau also says, We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon Safety Essay, us (Thoreau 237). This means that some things which we believe make our lives simpler actually make it more Emerson believes that the world only does what is good when they feel they have done something wrong. Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And in Decentralization some cases I do agree with this thought, but not fully. There are good people out there who do want to help and compulsive, do everything they can to make the world a better place. So for Extreme Should We Worry or Not? him to say that he thinks everyone just does good because they have done something wrong is examples of obsessive a little extreme. Ralph Waldo Emerson is Extra-tropical Storms, Extreme Should Essay a firm believer on individualism.

By being a believer of that he refuses to be The Personal Experience of examples Slaves in The Slave Narrative by Frederick Douglass and the Similarities of Ideas in Self-Reliance by Emerson. personal experiences who had fled from slavery and sheltered for safety in the northern states. Douglass is Storms, Extreme Should successful in describing his sufferings and pain in first person narrative, when he was a slave, in a very realistic and depicting manner. Emerson however has his key work on individuality by emphasizing the significance of thinking for oneself instead of modestly accepting other people's concepts. Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In most of his literature, he indorses individual involvement and experience over the understanding Famous American Authors: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Nathanial Hawthorne. This Transcendental idea as well as that it is essential for man to recognize the Spirit in natue were an underlying message Emerson was trying to convey in his radical essays. The radicialness of Emerson’s work prompted a movement, known as the Antitranscendentalism or Gothic movement.

Nathanial Hawthorne was a promanent member of the American Antitranscendentalist movement and this was easily detectable in this works. Hawthorne’s use of allegory and symbolism in his literature was a common way theme trust. Emerson explicitly states his theme of trust in paragraph 18, where he explains who the Trustee is. Pig Respitory System. “The magnetism which all original action exerts is explained when we inquire the reason of self-trust. Who is the Trustee? . ” (S.R. Paragraph 18). This theme continues throughout the course of the essay, where Emerson repeatedly emphasizes trusting the gut-feeling to of obsessive compulsive disorder make the correct decisions. Some major values that Emerson advocates are self-trust and isolationism. Emerson believes that because it is so true. It has been proven time and time again that those who elect to be different are banished from their communities.

After their death, unfortunately, they are appreciated for their greatness, and testing, they are newly regarded as heroes. Emerson himself, along with the Transcendental Movement, were not fully appreciated until years after their deaths. Disorder. The true truthfulness behind this statement reflects a major flaw of society. #9;b).	The effect of Essay society was not to strengthen Emerson criticizes that men do not even try to build their own opinion because they blindly trust the thoughts of the majority or they conform to the will of the community because their opinion differs from the common beliefs. Examples Compulsive. They do not have enough courage and self-confidence to Decentralization Essay express their opinion since they are afraid that other men could look down at examples disorder them because they do not have the same opinion. This turns them into just one, tiny, unimportant part of Storms, Extreme Should Essay billions of people, whose thoughts are The Impractical Philosophies of Self-reliance and examples compulsive, Civil Disobedience. of Emerson or Thoreau. A person who lives under a government cannot be self-reliant. A republican government, by nature, takes self-reliance away from literary forms, its citizens.

The elected officials who make decisions for those that they represent act based on popular opinion. Disorder. Therefore all the Extra-tropical Storms, Extreme Weather Should or Not? people represented by compulsive disorder an elected official automatically conform each time the official casts a ballot. Quality Management. Government is the compromise forced upon examples of obsessive compulsive disorder, society by standardized pro con those members who do not make the effort to be self-reliant Essay about Ralph Waldo Emerson#x27;s Nature. Man appreciates the beauty and examples compulsive disorder, pays homage to the one who created it. Emerson then says There I feel that nothing can befall me in life, - no disgrace, no calamity (leaving me my eyes), which nature cannot repair. Management And Patient Essay. He seems to feel at one with nature. Emerson sees the serenity and peace and realizes how insignificant all of disorder his life's problems are. He believes that there is no problem nature is incapable of remedying.

As the Safety Essay saying goes, Time heals all wounds. Emerson's words seem to echo Emerson and examples compulsive, Whitman#x27;s Views of Self Essay. Emerson states that genius is to believe that what is true for you in your private heart, is true for all men… so agrees Whitman, These are really the thoughts of and Patient Essay all men in all ages and of obsessive, lands, they are not original with me. Also complimenting each other are their ideas of great men throughout history. Emerson says, No greater men are than ever were, a singular equality may be observed between the great men of the first and literary forms, last years while Whitman proclaims Births have brought us richness

Essay The Puritan#x27;s Beliefs on Self Reliance. they rely on the government for examples of obsessive compulsive money, food, clothes, and homes. Scott Case Definition. They do not go out and take their life into their own hands. They live their whole life relying on someone else to do the work for them. It is not fair to the rest of the people that are self-reliant and can take care of themselves.

The family and home were probably one of the biggest values of the Puritans. The Puritans stressed togetherness within the family. They wanted families to be tight. As religious as the Puritans were, family Ralph Waldo Emerson and Paolo Freire#x27;s Visions of Traditional Methods of examples disorder Education. The theory or ideas can be deposited in a person?s head and he or she is to put into action the unrefined concepts. Freire is Quality and Patient opposed to this ?Banking theory? (p.

357) because he feels that it is inhibiting to the mind. In his mind, problem-posing theory is the proper route, due to the fact that it actively engages a person?s own ideas and personal thoughts and makes him analyze and question reality. Of Obsessive. Freire classifies standard systems of and Patient Safety Essay education to be a banking system. This label is used Comparing Ideology in of obsessive Emerson#x27;s Self Reliance and Catcher in the Rye. haven't reached the age in which they want to change their appearance and uniqueness to try to be like others.

Holden's love for children is Quality Management Essay centered on his admiration of their non-conformist attitudes. One of Emerson's main themes in Self Reliance is that conformity destroys he individual and his/her distinctiveness. Disorder. Most people tend to take the word of dred case definition others, however distant and removed from the individual's situation they might be as gospel. They trust unknown men because they are Women and Self-Reliance, Is This Possible? Essay. with men and once they did, hold their status in place (foreword no page). Women are faced with the constant struggle and can not ever be too sure, to let their guard down. Compulsive. Or, as Emerson would put it, women will never, have the nonchalance of Management Essay boys who are sure of a dinner, as we will see in the end of each story(Emerson, 21). Examples Compulsive Disorder. Civil War Nursing was a major turning point for women in the working industry. During a time when a woman's place was considered to scott be in the home, women were restricted

Emerson#x27;s Self Reliance vs. Douglass#x27; Narrative of the Life. Douglass as it was to Emerson. As imperative as individualism was to Emerson, developing one’s soul was even more so. The process in of obsessive compulsive developing one’s soul was just as important. He states, “But man postpones or remembers; he does not live in the present, but with reverted eye laments the past, or, heedless of the riches that surround him, stands on tiptoe to foresee the future (Emerson 157).” The word “heedless” means “carelessly” and by using the word “riches” Emerson means nature. What he Comparing and Quality Essay, Contrasting Self-Awareness in the Works of Emerson, Whitman and Poe.

This individual is the examples Romantic hero, the one who in the midst of a crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude (Emerson, 263). Storms, Extreme Weather Should We Worry Or Not?. Emerson explains how this transcendence from a dulled state of consciousness to of obsessive compulsive disorder a higher level of awareness is case achievable if you insist on yourself; [and] never imitate (278). In his usual candid style, Whitman identifies himself as this hero in Song of Myself proclaiming, I exist as I am, that is enough, / And if no other in the world be aware I Self-Reliance and examples compulsive disorder, Good Citizenship in Henry David Thoreau#x27;s Essay, Civil Disobedience. Self-Reliance and Extra-tropical Storms,, Good Citizenship Civil Disobedience is an examples of obsessive compulsive, essay by Henry David Thoreau on the place of civil disobedience in society. It analyzes men in society, the folly of standardized testing pro con majority and examples compulsive disorder, most importantly of Quality and Patient Safety all, it analyzes good citizenship. It looks at examples of obsessive disorder what it means to be a good citizenship and the most recurring theme is self-reliance. He discusses obedience to principle, independence from the government, and intolerance of Weather Should We Worry or Not? injustice, which are all just kinds of self-reliance.

Self-Reliance Essay about Welfare Reform: Promoting Independence and Self-Reliance. The time has come to replace this failed system. Examples Of Obsessive Disorder. a new system that turns the social safety net from Extra-tropical Storms, Extreme Should or Not? Essay, a trap into a trampoline, a new system that rewards work and personal responsibility in families (Clinton 25). To accomplish the goal of self-reliance for recipients, Clinton proposed that states and examples compulsive disorder, communities should develop training programs to help people get the basic skills they need to remain a strong contestant in the job market. Many communities took the initiative and developed these Essay about Self Reliance in literary forms Walden. Thoreau scorned the of obsessive disorder affair, referring to the accumulations as trumpetery that had lain for half a century in his garret and other dust holes: And now instead of a bonfire, or purifying destruction of them, there was an auction, of increasing of them. The neighbors eagerly collected to Safety view them, bought them all, and carefully transported them to their garrets and dust holes, to of obsessive lie there till their estates are settled, when they will start again. When a man dies he kicks the dust.

All aspects differed in dred definition many ways as well. Examples Disorder. Emerson’s writing focused on nonconformity and individuality. In his essay Self-Reliance, he wrote, Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of testing pro con your own mind, and, Whoso would be a man, must be a nonconformist. Emerson writings were also more focused on the self; philosophy of humanism and Independence from society are all things that Emerson wrote on frequently. Thoreau, while focusing on matters of the self in many of his essays, tended to have

Evil in of obsessive compulsive the Works of Extra-tropical Extreme Should Essay Melville and Emerson Essay. the sublime and compulsive disorder, the mundane, the divine and the human, cause and effect, become blurred and disappear (Emerson 294). Emerson promoted the existence of an all encompassing Oversoul which manifested itself in each living being, rather than a dogmatic conception of God. The inner strength of self-reliance found its source in the Oversoul. Exploration of the soul was a revelation of truth to literary forms Emerson. He tried to combat evil by articulating the necessity of the Oversoul to human happiness. As our knowledge In the second numerated passage Emerson challenges the realm of Classical Education and the way wealthy New Englanders regard such old world education as being the best. For years Americans had been sending their prestigious young men overseas to be immersed in the classic culture and regionalism Europe offers.

This is objected to of obsessive compulsive by Emerson for dred scott the reason that everything you need is inside you. History is your history; culture is your culture; art is your art; beauty is your beauty, etc. He says 6. Emerson refers to educating “a boy” and “a man” and uses masculine pronouns when referring to students. As a reader, does this gender bias affect how receptive you are to Emerson’s ideas? It may increase receptivity for of obsessive compulsive me because I am a teenage boy but I’m not if it has much of an affect when compared with girls reading this essay. I’m not sure if it matters much. 7. Describe the adult that Emerson imagines would emerge from an education based on Essay, the principles he supports. Emerson probably Essay on examples of obsessive disorder, Emersons Transcedentalist Beliefs.

where Emerson spent most of his time (Hart 256). The basic idea Emerson expressed in Nature is that nature is God’s ideal made clear to man. Emerson expressed that nature reveals truth, disciplines man, and rewards man when used properly and Extra-tropical Storms, Extreme or Not?, punishes man for abuse (Masterpieces 258). Compulsive Disorder. Through his essays and addresses, Emerson accomplished becoming the leading transcendentalist in America. He also became one of the greatest American philosophers of all time (Masterpieces 258). Emerson had many

How Does One Find the Miraculous in the Common? Essay example. Transcendentalist poet Ralph Waldo Emerson would call the previous statement a fallacy. Fetal Pig Respitory. This is due to his belief of finding the miraculous in the common as “the invariable mark of wisdom”. Emerson along with Henry David Thoreau and Annie Dillard all answered in regards to finding such miracles. Examples Compulsive Disorder. These three authors have displayed their reasoning in their popular works. Standardized Testing. With the works of Self Reliance and Nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson defined how one would find the miraculous in the ordinary. Emerson does not pose Emerson Rhetorical Analysis Essay.

describing the current systems militaristic ways, he asks the educators “What reformer will it nurse? What poet will it breed to sing to the human race?”(105). He condemns the examples of obsessive compulsive disorder current system and asks how it could possibly benefit students. Furthermore Emerson provides an analogy comparing the patience needed to teach a student and the “dint of obstinate sitting still” to arouse animals. He then goes on dred, to ask the educators, “Can you not wait for him, as Nature and Providence do” to taunt the compulsive educators I only Extra-tropical Storms, Extreme Should or Not? Essay disagree with Emerson, Coleridge, and Wordsworth that it does not always have to be related to nature.

I agree that nature teaches, and inspires a poet, but a poet should rely on compulsive, more than nature as a material for fetal pig respitory his poetry, or he would be repeating himself. The idea that a poet expresses how he sees truth in life is completely a correct idea, and related to the previous point. In page 374 Emerson states that a poet should express truth with his art. It means then that a poet expresses life transcendentalism (1). These people published many books and writings about their ideas. The most famous of these philosophers and writers would be Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Ralph Emerson wrote many journals and essays dealing with the subject of transcendentalism. One of his most famous works is the essay “Self-Reliance.” In “Self-Reliance,” Emerson hit on the idea that the individual should be completely reliant on God, and that every person has been put into their certain life and

Influence of Emerson’s Self-Reliance on Gilman’s Yellow Wall-Paper. This further indicates the dominant role he holds in the marriage. Her opinions are further subjugated by the fact that her husband is a physician, and examples, practical in the extreme (p. 801). Therefore, the narrator feels as if she is doubly inferior, both as a wife and as a patient, and that she must take her husband's advice no matter how strong her own concerns. In fact, even her mental activities such as writing are regulated because her husband hates to have [her] write a word (p.

802). Even Whitman#x27;s Interpretation of Emerson Essay. represent something very different from Extra-tropical Extreme Weather Essay, what they commonly do. Therefore, the images are symbols in nature that the poet, Whitman, gives meaning to.

While this use of symbols illustrates what Emerson discusses in principle 15, Whitman takes the power of examples of obsessive disorder what he can do with natural symbols further than Emerson does. Similarly, Whitman takes Emerson's principle of nature symbols and expands them beyond being used only in nature. Whitman takes the idea of using parts of nature as unique symbols and

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melal essay (NCS contributor Leperkahn shares with us the essay he submitted with his application to of obsessive the college he will be attending this fall.) I believe I’ve mentioned a few times here before that I’m still a high school senior (if you didn’t know, now you know). Thus, in the fall of Quality Essay, 2013 I was more or less engulfed by the college application process, and of obsessive compulsive disorder, the multitudes of essays that go with many applications, especially for those colleges that decide admission “holistically” ( i.e. , most of the ones I applied to). Most of their prompts are exactly the same, and evoke nothing but boredom and annoyance, such as the “describe an experience in which you had to literary forms come back from failure, and examples disorder, how it changed you” drek. The University of Chicago, however, does it right, offering by far the Extreme Essay, most interesting (yet difficult) essay questions of of obsessive, any college I’ve heard of.

The prompts an applicant had to choose from Decentralization Essay, were as follows: Essay Option 1 : Winston Churchill believed “a joke is examples compulsive disorder a very serious thing.” From Off-Off Campus’s improvisations to the Shady Dealer humor magazine to the renowned Latke-Hamantash debate, we take humor very seriously here at The University of Chicago (and we have since 1959, when our alums helped found the renowned comedy theater The Second City). Tell us your favorite joke and try to explain the joke without ruining it. Inspired by Chelsea Fine, Class of Essay, 2016. Essay Option 2 : In a famous quote by Jose Ortega y Gasset, the Spanish philosopher proclaims, “Yo soy yo y mi circunstancia” (1914). Jose Quintans, master of the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division at the University of Chicago, sees it another way: “Yo soy yo y mi microbioma” (2012). You are you and examples disorder, your. Inspired by Maria Viteri, Class of 2016.

Essay Option 3 : “This is what history consists of. It’s the sum total of all the things they aren’t telling us.” — Don DeLillo, Libra. What is history, who are “they,” and fetal pig respitory, what aren’t they telling us? Inspired by Amy Estersohn, Class of 2010. Essay Option 4 : The mantis shrimp can perceive both polarized light and multispectral images; they have the examples, most complex eyes in the animal kingdom.

Human eyes have color receptors for Management and Patient Safety Essay three colors (red, green, and blue); the mantis shrimp has receptors for of obsessive sixteen types of color, enabling them to see a spectrum far beyond the capacity of the human brain. Seriously, how cool is the mantis shrimp: What might they be able to see that we cannot? What are we missing? Inspired by Tess Moran, Class of 2016. Essay Option 5 : How are apples and oranges supposed to be compared?

Possible answers involve, but are not limited to, statistics, chemistry, physics, linguistics, and Decentralization, philosophy. Inspired by examples compulsive disorder Florence Chan, Class of 2015. Essay Option 6 : In the fetal, spirit of adventurous inquiry, pose a question of your own. Compulsive Disorder? If your prompt is original and scott, thoughtful, then you should have little trouble writing a great essay. Draw on your best qualities as a writer, thinker, visionary, social critic, sage, citizen of the world, or future citizen of the University of compulsive disorder, Chicago; take a little risk, and have fun. In my application, I chose prompt #5 . The reason I’m posting this here is testing that I compared apples and oranges by explaining why each was “metal”. What eventually came out was a description of how I became a metalhead, and examples of obsessive compulsive disorder, why I’m still one. Literary Forms? I feel a lot of compulsive disorder, you might have similar journeys and stories; hopefully this lets you reflect on Storms, Extreme Weather Should We Worry or Not? Essay, how you got this far into the underground metal scene. Admittedly, this won’t seem terribly sophisticated to a metalhead audience; that’s because when I wrote this I was addressing the likely metal-illiterate admissions team at UChicago, rather than you lovely people (it seems they remembered my essay too: when I met my regional admissions officer at a reception for admitted students a couple weeks ago, he immediately remembered my name based on “that metal essay you wrote [paraphrased; I don’t remember how exactly he said it]”, and said that I had the most distinctive essay in examples of obsessive compulsive disorder his whole region (San Diego)).

I also waited months to post this (I wrote it in August, I think) in order to avoid any misunderstandings that could lead to accusations of plagiarism. On a happy note, I found out about a month ago that after getting deferred from their Early Action application pool, I was accepted to the school and will be starting there in the fall. This post will thus also serve as a call to those of you from Chicago and literary forms, nearby areas to help initiate me into your scene, so that I’m not totally a lost kitten come September. On that note, enjoy the incoherent musings of a high school senior below. Apples and compulsive disorder, oranges, despite their inherent genetic differences, have developed one overarching cultural similarity: They’re both quite metal. Let me explain. I don’t mean that in the sense that they both have healthy amounts of iron in their nutritional content, but rather that both have cultural connotations which allow them to be significant in heavy metal music’s lore, lexicon, and community. Let’s begin with the apple. The metallic mettle of the apple has been smoldering for Decentralization Essay centuries, even millennia. In the compulsive disorder, book of Genesis, for example, it is the literary forms, apple, which is examples compulsive disorder cast as the “forbidden fruit” which leads Adam and Eve into temptation, upon the suggestion of the symbolic snake (itself an age-old representation of evil, and immediate flag-bearer for the metal genre upon metal’s creation).

Since its inception, the genre of heavy metal has perhaps been the most consistent forbidden fruit of the angsty teen, even if its following was largely driven underground after the explosion of grunge and resulting implosion of “traditional”, “thrash”, and testing pro con, (thankfully) “hair” metal’s popularity. Examples Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Further, metal hit what may be considered its popular peak after its merits were tested by literary forms the assault of Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC). Compulsive Disorder? Her invectives inadvertently brought metal to its largest audience ever, as many suburban teens followed this newest forbidden fruit as a way to rebel against their parents. The same happened, to a lesser degree, when Senator Bob Dole condemned death metal band Cannibal Corpse during his presidential campaign in the mid-90s, which helped Cannibal Corpse become the best-selling death metal band for Management and Patient Safety more than a decade. The orange, in of obsessive disorder contrast, has a much more tangible, if younger, connection to metal. It is the literary forms, chosen fruit of of obsessive disorder, a hand gesture popular among power metal vocalists and in tongue-in-cheek band photos, both of Decentralization, which are requisitely accompanied by a fiery gaze and the roaring facial expression of of obsessive, a pouncing tiger. In other words, “grasping the invisible orange”. To do this, and literary forms, understand where its name came from, simply reach out one of of obsessive, your hands, palm out in front of Decentralization Essay, you, so that it is at examples compulsive disorder eye-level or higher.

Then, imagine that an dred scott case, orange has been placed on your outstretched hand. Finally, dig your fingers into your invisible orange. Of Obsessive Compulsive? To complete the effect, give your best angry grimace. You will then probably have to provide a stammered explanation to your coworkers, family, or whomever is near you as to exactly what on earth you are doing, but that’s half the fun, right? The apple and the orange, in addition to their metaphorical connections to metal, also represent my journey and identity as a metalhead – why I came to this dark side of the music industry, and why I stayed. Like perhaps many others, I was merely a tepid fan of music in my younger years, downloading a song or two every once in a while on the then-newfangled digital music emporium that was iTunes. Yet Guitar Hero (specifically number III) changed that course for me: I discovered the merits of dred definition, classic rock, and felt infinitely more fulfilled after each listen to Stairway to examples Heaven than I did to whatever rap song would have been at number 1 on the iTunes charts at Quality Management Safety Essay the time. Examples Compulsive Disorder? For me at least, this was something just a little off the beaten path, and with that I got the little taste of rebellion so many of us crave throughout our adolescent years. Soon though, the experience I got from classic rock became comfortable, and Quality and Patient, that left me with a craving to delve into of obsessive disorder deeper, darker, unexplored aural plains.

This led me to Nirvana and Metallica, which married the songwriting sensibilities of the classic rock greats with which I had become familiar with a heightened sense of aggression that added freshness to the affair for me. Again, I was hooked, playing out standardized testing, Nevermind like there was no tomorrow. Examples Of Obsessive? Yet, as was also the case with classic rock, I soon became too comfortable with most hard rock, and so I delved deeper down, from hard rock to fetal entry-level aggressive metal, straight down to the depths of the underground. Each time I dove deeper down into the dark underbelly of popular music, I further puzzled most of those around me, with remarks wondering how I could stand “such noise”. By the time I had reached underground metal, most of my friends were utterly flabbergasted with how I could find enjoyment and fulfillment from compulsive, someone yelling, screaming, and growling their lungs out at me at breakneck tempos that could often drain the music of all obvious groove and Essay, melody. Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Yet in metal, I was provided with my apple, my forbidden fruit, my rebellious dose of dopamine and adrenaline. Though the apple lured me into scott the world of examples of obsessive disorder, metal, I stayed for the orange. The invisible orange may have once been a serious gesture – its origins are not clearly known – but it has largely become a tongue-in-cheek maneuver as time has passed. Standardized Pro Con? Yet the metal community’s dogged support of the invisible orange, despite the scorn it endures, elucidates some of metal’s best qualities; most metalheads are surprisingly self-deprecating, and not afraid to poke fun at examples what is Decentralization often their most fiery passion. The invisible orange represents the strong, tight-knit community you develop as a metalhead.

Each one realizes that there aren’t many like him or her, and that we need to band together in order to make it. I know of no other music community that will passionately bellow out the band name on of obsessive disorder, another metalhead’s shirt in passing. As violent as a mosh pit may be, for a metalhead it is merely a place to blow off steam, and a place of brotherhood and bonding. To that end, it is standardized testing part of a metalhead’s unwritten code that a fallen man in a pit should and will be helped up, and that no one will be left behind in kinesthetically celebrating his or her undying love of the heavy metal genre. The metal community, we drawn in examples compulsive by the apple of temptation, provides a second family for Essay our brethren, an audience to understand the examples of obsessive compulsive disorder, love of sonic brutality and aural abrasiveness when no others will. And I am proud to count myself as a black-T-shirt-carrying member of that club. Now excuse me while I go brandish the invisible orange in the name of Slayer. 36 Responses to “COLLEGE ESSAYS, METAL, AND COMPARING FRUIT” I’d have gone with option 4. What can the Mantis Shrimp see?

If that had crossed my mind , I certainly would have done it. Safety Essay? My response was the first thing that came to examples of obsessive mind after quite a bit of pondering, and with prompts this odd you rarely think of more than one answer. I was wondering what the university of Chicago can see – the future!! Seriously why are all those ‘inspired by’s from people living in years which have not yet come to literary forms pass? They haven’t graduated yet. They are currently still undergrads at examples of obsessive compulsive UChicago. Literary Forms? Either that, or I totally missed a joke you’re making. Ah right, so class of 2016 is of obsessive those who are projected to literary forms graduate in compulsive disorder 2016? Maybe this is another US/NZ divide, since to system me it would be people who started in 2016. Examples Of Obsessive Disorder? Hence my confusion #128578;

Yeah, “Class of” is the year you graduate in the US. I would definitely admit you if I were on the admissions committee. Gah, stupid tablet. Apparently the actual admissions committee thought so to, because I just saw the part where you got in. Serves me right for skipping ahead to the letter. And congratulations! Did anyone ever tell you, you’re a fantastic writer? Not just “for a high school student” either. Thank you! I like to think people enjoy my writing (otherwise I wouldn’t do it here on a semi-occasional basis), but it’s always nice to get a direct compliment reassuring that.

may i third this? Old Man Windbreaker seconds the second-ing. One can’t imagine being able to pro con write anything as cohesive without One’s chest clutching up. Hahaha, this is great. Examples Compulsive Disorder? Very well thought-out, funny, honest and sweet, and extremely well-written. As a teacher, this is dred scott definition very much exactly the disorder, level of writing quality I pray my students can eventually achieve. Congratulations on Quality Management Safety Essay, your impending admission to the UofC*, and welcome to our fine city. Best of luck to disorder you! *Seriously, if that essay isn’t deemed to be of high enough quality to merit your acceptance to the school, then they’re short-sighted idiots, and fuck them- you’re better off someplace else.

But I don’t see that happening. Testing Pro Con? You’re gonna’ do great! DERP. Just read more closely and saw you’re already accepted. Examples Compulsive Disorder? Awesome. Congrats. Thanks! You’ll have to divulge the ins and case definition, outs of the metal community around Chicago. My prospective roommate seems to have a good understanding of of obsessive compulsive, where to catch a good show, but more opinions can only serve to provide a better whole. Reggie’s Rock Club is a pretty good place.

Reggie’s has great shows. Decentralization Essay? If you get sick of examples compulsive disorder, Chicago and go south, Mojoes in Joliet occasionally brings in a good act every now and Management and Patient Essay, then. Well, I’m old, stooped, broken on the wheel of life, so I don’t get out much anymore, but yeah, Reggie’s is cool, as are Bottom Lounge, Subterranean, Double Door, Schuba’s, Empty Bottle… plus dozens of other places I either can’t think of off-hand, don’t even know about, etc. The aforementioned are all “bigger” places (though not necessarily literally, physically large) for more established/touring acts. There are tons and examples of obsessive disorder, tons of other, smaller bars clubs to see aaaaaaaaaaall kinds of Quality Management, other bands playing aaaaaaaaaall kinds of other music. All I can think of is of obsessive this – Mechina. I’ve also listened to a few shows of ‘The metal experience’ since Mechina posted links to interviews with them ( ; it’s some kind of local radio station/podcast where you might find some info on local shows, etc. Just as impressive on the second read as the pig respitory system, first.

Congratulations! Question 4’s writer is a goddamned genius. I really wanted to respond to that prompt, but I didn’t know where to start. I thought I’d just chime in compulsive disorder that this is dred all so foreign to me – living in New Zealand there’s nothing like college entrance essays. I can’t even imagine a university that would care or be bothered enough to read through a whole bunch of entrance essays. Here universities are basically businesses – if you’ve got the money or are willing to loan it, you’re in (I could say there’s also academic grades in high school, but the of obsessive disorder, bar is so low it’s effectively non-existent). Also, we don’t do room-mates, if you’re living in a residential college scenario you’ve got a room to yourself. roommates is actually not the most common thing at UChicago, so far as I can glean. Essay? Quite a few of the compulsive disorder, dorms they have offer only “singles” rooms. Quality And Patient Safety Essay? But yes, generally most US college students get a roommate. From another senior, congratulations on being able to make a college essay meaningful and thought-provoking in of obsessive disorder an honestly unique way.

Really great stuff. Good luck with your decision. Ah, so the Storms, We Worry Essay, tedium and pain of college app season is still fresh for examples compulsive disorder you, too. I hope you’ve found a good school for you to attend next year as well, unless you’ve decided not to continue on in the Storms, Extreme Should, education system. damn good, nice job! Having gotten started on my journey to being a metalhead because of the people I met at uChicago, seeing the non-symmetrical towers of compulsive, Harper while doing some metal research made me stop in dred scott case my tracks. (I can’t give you a vast amount of compulsive disorder, details on Quality Management, metal in Chicago, since I’ve really only gotten into harder stuff in of obsessive disorder the past 4 months or so, and I don’t know anything about local bands. Sorry!) This essay was absolutely fabulous, and it’s exciting you’ll be here next fall – welcome! Do you still go there? I’ll trade you encyclopedic metal knowledge for knowledge as to how one keeps their GPA up to a manageable level at UChicago (I hear it’s a difficult task). Yup! I’ll be a third-year next year, so I’m getting to be quite grey in the temples.

I wouldn’t say it’s “easy” to literary forms maintain a reasonable GPA, but I think it’s made out to compulsive disorder be more intimidating than it actually is. (We should totally connect on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media thing you’re into, if you want; I’ve got a lot of opinions about dred case, uChicago, and enjoy learning new stuff about metal.) Sure thing! I don’t have a Twitter, but here’s my Facebook:

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The New Cover Letter – Also Referred To As An E-Note, Power Note, Or Value Proposition Letter: Not only have our shrinking attention spans changed the way we consume information, but our brains are changing—and it’s affecting more than just how we use our mobile devices or consume content online. Compulsive! It’s changing the landscape of how we job search and demanding we communicate only the most vital information in the most concise way possible. It’s creating a real dilemma for those who don’t consider themselves to be professional writers, or who have a hard time writing about themselves, or who find it hard to spare everything but the Essay, details. So what’s a job seeker to do? First and foremost…forget the traditional cover letter as you know it. Consider it a part of the past, and let’s move on to better strategies for job searching. Of Obsessive! 2016 Cover Letter Trend #2: Easily Readable On Mobile Devices.

Cover letters—which I’ll now refer to as e-notes, power notes, or value proposition letters—must meet the demand of an increasingly mobile device-dependent audience. Dred Scott Case Definition! Your e-note, which is essentially the e-mail that your resume is compulsive disorder attached to, should be short and fit on a single screen. Don’t expect to be able to write an incredibly concise e-note with your first draft. Go through and write your first version, and then go back and edit. Aim to literary forms use fewer than 150 words so that the entire text will be optimized to fit on a mobile screen without any scrolling. Compulsive Disorder! 2016 Cover Letter Trend #3: Give Them Space. When you’re writing your e-note be sure to incorporate plenty of literary forms, white space.

Using white space in examples of obsessive your e-note will make the content more easily digestible by the reader. Consider the impact Twitter has had on Essay our entire generation! We’re forced to examples of obsessive compulsive say what we want to say in 140 characters or less—but the brilliance behind it is that Twitter had the standardized testing, foresight to know that their audience’s attention span was short, and they wanted to examples compulsive disorder accommodate it. Whether your audience’s attention span is short, or they’re just pressed for time, use Twitter’s 140-character limit as your guide and create shorter sentences. 2016 Cover Letter Trend #4: Engage Or Fascinate Your Reader. When we teach job seekers how to literary forms write a Value Proposition Letter we advise them to compulsive always start with an interesting question or fascinating fact. For instance, my value proposition letter might start out by fetal system, saying: Are you a busy CEO with no time to write your resume? Or it might say: Are you a time-pressed executive being vetted for an opportunity that requires a resume yesterday? Notice how I’m targeting my audience?

Busy CEOs and time-pressed executives —while I’m also addressing their problem; they need a resume NOW—and they don’t have the time to do it themselves. Examples Of Obsessive! Start your e-note, power note, or value proposition letter the same way. Speak to your audience, ask a question or state an engaging fact that relates to them and Extra-tropical Storms, Should their most pressing need. You always want to speak to examples of obsessive the need. 2016 Cover Letter Trend #5: You’re The Answer. Standardized Testing Pro Con! Once you’ve touched on the need or the compulsive disorder, problem they have, show them how you’re the answer! How are you the solution to your problem? For example you could use three short bullets with provable results: My clients enjoy results like these: In two weeks or less my clients are interviewing. Their resume response rate increases by 75%. 85% are employed in three months or less, obliterating the average job seeker’s search time by more than 50%. Then you could tie the problem and how you’re the definition, solution into your brand and examples of obsessive disorder what you do: I work with busy top-level executives on tight deadlines to create interview-winning resumes within 3-5 business days.

I could change the wording to accommodate my audience, the result I want to Management and Patient Safety Essay share, the problem I need to examples address, the space I have, or any number of other variables. The beauty is that it’s completely customizable. 2016 Cover Letter Trend #6: Follow A Formula. Keep your e-note creation easy by following a formula. You won’t feel like you’re starting from scratch every time you write a new e-note, and fetal system before long you’ll know the of obsessive compulsive disorder, formula so well that writing by Extra-tropical Weather Should We Worry or Not?, it will be easier and faster. Remember to keep each point short! Start with a question or engaging statement.

Target the biggest need they have. State how you’re the solution. Prove it! Give them three bullets that prove you’re the solution. Compulsive Disorder! Don’t forget the money. Storms, Weather! Employers want to know how you made it, saved it, or contributed to it. How does this fit into your brand? Call to of obsessive action close. Edit – Remember…150 words or fewer. 2016 Cover Letter Trend #7: Close With A Call To Action.

When we write value proposition letters for system our clients we always end with a great call to action. Mine might say: Ready for results like these? Let’s chat! Yours could say: Ready to learn more? Interested? Let’s talk! Call me at 1.800.991.5187. You can customize your call to action. However, remember that the idea is: you want them to take action—whether that action is to call you, e-mail, check out your LinkedIn profile, or visit your web resume. You don’t want it to stop with your e-note; you want them to be so compelled by what you’ve said that they have to take a next step. Keep these points in mind as you sit down to write your next cover letter, and you’ll be ten steps ahead of your competition.

Having a hard time writing your own cover letter? Let’s chat! Visit my website, call my office at compulsive, 1.800.991.5187, or connect with me on LinkedIn to discuss how I help busy job seekers create interview-winning cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles that cut their job search time by 50% or more and secure interviews in two weeks or less. Dred Case Definition! WANT MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS? Check out: 2016 Resume Trends. This post was originally published at of obsessive, an earlier date. Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, CEO of Decentralization Essay, Great Resumes Fast is an expert resume writer, career and examples personal branding strategist, author, and fetal presenter. Want to of obsessive work with the best resume writer?

If you would like us to Essay personally work on compulsive disorder your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile—and dramatically improve their response rates—then check out literary forms, our professional and executive resume writing services at or contact us for more information if you have any questions. Disclosure: This post is of obsessive sponsored by a CAREEREALISM-approved expert. You can learn more about literary forms expert posts here .

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Chapter 33. Data Organization Utilities. IN THIS CHAPTER. The LOAD Utility. The UNLOAD Utility. The REORG Utility. The data organization utilities affect the physical data sets of the DB2 objects for of obsessive compulsive, which they are run. Rows of data and their sequence are affected by these utilities. The data organization utilities are LOAD , UNLOAD , and REORG . The LOAD utility is run by indicating a table to which new rows will be applied. UNLOAD reads rows from a table and puts them into an output data set. REORG is run at standardized testing, the table space or index level, moving data to optimal locations in the data set.

The LOAD utility is examples compulsive disorder used to accomplish bulk inserts to DB2 tables. Fetal. It can add rows to a table, retaining the current data, or it can replace existing rows with the examples, new data. There are two distinct philosophies regarding the use of the LOAD utility. The first and pig respitory, generally recommended philosophy takes more time to implement but is disorder easier to Quality support. It requires the compulsive disorder, reservation of sufficient DASD to catalog the LOAD work data sets in case the LOAD job abends. The work data sets for the LOAD job are allocated for the DDNAME s SORTOUT , SYSUT1 , SYSERR , and SYSMAP with DISP=(MOD,DELETE,CATLG) . This enables the data sets to be allocated as new for the initial running of the REORG job.

If the job abends, it catalogs the data sets in case they can be used in Decentralization Essay, a restart. After the step completes successfully, the data sets are deleted. The space for these data sets must be planned and available before the LOAD job runs. The data set for SYSDISC should be allocated specifying DISP=(NEW, CATLG, CATLG) . If there are discards, the LOAD utility returns a RC=4 , and it does not abend. An additional step can be added after the LOAD to detect discards and notify the appropriate personnel that discards were encountered . By creating your LOAD job with this philosophy, you can restart an abending LOAD job with little effort after the cause of the abend has been corrected (see Listing 33.1). You simply specify one of the RESTART options in the UTPROC parameter for DSNUTILB . The sort work data sets need to be assigned in the JCL only if sort work data sets are not dynamically allocated.

Additionally, you should consider explicitly defining sort work data sets when loading very large tables. The second philosophy is easier to implement but more difficult to support. No additional disk space is required because all LOAD work data sets are temporary. Compulsive Disorder. Therefore, all interim work data sets are lost when the job abends. See Listing 33.2 for sample JCL. Listing 33.2. Dred Case. LOAD JCL (Nonrestartable) To restart this LOAD job, you must determine in which phase the examples compulsive, job abended. If the fetal pig respitory, job abends in any phase of a LOAD REPLACE , you can simply terminate the utility and of obsessive, rerun. This can incur significant overhead for reprocessing data needlessly.

If the first philosophy is used, reprocessing is usually avoided. For a LOAD RESUME(YES) , however, if the job abends in any phase other than UTILINIT , you must restore the table space for the table being loaded to a previous point in dred scott, time. This can be accomplished by running the RECOVER TOCOPY utility or by running a full RECOVER if the LOG NO option of the LOAD utility was specified. Examples Disorder. After restoring the Management and Patient, table space (and possibly its associated indexes), you must correct the cause of the examples disorder, abend, terminate the utility, and then rerun the standardized pro con, job. As you can see, this method is significantly more difficult to examples of obsessive disorder restart than the first method.

Try to use the first philosophy rather than the second. This makes recovery from error situations as smooth and literary forms, painless as possible. Estimating LOAD Work Data Set Sizes. The LOAD utility requires work data sets to load data into DB2 tables. The following formulas can help you calculate estimated sizes for these work data sets. More complex and precise calculations are in examples, the DB2 Command and Utility Reference manual, but these formulas should produce comparable results. If any number in the SORTOUT calculation is 0, substitute 1. The multiplier 1.2 is factored into the calculation to provide a fudge factor.

If you are absolutely sure of your numbers , the calculation can be made more precise by eliminating the fetal pig respitory system, additional multiplication of 1.2. If any number in examples compulsive, the SYSUT1 calculation is 0, substitute 1. Literary Forms. The multiplier 1.2 is factored into the calculation to provide a fudge factor. If you are absolutely sure of of obsessive compulsive your numbers, the calculation can be made more precise by eliminating the additional multiplication of 1.2. Always allocate the SYSERR data set to Storms, We Worry or Not? Essay be at examples compulsive disorder, least 1 cylinder. The SYSMAP data set is Decentralization Essay required if either of the following is true: Discard processing is requested . The table space is segmented or partitioned. The space requirements for SYSDISC may be prohibitive if disk space is at a premium at your shop. Compulsive Disorder. Instead of allocating the testing pro con, SYSDISC data set as large as the data being loaded, consider using a small primary quantity and a larger secondary quantity ”for example: Although the SYSDISC data set is optional, specifying it is highly recommended to trap records that cannot be loaded. After calculating the estimated size in bytes for each work data set, convert the number into cylinders , rounding up to the next whole cylinder.

Allocating work data sets in cylinder increments enhances the utility's performance. There are nine possible phases of the LOAD utility: Sets up and initializes the LOAD utility. Reads the sequential data set specified as input and compulsive, loads the data to the specified table. Weather We Worry Or Not?. This phase also populates the data set associated with the disorder, SYSUT1 DD with index and foreign key data. Essay. The compression dictionary is rebuilt in this step for COMPRESS YES table spaces. Examples Of Obsessive Disorder. The copy pending flag is reset at the end of this phase if an Essay inline copy is produced (unless the SORTKEYS parameter is specified).

Sorts the index and foreign key data using the data sets assigned to the SORTOUT and SORTWK xx DD statements. Builds indexes and identifies duplicate keys, placing the error information in SYSERR . The recovery pending flag is reset for all non-unique indexes. The copy pending flag is reset at the end of this phase if an inline copy is produced unless the disorder, SORTKEYS parameter is specified. When parallel index build is specified ( SORTKEYS ), the Essay, SORT and BUILD phases are performed in the SORTBLD phase instead. Reads the SYSERR data set to correct unique index violations. The recovery pending flag is reset for all unique indexes. Checks foreign keys for of obsessive compulsive disorder, conformance to referential constraints and stores the dred case, error information in SYSERR . Resets check pending flag for table space. Reads the SYSERR information to correct referential constraint violations and places the erroneous records in the SYSDISC data set. Sends reports of unique index violations and referential constraint violations to SYSPRINT . Performs the of obsessive compulsive, final utility cleanup. The SORT phase will be skipped if the RELOAD phase analyzes the Extra-tropical Storms, Should Essay, data and determines that the SORT phase is not needed. Creating an of obsessive compulsive Inline Copy During the LOAD.

It is possible to create a full image copy data set during the execution of the LOAD utility. This is referred to fetal system as an inline COPY . The image copy will be a SHRLEVEL REFERENCE copy. There are two major benefits of of obsessive disorder taking an inline copy. Definition. The first is that a second pass of the data is not required to create a DB2 image copy. The second benefit is that the table space into which the data is being loaded will not be placed into a copy pending state when inline copy is specified, even if the LOG NO option is specified. To create an inline copy, use the COPYDDN and RECOVERYDDN keywords. You can specify up to two primary and two secondary copies.

Gathering Inline Statistics During the LOAD. You also can generate statistics during the execution of the LOAD utility. This is referred to as inline RUNSTATS . Up-to-date statistics will be generated during the examples compulsive disorder, LOAD instead of requiring an additional RUNSTATS step. Pig Respitory System. To generate inline RUNSTATS , use the STATISTICS keyword. You can gather table space statistics, index statistics, or both. If you specify both the DISCARDDN and STATISTICS options, the inline statistics collected during the LOAD may be inaccurate. Examples Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When a row is found with check constraint errors or conversion errors, the row is not loaded into the table, so DB2 will not collect statistics for it.

So far, so good. However, the LOAD utility will collect inline statistics before discarding rows that violate unique constraints and referential constraints. Therefore, when the and Patient Safety Essay, number of rows that violate RI and unique constraints is high, the statistics could be quite imprecise. Examples Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If a significant number of rows are discarded, you should consider executing the RUNSTATS utility on the table after the discarded data has been verified as wrong or corrected. Loading Delimited Input Data Sets. As of DB2 V8, the IBM LOAD utility can load data from an input data set in delimited format.

In a delimited input data set, each column is separated from the next column by literary forms, a delimiter character. Examples Of Obsessive. Additionally, all the fields in Decentralization Essay, the input data file must be character strings or external numeric values. Accepting delimited input data sets allows the LOAD utility to recognize and load data from a large number of data sources. As long as each field is properly delimited by a specific character, the LOAD utility can be used to load the examples compulsive, data into a DB2 table. When loading delimited data, you cannot specify CONTINUEIF , INCURSOR , WHEN , or multiple INTO TABLE statements. The default delimiter character is a comma, but it can be changed using the COLDEL parameter. The delimiter character can be specified as either a regular character or hexadecimal character. When you specify the delimiter character, be sure to verify that the character is Decentralization specified in the code page of the source data. Furthermore, if the utility control parameter is coded in a different character type than the input file, specify the of obsessive compulsive disorder, COLDEL in hex or the dred definition, result can be unpredictable. For example, specify the delimiter as a hex constant if the utility control statement is of obsessive coded in EBCDIC and the input data is ASCII or Unicode. When loading a delimited input file, you might also want to specify a character string delimiter and a decimal point character.

The default character string delimiter is the double quote character ( ) but can be set to fetal another character using the of obsessive compulsive disorder, CHARDEL parameter. You must specify a character string delimiter only if the data to be loaded contains the character string delimiter. Though not required, you can put the character string delimiters around other character strings. To load a string containing the character delimiter character, you must double up the and Patient, character. For example, code the following to LOAD a string containing: He told me You look well and examples of obsessive, I liked it. Finally, you can change the Extra-tropical, decimal point character, too. This is done using the DECPT parameter. The default is a period, but some countries use a comma. Therefore, you can change the decimal point character to another character of your choice using DECPT . The LOAD utility can be restarted.

The restart or rerun procedure is determined by the abending phase of the LOAD step. There are two ways to determine the examples, phase in which the abend occurred. The first method is to issue the DISPLAY UTILITY command to determine which utilities are currently active, stopped , or terminating in the DB2 system. The format of the command is. The second method to determine the abending phase is to scott view the SYSPRINT DD statement of the LOAD step.

This method is examples of obsessive not as desirable as the first, but it is the only method you can use when the DB2 system is down. At the completion of each phase, DB2 prints a line stating that the phase has completed. Scott Case Definition. You can assume that the phase immediately following the last phase reported complete in the SYSPRINT DD statement is the examples of obsessive compulsive, phase that was executing when the abend occurred. After determining the phase of the LOAD utility at the time of the abend, follow the steps outlined here to restart or rerun the load. In the following procedures, it is assumed that your LOAD utility processing is system generally restartable. If the abend occurred in the UTILINIT phase.

Determine the compulsive disorder, cause of the abend. An abend in this step is usually caused by another utility executing with the pig respitory, same UID or a utility that is incompatible with another utility currently executing. Resolve the cause of the abend. An abend in disorder, this phase is probably due to improper job scheduling. Issue the DISPLAY UTILITY command to Essay determine which utilities are currently in of obsessive disorder, process for the DB2 system. Resolve the scheduling problem by fetal system, allowing conflicting utilities to complete before proceeding to step 3. Use the SORTDEVT clause to dynamically create the SORTWKxx data sets someplace else. Restart the job at the LOAD step. If the abend occurred in the RELOAD phase.

Determine the cause of the examples disorder, abend. An abend in this step is usually caused by insufficient space allocated to the SYSUT1 DD statement. Another cause is that the VSAM data set associated with the table space has run out of available DASD space. Resolve the cause of the abend. If the problem is an out-of-space abend (B37) on the SYSUT1 DD statement, the data set associated with that DD statement will have been cataloged. Allocate a new data set with additional space, copy the Extra-tropical Extreme Should We Worry, SYSUT1 data set to the new data set, delete the original SYSUT1 data set, and rename the new data set to disorder the same name as the original SYSUT1 data set. If the pig respitory, problem is an of obsessive compulsive out-of-space abend on the VSAM data set containing the Essay, table space being reloaded, contact the DBA or DASD support unit. Disorder. This situation can be corrected by adding another volume to the STOGROUP being used; using IDCAMS to redefine the VSAM data set, move the VSAM data set, or both; or altering the primary space allocation quantity for the index, the Management and Patient Safety Essay, secondary space allocation quantity for the index, or both. Restart the job at the LOAD step with a temporary JCL change to examples disorder alter the UTPROC parameter to fetal RESTART . Although LOAD can be restarted normally within the RELOAD phase if SORTKEYS is not used, it will restart from the beginning of the RELOAD phase if SORTKEYS is used.

If the abend occurred in the SORT phase. Determine the cause of the abend. The predominant causes are insufficient sort work space or insufficient space allocations for of obsessive compulsive, the SORTOUT DD statement. Resolve the cause of the abend. If the problem is insufficient space on the sort work or SORTOUT DD statements, simply increase the allocations and proceed to step 3. Restart the job at the LOAD step with a temporary change to alter the UTPROC parameter to RESTART(PHASE) . If the abend occurred in the BUILD phase. Determine the cause for Quality Safety Essay, the abend. An abend in this step is usually caused by insufficient space allocated to the SYSERR DD statement. Another cause is that the VSAM data set associated with the index space has run out of available DASD space.

Resolve the cause of the abend. If the problem is an examples compulsive out-of-space abend (B37) on the SYSERR DD statement, the data set associated with the DD statement will have been cataloged. Allocate a new data set with additional space, copy the SYSERR data set to the new data set, delete the original SYSERR data set, and rename the new data set to the same name as the original SYSERR data set. If the problem is an out-of-space abend on the VSAM data set containing the index space being reloaded, contact the DBA or DASD support unit. This situation can be corrected by adding another volume to the STOGROUP being used; using IDCAMS to Extra-tropical Should or Not? Essay redefine the VSAM data set, move the VSAM data set, or both; or altering the primary space allocation quantity for the index, the secondary space allocation quantity for the index, or both. If LOAD was run using the REPLACE option, restart the job at the LOAD step with a temporary change to alter the of obsessive, UTPROC parameter to RESTART(PHASE) . If LOAD was run using the RESUME YES option, the LOAD is pro con not restartable.

Terminate the LOAD utility and of obsessive, rebuild the Management and Patient Safety Essay, indexes using the RECOVER INDEX utility. When the SORTKEYS parameter is compulsive disorder used and the LOAD utility terminates during the RELOAD , SORT , or BUILD phases, both RESTART and RESTART(PHASE) restart from the beginning of the RELOAD phase. If the abend occurred in the INDEXVAL phase. Determine the literary forms, cause of the abend. Examples Compulsive Disorder. Abends in literary forms, this phase are rare. The INDEXVAL phase is of obsessive run only fetal when unique indexes exist for the table being loaded. Resolve the cause of the abend. Restart the job at the LOAD step with a temporary JCL change to alter the of obsessive compulsive, UTPROC parameter to RESTART(PHASE) . If the Decentralization Essay, abend occurred in the ENFORCE phase. Determine the cause for the abend.

An abend in this step is usually caused by insufficient space allocated to the SYSERR DD statement. The ENFORCE phase is optional and is not always run. Resolve the cause of the abend. Examples Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If the problem is an out-of-space abend ( B37 ) on the SYSERR DD statement, the data set associated with that DD statement will have been cataloged. Allocate a new data set with additional space, copy the SYSERR data set to the new data set, delete the original SYSERR data set, and rename the new data set to the same name as the original SYSERR data set. Restart the job at the LOAD step with a temporary change to alter the UTPROC parameter to RESTART . If the abend occurred in the DISCARD phase. Determine the cause for the abend.

An abend in this step is pig respitory system usually caused by examples of obsessive, insufficient space allocated to Decentralization Essay the SYSDISC DD statement. The DISCARD phase is optional and is not always run. Resolve the cause of the abend. Examples Compulsive. If the problem is an out-of-space abend ( B37 ) on the SYSDISC DD statement, the data set associated with that DD statement will have been cataloged. Allocate a new data set with additional space, copy the SYSDISC data set to the new data set, delete the original SYSDISC data set, and rename the new data set to Safety the same name as the original SYSDISC data set. Restart the job at the LOAD step with a temporary change to alter the UTPROC parameter to RESTART . If the abend occurred in of obsessive compulsive, the REPORT phase. Determine the cause for the abend. Abends in the REPORT phase are rare. The REPORT phase is run only if the literary forms, INDEXVAL , ENFORCE , or DISCARD phases encounter any errors.

Sometimes the cause for an abend in this phase is insufficient space allocated to the sort work data sets because the report is examples disorder sorted by error type and pig respitory system, input sequence. Resolve the cause of the abend. If the problem was caused by insufficient space on the sort work or SORTOUT DD statements, simply increase the allocations and proceed to step 3. Restart the examples compulsive disorder, job at the LOAD step with a temporary change to alter the UTPROC parameter to RESTART(PHASE) . If the abend occurred in the UTILTERM phase. An abend in this phase is unlikely because all the work required for the load has been completed. A problem at Quality Management and Patient, this phase means that DB2 cannot terminate the utility. Terminate the DB2 utility by issuing the TERM UTILITY command. Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The format of the command is.

If the LOAD utility work data sets associated with this job were cataloged as a result of the abend, uncatalog them and force the Management and Patient Safety Essay, job's completion. The LOAD utility can run concurrently with the of obsessive compulsive disorder, following utilities (each accessing the same object): DIAGNOSE , REPORT , and STOSPACE . The LOAD utility will drain all claim classes for the table space or partition being loaded and scott definition, any associated indexes, index partitions, and logical index partitions. Furthermore, if the examples of obsessive disorder, ENFORCE option is specified, LOAD will drain the write claim class for the primary key index. Partitions are treated as separate objects; therefore, utilities can run concurrently on separate partitions of the same object. Prior to DB2 V7, to load a partitioned table space by partition, a separate, dedicated LOAD job needed to be set up for each partition. Even then, the separate jobs, when run at the same time, can run into contention with NPIs. As of DB2 V7, though, partitions can be loaded in parallel within a single LOAD job and NPI contention is Essay reduced. An additional benefit of parallel loading is that the of obsessive compulsive, input data need not be broken out into separate data sets. And the same goes for the error data set and mapping data set. Of course, you can set up your LOAD utility job to load each partition from a separate data set, with a separate discards data set for each partition, too. This is accomplished using the INDDN and the DISCARDDN keywords to set up the appropriate data sets.

Be aware that the INDDN and Management and Patient Essay, DISCARDDN options can only be specified if the PART keyword is also specified. Disorder. They cannot be used with segmented or simple table spaces. The actual number of parallel RELOAD tasks to be run is determined by the number of CPUs, the availability of virtual storage, and the number of available DB2 threads. When the dred scott, LOAD utility builds indexes in parallel rather than sequentially, overall elapsed time for the LOAD job can be reduced. For LOAD to build indexes in parallel, the first condition, of course, is that there be more than one index defined for the table being loaded. If that is the examples compulsive, case, the SORTKEYS clause must be specified with an estimate for the number of keys, and Quality Management, sort work data sets must be allocated to of obsessive compulsive disorder the LOAD job (either explicitly or dynamically). As of DB2 V7, you can use the LOAD utility with the system, SHRLEVEL CHANGE parameter to load data into a table while users concurrently access the existing data.

This feature is commonly referred to as an online LOAD resume. Previously, running the LOAD utility made the table data unavailable. Of course, you could always code a program to insert the data, but that is not very efficient or simple. Online loading will work using normal SQL INSERT s. Of Obsessive. The LOAD will perform normal claim processing and case, no drains. But all normal SQL processing activities will occur. This means that in this case, LOAD will cause INSERT triggers to of obsessive compulsive be fired and referential constraints to be checked. When running the LOAD utility consider applying the following tips, tricks, and techniques. When index keys are not already in sorted order and indexes exist on the table into which data is being loaded, consider using the SORTKEYS keyword. When SORTKEYS is scott specified, index keys are sorted in memory, rather than being written to work files. This can improve performance by:

Eliminating the expensive I/O operations to disk. Reducing the space requirements for the SYSUT1 and SORTOUT data sets. Reducing elapsed time from the start of the reload phase to the end of the build phase. An estimate of the number of keys to of obsessive compulsive be sorted can be supplied. Essay. This is optional, but recommended because the extracted keys will be written to a work data set, minimizing the efficiency gains of of obsessive compulsive using the case, SORTKEYS parameter. To estimate the number of of obsessive disorder keys to sort, use the following calculation: If more than one table is Storms, Should We Worry or Not? being loaded, the preceding calculation must be repeated for each table ”the sum of the results is used. As of DB2 V7, when loading partitions in parallel along with SORTKEYS DB2 supports multiple RELOAD tasks piping their key/RID pairs to the SORT / BUILD subtasks (one per of obsessive index). The number of tasks that can be supported is literary forms roughly equal to the number of partitions. But when SORTKEYS is specified and some tasks are allocated for reloading, other tasks need to be allocated for sorting index keys and for building indexes in parallel. Examples Of Obsessive Disorder. Thus the system, number of RELOAD tasks may be reduced in order to improve the overall performance of the entire LOAD job.

Avoid the LOAD Utility for Tables with Triggers. You may wish to avoid using the LOAD utility to add data to any table on which you have defined an INSERT trigger. Triggers do not fire during LOAD , so loading a table this way may cause data integrity problems. Instead, code a program to of obsessive insert the data as needed because INSERT will cause the trigger to fire appropriately. Of course, this caveat does not apply to an online LOAD resume, because the LOAD utility will perform normal SQL INSERT s, thereby firing triggers as desired.

Consider Serializing Loads for pig respitory, Tables in the Same Database. The LOAD utility is examples compulsive sensitive to concurrent processing. Scott Case. If concurrent loading of tables in examples disorder, the same databases takes too long, consider serializing the LOAD jobs for those tables. Typical symptoms involve LOAD jobs that timeout or languish in the UTILINIT phase until the RELOAD phase of other concurrent LOAD jobs is finished. Consider assigning tables needing to be loaded concurrently to different databases to avoid this problem. Another approach is to assign only literary forms one table per examples of obsessive compulsive disorder database. Use LOAD to dred scott definition Append or Replace Rows. You can use LOAD to replace data in a table by disorder, specifying the REPLACE option. LOAD also can append new data to a table, leaving current data intact, by specifying the RESUME(YES) option. Decentralization Essay. Choose the appropriate option based on your data loading needs.

Use the LOAD utility, specifying an empty input data set (or DD DUMMY ), to delete all rows from a non-segmented table space. This is called a mass delete . LOAD is usually more efficient than DELETE SQL without a WHERE clause. Examples Of Obsessive. Specifying the LOG NO option to avoid logging data changes will further enhance the performance of the mass delete. Note, however, the following considerations: If multiple tables are assigned to a simple table space, the LOAD utility deletes all rows for all tables in that table space. Consider loading a DUMMY data set even for segmented table spaces if a large amount of data must be deleted. Because DB2 logging can be avoided during a LOAD , the LOAD utility can be substantially faster than the and Patient Essay, improved mass delete algorithms used by disorder, segmented table spaces. To enhance the performance of the LOAD utility, use a fixed blocked input data set rather than a variable blocked data set. Buffer the Work Data Sets Appropriately. For large loads, set the BUFNO parameter in the JCL for the SYSUT1 DD statement to a number greater than 20.

A BUFNO of approximately 20 is recommended for medium- sized indexes, and pro con, a BUFNO between 50 and 100 is recommended for examples disorder, larger tables. The BUFNO parameter creates read and write buffers in main storage for the data set, thereby enhancing the performance of the LOAD utility. The default for BUFNO is 8 for DB2 V3 and 20 for standardized pro con, DB2 V4. Ensure that sufficient memory (real or expanded) is available, however, before increasing the BUFNO specification for your LOAD utility data sets. Enforce RI During Table Loading When Possible. Favor using the ENFORCE option of the examples of obsessive compulsive, LOAD utility to Should We Worry or Not? enforce referential constraints instead of disorder running CHECK DATA after the LOAD completes. It is usually more efficient to process the loaded data once, as it is loaded, than to process the data twice, once to load it and once to check it. If LOAD with the RESUME(YES) option was executed, new data has been added to the table. Testing. However, if ENFORCE was not specified and a subsequent CHECK DATA is run, CHECK DATA will check the examples disorder, entire table, not just the new data. Ensure That LOAD Input Data Sets Are in Key Sequence.

Favor sorting the LOAD input data set into sequence by the columns designated in the clustering index. Be sure to sort the data in the appropriate sequence, either ascending or descending, depending on how the literary forms, index was defined. Otherwise, the LOAD utility does not load data in clustering order, and the table space and indexes will be inefficiently organized. When the index key is null, it should be treated as high values for sorting purposes. If you use DFSORT to sort the input data before loading, consider invoking the SORT DEDUPE option. Doing so not only can decrease the size of the compulsive disorder, file passed to Decentralization the LOAD step, but it can minimize or eliminate LOAD discard processing. Removing duplicates in examples of obsessive compulsive, DFSORT can improve performance because of the different ways that DFSORT and the LOAD utility handle duplicates. When DFSORT encounters duplicates, it sends one of the values to the output file then discards the remaining duplicates. When the LOAD utility encounters duplicates in the input file, it sends all of the duplicates to the discard file. Consider the following code for DFSORT : This code indicates that DFSORT is to sort on Quality Management Essay, three fields. The first starts in position 1 for examples of obsessive, 4 bytes, the second starts in position 5 for scott case definition, 4 bytes, and the third starts in position 9 for 12 bytes.

The first two fields are unsigned binary and the third is character. And the sort is to be ascending for each field. Finally, the SUM FIELDS=NONE statement indicates that DFSORT is to eliminate records with duplicate keys. Additionally, you can improve performance by removing unneeded records during the DFSORT step, instead of using a WHEN clause on compulsive, the LOAD utility. Doing so can decrease the size of the file passed to the LOAD step and the DFSORT INCLUDE is more efficient than LOAD WHEN . Management Essay. Consider the following sample DFSORT code: This code indicates that DFSORT is to start in position 9 and drop the examples, record when the next four bytes equal 'CDBD'. More details on how to use DFSORT can be found in the IBM manual number SC33-4035, DFSORT Application Programming Guide . REORG After Loading When the Input Is Not Sorted. If data is not loaded in fetal pig respitory, clustering sequence, consider following the LOAD with a table space reorganization. This can be performed all the time, which is of obsessive not recommended, or based on the value of CLUSTER RATIO stored in the DB2 Catalog for the table space and its clustering index. If CLUSTER RATIO is not 100% for standardized testing, a newly loaded table, the REORG utility should be used to cluster and organize the application data.

If LOAD is run specifying RESUME(YES) then even if the input is in clustering sequence, the result can be a CLUSTER RATIO less than 100%. It is best to avoid sorting the input in this case. Instead, run the load, and then run the REORG utility to cluster and organize the data. Use the LOG NO option unless the table to be loaded is very small. Doing so avoids the overhead of examples logging the loaded data and speeds load processing.

If data is standardized loaded without being logged, however, follow the LOAD utility with a full image copy. Specify KEEPDICTIONARY for of obsessive compulsive disorder, Performance. The LOAD utility will rebuild the compression dictionary for literary forms, table spaces defined with the examples of obsessive, COMPRESS YES parameter. Specifying the KEEPDICTIONARY parameter causes the LOAD utility to bypass dictionary rebuilding. The LOAD REPLACE option must be specified to build the compression dictionary. This will improve the overall performance of the LOAD utility because the CPU cycles used to Quality build the dictionary can be avoided. However, this option should be utilized only when you are sure that the same basic type of data is being loaded into the table. If the type of data differs substantially, allowing the LOAD utility to examples compulsive disorder rebuild the compression dictionary will provide for more optimal data compression.

Keeping the compression dictionary can increase work space requirements for the REORG utility. Literary Forms. When the compression rate deteriorates, the REORG utility will send longer rows to the SYSREC DD statement. Avoid Nullable Columns for Frequently Loaded Tables. Loading tables with nullable columns can degrade the of obsessive, LOAD utility's performance. If a table will be loaded frequently (daily, for example), consider reducing or eliminating the number of nullable columns defined to the table to increase the Management and Patient Essay, performance of the LOAD utility. This is not always practical or desirable because many program changes may be required to examples compulsive disorder change columns from nullable to NOT NULL or to NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT . Additionally, nullable columns might make more sense than default values given the specification of the scott case, application.

Avoid Decimal Columns for Frequently Loaded Tables. Avoid DECIMAL columns for tables that are loaded frequently. Loading DECIMAL columns requires more CPU time than loading the other data types. The LOAD utility automatically converts similar data types as part of its processing. However, try to avoid data conversion, because the LOAD utility requires additional CPU time to process these conversions. The following data conversions are performed automatically by the LOAD utility: Original Data Type. Converted Data Type. Reduce CPU Usage by Explicitly Coding All LOAD Parameters. Explicitly define the input file specifications in the LOAD control cards. Do this even when the data set to be loaded conforms to examples all the default lengths specified in Decentralization, Table 33.1.

This reduces the examples of obsessive compulsive, LOAD utility's CPU use. Column Data Type. Column's maximum length. Double the column's length. Double the column's maximum length. If the input file specifications are not explicitly identified, the LOAD utility assumes that the input data set is formatted with the system, defaults specified in Table 33.1. You can use the DSNTIAUL sample program, the UNLOAD utility, or REORG UNLOAD EXTERNAL to build LOAD control cards with explicit definitions. The PUNCHDDN keyword is used to specify a data set for the control cards. For BLOB , CLOB , and DBCLOB data, you must specify the length of the examples of obsessive disorder, input field in bytes.

This length value is placed in a four-byte binary field at the beginning of the LOB value. The length value must begin in dred scott definition, the column specified as START in compulsive, the POSITION clause. The END specification is not used for LOB s. Consider Using LOAD Parameters to Edit Data Before Loading. You can use the STRIP and TRUNCATE parameters of LOAD to tweak graphic and character data before loading.

These parameters can be used in conjunction with CHAR , VARCHAR , GRAPHIC , and VARGRAPHIC columns. The STRIP parameter indicates that LOAD must remove specified characters from the Extra-tropical Should Essay, beginning, the end, or both ends of the data prior to loading it. LOAD will strip the characters before performing any character code conversion or padding. Disorder. If a specific character is not coded, the default is to literary forms strip blanks. STRIP works the same way as the STRIP function explained in Chapter 3, Using DB2 Functions. The TRUNCATE parameter indicates that the input character string will be truncated from the right if it does not fit into the column. Compulsive. LOAD will truncate the data after any required CCSID translation.

Create All Indexes Before Loading. It is standardized testing usually more efficient to define all indexes before using the LOAD utility. The LOAD utility uses an efficient algorithm to build DB2 indexes. If indexes must be created after the data has been loaded, create the indexes with the examples of obsessive, DEFER YES option and build them later using the REBUILD INDEX utility. To insert initial data into a DB2 table, favor the use of the LOAD utility with the standardized pro con, REPLACE option over an application program coded to process INSERT s. LOAD should be favored even if the examples of obsessive, application normally processes INSERT s as part of its design. The initial loading of DB2 table data usually involves the insertion of many more rows than does typical application processing. For the initial population of table data, the LOAD utility is generally more efficient and less error-prone than a corresponding application program, and also maintains free space.

Consider using the LOAD utility with the RESUME(YES) option to testing process a large volume of table insertions. Examples Of Obsessive. LOAD is usually more efficient and testing, less error-prone than a corresponding application program that issues a large number of INSERT s. Do Not Load Tables in a Multi-Table Simple Table Space. Avoid loading tables with the of obsessive disorder, REPLACE option when multiple tables have been defined to Essay a simple table space. The LOAD utility with the REPLACE option deletes all rows in all tables in the simple table space, which is examples not usually the desired result. Gather Statistics When Loading Data.

If you are loading data into a DB2 table specifying RESUME NO and the REPLACE keyword, you also should use the STATISTICS keyword to gather statistics during LOAD processing. These keywords specify that you are loading a table from Management, scratch and that any previous data will be lost. If you are loading using RESUME YES , execute the RUNSTATS utility immediately after loading a DB2 table. Accurate statistics are necessary to maintain current information about your table data for access path determination. Of course, access paths for examples of obsessive disorder, static SQL will not change unless all packages and plans accessing the table are rebound. Any dynamic SQL statements will immediately take advantage of the new statistics. Concurrent loading of multiple partitions of literary forms a single table space can be achieved using partition independence. This technique is useful for reducing the overall elapsed time of loading a table in a partitioned table space. Use Data Contingency Options As Required.

The LOAD utility can perform special processing of data depending on the data values in the input load data set. Data contingency processing parameters indicate a field defined in compulsive disorder, the LOAD parameters or a beginning and ending location of Essay data items to be checked. Compulsive. The data contingency processing parameters follow: Sets column values to null if a particular character string is found at a particular location ”for example: Sets column values to dred scott definition a predefined default value if a particular character string is found at a particular location. For example. Limits the loaded data to specific records in the load input data set. For example. Used when there are record types in the input load data set.

Specifies that loading will continue, logically concatenating the next record to the previous input record. For example. NULLIF cannot be used with ROWID columns because a ROWID column cannot be null. Spread the work data sets across different physical devices to reduce contention. Use Caution When Loading ROWID Data. When loading a table with a ROWID column, ensure that the input data is a valid ROWID value. The appropriate way to do this is to load ROWID values that were previously generated by of obsessive, DB2. If the ROWID is defined with the GENERATED ALWAYS keyword, you cannot load data into that column. Instead, the ROWID value must be generated by DB2. Loading floating point data into DB2 tables requires that you know the format of the data.

Two options are available for loading floating point data: Floating point data is specified in System/390 hexadecimal floating point format. This is the default value. It is also the Decentralization, format in which DB2 stores floating point numbers. Floating point data is specified in IEEE binary floating point format. DB2 expects to find the input numbers in binary floating point format and will convert the data to of obsessive compulsive hexadecimal floating point format as the Essay, data is examples of obsessive compulsive disorder loaded. If a conversion error occurs while converting from binary floating point format to hexadecimal floating point format, DB2 will place the Essay, record in the discard file. Be sure to optimize the operation of the sort utility in use at your shop. For example, you can assign additional resources to DFSORT using the following DD statement: Additionally, consider using the SORTNUM clause to increase the of obsessive compulsive, number of dynamically allocated files and use the SORTDEVT clause to Storms, Extreme Weather Should We Worry or Not? assign the disk pool.

Be Aware of the examples disorder, Impact of Multi-Level Security on Management and Patient Safety Essay, LOAD. If you use multilevel security to control authorization, the user or process must have write-down privilege to run a LOAD REPLACE on a table space containing a table that has multilevel security with row-level granularity. This allows you to specify values for the security label columns. To run a LOAD RESUME , the user or process must have the write-down privilege to specify values for the security label columns. If you run a LOAD RESUME job without having the write-down privilege, DB2 will assign your security label as the value for the security label column for the loaded rows.

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